3 Simple Tricks To Overcome Shopify's Limitation to EU VAT Regulation | André Guiomar | Skillshare

3 Simple Tricks To Overcome Shopify's Limitation to EU VAT Regulation

André Guiomar, Former Manager - Now Full-time Traveller

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6 Videos (30m)
    • Introduction

    • EU VAT Regulation

    • The Paid Solution

    • Free Solution 1 - The VAT Variant

    • Free Solution 2 - The VAT Collection

    • Final Thoughts and Project


About This Class


Any freelancer or agency, designing and implementing online stores with Shopify to B2B European clients, eventually realized this hard truth: Shopify does not comply with European Union regulations regarding B2B VAT Exemption.

What’s worse, you probably only realized it after the whole shop is set up, and the checkout page is made available, making it even harder to manage the situation with your client (the merchant).

Maybe you are using the 14-day trial, and now you have to explain to your client that he is going to have an additional recurrent expense, or that you can't comply with his specifications

In this class, I’m going to share 3 simple ways to overcome this Shopify limitation. I’m going to present the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative, so you can decide which one provides the most value to your client’s business.

For the class project, I will provide a sandbox of a Shopify store, so the students can implement, and get the look and feel, of each of free solution.

This class is suited to anyone working with Shopify, implementing Business to Business shops in the EU, both for their clients of themselves.

 N. B. Several useful links used in the classes, are available in the Class Project description.





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André Guiomar

Former Manager - Now Full-time Traveller

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