3 Quick Lifehacks To Beat Procrastination For Good | Walter Serdville | Skillshare

3 Quick Lifehacks To Beat Procrastination For Good

Walter Serdville, Certified Sales Coach & Marketer

3 Quick Lifehacks To Beat Procrastination For Good

Walter Serdville, Certified Sales Coach & Marketer

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4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. 01 Intro

    • 2. 02 Method 1

    • 3. 03 Method 2

    • 4. 04 Method 3 + Summary

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About This Class

Let's jump straight into the point, shall we?

3 Quick, easy to follow and extremely practical methods proven by science and experience TO BEAT PROCRASTINATION FOR GOOD.

  • Want to get more work done?
  • Want to have more spare time?
  • Want to live a more peaceful life?

Well, then this is definitely the lesson for you! I wish someone had told me these quick methods when I was a teenager! But better late than never!

Enjoy and have fun!

End procrastination and enroll now =)

Meet Your Teacher

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Walter Serdville

Certified Sales Coach & Marketer


*A wild European accent appears*

Hey! I'm Walter and I like dogs, cats, humans and food. I sleep a lot. When I'm not busy sleeping you can find me coaching other people on a plethora of subjects. I specialise in marketing and sales, but I'm obsessed with technology, literature and design on top of that. I've been told I'm a great teach, but recording things online is pretty new for me. So have some patience with me!

Street credentials:

Founder and the head Sales Trainer in MK Sales Agency Founder of Sales & Psychology Co-Partner in WSMP International Ltd. Top SEO freelancer on Upwork Moderator at private internet marketing forum Imnovative Blogger at www.seonomad.co Graphical design expert I'm also Google certified on AdWords Search Engines I'm also HubSpot certified o... See full profile

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1. 01 Intro: Oh, hi. Welcome this water on dish. Quick lesson. We're going to talk about how repeat procrastination with these tree Really easy to follow . Scientifically proven methods to be procrastination. Alright, Motive Also ill actually progressing it in one point or another. But it is our application to overcome that so we could achieve much more into greater things. So we're going to cover three critical methods. Antes have got to be really easy to follow, So don't procrastinate any longer and just sign up now, all right? 2. 02 Method 1: all right. The first matter, Let's jump right into it. The first mother is timing, but, he says, actually works like Sosa pressure prior to prioritization. Now what you need to do is time yourself on how long it takes to perform a surge in activity. Let's say you need to write an article, so activate a timer. It's actually really no matter. It worked like the punk grenade met her with just basically allows you to time herself on. Trust me, you'll feel a lot more pressured. The actually complete activity. How this works is that time Will feels lower on account of focus completely on finishing one task into certain timeline. Right, So we can try it with anything. It worked like alarm our bodies like adjusted alarm. So we're gonna time ourselves and what you're gonna perform 100%. I recommend starting out with a smaller faces, for example, like only 15 minutes at starboard wants to get more used to it. You grew on capacity. You can use this matter for about one hour in a road. X more break. Drink some tea on turkey, then get right back to it. Now what? This allows us to do is actually perform and focus at the same time, much more efficient way. Most people, most successful people soccer Berg, Bill Gates have recommended this method to everybody because it just plain simple that it works. It's so easy to follow. You can use your phone alarm clock and into Greeley time yourself, and in that time you're going to give it 100% to give your best. All right, I recommend everybody trying it out really easy on for now. That's pretty mileage. This was the first metal, basically, just timing. Thank you for watching. Let's move on to the second method. 3. 03 Method 2: arrived Brokeback. Let's jump right into it. A second method to beat procrastination for good. It's Sosa pressure. No, if you make a public statement, for example, you're going to go their parents. Friends on Facebook make block post on going to scream out loud in public that you will do this task by that time. It's really important to make a public statement. This means that our people will hold you responsible for Iraq titties, and that's a shooting. Most people are afraid of responsibilities, but to beat procrastination, we're going to have to be a lot more prayed. A lot more courage is. So we're going to make a public statement, whether it in your social media, Facebook, Twitter, instagram Lichten on your personal Plock home. Bates. We're just going to write it down in your home and let other people see and and aren't your friends that you will complete and achieve this that by that time, so it's really part of the happen goals. Write it down and tell it to other people. It's really good when our people are going to bother you and ask you about Hayman for you. With that, for example, let's give a practical example. I wanted to write a book, actually want to write a book about two years ago, but they never got her long. But what right into it. I procrastinate for way too long. So this one moment I started applying this technique social pressure. On one moment I was just telling everybody, Hey, I'm going to write a book with six months. That's fine. I'm just going to write it. Um, no doubt about it. A lot of people start asking, man, Tomato people asked me they're more motivated and wants to actually complete the book. So it's not writing. I started get some really good habits of writing Onda. We left the four months I actually have completed to book Book was an issue in sales. So honestly, social pressure works. Really, You'd I just wish I have discovered it much earlier. It really, really matters who ran it. Also, if you don't the world world, you feel much more obligated to actually fall of it, make cream, make goals, said the deadline, and apply the social pressure method really important. Get a word more along shared in your Twitter Easter crimes scream everybody that you're going toe, achieve your goal that you're going to achieve it and you're so confident in it. On soon enough, other people will start wholly responsible and you have no water. Wait. This is the key to actually success just because to stay true. Your reward. Because nobody wants to be seen as a liar, right? So apply to social pressure. What ever you can. If you have any doubts about it, just give it a try and really, really works wonders. I can recommend it enough. This is by far my favorite method for beating procrastination also. So just a quick recap. It let everybody know, but the dream off. What? You're impatient. You're on how you're going to do that. All right, Thank you for watching really much of the second method on how to be procrastination. And I call it really easy a social pressure. All right, good luck on achieving your goals in life, But now let's move under the tour method, alright? Stadium and water and skill share exclusively 4. 04 Method 3 + Summary: All right. Welcome back, guys were in this course on country life hacks how to be procrastination for good. So I'm greatly to do issue the riskiest on the most extreme metal. But it's really effective if you're going to take action on it. All right? I don't have a real name for it. Let's call it a limitation matter or prioritization Now essentially, really simple of listen, block, social media, pluck, eunuch and even book music. It's really simple because no matter how much reaction like you do music and social media, these are distractions. Andi, by plucking teas, I mean it will. It will take a huge amount of mental effort, actually, stay away from it. But pretty soon you're going to develop a habit out fit on. You're going to be much more productive without all this noise with all this distraction, because think about it. Do you really need to listen the music? Do you really need to watch this funny banquet? Doesn't you know? No, we don't. It's entertainment, but entertainment is the opposite of achieving your goals. If you want to achieve your goals, if you want to beat procrastination and get on me to work. You need the prioritize your activities. You need to stop sacrificing so much for your entertainment. You don't need entertainment so much that's spoiled on social media. I can't stress that enough. For example, this year 2017 I haven't checked my Facebook, not even once, and within that time I managed to achieve so much more. I'm actually built four websites and two courses within that time. On average, average average person spends 30 hours a week on social media. Just think about it. How much you could get worked on with that time period. 30 hours is a lot. He could go to the gym 15 times. You could probably learn about 150 new sentences in any language. You could start learning programming basics. Look, there's a lot of time you could spend it with your family with your friends. Rachel pets. But instead you allow it. You allow it to get wasted. It's also media or in you dope are just listening to music. Just cruising. You're gonna go with the flow. You're not going to achieve that much, They said. If you want to be procrastination, you're going to have to buy our treasury activities going to have to cut out social media. You come to have called out your videos. Even music limitation is a matter of self discipline and self discipline's mother or habits and happy to create about willpower. If you have destroyed the will power the full of these, you will beat procrastination for good and it will never return as longer. Today's disciplined. It will be hard. Nobody said it will be. It's going to be hard at first definitely. But if you allow for these restrictions to happen, you will lower comment. You. We'll let you whatever you had planned. You will fulfill your goals and you will live a better life. Really. Point simple. Let's recap this world course three life hacks to be procrastinated for good. First is timing time yourself, but stopper, listen to the second to Ron run out of time. The four failure goes second social pressure. Make a public statement. Let the world know what you're going to do. Let the world hold you responsible for everything you want to achieve. Never forget that 1/3 of final the riskiest caught out social media. Cottle, you got out music You don't need that inter payment. You need productive habits. Just full of his habits on. You will fulfill your girls. All right. Thank you so much for watching.