3 Practical Ways To Boost Your Creativity Now! | Dawid Tuminski | Skillshare

3 Practical Ways To Boost Your Creativity Now!

Dawid Tuminski, www.dawidtuminski.com

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6 Videos (15m)
    • 3 Practical Ways To Boost Your Creativity - Promo Video

    • 1 What creativity actually is and how to use it

    • 2 The20 ideas list technique

    • 3How to turn your brain into a creativity device - repetitive activities

    • 4 How to use mindfulness to feed your creativity

    • 5 To Sum Things Up - Psychology and creativity


About This Class

This is a great class on creativity

Very cool!

7 out of 10 people think they are not living up to their creative potential.

If you are one of them here are 3 practical and little known ways to give your creativity a solid kick.

For these techniques to work, you won’t need any crayons, you won’t have to draw anything, but you will discover how your daily activities can turn out to be a rocket fuel for your creativity.

Inside this class you will learn:

  • How to come up with fresh, creative ideas you would never even dreamed of
  • What are the easiest ways to spark that creative genius inside you
  • How to make friends with your own brain so it gives you the solutions to even the biggest of your problems.

Creativity is not some magic spell that is known only to a handful of geniuses of the world.

Basically if you have a brain and know a thing or two about psychology, you can be a real creativity ninja!

This class explains little known ways to boost your creativity so if you are looking for some old-school mind mapping or word association, you won’t find it here.

It doesn’t matter if you

  • need inspiration for your next blog post or Youtube video
  • looking for ideas on some source of extra income
  • tired of old solutions to new problems

the techniques you’ll learn in this class simply work.

Enroll in the class and learn 3 practical ways to boost your creativity now!


PS If you like the class, please submit your review and class project.  It will help other students, just like you interested in topic I teach, in finding my classes. Thanks!





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Dawid Tuminski


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