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3 Mistakes Most People Make Selling Online

teacher avatar Sandra Lynn, ArdentSkills.com - practical life skills

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. First Mistake: How You Start

    • 3. Second Mistake: Lost in Tech

    • 4. Third Mistake: Waiting on a Tribe

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About This Class

3 Mistakes Most People Make Selling Online free training series. Why others fail but you won't! As busy entrepreneurs, we have no time to make mistakes, so set yourself right with these 3 bite-sized videos you can watch anytime you want. Make sure you have everything right to get from idea to cha-ching without wasting time and energy!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra Lynn

ArdentSkills.com - practical life skills


Offered by ArdentSkills.com, these courses are lead by an experienced strategic marketing entrepreneur, and seasoned business owner who has helped hundreds of leading businesses develop new business and organize for growth through direct marketing and interactive marketing, and business development consulting. She's been nominated for Working Woman Magazine's Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, Inc./MCI's Positive Performer Award, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and GE's "Women Helping Women" Award. She's taught e-marketing classes at NYU Stern, Columbia, Pace, and FIT, as well as continuing education programs; and worked with several of the Shark Tank hosts.

She is active in the mentoring and tutoring of young people and entrepreneurs, and taught toddlers at Sunday... See full profile

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1. Intro: as the creator of over 50 digital products and selling online for many, many years, I have come across a lot of typical mistakes. So my name is Sandra Lynn, and I put together this training for you because I've been there. I've been through this and I know the blocks. I know those stumbling areas and wanted to be able to help you get things started. So I wanted to present in this quick video. Siri's the couple of typical mistakes that I see that people do want to be able to get you started in a smart way. Superfast. Um, you know, as a single mom, I have come across probably just like you, you know, constant distractions when I do have time, um, interruptions. I will cut something that I've typed and not remember where I need to pasted. Um, you know, that kind of thing. I have tried tools, and they take too long to learn. Uh, you know all of that, I'm sure. Sure that you're there. Um, So I've covered, like, the three main mistakes, Um, in a little free video, serious here for you. So please get going. Because I know this can get you started to get you through a stumbling block. It just started a smart away a quicker way, Teoh. Creating the digital products that you can get your next digital revenue stream going there . Super short videos, like everything that I create is exactly for us. For us, Mom Preneurs who, you know want bite size information. Super quick Dead. Straight forward. Um, that's me. And that's you. So you can watch all three videos and one sitting if you want, um, or one a day or whatever works the best for you any time you want to. There's no time attached to any of this. So let me help you. Definitely get started on this. Avoid the typical mistakes. Get yourself started in a really super smart way. Just drop your email. Um, and we'll get you the link to get started. Okay, look forward, Teoh. Getting to know your business and your success 2. First Mistake: How You Start: welcome to the first video in her Siris of helping you get your digital products going in a super smart ah, super fast way not getting hung up, not getting stuck in the usual areas. So well, why does that happen? I mean, I think that the biggest mistakes come because people are, you know, reading about what they might need to do online and getting overwhelmed. You know, I need Oh, I need a funnel. Somebody says, Well, that is just so overwhelming to think about, um or, you know, now you need to get any book out and you think, How can I write a book that's crazy. So I think that, you know, it's just getting over complicated, and I want to go over these mistakes, Um, that people are thinking they're thinking that you could be able to do this better. Um, my name is Sandra Lin, in case you don't know me. And, um, the reason I am not fancy. Um, I am straightforward. I come from a realtor additional marketing backgrounds. So everything that I talk about is really based in long, hard principles, but apply to completely current methods that are happening right now, and I've been through it so every, you know, mistake. I've already made them. So let me help you figure that out. Um, and again, I'm not real fancy. So that's part of the lesson here is seeing, actually how I am doing all of this. So pay attention and you will You will see is things go? Um, but I just promised I was gonna be direct, right. And we promised that these trainings are short for a reason. For you, For mom preneurs who don't have time. Don't you know can't deal with distractions that keep happening and you need to focus. So I'm gonna keep this short, sweet, And let's talk about the first mistake So most people don't know where to start. They don't know how to start. So mistake number one relates Teoh the fact that people think that they need to start from scratch. So whatever this is whatever kind of digital product that you might be thinking about creating, you think that you might have to start from scratch. And that's what's wrong about that, right? That's where that that thinking is a mistake. Because you've been in business for a little bit. You've got content. Um, if you're thinking about, you know, creating a new area in your business, you're probably still talking to people. So let me tell you what that IHS um if you are blogging right, then you have blogged posts that you've done. If you are in social active in social media than your posting on Facebook, you've got images that you're using on Instagram. You might have little video clips that you're using in other social media platforms. You might be doing some writing and have, you know, writing platform like medium or publishing place. Or you might use your WordPress site for this. These are all content these all your digital assets, including everything from every image that you use a little Ted lines, phrases and things that you like to say. Um, those were consistent. Way to talk about your business, those air content assets when you are on social media and somebody asked the question about something and you're getting an answer to that. That's answer probably includes some standard things that you add box people will. That advice is your content. So you do have content. You are not starting from the beginning. Um, you may have interviews that you've done. You may have a podcast that you run right now. You may shoot video and have that and have content in that way. We promise that you've got content. You might have a report that you've done for. You might have research. Um, infographics, You might be able to create a white paper out of, you know, some writing that you've done. So you definitely have content. In fact, I'll tell you, the content for the Siri's is coming out of little tiny Tibbets of my 21 day business accelerator course. So this is a piece of one of my 21 days eso I am repurpose ing that type of content to be able to present this to you today. So the lesson to walk away from, um you know, mistake Number one is thinking you need Teoh. Start from scratch, which you now know you do not start from scratch. You have materials you have assets to start working from. So the lesson is used. What you have. So start putting yourself together and use what you have you've got You've got a really good head start on all of this. Um So look out now for video to you can either watch these straight through if you feel like it, Um, or take your time getting to that. But video to is your next step. Okay, See you then. 3. Second Mistake: Lost in Tech: Well, welcome to video to I'm Sandra Lynn, and we are talking about not starting. Um, everything from scratch, right? We're talking about not reinventing the wheel, so let's move on immediately. Get into, um the mistake. Number two Mistake number two is getting easily overwhelmed by took the technology that you think that you need to dio so overwhelmed by tech. So the mistake is thinking, you know that that you need to build everything and getting yourself completely lost in what you need to put together here. So what we want to dio in our lesson today in our training is kind of get you, Teoh. Think about where you are right now on what you have. So in your business right now, you've already got a lot of tech pieces in place and what the recommendation is to use those. So if you've got an email list already, a lot of the email providers now have added so many capabilities to their accounts. So they all have something. Some of them have website capabilities. Some of them definitely have landing pages as they are capturing your emails. There's a lot of different the ways that you can use your email service for more than just sending out a newsletter. So this is a really great place to start. Um, is with your email service provider. Another place is your website. If you have one, so your website might be WordPress. They're easy free plug ins to put in to be able to advance the things that you might need to dio to be able to sell your digital products. So you might be able to get a plug in for a form, for example, or plug in like an L A mentor to make your landing pages look a little bit pretty air. Ah, that kind of thing. So you could You could go there if you use Shopify or Wicks or another kind of platform for your website. They also have different little APs or they don't call it plug ins. I think they call acts or tools that you can add into your account. Um, most of them are probably free. Or maybe they're things that already there that you just didn't know what they did. You can take a poll and start collecting information from your clients or visitors to your site, and then Therefore, you have some new digital content That way there are a lot of creative ways that you be able to use the tools that you already have, and that's what we want to do today is not. Add a bunch of new technology that you need to learn use the tools that you already have for the platforms that you're doing now. One interesting thing is that Facebook and the social platforms Facebook is a big one for us. Mom Preneurs. So I'm just mentioning that. But any of the other platforms to have been making a lot of changes lately. Facebook added Facebook shops, for example So right in the platform you could sell, you can sell Instagram. You can sell on Pinterest and through the pins. Now, one thing I'm definitely not recommending here is that you invest a lot on outside platforms all the social platforms you do not control, you do not own you do not control your WordPress. You do your website you dio your email you dio So I want to caution that what I just mentioned is a starting place for you. But you want to be cautious as to where you're investing in your focus is always still going to be, you know, on the digital assets that you own. So just be careful there. But there are capabilities without having to learn something completely new and to work right where you are with with the tools that you already know. So that's kind of what we want Teoh have you walk away with today is to know that you don't need to get overwhelmed by technology. And don't let that be a stopping point for you the I hate tech kind of thing. I mean, unless you're, you know, a coder technology. Wouldn't none of us really like it? Um, can be fun on the more that you practice with it and use it, it does get better. Um, but that's not where we want you to start, right? I mean, you don't want to be overwhelmed by any of this, so absolutely start right with what you already are are using. In fact, her specifically I didn't do anything fancy here. I don't have white boards for this training. Um, I don't have, you know Well, I do have a little mike, but I dont have big speakers. I don't have any special equipment. I'm using my laptop. I have no special software that I'm using to record this. It's just whatever comes with my windows laptop. And I'm doing the verse specifically and on purpose so that you can see how simple this is and that you know that you can do this too. This is not any rocket science. And I promise you that you can do this. You can park this a little bit. Um, maybe maybe there's a tiny little learning curve for some some of those new little Adan's that we talked about. But you can do this. And the take away from lesson to now is to start right where you are. You have everything in place. Start where you are. So go take a look at the things that you're already using and kind of maybe think about them in a different way. Um, and learn how to be able to use your email list in a different way. Your email provider use you know, your landing pages right where you are. Turn your blog's into selling platforms for yourself. So you can do this without getting overwhelmed with tech. Okay. Onto video three soon. All right, 4. Third Mistake: Waiting on a Tribe: Welcome to Day Three of our Siris are three part series. So this is the last one. Um, I'm Sandra Lynn, and I am walking you through the three mistakes that we see people making most often when they're trying to create a digital product business when they're creating info, products are adding that to their business line. People have a lot of excuses, and I don't want you to have excuses. I want to be ableto work through them at the beginning and be able to move into this process. It's super fun. It's nowhere near as complicated as some of the sounds, Um, and and we can definitely get get you going with this. So let's move on, cause I promised that my style is to be direct and gets you valuable information. Valuable training's not take a lot of time. All of our videos are pretty short, mostly definitely under the 15 minutes. This this Siri's is definitely shorter than that, because I want to get you the right information, but then thinking about it. You want to take action on these things not, you know, hear me all day long. So let's move directly into mistake number three. So mistake number three is typically the, um, some sort of question about, like, you know, I'm waiting until I don't wait until I have a whole tribe. I'm waiting till I have a full audience. How can I have a digital product business when I don't have a big email list or I don't have a big following on Instagram? So that's that's kind of mistake. Number three is thinking that you need Teoh, you know, have, ah, large tribe or a large following of fans before you're going to do anything. And this hangs people up a lot, right? You don't think that you can do any marketing or selling if you don't have anybody to talk to, to sell, to pitch to, um, so don't reinvent the wheel here, either. You already have people to talk Teoh, and you already have people to have these conversations with and you're thinking like them . I'm not really sure what she's talking about, so let me get into that so you know that you are not reinventing the wheel with your people for your marketing. The first steps of promoting well is not what you're going to say. out to people, right? That's kind of the old old way of thinking about marketing is like, What am I going to tell people? I want to tell them about my program? I wanted to tell him about my product. I want to tell them about what my offer is. That's not the way it works anyway. Um, which is good for this? It's good for you. Makes things a lot quicker, um, to the selling point, because you're getting yourself into a conversation. You're actually finding those conversations and getting in there. So if you're in a Facebook group, for example, or a group on another platform, a linked in platform or one of your favorites so other social networks you get in a group and the group is talking about something where your product solves that exact problem and everybody's talking about, well, you don't need to drag them over to your website. You don't need to drag them over somewhere, have the conversation right there, add value. I mean, we're not going into how you, you know, initiate that conversations is in a marketing conversation. This is the fact that you've got people to talk to. So talk to them right there. You know, put in some valuable posts in comments, you can start conversations by asking questions about things. Make sure, though, that you're showcasing your talents, that you are showing them your expertise, that you're being very sensitive to the conversation that's going on there. You're not plowing. Hey, I've got this product. That's not what we're talking about here. We're not talking about pitching. We're talking about how to get yourself into a conversation with the right people, right? Because this mistake number three was saying, I don't have any people to talk, Teoh. And this is where you're going to find your people. Not only are they they're not just people, they are your people because you're finding them in a group, talking about the exact things that you offer So other places, other places from groups are partners and sharing sharing conversations with people that are doing something similar to you. You can fine client testimonials from your clients that have been success from other parts of your business. You can use these stories and then they're that way. It gives you something to talk about. In these groups, you can say you know, this is what happened. I hear what you're saying, Mary, this is what happened with Sue, and this is how we made suit. Get to a successful place with that, right? So you can use stories from your existing business to be able to talk to other people. That way, you can offer, you know, some sort of small freebie that may or may not be a digital product. Yet if you're not there, you could offer a quick help. A quick phone call. You could offer a message conversation with someone or an email conversation. So there are ways that you can connect with people and start your tribe. Remember, the big value here is beginning your email list so that when you actually have your digital products created, you can communicate to them through your email list, because that's what you own. And that is your biggest, biggest asset here. Your biggest marketing asset is your list. So you do want to be growing your list or this process so that you do have your people to talk Teoh autumn or frequent basis. But to get going, you do not need a big list or a big following, so make sure that you realize that you can do this exactly where you are at right now, what you can do to get yourself going. It's been every half hour, 20 minutes or 1/2 an hour day reaching out into these groups. So we're not talking about spending hours and hours and hours and social media trying to find out what's going on. You can plot and plan your time in a really smart way, because I know right where Mom preneurs me curving even 1/2 an hour of, well, uninterrupted time may not even happen. Um, but no figure out what's realistic to you. The best way to think about this is to do something that's consistent. So if consistent for you is maybe super early in the morning, that's my time. Before anybody's up and before everything gets chaotic and the rest of the day, or you get distracted by life and other things, that's a good time. Most people actually arm or night people and do that, you know, the kids were in bed. Things are quiet and calmer. That might be your time, but pick a time that works for you that you're gonna be able to do consistently, and that is going to be a bigger key. Been spending hours and hours on this. So remember, it's a small chunk of time done on a consistent basis. So that's your little trick here. Eso again. You do not need a big tribe of people, but But you now know where you can go look for your people and begin your email list. So mistake number three's not gonna hold you back anymore, right? And you do what you can write. You don't need to spend all these hours. You do what you can with the time that you have just make it really purposeful on productive for you. So that's the end of our Siri's here. We wanted to give you Ah, a taste of what it is, Teoh. You have us maybe work with you in the future to develop your digital products. And now that you got your walk away, you've got your you know you can avoid these three mistakes. Those were the excuses. Those excuses were gone. We've dealt with the three biggest things which are your mindset, your tool set and your skill set. So Those are the biggest issues that hold back. Now. There's nothing to hold you back, right, So you could move forward. And I really want to hear about your business. What products you're interested in creating? Um and I will because you've been so awesome. Teoh, stay through these three videos with me. I will be extending to you and offer to continue to work with May. In a course, I've created a 21 day business accelerator course. So that's a great thing, right? This isn't moments of of going on and on with this just a couple of weeks. 21 days, because it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. So I thought that was kind of a good thing, right? You're doing something new. You're learning some new things. So 21 day seemed like a good time. Plus, it's a great way that you know that there's a goal and you can get to the end pretty quickly that way, so that gives you the motivation. If you're interested, you will be followed the links. As you close through these videos, you can reach out to me any time on any of the social platforms. The links are definitely here, and or any of the emails you could just reply and communicate with me that way. I love to be able to see your digital products. Success Info products is my jam. I love them. They work rate. They're awesome. Way to be ableto to sell, create a revenue stream and have something after the initial build Be hands off. I mean, that's just the coolest way to earn money, isn't it? Especially for Mom Preneurs who you know don't want to pay attention to our computer or phone all day long. You know, we can be selling things and then check in on them at night or in the morning or whenever we like Teoh. So again, I hope that you have overcome some of your hurdles in your stumbling blocks through this video. Siri's that I have provided for you. And I really, really would love to continue on this journey with you. So please consider that and maybe take advantage of my offer to you. But definitely love to see your success out there. So good luck. And, uh, you know, hope to see you in the digital room, uh, with your products