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5 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • Inspiration on Pinterest

    • Drawing your icons

    • Image Trace & manipulation

    • Final thoughts


About This Class

Using a variety of tools for drawing and mark making will be unique to each artist whatever medium you use. One can leverage this by taking it through to your artwork, whether it's an illustration or surface pattern. A little brushmark from the flick of your wrist when you are just having FUN ( during the 3 minutes ) captures your personality ( I feel ) and becomes part of your unique brand, which is surely a good thing. You will only need basic PS and Ai skills, unless you decide to make your icons into a pattern ( I will not be teaching how to make repeat patterns in this class) Please have fun and be yourself!

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Andi Surwillo

Graphic Design & Illustration

Awesome pattern project!
I think this is my favourite class ever, and even if it were not even 20 minutes, i learned so much! I am the illustrator kind of person who overthinks every line 7 times - in pencil - erases and draws again. When its "perfect" trace with fineliner etc. I LOVED this. The fast and messy way of working and then the results; so stunning! I am really looking forward using this technique!
Esther Mols

Just ❤️s drawing ✏️





Ohn Mar Win

Illustrator surface designer teacher

Over Ohn Mar Win's 20 year career she has produced illustrations for editorial, publishing, advertising, packaging and branding. As well as designing for greetings cards, stationery and gifts.

Ohn Mar is primarily known for her textural foodie images, which have now appeared in The Most Gorgeous Cookbook Ever, a book of 30 of her illustrated recipes. She has also illustrated cookery books for Quarto Publishing,Kyle Books and The Sunday Times.

She loves to draw, posting her sketch a day experiments, and work in progress on Instagram. And this year she is attempting 365 days of paint. She also has one of the largest foodie illustration boards on Pinterest full of inspiration.