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3 Mini Mandalas - A therapeutic journey

teacher avatar Bala Eswari, Eswari_Art

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (4h 40m)
    • 1. Welcome All

    • 2. All about materials

    • 3. Arriving at Color Combinations

    • 4. Fine-liners and it's Uniqueness

    • 5. Grid Making

    • 6. Project 1 - Stripped Mandala (Part 1)

    • 7. Project 1 - Stripped Mandala (Part 2)

    • 8. Project 2 - Two Toned Mandala (Part 1)

    • 9. Project 2 - Two Toned Mandala (Part 2)

    • 10. Project 3 - Color Play (Part 1)

    • 11. Project 3 - Color Play (Part 2)

    • 12. Bonus

    • 13. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class, we will learn how to create 3 different mini mandalas using the same grid layout. Yes, you all got it right!!!

JUST get the HANG of making MANDALAS and your own style and also you will get to know how do I approach each layer of the Mandala making.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bala Eswari



Hello art lovers, I am Bala Eswari Macha and you can find me as Eswari_Art in all the social platforms. I am an environmental planner by profession and an artists by heart and mind. Art is a part of my daily routine and it helps me in calming my mind from the outer chaos. I make sure I paint/ draw at least 15 mins in a day to make my day even brighter and beautiful.

I am from Vijayawada, a city in Andhra Pradesh state of India. I have been painting from my childhood, due to studies I haven't taken art seriously for a while. From an year now, during the lockdown I have revisited my passion towards arts and started with some coloring books and then into mandalas, watercolors, gouache, acrylic and even digital mediums. I must say sky is the only limit to the creativity!

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8. Project 2 - Two Toned Mandala (Part 1): Hello everyone, Welcome back to the Project 2. So in this class we will use some different technique of watercolors and buildup background after drying them on della. For this class, you will be requiring a bunch of salt answer. We will be using this after completing the Mandela in our part 2. Now, I have made the grid ready, like I have mentioned in the grid section as well as in the first project. So I have used this same grid of one centimeter gap, six centimeters, and then 10 degrees each. Now, this particular project, project tools really close to my heart. I don't know why. I can tell you. I actually, I recorded this class and in between I found out that it's not saved and it does not, it's gone. So this is how this stage is. I am keeping this aside now and we'll be doing this again. And this time I'm making sure that it does regarded. And he knows that things happen, so just we have to take it positively and move on. Okay, let me now try that same pattern again. It's like I have done it wary nicely. I should say a very, you know, I just got the patterns at the moment. I have not prepared for this one, so I just got all the patterns. Like at the moment I'm deciding them then they're in doing. So, let's see how the replica of this gums, so this dual happens, dies. So it's not easy to wrings out, so beautiful and wonderful content to you all. And I hope you all understand that as Zoom. And thank you everyone was T ends up putting all the time. So now for this, I will go ahead and draw a circle first saw with the smaller thickness pencil, sorry not been said a fine liner. Figuring out which is 0.1 fine liner. So I am taking 0.1 actually, you can go with 0.3 asthma. Okay, Finally, I got my fine liner of pine tree size. So I am just putting it up and this is already nearly one centimeter measured like when I'm drawing this grid. So I think it should be mostly appropriate. Let's see. Okay, It is almost there. I am just bending or very little so that it's accurate. Okay. And I am running my pen and I am rotating my paper. Like you can see for the smaller circles always rodeo paper and you can see my favorite going out or it's not because I'm not pressing too much on device. Hall will be coming there. So I am just extending or let the land drawing one modal line, your next to it. Okay, with a little gap, I am drawing another line like this. Okay? Now what I will be doing is I will not following the same thing that has happened here. This little come as a bonus lesson. So it will be already this much or word when it comes as a bonus lesson, I will make sure that I will upload as a bonus lesson after he was shot. Now we will go and make some new patterns here because as I promised, I will explore with you all. I will explore step-by-step. So I just don't want you all to learn from what is already there. So since it has lost a home with some new idea now and then go, Okay, I would definitely put that as a bonus lesson for now, I am switching up to point to find 90. So with that we will draw some patterns or what your, so we can draw elongated patch and as well, or we can just restrict over here, that's completely up to us. So since it will be too long to extend beyond, it will be a very elongated pattern. If you're comfortable, you can do what are the ways you may restrict yourself to your so let me do it fully on me. I wonder explored it that way. So from here to here, a complete You should come like this. Elongated you. Okay. Since this is a bit of cold press paper and having a little bit of texture, you might not get that ball fixed moodiness that you will get an, a normal people that is all right. And if you're going with that brand other than minora, the whole press will also be having a bit of texture. If it does a scholar, you will be having a lot of textural supplies are just you buy that, go with cans and headed to Egypt for this available with you or just go ahead and do on hot press people. It's completely all right to do on a hot press paper. So Judy has been, again, a busy day on the road. He are. And you may hear a bit of noise. Not a huge one, but Oh, hon, towns here and then I tried to avoid, I'll try my best to avoid such noises. I'll try to take a break and then come back again. But if at all you such noise, even my new to end, if it is disobeying you, please apologize me on that. I always mentioned in most of my classes that I will do or real-time voice over. So that is the reason albedo, you will have your E minute sounds most of the times I baked good of audio quality to give you the best audio and visual quality. That will be some unavoidable situation. So I hope you all understand that and most of you have I'm misheard, ends up boarded me all through my previous classes. So if you have any doubts about the grid construction and anything you can just to hop on to the previous lesson. Bad, I have mentioned to you earlier about grid construction and I always stress on vote through the techniques section before jumping into the projects because I covered most of the basic techniques that we are going to use in the project there itself. And for me this glasses where the space shuttle, because I explored this ending, the offset in one of the lessons and finalize the color combinations Dan and David self with you all. So that does really special to me, but just something unique concept I have come up with and I hope you will also enjoy. And D, given that we now have a B, we'll do a different model for the next feel. For that again, they are not options available. We can join B's both and make a small motifs like this and up one that we can do. So this is, has already new thing for me to do such kind of more depth, I think I should go ahead and explore. That does have you also will learn. So here I am not just concentrating on the outcome or the neatness. I am just letting you all know how to explore different patterns. So I think that does something new and really you make, you can get this from class. Sorry. You can get from this class. Yes. My words at jumbling urine, they are in between. Okay. This small like this, we will draw for a raid 0. Upon a rebuttal v will be drawing this slime using points three fine liner to draw these outlines. And this is one of the most used to find lines by me, particularly, I enjoy using this particular fine liner. And just go with the flow. I am seriously telling, you know, you will definitely enjoy exploring patterns if this is a minim or nulla. So if it doesn't become under law the species and the motives, I know, but the details will be explored a lot. It's not the easy bar step. If you explore them in a minimum, the ally and then combine it in your biggest size, Mandela's on add them in those. It will be very easy for you all to gain that confidence off coming up with new patterns. Sometimes you people approached me like, you know, why everyone are doing the same same patterns, isn't it so boring? How many will do in the same scenario seen style? So that is when the formulas I haven't taught but datas when I taught, okay, I have to explore the patterns and I have to tell people how I am exploring fat. And so that is how I came up with this class idea. And here I am going to draw a double line kind of thing, but with the pattern so you can see me keeping dots already. Okay? I am just going to join like this. So now you might have understood why I didn't just, you know, use the unrecorded but and I didn't just get this thing because that I have got that at the moment. At this particular moment when I started shooting this again, I might have got some new ideas so that as the reason I said that, I will put that in the bonus section. Do give the other one also try other than this three projects, if you feel that it is interesting for you all. If you observe in our previous first project we have gone what that vaguer motifs on Dow 30 PSI eat and very smaller motifs in the inner side. But here we are going in a different way. So we are going with the smaller motifs, like kind of thing he all right. Okay. I think we're good till now. If we want, we can fill this up completely with black or we can just leave it white also. So let us think about it a little later after finalizing the last Leo. So the last layer I want to be, it has to be a BAD off like this. So our different extinction to go with a different shape. So it will be from your own lead, will be joining like this. This is our last layer on last but one we can have one here as well. Let's see. Continue building this patiently. And you can go this way also, which is my favorite way. It's completely up to you. And I have John burned onto this way after a lot of practice, so it's completely up to you, Oh, your hand movement end-all. And you might have known about the Muslim memories. So only with the practice you can attain both fiction. Maybe have message me asking that how view where you get Pulp Fiction for all the patterns. So this is what I follow mostly so far for I have drawn like this. And then now I'm drawing the other leaf or the other side. So this is how I mostly do. So we'll get that Paul fiction. If this tie and sorts you, you can happily follow the style. And there are hundreds of styles in which you can draw. It's completely up to you to choose which is comfortable to you. So just don't rush yourself. Get things habituated to you and slowly you'll understand your, your cell. It will explore on every topic. I think that does help everyone of us has learned even from JD who Jasmine. Okay. We are good to. Hio. And I feel of adding one more leaf motif in these areas as Vin. So for that scene, I am going to make a leave kind of thing from here to here or just a small one like this. We don't have any guideline if you want, you can draw so global here with pencil so that you will get this landing points equally. I am roughly measuring and drawing. If you want, you can add one more pencil line in-between. It's up to you. I have missed one. I'm doing that. You can completely avoid this step paths and outer one and fewer don't feel that it is required. So it's just me kind of person who wants everything to be fully complete and everything. So that is why I go on adding and try to reduce the space that's as much as possible. So He our sins for the first run, we don't have any direction like it can be seen from any of the side for this one, particularly what I want to do is put it drop over here so that in one direction only it's mostly seen. Are it looks good or something. I couldn't do it properly. It's like given effect of reality. So it can be seen from inside as well. But this indicates that a BOT site or the French side. So for that, for quiz, I will start putting a little drop kind of thing, hill like this. Okay? And then assault and BBB filling all this space up with black pen lead to 0. Now let us start filling this ADR. Fulfilling this area I read goal with alternating patterns or opposite patron's method, which I am going to show you now. So I am trying to pick, okay, I have done with 0.2.3, I am going to pick up 0.1. Actually, I'm rooting for it. Yes, this is fine to one. Now we have to draw a double line for all of these. So I am slowly drawing for this one on me, okay? And since we have drawn the spot, so what I will be doing is 0 for this area like this, I will be extending this line itself down and then shading the alternative more depths. Okay, I'll show you, wait. I will complete these lines first. And then I'll show you couldn't go with different patch and as your shading or hatching or stippling anything. But since I am doing a watercolor background later, if I shaded with benzylic might not pop up so much. You can do that as well, but I am going to do some blow away. So you will just have to fill this up. Okay. Let me complete that step very, very quickly. I am switching to 0.3. I think that I have to go 4.85 so that it will be filled up very quickly, really quickly. I am baking 0.8 so that I can pull it up really quickly. So this is what I'm dialing while filling and everything. You can just take 0.8 so that it will be ready quick for you all to Phoenician. Now reason the brute straw has launched one also. So even I haven't tried that yet. That should be when Modoc would call job. Okay. Now what we will do is even Florida one factor for the white bought attached wires and they may follow different pattern for the ones that extra window so that it looks so on meat and oh, good. Okay. So for that, let me quickly go ahead and draw the double line for a retain. At least this layer in, but they glow. And I hope you're drawing along with me because I want you all to draw this along with me and expedience everything in a very real time. That is why I am going very slowly and explaining everything in the day and doing along with you all. Take it very slow, like you can see me and I'll give Lee and recently I am trying to draw this. So only when you do that, it will give that perfect look. So and most of you think, why double line, I think I have repeatedly mentioned on this, it enhances your design, more design or the five fellows everything it enhances it completely. You can see the difference here itself now. So that is the major reason. And I really hope you all are safe and healthy at the moment. We have three more flowers left. I mean, petals actually, these are looking very close to flowable. I am getting remembered of Basie. What we do is we can go with multiple options. So since I have mentioned flower, you can do hatching leg this and make it as a flow. Or you can go with some other option as well. It's completely, completely up to you and I am going to do this method. See it only appears once you understand the button, you can do it by your own acid. So I am just drawing a line, dot, line, dotted line. And the same thing I am repeating. So I will be getting three lines like this in total. And I am doing for that. Wait, I have the black hatchback. Okay. Not enlightened. I'm using 0.1 fine liner only. Let me zoom in and show you. So I'm using 0.1 only you can see. So what I am doing this, what this black part that is already a center line. So line dotted line, dotted line, and then line, dot line. So it's the same thing I am following. It might not be exactly same for all the motifs you have drawn, but that's okay. You can just go with the flow of your able to do in that particular motive. But just make sure that there are only three lines. If there are more, sometimes it might not look neat and uniform all along. Okay? This is one of the simple design, very beginner friendly. Okay. And now for this one I am going to do all hatching. This is a kind of a bird indicate one, but I think it's an easy and the symbol 1. So nothing much to worry. Like these lines you make, okay? And just turn your paper little bit and you make no cross hatching of this. So this v you will attain up but off for fiction and neatness and it looks very intricate. So what I will do is this is my veil. Doing this. I will do one direction for at all the patterns that are there and then come back doing the other cross hatching so you can follow the scene for me while go like this because I feel angle might change if I keep on shifting from one flower to Dada. Gestural completed. So for that reason, I will do it this way first and then go ahead and do the other line. And if you have a BOP to any of the surface of article on board, just make sure that you are rotating it without any hesitation because there is nothing wrong and rotating a paper while you are doing them on their larvae all do in that way and that is a correct way. Also, only dust if you are doing on a volume cannot rotate wall and you have to bend. By the way, everything I though I is I think it's good to rotate. Here it is windy now I think it does go into rain and wind. Okay, Now I will cross hatch on the other side. So this method is called cross hatching. It is used in many aspects of many art forms as well. Mostly in portraits and all, most of the people do crosshatching at the head area to show that texture, to show the bow and below areas, or to show the highlights on your face and everything. So this is a technique called cross hatching, okay. And it does very similar, like it's sudden grid that just a grid I not cross ways. So everyone must have known about this. And it's easy when brought up, but just make sure your lines are not very shaky. You will get there by factors. Don't worry for me only one angle lines are comfortable. I have repeatedly mentioned even while taping wall its own V1 angle is comfortable for me. So get to know about yourself and which angle is comfortable in which angle you are getting the maximum Pulp Fiction and then try to establish that as your site. Now this is looking so beautiful right? Now, may have to hop on to the next factor. So here let us quickly go ahead and do a double line for all of these lower ones. Take your time. Don't rush at dawn. Do slowly and patiently because double lines are the only ones that enhances your design or you are Biden and make it look more neat and complete. Okay. So just slowly go ahead in New York, comfortable V and direction. Don't stress out yourself if you're feeling like you're stressing yourself. To get this bowl fiction and uniform muddied. Just relax. Have a walk and come and don't get irritated if you ever heard any hard and sound from my video. Because i o hearing those and feeling a bit irritated and telling you all not to ECT. So in related building and Delhi. Okay. So we have completed earlier in this fight and aspirin. And for Diablo patterns, if required, you can go for a double line or for some areas you can see even that we all so only we can decide after filling this. So let me quickly do a batch end for this. So here V will be just drawing the symbol flower like this. So a cough and few bundle, So it is just coming to button. So we will draw those two petals, That's it, which means so just these two buttons and we are not even putting a line if required, just really Patel line naught dot. Okay, I'll repeat the pattern here just to swallow like this small swale joining this. And then you will be able to draw on lead two petals nicely and fully. So just to draw those two patterns and put a line that said, just quickly repeat the same pattern all around and fill limited spaces then and there itself because they are very tiny. If we keep it at the end, no, what happens is we will tend to fall good and those tiny things will pop up and look like incomplete. So just go ahead and fill those back down. So our complete the motive. I lost the hood there, so complete them more deaths at once. I'm just adding the biotin so that sometimes I endured this way. So I am showing you all the possible ways of how to do it. And you can pick one from these and make it your style, or you can mix and match you invoke all these I'm doing. I am hopefully looking forward to you all to enjoy this process and learn something from the way I am taking it forward. And hopefully you are learning or different way. I'm hopefully thinking that and I would love to see all your additions to this. You can come up with the new color combinations as a backbone or you can draw your own patterns as well. If you are watching all the classes before drawing and then starting to draw, you will definitely come up with your own patterns for a shy. Because there is a bonus lesson also at the end, which is completely the event. Which is actually supposed to read this project. But yes, sometimes it's a destiny and calls it out that way. How bird has come in again today. So I think you all have some connection with me and mine bird as it's not my word as such, but it comes a time when I started recording this Skillshare classes are any of the classes, even for my u du bar, any of my live sessions and everything does burn, mostly keeps on going. It's good that birds are coming in the house. So yes, there is a greenery here and there are very less, but these days that comes home, particularly here in the, I don't know about the situation of other countries right now. But in India and in my place there used to be very less boards, but in recent times, they are coming in the mornings and evenings because of the greenery that has developed recently. Okay, We have completed taste HIO. Now, let us take one more pattern and then go into the next part for filling these two. Okay? So in this pattern you can simply go ahead and draw the straight lines as well. So that's tried lines from here to here or a call V1's. So what we will be doing is we will draw a petal or some drop like this and then doing the scope, okay? So what I meant is like this. And then following this call, we will be drawing like this. And at the point where it meets like that, we will fill it up. Like, let's see 1. So it has 1, 2, 3, 4. We will try to get four on the site and the stone may be poor. 3, 4. Okay. We worked for and this can be a straight line like this. Okay? We will continue with this pattern. So since here it doesn't straight line, we can actually put it up like this. I purposefully then to draw before because we don't know what we will finalize here, 1, 2, 3, 4, and if it is coming one more also let it come since we have some printed already with the line. Okay? And just to draw our drop like this, just drop your and we didn't go with a double line here if you see good for me. Okay? This is how I walk on multiple patterns at once and make sure it is uniform. So now I have drawn backdrop for five to six patterns. And now I am drawing these lines on one side, okay? And then I come back and draw on that side. So this is my most have intuited way of doing buttons to get it uniform and perfect. You can try this method out and let me know in the feedback how it has worked for you. Or through the message or anything. Don't worry if you're getting five lines on one side and six lines on one side, we will get there. That's okay. Once we complete all those minor, minor mistakes. Okay, cool. It's a lot VCM. So here also there is a gap or what their will heal or that has formed. You can just fill it up. I am continuing the same button all over. And this is mostly buildup that the lines, okay. Now I will draw our drop for everything at once. It does very windy here. Very windy. Okay. There are even more than I thought this is the last one. That's, that's fine. So this has become a bit in Brigade project. Now, I will draw lines on one side first and then on the other side. So it's just the bar lines for these, I think. No, it shouldn't be so tough to understand and does play with the different sizes of penance and you will all get there. So this is 0.1 I am using, okay? 0.1. If you use 0.3, we get different thickness of views a point you can use 0.2 also for this one, since via have a lot of gap and everything, 0.3, I don't suggest and recommend much at this point. Because we are dealing with very thin lines. Even inside here we have dealt with very thin lines. So that indicate pattern look welcome only when you shift to 0.01 or 0.2 or even 0.05 actually is left in a hurry. Ions on as LIGO a guide. Okay, I compete on the other side as well now. And the next 5 we will continue in the second part off right away and we will be filling these and the same spot. And then doing the watercolor extra effect as a background to pop up the odd well. If you want, then the central bigger drop also you can fill something but I think it has turned out indicated already and I don't want to fill anything more and make it look messy. Because in some open spaces, some GAD, some breathing spaces are really important when you are drawing a Mandela. If you fill everything up, sometimes it looks up v. So that does YE, we should know. So are you using that rule and B? So that is the reason we shouldn't make it look, is that the color make it looked so also would think. So such small, small gap. See here we have left a gap, here we have left a gap, and this will be filled with black. So I'm not considering this. So those small gaps is what makes though indicate patterns pop up out of your Mandela. So make sure that you're not filling up everything with Biden's if required, you can actually hatch this up. I mean, shave this up completely, fill this up in black holes or byte. We will do another pattern on top of this and it shouldn't dominate that. So every time make sure you are doing more intricate patterns either in-between are in the outer ones, so that it makes your work look, compete and pop up. So we have completed till one part of the continuation of these two layers here and the border, everything we will see in the next five. Join me there. 9. Project 2 - Two Toned Mandala (Part 2): Welcome back to the bot to hope for day 2. So, yes, so this is a kind of refreshing because we kept this as a bonus. And I got out from that mood ASM. So if you're not ready with a glass of water, get your glass of water and be ready because we are going to play with watercolors as well after completing this. So in this ADRs, we can just go with the double line with 0.1, et cetera. Okay? Here are a double line for this completely. So strapping from here on are just free to him. So why did you vote for it on the line? I I really believe that it does not require as such. So for that reason was I am doing is I am just doing a double line for this one. So this is one of the technique I covered in the project tool therefore. And this five. So since I couldn't explain it, I am doing that here. You can clearly see me deciding it PR itself. So with this I didn't flanges, I thought, Okay, I will do, since I want to do in the second project, I think it's better to do it here. So I am just drawing a double line for this one is not double-blind, so it is a double-blind, but indeed it's not. So even fill this up with complete black by leaving of but of reality mark like this. I will tell you how in a while. So just go ahead and draw this double lines as precisely as possible as humanly possible to you. You know that like you can do all of these at once. Yes, you can do all these buttons at once on all the directions. If it doesn't, then they'll Mandela. I will try to cover that topic as I get my high-fat ready to me. So if you are a digital Mandela tests and taking this class, you are free to explore this in on your digital form and then upload in the project. I will be happy to see that we ask them. So here are some Azure has happened. That's, that's completely all right. We will be filling this up anyway, so we shouldn't be so much wiling know. So there are two types of filling run. You can leave space like this are the one Nu Bu, our highlights on top of it. Okay, there we go. Now we will be filling this spot and this spot after erasing everything. And for this area, we have to fill up with a pattern. You can do stippling as well if you are aware of it. I am going to choose with an add-on New York. So I hope you will love this one as well. It's just an overwhelming. Okay. So collect this. Oh, well, she and a joining this 11 more here. Same on the other side. If you want to append goal in an alternative, we also put this one, so a different pattern here. So we will try alternative method for this particular one to see and explore the maximum of which is Andy's pond symbol. So the alternative button would be awesome below one with a paddle. So it will be this scene motif draw. And then we will continue with the pi thirds like this, 34. And we could stop it here if required. We'll put a small soft collect this hill and then we will do the same on this side as well. I am just turning my paper for my convenience. 1, 2, 3, 4 and a small So collect this hill and we have to fill all the negative spaces. So let me first complete everything are, let me show how the Python looks here so that you can draw for those as well. So VR, following the alternative by John method here in this wheel, It's all you can make your Mandela look unique and beautiful in your own style. Okay? If you want, you can draw a double line and explore this pattern. I just don't want to draw, maybe because I am really easy enough here now. But anyway it has coming God, so, yes, there we go. It looks so beautiful. Form. Hi. You feel want to again draw a line over here or you can just see what that bags all since VDB having that side effect, I don't want to fill this up. Now. In this particular Mandela saw a sock over and 0, 0, 1, and 3. So mostly it will be three are mine maximum, like one more on this side, so smaller ones. But mostly it will be three on me. Like I have drawn this pattern few times in my other Mandela's and for me there's always like one sentence alkaline to one the other two sides. So I am completing this factum forced. Ready when you are coming to the part two, because we will be doing the technique after completing this. If you have seen my ice creams class, you must have known by now how we can use salt to get a texture on watercolor. And if you remember the color selection class, in this particular class itself, Scala selection, listen. And you already know what colors I am going to use. So it's going to be a low-end bond on ball. It will turn out as a view different combination meal just to drop in some mixing and then drop in though. Salt. Don't worry if your overlays not fall for PR and there we will shade it up, then you can correct that if required. Thank you for joining me and enjoying this process along with me. So like this and the buttons, I will be turning my paper multiple times to get perfection of these by those because that does read them. Bod is lying. So don't get confused. By the way I'm doing it. Let us do this flower for everything and then fill up the negative spaces as men. Okay. Just be a little cautious and careful while filling up the spaces. And these spaces. They could slow, don't rush at all. If you're Russia and accidentally go on some other factor, just remember that you have this white pen, handy Docker x such mistakes. Just leave them mistakes, ignore them and continue. It's better to be careful before that self rather than worrying later. But I always see this repeatedly that don't give up on your art will give for this fade or if it does not coming properly. Completed, completed short to everyone because everyone needs to know how to improve your. So how have you have improved from before? So don't ever hesitate to show you of a loose to any one. We all have learned from it and see Dustin then starting of this class also, I was mentioning that there is a failure. It's not a walk failure as such, but there is a failure in recording, so it's completely okay. We have to accept our mistakes otherwise we cannot go from there. I am giving so much of wisdom words. I think. So. This has been a very nice and intricate design. Now, I somehow feel that we should not fill this out. So instead we can go ahead and draw some vertical lines are real fill it up. And who I am do less at this point right now. What to do for this one. But let me fill this up first so that we will get some idea what to do there. If you want one to price on new pattern, just go ahead and try it out. And I am not switching my pen psi is just because it's very small, tiny gaps. And it will be very difficult for us to fill them up if we switch to a bigger size Ben. Effects generally I mentioned brush somewhere, please ignore that. So I feel all of us to blink your eye B, we'll do stippling in these areas. Okay? We will shift little, bigger size of 0.2 or three and then do stippling the VS C. Now I got an idea. So it's just that, you know, going step-by-step, layer by Lee or no one has an export. Everyone is experimenting and every day is a learning. You have to be good as that we all need. Then we will put efforts to improve our knowledge. No one is born and not the store. No one is born with so much of knowledge of creating everything. So don't worry, don't panic, and they're not dawned on the motivate yourself from trying new things on the practice, practice and Brock piece gives you new ideas, speak inspirations from references. And please just, just don't copy paste or just don't know that along, learn the technique learned to the full list. That does want maximum. I can see. And since this shading is taking too long, I think that I get back. Once this shading is done. I have competing shading everything hanging rack. So I didn't complete this and divide by 0 plus v. And I am feeling to leave it like this without filling anything, just stay in these spaces. So I'm good like this. Otherwise these designs or these pathogens will not pop up. So I'm good here. And now I am going to tape down the people and then erase the lines because I19 Bordeaux effect. Okay. Get ready and I am donning my baby. So I don't know why I am comfortable only one day being in one direction. So it's up to you. You might be comfortable in any of the Direct Share. Okay? Now, what we will do is we have find less this hands-on direction because of this shape over here. And that is why I'm keeping it in that way itself. Now while digging a reason would either use a reading all the lines. This is a very important step. That is why you should have drawn your lines very lightly, if not also fine. You can either use them like this. Make sure there is more line visible to the maximum extreme pose. Gently learning more low wall. And it could be gain this up. Okay, now we have radii, I've removed all their Dustin. So there is one more final thing that we have to do before getting into the coloring, but I am picking my zero-point eight fine liner to fill those in DOS base off. Just quickly fill this up and then we will hop on to the background color. But I hope you have got all your tissue. What DO brushes follows ready to have some fun and especially solve for this project. I would be going ahead and filling this up. If you have a sketch, you can go ahead and do. But what happens is, you know, like a value, put water on top of it. It might have high town to solve reading. So that is the reason do it slowly with the fine liner that you have on me. Okay. And you can see how over this popping up those L-Dopa after it is filled with the column. I mean, the black. Black is also a color. Is it called the color or not? I don't know. I'm confused. I think if there's a color, sometimes people say black and white are not considered as a condos. Where why it cannot be formed by mixing anything and black can be formed by mixing a lot of colors. So I don't, I don't know in this aspect radially, so yes. There we go via done little there. And now let me take my mom brush of size 20 only I will go with and Domine set and the shoe people glass of water. I am just dipping into the job and just going to write this up completely. Okay? Make sure it does even make sure there are no poles of what? Right. Do make sure that okay. Now we are going to take two colors. So for that is for a child go with the loan B and then drop it in some ADRs. Okay. I am trying to take the co consistency as much possible. So like this, Hi, I'm dropping in some ADRs. You can see Howard does coming nicely. I am thinking even more color and dropping it here like this. Okay? Now I quickly wash my brush and taking bond umbo, and dropping it all along water is more than the colors. So I reduced to water a bit so that I will get nice pigment of the Apollo. I am dropping it in all other places like this and on Udot, yellow part as well. Okay. Just take Naive Bayes consistency offered. There will be transition here and there, so that does okay, Let it be like that. Does drop a dot. Now we know, Raj, I am digging even more yellow again and then dropping it up. You might see that clearly and lawyers not seeing that is seen as a mixture. That is completely okay. Just play with it. Okay. I'm just playing with it. Trust me, this will look absolutely beautiful. Very beautiful after it has dried. Now, before it gets some greedy drain led me to pick up some salt and drop and you'll get dropped randomly or you can follow up by donuts are Bu, completely undo. Okay. I am randomly dropping and let it bleed its own magic. But at the same debar, or some areas I am dropping more. Some areas I am dropping more, some areas I'm dropping less. So it's completely up to you. So this far I'm dropping more than this bar. I have drawn mood, this bond I have drawn more. So it's up to you. Okay? I have dropped more soil so that it gives nice texture to the background. So now we have to wait for it. Just didn't wait for it to completely dry. I said this not to use hairdryer when you're using salt because it's not holes are distributed. So we have to make sure we wait until it does dried naturally, okay. Okay. Now it looks completely dry. Don't take this dish, does a little wet pick up fresh tissue and remove all the salt with it. Or if you have an old brush, you can use that as well. So I will use this and just to do more with this. Okay. I've ever done stood off and then come back. I have dusted it off and see how it has done so beautifully. Lot of textures and I'm a lawyer does not so prominent just because of the color. But if you see and have a closer look, you can see that. And the best part is you can achieve the textual here also without removing the pigment of the ink. Isn't that so we would never do or that color after doing all right, I completely enjoyed this way of working. Let me quickly remove the masking be by the 19 gauge, like I am doing now. So just folate as an opposite angle like this. And it does done. I think this is one of the best projects. Didn't know I enjoyed so much making this, It's in this direction because of this. If we want to turn any direction. But up to you, I loved the color combination also yellow and bone number has turned out so nice. Yellow and burnt umber we have used. So I hope you also have enjoyed making this end goddess and malaria output with this side. Let us meet in tomorrow's project, the final project, the third project, and I hope you all are safe. So stay safe and stay creative until then. 10. Project 3 - Color Play (Part 1): Hello everyone, Welcome back to the third project. So we have successfully completed two of our projects. This is the first one and this is the second one. I think it does a bit rough here. Because of the size that we have used there. It is very dried-up. Now you can see how the state of the yellow is obeyed. So nice. Now we will dive into another minima. Now, I have my grid ready. So you can go back to the construction. Listen and watch again if you have any doubts on constructing the grid. Let us now have diarrhea, those some Phyton thinking, procrastinating and doing itself. So I have made the same grid, one centimeter, 23456 tendon degrees on each side. So we will find a suitable fan. Obviously it is going to be pointing to one because it does the inner ADR. Okay? Now here we will go with four pointer with inside this AD only. Let me zoom in and show this part. So this can storing us into point. Let us take a form of iso from your arm. Maybe you can start it from here itself. And then 1, 2, 3, 4, this line. So this line and this line. And then me go back to link this joining at the same dose. And then from your 234 this line it should be. Okay, Take your time, make it slowly. Don't rush this line. That means u, we get a total tree in the CTO. Okay? This line, you can see me, I'm begging time and figuring out which line it has to be. So light. You also do the same process so that it comes need done both fret. This is the only way to attain both fiction. And we have one mole of water left now. Done. We are done with the enough law wall. And now for this area, we can draw on a no motive. Now, I'm procrastinating right here. Okay. Maybe do Naive Bayes. This she like we have done in our first one. She, let me grab the piece of people quickly. So this sheep. Okay. We will do that. So from here to here, or we will consider all four points, but here this going to be assigned to 0. So from here to here, probably on you can consider the same points as well. So let us not confuse you. Let me not confuse you too much. We will take the same points, the four set which we have considered for our previous flower, and do this. Okay? So in-between there will be two lions and the honor to lines will be connecting like this. I am continuing with my point, 1 by n only dormitory. Our bonus lesson is still there. I have secured your bonus lesson for U-Haul. It is secured. Nice tea, I'll explain before stepping into everything, so everything is sorted. I am looking forward to all of your take on the bonus lesson because I haven't explained step-by-step. That will be a very nice practice session for you all for sure. I am being a little bit extra careful here because once this layer is done, we can feel a little bit confident. To go into the next step as there are no much thinner area has okay. We're almost done here. We have got a nice double budgetary flower here as well, like in our previous projects, but we're not going to keep when retained in the same way, right? Yes. So now we will draw one more, which is going to be from here to here of big O, U like this. Okay. Like this. Long It, it, it's like an elongated or you more deaf. Okay. I am presently drawing it continuously. Okay. That means it ends here. And again start from here and n here like that. Don't worry about the shape of the bottom flower where it is touching and everything just be the how would these and for every door lines just join this and make a u. Okay. Take your time, do it patiently and continue the process. Don't bother weather. Which point it doesn't meeting the bottom radii and everything. Don't think too much. We will shade it up and make it real. I don't really don't think at all in this line. Just do what you are doing. Joining these bolder lines and then making OU along you to do. Okay. They have equals. I'll write non devi, go into the next level of fatten. It is looking so nice to know. So we will make two of these and make one big apart than okay. Here that has an extra pencil marks. Just ignore it. Now, let us suppose we are going to make a point here. So from your VR going to D and making by connecting both of these. This is very similar to what we have done before. It can go with the midpoints are it can go without them also, don't do a read, don't stress out. Just put those dots so that you connect at the right point rather than going at a different one. Okay. Just continue doing it all along. As I'm mentioning, that would be the lead. The spine helps me draw, get aligned properly so I will put such dots and then connect them. So thereby need not percentage where I have to connect next is I directly start sometimes I feel like I'm losing that brac. Thank you for being so patiently and doing it all along with me. Give me half to complete the site. There we go. In this one we should have got nine Petals, 3, 3 and 3 9 by those. Now, we have a place over here where we can do a similar pattern like we have dominant post exercise. Or we can even explore and come up with new patterns. As with now I'm switching to 0.3. And then we will do one sided by doing so not make on both sides like we have done in our first class. But on one side, a more beautifully. Okay, let me show you how to draw back. So on this only we will draw in this area. I am not going to make any kind of thing here. I'm just going to join all of them. Yeah. Oh, okay. Like this. And from your it does like this. All of them from one direction only. And this will be the last. Okay, 12345678. We have drawn. If required, we can put a line under dodge or else we can leave it at eight on. So, so I prefer to draw a line here to show you the variation from the previous projects. So just draw a line and keep it on. Okay? We will do an occlusal v here as well. So that to get the grip of the patterns, I always prefer teaching this. We maybe go 12345678. Okay? We're not going to shade any of these. V will be leaving it that way only. And you can see meat or dating the paper constantly on lead, then I will be able to get the ball fiction on all the sides. That does the main reason. I didn't pay the people. And we are doing the bygone wash Leto. Okay. I didn't show you one more time and a closer. We've won by the like this. Then second, 1 third, 1 fourth, fifth, 678. You can see how I am bending my hand when it is going this side. Don't worry if you're not getting just practice do with pencil forced 51 out to buy those. Venule, gain confidence, you can go ahead and do four of those. Okay? We will now complete the same pattern all along for the outlines and then go for the double line and other feelings. As that is more shading and anything for this bar. Being extra careful why you are doing this. And make sure you're not crossing the outline of the pencil which you have autosomal Conference of six centimeters. Okay. Now I'm going ahead and drawing these lines as well. I'll just slowly do. Enjoy the music, enjoy the surrounding need. Gd, just embrace the moments. The moment I told surrounding nature the results shouting from outside. She's selling jasmine flowers. And I force myself to stop. Those also you have to enjoy because you're not regarding as that. So I think you should enjoy those sounds as I enjoy though. Just that the UV will go, didn't get it. Because I shouldn't compromise on the audio. To give you all the very best experience possible. From my end. 456782345678. Okay. Last one of this motive for the z. Okay? If you're not comfortable doing this in one direction, you can do like similarly do the first project. We have now completed this much. And now Viva start building up on the inside ADRs. So for diet, I will be drawing a double line here. But the same point 3, I'm going ahead and drawing the double line for all the nine motifs that we have drawn, your ego lines. Okay, I am gainfully going one side for us and I'll come back to the other side. So on. Just drying the double line on the other side, we will do a nice feel for this. So then the more deaf pops out as it is now, one and a big O1 as well. You can always choose your Biden's go with your own style as well. Now, here what we can do is if you want, we can break this into one MOOC, biotin as if required. If you think you, it is very big for you, are we can even continue with this as well. So it's totally up to you and you all come for zone. So here what I'm going to do is come up with a mix of different leaves, soils are in-between. So for that is, what I am going to do is I put a small circle over here like this, okay? And then draw the basic flower that we will draw all ways. So generally it will fit to unmoored at times. So in this one it does just do. And then I have given an outline for it like this. Okay? And I am going to bring one line like this and put a dot over here. So like this, we go dot and the line like this. I actually thought of a leaf, but then I think places knowledge enough so I am limiting myself to this spot. Okay. Then we go on. I am filling up this area. So it will be like this only we are not going to do much this area. Okay. Now of DKA, so Felder, noun barge and of law wall, Basic flower wall and then centerline and DOT 4 it outline for rich. Okay. And then a call like this partly on both the sides and just Dove soap can end up in it. Okay. It looks simple, right? Let us have a closer look of this scene, so I'll show it here because there is an extra line you may get confused. So assault been pulling this part. And then anomalous law more that redraw regularly for one della patterns. And then an outline like this. Okay? And the line. Then we'll continue this pattern all over with before getting into the next layer of patterns. And this one I am doing with 0.3 as the area is. The more defense very big. So because of that, I am doing with 0.3 fine liner itself. Five more left eye, then you have to fill that down, but nothing is of the Motif. Okay? Try to draw as neatly as possible this level because we're not filling it up. And it will be seen evidently once we complete everything. So it is very important for us to make it neat. I am a wet concentrating HE or that is high. You may observe me not speaking much while doing this particular barter. That is no filling rate. So in that case, we have to be a little bit more carefully so that we will not miss out on anything. And I definitely think that you have learned something unique here now. Our different pattern than the regular ones. Draw these all four once again, I mean, all at once. Okay. I am drawing this line all along for the four at once. So as I was mentioning, for every factor then I will do like this if there is failing or any other original element other than the motive. So I will generally do like this. I feel like jumping between my duns. Okay, Now v half-full made the inner part turn sources already looks so compete and let us not be too much heavy fact owns in these abs. Okay, we can draw the number line with any of the thickness pen to point, sorry, 0.2 or 0.1. So I switched to zero-point due I don't want to use 0.1 now. So I will get fully draw a double line for this use first elongated use, and then jump into the patterns. I am leaving a bit more thickness than the regular ones because the pattern already looked so full, so I don't want to make it messy. That is why I'm giving enough gap, a bit more gap on the MRC. If you're choosing any different pattern instead, if you have gone any different motif instead of this, you can definitely go ahead in your way of exploring mandela patterns. This is my way of exploring these patterns and you can see clearly that all the are very unique and I have chosen all the patterns at the moment and decided to work on them based on the convenience CAN how they are falling in place with each other and everything. I hope and I definitely wish you all to reach that state someday for sure. Then I can say that you have watched the class thoroughly and grasp the techniques. And instead of hiring about completion of the project and everything. So it does talk Brazil he order, but I hope that does not disobeying new oil. There are few people who likes rain sound, who doesn't like rains home. So we are, I have completed my double-blind, so I'll complete for this flower as well, or we can leave this flower that way. This is looking really beautiful and vibrant. So what I will do is I just Candace ADR bit so that it is seeing a redundantly. Okay, I am running my pen just at the Bordeaux. And this technique I have covered for the bonus part which they shoot so which I couldn't record due to some technical issue. So this is how we have done for one of the Elementary in bonus pack, which I will explain in detail there before going ahead with any other steps in the bonus lesson. Okay. So I am just running a darkening or thickening it so that it pops out as a flaw wall. And then we will do some, we will be doing some hatching Lars v. Let's see shading techniques we will use and do so that it looks like a flower. So it increases the beauty. And since this is going to be a multi-colored watercolor Magdala, it will be very evident for it and it will pop up for definitely. If you have different colored pens with you, you can go ahead and use them as well. Okay. Now the thing which I am talking your is v will be just hatching this like this from the two calmness and leaving the same dark, boggy like that only. I'll just do it. I am just kind of giving it the extra o, do that flaw wall and say end up OK, you're going to draw 23 lines like this mod much more on the corners. And then the sign Doug, just one or two lines like this. Okay. Just do it all lower so that it gets that effect flow off. This hatching. We have London, the project one via implementing the scene. You can see that I am VLE concentrating on the a just more. And then and then corrective fielding that's not similar everywhere. And then at the center, only ones like that, I'm running it. Okay. They have equal V on God not at the flower. It is giving that effect right to this VM not required. We can leave it at drift and it looks like or 3-dimensional affected is coming now. And for heal, you wouldn't go with some unique pattern. So we want this ADR to be empty, kind of. So put that book bus, we can either go with sulcus are we can come up with new button, which I will be discussing in the next spot. Yes. So we thought of breaking the exercise into two parts, right? So this is the first part of the project three. In the next part we will fill the design here or the pattern here. And then we will do the background watercolor, aspirin. Catch me there. 11. Project 3 - Color Play (Part 2): Yes, we are back onto the project 3, the other half. So he and I will do the opposite patterns that I was talking in Egypt, heavy glass. So here I thought of doing opposite patterns, but I went off doing alternate patterns. So let us try the opposite patterns here. It does going to be the same by edges. So I'm going to be very interesting. This is a point to find. I know that I am going to use. Now. All these budgets will be one side in one, and on the other side is the next one. Okay? We are going to do that right now. So if you want, you can build them or did something like this here, or you can just directly go and do. I am doing directly, okay? Now these two will have to face each other like this. So for that reason, for this one, it has to phase in Word the side. So it will be like this that buttons 1234 and the fifth one just took off. And we will be filling this space. Okay? And we're not going to draw any lines or anything here because we have already enough patterns. And notice we have Docker level pop-up. Now I will do the same for a re alternative, but before getting into the other side. Okay, I ritual Dao the site for two so that we will get an idea and then continue this. So on this side we just have to Lord, in other words, we know I have to figure out which angle is convenient for me, so this must be good. So 341, okay? And we have to fill this up. If you feel this is a bit tricky, just go ahead with us and bulbar term which comes to your mind. Sometimes even I check which angles suits me to draw are those side, one side I can wall but freely, but on the other side it does a bit tricky for me as well. So don't worry, anybody learn and have been at this stage which you ought at present. Okay. Now minus time doing was made to be anyone of these. I won't show all the rest in a Zoom and mannose so that you can clearly see and do along with me. So this spot, Jen, I am continuing your the second one, alternator ones. So it's total gonna be five. But I do make it equally as equal as possible. Don't worry if they're not coming equal and stop just because they're not being equal. Five. So we'll see here, the last one is not equal to the before running but then just just continued on stop. Okay. I am just reading and I get those spaces that in there because they are very tiny and we maintain to forget if we are doing Big-O motives like this. We again, keep the filling part later. Also. One more thing you feel scared to do the opposite side, five done district, do one side and leave the other side, MP Reno. You can find your own pattern or from the previous patterns that I have thought. And also from the bonus lesson and implemented here or wherever you wanted to implement. Okay. I know by now you will have been a pro at these patterns by gaining knowledge from this class for sure. Next I am. I can ensure that you can try everything on your warm asthma. Okay. Now be even start doing dod does side, which is not like this house have ought to do it that way. So we just actually the Adobe which I am figuring out which angles suits me. So this must be the angle that must sort it. Okay? I think if this sorting on, I will do it this way. So these are the two ways which I chose don't do, but the xin come nicely, so I'll choose this way only. So even I don't exactly know which direction, so we need to give the other side very neatly, but just the outline. If you draw them, motive outline and the guidelines for fact, without compromising such small, small errors are not seen a ton and the complete Mandela. So the basics are very important. I mean basics here is the first construction of the grid. And though motifs or the outline first part which we do. So if those UP affect the film, sometimes goal here and there because as I mentioned, we are doing this manually. If you're trying this one digitally, please go ahead and try it out. And of course, if we needed to tell flat phone, you will get it ready for factor because if we draw one more div, it will appear in all the directions. There is also another way like that. There's also another way to explore patterns. Since it is not so much stress for you. You can explore patterns in digital form and then implement those new patterns in your artworks. I don't have a comfortable digital device right now. So that is why I am experimenting on minim analyse and bringing that to you all as well. We had on the last more deaf VR and then we just go ahead by taping, not be using and then foraging or real default colors. Every corner, I should say that does, they are in the set. You can use any additional colors if you have the Silurian blue, or any other value approaching ruin everything. It looks so beautiful, incomplete, right, isn't it? I am totally loving this outcome of this particular project. Now let us quickly go ahead and tape down the paper five our watercolor background, and then erase the lines before putting in the water fellow. I am just making sure data of more obstructions for me to see him down the people. And I am reading it, as I mentioned before, I cannot live down in all the directions. I don't know. Somehow. I think slowly by practice I get there. And it's not just because it is regarding button normally Kaizala, his ideology, this stone and stop. And I always draw lines so I don't know. You can call me as OPO fixedness to also add. Just said they're stable octet the work. I am still learning. I think every one of us still learning. No one can see that we are the pro hottest. Bashar. Learning is lifetime. Okay. If at all you having the grabbed your glass of water, just grab it out and you can run a scale at these corners if require. I am just finding my finger. And then you're using all of the guidelines that are out there for you all. I don't want those lines to pop up and we can it is often watch alert all so my eyes are just to do with Nunavut cell. I'm just running Newton's laws or kilohm motions as well so that if any lines that are left by mistake also will be gone, that does is the reason. Okay. Let me go ahead and remove that dust. Oh, okay. Now, since we are using many colors, what I can do is just write the paper and then play with olives balance. Okay. This is nothing pretty. Decide to then everything just the shoot, just flee with all of the Muses play with all of them. So I am wetting my paper completely. I'm make sure there is no excess of water, okay? Otherwise, it must file. It may deploy a lot of fun. I am removing the excess water. Okay. Okay. I think the paper is wet enough for us now to walk on. And as it does 100 boson be, but it will stay wet for a longer duration. So I will go and pick some blue and just dropping it here and there like this. And it's just a fun Bob. So this was developed particularly this last one. No thought process. Just have you'll find in your V That said, I am dropping bond Dumbo. And then the green. Wash your brush thoroughly when you use dark colors. And make sure you are not overlapping too much with any follow. And now I am taking red. This is actually will meet you on French will meet on it does a bit lucky the French sheet. So I am dropping in your, in the same dog. You can see. And some really does mixing with brown because mixing with the blue, let it be, I am taking dark blue now. Let them blend, let them lead, lead them, let the watercolor do the job. So don't worry, March. Just make sure too much of mandibular is not forming that set. And there are some white spaces on breathing spaces. Thing here that is too much operand. I am just quickly picking it up like this. And then another shade of green and I'm dropping it Kyoto, but I am taking yellow. Oh, hey. And has become so many colors. And the light green eyes I'm liking this shade. So I am dropping it again. And how could I forget Payne's gray? Payne's gray. But this one we are not using directly. I am diluting with water and then using because I don't want black blue pop up because we will lose our buttons. That does the reason I am diluting this particular pallor and dropping your NBA. And we can take overdose yellow and drop here. So it's just a random. So don't go by exactly what I'm doing new bamboo with the odd own combinations. Okay? This is just one way of doing it. That's it. I heard the rainwater, I'm doing this MD brush. I am dabbing urine there and maybe picking up some color like this. And the brush. Even if they went Monday, it's okay. Just leave it as it don't think too much. That's it. We will make sure that it is completely dry before removing the masking the okay. Oh, okay. This is dried completely now. So we can go ahead and remove the masking deep slowly. And I use a hairdryer to make it dry. Could be. So that is the reason that is a pool at the top because of the direction of the law for your children be a problem if you let it dry naturally, me. Here I'm document. And you can see that there is no such bombed a within three prominent leave the cause. We have used a highly pigmented colors. If you're using student grade, there are chances that you will get ohmic sofa but muddy colors. So use it carefully, drop it carefully when you're dropping in. So there we go. This is the third project. And we even have a bonus lesson next to it. So do give it a watch and try it. And I hope you enjoyed making this colorful Mandela at the center. I am loving the blend of this oranges and red, forming orange, green and no red. It's so nice, very wide but entities. So finally we come visit all the three projects and thank you for joining me and supporting me all this long. Stay safe and stay creative. 12. Bonus: Welcome back everyone. And this is the bonus lesson I'm talking about. So accidentally golden record this explanation of all of these patterns. But I will guide you through how to draw all of these for sure with this small, seemingly a brush that we have. So let us walk through that before going ahead and proceeding with the pattern filling in this one, I would recommend you all to give this a try so it doesn't seem great. The 11 centimeter grid and 10, ten degrees. Okay. The CMB, but it's, everything is same. So like in the second project, we have drawn assault girl, right? It's, this seems often. But here I have taken two degrees, and in this case I have just taken 11 degree and mean this shading. And it will be in this direction like we have discussed in this I project due, okay? And now in this part we have extended till the next line. And the other one here, immediately there is a line, right? So for that we have extended, I have drawn a double line and drawn this simple pattern. You can get it quickly, don't worry, you can easily draw the spot general. So I'll just show you how I have drawn. Just watch my nib gainfully. So have I have drawn, is I have put soccer small, small circles here and then up. And then join it here and fill this empty space. I'll join it here. And then for listen DSpace, that does the feeling I have done here. And in the next Leo, what I have done is taking two of them as a reference. I have drawn all more deflect this. The doors open. And from there for this patch and what they have done is there is a point where it is touching that these both areas. So from Dana I have made them more deaf, build a fort point or the fourth circle and drawn or double line for it. And here, there is a point over he ought to and hear from Dana, you have made it more difficult if the line for the concentric circles. And we have all these spaces along. So for that I have just, again, this one forced. So the joining of the photons and tricks. Okay, let these two ends and the concentric circles St. Joe point and made this motif. After that, I have thrilled this IU of big O U on top of this and made this basic flower of the Mandela and outline it with dot 0.8 pen so that it pops out in the packaging. Okay? Now, as we discussed in the second project itself, like here we have done or double line, but the inner double line. So the same thing. I have done a double line for this ADR, for this part, okay. That is the basic construction and Mandela I have done till now, let us finish it as opponents spot. You can fill it up with your own unique ideas as well. This is just as a reference one I am doing for your SWOT now. He all be even though our rewards flavours. So which I will go ahead with my point 3 itself or maybe point through. I'll go. I am taking various points. Do I have gotten my point? Door reverse flower in the sense, I mean, we are going to do a flower like this. So one petal and the second one, and this is the third one, okay? And then fill this up. Also put in line like this and a dot. Okay? We are going to do that similarly for all these, you can go with 0.3 as well if you're not having points to, actually I will associate of 2.3, it will be a bit quicker and easy job I see. Okay. Just collect button or low wall after completing all the double lines and everything. And I really hope to see this particular walk in the project section because I wanted to know how much you have learned from my glasses so that it helps me to, my next class in depth are even more simpler, R3, which will shunt possible based on your feedback on your projects. So please do give this bonus lesson at dry. It does a bit challenging for you all as well, but try to identify it. If not in the same layout, diode on layout. Okay. Let's just 35 does, and it does a kind of easy task. It's not even, you know, too many calls and everything. Just ready some plots, three buttons back, make sure you draw this double line only then this particular pattern will enhance your simple if I tell Python that you are doing now, okay, we are done with this Leo. I want to keep this layer very simple, this particularly or so for that reason I will just strike line. Very basic factor and the leaves, so it's looking like a leaf form leaves. So we can go ahead by drawing the leaf itself. I am drawing the center line for us, what a reading. And then going a head by drawing these slanting lines, okay? And on that side as well to make sure it does looking like a leaf. It's elongated and almost looking like a leaf on the, that is the reason why I chose this pattern. I will do on all sides ones like I have done foot on her projects by now. You might have understood this highly of me to achieve the perfection. So I just use GAN, did he go with your comfort style? And you can add up this ASL. I cannot see this as a Payton Dawn because that is the technique that is what everyone follows. So yeah. That is a technique to make your hand habit. Do you know, make sure it does not painting. Don't stress out. Do door literary projects in the CMB, the phaco time. Bake your diamond, try. All of these old people say that time heals able to things or similar lead time gets us moldable fiction and gets us happy created asthma. Okay. Okay, now we have completed this leaf fat also. In the next layer we haven't drawn the double-blind purposefully to shave this up or let's see what the goals. So here in this video we can give this India as well. But if you don't want to keep it empty, you can just go with a very simple pattern which I will be showing you now. So he are take-up, bigger, bigger with fine liner may be 0.5 or 0.8. I am going with 0.5, just free will draw the line and DOD thing. Okay? So just a line and Dot and the Line, Still line and Dot and the Line and dark and small line like this. So it's a line and dot and the lines and the smaller line, dark line, dark line. Okay. If you want you can join the slick. This ones. Have a closer look for a better understanding. Okay. Began they've along a line like this dot and then make this longer line dot and then joined a bit shorter line bar. Line dot and then a smaller one. In this way, it looks complete full and even some continue it all along. But one duty does not looking. Okay. I think you all are going great in the bonus lesson also. Okay. This, you can see me that correcting the deciding then in there. So that doesn't how it goes for attaining expedience are what should I see for a dining new patterns and exploring with that form. So there is no hard and fast rule that only this pattern should be there. This pattern should not be there. There is nothing like that. It's just you getting, you know, exploring and everything. So here, instead of filling it directly, I will quickly draw these motifs. So the scores, which I am very much habituated in this class, at least I must say that. So these I will draw and fill in all the same parts, just the three buttons. 123, I am doing with 0.5, et cetera. You can switch to 0.3412. It's completely up to you. Your jaw is you often wonder last. Yes it does. Your Mandela, though you are learning this and enjoying ISA does your Mandela only because I am not sitting with, you know, why I'm not doing your CEO, I'll just seeing this and doing along with me. So yes it is your Mandela. You can proudly feel about that. Does my Mandela, I have made it. We will quickly complete for all the other directions as well. Don't hurry. Mean the momenta is equity. You might think that Okay, she sees that. To relax and do it slowly, take it slowly and every time she sees quickly complete. So that does not have a duty to do it. I am having to my mouth. I don't think so. Don't get it. The exact meaning of it. Here. I mean quickly means before jumping into the next backbone and learning more. I was just thinking, Okay, my hand is painting. Nobody hope this should be the last Patton last one, but still there is one more culprit waiting VO me. Know you didn't free me. You have to pay me to attain the same entry. So I have to fill it. And I fill it up. I will just relax and for a minute. So this one, I'm not really intended to, but don't worry, I just realize I am and putting it aside, that's it. So what I will do is I will just competed with the lines, no big O patterns as such we are going to deal with. So you can go ahead with concentric use R. You can meet this as a point and then make everything meet their lengths. Three lines. So even from heel the lines, okay. If you want to explore, you can explore with this more deaf. But I just want to keep it simple because already full for me heal. And that is why I want to keep it simple, not because my hand is spending okay. Even if it is the truth, even if it is the true time, I'm not going to agree a 100. No, it's not because my hand is painting. I just felt that this will fall in place. If my hand, this painting, I can pause and recorded later also, right? I think you are feeling interesting to work on such patterns. Exploring the NMDA are deciding the NND and coming up with a beautiful output. So I want you all to see at that particular level for sure in the future. And I wish you reach that level by following all the classes that are available at your end? Okay. The last one, I think. Yes, it does. The last one. Okay. My notebook was moving a bit when I'm doing this one. Okay. Done. This is our final bonus, Mandela. We have to fill in here, so I tape it down and then go ahead fulfilling as you know that again by enough. So I am taping down my paper and we will play with some water bellows in this as well and see how it comes. Okay. I definitely feel that bonus lesson is really interesting and different, unique from all others as well. I mean, all three projects. Yes. Now I will turn my book, obviously all my deepest with Jin Hee Haw. Now I am going to erase everything. Okay. I will quickly fill this up with find eight fine liner. For this bonus lesson, you'll be one. I am going to use these dog they upsides to give it some different button like to explore some Assam be off. Patterns when playing with water follows. So we have done a striped Mandela ofs prime the minimum, The Last of Us project you remember right? Using the speeds. So now we will do our dear friend method. Same. Like not seem similar. Okay? We will play with the scotch tape forced and then apply the colors. Okay. I know your width me a Honda's fascia. So letters get into their FTO. Competing this black portion that I am CVS lead who ingrate now. So I asked you to keep white gel pen with your to correct the just to correct them and steaks. I haven't used them in any of the projects. If you feel like highlighting some ADRs after doing the watercolor, you can definitely go ahead and use the highlighter or the white jelly finding which you have a queue. Now since this has a direction like this, probably any of the direction is good. I just simply told that it has to be opposite can be this V0 is okay. Now I am going to play with this scotch tape, so I will just take this operand only, not very randomly. Okay. I just want do you, who's both of them? That's it. You can go ahead with one as the and creating some trapezoids and everything like this. You might have come across such patterns. So yes, this is one way of doing them. Okay. I want yes, link this. I am just figuring out what he want. Okay? Just some random, so don't think too much. It's, it's very random and I am just using two colors just for the fun. So I wanted to pass through heel. And this one. Probably, yeah. There we go. We have made so many boxes now. If you want, you can make more. And I already feel I have made so many, I'm not going to batch anything more. Now. I am just grabbing my hand, pull off the shoes so that I'm not boil the water. There we go. I'm digging this and your followers and just playing with that. I'm not going to apply a new background color. And I am loving this green. I will be with this green. So he all directly I am applying sense. It is a mop brush. It contains good amount of water already as a washed my brush. And he'll maybe so I'll just play with them. And maybe one more place where we get. Ok. Now, red. Red is this. I, this is my favorite alone, so I love putting everywhere. So this is read and heal. And also Hill. Hi, I'm purposefully choosing vibrant colors so that it goes a look. And now I am digging the law does donning to be a different color so I can wash it again. This has a baby height big mundane thing. Okay. No, I am baking yellow and drop it here. And we did read or read. I'm a beanie, Bob is there. So David, I am dropping in yellow. I have extended the bourdon drain. And then this particular part. So he ought it has much Dilbert. That's okay. I am just going on top of it via just having fun with the fellows. So don't think too much. And heal. I am doing this wet on dry. I did not read the bag down. If you're B allele absorbed. And I am taking this vibrant blue now, I think there is some body of law that does they put the brush and that doesn't really does giving them different shade onto ghetto. Oh, no, I manage to remove that and get the blue that I wanted. Again, this is one symbol method of obtaining this combinations. This is a very reasonable method of watercolors. It may look reddish by asked me, you'll will love playing like this. Blue was very dots or that does vary. I am mixing it more with more though. And he ought. I will go again with the blue. Okay? Since we have undoes the scholar and this is not black as such directly. I am using Payne's gray in a very diluted wash at some boys. Do show the beauty of it. Okay. And probably heel. There we go. We have two more areas left, so maybe we can go with a different shade of green, the sap green, so that it doesn't look like me have repeated the same, same colors. So I going with sap green here, I purposefully didn't rot bond. I'm warning please, because burnt umber then fields or white button for me in this particular set. That is one of the reasons. And generally, all these four fellows goal value with each other. And the movies. We have to wait for it to completely dry. If we want, we can go sprinkling on this, but I'm good now. I am just having that the shore and my hand sorry, my hands or that by removing if there is any issue like CB age or the other color falling who were on a low collar like that. See, now, in this kind of cases. I have my Be sure handy. It sees my rescue. Okay. I am boom here. All right, no worries. Me, I should remove this 1 first and then this one. And this. Okay. These MDD observed really nice for me to get such dexterous. Here I was mentioning, right? The red has been on from the deep. So that is what happened here. And you can see I have pulled a burgdorferi Read, Only God. Now I'm have to fix that. I will just take a little bit of red. I don't want it to look like that. And the final one, completion one, I am just taking a little bit of red and then putting it there. This is unexpected disaster it off a scotch tape. How much good for that I am ever. Then. Let it be that way Now. For now, at least. Okay. Now we have to remove the others. Watch the class really. I mean, this legal ones, it's not die, That's not right. Okay. Yes. So this is the bonus lesson with some bonus factored all some bonus gallows. And that those looking so vibrant, I totally enjoy coloring this particular one. So here is the bonus one and other three lessons out there. Thank you for joining me and I hope you enjoy it. I definitely suggest you to try this bonus lesson for short. 13. Final Thoughts: Thank you everyone. Thank you very much for joining me in this beautiful journey of making four mini Mandela's. Yes, if there's four, not three, right? Because of the bonus lesson we had. And we beautifully done all these four Mandela's by exploring various patterns and learning some techniques and enjoying the process. I am very thankful to all of you who had joined me in this beautiful journey of making for minimi and allies. Thank you so much for joining me. You can reach out to me at East where you underscored odd and Instagram is very odd to new tool and valleys Suri here in Skillshare. I hope you definitely have learned some techniques, either the solid technique or you're not getting not to get them or DKA loss and how to use a masking tape. Don't get such beautiful patterns and the vibrant colors of this immediate sec. I am looking forward to you all to try many or more patterns on your own and come up with the frame color combinations. Once again, I had fully thank you all for joining me in this beautiful glass and for any doubts you can have believe each off to me for my Instagram handle is really underscored, odd and express any of your doubts and questions, anything or were there I know there are unique color combinations that we have learned and a repaying. I completely wish that you all are safe and healthy at your places. And let us catch up in my upcoming classes. Stay tuned and thank you once again for joining me in this beautiful glass of making the minimum dahlias with amazing watercolor backgrounds, but a boldness. His till then take gate, stays safe and stay creative, happy creating to everyone. Thank you for joining me.