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3 Kindle Marketing Strategies I Learned from My Last Kindle eBook Launch

teacher avatar Steve McDonald, Excel and Photoshop Geek

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction - Kindle Marketing Strategies from My Last Launch

    • 2. Costs and Income 21 Days After Launch

    • 3. Important Kindle Marketing Lessons I Learned

    • 4. 2 Big Lessons for Your Next Book Launch

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About This Class

In this course I share Kindle eBook marketing tips and strategies that I learned from my recent ebook launch.

I experimented with a few ideas. Some worked, some didn't work.

Here are the marketing strategies that work that I'll share in the video:

- How and why to get more kindle reviews right away.
- How to get great feedback on your Kindle eBook and cover before launch.
- How to boost your Kindle eBook downloads during your 5-day free promotion.
- The growing importance of an awesome Kindle ebook cover, and how to get one made without breaking the bank.

I'll also share my costs and income for the first 21 days after the book launch.

Meet Your Teacher

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Steve McDonald

Excel and Photoshop Geek


Learning is easier if you are given the right tools and instruction. In every one of my courses I take you step-by-step through the tools and knowledge you need to accomplish your goals. 

My talent is taking complex subjects (like Exce... See full profile

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1. Introduction - Kindle Marketing Strategies from My Last Launch: in this course I want to share with you some really valuable lessons that I learned from the recent launch of my content is King Book on Amazon Kindle. My old strategy was just to launch a book, put it for free for five days and let the sales roll him. But over the last couple of years, that strategy has come to work less unless it still does work. But the results are sort of average, and I'm looking for more significant results, as I'm sure you are. So just recap my marketing expenses, my income for the 1st 21 days and some of the actions that I took. I'll touch on some things that didn't really work, and then I'll focus on the things that did work. So by the end of this course, you'll have a better idea about how to create a marketing strategy for your own Kindle book . 2. Costs and Income 21 Days After Launch: So first, let's talk about what I spent. I spent a total of $21 on marketing, which, honestly, normally I don't spend anything. But since I wanted to make this more significant launch, I spent a little bit of money. Plus, I consider this a marketing cost. I went out and spent an extra $15 on an up work designer toe have a decent cover made, and I'm really happy with the cover that they designed Actually took my logo here from my you Timmy course and incorporated into this nice cover, and they're really gonna be two things that I want you to take away from this video. One of them is to make an awesome cover, and the other one is to get reviews right away. And I'll talk more about reviews in a minute. But let me show you the other covers that I had made on Fiverr and you'll be able to see the difference. So here's the final one that I spent $15 on at up work. And to be honest, I feel like I got a really good deal on that. I put a bid out for $20.1 person who actually was a really good designer actually underbid at 15 and I was ecstatic. But I think if I could have got this cover for 20 or even 25 or $30 I think I would have been pretty happy with it, because I really do think it makes a huge difference on the sales and the click through rates. Here's another one that I had made on fiber and you can see it's not terrible, but it's also not great, and this is after a revision or two. But the lettering is just kind of amateurish and actually sent this out to my advanced reader group my email list. And I asked a couple of people and they gave me that feedback, which confirmed my own suspicions, that it was kind of amateurish, so that was really helpful. And then here's the other one that was made on fiber and again, I mean, you could just see a drastic difference. I mean, I could come up with that pretty easily, but it looks like something that was made on fiber, and it looks like a cheap e book cover. You'll also notice. Originally, I had this big, really big long subtitle to get keywords in there, and I decided to take that out because it just was making a mess of things. So there's the final much cleaner, much more professional looking. So $15 really respect. Okay, so that's how much I spent. Second, let's look at the income so we'll go to the Kindle direct publishing dashboard, and I've just done a search here for content is King, So bring up that title, so it's easy to look at. My total sales is 43 books. Three of those were out of 99 cent price. I had the idea of right after I took it off of free of selling it for 99 cents, because that's something I read on blog's somewhere, supposedly that boost your sales for the first couple of weeks. But to be honest, I had it at 99 cents for a couple of days, and it didn't do anything, so I put it straight back up to 3 99 and so 40 of those sales are at 3 99 and that's on a 70% royalty. So that's about $111 So that's the 1st 21 days of the book sales. So in 21 days, if you subtract the cover and the marketing costs, which totals $36 from $111 that's a 21 day profit of $75. So it's not the hundreds of dollars that I would have loved to see. But it's definitely better than some of the results that you'll get from just putting a book out, putting it for free for five days and kind of seeing what happens. 3. Important Kindle Marketing Lessons I Learned: Okay, so let's talk about the strategy. How did I get 43 sales in the 1st 21 days? And also, how did I get 919 free copies downloaded? And how did I get seven reviews in the 1st 21 days? And more importantly, what will I do next time to do even better? So the first thing I want to talk about which I'm a huge fan of at this point is this five or Gig BK Nights. And I'm very skeptical of fiber gigs, particularly when they're doing marketing for you or anything like that for $5. But you can see this one has 15,000 reviews, and I've read on multiple authors blog's that they love and use this every time they launch a book. And I've tried it now on two different books, and it definitely increased the number of free downloads that I received, and you could see they have a couple of gigs that have this one here, where they'll promote your book to 4800 of their Kindle readers on their website. So it's just basically one of those free promo sites, but they just happen to have a more targeted audience, I think, and it seems to be more effective. So he did that one for $10. And then I also did another gig, this one to submit it to the 15 best promotional sites. And to be honest, it's hard for me to recommend the services of someone else, especially when I don't get hard, fast numbers that Aiken show you proof of how maney you know, free downloads I received directly from this. But I can tell you that I've tried it twice, and I've seen good results. So I will continue to use these guys. The other thing I did was I went to this website, which I really like Kindle partner with Dave Chessen. And he has 79 sites to promote your Kimmel book free and paid services. So what I did was and I honestly, I hate doing this, but I did it because I wanted to get the most traction that I could. But I went down to his list here, right here, the ultimate list of free book promotion sites. And he has. Let's see, he has 35 different sites that you can click on Go to and submit your book to now a few of them, actually about a dozen of them were a real hassle to submit to. You have to do different Loggins and you have to jump through hoops and all this stuff that I chose not to do because my philosophy was any of these sites that I could just go to click on, submit my book details, maybe a description, maybe a a s i N number, which, if you want to know what Ascend number is, it's the sky right here. A lot of these free sites will ask you to submit that and a link to your book. What, you just copy that out of the Amazon page up here? But that was my criteria. A few of them were just too complicated to really seem to be worth it. So long story short, I submitted to about 20 of these sites to sort of hedge my bets. And to be honest, I think the BK Nights fiber gig probably did more for me than the, you know, three hours that I spent submitting to these things. So those are a couple of things that I did that worked, and the highest I got in the rankings for free was, I believe, around 462. I might have gotten a little bit higher when I wasn't looking, but I never did get into the top 100 free, which was my goal. And the reason the top 100 free and the Kindle store was my goal is because once you get onto that page, Ah, lot of people start seeing your book. So it's kind of like having a YouTube video go viral. You can go from sort of a good launch with a decent amount of sales to an awesome launch with thousands and thousands and thousands of downloads, which means higher ranking, more reviews, and then when your book goes to paid, then you have a lot of momentum built up. So probably one of the most important things that I did was I sent out on Advanced Reader Copy to the subscribers of my passive income project, Blawg. So people who have signed up for my email list here I sent out an advanced reader copy about 10 days before the launch of my book, and I basically just said, Hey, I'd love to get your feedback, and I want to share a free book with you. And that was really valuable because I not only got good feedback on the cover, which is what motivated me to change the cover sort of at the last minute from the crappy fiber cover to a decent $15 up work cover. But it also gave me some really incredible feedback on the actual contents of the book. I want up writing a couple of extra chapters based on feedback that I got, and I also wound up rewriting, like probably half the book based on some really great feedback, so I cannot emphasize enough how important that is. The other thing that it helped me a lot with is I asked very, very gently for reviews on my Amazon page and those air where the seven reviews came from. Now probably get more trickling in as a lot of the free downloads read the book and as some of the actual purchases read the book and finish it and go back to leave a review. But that definitely takes more time, and it's really important toe have those reviews up front. So what I will do next time. And this is point number two. That is a really important take away. Number one is getting an awesome cover. Number two is to get more reviews on Day one, and I'm gonna share an article with you called How to Launch Your Book with at least 25 plus Amazon Reviews. But Tim Albus, Avis, right, Tim Grahl and I'll share the link in here. But you can see it's tim girl dot com backslash Amazon desk reviews and the thing I love about his philosophy is he basically tells you that you need to reach out to people and ask for reviews. And I did this a little bit with my Advance reader list, and it worked pretty well. I mean, obviously got seven reviews, seven wonderful reviews pretty much right away. But if you want to get 25 or more reviews than you really need to be assertive about it, and what he recommends in a nutshell, is that you send out advanced reader copies to basically everyone that you can think of that could even stand to read your book. So that's friends, family, business associates, and you essentially ask them if they would be willing to leave a review in exchange for a free book. So you send them the free book. Let's give them a you know, and you have to do this about well, I think, he says, eight weeks before you get started on your launch. So you give them time to read it and process it and also give you feedback so you can improve the book much like I did with my email list. And then you email them again about a week before to remind them that you're gonna be launching the book and that they agreed to do a review. And then you launch the book and you email them the day that it goes live and use. Ask them to just click on your Amazon page and give a quick review. Now, this is a great strategy to use if you're launching a book that you wrote yourself and that you're very proud of. If you've done the work to make it a great book, which you should and you've got a beautiful cover and the whole package is really awesome, then there's no reason why you can't feel confident connecting with family and friends and just your whole network and asking this of them if they want to say no, they could say no and that's fine and you just respect that. But a lot of people will really enjoy the process. And that's what I learned from sending this out to me email list. A lot of people really enjoy that and really got involved in the process. And a number of people, actually just, I mean, combed through the entire book and did full on edits for me and sent me back, you know, lists of corrections and improvements that I could make, and that was not only very flattering and just meant the world to me. But it was also extremely valuable for the quality of the book. Now, if you're publishing books that are written by freelancers, you know you're outsourcing your books and your publishing a large number of books. I don't recommend battering your family and friends over and over with book launches. This is definitely Mawr, for if it's a personal book and you really put your heart and soul into it, and if you're like me and you don't really love promoting things to your family and friends . Another strategy you could use that you could get involved in Facebook pages, forums or other sort of niche areas online that are related to your topic and get involved in those and, you know, spend some time networking and getting to know people so that when it does come time to launch your book again, you have a community of people that you can reach out to and basically just asked for help . And you'll be surprised if you put in a little bit of time to connect with the community. It doesn't really matter where that community is, as long as it's relevant to your book and it and your book is a topic that they're interested in. You're gonna have pretty good success asking people for help, especially if you're giving them something free that you've put your heart and soul into. And I recommend reading this article because it will walk you through the steps to do that . And he even has some templates. Let me scroll down, I'll show you. So he's got some great templates, you know, and he literally lays it out for you so that you kind of get your wording. Right. So you're basically assertive, but not obnoxious or aggressive or rude, But you can be tactful, and it elicit the help of people that you need without a strange ing people, which is critical, right? 4. 2 Big Lessons for Your Next Book Launch: So just to recap, definitely recommend, you know, going with the free promotion sites. And you know, I loved that BK Nights fiber gig. I will definitely be using that again. Definitely spend an extra few 10 or $20 to get a good cover, because that will make all the difference. Get feedback on your book from anybody that you can that you contrast him. Just feel comfortable with their feedback so you can make the actual contents of your book much, much better. And then the two big takeaways are again. Number one the cover and then connect with an audience. Whether it's on an email list that you've created, whether it's Facebook pages that you're part of whether it's friends or family, send them out, advance reader copies, ask for their feedback, get them involved in the process and value their feedback, used their feedback to make a much better book, and then specifically, ask those people for reviews on the day of the launch. If you can get 25 reviews on your book on the day of the launch, you're going to be way ahead of the competition, and you're gonna be way ahead of the game when you launch your next book.