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3 Free Tools To Find Your Business Name With Available Domain

teacher avatar Somenath Sen, SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Enroll Now !

    • 2. Introduction To The Class

    • 3. Why You Have To Branding Your Business

    • 4. Tool No. 1

    • 5. Tool No. 2

    • 6. Tool No. 3

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn 3 best tools that help you to find a perfect name with available domain for your business, and best part is all tools are free to used so you don't have to spend anything. So enroll the class now !


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Somenath Sen

SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes


My courses are specialized in technology domains that are well aligned with market trends, geared towards enabling gainful careers and are affordable. My aim is to teach technology the way it is used in the industry and professional world. My up to date course library will give you the perfect way to jump start your career and dive into today's job market.

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1. Enroll Now !: 2. Introduction To The Class: brand have a wide range of uses for business rode up and individuals in today's dynamic marketing landscape, where publishing and masses distribution are no longer limited to media only through the use off social media platforms, every consumer is the publishers on has its own brand to promote. Each brand is competiting, toe each other and build relationships with their target audience. But is it so easy to create your own brand name that stick your customer mind forever? We literally sketch our head over 100 times before we point any good Brandon in for our business. So in this class, I decided to teach you some tools that available free on the Net and that help you find a good and valuable brand name for your business within just few minutes and without much effort. So let's begin. 3. Why You Have To Branding Your Business: What exactly does branding means? Simply Brand can be your name, term sign, symbol or design, or a combination off those element that identify product off service off or similar. So your brand name is your promise to your customers. It tell them award they can expect from your product or service and, of course, is different from your computer. Your brand is deliver to your customer who you are and what you do. Branding is not only about getting your target market to select you over the competition, but it is about getting your prospect to see you as sole provider off a solution to their problem or needs. Your brand name is very important. Your brand name should clearly delivered the message. Confirm your credibility emotionally. Connect your target prospects with your product and service. Motivate the wire to buy on, create user royalties. But nowadays, finding a good brand name is very difficult. We literally scratch our head over 100 times before we find any good brand name for our business. And in this sort class, I'm gonna show you how to find good brand name with available domain without scratching our head in this class, I'm gonna show you how to use some free tools to find a good brand name that hold your business value within 20 minutes or less. So what are we waiting for in rule the class? And I'm gonna see you guys on the next lecture. 4. Tool No. 1: All right, So in this video, we're gonna be see that tools that we're using toe find our brand. The first tool that I want to use is stop If I business name generator, As we all know, snow before it is an equal most Seamus platform. But it also has a tools to generate business name ideas, which called business name generator. The Web address for this stool is www dot stop If i dot com slash stools slash business has a name hyphen generator, then hit Enter and evil CIA paid Look like this on in the speech, you will see a big surge walked over here on right after that, it will say a big green button generate names. So in hair, we have to put our quitting. So let's say I want a business name. I want a brand name for my Web design business. So little It's dive here. Web design. Andi, click on this generate name. Martin were here on top. If I will generate some 1762 business brand name on also read their domain name now. As you can see here, there are lots of lots of ideas And there are a lot of lots of brand Jews, whatever you want and what it was. But you cannot register this domain name directly from soppy. Quite. Actually you will. But stop If I He's an equal most CMS platform, as I mentioned because so, whatever you are registered this domain name through Christ Topic Wild will restart this domain name for you and install a Spotify CMS into this demanding. But if you are, don't wonders equal most in it into your website. Huge is better. Don't release that the Romanian come here. Just written down those brand name or the ideas that you will like into a note pad text file and then registered those domain name from your favorite domain name. Reach the service like go ready or name Chief, whatever you want. Now, as you can see here after every domain name there at auction. So as I mentioned before, when you click on this arrow stop ifwe Well, uh, ask you toe released her account in topic white dot com website and then it will restart the domain name for you and install those authorized after into your domain in. But we don't want it. We just warned the domain name idea, our branding idea. So we just, uh, want to written down the branding idea whatever we want. For an example, that's a Web design green dot com. I just like this domain name with designing green dot com, so whatever I have to do, I just copy this. We've designed green dot com from a note Matics trial and just go to the godaddy dot com. It instead goes Dominion simply So in this way you can use this stopping five business name generator, tool toe. Generate some business name ideas, some brand names for your business. 5. Tool No. 2: the next tool that I have to use it is bust a name dot com so whether this court, this stool is toe blue, the blue the blue dot bust a name dot com on hit Enter when you go to the bust and name dot com beside. Then click on this domain maker tab and you will see a page look like this. So in hair, we have an option to generate the domain name or the brand name ideas with available domain name for us in here. We have an option to make domain that start and end with two options within police like the start wheat option because I want to start the domain name with this war with design in this ward six and obviously poor, you're cured. Andi for next auction. Make Newman that look very natural. I simply choose this very natural option, but you have also to option here less natural or somewhat natural. When you choose less natural. The result will not really even for this keyword Web design. It will also saw some unnatural keyword like design or graphic design are maybe some jewelry design or maybe something like that, and when you choose somewhat natural that will also so awesome. Unless is, the real isn't so better to choose really natural option over here. So it will saw the exact moment, often for us and for next option. It will just ask you whatever limit you want for your domain ng. By default, it will select the pain, but I choose the 15 option more character mean more option, less character men less option simply and on the right hand side. We also have often to choose our domain in whatever domain name we want dot com dot need or dot or dot in four. Darby's whatever name you want by the col dot com was selected. But I also want to know if dot Net is available, or if thought all these available for us. So we all set to go. Now click on this goal option over here, and when you click on this go option, it will so you some result over here now, As you can notice here, some results are being read the dot com. Some are being read that dot com and dot net and somewhere being are read. The daughter organs will so What about this great column where this red color means this domain name is already taken? That means this Web designing eight dot com is taken on dot need and daughter or is available for us as well as you can see here for this domain name DOT Commons. Don't need it will take in and dot or is available for us on if you call down a little bit , as you can see for Disney Omen Named or Home and Dot organs taken on Lee the coordinated available Waas. So in this way you can compare this domain name and will as the the key water. Now, as you can notice here, our keyword web designing is underlined for every doing, so it will help you toe identify Ah, the best domain name which will available with our keyword on, which is obviously meaningful and hold the value for your business. So in this way you can choose on. You will find ah, brand name for your business using bust a name dot com website 6. Tool No. 3: so the next Lips said that I will use in fortunate ing. Brand name is name for brands dot com. So the Web address what this website is. Www dot names four brands dot com and when you goto this, which that he will see appear to look like this on hair. As you can see, it's a business name generator. There are lots of others free tool in this website, but we're just focusing on this business name generator tool. So in hair as we're going to see their three option there three times the cost award in the custom world, then the last word with meal. Your domain name may be divided into three parts. The first ward, then the custom world. Whatever you typed in this, well, then the last word. And no, let's break down the option. The first ward here. As you can see, you have to see the three option. The crossed often is for language. Whatever cross toward you want using your Romanian. Either it will English, or it will Chinese or French or German or Italy and whatever you want. A select the war. I simply choose the English. Then you have to select the Al Horford. If you want to use any specific elk of it as your crossword, you can choose it from here. Or just leave it as it is. Bill, you have tow option for how many word counted for discourse. Ward. I just simply go with the default, which is four on. Then in custom work, will we just type our key water, which is Web design? And for the last word, we do the same for language. Re select English for Al covet. We just live it at Is this and for what count? We just live it for four. And although there is two more little auction on First Word and last word in both now, as you can see, if you want toe, use your first ward as awards, then click on this option. And if you want to choose your forced award and names, then click on this option as well as the last word. You also have the too often wars and names over dear, so choose it as you want, and for now, I just live it inject for both of them because I won't vote ward and names, so I just live it blank for both off them. Now, next to this option, we have some too little chick boxes over here, which will by the called The 1st 1 is checked, which will is show generated names with meanings, which is pretty great. I want my brand name with a meaning. So I choose this one as well, and by tickle this was checked. So don't be worry about anything else then The last option is so jury did names with domain name, ability, status. Also, we just check this option is what? So now we're ready to state our option. Now click on this generate business name button over here. And when you click on this generate business name back in about here, it will generate the business name the brand name for our business. Just wait for a little really, really tough stations. It will take some time or a few seconds to few minutes depend on your internet. So this weight for that time it will take some little bit of longer. Some time it will take something this time. All right. So this will generate on the names for us. We're going to see here There are lots of name over here. No, choose whatever you wanted to use. Now, as you can see here also, the human ability is swing on the right hand side off each of the name. Our custom ward is highlighted on every name, so it will helpful. Now choose the name. Whatever you wanted on. If we want to satisfy with the brand name and you want to register this domain name, just click on this available domain option from here. Either it was dot com or dot order. Nate, what they were eligible for. You just click on this little buttons over here on it will redirect toe the domain rescission companies with side, and they will raised at the draining for you with our feet. So in this way, you can generate brand name ideas with names. Four brand dot com