3 Essential Fingerpicking Patterns + SIMPLE beautiful melody for BEGINNERS | Aleksandrs Fjoklins | Skillshare

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3 Essential Fingerpicking Patterns + SIMPLE beautiful melody for BEGINNERS

teacher avatar Aleksandrs Fjoklins

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction (What we will learn?)

    • 2. First fingerpicking pattern (5-3-21-3)

    • 3. Second fingerpicking pattern (51-3-2)

    • 4. Third fingerpicking pattern (5-3-2-1-2-3)

    • 5. Beautiful melody for BEGINNERS and intermediate

    • 6. Final summary

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About This Class

Course is purposed to teach 3 essential fingerpicking patterns that are using almost in every popular lyric song. Also course provides possiblity to teach beautiful melody that is appropriative for BEGINNERS and intermediate levels.

We are going to pay attention to the following fingerpicking patterns:

  • 5-3-21-3;
  • 51-3-2;
  • 5-3-2-1-2-3.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Alexander. I've been playing guitar since 2012. Now I write songs just for fun and self education. My father was my first guitar teacher, so I've decided to continue sharing his knowledge and skills with you!

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1. Introduction (What we will learn?): Hi. My name is Alex. And today we're gonna learn three places Baking Potter in its first wild song with Also After that time showed wear beautiful melody using Reginald between part So South Way also I assure you that teach you how to Blake. The freaks are like a burial. After this lesson, you will be able to play this very beautiful. Now you already know these others. They are they that do this. 2. First fingerpicking pattern (5-3-21-3): so. And if you're ready to start, I'm gonna propose you start with the baking strumming pattern that's goes like four it's called for because you're using only four steps for speaking Father. It sounds like this 1234123 I want to free 12 free for 1231 1234 Okay, let's start joining something. Let's go. So let's start with a theory. First of all, we're gonna use our thumbnail finger for the six and five Streak, and these strings will be used for the bus in this pattern, their other strings that will be using its string number three, number two and number one but streams number two in number one. We will use at the same time like this, and these altogether sounds like this. Five Freedy two and 136 bus least rings. Remember only as a bus and altogether 53 213632135 three, 2136 and tried to repeat it in every time. A little bit faster. You remember that Tom finger on Lee for the bus and in the first circle were using the fire Sprink at the seconds seven. String six drink And after that again, five. Strength Sixth Street. 53213632153236 And now I will show you how it sounds when you are changing the charts that already known Charge a Church charts that we will learning in our first lesson. Check this out. Also, it's charging them. I am C g he and it sounds like this e I am C g. I'm c g b and you're changing your shirt when you are hearing the bus drinks, for example, I am on. Then you will change your fingers to the secret and then use the sixth Street e on hold together. Oh, so now I try to repeat it on your own to make it in every time. Faster, faster and faster and again. 5321 Free 6321353 Julian three and faster and faster. And let's go 3. Second fingerpicking pattern (51-3-2): the second thinking, also called the four because years over, four positions for this begging. But it's a little bit more. During ized, it sounds pretty cool. 1234123412341234 Let's go! So here now let's go to the second pattern that also called a full because you use also four steps. But here it's selling a bit modernized. It sounds like this. So what is the difference here you're using as a bass string the fire strength and at the same time, you also using the first string like this? It's a thinking like this. Try to be, this is example, and after that 51 free to free firewall free to free 513 to free 12 free for 12 free for 12 free for one. Free for again. If the start tried to repeat it slowly to make your technique great, and after that you'll be able to make it faster and faster. 513 to free 51 free to free 5132 Free Fire one free And now I'll show you how it sounds with original shirts. I am C G E 4. Third fingerpicking pattern (5-3-2-1-2-3): Okay, Now you know that Jewell picking Potter's now show you 1/3 1 That is the hardest one. Yeah, but I can explain why, Because it's called A because you used the eight steps on its sounds pretty cool. Also, these taking part. You have to vegetation because our malady that will be the next step using the's baking after so bad imitation of these. Let's start so and now is the most difficult pattern. But it's the coolest one because it's you really using King almost own later songs that you want to play, and also these pattern will be using in our malady that we'll be drinking the next step. So, uh, the first time I'll show it really slow how it sounds eso as you can see her way using the eight steps so it's called eight is also we're changing. Our bass drink is the first time it's a five string at the second time of this six drink, so as no step by step firstly, 53212 Free bus 3212 Free bus and idiocy tried to repeat through a slope. 53212365 free to 123532123632123531236 And now we'll show you how it sounds with them. Ready? No shirts. I am a C G and E my three to work. Three, 632123 532123532 World three And together you feel it? Sounds weird Earlier. 5. Beautiful melody for BEGINNERS and intermediate: Okay, Now we're ready to start with our melody. That is our main goal. All this lesson. And now let me demonstrate this melody from the beginning. So let's bleak our lesson with two parts. The first part will be evolve the right arm technique On the second about the left art arm right arm. I'll show you the pattern, how to use the streets and about the left hand. I will show you the proper charts for this melody that we have a word learned in the reviews, My lessons, Joining the salt and I will teach you how to use the streak. Sounds like the Humber on. Okay, we can split our melody, all the two parts and the first part sounds like this way. We're using the e chart on these step and let's talk about the streaks. Strengths. Number 543234 to free. 543234 to free. And the first step tried to make it really, really slow. 5432 Free for two free and in each step. Try to do it faster and faster. Move to the next step when you feel that you can do this step. Where if really, you don't have to think what your fingers are doing. So in the perfect, it's must be Sounds like this. Okay, the second step over the first bar and sounds like this. So what changed here? Uh, not so much in the first step in the first hour Step waas. We were using the each short here. We must use the e m short and do the same things. 5432 Free for two Free and all together It sounds like this. We're using that e shirt after that A m e chart am shirt and all together Try to do it really fast. Teacher A teacher am chart. Uh, the second deep that we already know how to play the first part. And it was the featured. And after that a AM shirt in smell. It sounds like this. Yeah, but we make it sounds mawr cool when we're using the hammer world. And now listen how it sounds with camera feel the difference So and now I will show you how to make this hammer on freak Ah ha Marone will doing when we're using the AM chart. It's these position. You can see the deep how to take this chart. And at the moment, one, we're heating the second streak. Well, you have to put your finger out from the second street. And when you have the sound of this streak, you have to hear this drink to make this out. Why the strips called the hammer old? You have to heed the string blanket hammer like this on. Then you we'll get this very interesting sound. And again I'll show you how it sounds in our melody. First part Cool. Yeah, again try to repeat these trick separately without our melody. And after that, included in our malady Try just he this drink while you make these cells. And after that include in these our melody part. Okay, okay. We're ready for the second part off our mouth. And it sounds like this. Okay, first of all, we are using the same string position, but it starts from the fourth street here for free to want to free one Teoh. And in the same time, we're using the d m short. Check this tape, how to take this church, and with these chart, it sounds like this, but to make sounds more cooler. Use the hammer on trick that you have learned already on the first string. And it's gonna be sounds like this for 3212312 for free to 12312 It was with a D M shirt. After that, you have to go to the C church, check the our teeth how to take this chart and make the same pattern off the right hand but moved to the ones Drink up. Start from the few streak 54 Free to free for two free and altogether. Sounds like this D M c. On Also at the second string. Tried to use the hammer on treek 45432 Free for two free on altogether. Gain D M c and try to do it faster and faster. Okay, let's move to our second step of our second part of this malady. And it's gonna be super easy because we have to go back to our diem shirt, goes in the previous step, were stopped in the sea chart and just make this easy manipulation with the right arm starting from the fourth string. Uh, this right arm and the left arm using the D M Short Go just down 4321 After that left hand , go to the E h r. Each hurt and starting from the five string also go down. 5432 and altogether Sound like this for Frito 154 Free to 432154 Free to on the young each shirt. And after that, go to the E M shirt with hammer own at the same position. Few strengthened our final part. Sounds like these all together. Okay, And now we're ready to sum up the main step. You have to remember the order. All the shirts that were using because in almost every case, is we're using this standard our writer position, and we can repeat it. Uh, it's for free to 12 free to one, but sometimes would make different because you have to start from the field position. But the segments off the streams is the same. And okay, the first chart was e m e. After that e m after that again e e m d. After that, e a and it's gonna be Sounds like this e here with Cameron E E m this camera diem with hammer and see with Hammer dear e e m with Hammer again he needed with liberal e Begin with Hammer gm with Cameron. See with Hammer on d m e p d m I am with Harold. 6. Final summary: I hope you like this lesson. These beautiful mouth you show for France. Family friend boyfriend on. Yeah, my other myself share for see you.