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3 Easy Magic tricks for complete beginners

Federico Dellavalle

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10 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Jumping jokers: performance

    • 3. Jumping jokers: the method

    • 4. Jumping jokers: tips

    • 5. Psychic: performance

    • 6. Psychic: the method

    • 7. Psychic: tips

    • 8. Mind reading force: performance

    • 9. Mind reading force: the method

    • 10. Final thoughts


About This Class

For this class i chose the most powerful but easy to perform card tricks.

You are going to learn:

How to predict 3 cards that your spectator will choose,

How to make a selected card appear between the two jokers.

How to read your spectator mind in an incredible fashion.


What are you waiting for? Jump in and learn amazing tricks that you will be able to perform 5 minutes after finishing the class!

See you on the other side,



1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to this new lecture year. You will learn three powerful magic tricks that are also really he's it perform their total districts many times in the past because whenever my friend who wants me to teach them something to impress their family, it always chose one of this tree. Five minutes after watching this class, you will be able to blow people minds. Then let's not wait anymore and jump into the learning. 2. Jumping jokers: performance: Okay, Go ahead and touch. Any card will just take out to the car you want. Do you doubt? Okay. Show it to the camera. Okay. Now, Mr Cardio Okay? No, of course. Now, after guards. How many times you want? You want to talk to the guards again? No. After, you know. Okay, now, maybe I need a little luck to find your car. McCurry, You kept the cards a lot of times. So I use choppers that you join us. Now they will move Riddick and find your card. That's like these. Now, let's see if it works. Jokers all right here and these? That's right. 3. Jumping jokers: the method: Okay. Now I will show you. The second Rick is called the smart jokers, and it's really, really easy. It requires absolutely no skills. So what do you do? You take one joker in, place it on top of the deck. You think the other joker, you place it at the bottom of the deck. Then you go ahead, spread the card and say to your speaker. Okay, just pick a card. Pick a card. Now, what you want to do is tow captured back. I was chested. You do the swing cut that I talked to you before. If you are not able to do it, are you don't want to do it. You can simply capture cards on the table, ladies. And then you say to this protector to replace the car on the deck. The guard is still the Joker in the bottom card here. Still yogurt. So when he places the card and your clothes he's got will be sandwiched between the two jokers. You can go out and say, toe spirited to cut two cards. How many times he wants it. Just want shuffle the guard it with all the changed the order. So, um the trick. It was the work. And between look better. So they got a card like this they want. Then you say something like Okay. No, I will need are redevelop from your card. That's asking jokers. Let's us go to drug her to move the deck and fine your card. Done. Then you spoke the card and the Joker we love following back out. 4. Jumping jokers: tips: Okay. Now, some tips for the strict. What happens if for some strange case, the spectator pics of their first card? Well, this is actually a really cool case because you already know what it is. So you will have forced the car to him without even forcing the car. And so you can go ahead and do the trick that I will show you later. These are really cool opportunity. You can use the Joker for the streak, or you can use any other card. It doesn't really matter if you don't want to. Do they reveal with the jokers you can use to, like random cards like that tree nines you please. One on talk on the bottom. They would need, uh, places. See Big Georgia, his card in the deck. You can just go spread a deck, see what use carnies, and then you can let him shuffle the deck and you can do any reveal that you are comfortable with it. 5. Psychic: performance: So district is really interesting because you do the magic. But first you want toe capture, many shuffle the cards. Hey, you want to do anything else? No, he's okay. Okay. No, I will spread the neck. And you with your index finger will go above the cards. He will stop when you reach the car that I told you to touch. Okay, you touch. Now, you go ahead and try to touch the six. The parts. He's one right here. Yeah. Are you sure? But it is the six parts. Yeah. Okay. Now we'll doing these again. Okay. Now you go ahead and touch the car. Budgeting is the ace Off arts is Well, he's one. Okay. You sure? No. I was such a car. I will go ahead and touch the car that I think he is there with to another heart. Their team parts. So I believe this is the king of Hearts. Now, do you remember the car? Did he tell you to touch? Yeah, the sixth of ours. These are heart in the king of art. It's great. 6. Psychic: the method: Okay, let's get into the tutorial for psychic. It's tricky is really easy, but it sounds really fun, and I can fool a lot of people. So how do you do it? The first thing that you need to know is the bottom card. These we allow you to stay. It wants the pad off the spectator dropped the Odrick. Then you go ahead and say, please leave your end on this deck and touch the card that you think is the tree of clubs. Three of clubs is the guard at the at the bottom of the they touch any card, you see. Okay. So are you sure that disease indeed, the Pugh of cops they're going to see Yes or you're going to say no. They say no. You simply let them take another card. They say yes. You take a week big over the card, and then you place it beside. Then you do the exact same thing. But this time you tell the name of discarded. So you see? Okay. Now wave your end again. The deck, and touch the car. That cheating is the fourth cups. Dutch Alucard, you say you gain okay. Are you sure that disease there for gloves They're going to say yes. Take a pic of the card and you place it. Decide Then you perform between cut Moved it? Sure, you in the mush in detail later. And that looks like this and you leave this packet. Joining these mover will allow you to retain the bottom card in the place where you can use your left finger to find it. So you place your rough and fingers on this card. Spread it back, you say OK, this time I will find a car. I'm glad and talk Sugar tree of arts. You go toe back. You go further than the car that you need to select him and then you come back. You think out you start. This point of the drink is pretty much done. You simply take out or the guards. You missed them. Mix them up a little bit. Just they are not in the perfect order. And you thought your spectator So do you remember the car that I told you to choose? And he's going to say, Yeah, I remember the truth clubs. You reveal the 1st 1 24 of God's You repeal the 2nd 1 and it's your fault. It's your deal to tour card 7. Psychic: tips: Okay, let's get into some deep sea for streak. Differ. Steeper is you don't want people toe. Know that you looked at the bottom card so you need to do it while they're not looking. Everything that you can do to make this look better is use a shuffle that retains the bottom card. I thought these in the past in another. Not sure he news that is method you can use. This method doesn't change. Then when you spread a guard and tell them to touch the first card, it's really important that you don't tell them toe take or pick a card. Because if you do, they were just They eat out all the way and recut it and Israel really drink. The best thing that suggest you to do is say something. Ladies, go ahead and with your finger, of course, the deck and stop and touch the back of the card that you think he is the jack of diamonds so that they only touch the card and they don't take it out. Then when you tell them their card and you take a pic twitter like these, this is a really obvious sweet like these Then when you need toe, go ahead and take the bottom card. You can do eat like this. You may. You want toe been cut the deck. Are you using? Cut the deck. Used your tom as a pivot point. You lived with your index finger Bunch of cards and you swing them into your left them. Can you teach him? You place the bottom card on the other bucket by you. Leave it off. Jog. So you know, where is the bottom card? Then you could go ahead and place your fingers on the card so you can spread. You know, that is just the card. Go maybe even further. And then come back and say OK, now I'm going to pick that up. Indicate the card out. This will allow you to make his move less suspicious. 8. Mind reading force: performance: Okay, just a go ahead and take out recovered. Do you want Okay? Just to let you can see the car. Okay. Now you place it anywhere you want. Okay? But if you're like, OK, No, we'll shuffle today, Okay? Now, I will try to guess the card that you took. Okay, So you just you don't tell me anything. You keep a broker fees. Okay? So I think you took a read it hard. No, you didn't take a red card to come. Beautiful black card. And I think the car was was also pretty low. It was pretty. It'll need so with low cards, we have duwan the to treat before. Who are you? It was the truth. Believe it was the two of spades, right? 9. Mind reading force: the method: So for the last week we have one of the oldest trick in the world. It's actually are simple force on. Then it's all performance or you force a card. The weighted I for Scarred is with classy force for your time. The spectator begin guard and spread of the card, but it's pretty advanced force and it doesn't work alone time, so I would teach you is the easier force. The easiest force that I know off is this one that I do not love. The name off. It is quite you two known her top card and then you thought, the spectator toe. Lift up a bunch of cards, turn them around, then that least offer more cards and turn them around. But we'll see then, is that the first card with their backs Tuner down will be the car disease. Obviously the car. But you would be surprised to how many people you can fool. It is simple movie. I know what it is about it, but people just on don't feel readout on. Then The reason, another way that I really like that is bottom force. You say you know people usually the L cards from the top, but sometimes they can. They will deal them from the bottom for us. You forced the bottom card. You take a look at the garden, they say OK, tell me Number between one and 10. You would think you like Saturn. You guard 1234567 So out of your duties, it's super simple. You take the car, replace it out about after, like and before you start beating the card out you move. Discard a slightly down. You do this. Sure. His finger. This is enough. This part will be covered by your and they want to be able to To see it. You simply take out the guards from this part of the deck until you reach the number they told you and you go ahead. We're a bit a bit further and take out their card. 10. Final thoughts: This is it for this lecture. I hope you had fun. I learned some cool tricks. I would suggest you to practice them. Well, maybe in front of familiar before you actually perform them. These are pretty easy tricks. So you want to have much problem? Why learning them If you want to know something that I haven't covered in his lesson. Or maybe you want to learn new tricks, let me know. And, uh, see you next time.