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14 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Required for First Castle

    • 3. Drawing First Castle

    • 4. Coloring First Castle

    • 5. Detailing of First Castle

    • 6. Material Required : Second Castle

    • 7. Drawing 3 Tower Castle

    • 8. Now coloring it!

    • 9. Detailing Part

    • 10. Material Required for Small Castle

    • 11. Drawing Small Castle

    • 12. Let's Color this Castle!

    • 13. Detailings are Important

    • 14. Project Work

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About This Class

Hello Everyone!

I am Suman Aggarwal, an artist and an educator.

In this class, I will show you how you can easily draw castles in 3 different ways.

If you want to learn how to draw castle then, this class is for you.

By the end of this class you will be able to draw castles in 3 different ways.

for this class, I am using Brush pens to color these castles but if you want you can use any other media to color these castles then you can.

So let's start with our castles.

Meet Your Teacher

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Suman Aggarwal

Artist and Educator


Hello, I'm Suman Aggarwal, an Artist and an Educator.

I love Art and Crafts and I want to share all my experience and knowledge with you.

I have a few classes for Illustrations that I really love. The best part about Illustrations is that you don't have to be perfect, You just have to live the moment while illustrating that particular thing.

I have a few classes for Crafting and I am still trying to make a lot more for it, I find Crafting a great way to Recycle and Upcycle. I hope through my Craft classes I would change something for better.

You will also notice various classes in the ART CLASSES section of my profile, there you can find a lot of classes that are for multipurpose, may be for Schools, Home Works, Presentations or FUN. It's a compete package.<... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone, I'm Zoom another while an artist and an educator in this class, I will show you how you can easily make Castle in three different ways. If you want to learn how to draw castle, then this class, as far you mad the end of this class, you will be able to draw caseloads in three different ways. And then next video, I will tell you the material that I am going to use for drawing the first gasoline. At the end of this class, there is a project wrong that you have to submit. So let's start. 2. Material Required for First Castle: For our first class that I am going to use a plain sheet at too low, a simple black pen. And then dash spins. 3. Drawing First Castle: Let us start with the first gasoline for this. I'm going to place this ruler at the bottom of this sheet. I'm going to draw a straight line using this Ben. You can use a ruler if you want, and if you want to go free hand, then you can draw the whole guess and freehand. That's totally up to you. I'm using a ruler to make better illustration. Now I'm drawing a straight line here using the ruler. You can draw this line freehand do. And now I'm drawing a battle in line to this that is equal to this. And whether this dense of the, of the breadth of this, you can take any breath. That's totally up to you. Now, as ye made do lines here, we have to make dissimilar two lines on the other side also. Make sure to measure the length of the first one and then make the similar land on the second one. Yeah. I'm making these lines reduced rate and Padlet. If you are going free hand, then your lines may shaken up a little. That's totally okay because this is just an illustration. So that's totally okay. And I have made the two lines again. Now I'm going to have to make a line joining these two lines that are on the inner side. But hill, you have to maintain some height, but not the exact height as of these four lines. So have made this point, I'm going to make dotted line over here. Make sure to draw this dotted line and not the straight line because you have to add more design to it. So to give it a look of a castle. So that is why I am doing so. You'll understand the design a little later. So just make dotted line over the hill and now we have to make the total load over the hill. The other two pillars that I made on the two sides, and this one going to be a little bit higher than these two. So this is a little higher than these. Now we have to draw straight lines connecting those two to two lines together. Make sure to extend the line that we're drawing now a little more than these three. So that this can done this and two triangles easily, and this will give us a better look of a triangle. Now I'm mocking appoint a little higher than this so that I can turn this into a triangle. And doing so far all of these three, and then I'm done these into triangles. Make sure to make the middle one at the highest one. So we have to join the two points that we have made fraud or line to this one single point to tonnage into a triangle like this. So we have to do it for all three. Now after this we have to make flags over it. So all the three triangles will have a flag over that. Far this, I have made straight lines on all the three. And now I'm adding this triangle kind of a structure of a hill to turn it into a flag. You can make proper flag also, but this is a flag that mostly the castles have that I have made this kind of a flag. Now, I'm going to make a simply window over a hill, making a straight line add up call who voted. So this is the window. I'm also making a window over this below so that it looks very much the metrics. I didn't make it the another window on the other side of this faster, that is the adult below of this castle it. Now at this end, we have to make a big gate over here. You can make a rectangular gate also, but head, I'm making this circular kind of a gate does look small per day that as we add in doing so, rest is your choice. And I'm making these two windows on voter side of this, though, to make it look more realistic. And now let's move to this darker line that we have made. We have to done this in 2D, this kind of a structure. We have to make these three lines like this, though. Each space between each door deadline. So this is how this design is done into gasoline oil here, notice that I'm extending this line of this below because the height of this must be shown very much Exactly. So this is done, we are done with the drawing five, we will move on to the coloring part in the next video, and then we'll go with the detailing. 4. Coloring First Castle: Now let's start coloring the castle. For coloring, I'm going to use these brush pens. You can use any other colors also. Firstly, I'm using this dark pink color to color the triangular domes of this castle. Notice that I'm first doing the outline things to avoid the mess. I suggest you to do the same. See, if you're using crayons or VAX colors, then it's okay. You don't have to be very, very much careful about it. But if we are using watercolors on their spins, and then you have to be very, very careful when you're using them. Plasmons are like water colors. They have water in them. That is why they have a tendency to spread over the paper. And I really want your paper to be very neat and clean once you're done with your castle, suggests be double sure about it. Now, I'm using this baby pink color to color this towel. Be careful while you're doing so. I have plant yellow going to be in the Windows. That is why I am being very much shown that the color don't get into the windows because I really don't want to spoil the color that I have already chosen for Windows. I'm coloring all three towers with the same color. I'm not coloring the windows with the same column. Now, I'm coloring the center of this castle with the same color as this color is very light. And with this, the boundaries that we have made using black pen are very much visible, which is a bolus for me. He'll make sure not to mix this color with the black pen that we have made this gas silhouette because this black pen is not waterproof. Now I'm using the red color to fill these three flats that we have made. Yellow color to fill in all the windows and doors of this castle. Just be a little careful while doing so. Because the color that we have done in the rest part of the towers, the base is very much light and I don't want to ruin that color also. And vile painting in the door, you have to get doubled careful. Why? Because the pen that we have used is not waterproof and this brush pen has water in them. That is RAM scene. So so we are done with the coloring part. We'll move to other detailing part in the next video. 5. Detailing of First Castle: Now it's time for the tailings. Hell, I'm using a simple dead pen to add details. I'll do the tailings in the complete castle to make it look beautiful and realistic. Starting with the dough, I'm making these parallel lines open the door to make it look more realistic. Also, these lines mean this door look very much bigger than the actual size of this dough. And then the log over this side. These random lines shows that it's a wooden door. Also, these lines make this door local, really old. Now, for overall look, I'm making these squares all over the castle. These are freehand squares, and I suggest you make these freehand. This look more realistic. Making similar scores. You can also use a ruler, but to make it look more realistic. Now, outlining the flags once again for proper finishing. Adding two lines though. These lines. And if you want, you can change the number of lines. Now that's done. Is ready to move on to the next castle and the next video. 6. Material Required : Second Castle: For drying, second guessing, I'm going to use a simple right cheat. I Rolo, a black pen, and a brush pens. You can use any other colors such as pencil colors, crayons, watercolors, acrylics, or any other kind of colors you are comfortable with. 7. Drawing 3 Tower Castle: For drying. Second guessing, I'm drawing this line at the bottom of the paper using a ruler. Now making a line at one side and make the same length line on the other side of this bottom line. Now I'm going to draw this dotted line. Joining the two lines. On this dotted line. We have to make, so far this, I'm making three pairs of parallel lines over this dotted line. Represent. Now the middle is to be at a height and the other two sides has to be the same height and smaller than the tower at the middle. Now joining the top of the towers. But notice that I have made this line a little extended on both the sides, joining the other two also. Now MCA point in the middle of each toggle at same height to make triangular domes. Joining the extended lines, these points results in the desired shape of dorms. For this dotted line, I'm drawing this by adding three lines between two small lines of this dotted line. I'm making these lines. You can also use a ruler for this if you want. For making the door and making a circular shape here. If you want, you can make rectangular shape also. Now it's time to make windows. I will make three circular shaped windows in all the three towers. Just keep in mind that the height of middle tower is more than the two towers at the side. So the window of the middle tower should be a little up then the other two. Also, the windows of two sides. Towers must be at a proxy same level. You can measure this using a ruler also. Here. I'm simply walking with approximations. Now over these domes, I'm making small flags. There is no space over the third dome on my sheet, but if you want, you can make more flags over there too. So now basic drawing is done it, I will do that. The tailings in this later. 8. Now coloring it! : For coloring, I'm using these brush pens. Firstly, I'm filling a red color and the flags. As these trends are really smaller in size, I request you and suggest you to go really slowly with this light blue color to be filled. Hill, you can see I've made a mistake. I will apply white color over that later. But make sure to outline first and then column to avoid any such mistake. Notice that I'm also doing color at the boundary first and then filling in them. This will help avoiding mistakes. Just become impatient with the process and you will find it easy to do. Now for the next two loans. Also, I'm first outlining the base and then I move further. Notice that outlining is very much important because this will help us to contain the color into the boundaries. Red spins are just like watercolors and they have a tendency to get absorbed over the sheet. That is why we have to be very carefully why you're doing this. You just have to be a little more focused and Baysian twice doing so to get everything done very much right. Many people say that they don't want to move this sheet because they must have done some taping on all the sides. But as it is, if you want, you can just rotate your sheet to get the perfect angle for your hand and the sheep to get better finishing. Now, to fill in the base of the castle, I'm using light green column. I'm filling the design side first because this requires a little patience. Suggests file's ready patiently. Now I'm doing the boundaries first. As you can see. Using brush pens requires a little extra attention as these are similar to water colors. The only defense is for watercolors. We have to use the colors again and again with the water, but we don't require additional water to be used. We can use these investments just like Sketch spins, but the entered, the end finishing the good is often watercolors. Now notice that I have for the color and one direction only. This one give cast a really, really good look. And you can notice that what I have done with their designing part or this guest, I did it in a different direction, right? And here I'm doing it in a different direction so you can see the difference over there. You can do everything in just one direction. And that will look flawless. And be very, very careful around the door of the castle as we have two full adult coloring to it. To me, food is very important because I really don't want this green color to get mixed with the color that I have planned for the dough. Because both the colors when mixed will not look flawless and that attractive. So I have made some double strokes. Let's made this colored dark at some spots on the castle seems to be very unrealistic. That's the trick that you can also use using the Bash bends using the windows of the castle door also, I will do in the next video so that the color gets a little dry dill then for coloring the top of the castle, I'm using the baby pink color. I'm going very slowly with this as I don't want to mix this color to the yellow. I have filled in the Windows. Artists billet out of the toddlers. Brush pens are just like watercolors and provides a create expedience as that easy to use, that requires no additional use of water. Just be careful it right. Coloring Doug dollar of the castle because I really don't want the baby pink color to get mixed with a yellow color even because this will not look good. And also, the black pen that we hadn't used is not waterproof. If you use the pen that is waterproof, then it's okay to overlap with that black pen by the edges Mika fully because both declare that as the yellow and the vaping color. Both are very light colors, then absorbed the black color and not real good. The coloring part is done. I will do that the tailings and the next video. 9. Detailing Part: Let us now start with the rotating part hill in the towers and making these squares freehand and suggest you to do similarly. However, using a ruler won't be wrong. It's just that making squares Free makes the castle look realistic. Now, hell, in the lower part, I'm making squares all over. But notice the pattern that I'm following. To do so. Following the same pattern is not compulsory. You can modify the design as per your choice. As I've always said, that modifications are always welcome. Now, for the door, I'm making logical curved lines which make it look big. Now we are done with the detailing part. We will move to the next castle in the next video. 10. Material Required for Small Castle: For our third Castle, I'm going to use a plain white sheet, a ruler, a black pen, and brush pens for coloring. 11. Drawing Small Castle: For drawing this castle, I'm drawing this line at the bottom of this page using a ruler. You might be wondering why I made such a small line this time. So let's, because I'm drawing a smaller castle in this lesson. Now, leave some space from both the sides and draw two straight vertical lines like I'm doing. To join the upper part, I'm making a straight line. Notice that I have made this line a little extended. Now I'm making line at the ends of the baseline. These will represent the two towers of the castle. Makes sure to make these two towers of less than height. Then the main castle that we have made in the center. Drawing the lines to double the line and make a simple triangular dome. Doing the same to the other. For middle area, I'm uplifting this line to turn it into a roof. And the line is dotted on the top so that I can turn it into the design as we did in our previous castle drawings. Making the design freehand. But you can also use a ruler if you want. Now, make rectangular windows in both the towers. You can also make some collision shaped windows. It's totally up to you. The window at the center is so cool. Now I'm drawing the dough. This is not completely circular and not completely rectangular. If you want, you can modify the shape of the dough. It's totally up to you. Drawing part is done. We'll move to the coloring part in the next lesson. 12. Let's Color this Castle!: Now let's start coloring our castle. Firstly, I'm using this dark pink color to color the double lines VV carefully. By doing so, if you're using watercolors or any other colors, are the brush pens. Now maybe been color to color this roof. And this stems as become and be patient, work with in a slow process so that you get a finance to look here. Filling up the design side of this roof is not that easy. And if you are using brush pens for a different time, then it might be a little difficult for you. And also that towers be careful, the color of the towel must not mix with the Windows color. Dot color that I have 2s 4 dollar is similar to that I have chose form the roof. That isn't a baby being color. So this is very, very light color. Make sure not to fill this color even a little into the Windows side. Because the color that we have decided to refer Linda window is also a really light color that is yellow, so I don't want them to mix up. Secondly, the pen that we have used is not waterproof, which may destroy the look of these light colors. Now, far now, I'm going to use yellow color. Be careful by filling in Dole as the black pen. I have used. Another waterproof. This color is very much now in this castle. So just be careful in because this can really own them. Look, if you do very much external venture with this, because you want a color combination that looks good. But Luan, this suits everything, that's my theory. But be sure to set the color within the boundaries. Using NO color, again, to fill in all the windows of the castle hill, be very careful that the colors Don't touch the boundaries that is of black color. First of all, this space, I'm using light green color. I'm coloring this in a very definite direction to make it look more realistic. Just be really careful around the window under dope. So then the colors don't get mixed up and you get the greatest load out of it. Test though, process. That's the key. Just go slowly, but be patient, be calm, and you do it very easily. It's not that difficult if it says that you have to control, you'll find mobiles goes, and that's more than enough. Just be patient become and focus in this gasoline on. So you can notice the patches of dark colors at radius basis, which makes us look more realistic and attractive. The next video. 13. Detailings are Important: Now for the tailings, I'm making these freehand squares at roof of the castle. Adding these simple lines to the DOE, adding lines to the windows to make them look so realistic. So now I'm wrapping this class. Your project work, as in the next video. 14. Project Work: So guys, hell is your project work? Try making at least one guest on your own. You can recreate the same as I drew and thus class, or you can modify it to create your own. You can use any colors and medium to create this. Click the picture of the castle drawn by you. Upload that picture in Project and Resources section of this class. I'm really excited to see your castle. So upload soon. Also, if you don't want to miss any updates regarding my newest classes on Skillshare. Don't forget to click the follow button on my Skillshare profile. Thank you so much for joining me. Bye bye.