# 3 Amazon Video Direct Publishing - Smart Step 3 - Preparing Batches of Episodic Videos

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7 Videos (14m)
    • Episodic Products: Seasons + Episodes - More Files

    • Episodic - Add Series - Title + Synopsis (Metadata)

    • Episodic - Add Seasons - Numbers + Synopsis

    • Episodic: Add Episodes - Title + Synopsis

    • Amazon Video Sales Page - Episodic - Seasons + Episodes

    • Create Notepad Templates for Episodic Series

    • Final Thoughts - Thank You!


About This Class

We are now moving on to AVD Smart Step 3 -  Prepare Episodic Videos in Batches.

Episodic Batches are much more complicated than Stand Alone Videos.

Episodic Batches are Series of Videos that can be divided in Seasons and Episodes.

  • For Each Episodic, you need Metadata Description.
  • For Each Episodic, you can have as many Seasons as you wish
  • For each Season, you need a Synopsis.
  • Under each Season, you can have as many Episodes as you wish
  • For each Episode, you need a Title & Synopsis.

Now you can see why you need to get very organized!  When you upload your videos as Courses in Episodic series, you need to create a lot of Descriptions:

1.  Each Episodic Series has a Metadata Synopsis.

2.  Each Season has a Synopsis.

3.  Each Episode has a Title & Synopsis.

One Video for One Episode.

So can you imagine if you have 64 videos in your course?

You need at least 64 Titles and 64 Synopsis at a start.  And then you need to decide how to divide them into Seasons. And under Each Season, you need to have a Synopsis for each!

Come on in and learn how we are going to get very organized!

The difficulty with AVD platform at the present moment is that there is NO DRAFT Mode. So as you key in your descriptions, and you don't upload the right files, you cannot SAVE, and therefore everything you key in with be gone in front of you.

You need to have all your info in storage so that you don't get frustrated when you upload your content onto AVD.

We are moving one Smart Step at a time to get ourselves organized.

Amazon Video Direct Publishing Series:

# 1 AVD Publishing - Smart Step 1 - Set Up Efficient Work Station

# 2 AVD Publishing - Smart Step 2 - Batches of Stand Alone Videos

# 3 AVD Publishing - Smart Step 3 - Preparing Batches of Episodic Videos

# 4 AVD Publishing - Smart Step 4 - Bulk Video Conversion in Batches

# 5 AVD Publishing - Smart Step 5 - Create Right Thumbnails in Batches

# 6 AVD Publishing - Smart Step 6 - Follow these Steps Create CC - Demo & Sample

# 7 AVD Publishing - Smart Step 7 - Upload & Publish & Let Sales Roll In

Enroll into this fun class along with other students and I will see you inside,


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Excellent course and very helpful
Scott Paton

Power Podcaster

Essential organisation for episodic videos on Amazon... New topic for me. Highly recommended.





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