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2nd Degree Reiki Energy Healing Course

Kali MacArthur

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9 Videos (29m)
    • Second Degree Reiki Energy Healing Course

    • Introduction to Reiki Symbols

    • The Second Degree Chakras in Reiki 2

    • The Seven Chakras in Second Degree Reiki

    • Aura Readings in 2nd Degree Reiki

    • Setting Intentions in Second Degree Reiki

    • How to Do a Reiki Session Properly in Second Degree Reiki

    • Long Distance Rieki Healing

    • Reiki Notes & Information


About This Class

In this course you will be learning about the 3 Reiki symbols which consists of Chokurei,  Seiheiki & Honshazehonen. 

You will learn Proper hand movements with the 3 Reiki symbols. 

You will relearn the 7 chakras in 2 Degree Reiki energy healing, just like you did in 1st degree reiki. 

You will learn about the Aura Readings in 2 Degree Reiki. 

You will relearn about setting your intentions during a Reiki session to protect your energy to yourself & your clients of energy space. 

You will relearn how to do a Reiki session properly. 

You will learn how to do long distance healing with Honshazeshonen in 2nd Degree Reiki. 





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Hi I am Kali MacArthur I am a certified Aromatherapist & Certified Reiki Master Energy Healer, I am a Soap Maker, freelance video speaker, & a shop handmade seller & a ebay seller. & I have a great passion for teaching & tutoring about individual personality Types, like the Myers Briggs the Big Five, the Enneagram & personality color types. I Volunteered at North Memorial hospital in Minneapolis Minnesota when I was still in high school when I had enough credits to graduate. I graduated high ...

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