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10 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Introtofla

    • 2. Working

    • 3. Understand

    • 4. Fourth

    • 5. Five

    • 6. Six

    • 7. Seven

    • 8. Eight

    • 9. Nine

    • 10. Ten


Project Description

2D Flash Animator course

The 2D animator course is designed to teach all the basic and advanced animations in Flash. This is a result oriented animation course with a commitment and dedication to turn all its learners into 2D flash animators. The course understands the needs of the learner and is student centric. The course starts with the very basics of Flash and then takes the student on a wonderful animation journey. It introduces the student to the flash working environment and discusses about the various tools to be used to create a character. There are many practise exercises included in the course to ensure that student achieves perfection in using the various flash tools. It unlocks the secrets of flash animation. The student learns how to create a motion tween, how to create a guided animation, how to create mask. It also explores the different ways and means to animate text, images and photographs. The course provides with ample numbers of examples such as designing an e-card and photo album. The course covers all most all the concepts of Flash. By the end of the course student will turn into a perfect flash animator.

Student Projects