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6 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Sketch Overview

    • Starting Face Design

    • Completing Face Design

    • Adding Body Elements

    • Completing Character Desgin


About This Class


Creating Character either 2D or 3D is a tough and hard process but designing fancy characters with low details are a little bit simple in any graphic software.

The first process of every character design is to sketch out what you going to design then according to that sketch we have to complete our character design .

In this class we will design a a simple 2D Character with mid level of detail according to low res sketch in Adobe illustrator after finishing the character will be ready for rigging and animating in After Effect .

Feature of this class :

1- Easy to follow .

2- Project oriented .

3- Project file .

Do not wait lets get started ;)

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Ins't that bad, but I think the teacher missed to explain some shortcuts he used and sometimes the class was just skipped, example, he was trying to make some shape, but seemed to have a hard time, so the video just skipped to the shape almost done, what can confuse a beginner, for my lucky I had take other course previously about the basics of illustrator, so the class was more easy to follow. But if you are starting in Illustrator I wouldn't recommend that class, because can gets you confused, but if you have a lot of free time and nothing to do, maybe can be a good idea. As a said, isn't that bad, sometimes I saw the need of more explanation.





HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

HU Shahir is a Motion Graphic and Visual FX Artist Since 2009 , He has experience of working with major TVs, Media Productions and Film Making Companies in Different fields, Motion Designer, VFX Artist, Visual FX Supervisor, Graphic Designer and Director of Motion Contents ... He is the founder of Polygon Motion Startup and You can watch his Motion graphic , Graphic Design and Visual FX tutorials on YouTube .

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in G...

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