2D Animation of a Fire Pit in After Effects, Beginners Friendly | Dorin Achim | Skillshare

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2D Animation of a Fire Pit in After Effects, Beginners Friendly

teacher avatar Dorin Achim, once ... I was chased by a bear ...

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 - 2D Fire shape

    • 3. 2 - Adding Effects

    • 4. 3 - Giving color to our Fire

    • 5. 4 - Make our Fire Glow

    • 6. 5 - Create sparks

    • 7. 6 - Loop our Fire

    • 8. 7 - Build a Fire Pit

    • 9. 8 - Final touch and export our Fire

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About This Class

About This Class:

In this class I will show you how to animate a 2D Fire and build a Fire Pit.

You will be guided step by step.

The class is beginners friendly so don't be afraid to jump into it and have some fun.


You will learn:
- How to create a 2D Shapes
- How to Add Effects
- Loop expressions
- Basic tools in Adobe After Effects

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dorin Achim

once ... I was chased by a bear ...


    Hey! I'm Dorin, I am currently living in UK but I was born in Romania in a city surrounded by Mountains and beautiful nature.
    I was occasionally chased by a bears, but that because they wanted to steal my Potato Chips...

    I specialize in Motion and Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Videography and Photography since 2007.

    Worked as freelance and collaborator to many clients.

    I hope some of my courses will help you get better at f... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Dorian. I will show you how to animate a to D fire on during this process. Learned a lot about after effects. You will be guided step by step. In this class, we will learn about creating a two D fire shape, adding effects to animate the shape, creating simple fire sparks, adding group expressions and creating a fire. By the end of the scars, you will have fully animated the fire and also gain a lot of knowledge about after effects . 2. 1 - 2D Fire shape: Hello, everyone. Today we're gonna do, ah, to defy our animation, something like this. So in order to do this, we're gonna start with a new composition. We're going to say this Fire 20 we're going to do with that 90 20 by 10. 80. That's full HD. 30 frames per second on 10 seconds long direction. Okay, And now we're gonna go fire shape. We're gonna use a bento over here, and we're gonna firing shape. 3. 2 - Adding Effects: the next step, we're going to apply. Some effects were going toe affects impress. It's on. We look for wave work, put it onto your there. We leave it at sign with Hide. We're going to go around 40 44. Let's say that we want to see the whole major, the weight. We're gonna go around 90 and the direction is going to be from up already. We have a fire shape animation. The second effect. It's going to be turbulence displays. We drag it onto on there. So for the amount, we're gonna go white, 150. And for the size, this is way too much like it's already starting my image. So the higher dumb or is going to be starts so we're gonna go around way smaller than C D 26 2121. This is nice. I like this. Let's try a little bit higher. Let's say 27. Let's say the next On next evolution, we're gonna go like four times 4. 3 - Giving color to our Fire: Now we're going to rename this shape letter. Let's say fire Fire one. In orderto duplicate this, there were compressed control day which would implicate. Or we can just go toe edit and duplicate. No have to fires. We're gonna take the income point from the fire or the second fire when they're going to put it all the way to the bottom. We got the same thing to the fire. One anchor point, which is in the middle, actually took it all the way to the bottom. Now, every effect we're gonna do it, for example, like scaling is gonna go to that anchor point he's gonna scare towards that. Let me give an example in order to use the scaling the size meaning you press s and we have the scab option. Let me first change the car of the 2nd 1 because it's the same color. We're gonna use artifacts and presents. Feel to change the color. We're gonna put it on our fire. 2nd 1 I'm going to change the color core yellow. We're gonna all on the way to the beginning and we want toe make this yellow one smaller. This is quite nice. 5. 4 - Make our Fire Glow: now. He said that both of them and three compose what recompose means. It will basically take everything you have here with all the effects and everything and put it in tow folders. So, in order to recompose, we right, click on recompose. We can name this fire composition. Okay. Okay. So now you're going to use a different effect glow. We're gonna find out epics in percent we're gonna take alot. I'm gonna put it over this fire company on. We're going to increase the radius to 100. It's already having a fire that we want. Okay, we can play a little bit more. We can, for example, firstly, let's changed the anchor point. We're gonna take a point over here at the bottom, of course, And we're going to duplicate this by controlling. We're going to use the scale again. I get even smaller and let's right click transform on flip horizontal. This way I would have a different from the other side. Let's get it even more smaller like this. Okay, I like this 6. 5 - Create sparks: we're going to make some sparkles or particles jumping from the fire. So we're gonna make two of them. We're going to zoom in a little bit, my holding. Hold on, scroll. Or you can just use this 100 two hundreds by person space. You can move and track everywhere on your screen and see closer. We're gonna spent over here. I'm going toe make too little sparkles. Say, one night of these and I want to make another one. We're gonna pick here and we're gonna make another one. Now if you're going anywhere other, the shape it's going to de select the shape and you can create another shape. I want this one to be more I don't, But not something like this. And we're gonna change the color of the swan to get to have two different one separate. We're gonna go back to feet. We will see out the competition here. We're going to take this one. Select the arrow selection for we're gonna move it all the way here and, Oh, before we move that we should also used Anchor Point Tau Bay on top off our sparkling OK, Sam, We got everyone. Well, you're still good point. And now we take them both of them under the fire. Let's rename these. That's a fire sparkle, fun and the name fire sparkle. So we're going to select both of them, and we're going to animate them. We're gonna go in the time I'm all the way to the beginning. While selecting both of them. We press speak. That's for position. We're going to animate the position. We're gonna Presti by holding shift. This will show us the capacity as well again holding shift press air. And this is the rotation. The opacity is the visibility of our layer. Let me give you an example. If we take this all over here and we play with the opacity, you can see it goes transparent. Almost disappeared. I'm gonna put it back. So we're gonna go all the way to the beginning. We're gonna select both of them on We're gonna press on all the stopwatches. We're gonna go all the way to the two seconds. This is enough and we're going to animate them. We're gonna start with both fire one who can just click and drag. Let's say Iran over here, we're gonna the same for the 2nd 1 but we want them to go the other direction. It's around here. I just use this one over here on this on go bottom. Okay. We're going to animate irritation. Um, let's say 200 or 300 somewhere around there will go to them. And now we're going to animate the opacity. We want them toe still be 100 for here. Let's say before the ending that's around here. We're gonna other key frame here we're gonna hear from here, which is still 100. We're gonna go to the our second mark and go all the way to zero. This way they will come over here and disappear. I'm getting put her first on. We also want them toe start from nothing and being out of nowhere, like sparkling. So we're gonna move the 100% key frame a little bit. Let's say it on here and we're gonna go. This is your so now it stops from nothing Appears. I don't know. It stays like this for 100. Meaning it's visible. Now it going transplant. Good. We go beginning, we select all of these key frames to the opacity control. See? Meaning Copy. We go to door second there to the opacity and Contrave. Meaning best copy paste. Very simple. We're gonna go all the way into the middle. We're going to select the position and we're going to make it a bit more. Give it to court and not be so straightened. Say, from here like this. For the 2nd 1 we're gonna do the same thing. And I wanted like this to be like a core of like that. I go into my fire comb and I'm taking the effects from here. The people in this place on the wave or I'm going to control sea copy. Gonna go back into my flower and I'm going to select both of them and paste it. Contrave This way, both of them have those effects. We also going to take the glow effect. Entre si select both of them Control. Now Both of them also have the glove effect 7. 6 - Loop our Fire: So in order to make this repeat like a looping, we can use some expressions. You don't have to learn anything. Any expression there are already in the aftereffects. You just have to oppress out and click on the stop, Raj. And I'm gonna have this play. I gonna here and it says expression, language, millions gonna quickened it or to property. And you have look out cycle. It's already here. You don't have to memorize it. The song is going to repeat it again and again and again. We don't see an article to have the capacity. We have to do this for every one of them. So all you're gonna start much like when this button property look out again. No, Look out! Same for the other one. Can you stop much? Look out! And the last oil still about. So now they will repeat again and again and again. We're pressing you on. The keyboard is going to hide. Work your frames person again. They're gonna show up. So I want to make another two of them by duplicate them. I will complicate them and I will move this time on the timeline on clicking of one they're gonna move them back and forward. Let's say around here, the other one even more around here. So now it gives a different timing which will make more randomness from them. We can click one and two. Nice click Recompose sparks on. We're gonna pick. OK, we want this one to duplicate control D We're gonna right click on it, Transform and click Flip horizontal We're also gonna move the time like this man and we're going toe klik the anchor point all the way to the bottom because this is where they start . So basically all I did was take the sparkles that we did the first time we pre composed both of them. So I have voted him in one folder, are composed and I think them. And now I'm gonna use toe selection toe and track them a little bit like this to give them more randomness. What? Someone to play a little bit with scared by pressing as I'm gonna make that way with them Smaller 8. 7 - Build a Fire Pit: Okay, everyone, Now that we have our fire, let's create a bit rock. It know that we are just going to take everything from here. So all we're going to pretty compose flair on that file we're gonna take okay. And this is our fire. So we're just going toe hide this fire right now. We don't eat it. We're going to create some rock beat. We're first going to wait to some rocks. We're gonna use the mental over here. We're going to zoom in by holding out and with this girl just usedto zooming in here and we're going to create some rocks. It's simple forms. Just you heard imagination. Okay, we're going to use the more darker color like this. Okay, Now we are going to use the mental again on we're going to create the other side of drug. So this we're going to use a different, much more docker. Maybe like this. Okay. Again using a pencil, we're going to create at the side. Okay, we're going to get like that, and we're going to create another part Dirac and this one I want even more dark. Here we have it first rock. So this is just one rock. We're gonna create another one who's in the mental We're gonna take off the shades. Just gonna be, like composing them. Say, Iraq one there. One. We're gonna make much simple rock like this. We are going to make it Saving more lives changed like this. We're gonna make it the size of their up. Now, um, let's say from here. Okay. Well, maybe so much more darker side can. And we have one more side. It's gonna be like a break or something like that. Still a rock try, titlist. Make it from one day moment. Let's say like this. Yeah, okay. And this time, we're gonna make it even more, okay? And we want to recompose these one. A swell It's true. Number two. Okay, so now I have the two rocks we're gonna set to fire, and we're gonna make some Let's say, firstly, we're gonna do the anchor point of drugs on the bottom of drop. You can adjust the anchor point Iraq. You see, the 2nd 1 we're gonna go all the way over here. One I think her point, and we're gonna do a little here. Great. And now we couldn't just I said I want to Don't speed as a position. You can position them whatever you want or you can just is the section toe Just track them , which is much faster, easier. So I'm going to duplicate the second Rock, and I want to move the duplication one that's also press s for the scaling on a scale it a little bit Have a different type of rocks here. Okay, I'm gonna press title. What we're gonna duplicate on this one will be in front of this one like this of a heater and wanted to be so we wanted to be, although in front good with any of this one. All right, over here again. We're gonna scale. Just get a divorce down like this. So we don't see it that well, we can use that. Of course we had to duplicate this fun. We're gonna arrange that one all the way here to the back. We're gonna scale to scale it a little bit. We can also and that's pretty much this is a bigger rock. Okay. And this is the in the front trucks. Okay, We are now. I want toe duplicate everyone again. We're gonna make the back okay? Said over here, we're going to duplicate at two. Number two again. We're gonna put it all knowing behind it. Uh, rock, something like this. Okay, remember here. Yes, likely. Salad. We're going to the cricket one hour again. We're gonna put it all the way to the back like that. I'm gonna be like this somewhere around there. We're gonna put it in behind the other one this month. Now I'm going to pick a toe signal up again, and we're gonna put stalled out over here. Yeah. Okay. So these rocks in front. No, they're not. There is one rock, and we may see more. That are We're going to take this on all the way over here, and she's in a bid from trucks, right. Click recompose, front rocks on TBS. Angry. These the compose back looks, we're gonna take the back rocks all the way to the back. And this way we have the fire 9. 8 - Final touch and export our Fire: Let's animate some light point or rocks. In order to do that, we're going toe. Let's start with the front trucks were going to duplicate this rocks. Okay. And we're gonna use, uh, feel Okay, let's feel of it. Uh, let's say is this story we're gonna go like a orange, Something like Okay, uh, we are also going to because this is in front. We're gonna presti your city and we can play with your positing something like this. That's a pretty good one, Mommy. Let's let's change Jakarta. Two more radish. Why not? Okay, so opacity lower around 27. 20. Okay. And now we're gonna do the same thing to the break Rocks. Thinking that would just copy you just feel the back. And also the opacity controversy Press on the black rock I, Steve for the opacity front will be pasted. They're hurt. Okay. And that's animate. Let's stop with the front truck. We're goingto prosecute frame here also the back one. You know, press or just Let's finish the front drop. We're going all the way to one second. Let's say one something. Will you give another kid from here? Because I want this to be the same on all the way in the middle. It's Let's go toe all the way. Toe 10. All right, one, this is nice. We're going to copy this to the back Rock taste who have the same? Okay, but doesn't think the fire on Lee should light this part of Iraq's This part should not be light, so we can just take the frontrunner. You can use the mental right click, right? Why have in selecting the from draw rocks the duplicate one? We can just make semi circle here, Frank. This I mean this and we can cover it, okay. And as you can see, we have two rocks here, but we want to right click on the A mask. We're gonna go to center because of the shape is very, very clear when the his So we're going to feather it like this. And we want the color, the animation, that, uh, fire light to be on the side of the rock. So we're just going to inverted from this side, Meaning we're gonna It's obstruct. And now we have the same. We're kind of the same thing to the back price we're gonna is a mental and we're going toe start from here. Yeah, we're gonna have all of that. Okay, when we're going to go in the mask, a mask, feather, Confederate, and we're going to substrate, Okay? And I want deuce capacity over here to actually go higher. So I'm just going to the ladies are on just the middle one and let's go around 77. Best away. Same from the other one or into the Edison on go to 77. And because the animation only happens where these three frames are on, I wanted to repeat all over the place. I'm just going toe old and click on the stopwatch. And we're going to use properties on Look a look out cycle the same for the other one. Click properties about to cycle and we're done. We have our final fire. In order to save our fire, we go to composition, but to render queue, you go toe output model and you select your four month. I usually go with quick time, okay and surrender. And there we have it. Our fire. We have created fire. If you spend more time with different shapes for the fire on different shapes with rocks or making a truck. Individually, you came to get a very artistic all fire. Something like this. Oh, like this. Yeah. So that's pretty much it. Thank you for watching and see you next time.