2D ANIMATION of the Buildings in After Effects, Beginners Friendly | Mark Rise | Skillshare

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2D ANIMATION of the Buildings in After Effects, Beginners Friendly

teacher avatar Mark Rise, www.gigantic.store

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Be Ready

    • 3. Raw Animation of the Buildings

    • 4. Final Touch

    • 5. Create Loop

    • 6. Export As a GIF File

    • 7. The End

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About This Class

Hey, in this class I will show you how to animate an icon or logo design in a simple and impressive way. You will be guided step by step. The class is beginners friendly so don't be afraid to jump into it ;)

You will learn:

  • How to prepare the file for animation 
  • Basic tools in Adobe After Effects
  • How to create and export a GIF file

During that process learn everything that you need to start with motion design. You can watch hours and hours of boring videos, but here you will get exactly what you need in a short time.

See you Inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Rise



Hello, I'm Mark.

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1. Introduction: Hey, my name is Mark Rice and I'm here to show you how I create animation fast and easy. If you want to become good emotion design, you are in the right place. Imagine that you can animate like a pro fund, earn money and live free. So I'm offering you easiest to use animation tutorial. I will show you how tenement buildings and during the process, learn everything that you need to start with motion inside for hours and hours of boring widows. But here you will get exactly what you need. In short time you will be wide it step by step. And I have no Don't will tell you that about the course. So it started after effects. Photoshopped Illustrator If you want to draw and start now because I can't disappear at any moment 2. Be Ready: Hey, Mark Rice here and welcome to the parts one off the tutorial in this part I will show you kowtow Prepare your files for the animation. I will do my best to make it detail so everything will be perfectly clear. So you even if you're a complete beginner So let's start first Any to report the buildings that I created in Illustrator I will do this into the project up. You can turn it on in windows or just use control zero Kieber comment. Okay, I'll click with the right mouse button it import and I really should file. I can use control plus I for cars A swell. I located my father. It selected and I will hit import button in the hope of window Select composition and layer size and click OK, I use it the digital brushes for the illustration. So I need a bit more time to load, but you got a few more examples of the buildings without brushes. Use that if you want faster work full as you can see I go to files first is the composition place with all airs with the same settings and size as an illustrator and The second file is the folders with layers. Now I will jump to demonstrate or in a sec, to show you what I'm talking about. I'm into illustrator now. And here I separated all parts of the buildings that I want to animate. Inter layers. The former at the time using is 10. 18. So when they import the filing, the after effects, everything is ready for the animation. Okay. I mean, after effects again that politically conduct composition and everything is here. Like I said, before I start with the animation, I usually trained the course off the layers. This will make your animation work low much easier. For example, I will select the ground a layer hold shift as like the ground Be a swell here I will change the core off the last I will do this with the other layers. A swell Hey, you will see It's very helpful. Okay. When I finish with the course, everything will be ready for the animation. So it's time for the party off the Pretoria 3. Raw Animation of the Buildings: it's time to shake the buildings a bit, so I will use the Baron layer as a mask. For that part, I will compete with control plus C and paste with control plus V commence. I got the background Tuller and I need to move it under the ground layer. Hold shift and put it down to the first line. After this step I want to highlight is that I don't need to animate. I will select the ground layer and the better onto us. Well logged, the less Here you will find Heidel airs from which their cries which is set to turn it on. Now I just need to hear the Shaiken on the layers that I don't need for now. I will do this with the background. A swell. Okay. First, I will select all layers. When the 1st 1 is selected, Whole shift and select the last one. Now all my letters are selected. He'd be keyboard button to open the position settings for selected layers. This means that this time for the first key friends just hit the stopwatch icon to create the key friends with the current position off the building parts. The give frames are created. I will do this on a 20 frame. A swell. Now I will bet toe the first layer here. I need to move rulers under the ground, for example. I was like these parts off the windows pole shift and move the pass under the mask. I will do this with all layers. The process is the same for all parts of the building, so I will speed up a bit. Cool. All layers are hiding. The animation looks like this for now, and it's time to improve it a bit. Here, I'll create one more key friend and make an effect off the jump. I will focus on these parts off the windows as an example. Now, our animation Flo looks like this. If I select these layers and drop them down a bit, I will get this. The flow is a much better. I will do this with other layers as well. Okay, cool. If you want to improve your animation flow even more select dolares. Click with the right mouse button to some of them key from assistant and select Easy east. Or just use the F nine shorter in this part of the Victoria. I created the rough and the first step of the animation. In the next part, I will show you the final touch. 4. Final Touch: Okay. In this part of the editorial, all magic is happening just with moving the layers. The 1st 3 are the small pass off the big windows, so I will move it by five frames. Look at this now. Beautiful. Before I continue, I want more space. So I will hide the key friends All Arison selected and I just need to hit you Keyboard button. That said I will do the same with the other parts of the big windows. Now I want to change the order off the position of the layers and you will see better dynamic. I will do this with the big parts off the windows. The last layer will be the Friess. And the 1st 1 the last. I will move the small parts of the windows for five frames. Cool. And I will try to move all elements off the windows a bit. And this is super cool. I will do this with other lives. Us. Well, now you can play with the position of the last and find good animation flow for you. I finished the big building and it's time for the small ones. As you can see, I'm playing different positions. And always I came back in the improved animation a bit. Great. Now I will. Any made the yellow parts of the illustration? I will more or less a bit. When I change the position of the dots, I will bring more than I make into it. Okay. I like it now. Small ones. And that's it. The rights of parts of the animation is done. In the next part, I will show you how to animate the second part off the animation. 5. Create Loop: Okay In previous part I created this. Now I will end animation first through hide unless just hit again The cycle Unload the layers. Select it all with control plus a command click with the right mouse button and heat proud compositions I will change the name in tow Main animation You can use another name if you want and hit. Ok, cool. Now I merge always in tow One composition. I want to cut my animation here Just call Shift plus control plus d I will do this here a swell In the second part of the composition, the animation is static in. Then I will copy and use the first part of the composition. Okay, I kept this for now. But if I click with the right most button on the last composition Goto time and choose time Rivers layer I will get is completed and cool animation. And I hear one more part off the tutorial for you. I want to show you how toe expert animation that you can share it with the Rod 6. Export As a GIF File: okay. I tried a couple of different options to export a GIF file. I will show you the one that works best for me. Goto compositions and heat add to render queue for use control plus M command. I believe the default settings and here you can change the location of the file. Now it smells that render button cool. As you can see here I had the rendered file for other parts of the process and it's Photoshopped. So I mean Photoshopped. Now goto file import and truth video frames to less located your file selected and click open in the pop up when those truths from beginning toe end and click OK, here are the frames of animation. The former is pretty big, so I will change the size of it. Go to image image size The white can be 700 pesos as an example. Okay, And finally I will export animation into gift. So goto file export and click say, for vet select gift selective. And here it can change the number off course. More colors. The fire size will be bigger. You can change size here and this is the important part for the loop options you need to select forever. And he'd say, Here you can change the name Use image only, and that's it. Simmers that save an end Now I located the GIF file Ready for the world. Thank you for being with me, and we'll seen the Mexico Auriol piece. 7. The End: Okay, I'm here again and I want to congratulate you because you come to the end. See you again, my friend Piece.