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26 Art Therapy Exercises with Drawing & Painting + Crafts

teacher avatar Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

51 Lessons (2h 43m)
    • 1. Art Therapy Class Intro

    • 2. Teacher Introduction For This Class

    • 3. What is Art Therapy?

    • 4. Exercise 1: Expressing Emotion

    • 5. My Results For Exercise 1

    • 6. Exercise 2: Gifting

    • 7. My Result For Exercise 2

    • 8. Exercise 3: Meditative Mind

    • 9. My Result For Exercise 3

    • 10. Exercise 4: My Favorite Time

    • 11. My Result For Exercise 4

    • 12. Exercise 5: Unnatural Color

    • 13. My Result For Exercise 5

    • 14. Exercise 6: Musical Art

    • 15. Exercise 7: Message Of Your Choice

    • 16. My Result For Exercise 7

    • 17. Exercise 8: Pitch Black Darkness

    • 18. My Exercise 8 Result

    • 19. Exercise 9: Looking Through the Circle

    • 20. My Result For Exercise 9

    • 21. Exercise 10: Coloring

    • 22. My Result For Exercise 10

    • 23. Exercise 11: Art Without An Instrument

    • 24. My Result For Exercise 11

    • 25. Exercise 12: Looking Inside Yourself

    • 26. My Result For Exercise 12

    • 27. Exercise 13: Your Day

    • 28. My Result For Exercise 13

    • 29. Exercise 14: Brain Power

    • 30. My Result For Exercise 14

    • 31. Exercise 15: Mental Wonder

    • 32. Exercise 16: Looking At Yourself

    • 33. My Result For Exercise 16

    • 34. Exercise 17: Catching Negativity

    • 35. My Result For Exercise 17 PART 1

    • 36. My Result For Exercise 17 PART 2

    • 37. Exercise 18: Positivity Rocks

    • 38. My Result For Exercise 18

    • 39. Exercise 19: Filtered Art

    • 40. My Results For Exercise 19

    • 41. Exercise 20: Painting Without A Brush

    • 42. My Results For Exercise 20

    • 43. Exercise 21: White on White Emotions

    • 44. Exercise 22: Unmasking Yourself

    • 45. Exercise 23: Creating Your Picture

    • 46. Exercise 24: Emotional Colors

    • 47. My Result For Exercise 24

    • 48. Exercise 25: You + drawing exercise

    • 49. My You + Drawing results

    • 50. Exercise 26: Emotional Fortune

    • 51. What Did You Come Up With?

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About This Class

Are you looking for different hands-on art therapy exercises to complete?

Then this is the perfect workshop for you to join!

What past students have said about this class:

"Great exercises with a lot of new ones that I'm excited try out since I haven't done them before."

"This is exactly what I was looking for, to get out my cerebral way of approaching everything. Many thanks!!!"

ART THERAPY gives you the ability to express yourself freely through different art forms.

In this workshop we will be going through different art therapy exercises that include drawing, painting and creating art in different forms. The reason for these different exercises is for you to get in touch with your emotions and express your unique self in the process.

These exercises include:

  • Mandalas
  • Coloring
  • Painting
  • Expressing yourself with music
  • Crafting¬†your ideal day
  • Looking at your past, present and envisioning your future self
  • Exploring and expressing your emotions in an artistic way
  • Experimenting with new art medias

My name is Tatiana Ambrose and I am a creative artist and instructor. I have always loved to create art with all different media and through the years have discovered just how therapeutic and relaxing it is. Art therapy is about expressing yourself and achieving mental balance.

In this art therapy workshop, I do not want you to focus on perfecting your exercise but rather see where each exercise takes you and to just go with the flow. I hope that by the end of this workshop you have a handful of art therapy exercises that you absolutely loved and continue to express yourself through art from here on forward!

If you're ready to start, enroll in this workshop today and let's get started!

Your Creative Instructor,
Tatiana Ambrose


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tatiana Ambrose

Helping You To Be Creative & Productive



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1. Art Therapy Class Intro: Hi there. Thank you so much for joining me inside this workshop. My name is Tatiana Ambrose, and I will be your creative instructor throughout this course. With this course, I hope to give you different hands on exercises that are going to allow you to express yourself emotionally and who you are as a person. And by the end of you completing this workshop, I hope that you are not on Lee feeling more balanced and relaxed, but also feeling more creatively inspired. This workshop was created to focus on you your emotions and given you a little bit of art therapy where you won't feel pressure to be someone who you're not. Instead, I want you to get in touch with you and who you are as a person. What emotions you are currently experiencing and dealing with everything is fair game when it comes to you. I can't wait to see what you do with each of these exercises. And if you're ready, let's continue on 2. Teacher Introduction For This Class: now, before jumping any further, I do want to personally introduce myself as your creative instructor. Hi, my name is Tatiana Ambrose and I have been in the creativity world since I was little from drawing to painting, to crafting and even winning different awards when it came to my creativity. But the one thing I remember is, at one point in my life, I did have to go to a therapist, and all of the's therapists wanted me to talk. Wanted me to express my emotions, but instead I wanted to listen. So when I discovered our therapy, I knew this was the key when they came to feeling more balanced, more relaxed, or just simply de stressing myself at the end of a hectic day. Our therapy is my go to form because there is no restrictions when it comes to what you do with each of these different exercises, I want you to feel comfortable when it comes to completing these exercises. I don't need you to write words unless you want to. I don't want you to write out and journal unless you feel comfortable, but instead I want you to focus on what colors stick out to you. What colors you want to use, what shapes you're drawn to, Whether you color in your exercise or you leave it black and white. All of these different things are gonna be left up to you. And I really hope that you find this workshop beneficial. I had a lot of fun creating these different exercises and walking through each one with you . So without keeping you waiting any further, let's jump into this workshop. 3. What is Art Therapy?: Now, what is art therapy to me? Art therapy is Thea ability for each and every one of you to express yourself creatively that will relax you and give you peace of mind imbalance. When it comes to your emotional state and your mental well being aren't there becomes in all different forms, from painting to drawing to sculpting. There is a limitless amount to the different forms of art therapy that you can get into. And as I've mentioned before, I'm a creative artist. I'm not a therapist. I'm not here to analyze you. I'm here to give you the ability to express your emotions creatively through the different exercises I have provided throughout this course because I know how hectic a day can be. I know what started as a normal day ends up a completely different day than what you had planned. I also know that you can achieve different milestones and that should be celebrated. I welcome every form of emotion when it comes to these art therapy exercises. So if you're ready, let's get started 4. Exercise 1: Expressing Emotion: so forth This exercise. I want you to grab your pen or pencil and a piece paper, and I want you to draw your emotions. Now this is a pretty broad topic, so consider the things of one currently. How do you feel? What is the main emotion that you're feeling and to If this emotion was a tangible object person animal shape, what would it be? What would it be doing? You don't have to draw something. Life like you can draw an animated shape an animated object. But focus right now before you get started on your main emotion. And how would your emotion express itself so good examples would be son equals happiness. Reign cloudiness. Sometimes it's sadness or potentially depressed, so don't take the already easy answers. Get in touch with your main emotion and how it's gonna express that emotion on your piece of paper. So go ahead, get started. And if you need a little bit of help, just continue on to my results. And hopefully I can get you inspired to create your own emotion on your piece of paper. 5. My Results For Exercise 1: So here I am with my blank piece of paper. And the first thing I'm going to do is to relax. There is no pressure. This is going to be my exercise result. No one can judge it. This is only for me to relax, me, to look internally and even sometimes surprised me. So you can first take out whatever coloring instruments that you want to use. Or if you want to stick with the pencil, feel free. And then just go with the flow. Take a look internally and see what you come up with. Now as I'm coloring, this isn't for me to analyze. You hear job right now is to not analyze and to not even think about that. Focus on you and taking what's internally onto your piece of paper. This is where I'm going to start. Now. What do I have? It might not make any sense, but I basically true, a water bed outside. I feel like internally today has been a roller coaster. So the water bed is a perfect depiction because you have that water that's sloshing around the beds moving back and forth. It's not still it's able to be flexible. And all of these different colors on the inside was the depiction of that water moving around the water bed. I love India goes blue, light blues. All those are really, really pretty colors. This type of electric light blue or teal is one of my favorite colors. And just being outside, the ability to be on a water bed outside in the grass is amazing. I feel like Currently I am in a relaxed state of mind, but if I had a choice, I would totally take my water bed. I don't have a water bed and put it outside and just lay on it. Looking up at the sky, looking up so can the sun problems some shade? So this was what I came up with when I took a look inside my self as far as my roller coaster of emotions, how would that look like internally, without me having to talk to anyone, explain anything to anyone. And in a way, my favorite thing when it comes to these type of different exercises is that they are going to be so different. They don't require you to have skills drawing, doodling, sketching, having your own artistic flare, and being able to express what you feel internally on your piece of paper makes you feel good. It's almost like writing in your diary. Except we're not using words. We're not focusing on forming sentences. We're looking internally and we're just doing what feels right to us, what we think it will look like. And this is where each exercise is going to come up with a unique result. Let's continue on to the next exercise. 6. Exercise 2: Gifting: I am a strong believer that when it comes to our emotions, you have the good the bad that in between. But you also have gratefulness so forth. This exercise. I want you to practice gratitude by creating an art piece for someone special. So your pen pencil coloring pencils on your piece of paper as a gift for someone that means a lot to you, someone that you're grateful to have in your life. So go ahead, create this gratitude gift for that someone special in your life that you're grateful for. 7. My Result For Exercise 2: So here is my end product, which were to cat scratchers. Now I hope when it came to creating any form of art or craft for someone that came to your mind, you were not Onley left with feeling like you had to draw something. This can be any form of do it yourself type of gift. So with ease cat scratchers. I had one of my friends that came to my mind. And she does have two new kittens and asked the kittens, They're growing up. They're learning what's appropriate and what's not appropriate to scratch. So I figured thes cat scratchers would be really beneficial to her. So I had a lot of leftover cardboard. I took my ruler and my utility knife and cut a whole bunch of different strips from leftover cardboard. And then, as you can see, I had different types of duct tape. So I said, Why not will make him a little bit different? Even though Juan does have dogs and bones, the other one does have the cats on it. So I just thought this was a really cute gift, and I think she will really, really like it. But this is what I came up with, and I am really excited to give it to her 8. Exercise 3: Meditative Mind: for this exercise, we're gonna be focusing on a meditative drawing. Now, a meditative drawing is simply pattern after pattern shape after shape to where you're kind of doing it mindlessly. But at the same time, while you're creating your meditative drawing, you are relaxing yourself, So all I want you to do is first draw or write down your five favorite shapes or patterns. Once you have those, I want you to fill up your piece of paper with a meditative drawing. Now, for my beginners, this might seem like a pretty big exercise. So what you can do is just fold your piece of paper in half long wise and then in half the other way. So then when you unfold it, you will have four different squares and simply focus on that one square, filling it up with your patterns and shapes. And then all you have to do is just transfer that onto the other section, other section and then the final section. So in the end you have a very geometric, meditative drawing that you took step by step and for my intermediate and advanced creatives, if you want to just simply go for it and start filling up that piece of paper from the outside in from the inside out, maybe from corner to corner. First, go ahead and complete it, in which ever way feels most comfortable to you. Remember, thes exercises are not meant to make you feel uncomfortable. Make you I feel confused or lost. Instead, I want you to do it your way. So if you're ready, go ahead. Draw or write down your top five favorite shapes or patterns and finish your meditative drawing before continuing on to the next exercise. 9. My Result For Exercise 3: Now for my five shapes, I tend to bounce back and forth, sometimes high, like pointy edges, triangles, rectangles, squares. Other times, I like abstract toe where my pencil or pen does not come off the paper until the entire pages filled up. And then other times I'm looking for softer, rounded shapes, circles, ovals, and these can all form into clusters. So let me first think about what five shapes I really am favoring at this time drum on my piece of paper and then draw my pattern all the while relaxing and seeing what my end piece turns into. So here are my five shapes. Now let me go ahead and just fill up this entire page way . Well, after looking at what I've come up with, I definitely did not see this exercise turning into this, which it's not bad. It's kind of reminding me of a crosswalk, so everything's kind of just outside doing this thing. I chose pink because I really like that soft pink color. My blue was beginning to get really dull, and I would need to sharpen it in order to continue using it. So I said, Why not? What's the next color that I want to grab. And this road Spink was the color of my choice on I believe it was. This one was this one. When I went to draw the rectangle, the line wasn't even so I decided to color all the rectangles. And then, as I was coloring the pink rectangles, I was like, Why not? Why can't I color in my blue rectangles with the pink color? And this color combo definitely reminds me of cotton candy, the pink and the blue, which I love. So if you're done with this exercise, you feel good about it. If not, continue adding to it. I can fill this out even more. Background could have a solid color. It could be more shapes, more designs. I can add more color to it. It's whatever you want this to turn into this course is for you. And if you enjoy this exercise and are ready to move on, let's continue on 10. Exercise 4: My Favorite Time: now for this exercise, I'm going to need you to grab a couple magazines and from those magazines I want should take your blank piece of paper and create a collage of your favorite season. What sticks out in this season, what are your favorite aspects of this season? So go ahead, grab your magazines, scissors, some glue and create a collage of your favorite season. 11. My Result For Exercise 4: now for my exercise. I didn't have any magazines that I'm cool. I ready to recycle. And you So if you are in the same boat as I am, feel free to grab any sort of drawing instrument to complete this exercise. So for this exercise, I don't want to use coloring pencils because I could use coloring pencils and press on them a lot harder to get a boulder color. But I just really don't want Teoh put that much pressure on my hand and have a soaring tired hand at the end. That's just my personal preference. So I'm gonna be using this bright green. And even though this pin looks maroon, it shows up as brown on the piece of paper. So I'm gonna use this as well to depict my favorite season. But all right, so if you haven't guessed my season is summer now, I only use this one color. But a good way to make this color stand out through the different images that I drew was doing different designs and patterns. So the tree leaves or dots the shrubs for more squiggly lines and curvy lines. And then the cross was straight lines so I absolutely love love, love summer when everything is green the sky is blue Everything is just green filled out and full of life I love it, Love it, love it But this is what I came up with And I can fill it out a little bit more to wear Once I get a blue color all colors in the sky And I think I prefer just a blue sky over any clouds But this is what I have I love it. I love looking at it because I love when everything is healthy and green looking outside. And if you have completed this exercise and you're ready to move on, let's go ahead and make it happen and I will see you in the next exercise. 12. Exercise 5: Unnatural Color: now majority of us have a favorite animal. And if we don't have a favorite animal, we have a bunch of different animals that we like because they're cute, because this sounds that they make because of the size. For whatever reason, they are our favorite animal. For this exercise. I want you to draw your favorite animal and make it in unnatural colors. So if your favorite animal is a qualifier, it's not gonna be grain white. It's gonna be something completely different, and the colors can relate to what is your favorite color to maybe your emotion that you're feeling? What is your favorite animal doing? So go ahead, draw your favorite animal in unnatural colors. 13. My Result For Exercise 5: Now, if you have taken other courses with me, you know that I love animals and dogs are actually one of my favorite animals. So today I'm definitely be drawing a dog. And the funny thing is, is that I was going to go and grab a black coloring pencil to draw my dog. But then I was like, Nope, an unnatural color. So I went with a golden yellow and a light orange. Now the golden yellow could be seen as a cream color, so I should probably change that to another color. I'm gonna go with pink, Okay? No. Okay. So I tried to make this ass different as possible. It was really hard for me to think in terms of something that is not in its natural color. So we have a Doberman that's pink and orange. We have stars that are peach. This full moon is orange, the clouds are green. And then the grass. I was thinking I could do just regular grass, but since we're doing things that are not natural, I wanted to add a little bit of a fantasy element to this. To really make this come together instead of having a pink dog with some green grounds or even purple grass. So I added some big believes along with just the grass strands and the stars are sparkling . It's a full moon with green clouds and a white background. So what color was your favorite animal? Do you like how it turned out? The one thing when it comes to me going through these exercises and why I love drawing, creating things with my hands is the fact that I'm not really thinking about Well, what do my colors mean right now? At least I'm not. We'll get to it at the end of this course, but this is fun and a great way to unwind. At the end of the day, it takes my mind off of what I was thinking about nonstop work related stuff problem solving, and I could just draw my favorite animal in an unnatural color in a fun and different elements. So with that being said, if you're ready to move on, let's hop on over to the next exercise 14. Exercise 6: Musical Art: So how are you doing with these exercises so far? If you're ready, we're now onto the next one. What I want you to do is grab your headphones and turn on your favorite type of music. And then I want you to grab your least favorite or the instrument that you never or very, very rarely used for creating a sketch, a drawing or any type of artwork. So for me, my favorite typically is a pen, pencil or coloring pencils. So for this exercise, I have to choose between watercolor and oil pastels, because those at the top to that I don't normally use on a regular basis. But guess what? I think I can definitely create something interesting when it comes to just relaxing, listening to my favorite type of music and getting that paintbrush oil pastel on my piece of paper. So if you're ready, go ahead, grab an instrument that you normally don't use. Get your music going and let's create your masterpiece 15. Exercise 7: Message Of Your Choice: we are on toothy message in a bottle. There's a couple different ways we can go about this, but I want you to choose what is right for you. First, I want you to take a bottle, any type of bottle, and we're gonna be putting a piece of paper into it. Now, this paper can contain two different things. It's either going to be sending away your negative thoughts, your negative experiences, your negative emotions or you're going to be giving positive vibes, positive emotions, positive encouragement to someone on the receiving it. So, first, I want you to decide what type of note what type of drawing, what type of emotion are you gonna be putting into this bottle? Are you going to be sending away negativity or are you going to be spreading positivity? There isn't a right or wrong there is on Lee what you want to focus on what you want to dio ? Then either write a note, create a drawing off what you want to give to someone else when it comes to encouragement, positivity or what you want to send away from today this month, or the negative emotions that you are currently dealing with and the negative emotions can as well be a note or drawing. It is completely up to you. I want you to decide what you want to do when it comes to your message in the bottle. So go ahead, grab a bottle, grab a piece of paper and let's get started. 16. My Result For Exercise 7 : So I have written my full no, top to bottom. It's a positive message that I just wanted to share for anyone that is struggling, because when it comes to life, we all experience the same emotions just with different experiences. So we've all have felt sad, motivated, inspired, defeated, energize, happy, relaxed. And that's what I wanted this letter to kind of convey for anyone that is feeling uninspired, looking for motivation to get him back up, get him going and make them feel good about themselves. So I have written a motivational note that is, from top to bottom and what I'm gonna do this This is the bottle that I'm gonna be using. I have to let it dry a little bit more. It still has water specs in there, so I want those to be fully dry before putting this in there. But all I'm gonna do is roll it up. And once it's rolled up, I'm just going to take my brother band to put it around it and put it inside. And what I would also suggest you do is attach a strength. So once it's in here, it doesn't have to be all the way down at the bottom and the string. You can just have it hanging out. So when you put the cap on, you can unscrew the cap and take it out very, very easily without the snow getting stuck in the bottle. And as a final note, the other thing you can do is to decorate the outside of this bottle. So take whatever color construction paper, tape it on the outside and draw on it at stickers to it. Write something on it. Will what's on the bottle? Correlate to your note? Or will this bottle make someone curious to see what notice inside the bottle? It is completely up to you. Half phone with this, and when you're ready, click the play button and we'll move on to the next exercise. 17. Exercise 8: Pitch Black Darkness: So for this exercise, you might not be able to do it right away. But probably and hopefully sometime today or by the next day, you will. What I want to do is to draw in the dark or at night. Now, the reason why once you draw in the dark is I want you to draw where you can't see your piece of paper. Just your movement on your piece of paper is all you can feel now. If you want to complete this exercise right away, simply cover your eyes, put a scarf over your eyes and complete this exercise. But the reason why I want to do it at night is because at night is when we sometimes start talking to ourselves, going over things that happened and going into emotional state that can keep us up. So instead, I want you to grab your pen or pencil and just simply draw in hopes of relaxing you before you go to sleep. 18. My Exercise 8 Result: So this is what I came up with last night before bed and all I did waas close my eyes even though it was dark and just draw whatever came to my mind. Whatever emotions I was feeling, it didn't matter where a true it all my piece of paper. But all of these different things symbolize something to me. And it was really relaxing before bed because it was like I was clearing my mind before falling asleep, so I wasn't worried about anything. I wasn't overthinking anything. Whatever I was feeling thinking, I drew it on my piece of paper and then you can see with the waves today I was just thinking about what I could transform this into. And I started tracing the waves again and I was like, Oh, whoops, I forgot toe show you the original artwork before tracing these waves as I was thinking to myself. But this was my result. And I definitely want this to transform into something more than just black pen on paper. So I will go ahead and film this out. But until then, let's happen over and see what the next art therapy exercise is all about. 19. Exercise 9: Looking Through the Circle: now I am definitely a strong believer that I cannot have an art therapy workshop without a mendola. Mandalas can be put on anything. The wall, the floor, the bed sheets, the door, a bracelet, your jewelry, your sure your genes and the window. So for this exercise, I want you to pick out your favorite mandala design. Or, if you're feeling brave, create your own on the window with the dry erase marker, it can be one solid color. It could be multiple colors. It can be as big or a small as you want on your window, but go ahead, think about what design you want to create and then make it come to life on your window. 20. My Result For Exercise 9: 21. Exercise 10: Coloring: now for this exercise, we're simply going to be focusing on colors. I want you to either download and trace the image that I have provided for you in this lecture. Or simply download and print and color this image in. That's it. Nothing fancy. Just what colors you associate with this image. Go ahead and color in how you see fit. Now here is my abstract turtle that I have created for you to use and color it in in which ever way you want. I have also added it as an attachment in this lecture. So feel free to open it up. Trace it to complete this exercise. 22. My Result For Exercise 10: 23. Exercise 11: Art Without An Instrument: now. When was the last time you finger painted for? So it might have been never. It has never occurred to you to get your fingers dirty and create art with only your hands . Others it's been a little bit too long and some you might absolutely love finger painting to re like this is what I'm talking about. But for this'll exercise, we are going to be creating art with only our fingers. So I want you to get different colors of finger paint. Get your finger paint piece of paper in front of you. If you don't have finger paint paper, you just need to layer to make sure it doesn't soak through onto the table. So just layer it with three or four pieces of paper underneath, maybe even a sketchbook underneath or a piece of cardboard. And speaking of cardboard, if you have carbon laying around and you want a finger paint on cardboard, yes, you are more than welcome to. This is a free style finger pain exercise. We don't need a paintbrush. We need our hands, finger paint and what we're gonna paint on. So go ahead, get those supplies ready and start creating whatever finger paint artwork you want 24. My Result For Exercise 11: 25. Exercise 12: Looking Inside Yourself: Now we are going to draw a big heart anywhere on your piece of paper. It could be right in the center. It can be a little bit over to the left, a little bit over to the right, wherever you want to place this heart. And I want you to color it in with. How do you feel? What does your heart look like right now? How does your heart express emotions at this moment? Is there anything surrounding your heart? Is there anything helping your heart Healing your heart so you can draw everything inside your heart outside your heart or inside and outside and use all of the piece of paper. It is completely up to you on what you choose to do when it comes to your heart. 26. My Result For Exercise 12: way, way, way. 27. Exercise 13: Your Day: in this exercise, we're gonna get a little bit crafty. The first step is going to be creating are many booklet which I will show you here in the next couple of minutes. But the second step, once we have created your many booklet, I want you to fill each page from morning to evening on what your ideal day looks like. So many times we go through the day to day motions, we get bored and we get stuck. But I want you to focus on what is your ideal day once you wake up to the very last page of you going to sleep. So let's go ahead and make our many booklet before starting on our ideal day. So to make a booklet from our one piece of paper, all we need is piece of paper, white or whatever color you want to use and some scissors. So first we're gonna fold it hot dog wise, which is the long ways. Make sure the corners are aligned with each other because the more online they are, the better. Your booklet is gonna look in the end. Now we're gonna unfold it and fold it. The other wife again. Line up the corners as close to one another. Ash, you can't. Now we're gonna flip it so our fold is at the top. Two ends at the bottom. We're gonna take the first folded piece of paper that is spacing us. Take this and fold it in half. Still trying to line up the corners as close as possible to one another. Okay, turn it over and do the exact same thing to the other end. Yeah, Okay, so when you unfold it, you should have an M. Now what we're gonna do, IHS, we're gonna take our scissors, close the middle flaps, and then cut from this folded end to here. Leave these two alone there. We don't. Yeah. Now that we have our cut. Simply grabbed the two pieces where you have cut, pulled him over and touched off. Now you have your booklet here. You should have a cover the back. And then 12 3456 pages to fill up off what your ideal day looks like. And if you want to start and make it eight days to where this is not a cover, this is your first day, and this is gonna be when you go to bed, Feel free to do it. So you have 6 to 8 different pieces of paper in your booklet to create your ideal day and what it looks like. So go ahead, get started, and when you're ready, I'll show you my results. 28. My Result For Exercise 13: So here is my little ideal day booklet. I started out with doing something on the front for my morning take care of my dogs, going for a walk with a couple of my dog. Clients followed by doing some work from home in the evening, doing some house projects, along with having a good meal and then going to bed, I decided to Onley, use very minimal colors. My thought process was my ideal day. ISS simple. I don't want a really complicated, crazy day toe where if that's how I wanted my day to be, I would have colored it in and made each of my booklet pages pop make you pause an extended amount of time versus just glancing and knowing Run off the bat Boom Pop prints, footprints, you guys air obviously walking. So this was my ideal day. How did your ideal they turn out? Did you use every page? And when you're ready, let's move on to the next exercise 29. Exercise 14: Brain Power: moving right along into our next exercise. So in this exercise, we're gonna be using Clay, I personally I'm gonna be using polymer clay. You can use whatever clay that you want. If you have Plato, go ahead and use that as well. Any form of clay will work now. What I want to do is to create your mind. Now, this might seem simple. You go Well. I know what a mind looks like. I know what the brain looks like, but I want to take it further. What does your brain look like? Does it look like a brain war? Is it more of a square right now? Is it a rectangle? Is it a triangle or is it an actual brain? What does that mean? What colors resonate in your brain right now? Is your brain one color? Or is it speckled? Is at half in half. Create a clay sculpture of your mind. Now, remember, don't put pressure on yourself. There isn't a right or wrong. I want you to get in touch with you and your mind. Be creative, enjoy the process and see where it takes you. 30. My Result For Exercise 14: So these are the different color plays that I have to work with and let me go ahead and start with limiting myself with the colors that I have. We'll see what happens. Be open minded. Don't worry about how it's gonna turn out. Just try to visualize your mind and what's going on in it. If your mind was outside your head and someone took a look at it, what would it look like? So here is my brain. First I use this silver. I love anything spark. So my brain itself had to be depicted. House silver Absolutely love that. Then we have the white, which to me, I feel like is my hope. So what? I'm hopeful for the light at the end. The tunnel, right? These are your hopes. Yellow is the fun part of my mind. When I'm ready to relax, I'm ready to go outside. Go for a nature walk, unplug from technology. This is what I feel like the yellow this then the purple and this pink ring. I feel like sometimes my brain is stuck in itself, so I keep to myself. It's introverted. It's not like my brains trying to explode out of my mind. It's just it's held tight by this pink little band to where it just keeps to itself at times. And then the purple is even, though keeps yourself. It's always going around, and that's why I have every part of my brain. You can see something different. I used up all the space. It's not like I left this part of my brain just silver. Just because my brain is always working, always interpreting things around me, I'm problem solving. I'm coming up with new ideas. I'm brainstorming, and to me, this is what my brain looks like now, as far a size, I would have made this bigger, and I could have probably added more to it. But my silver is very, very Crumpley. As you can see, it just breaks apart where this is probably an older clay. So I just took the little chunk of silver that wanted to work with me, and this was the size that I got. Otherwise I could have used this entire silver pack and made it into my brain. But this is an old clay, so we just made it work. But did you have fun with this exercise. I have to say it's definitely been a while since I have used this'll polymer clay. But it was fun. I enjoyed it. It's colorful and I love love. Love the silver clay. Now you can continue working on your brain. Go take a break and come back when you're ready, or hop on over to the next exercise. 31. Exercise 15: Mental Wonder: now onto a worksheet exercise. You can simply write these questions down or feel free to click on. The additional resource is on the screen should be up in the top left hand corner, printed out and fill it out. And this is just a mental escape to kinda daydream mentally. Wander around and start focusing on you. So if you're ready to write them down, get your pen and paper ready or print amount and get started. What is one thing that typically scares other people? But not you? List three things that you've never done yet but still want to list three things that you want to change about yourself and how you can make it happen. Now this isn't focused on physically changing yourself. It's something along the lines off. Are you too hard on yourself? How can you change that? Are you someone that gets stressed out easy? How can you change that? So go ahead and list three things. No list. One thing that you've been thinking about lately but are not ready to discuss at this moment just yet. What are three things about yourself when it comes to this time of the year it could be what you love about the season, what you like doing during the season. What are those three unique things and last but not least what ISS That one thing that you have been putting off that you should be completing so that you can get it off of your mind ? Because the thing is, when it comes to procrastinating on something, you still have it in the back. Your mind. It's taken up mental space, so why not get that thing crossed off your list and get it off of your mind? So go ahead, shot that one thing down. So with those questions, go ahead, answer them, and then when you're ready, click the play button and we'll continue on. 32. Exercise 16: Looking At Yourself: Now I have a question for you. How many times have you looked in the mirror and criticized yourself, Whether it's how you look, what you did or even what you said, We live in a world where self criticism is very prevalent, and for this exercise, I want you to start dampening and silencing that negative talk. So what I want to do is to pick a mirror, whether it's your bathroom mirror, whether it's the hall bei Mir or even a mirror in your bedroom, whatever mirror you look into the most. And then what I want to do is to write down a list of all the negative things you have thought to yourself. Whether it's I wish I was skinnier. I wish I was more forgiving. I don't like my smile right down anything and everything pertaining to you that you have criticized that you see as a negative and then I want you take different strips of Post It notes and write an affirmation for that. So I am perfect the way I am. And if you're stuck and you don't know the right information to write, feel free to hop online and Google and affirmation for whatever negative attributes, negative trait you see when it comes to you. And once you've done that, I want your post it notes to be all around your mirror. And every day for the next 21 days, I want you to recite those affirmations out loud. Now, 21 days has been statistically proven, the right amount of time to give yourself to form a new habit. And I'm choosing 21 days because I want that negative self talk criticism to die down for you to start silencing those thoughts. Because when it comes to anyone and everyone, we all have our unique attributes. Whether it's personality experiences, physical traits that make us unique. There is no such thing as perfect. It doesn't exist. What I see is perfect. Someone else is gonna go not so much. What another person sees is perfect. There's a good chance you and I probably don't. So in the end you could never achieve perfection. What you think is perfect is due most likely to what you have mentally experienced. You have mentally taken in, whether it's through TV through magazines, Internet, what all those different external sources tell you is perfect. That's what you start to believe. It's perfect, but is it really perfect? So go ahead. Take your piece of paper, start filling up the border of your mirror when it comes to these awesome positive affirmations. You're gonna be saying out loud for next 21 days to help give you a boost in your mood to remind you that Hey, you are awesome. You are unique. You got this. And once you finish with this exercise will hop on over to the next lecture. 33. My Result For Exercise 16: now I chose to this project because ever since I was in high school, girls always have something negative to say about themselves. When you look into a mirror, they like their hair. I don't like their face that like their arms, they should lose weight. They don't like their legs. They don't like how they look anything. They're just picking themselves apart. And that is not what I'm here is for. Ah, mirror is to make yourself feel more beautiful than you already feel. You should have the self confidence that you are, who you are and you are unique in your own way. Don't try to be like someone else. Don't try and look like someone else. You could see the background. I have my mirror there and there's the pink sticking us all around it. What I did is I took sticky notes and then just wrote four affirmations on a sticking out, took my scissors, cut him out, took some tape and take shots from me. Now I'm going to get off some of my affirmations to get let you guys get started on what you want to write off the stuff I have written on here relates to me in some way. So if some of slavery doesn't really to you, don't write it down. No one is making you do this. This is just a fun, a little way to look into the mirror and have all these positive things surrounding your mirror. All right, let's get started. I inspire others. All is well. I love myself. I am eternal love. I appreciate all that surrounds me. I am the creator of my own life. The more let go of stress that easier life gets. This moment is perfect to relax it. I release all my past limitations and fears. I feel more successful every day. It's my choice to make the best of any moment. I am beautiful. My life is blossoming in total perfection. How beautiful is that? I'm glad I was born and I love being alive. I accept all feelings as part of myself. Perfect wisdom is in my heart. I have the power to control my health and emotions. Don't let other people control you. I am worthy of love. Everyone is worthy of love. Whether you have it in your life or you don't away, hold on every say loves you. Whether it's just being outside in nature. Nature loves you. Your family loves you. Your friends love you. Your animals love you. And you gotta love yourself too. That is the key. So no matter what there's always love in your life, I am whole and complete and myself. I am healthy and happy. I always have enough for all that I need. So that is about half of the affirmations they're ready for. You guys just go online, look up affirmations. And whether it's a lot of success with the money, anything like that, they have it online. And I will not have anyone. Look, it's from here and not feel beautiful or handsome. If your God, I mean, it's all good. Alright, guys, Take care. I'll see you next week, okay? 34. Exercise 17: Catching Negativity: So for this exercise, how many of you have made a dreamcatcher before? A dream catcher is supposed to hang usually above your bed or next to your bed, and it catches those bad dreams those nightmares so they don't continuously wake you up or re occur. So that is exactly what we're gonna do for this exercise. Because sometimes we do have trouble falling asleep when we lay down in bed, and we're just thinking non stop. Of all the things that have happened before, you know it, we have made up scenarios playing. Maybe we're just so amped up with a specific emotion that we no longer can fall asleep. Well, a dream catcher is gonna be there to hold any of those negative dreams, negative thoughts and help you get a better night's sleep. So if you're ready to get started, go ahead, grab to Popsicle sticks and any yarn of your choice, and then hop on over to the next lecture so I can show you how I'm gonna make my personal dreamcatcher to hang above my bet. 35. My Result For Exercise 17 PART 1: So this has two parts. For the first part, it's a little bit less traditional, but it does involve usually a lot of supplies that should be in your house. I couldn't find my popsicle sticks, but I did have coffee stir sticks. So that is what I used for this one. And then, of course, some yard. So what I did is I glued the four ends together. Now this concern into a square or a diamond Dreamcatcher I think I like the diamond. So what I'm gonna do is take me arm, tie it to any end on my dreamcatcher and then start leaving the yarn back and forth. So when it comes to creating your dream catcher, you want spaces in it making a look a little bit like a spider web. Because according to the legend, all of your dreams go through the dreamcatcher and the good ones will trickle down the beads, the feathers, the ribbon that you have dangling off of the bottom off your dream catcher And then the negative and nightmares bad dreams get caught in the dreamcatcher itself. Now another thing you can do is you can color in your Popsicle sticks with whatever color you want, or even take a different type of yarn a ribbon and wrap it around and start wrapping it around the border of your dream catcher so that you hide the coffee, stir sticks or your Popsicle sticks. And then, of course, don't forget that you can add beats at any time to the inside of your dream catcher. - Now I wrap my yarn around the Popsicle stick instead of just weaving it back and forth like this simply because I don't want it to slide because this and slide very, very easy compared to this. - And so this is the pattern that you're going to continue until you feel that you're happy with it again. The bead or beads are optional. Just Adam as you go, string them onto your yarn and at the end, just make sure you add some dangling strands with jewels, ribbon or even feathers, and then a little yarn loop at the top to hang up your very own dream catcher. So this is the first version of an easy, personalized dreamcatcher that you can make 36. My Result For Exercise 17 PART 2: now, before moving forward. Let me go over really quickly on the supplies you will need for this class First, a 17 gauge wire. Suede lace. Two colors of your choice. One is gonna be the inside pattern, and one is going to be to hang up your dream catcher after it's complete. Beads of your choice. Superglue, tweezers, scissors, jewelry, wire clippers and jewelry pliers and the binder clip. Now, if you don't have some of these items in your home, feel free to watch this class all the way through and then see what you have in your home that you can substitute. Okay, let's continue on. So to begin, we're going to take our 17 gauge wire and form the circle of the Dreamcatcher. You could make this a small or as big as you want. If you're starting off, I would definitely suggest to make a bigger circle because it will be easier to make the pattern on the inside. Now wrap it around a little over two times and use your wire clippers to clip off the end. There. Now we're going to do is just wrap the wire around the circle to reinforce it. Then take your wire clippers clip off the ends and then with their jewelry, Pires simply bend the ends down so they are not sticking out. And there we go. Our circle for a dreamcatcher is now complete. Next, let's move on to our suede lace Are we gonna be doing is taking our suede lace now it's still attached to the spool. I'm going to start at one end and just simply start rapping Now this is a thicker lace so it is a little bit more difficult to work with the thinner, the material that easier it is to work with. Now as I'm rapping it's getting hard to hold both ends So I'm gonna take my binder clip and secure one end with it so it doesn't unwind from the circle And then I'm going to continue doing this until I'm close to where I started. So once you have reached the end, I'm gonna dio is cut off the tail to detach it from the spool and continue wrapping until I can only see a portion of the metal wire. There's a couple ways you can end. This first would be to tie a knot, but What I'm gonna do is actually take some superglue, apply it where the suede meets the wire and then tuck the edges in and then clipped the remaining tails off with my wire cutters. - And there we go. We now have a completed outside circle. Now, let's begin the pattern for the inside of this Dreamcatcher. All right, So to begin our pattern, I'm gonna take my silver thread and tie a double knot around the suede ring. So to begin our pattern, I'm gonna take my silver thread, go across about half a niche, wrap it around the suede circle, and then bring the thread back up through the space between the silver thread and the suede circle. Then you're just going to repeat this pattern so again, half inch over the sweltering and through the space between the silver thread and the circle, you're going to continue doing this until you are back at the start. But before you finish with the first row of patterns, you want to leave a small space between where you started and where you end off to give us room to start on the second layer of her pattern. Now to start our second row, I will be using my tweezers and you're simply going to do the same thing. But instead of our suede circle, we're now using the first layer of patterns. So, over the first wrote of silver thread, Take your tweezers, pull it through, and then pulled a silver thread back through the center. Now, repeat, put it over the silver thread. Take your tweezers, pull it through, and then back to the middle. Now, as you can see what this pattern, the little triangles are beginning to form. So go ahead and complete the second row. Now, once you finish your second row, we're going to begin our third row by simply putting the thread over the triangle taken or tweezers, pulling the thread through the triangle, Back up the center and repeat the threat over the triangle with your tweezers. Pull it through the triangle and then pull it back up the middle. Once you have completed your second row, you're gonna do the exact same thing. Except the triangles now are going to be smaller. - And once you have completed your third row, it is time to move on to the next section where we will add or beat, and we will complete our final row for this pattern. Now it's time to pick out your beat. I'm gonna add a light blue bead, but you can pick any beat of your choice. You're simply gonna add the bead onto the string and continue one more row of your patterns . So just go through the tiny triangles until you get all the way around back to the bead. And once you have completed your final row, simply tie two knots to close off this pattern. - And once you complete that, just simply take your white clippers and clip off the remaining silver threat. Now let's continue on and complete this Dreamcatcher by adding the finishing touches. Now let's add the beads to the bottom of our dreamcatcher I'm going to do is thread each row of my beads onto my silver thread, and then I'm gonna take the bottom of the silver thread and string it back up through the second bead all the way up to the top. This way, the beads are secured onto the thread, and then I'm just gonna repeat the same thing to the other side. Next, I'm going to take my suede lace, string it through the middle bottom of my dream catcher and then just tie a knot after that's complete. As you can see, I've already added one strand of beats to my one side. I'm going to do the exact same thing to the other side. So I'm gonna take my tweezers to help me pull up the bottom, thread through the dreamcatcher and then just tie two knots and use my wire clippers to clip off the excess threat. And finally, to complete the bottom portion of the dreamcatcher, I'm just adding to Mawr suede laces to each side of the dreamcatcher next to the beads. - After that's complete, we want to add a loop to the top over Dreamcatcher so we can hang it. I'm just gonna take some brown bread, cut it off, tie the ends together, make sure they're nice and tight, and then thread it through the dreamcatcher and then take my other side of the thread and put it through that loop and then just tighten it. Now the dreamcatcher is ready to be hung 37. Exercise 18: Positivity Rocks: Now let's to focus on positively and you. So what I want you to do is to first go outside or look around you and pick a rock of your choice that you absolutely love. Now, the reason why I said look around you is because some of you might already have a collection of rock. So if that's the case, pick one of your favorites. And if you don't go outside and find the perfect rock for you and then what I want to do is to decorate this rock in any way shape with any type of markers, paint, paper, anything and everything that you want to use. Go ahead because this is gonna be your rock. And the only thing that I want you to focus on is positivity. When it comes to you. What are your positive attributes? Are you helpful? Are you giving? Are you forgiving? Are you motivational? Are you caring? Are you loving? Are you family oriented? Focus on the positive attributes that make up who you are as a person, and fill this entire rock up with it. And then once you're done, you can have this rock anywhere in your house. maybe even in your cubicle, at work or just simply in your car. But this rock is going to focus on you and the awesome positive characteristics that make up you. So without keeping you waiting and no longer go ahead, pick Iraq, Decorate your rock, focusing on you. 38. My Result For Exercise 18: So here are some of the rocks that I have completed, and they all are unique to me in some way depending on the mood and how it was feeling. And that's what I want you to remember is that thes positivity rocks can go any which way The Onley rock that I am missing right now is a rock that has different words. So if I was to expand on this rose for this rose, I can write beautiful across the top. I can cut out from a magazine the word relaxed and paste it along here, stress free along here and maybe even the backside off any form off words that I want. It could be even a quote long ways, and I can pay the backside a completely different color. So this rock is a good start. But I need to add words of positivity to this rock. For sure. This was more of an experimentation rock, simply because I wasn't sure how well the Sharpie would hold up and it did pretty well. But it's not the best. Acrylic paint probably would have lasted much longer than the Sharpie, but this was just doodling on Iraq. I felt like this rock would be great for an abstract doodle, and that's what I did then, just a very simplistic Sieber print. I think it's absolutely awesome looking. One rocks have animal print on them, so I knew I had to have a super print. And this usually is on top of a stack of papers that I'm working on, whether it's artwork, mind maps, journal entries that I have started that I need to come back to and finish. There's just so many different things that you can do with you rock. So have an open mind when it comes to your positively rock. Can you give your rock an animal print based on your favorite animal? So every time you look at it, you're gonna have a positive association. And last but not least, my absolute favorite might be truck. So with my B truck, you have the sand, and then I don't know if you can see this, but I have little footprints. They haven't orange tent to them, and then, of course, I have the ocean. I've birds and then you have a bluish purple sky, and then my silver moon, this is my rock of relaxation. So just looking at it, I'm like, Wow, this is such a cool rock. First of all, I love the shape of it. It's a smooth rock. It doesn't have really any sharp edges or any rough edges, so it's very nice to just feel and rub this rock. Just the smoothness of it is absolutely awesome. But then every time I look at it, I am just in love with how this rock turned out. I use blue and purple coloring pencils for the sky. The moon. It was a silver Sharpie. The birds were a black Sharpie and then the ocean, the beach waas acrylic paint. So if you're looking to recreate this, I have 100% faith that you can. But this is absolutely one of my favorite favorite rocks. Every time I look at it, there is just no way that I can be upset. I look at it and I'm just thinking, Wow, I love this rock. So just by looking at some of your favorite rocks, whether they have words, pictures or different shapes, paint as many rocks, create as many rocks as you want and then have them all over your house. So what did you come up with? If you like your positivity rock, feel free to snap a photo and posted because I would love to see the type of positivity, rock or even positivity rocks that you have created. 39. Exercise 19: Filtered Art: Now we are back and jumping into art with a twist. It's gonna be coffee filter art, so I know I've mentioned this, but this course is about expressing herself through the different art forms. Forget about talking and expressing yourself with words. Just whatever you're feeling, put it down in whatever color, shape structure that you choose. So for this'll, coffee filter art. It's very, very simplistic, but also an amazing transformation. What I want to do is choose this. Take a coffee filter and then you're gonna take some washable markers and color in the outer center off the coffee filter. Once you've done that, you simply fold the coffee filter and placed the tip into a glass of water. And when you let it sit there for a little bit, you will see what you started from the middle start to seep and expand out towards the ends of the coffee filter, turning into a really pretty tie dye effect. And even sometimes, if you use the right colors right patterns, it almost looks like stained glass. This is an absolutely beautiful, beautiful exercise when it comes to taking something and starting small and letting it expand and transform by itself with a little bit of patience. So go ahead, grab your washable markers, coffee, filter, glass of water and get started. 40. My Results For Exercise 19: for our version, one of our filtered art. All we're gonna be doing is setting up a place with a glass of water where we can start to draw whatever aren't we want on the outer circle off our coffee filter. Now the markers will seep through, so make sure you have something that the coffee filters sitting on. And then when the coffee filter needs to dry, I do recommend using some sort of clip and a place where you can hang your coffee filtered art to fully dry. So, as you can see, I'm just taken any and all colors and just drawing whatever I want on the outer circle of my coffee filter. And I know that the less white that I have left on my coffee filter, the prettier it's gonna be. So choose your top colors, or even use any and all colors of your washable markers and draw whatever design you want, leaving the center of the coffee filter blank. - Once you've finished, all your going to do is just fold your coffee filter in half one way and then in half the other way, make sure not to crease it, and then just gently set the tip in your glass of water. Once the coffee filter has been sitting for about 5 to 10 minutes, all I'm gonna be doing is just touching up the edges by dipping my finger in the water and any edges where the markers have not seeped all the way up. I'm just kind of helping it have the same tight I effect, and once I've done that, all I'm gonna do is just unfolded. Now make sure not to set your coffee filter onto any paper because it will transfer onto your piece of paper and away from the coffee filter. So this is where it's going to be important to have a clip clip onto your coffee filter and let it dry for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the weather. If it's drawing outside and it's a hot, sunny day, it's gonna dry a lot faster than if it's a winter morning. Four. Version two of our coffee filter art. This is where we're gonna be transferring the art from our coffee filter onto a piece of paper. Now, the piece of paper I would pick a thick quality watercolor paper that's not going to wrinkle when there's water added to it. So for this version, all I'm gonna be doing is coloring in as much of the coffee filter as I want anywhere on the coffee filter. You concolor it all in you concolor half of it in Do whatever you want on your coffee filter. There is no restrictions, but again, the more colors you have, the brighter and more tied I oven effect you'll get. So as you can see, I'm staying kind of in the center of my coffee filter. So I have fully colored it in. I like my colors like the shapes. Now all I'm gonna be doing is taking my glass of water, dipping my hand in it and then just start to trip the water onto the coffee filter so the color start to all melt and blend together. Now, once I am happy with my tight I effect. All I'm gonna do is lift off my coffee filter and these colors are going to stay on my piece of paper. You will see that the coffee filter is mostly blank and all the colors have transferred onto your paper. So this is how it looks. I'm gonna go ahead, set aside and let it dry. And my coffee filter. As you can see, there is barely any color left. Majority of it is on my piece of paper. So go ahead, pick aversion and have fun with it. 41. Exercise 20: Painting Without A Brush: now, Now. Now, if you remember, painting is in the title of this course. But you notice that when I say drawing painting crafts, I'm not narrowing down to only a specific type of painting a specific type of drawing, because I want to give you as much flexibility as possible. So for this exercise, we're going to be painting with yarn. Yes, yarn banning What is that? Right? So this is basically taking all sorts of different colors of yarn and creating a masterpiece on your piece of paper. So you can you take white paper or colored construction paper and then contact paper. Or, if you don't have contact paper that you can put sticky side up and tape it down around the four corners, you can do double stick tape or even glue. And what this does is it acts as an adhesive for your yard. Now, the reason why I chose you arm painting for this art therapy exercise is sometimes we are so mentally in tune with the noise, the thoughts that are going through our heads, that there is a really good chance that you have not done your in painting before and with you doing something new trying something new. It gets your mind off of all the mental clutter because you now are going to be laser focused in on what this new thing that you are giving a go out is all about. And that's what I want you to do for this exercise. Get your yarn, get your contact paper, tape it down onto construction paper, even a white piece of paper, and start creating your yarn painting. Get as crazy as abstract or maybe as realistic as you want, but have fun with this, making your own express yourself. Use what ever colors you want, so if you're ready, let's jump into it. 42. My Results For Exercise 20: now for my yarn paining, I decided I'm going to use cardboard. And instead of contact paper glue, I decided I'm gonna do mod posh. So all I'm doing is taking a bit and then using my finger to smear all over my car board square. Now you can use a brush to do this so your finger doesn't get dirty. And then any excess mod podge. I just put it back into the container now with the mod podge or glue. If you choose to go this route, you want to put a decent layer on, so in 10 minutes it's not going to dry clear. But at the same time, you don't want it to be super runny toe, where it's not staying on the piece of cardboard or whatever surface you're doing. Your yarn painting on. Next. I decided I was going to cut different strands of your and for this it is optional, a swell. You can use long strands of yarn. You can use an inch of yarn at a time. Two inches three inches. You can do what ever designs with any length of yarn that you want. As you can see, I use my black yarn to create a store. And now I'm using my white to outline the star with white yarn. And next, I'm gonna take my tan yard and go around the inside of the star. And then after that, I'm gonna use gray yarn to do the outside border of the star. And as you can see already in one of my corners of my cardboard, it's already drying clear. So I'm gonna have to go back to this area and add a little bit more of mod posh, because once it dries, the yarn cannot stick to it. So go ahead, watch what I dio to see if it can give you any inspiration and then get out your supplies and make a yarn painting of your choice. 43. Exercise 21: White on White Emotions: do you sometimes feel that certain situations or emotions that you're feeling? You keep bottled up inside of you because no one else around you will understand what you're going through. If you are currently in this situation where you have hidden thoughts, hidden emotions, you're keeping everything to yourself. We all know that's not healthy. So what I want you to dio for this exercise is to take a blank piece of paper, take a white crayon and whatever hidden emotions, thoughts, experiences, events that you are keeping inside yourself, go ahead and draw it on your white piece of paper. Now, with your crayon being white, you're not gonna be able to see this right. And that's where the element of you keep it. Inside shoe comes in, but in the end you are in a way, expressing it through art. So what I want you to do once you have finished wrong with your right ground, is to take your watercolor paints and color in the different sections with whatever color, whatever patterns that you choose. Because in the end, even though it sometimes feels like you are the only person going through this, you're not. We're all connected through emotions through events. And yes, they're going to vary, such as when you fell off your bike. There's a good chance that there is someone else that has fallen off their bike, but it was most likely in a different time, different year, different area. But we all are connected through these different events and that you are not the only one going through whatever you were feeling, whatever situation you were put in that you don't want to talk about. So this is gonna be a great exercise when it comes to taking those emotions, thoughts, experiences that you have hidden inside you, putting it onto your piece of paper with a white crayon and then given it color. Acknowledging these thoughts. And don't worry, you don't have to share this with anyone. This is for you because art therapy is a fantastic way to express yourself to de stress and let some off those recurring thoughts and emotions go. So go ahead, get your white paper white crown watercolor palette and get started 44. Exercise 22: Unmasking Yourself: Now I want you to draw a mask on your piece of paper. Just an outline of a mask and half of the mask is gonna be focusing on what society is pressuring you to do. And by society that could be friends, family work, significant other. But the other half of the mask I want you to draw and express what you want to dio who you are. So it's gonna be kind of like that sad and happy mask. But instead I want you to focus on externally. The pressure is being put on you on who you should be, what you should be doing. And then the other half who you are. Because at the end of the day, the only person that really knows you is you No one can tell you who to be, what to do in life. There's gonna be obstacles day in and day out. They don't go away. There's always problems popping up. But I want you for this exercise to get in touch and analyze the external factors there being put on you and internally who you really are. So go ahead, trace the mask that I'm about to show you divided in half and complete this exercise. So here are the different masks that I have come up with that I have to choose which one resonates with me the most. And that is exactly what I want to do. So the biggest one resembles the shape of my face and you can do that as well. 1/2 is one color. Thea, other half is another color. So I chose black and silver down below. You have a blue mask that only covers your eyes then right on over to the right. It looks a little bit weird if you were to put this on your face but I wanted it to express my different sides and have a contrast ing look to it as well. So the left side is spiky. That's the side that I'm fighting against that I don't like. The other side is pink and smooth. Pink is a very bright color and in resembles more of a mask. So you can do a contrast to how does it feel when people see us? Someone that you're really not, and then last but not least right up above? This is a traditional mask that I have drawn that includes the left and the right side of the mask. So choose which masks shape you resonate with the most and get started. 45. Exercise 23: Creating Your Picture: Hello? Hello. Welcome back. So for this exercise, we're gonna be getting a little bit crafty with creating a stress mosaic. So I want you to take your first piece of paper out of the two, and your 1st 1 is going to be cut up into random shapes and sizes, and these are gonna be our mosaic pieces, which we're gonna color in right on, and then make a collage on our second piece of paper. Now, when I talk about a stress mosaic, focus on things like, Are you currently stressed? What do you stressed about What does stress look like? What distress feel like? How does stress affect your body? What is your relationship with stress? What if you had a month or more of no stress? What? What if you like? I want you to focus in on stress because as we go day by day dealing with the daily weekly problems that pop up at one point or another, you have felt stress. So taking a look at your relationship to stress How does it affect the life around you? The life with your family, with your friends? Is that positive? Is it a negative what color is stress? Keep those things in the back of your mind as you start coloring each of the paper mosaic pieces that will make up your overall and final stress mosaic. 46. Exercise 24: Emotional Colors: Now, there have been a lot of different studies on how color affects us from color psychology on what colors to wear if you want to appear more confident to even the colors for your art therapy exercises. So for this exercise, I want to focus on how you interpret color. So what I want you dio is to take any an all colors that you have in front of you and just draw a square for each color and color that square in, and then right next to it, right, the emotion that you associate with that color and then for part two, I want you to draw a brain, and I want you to take the colors and how you interpret them with a specific emotion and color in what amounts off those colors you associate when it comes to you. So, for example, if I've done all of my different colored squares, I have the emotions associated with them. I have my brain, and right now I feel super super happy, and I would say that's half of my brain. Probably the top half of my brain here would be all of one color that I associate with happiness. Now, if you're feeling a mixed emotion of happiness, sadness, depressed anger, you would have your brain colored in with the amount of emotions that you are currently feeling. So if you're ready to tackle this color were sheet. Go ahead, grab your pencils, paper color in the squares, associate them with an emotion and then depict what you're currently feeling by coloring in your brain. 47. My Result For Exercise 24: 48. Exercise 25: You + drawing exercise: Now we have drawn on windows with their fingers and an assortment of different instruments . But for this exercise, we're gonna switch it up just a bit again. So I want you to draw on yourself. It can be with washable markers or even henna. But I want you to draw anywhere on yourself any type of design without any restrictions. And then afterwards take a moment to really look at the art you've created on yourself. So many times we look at ourselves and we list all the things that we want to change. I wish I was skin year. I wish I had abs. I wish my hands or feet were prettier. So if you are someone that does have this negative body image, I want you to specifically pick a body part that you don't like. It could be your hands, your feet, your thighs, your stomach, any and all areas. Maybe it's an area that has a scar that you don't like. And then I want you to create any type of artwork on it because at the end of the day, your body is unique to you. Your body is you. So giving yourself a little bit of self love through this exercise can go a long way when it comes to mentally de charging at the end of the day and giving yourself some love. 49. My You + Drawing results: So here are some of my designs that I have drawn. I have made my own. Hannah and I have pre bought just little Hannah cones where you can take off the tip, and it's already pre made for you. But some of these designs I did look online and get the inspiration and then added to it. As you can see, the dark is the Hannah that is still drawing. Once it flakes off, it's gonna have a little bit of an orange tent, and then it's gonna mellow down into a brown color, depending on the hand, a color that you choose. There's red, there's a black brown and, I believe, a more orange tent as well. But so I just had fun. I think Hannah is a fantastic way to just express yourself, and I love looking down at my hands, so hopefully this gave you a little bit of inspiration on what you can do when it comes to drawing on yourself and expressing yourself in whatever designs that you want on any body part that you choose 50. Exercise 26: Emotional Fortune: How many of you have created a paper fortune teller before? I know I did as a kit. And for this exercise, that's exactly what we're gonna do. So I'm gonna show you step by step on how to create this paper fortune teller. And then what I want to do is to look inside yourself and think of a negative emotion that you have been really struggling with this week this month. This year, a negative emotion that you really don't like feeling. And this is what this paper fortune teller is gonna be put to use for. So if you're ready, grab a blank piece of paper and let's start on this exercise. So to make our fortune teller, the first thing we're gonna do is start out with a square piece paper. So if you have a rectangle piece paper, not a problem, just turn it into us where? So I'm just gonna line it up and then cut off this remaining etch you you now to make sure that it is square, I'm just gonna fold it the other way, then cut off any ends that are not even so right here sticks out a little bit. And right there, it sticks out as well. Now, you should have a plus sign. What we're gonna be doing is taking our corners, enfolding them into the center. Once that is done, I'm just gonna use my fingernail, increase the lines here that I've created. Then we're gonna full up it over and do the exact same thing. Corners towards the middle. Uh, like, last step is folding this in half and then just simply flap up all these flaps. There you go. Fortune teller created now for this one, I'm going to use the bigger one. All we're gonna be doing is on the outer flaps that we put our fingers into pic four of your favorite colors that you can either color in and leave as just the color or color in and right whatever color. So if I one it blew, I would color this square in with a blue marker and then with a black Sharpie, right the color blue. So choose your four colors and complete this step. I'm gonna go with silver, blue, pink and green. - Now , once you have your four colors now, we're going to write a number on each triangle. Any number that you want. It could be between one and 10 10 and 21 in 100. Whatever you want. Next, you should have chosen an emotion that you want to reduce. A negative emotion of choice. Could be anxiety, depression, sadness, stress. Whatever emotion you want, I am going to go with stress. So what I'm going to to is for each flap thes. They're now going to be the big triangles. I'm going to write a different ways. I can reduce stress. So here is option one to reduce stress option to to reduce stress. 34 56 And then 78 and thes options have to work for you. So you can't write down an option that you know you're not gonna want to dio. Okay, So I have my different solutions for when I am stressed. I have meditate for 10 minutes, go for a walk, watch a funny video, right about the thing that is stressing me out. Why? I'm stressed out. Listen to my favorite song. Have a 10 minute play session with my dogs. Complete a do it yourself craft or color. So once you have your possible solutions for your negative emotion. We're going to now put it all together. So next time I am stressed and this is gonna be my stress fortune teller. I am gonna first pick a color which will do blue B l u e that out of the numbers I have 139 and two. I'm going to go with three. And you can do this two ways you can unflappable three. Or you could go 123 and then pick your final number between 857 and four, which I'm going to do five Meditate for 10 minutes and that is how your negative emotion Fortune teller is gonna work. You can create as many of thes as you want for different emotions. One for stress, one for when you're sad, one for when you're feeling depressed 14 if you're bored. And me and all types of negative emotions that you want to help reduce. This is a fantastic and fun little way to do it 51. What Did You Come Up With?: you have now reached the end of this course. Now, just because this is the end does not mean that I am not working on ways to expand this course while also giving you personalized one on one help. And just like with every student that completes this course, I am always very, very grateful and appreciate the fact that you took the time to enroll in this course. And if you enjoy this course, would you please leave a review to not only allow me to see what you think of it, to see the feedback from you, but to also let future students know and help them decide if this course is something that they want to enroll into? I hope that you had a lot of fun. I know I did. I know we kind of branched out in this course. Had some fun. Hopefully you could have at least 1 to 2 ideas that really clicked with you that sparked your creativity. When this course has expanded with more lectures, more exercises, I will definitely let you know. But until then thank you so much for joining me. I'll see you next time