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25 incredibly useful websites ( Designer, Website developer, Students, food enthusiast, & everyone)

teacher avatar Saujan Man Pradhan, WordPress Designer and Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction - Useful websites you should know

    • 2. 25 Amazing websites, useful to everyone

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About This Class

Greetings everyone!

In this lesson, we will learn about 25 amazing websites that can be useful to everyone. No matter you are a Designer, Website developer, student, food enthusiast..these sites will make things easier and will add to your productivity. 

Here's what's included in this course:

  1. Get some free books (0:15)
  2. No need to share your personal  emails for the sites you rarely use (1:12)
  3. Make an Editable PDF (online) (2:15)
  4. Scan files and Websites online (3:50)
  5. Check your websites if it's infected with malicious code (4:43)
  6. What theme is this WordPress website using? (5:23)
  7. Capture the whole site (6:05)
  8. Online Editing (no Photoshop required) (7:04)
  9. Create a Vector file (with Pen & Pencil tool) (8:10)
  10. Convert screenshot to an image link (8:53)
  11. Free images/videos/illustrations & Music (9:40)
  12. More free contents - images & videos (10:11)
  13. Free Arts (10:41)
  14. Free icons (11:06)
  15. Convert Free icons to png (12:15)
  16. Free Fonts (13:53)
  17. Stylish Fonts (14:46)
  18. Creative designs (online) (15:25)
  19. Get rid of the image background (17:03)
  20. What colors go with what? (18:20)
  21. Optimize the images for your Website (18:57)
  22. Send up to 2GB of files (attachment) for free (19:29)
  23. Know what you can COOK from the items you have - food recipes (20:48)
  24. know some fun facts about your birthday (21:29)
  25. Call or SMS USA numbers for free (You can get your own numbers too) (22:02)

Hope you'll learn something useful and valuable. 

Thank you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Saujan Man Pradhan

WordPress Designer and Graphic Designer


Greetings everyone!

I am a WordPress Developer, Graphic Designer and a Social Media Marketing Expert with a Master Degree (MBA) from Nepal and more than 8 years of experiences in Designing & Marketing.

I have been working as a WordPress Developer for more than 5 years now. I have worked for both back-end and front –end development including WordPress themes and plugins. I do themes customization, designs and many more. Being a Graphic Designer helps me to play with color choices and as well better communicate with the clients as sometimes I use the image form to showcase the actual design before it is made.

For Graphics I mostly use Adobe Photoshop to implement my concepts to reality and also use Microsoft PowerPoint to present the ideas through presentat... See full profile

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1. Introduction - Useful websites you should know: Greetings everyone. My name is Saujan Pradhan and today I will share some of the great websites that I have been using for many years now. These websites are useful to everyone, no matter you are a designer, Website developer, student, food enthusiast, or anyone. The only objective of this course is to expand your horizon and give you some insights into beautiful and handy websites that can be used on many occasions. So if you're wondering, what will you learn in this course, it's all about getting new ideas that can simplify your work Together, we will look into the websites that will offer free books, free fonts, free us numbers, free images and videos, free icons and art, designing creatives online without using Photoshop, food recipes, creating temporary emails, and many more. Not only that, I will share the site's link but will also briefly walkthrough on how we can use it. You will not require any technical or coding knowledge whatsoever. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can look at these sites and explore as much as you can to bring out the best of it. So at the end of this course, you should know about 25 amazing sites that will make lots of things easier for you. These simple sites will definitely give you great ideas and enhance your productivity. So let's get started. 2. 25 Amazing websites, useful to everyone: Greetings everyone. So in this course, we will walk through 25 websites that can be really useful to everyone. So let's get started. Our first website is PDF dr.com. So on this side, you can search for free PDF books handy for everyone. Let's search for WordPress or cookbook or anything you'd want. And it's super easy to download. Simply click on download and choose your format and download. So here's the book that looks great. Though this side does not require registration. There are many sites that needs you to sign up. And if you are only using it once, you don't want to save your email id. In such a case, there is one easy website that creates a temporary e-mail address over to ten-minute email dominate. This side creates an email id with a validity of ten minutes. Let's see how it works. Here's my temporary email. Let's copied as a demo. We'll use it for PDF Dr. signing. In fact, create an account, give a name, used the temporary email, and set up a password and sign up. Now see I got an email to conform, so you can click on it to activate. The miseries of this side is to get pdf from websites, which requires an email address to download. Or you can use it a forum sites. Anyway, in many instance, you, we required to create an editable PDF form. It's super easy. If you go to PDF scape.com. We can work online or you can use a Dexter version. You can create a brand new PDF file or upload a PDF and make it writable to create a new PDF file. Simply click on create a new PDF. Choose a format you'd want. So you can write text, inserting, amazes and many other things. You can also create a writable PDF. All you have to do is upload the PDF file. This is the random form that wasn't writeable. So this form field has many options. Let us choose text. And you can simply use it like this. You can choose the checkbox. After you are done. Simply save and export. So now it's writable and you can take as well. So this is a great site to create PDF. Now let's move to a scanner site, whatever file to get off the internet. Or if you want to scan some files from your PC, you can simply go to virus total.com. This side gives you the option to scan files and websites. So let's try to scan a file. You can scan any files from dot EXE to WordPress PSP files to simply zip it and scan. This looks fine. For another example, I have a PHP file with malicious code. I had removed the virus from a site. Anyway. So the virus has been found mostly now themes and plug-ins display this kind of virus. You can also directly scanner website. For example, you can simply add a site's URL here, and it will make the scan. The other mice website to check a malicious site is site j dot sucrose predominate. Typing a domain and scan. And this is only for the sides. We'll give a lot of details if we scroll down. Now, suppose you are surfing the internet looking for beautiful website designs. And you like a website. Let's suppose this one. So you want to find out more info about this site, like the themes it's using and plug-ins maybe for that you can simply go to WP theme detector dot-com. Simply paste the URL here. So this side will tell me about the themes it's using and the themes link. Also some infos and plug-ins. However, please note this is for the Wordpress website only, and if it is Everly modified, it may not splay the details. Now suppose you checked a website online or any design whatsoever and lighted. So you want to take a screenshot of the whole site. Print screen on your keyboard may not be sufficient. So that's why you can over to screen sought dot-com through. This is the site. All you need is a URL. It also has a Chrome extension, the URL and screen capture. So it does the work. You can do this with any website designs or anything with a URL. Simply save it by clicking Save As. And here's the whole screen capture. Now suppose you want to make some changes to a JPEG file, but you don't have a photoshop. Then you can go to Pixlr.com. Sorry dad, version e and x. Let's try x. Simply lower and images. So here options, a crop and many more. But pixel plus E has many options. Go to frictional class II load MAs. I'll save the only maize and use that. So as you can see, it has many options as Photoshop, you can work around and make edits to your images. The other cool side to work with images is vector.com. Click on news online. You can simply drag an email and work accordingly. It also has a pain to make changes and exported later. Before moving to another website, let's suppose you want to send the screens out with an instructions to someone, but don't want to save it, attach and send it as an email. In such case, you can simply click on print screen on your keyboard and then go to snip board dot IU. You dont have to save images at all. Simply press control plus V0. And then there's the uploading link. So you can see that the direct link or simply copied right-click copy image URL and open in the browser. So here you get the whole image only. Simply send the link URL via WhatsApp, messenger, whatever you are using. This works and mobile phone two. That means you can also send photos using this on Tinder anyway. So if you are designing something or working with the website, you might be looking for free images or videos. So go to pixabay.com. This site offers free photos, videos, music, free illustrations, and lots of free contained. Simply search for the content you want. And you can get free contained. It's free for commercial use with no attribution required. Another cool site for free photos and videos is pixels dot-com. So search for photos and videos. Let's look into the info. Free to use and no attribution required. So you can use them on websites or presentations or creatives. Here's another option for getting some cool art for that, go to clean PNG.com. You will find interesting arts for your project. Search for the one you are looking for, and download it for free. Possibly now you also want some free icons. Creative icons are cool so far that go to font yellow.com. Fontanel icons are normally used for websites. These are free, so you can use them on your website. But for instance, if you want to use it on creative designs, you can convert them to PNG or SVG, for example, let's choose a nice icon. You can choose as many as you want and download it. Open. It will drag to the next stop. So here are all the files. This can be used on a website, but for using it on other projects. You can hover to fund. And he is the FVC will have to make some edits to it to make it usable for our designs. For that, you can go to high Comandante. This also offers free icons. Go to ICAM-1 APP. Hear tons of free icons. You can use them to, anyway, to use the earlier icon, simply drag it here, or you can use the input icons. Here's the icon. Click on Generate SBC and more. Now you can download it as SBC and PNG. So if we open it, we have a PNG file. Might look small. And we have an specif too. So if you are aware, SPC files can be inland to any size. Or if you want to use a bigger PNG, you can go to the site we discussed earlier, vectorial.com. Use online. Drag the SVG, click sift and adjust decides. You can even change colors and exported and US accordingly. Now, if you want to use a stylus fund, possibly most of you know about it. If not, go to finance dot google.com. So Google offers lots of free funds you can use either on the website or on your project or presentation. All you need to do is click on it and download the font-family. Open the zip file and install the font individually. I'm just doing for one. So if we open a Word document, you can use the fund. However, please note if you are sending it to another person would not have this fund. You might want to save it as PDF. So here's another great site for nice funds over to Dan font.com. So this side's offer, lots of stylists funds. However, please look in the license information for its uses. Most of them are free for personal use. There might be some conditions for commercial leases. Regardless, this will definitely SSE you to expand your horizon. Now, Another great site to make designs is canva.com. You will need to make a registration before using it. I'll sign up using the free email for now. Ten minute e-mail dominate. Get an email and resistor. Choose accordingly. So I also received an email from Canvas, but I don't need it now. Here are lots of custom designs you can choose from. You can click on any designs, right? Your text, change colors and many more and downloaded as required format. Some features might require approvers and you can also pull in your own logo or images. You can simply drag and use it as accordingly. There are lots of cool designs you can choose from. Canada offers to remove background from an image, but possibly for proverbs. And anyway, let's save an image and try to remove its background. So we have downloaded the image. If you want to remove the background of this image, go to remove dot BZ. It's a great website to do it. Simply drag the image is. And the background has been removed. It also removes the background from complex images. Let me save and emails from free pixabay.com. It's downloaded. Now let's get back to remove that Basie upload the image. So it's done. You can download it. So the background has been removed. Ideal if you have an e-commerce site and want to remove the background. Though the free version has some limitations. Now if you are a designer and want to get a quick idea and color palettes go to color dot adobe.com slash create. So this website gives you color combinations and many options to look for. You can get an idea for sales and many more. You will have the color-code stew. Now, if you're a web designer and have created an awesome designed for your website than before uploading it to your web. You may want to optimize it rather than using big size images. Good for Web speed for that, go to tiny PNG.com. All you have to do is dragging misses or clicky and tiny PNG will do the work. It will optimize the images and the quality of the images will look good too. The free version, however, offers 20 images at one go. You can drag all 20 at a time. Now, if you want to send some large files for free, then you can go to we transfer.com. Using this site. You can see in up to 2CV files for free. The receiver, however, needs to download it within seven days and the process is easy. Simply write your email address. The receivables email. If there's any message, you can right here, you can drag a file earlier, or we can even drag a folder or zip it. All checked. Then transfer. You'll get a code in the email. Use the code. Transfer. Very simple to do, but do note the download link expires in seven days. I will cancel this for now. And now, if you are tired about all this and want to cook a simple mail, here's an interesting site. Go to supercool.com. And this website is all about getting ingredients of what you have. Simply select what's on your freezer House. And it will give you some DC's ideas. Click on it and prepare it. Now with this hard work, let's look into a front side that will tell you some interesting facts about you. Simply go to y2 dot are getting old.com. So this is just a fun website. Input your or your friend's birthday and get some interesting facts. Find out what happened or how many are dead or alive and many more cool information. As you learned about this interesting side, let's get us a number and say it with your friends and families will open in cognitive mode and go to Text now dot-com. So this side will give you a free phone number. No, you'll have to use it regularly to keep it alive. You can receive a send SMS and also called the USA or Canada for free. All you have to do is sign up. Use either of them to sign up. Once you sign up, it will look like this. You can compose a new SMS message. Simply write the receivers number and message. You can also download it's app for the phone. And you can also directly call someone by simply clicking here, will have to give Mike permission. Anyway. So I hope these websites are useful to you. Thank you very much.