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33 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Create Your Own Inbox Zero System

    • 3. Perform Actions Quickly on Many Emails

    • 4. Clean Up Your Email Archiving and Deleting

    • 5. Trash and Spam Messages

    • 6. Get Rid of Those Newsletters Mass Unsubscribe

    • 7. Managing Your Emails With Labels – PART 1

    • 8. Managing Your Emails With Labels – PART 2

    • 9. The Stars System Organize Your Messages

    • 10. Using Filters to Automatically Process a Message

    • 11. Advanced Filtering Tips Tricks

    • 12. Essential Settings from the Gear Icon

    • 13. Add and Manage Multiple Email Accounts in One Place

    • 14. You’ve Got Mail Desktop Notifiers

    • 15. The Secrets of Composing a Message Fast

    • 16. Create an Email Signature with Gmail or WiseStamp

    • 17. Keyboard Shortcuts Turn Yourself into an Email Ninja

    • 18. Advanced Searching Find Any Email You’re Looking For

    • 19. Use Search Operators to Perform Advanced Searching

    • 20. Are You On Vacation Let Gmail Reply For You

    • 21. Delegate the Management of Your Inbox to an Assistant

    • 22. Exploring the Settings of Gmail Labs and Mark as Read Button

    • 23. Reply to Mail Faster with Canned Responses

    • 24. Un send Emails and View Messages without Clicking Through

    • 25. Quick Links Put Your Most Frequent Gmail Destinations In Front of You

    • 26. Contacts and Contact Groups Save Time and Be Productive

    • 27. Tasks Maintain Multiple To do Lists

    • 28. Brewster–All Your Contacts in One Place

    • 29. Use IFTTT to Automate Gmail’s Interaction with Popular Apps

    • 30. Schedule Sending and Set Email Reminders with Boomerang

    • 31. Deliver Your Emails at Times You Specify with BatchedInbox

    • 32. Exploring the New Design

    • 33. Pinning Sweeping


About This Class

Boost your Productivity with 25+ Gmail Techniques and Master Email Communication


Are you buried under an unstoppable avalanche of email daily?

Do you want to learn all the secrets of Gmail and save HOURS a week?

Now it's time to empty your inbox to zero and skyrocket your productivity.

Google says less than 1% of its total Gmail users makes use of many hidden features even though they know the features exist.

In this class, you will learn over 25 different techniques and strategies that helps clear the email clutter and make you an email ninja. If you are someone who spends 10 minutes or an hour managing email daily, the tips, tricks, and tools in this course will cut that time by at least half!

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll and make the most of the world's most powerful and popular email system!


With over 40 lectures and updates, learning how to become a Gmail power user has never been easier. This course is a concise and easy-to-watch guide to master time-saving techniques for managing email and increasing email productivity.

You'll learn how to:

  • Add and manage multiple email accounts in one place
  • Manage your emails with labels
  • Use filters to automatically process a message
  • Organize your messages with the stars system
  • Reply to mail faster with Canned Responses
  • Put your most frequent Gmail destinations in front of you with Quick Links
  • Bring all your Contacts together in one place with Brewster
  • Use IFTTT to automate Gmail's interaction with popular apps
  • Schedule sending and set email reminders with Boomerang
  • Deliver your emails at times you specify with BatchedInbox
  • Get rid of those newsletters with Mass Unsubscribe
  • Turn yourself into email ninja with keyboard shortcuts
  • Delegate the management of your inbox to an assistant
  • Set a Gmail reply for you if you are on vacation
  • Un-send emails and view messages without clicking through
  • Search in Advanced and find any email you're looking for
  • Set Desktop Notifiers
  • Perform actions quickly on many emails
  • Clean up your email: archiving and deleting
  • Create a text or image signature
  • Set Contacts and Contact groups: Save time and be productive
  • Understand tasks and maintain multiple to-do lists
  • Explore the settings of Gmail Labs
  • Navigate the brand new 2015 Gmail Version: Inbox by Gmail

Stop being a slave of your inbox and enroll now