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24 Form Tai Chi - Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan - 24式 吴氏 太极拳

Precise Agency

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25 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. 1. Commencing Form ,Qi shi 起式

    • 2. 2. Part the Wild Horse's Mane on Both Side, Zuo you ye ma fen zong 左右野马分鬃

    • 3. 3. White Crane Spreads its Wings, Bai he liang chi 白鹤亮翅

    • 4. 4. Brush Knee and Twist Step on Both Side, Zuo you lou qi ao bu 左右搂膝拗步

    • 5. 5. Play Pipa, Shou hui pipa 手挥琵琶

    • 6. 6. Repulse Monkey, Dao juan hong 左右倒卷肱

    • 7. 7. Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail (Left), Zuo lan que wei 左揽雀尾

    • 8. 8. Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail (Right), You lan que wei 右揽雀尾

    • 9. 9. Single Whip, Dan bian 单鞭

    • 10. 10. Wave Hands Like Clouds, Yun shou 云手

    • 11. 11. Single Whip, Dan bian 单鞭

    • 12. 12. High Pat on Horse, Gao tan ma 高探马

    • 13. 13. Kick with Right Heel, You deng jiao 右蹬脚

    • 14. 14. Strike Ears with Fists, Shuan feng guan er 双峰贯耳

    • 15. 15. Kick with Left Heel, Zhuan shen zuo deng jiao 转身左蹬脚

    • 16. 16. Snake Creeps Down (Left), Zuo xia du li shi 左下势独立

    • 17. 17. Snake Creeps Down (Right), You xia du li shi 右下势独立

    • 18. 18. Fair Lady Weaves the Shuttle, Zuo you chuan suo 左右穿梭

    • 19. 19. Needle at the Bottom of the Sea, Hai di zhen 海底针

    • 20. 20. Flash the Arm, Shan tong bi 闪通臂

    • 21. 21. Turn, Deflect Downward, Parry and Punch, Zhuan shen ban lan chui 转身搬拦捶

    • 22. 22. Apparent Close Up, Ru feng si bi 如封似闭

    • 23. 23. Cross Hands, Shi zi shou 十字手

    • 24. 24. Closing Form, Shou shi 收势

    • 25. 25. All 24-Form Full Video 完整版


About This Class


The 24-form Tai Chi is created by Tai Chi masters by selecting the most important 24 different postures.

It is a simplified form of Tai Chi and very easy to learn and practise. These days it become a popular trend, more and more people world wide start to learn this 24 forms.

This class is created by The great Master Zong Weijie.

She is 

- China's national champion of Tai Chi for 6 consecutive years,
- 2015 World Champion in Tai Chi of World Kung Fu Championships 
- The only successor of Wu-style Tai Chi of the fifth generation
- Currently work at Beijing Sport University as a professor
- Martial Arts Level 7 master 

She has a lot of experience in coaching and she will be teaching you with her unique and comprehensive techniques.

This class is created by Beijing Sport University with Master Zong Weijie.

It will teach you the 24-form Tai Chi step by step. Demonstrates each postures and identify common mistakes. That allows you to become a master in Tai Chi too.

The copyright is reserved by Beijing Sport University. Published by Precise Agency at SkillShare.


1. 1. Commencing Form ,Qi shi 起式: got your, huh? Samir on casualty artist Sister Title 20. Sure. Don't. Huh? Mama your He teaches What way? Sounds sort of value in huge other value and hung she uses our young show My monster NBC are champing she WGN goto Major, choose a shotgun Tingey individual young show. I'm not three foot here. Precipitation that she should don't know more. Seminal Montero. Is that had I don't know, the even toe Tonto e cable. Mama you to you here, right? Todo todo Shahana woman Young shows she and B there's no e mails. She mbe me and she we are to get you that you're not drones. Interested http TV that you're hardly jail soon Enjoy ultra issue your thoughts as you should be. 100 thoughts is the short story OSHA and the only true gentleman that you're ugt now show et out, uncle, your dish Ahorro Nutrition Corker Troubled region A gondola usually gentle while Chazal does Johanna Audrey Jr So enjoy your food. There's your hotel back in uniform. So tell me a woman's access mentions also cable. That's okay, but the shore on Twitter and take it down Eating a hot job usually shown towards chamber. Ho, ho ho! Found nutrition's here, Hold it. That's all the U T. That should be their show. You should t Which dimension, which is going to go, has had an initial holds all No, you true, gentlemen, What do the Children have unquote go? Do you want your foot here? Quality to the device That really keeping quiet. 18 Quiet. But being a team, that's you guided the vigil which, with my mom to see that when we are about hadn't lied. You told them that you don't get that, huh? 2. 2. Part the Wild Horse's Mane on Both Side, Zuo you ye ma fen zong 左右野马分鬃: seven on your math Don't you? Don't you don't know Don't see your e j your to a young show about your foot Here your show your Children go to your foot 20 Triple quadruple fun job your shorts, hats or shop and chant Don t j Ford issued What you Did she do that? A woman said that Giants household don't enough which incident? I don't. How about your Does your hope? So you eat about your does your hope in cash. But it was See somebody really to sound That's what they are. So you're not a cigar in a T shirt? You see the function, You know you got the Indeed. So, Jodi, in the your job needs her to Korea. Take your hook. Meting out we are out of your pocket money shoot the show But that you're that pushes You know that you're quiet up, Take a home you twitch when we are trendy and radio So it enjoyed show you to the shooting Uh, you know, she a change in riddle She it by their foot down since abortion. So you don't know Said run his Euro nutrition Put Joe Cocker grantee trouble now That's why Woman's I told 22 Borders your heart. We are to show part pottery Hawker What bureau About sufficiency shall be the notional idea . So show eating out Lee and 20 yard 20 trouble. Your introduction I told her tire Trajan Digital Digger Tin Quite trouble Union Lee Antoine Lee. Yeah, Look at me and you are me and 10 Crocker. 20 billion video job. Facial hot Your twit, Dungan. It's hot. Your twin bore idea that that can't told her entire Shanti Shanti tension with me out Leanne Totally are back. Logan soon do it. Shit! Tell us what you don't take. The CEO car was a junkie. And you know what? We are troubled out yet soon marshals had no Portella Della Jenna back locker just under the crockery Didn't change number So Shona your marriage Hungary! Italy We are cool. No drink. Don't find out Something's actually Bartoli Ho Trouble Lounge are ruining it with that Chelsea Angel? The idea won't like her when he hold a city amount. Do you use your heart rules? What Brilliant work to treatment by Lee and 12 the yard Bonato additional Do you hope to a problem? Right? toe. Welcome back to Treasure Hotel machine. Pay your spiritual accidentally shot your sincere battle wagons Soon, Te'o, you got your whole qualcomm. Well, someone hold you up. Welcome, Wagon, wagon wagon that You're hot. You're quiet or funding looks well. Me at your choir song. Turn your quieting, Daishoho. Wait! Hi. John Bobbitt Babel. Horticultural on sentry Now show different tones in your your cheatin done here You can't involved Yokoya Salmon Woman's anti the math in zone JT allium Athens Don't don't Don't know nutrition toward all the time you were talking to the chauffeur holds You are going to see when you confront the internally your pdf our beach Leanne toil The yard bashes your house Your dream job Sandra Bullock Your muffins on our guts often job how woman's That's always shop so don't so don't know That's what is your hope here when you found out boarding the heart media Saranda Sugar Shall I showed you Babel. How you cop? So I don't see how you that pulls, you know? So I told you. Hold your attentions, Jim. P e me an e mail, huh? Treat your tyanna council. My best hot particle consumed exactly do unions involved C Anthony Party or don't. What has you yell? She it shall be told. Horse, you are true your war. So find out social tat drug deal Be game often Don't big am. Afternoon, Yoshiro Horn on your show are your short You'd haven't order. Should have a hole, Digger, Do it. That's your cargo in the city around your career joins your whole you know Sure hope you're quite you to Justin tweeted base yet So you always see it jolted younger Ah, so it all that bad? Daschle Rouco Empoli Internally, are you? Twitch ended on Twitter and hired on Twitter of Asia. So you want me? At least Charles Shaw broke or got shot at Your brother uses its your home Got Seattle youthful tongue out. She your job to either to hope we are equal. That that showed the woman said teenager who can't back wagon, but also PC. But you were about car granted You organize your phone soon you see a drying you often You should draw your Diaby fender friend down there. Shahana. Gigabit your chamber. The French NGO. You so you know that Heinz you papa eating our shorts nobody sang Guadiamar phenomena can be our game. Athens under your also your dear. Even so, don't younger or middle. Take it. Don't go down that really. 3. 3. White Crane Spreads its Wings, Bai he liang chi 白鹤亮翅: Samuel Woman Theater. Um, a friend's only son. Don't hold back alone, should I? Don't know, huh? Since we're talking to don't know, he joins. Since when you come bamboo sounds was into any capos. You are lawyers. You are selling your drying out. Senti thought where Johnson? So I'm doing a shoot, Jason generally I don't almost combined border show Hope Rooney. True. Jenna Paktika usual. Could not watch other lochearn took a photo of how high? Oh, you go traditional 2020 Georgian lati 20 The center say Ohio tradition, not seafood imitation Interagency. Hi, Ona. That's all the good food dry out about, huh? So you did a show you what's going on the show? Yes, not Tito Shi Boo Kendrick. Order Gordon. So be a shock wardrobe. I know what that drunk Joan Polish woman Zadran Joan finds up here. My friends don't put a muffins Only sounded because that's what this hot woman from she eating a voucher. You like goto sense? What? Drying your but your cargo. Any assume he has your email or your job soon. Holy. You want your career sent so t to wait. So, Louis Hello there. Sure Hope she she would have hoped. Record record? Yeah, she she take a show. Your throat, which and so what? You see and hear your take a Don't go to Ali Ho Johnson. You know the truth about assume trans Allah handsome, perfect law through that's of your gender and show B s. Oh, yeah, We are paid young Pedra look trendy and riddle shall be generous with you socially is your show pH You know you got so down so down Junker found your career How show? 4. 4. Brush Knee and Twist Step on Both Side, Zuo you lou qi ao bu 左右搂膝拗步: Sandra. A woman from back along the loc Abu don't Don't know Yoshiteru Introgen. Radiantly and tired. I should hope it usually on your country. You don't know that, Shahana. You don't try, Yoshi. And being I don't go down Yeah, dry your shandy are your whole farces. You'll find your hot xiang show You got to be that you don't want your tribute Just a bunch as older short little shop Oh, so what? Yourself. So why it's true. Book is your woman took a chance, you know, so hot. So So what are your short lead down on the job? Should be Daniel Coyle up. We are talking about Mike. Ah, number woman's That's always out of this hole. Don't know shit. Back back, Alondra So I hot gun helmet Charlotte Twitter pile told her That's what The story daily And really you should be in the room. You tweet Intention? Well, chances has she up early. And Tony, your let that artificial beach and you curricula. Why doesn't he show you also were male issue Are your whole team the young How true Pool Trudeau show what? Her only twitch and younger Just tell me and hot and younger Quagga dosha. Yeah, Down Jenna Washington Tonto Challenge. Yet Lee internally are so low Tweet, social low The issue eating, are you? You're hotter And Alatini low. They found that about her. They're tile told her facial hiking up the Antonia Ohio you go to challenge and over. And yet you tell you how free time, So gentle Hola, the moment that Bottega shouldn t joint. So back alone ship, that's all. That's your room or mambo Dr. Julianne Hough type each year. Hi. Yet no magician e drying your yacht. Counting your tweets. You drying your dongle that your Caputo told we tell them by 20. But your crash will do. Drain your are your short by saying it. 300 eat drying yard, I assure you. Your show the song. 200 yards. We are college. Would you are, uh Are you sure idea So, what you have on the actual heard you're totally out of the holder. Idiot. Who needs a hot 80 term? Being tiote would were immediately. And when we are young, social Hoyo that's your hope. Yes. You don't know you twitch anti Got to show you didn't be out here. Go away. It's a gentle knock, trigger shorter. Consider me it got clear Tickets. Warshaw, twitch, You should go. Go yourself and the happy The sad truth is, you know the issue E cosi Asia. You need outside with you your job. That's what wears her. So what are that? May yet your job. That may in Hong. She actually didn't quite know your career, Lou, To it would you should you didn't City beat yet. Lead her younger. Don't have a limitation ruit younger. She'll be ginger Twitter medallion. Well, she should be gingerly that she felt was either social The championship toe to toe with your device yet? Well, maybe not. Batches of exchanging drummed up to a quiet. You know, sometimes I like sensing, but don't show sometimes the whole trade City and country Joe Correa Samuel Monteagle OSHA would you are galoshes. Go. Don't I don't see how we were going to your phones. Once you go in, you found something you owe. You pay about how you can are by y'all who show Shanteau a whole country san. You sure Lord social shores hurt Rubio Bul geo Just junk. You don't know moments down had even troll like my hoid it Do you see how you does Your heart hotel found some voodoo Christian tired. Your Shohat digger shouldn't tweet intense yet place yet artificial me up early and wound the your idea. Chairs are, don't you? How is your 10 Shaw? You go soon changing. We are changing our eating. We are just hope about how soon Champ Chen Hannah she won your heart younger. We don't know how you gonna change in a quantity. Go different found So see one? Yes. Come on. Yes. You found some are still be out. Challenger, are you? That's all the phones are. It does to me are fighting Graciela weight according to your career. No, sincerely. The roach hosted 20 your body to good ginger tea in the village To twiddle our really even be out for the immediately and totally up hotel That sounds will hold drive trying to do you does your heart Has she young trying? Yeah, happy We are treasures Oko Oba, you join your Khushal shell? Who did you get your video? Your trigger yourself for the issue to your traders. You hope your quad toe Jaegers Washington Heights. Yeah, which was innovation Home Open inside Low Tweet sent its help Talent in Santa 2020. And I see a hoarder. Younger shantytown. Temple media blew across the yard, But you shouldn't encounter doing jump she got We are troubles is adults yet? What about bigger quality? The heart iPhone. So not on TNT in your way. Talk without telling TJ only. And she had a show about a guy with your tongue being does your mom, but a drunk Jones a lot either. Low. See Abu Ali? Huh? It was he who we hired to turn to acquire everything. When you found out about the baby. Jonah. Yeah, that page. Other passengers do hold your eating, but with the so well at the only true booth. So you quieting about city, they didn't put your but your costume PC. But you, that's what this room but your heart is 11. My true. Put one here to walk and run when we are Amy and soon in May and July in me in trouble. So it are. You may assume Andreina Social, Emily and 20. That's what every merely anto Amy and some Indian trouble your What's her trouble change, Mahoney tight attention. She holds her the donkey thoughts. Is it that? But I don't get that says that your hell about don't you to yield So you know, that's what I hope is soon your car Grantley and your job Where? Going your phone So sick when you found something on the phone. So your hold record with your talent, you pay attention and passing ratio. Don't back to you do ye olde here that. But the strange thing about udrew you don't actually know my salmon don't wanna single Ocio conjugate the Alosha go Doshi younger so 5. 5. Play Pipa, Shou hui pipa 手挥琵琶: Samuel Montalvo Szabo Eat cruising Cheney. When you don't see it come bamboo are so your during your that be sat down social Jose teach here. She didn't that it is in the gold. Would you create that woman says we're being told? I don't know. I don't know it yet. Gumbo that you hope 20 gumbo 20 Talaja ticket under radio silence with intention. Achieve what? That's that's a little bit goto com bubble that you're hiding apart to ensure e comm bamboo The short chance here Lawyer job So how u t o t t which which ended on Yeah Tito Eating into power will be intact. Klay Welcome Bamboo, You're selling your drying your joy Rose petals are you shaft Once it's all So how do you get you Get in the girl. But I cheated on the show. You change it. I'm going You you got a shot? You should be showing your chili shot. Lord driver, Did he use it? So you we are Tyco. I got 100 in the e r Trying on your social should really show number. They also that your letter Ugo who you all the front on like take a bunch on are actually. Did you draw on your team now? Jonah, have I assume you're treated here? Ty? Dolla jihad. Bigger show. Bina? Yes. Yeti Woman to Goto refunded itself. Now Woman says or does your whole No woman said so. Tell me a Kaiser no shop. It was intended that your hearts are required. We've talked up to acquire about. Talk to in addition to Basie. It your base yet? How will it says away shop in a tweet agency for T T three. How come Bamboo? Tatyana Lord, I sure hope we are eating this issue. Who found your term paper? So you're trying your eating drying out? Chan CEO Rahul won't do her usual. It has got to be that you Are you JB the don't. So you know the E when you don't see are now I'm sure they also trying todo Yeah, so pay for Challenger. That hasn't Johnson. Joan found what wasn't around her tone. Jerry also told Lina Hotel entirely to dig a little power. Three million twin. The young Oh, I don't know 6. 6. Repulse Monkey, Dao juan hong 左右倒卷肱: show me a woman's Yeah, eat social. You also tone shoe vacation. Be junk. Are TC trouble by your so sure sell to actually shoot? So I shall show That's offered. Took your show that it's here to get that There's always a term in the tour. Don't she'll wave he back, huh? You're trying to get the food right now. The inquiry should touch each Eudora theon quadrant group clatter off card. Would you drunk now hold on to our joy. Or does your help a friend? Right? Trash? It shouldn't be that big a sound here. So shut your core. Your short 200 friend You at take a show the child or your through the course of the your job. Of course. Your question, George, Which hotel you care quarters will battle cry. So a seat general job We don't want number 200 on Tiote Would work coming up. Take a different home to show me that you're tired Would want to show our media Li and Li Yeah, now quite soon. Come on, drink. Young drunk, driving over Don't know what's what A tactical don't know You're sure? Maybe about got our soldiers Your homes your trying your the young short hole, Sheriff. Andra, find your hotel also usual. The child which is in the essential your car. You don't want a turn, Beit Toyo. Crack back your cargo sometimes, actually, drain yard when you put on yard, you don't be a jet so you don't write your union card holder finds out. Drink your hot woman. That's what a teaching that it I sold t shirt by yo show showed a job. When you're eating to use jangling your champ, we are t. Joe don't want you to use in 2010 Jonah Busch don't channel. So you Shaw showed up for two of the show. Chairs are trendy. And Graito assassin kind of how shampoo don't change it has that you don't? Well, we don't really change. Oh, yes, sure, but she has a true so Twitter issue. The whole. But you know, your E called it to the issue term. So I shot like that? Yes, some transunion that can be in your drunk. Would you You know how I don't have a shot to you? Truth. Rodallega, Heru ur shot. Karabelas change and radio. You was You know how your quiet are choosy and you don't quite Tima bilking Quote by local media How are maturing? Jump on council Asia She'll with you but eat back. Hey, you show your gun that had a good e means. Um be Tonto. Don't e mission being a me into an ocean. Ah, are you that had I showed her company? Exactly. Sanders will really treated So it bounces the you job, Jehovah. Our order. Huge other you have on Lola. So you tell your tushie antidote Isil to any and I s illiterate, immature to get optimal and we'll actually need trouble. Running battles depend out so it without. So I do it Trouble. Does your show Shaw treat out which which, when you're eating fossil change all horses, you hope it. You're allowed to do that, Jimmy Crocker evening sometime that change up, she didn't deem it. Hope you called it So your dad, as I saw the go to Laguna Yeah, change are usually Jigar Shar showed our change over to a tree down bay The e culture who Children treated You're seeing who added that additional tell a bit here from California Common eating should found soon Lee Antoine, the 20 bolivars at so intently at Turnberry Rpai out toward 20. The trouble The show started, I shout Really internally Yacht eating. We are built in. She won't pay out a house. You Bob, it shorts out. Uh, woman says, What's I got to know that your hook and take a don't in the future she younger Jaczko Now to put an easy shot. I don't know, I'm just naturally. 7. 7. Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail (Left), Zuo lan que wei 左揽雀尾: seminal moments. Yeah, This is a good alien. We hope D a poacher. Blanche. Eric, don't. Since we be in tune to the shipper Eat drone seeing videotape, That's what you are. Sure you, Johnny, It's good 1000 d But your your show, you shouldn't go. So show your foot how true Poor sounds, overheads her tribe or drunk reports are poems which so show your siachin sounds Thought drying Yeah Shrew Toyota create our own beach N j Shahana for your shot You go See in fact , that any advances, your whole fancy TVs You got your short doctor. You gentlemen, go your show, you gentle Go show you. Let go to show, Drink junk, Home toe Quacker! Th judicial ship. Your hotels here shall be the chance, huh? Oh, sure. Oh, you should hold very long. Short changing. Andrija talked to the short Your baby Holy carts washed soon going to be the underfoot here . You don't know what you need. The gender you can you watch on the issue A butcher? Just watch as you can see as you change your sounds and not in the gold audio lead After the young down the junk on their toys. Yeah, to go tour. Don't. Only it's sort within the total Don't. So tell me how normal interpretation Musona fatwas. You're sure whether you eat it? You are. You're talking about hot friends, able for We're going. You're good, John. True ingredient. Womanly issue. The only issue that should have a good attitude. Millions. Enjoy your media. You're short your short hair cola. You know, Dick about spontaneous daughters. You soon the Golden Curricula show being on your show. Of course you are Patchogue. OSHA my tongue. So between a girl with you sash on your foot. So you told the union can't show your true Buddha Suharto cracker. But sometimes you're so young. Take your car Your total Ella, you Would you let your nutrition Toto quite a mob out are on tear Shambo Pozo Immediately with a chance hunt selling a muffins Only women united Juncker The self beat that seem to have a partner. Don't Did your dad tell me that your hope it your your whole Jones it your sauntering dark Dante And she turned down here. You got your heart leads had no doubt after the bigger shall be your whole tree. It's going down. Hi, O negocio, Hold only Cusiana. See one yet Palin, she wants control. See, when you want Controlling the hard time was the idea. Quacker twitch in the markets leaves I wish you and your tongue without we're back Oaxacan sometimes which holds a Chelsea it up. Your show turned your you know your your short corner. What your gentlemanly sort yet so it don't you about what was he is a true and that's your hot Don't you know that sounds or city Hi ocean Medusa shelters even 20 all year Shanti Bajo show people want Tony Hyo said so does your heart Young Shaw sanguine yet they're hooked Live on the front 21 Still, Dida, your whole tour for loot Jigga Tasia are assumed her You attend your show Be ginger Really angry terribly even party that's in the hood on the whole crew and yachts What we do in the evenings That's what it doesn t Did you get your who were your died out of the show? Tell your hope on it You're that only I didn't do the detailed negociar media, your whole situation usually the poetry and hold on to that hope did younger since your father being a new woman. That's what a good drying your drunk that I will hold you kind of. Hey, Leo. Dude, will you Do you know how drunk Jones you're short that its were sure. Beat it, Sandy and see the show. Yeah, hold his soon you're going to get my temple Shanty tree. Intention, Tim. Poor decision. Hey, babe, how you cut show beat Tonje lied that he shall be the chancellor soon. It'll hunger young be so. Should be a jihad John Netrokona Chen JIA Riddle So he take a Toyota Hope Ginger I sent be sent with it. Eat into 10 gentry Toe up Does your home You should tiote Oh, so in contact email. Don't you tired? But your tired toe to toe center suspicions earmarked it. I told her tuition to male mention totally that you are sure Forget minimally that's away also only And we are back to do not yours Lydia e g Don't she don't hesitate that that Orman's at least in the world who notion 20 on that issue That way On the more quiet your teacher I don't want anything that are holding that owns it. True, Even get hot ticket. So you know that has that sort of hope Mancienne usually died younger. Baby hotel. Tell him be a large import import and candid about 10 polar traveller song that yet we are So you didn't quite get there soon turns as a whole a woman's. I drink too. Drink dial Jungle digger show eat but your woolen to acquire toe epically your quiet toe yet quickly. So your low carbon to publicly Rwanda acquired. Told now you dig a lead friend Saleh? Yes, typically there are limits. You don't not digger too, don't you? So it took Harper Cato, you quite alien to earlier Woman's home Homing car radio You didn't should room John Champion Trojans. What your Don't they see it? Not true. We hold it. Does your heart bleed for the details here? Yup. True. True true religion. You twitch and the mob is a council council. The U S. So Gunson can't. You're quite your cargo So twisting. Change your crack open like you're talking about Since it was a racy it don't agree. Fact. So you want me to go towards you? You eating should say any Joe and he image when he hot neither tension on that through its here Vulnerable eating brought a 20 hold its dpz the take attention amount So safety in round trip digger she hops out Tell me and count Woman, will you tweet a very cross? It's all quite told So how you told you were going to hear about your teams yet fashion So it take a t e d out out So a tailor we are guilty now hold title to go to know how should tradition to injure Chief said on Sela that's going But you, General John Sheehan High should be Joe, but be over soon. So true. Pull Ah, Monsanto the retreat in 74 hotel or has just, you know, pour launches. So a woman said So there's a whole to you, Didn't she found Soon found? Soon you hold the fungi shape cultures They should go to prepare a special trying They should have to die. Ah, now that's all the reorders When you put your social short, Emilio, we only also trying your should be Daschle Chen JIA Trudeau Tougaloo jury, didn't you? You got your hotel battle quackery Saunter So quiet. Still idea. So let's drop to show your natural law that says the social be that your trick or go we'll go go Tonal Earth Who? The pharmacy on Santa Fe. Sentence each with Korea. Khokhar eating tambien holdout reward and said, Hold on your teeth Rule warm. That's on the shot J Actually, when you found out Oh Jim NoHo Take that. I don't see a whole Ye Chen did. Dundee was your whole you pay The whole cult video showed up So young. Show that the woman says China's way T D O C. 8. 8. Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail (Right), You lan que wei 右揽雀尾: semanalmente on TV like that. So I hoped yet the argon lunch over the goto. Don't how e j a whole yay! OK, are about you Central book. Pope on the labia. Take a doughnut. Orders your heart. They also beat John Kydd Actual show I may be found. Sony India Women really intrusion coyote tweeting in total Allah the Holy Also being a bouquet location. Location. So you think e me and T Hoey, Amy and Dr Shaw. So 1/4 eating well, Chila Socar Greetings. Assumed his actual hall. But senior Uncle Georgia, your shot. So you shot who showed off a chance. Warshaw, show that your question. Really? It really see you see the phones? Yeah. You hold ultrasound home that you're holding big toe in the middle day disreputable me a tweet your your toe Since your short do you know your your day? That's all you're going to. No, you don't what you love. But you did your car doing it. Would you? Well, me about your weight? I don't know. That's so idioms. You turn your showbiz that you go Trouble does your castle the merely intern image showed it t true Ruler, Don't put her in a e merely anto e me and Chang Wagar Hold that jersey a fund acquired who ? Tabbouleh shall control twits younger to the tweet your treatment younger the center with ginger. But Lian totally yar e merely a immune function. So that's where the shots are Immediately A union trouble you mention while gonna talk racial poems the moment, your lunch, every console and share some common. So, you know, on the yard. Yeah. You friends who or what? You're drunk. Followed by the sound on your potato digger. You're like you. It's your job, Julie. 9. 9. Single Whip, Dan bian 单鞭: Samir. Almost your lunch of it being don't since way. It's a juncture that shipper eat, don't ya ho! Yes. Wash! Helping you. Ah khoja you Shaw being go Sha san So true to abort. I'm John done being on the drunk Delight says, Will you shut up? I take a photo of the Soho house. Yeah, Find your your whole you know should hold, Don't you twitch and total entire, It's all moot now. Hot war show No short term memory issue. You're well, which will surely. Yeah, to acquire, Try to Tahoe Digger Yo, show hose or a happy Kolpak seven. Yours. Order your your choir to you, mate. Are you acquire? Whereto distancing. That's where. New HR union now being social That your your shirt? Woodwind high Oda finally in 20 yard number Says what? Tigger champion destroying. That's ah ho ho chanted nutrient Challenger trouble 17 3 on the whole show off. Joe should be ginger oil. Got to go to Canada. I don't drink Leading dji guardian. That's that's a political show any different I show and even needy. And Jenny your Crocker sometimes accurate but you're hiding behind Cindy. Chance import of action to temple tie Odio, Don't Don't worry about over eating a particle cargo. So sure, the younger challenger. So you know, How does your papa your class on it? Your Cairo upon my ocean hold hold you to get right by hydro up. Welcome to go for this country. And they are a fun party, aren't you? Require Look, find your sound challenge on the big idea about a soon about your job. Joe Don jumped into Dio to go talking to the right idea. See, in doing a job hot your patch of no Sean woman dragged all night Drag jump, you know None too, huh? So show me how you Warshaw course Young hundreds, of course. Yeah, you turned it a your interment. It is also about the satchel. Your hurt to go Xiang show harder Young social holiday this year you Shona wash or the job us That's how So what's your usual self at that young? Just the fact that you also are Schoen's are all its regions yet So she and be changed your tradition, Pilot? Yeah, sure. Shaw jacket. Would you like to go toe emotion tired Tile told one that millions immediately entering Lee are back drinks Assumed up your judo. Hi. Older. Short to get Lee Elliott Teoh Sample should be Who's you? You know that you had to put off tune Jamie and chain and you trade so it take it on your show So be it So who's he may enjoy? Why I am in trouble and lead the hearts of the Juncker so quietly away talking It's ok to changing conditions between you always hear that Yeah Not hard alias you goto trying today to apply for the wannabe atop it also yielded Rojo Which good? Julian A toy. You kind of put it sinful eso in the early in the Shona who were sure trying to even show it India 100 in control Ala So it I got that all the show term employees out tawqua by clock under you deal. So it turns out I don't want Julie 10. 10. Wave Hands Like Clouds, Yun shou 云手: Samuel, Monsieur. Then being tear usually don't on the stand so you don't You don't know shit that e j ho ye yo Show that cats wash or drop your shoulder When this has hurt, our social are shown Saw your short sank I poo So your social just with Tony So what you're saying You've got to wash all you're shot 82 white Who does your heart or your short? So you got you Sure now that's always trouble. Don't so don't know that your home that e hotel where when you found something to see when you're told. Well, how usual the issue. Double digit. See your shot? You that torshina thought that you're yelling again? Yeah. How social? One chance So that your whole courses either May Mother got a little Seattle challenger Professional doj hope official cultural whole one control Shanghai towards you. Language Oh, no hydro nutrition and Pata pata job in early on. Josh finishing each want you need you. You saw the show? Yes. Yeah Shona put out towards you. Oh, hi, John Bobbitt Hyo told we don't know that woman. That drunk digger Tell me and huh He It's up your show is you don't want to the rt endorsement on the issues of any kind social rights. So what's your usual hooded tickets here? You kneel towards the entire You told her some something you don't know immediately. And the tedium young show you. You also are challenges. Also, wash yourself or the dignity show that you are. In fact, when you don't nuclear war does. She told a short digger. Show the big issue, so I will not have it happen. So I saw now, Charles, all Colombians all those hot musician it tight it you shall be chung it India. So be soon to Angus issue. We are tired, Cordier. She a funny idea. Just Jobe Ayotte which hung the tickets. The stream being that roast young What did it So if we are intrigued by Leo Leo Leo Leo down Don't That's what you should be Match hunger So 100 Tinley We are actually holding area Gen Joe Central Young twe assure hard it is to get your Trayvon Sassoon tenure. No thought that's the show. Being short on the diggers here now to win the yada Trandahl said that shot you take it sort soon. Don't hold out of the show. Be hunt. You would. It should be. Show vcf on your central Does trying your happy your this 100 tired on the show? I don't wanna Julie. 11. 11. Single Whip, Dan bian 单鞭: woman Initial Kasher So sanguine Eventually hot woman CIA tambien digital Don't number woman That's what is your home? You made him in the usually dont wanna see Young said that being don't you? You know you go tambien don't or may should be there Seat had even told you Joe don't follow that So I take it Your whole woman should go kowtow a chance to create your own short yet them being so the whole you know You insure your shop in Goa sharp See it Them being so couple They showed me that you should be the tickets Aldo the Sun Chan Quiet Johnson the penny We are your t four? I don't know 12. 12. High Pat on Horse, Gao tan ma 高探马: can be a hotel Goldhammer are shin beat sent gold Honma the engine content woman says way shop told that I can up called me about a change in your heart You may should each other. You know what? How does your heart to go? Your in Ohio? Not side to you Twitter 20 That Don Jr 20 Tordella the high Oh no woman that all the draw your attention sounds here. Hi. Oh, and that's what they are going. The hotel villa in the border Can that hides ill woman tell I bet compatible partners Ah, well whole con stream. But the actual torture Avendra Jehovah. Introduction Down the show Be juncture showbiz young The shots you change in So you go home . I hope my usual to Earth's who are Show the telemetry, Aren't you, Joe? You should change and radio We are teaching our gender social Bu young Your son? How god hama change our Children. You're sure change out to the patella. Your show Ho chin to see when you quit your whole heart Which did? Osugi told Don't merely and you got him out that Juncker Then be it Got him. I don't know that you hope drinking tea. Those shots were quietly rightto sensing We show your chance yet sensing who your change, our talk quietly about talk quietly and Li and Russian gold up a bit to incinerate intensive. Also, you don't unguardable being called Lewis Jr Engine Kahoe Show. If I hurt, your sure shock will go change your social change your whole show Young show Herschel Treacher cheese for show your HSA Good job, Tombo tie wet or you also found usually are you don't do you don't really. 10 far social showed out so far so you can put your right toe across a chance. Hi, John Bobbitt Visual Hobart room Tweeting ascension can see a bit idiotically You hope you can does she and sort that says you're too tall too. How big? I don't know. I'm just naturally 13. 13. Kick with Right Heel, You deng jiao 右蹬脚: some elements Young gold Highmark CEO. Don't you understand? Don't you That don't. So you're drawing y'all trying job our towards ourselves. What? Sitting bull Baweja Cen TC twit. Soon Deng Gelfand dial. Oh, the moment, That's what It's hard to hold onto the ship, so go 10 map to go to a trying down the whole DNA thing I should try And your So your drying Yo Trying down Daniel 20 years here trying the young show You show me your drying out Trying assumed he did, he thought Here are sound We re 20 hotel boat sailed your boat 20 Digital So gentle So it take a Shoshone We read a 20 trouble Sunday's your hearts infantile told were low younger Don't go up We are you wish I sounds here Children Ball dropped it Talking to that But it should be a bottle to the teacher pc the troika Sure you don't want her t side? You don't appreciate how PC I don't see a gold Don't you see? The the valley hoped we d she got video showed Ceulaer she too long. Digger Twit nous He does routinely Osceola turned on your TV. Diego Shohat Haruna Joumana J J Show on T Angela Hoarder Data on Chancellor. Who are you are Tricia took? You know, shoes. Do you show Edie outside city that you're treat the Shang Funk changeup? You until your junk and she just You mean see that really? Toe the change on the hotel room? Holy. Who is right or wrong? You go call Chung ho Show you. Did you change your story? Gentleman called a career woman junk. Me and God come up. Yes. You're selling your drying yard. You can't tell me. You know I grew up with hot but don't you think your drying your trying out? But don't assume Do you assume that? Just don't educating me and Tony Hawk demons Second city fans are only trying to go down Tees would hit young shot home Should be now the whole team eating Yeah, telling it I told her what you want Don't Don't you take biotin You shall see It's ward here Went on drinking j sure about your no battle Jenna Gordon at How so? Your don't, would you how the rotational twitter shoes don't hurt your chances? So you didn't without which a shoes that don't How true to say that Jonah Jonah Julie 14. 14. Strike Ears with Fists, Shuan feng guan er 双峰贯耳: Samuel Minjiang Your don't job there so don't since or you don't You don't know shit Social Joe. Yo show young, Transcendent financial challenges are your tray. It's what it holds should say either you just get home. Guard of age number young show the quando quando quando No woman's I like a ginger often told I don't know, Huh? You're Don Jr he hoped to wash or put on your show. Now you're to put she show gentlelady. Leandro only answer Durability Mayo teniendo going here. Judy Cantina twitching, Changing, changing Told her. Kyle told her No! Don't ya ho your does your own A told me about the show I go number Hold back me up But you can see and volunteer content also 101 chance only once when they found that it's hard to guard a virtual machine going out of your head that you're hot York Argon Yoshiharu, About your short only bigger chairman Don't know, told another show. E. D. A. T short is either iota take a donut oily hope but your sheet you do it, you cheat crunchy, but you do we show poor shirts were short. Are you show down talks. Injun Joe. Children, sort You don't hurt your judge, Arkan. Inordinately ancho What? Bali also showed out to the yard, Alonso. Beings who are natural hot. 15. 15. Kick with Left Heel, Zhuan shen zuo deng jiao 转身左蹬脚: Sam Elements from Sean Fingar about relations. What? Don't you sank? I been telling you, don't hotel phone soon Draw center where you don't you don't wear She's what? Her John John. Shit. So don't going. Gelfand Job three Whole show the vigil. Hosher, Archangel the actual like you, Jen Who got hot woman said so you yet? The whole truth. How she up Tiuna? So qualify toe originally home. Which younger? Show you shortly on your trip on the women Old young show through visual ruin Trojan treasure Chairman Belt consumed. Now your job Don't you call co I hold back when she quit, I order you would would you twitch? And you're quite right. Just caIIed really. And only a young show about their teach here. So he's what Asia Hot Wash off about that city shall be the right so t p C trillion show the golden your security No show bottle. So well, change your hotel room. We consider that wash out with e j. Dionne quickens on your show Holy tree and fell. What? Now you need a chunk show what? You truly sincere, huh? Woman's effort falls out. So you Yeah, he don't see how yearly endured hundreds. Your heart. Brilliant. Where are you sure about that? Send PC That Rojo shall be Who by a teacher like it says on the job in question. Do you see in the you deal by? So you gotta take a developed Ashanti back walk and a woman in your that you hold your the 20 Ortega found. No it. But you see a media that we TC but by 600 until this or any of age Hung, you don't actually read out hope now, woman T t you don't consortium that water that he should be. Your friends are talking to you, J Soto. That's the whole idea. Should be a woman's wants coming her way out yonder from hunger. You hungry? Why Chummy tone? Duncan. So you know that as I sort of don't go there you go by Tony Women. So Ali, huh? PC. So I hope your tone is your champion. You don't triangle. Good idea. Bad idea, but it hungrily shortages. Charm Bell. So John Mahoto junk, huh? Union constantly changed all the phones to clear. Uh huh. Do you the loan? Just without really 16. 16. Snake Creeps Down (Left), Zuo xia du li shi 左下势独立: Millman so I don't job Dr. So Siachin, eat your shop in Goa shar our judicial doing social a sat on Jinchuan doll So bad what you are co your job. She on sentry Dooley How? Orman said so you get like I should drink. Take a phone, Daishoho, eat. You don't shoot doing your don't know it, but old hit he will at general nutrients. Your Shaw, Your Tohoku ago quarter court from Yola wants you see it in our system to function study that soon turned to have on the U. S. Yes, actually found. So what's your child? You should be that it's hooked. Tasia Hosea, Social call either Concrete. Coco Coco Shots of your show. Our Shahana. You'd hit issue Children. So what round, Susie that you'd hear the CIA whole found trouble. Jason, your dosha hope you like yours. Where? But you don't drew dear. Your true ruler. Yeah. Yeah, that was you and I should shower Gun trouble. Joe Perella, You didn't you Chouchane John Senden 10 years and yet would deem it a hole through their doing seeing sounds your shop You todo todo home client or the We are your source Immunology on my tongue Their yoyo social What's at home? Ho Social fun job Three days They are so joy Andrea, show what? We are tied down her child So real. Even so, even that issue just trundles. Watch out the tens of hope You're young. Call the shop t t hold abide Coda Coda Coda e Don't trying to diet co your job in the 100 or says all the Toyota and we he your granddaughter should Johnson and Taylor. So who are you going to use him? So what are your boss has turned idiot jumble, holdouts, Belgian that maybe them shall assure idea almost like being drunk. Don't, uh, so eat too. To show you engage in conduct us. You're gonna find out to the job. We also don't. It isn't just yantra Bola montee your java to a whole mantra book there, Jake. Show Toho vulnerable Children. She I don't know where to do it. Lee Antonia, we will talk Idea how social friend Joanne Johnson Toner today? Yeah, way our hotel. She t So what? So how did it We are going toe to toe on the number digger to catch a change. It was so quiet. He didn't just don't end up. But yes, as you your should be should be good at it. You know, you've I cracked. You don't come under basal. So you're quite you don't should Younger, quiet, injured younger truths that Yeah, I also do you hope? What? It only who you should see Her torso. Your deity. We have found what they're quite it isn't usually the 100 found showed into radio eating tuned up now heart town. So that should help your home rule me felt hot Village provider We are out very junior. So it's OK. You didn't assume that you're teaching. 17. 17. Snake Creeps Down (Right), You xia du li shi 右下势独立: Mm. Down. Dooley, do you wish Asher true to chat soon? So you enjoy it. Wants or where? Dzhokhar out your to a Louisiana dotage yet sorted. Should issue doing your here. Want your whole to a ball? You also watch a singer should be dry. Trend out your Georgians Who did a bio Geo on central trend roundly yoli ship tuition. Teacher year. She's wash all your job. Young shaw sound fighting the phones. Yeah, the young tedium. That woman says we shop. I might take you show up. Here's what had a tour. Don't know nutrition trolled on our he large other trivial or Joppa Trudeau, You don't we'll show you. How does that email Lord we are You mentioned. So I know that you don't ni Angela. You don't show you the Indians. What are you telling around with Joni Hendrawan? Social TT Casey, that your hope begin. That's what you show one. Take a deep sugata. Uh, now yourself. Don't you just brought her by Utility delight is ruled kumquat. It's also to God who told him what you do. Intraday, Dewar. Makobola, take a short quick and easy its hold over you d out. We had toward her. It shouldn't. That's what is she doing? So she got a Georgia woman do it? Thought here that bigger. And that's really on some challenges. Yeah. So you told me that I should I definitely how to trade t she schadenfreude here. That who? You showed her job. She shop, you know, look to go talk to shelter and impudently. Huh? Uh, do you shoot Dry your tears. Your heart, Your head. We don't want you, Gadola. We haven't you? Goto Yashin Yashin! General Trying to 20 Transit Sheila and eating out, trying out. See how the decorated Now how easy Hideout He endorsed her Jaisha. You're want import shanty Chimpo number one Visual media Lee internally your loca, your social whatever agency, the notion who don't change your eating out. So why don't you do it? So I don't see your show on such hope. Hope you causing brutal one Tempur that half a at sea quad. Who tiote don't know Don't know which was told Optician woman 18. 18. Fair Lady Weaves the Shuttle, Zuo you chuan suo 左右穿梭: Simmons? Yeah, Since Italy. What about you selling your 22? You're Shoshone shot towards our treat. What should you do? Density pt that John Country Nutrition's hold on sounds are sampled A Shona Jupiter are found sounds t e me and truthfully shot AMIA sounds or 20 he gonna show You can be sure to tune in. It's actually a should you foot long article. Unless she Yes. Yeah, she Indian Tridgell now But you also don't want to which was entitled when I don't soak Media showed it Sounds silly Turns him on that you see it involved football Essentially they are true too Short ladders your hope Tweet the violin mayo dot On year like the digger agent you're gonna You're gonna need electric so you don t pg And it the machine Jonah, your showroom young by George Rubella or a triple to get my job back Black So it is a true true war paid other show, show, show, show, hotel poem Sure you don't know So that's what a good shot at Sharon's after to ensure bank ego. Don't It should soon be who saw the only sent are 10 quad running your crew and he trouble . That's where you can take it to our hope. Your up boudoir jersey a trouble? Take it even if you me and dry me a lot of trouble, Portia, that you, me and social for the young You're so our challenge. A sash. Aw, wanted tweet Fusion Old Helen, Cut out your tele that your heart Johnny Tiu be available. Yes, you are. You're quite late. Sounds always your hormones Haven't. Don't involve lady, you're drinking from intrusion. Did your quite hold true yourselves over a c t. I should also CPD in your show. Chatila, What are beauty that you see on Saturday? That was three years old? So EADiaz sounds tell me l'm a job. The transit t are great friends or the tune Julian zero for so eat Johnson who? He Really? Bye bye, Ojha Culture. You really ship todo politicial Haishi? Yeah, I shall show you. Shouldn't you for it? You knew Transports all true bull Jack Tweet on the celibate Jake? I don't know. Woman's I told you, we either Sure hope which was yet higher Told Lee and totally your favor. Howie, Come does your whole change. Oh, yeah, Yeah! Churchill's That's what is your We are trizetto Tara jails. So George racial may be found soon to retire. You pay while how you call the riveted they are you well hoping kuna tile Toto e j A whole year A young cracker You didn't ship Ping that turn about you quack Oh, you quality owns a jar's ordering a would really is all you Krakow your body You should ping mature cadeau shipping Were you going? Are about you. But don't satchel not Maybe she hated it but look out turns or Quacker 20 Trouble Jack Twit Chen Today we also drew Seattle's order now Mantra Jump on your baby, Take a trunk, Show you your job Back it I thought I had all the hounds e how either, Shahar So crop We are right to it with the interim Vice Sinti So it's ok to Santillana court Hold here card. There's a tendency when you have everyone treated well But since you showed why they are you women tree to show sham be jmb a device hungy I showed her my number down. Soma was trying to push the issue Your thoughts toned down on the issue heating up so, Julie, there's a chance you are trying. Yo, yo, yo, You got show here under the drawing. Sheltered? Yeah. Seattle treated Li Your hotel hold ID soon. Dungeon Tour yard, A trendy SoHo. Your junk Big elites throughout. Says you talk a little to see a sharp turn. Data shall be actually our tongues. So yeah, Cheung, What's you guys wanted now? My ticket don't work. And guns. I don't own a younger Joe shirts what you'll find yourself at. So, you know, it generally has had to come up. 19. 19. Needle at the Bottom of the Sea, Hai di zhen 海底针: Samil, Monsieur Toyota. Let's see a hydrogen sank. I don't eat when Jules are about your job. So you see it's homosexual. Define your Lord. Are you OSHA? Also you at social law. So our sins are charger Woman says, Will you be it so don't they? Don't know. The orders are really hold out. 20 Shanty. Cheerful shanty. Jim for 28. Hyo told work Our Lord Giotto shall hawked when the funds you would do it. Go. How so? You're sure so does your Wikipedia. Hello. Ah, so she don't know? Show Chin since you didn't Helio Nischelle. Now your social change That's hard on the show. Show what? You know what Ho Shona your the short showed outside Shown found you now, Yale, the thoughts of the several adult Should Tomio toxemia? Maybe that's a tattoo chancellor orderly and totally ourselves that you could eventually and Tiote hotel in the heart can take a bl so immediately and totally our attention says what you want that your jeong ho to wash or not, that's it. So that it lights also being attuned whose you are a woman that I don't like being trouble that hot that week it was in changing your dealer. Now, Georgia er turned him on the U. S. Is the key. The idea to put Put him what to do The latitude of all a lot. You don't want to throw the people so er chung quiet, you see? So what toyou, Guys? That teacher, You go low the don't you load the donor are so are low your heroes Ohio, that you hope to get home getting a show so she'll find you think she Chandra Levy And he got to the earth number. So leave and Shanshan sat down the yogurt on your agenda. I want why it's totally to the agent says the true she innovative, social black We turned up by addition here tuition Try on board with your young, huh? That dig under 20. 20. Flash the Arm, Shan tong bi 闪通臂: Semillon, John Hydrogen dish and Toby since Kind shot Don't with Russia, Heatley and 20 year Asia are to boo Centobie in tone Woman's voice. That's a late yet Simon Soysa tour. Don't all women so jiggle? Don't know that your heart Rui doing it with yet piloto twit the cheese should enjoy issued so she shouldn't have tiled Toto Yobo. Trudeau's younger. Our phones are labia ones. Orders or eating strictly and totally your pay were holy cup. Not so. Don't home. That's what the show be. A should teach. The letters were short. How you're short, the launch of Russian, he says. Are you sure you don't? Well, don't Leanne Totally. Ah, Jim. Be eating sometimes. How troubled the roads were quite Children. Betegy. So he found it. Don't even sometimes true pool fungi. I'll wash or your short Your short answers for the Utah Far Far Short doesn t cheer leader Juncker Diego Shahada, which was yet bye See guided develop Want here, Tom, What is it that the allocation 100 tweets and emails to acquire can mail but woke are consumed, which how What's the talent? He told judge. Any hope Washington told only hope you got change All the galley typed up my mind which was eating trumps he got We are told what to do Chandos on 20 a day off on some joy Yoshiro, Toby too should know it will be down there are Tunji Andrija all don't lead the heart, John. £10. Will you stand your clock? Two Don't eat. The coalition teaches. Was your total bull Take a shoehorn? We tweeting that each house here woman you want said he shouldn't he that didn't have on the sore, right? So trouble I don't hear you find your you're quite right flat your car efforts Will car gambles on socio? We didn't go chocolate out yet. So you're Kragen. You deal soon her Children Well, from what? Know what? Your job Welcome by John, but I hope your car can do Is your calling its own battle number? About 10 trying to figure it out. You're short the rager art that you told your top on your draw, Rudy attack Old child was retold Mullah Zaeef told your telephone to clearly bigger shorts were short the short t towards the shot 21. 21. Turn, Deflect Downward, Parry and Punch, Zhuan shen ban lan chui 转身搬拦捶: Samir Woman's young Centobie The address in gallantry San Caribbean e Don't see how he intoned the yellow t being are your show Insure son 20 Try bull puncher, so don't continue Paid Yeo Long John Your show. Show your gentian since young shot. So what? They also show the social tree? Hot woman said so you get drunk. Russian ship take a don't rule Nutrition told Don't want to send you so you don't hope. Tiote Toto 20 Official me Audrey Lien Toan Li out Heating shoes? Yeah. Take a show. You show our social media drew on bench. What? So you give us a staunch Connecticut tickets in the air about Trudy assumed to be in Charlotte. You're sometimes here sometimes your doctor. It's our e that are being trunk. When she told her, there's your hope. You're Quacka! You didn't just turned up, but General Fund to Twitter. Racy at home? Yes, you're younger to bed on Twitter makes you so quick and easy on the engine ship. Kind of treat as you did it, your even a candle, etc. No So bad your true pool. True, But I hope you tr shambo right by to show me the tedium. Yeojun. So sore, Shona. Quite what you So what? Social should land Job? Are you sure you do? You take a me and drying. And so the rotation young show you churn Show yoga social Langdon, you need a drying your don't. So you did good Social sugar land out Don't look so etc Page owned electoral book. You know you see some However, Leandro, they were holy carp. Did Heinz your rabbit hole You cup back whole baby. The shooting Indians thought that ah ho to fall soon here doing a heart. Hold it the whole table Don't Coyote hood were 2010 show Sure transport the tingling male pies As you lean out, Your opponent will hold it. That actually that CNN shot. You said you're not your does Yoko Go shall be accorded younger Happy Really? Your young must side in you know you got pulled now. China tram. It would be Judy Chen JIA Jato. Yo, show Now you want on the budget or Mr Drunk? Don't policy up back when they don't want you, huh? E t ho e it can't Tile told you know what are your foot has? Don't you get pin Paula? How, Son? By Josh on bull. So that's what you call social too? Sure. How way Talked with your social How big is your? You're quite ready to talk to what? Chanting twitchy air base yet? But that VCR lately and would work now Shall boy? Or does your heart tell she And you didn't with all the details yet? So watch your radio show your lands geographically. How so? What's your usual shall? Huh? Take a china doll treat using the term because I sent it to your took turns to the 20. Getting now to the short. So you about high noon that door. So what do you feel it yet? Not that that's any good. You should trigger shipping me. And you clearly were soon get timber, even chiffon Soon lead to the chairman Champion got Tingey entry to your house to get we always see it beyond what makes you she got eating Treat and city that out yet? How? You don't know 22. 22. Apparent Close Up, Ru feng si bi 如封似闭: Samir Orman's gallantry in the roof E Watch out! You'll be shot! Control our currency! Ho ye Children Chachi, sell Young show turned off fortune Peto Hotel Tell a bit demonstration to dawdle. Do you show? You didn't go where they did India so show off with the utopian needs her e j A whole year that you hope I should hire Toto in the marble drill. You twitch yet? E coyote 12 Don't you? Julia Hartley and told you where Guns yet? Eating phone. So we are taking your job. Your life. When you Dr Gardere Shahana, you tweeted to import. Sanders wants year on the hotel pool. She got hold. Would delegate you don't do each angel quite know what you got were trouble it out yet? China's Heartland Alyosha Under for you. That go local call charge. I think I can hold it. You don't have a whole chunk video shows. Even so, a woman said drink some party light. I don't want you on the show. Hot Now cut Woody Tripp by in the hot. That's all you do with your baby. Your initial doctrine City Wash off for that, You shall be witness. Huh? E you're sure? Do Jin Beon job now, Shaw. So what? 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They'll be in a shoe. Uh, John B. Trandahl quality control. Basha Landfall soon Show the question and that's what you are. Soon he showed a You don't need her champion Majali. I want that. So you don't know if you twitch and so don't, huh? Long Beach, John. You sure hope e u t and Gogol travels it in the Guardiola. Shall they sometimes get You can't go unclaimed of age. Well, it's as soon Try initial Hauling and Joel drill on dark wagon Alonso The whole long, short Rudi Asan ntd Now, when Drew don't see it, your may be found soon dnd and she doing it in the About what? You're showed that your Johnny it's hooked to call you up that term pr home, Um that I had on the show the other you can your wrongdoings. I show you to your eat Indians and eventually tension holding. I want shooting things patrons Okwara bars on your shoulder. You don't need to rely. Set, Sarang Charlie Union country vamping treaty About how I should say also joy Audrey 100,000,000,020 year are such a woman to tell now, Julie 25. 25. All 24-Form Full Video 完整版: Uh and