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21st Century Presentation Skills

Evgeny Makhina

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    • Announcement

    • 1.How to work with this course

    • 2.Why should you set 3 goals instead of 1?

    • 3.Secrets of attention

    • 4.1. Tell me a story

    • 4.2 How to stop being an average speaker

    • 4.3 There is a myth about that

    • 4.4 How to make it clear for your audience

    • 5.1 Are you hearing this?

    • 6.0 How to start your speech properly

    • 6.1 How to avoid being critisized or sabotaged

    • 6.2 The Why and How approach

    • 6.3 How to use your bonus

    • 6.4 The final secret


About This Class

In the 21st century, a speaker is no longer the only source of information in a room. Nowadays one cannot get full attention of the audience just because he or she has something to say. One needs to earn this attention.


Become an interesting speaker by mastering easy-to-use attention-grabbing techniques!

In this course you will learn:

·         How to make content of your speech interesting.

·         How to structure your speech properly so that you don’t get criticized or sabotaged on stage.

·         How to get more sales from stage without forcing people.

·         How to be a “valuable” speaker.

·         How to prepare speeches faster and easier.

The skills covered in the course are essential if you want to make your presentations a part of your content-marketing and promotion strategy. Nowadays people are busy – no one really wants to come to simple sales presentations or watch them online. If you want to make people interested – you need to stand out.

How come Apple does great presentations and so many companies do not?

This course is for:

  • Motivational speakers.
  • Those who prepare to speak at conferences.
  • Managers (those who present projects or speak at corporate meetings to trigger changes).
  • Lectors, college professors, school teachers,instructors.

Attention of your audience is a great resource. You just need a manual.






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I am a professional teacher. After obtaining a University degree I worked on my career in management, but later teaching became a full-time job with a total period of 6 years of dedication.

Currently, I work for the leading T&D-company in Russia.Feel free to reach me. Ask questions. Share your experience.

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