(2021) Learn Photo Editing from Scratch-Photoshop | Mani Kumar | Skillshare

(2021) Learn Photo Editing from Scratch-Photoshop

Mani Kumar, Instructor on SKILLASHARE.

(2021) Learn Photo Editing from Scratch-Photoshop

Mani Kumar, Instructor on SKILLASHARE.

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39 Lessons (4h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. Getting Started with Photoshop CC 2020

    • 3. Working with layers

    • 4. Working with Hue & saturation

    • 5. Working With Vibrance

    • 6. Using adjustments pannel-LEVELS

    • 7. Turn images into black & white

    • 8. Using Crop Tool

    • 9. Content aware cropping

    • 10. Using Content Aware Fill

    • 11. Transformation & Quick Selection

    • 12. Class Project -Transformation

    • 13. Using the Quick Selection Tool

    • 14. Add Text Behind a image

    • 15. How to blur background PS

    • 16. Adding Lens Flare PS

    • 17. Blending two images into one

    • 18. Dual tone Effect

    • 19. Oil Paint Effect

    • 20. Class Project Oil Paint Effect

    • 21. Neon Light EFFECT using PS

    • 22. Creating a watermark

    • 23. Make cool text

    • 24. Paint Dripping Effect

    • 25. CLASS PROJECT Paint dripping

    • 26. Paint Brush Effect

    • 27. CLASS PROJECT Paint Brush Effect

    • 28. Using SPOT healing brush.

    • 29. Using the Patch tool.

    • 30. Skew,Wrap & transform.

    • 31. UPLOADED Using the Burn tool PS

    • 32. Using the Liquify Tool PS

    • 33. Gradient Map Filter

    • 34. Gradient Map Circls Effect PS

    • 35. Instagram Glow effect.

    • 36. CLASS PROJECT-Instagram Light Logo

    • 37. RGB & CMYK

    • 38. Image resizeing.

    • 39. Thank You:)

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About This Class



Class Description:

You want to learn how to use Photoshop CC, right?

Start using Adobe Photoshop CC to edit photos and design beautiful graphics today!

Either you're completely brand new to Adobe Photoshop, or you've played around with it but want to get more comfortable with Adobe Photoshop. Either way, this course will be great for you.

Adobe Photoshop is the worlds's #1 photo editing application. This full course is the best way to learn how to use it.

This course will cover everything you need to know to start, including:

  • Getting started with Photoshop

  • Navigating and customizing  the workspace

  • Using the Photoshop layers panel

  • Editing RAW and non-RAW photos in Photoshop

  • Using selection tools

  • Using tools like doge and burn to edit just part of your images

  • Retouching photos such as whitening teeth, removing blemishes, and more

  • Creating and adjusting shapes in Photoshop

  • Designing graphics with different blend modes

  • Adding and editing layer styles like bevels and drop shadows

  • Adding artistic filters like blurs

  • Adding and editing text to your graphics

Saving your projects for anything - printing, online, and more


Students should have a copy of Adobe Photoshop to follow along. We'll be teaching using version CC (Creative Cloud), but any version will be fine.

      Who this course is for:

  • This course is great for beginners who have never used Photoshop or have used it only a few times.
  • This course is also good for intermediate/casual Photoshop users who want to learn new techniques and tools, and how to properly use Photoshop.
  • Advanced users and experts who know a lot of the key topics won't benefit much from this course.
  • No prior knowledge or experience with Photoshop is required.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mani Kumar

Instructor on SKILLASHARE.


Hello, I'm MANI.

Instructor on SKILLASHARE.

I Love Sharing & Teaching Online.

Here on SKILLSHARE, I'm an instructor that teaches Web development  and other courses.

Feel free to reach out to me on Skill Share at any time, if you have questions about the courses or just want to say hi!   



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1. Introduction to the course: Hey, guys, myself from Sai, I be I'll be teaching you about photos off in this course. As you can see, I have already installed photo shop Will even you know what for? The shop is it is a photo editor where we can transform images drop but on, uh, basically, it emits. Okay, I'll be teaching you about most of the tools in photo shop, I make you from a new thing. This is basically introductory our video about war for these on. What are we teaching? You are throughout the course, so you can see some. I have Open up some of the images, so I'll show you. I have edited some so you can take a look at this joke. Yep. We can add a things like this on his face. On way you can even transform images on others are glad effect. You can drop this fellow like you can make logos like this. So you can you learn about layers to learn about dispensed libraries are you learn about Brady into learn about traction. You learn about colors, much more out. You can even make thumbnails for life streams on. You do so. I have made some. You learn much more in this course, and even you can make these, like theon effect for your go and make it awesome. So I'll be guiding you through the scores. I'm your instructor here, Andre. Let me show you a lot of people. Perfect. Without transformed him into a day like this, we'll be learning about the rectangle to lasso tool selection tool, radiant map. Smart stool. I will be placing. We'll be placing text. We learn about extra. You learn about how to download forms and use with them on you. Learn much more. Okay. I hope I'll teach you from the basics. And I hope you see me in the course. Yep. You learn about Grady in feeders, you adding lens, adding lens, flare toe photo and much more. So I hope you your seeming in the next videos where we'll get going and get started on back using photo so good for those Look good on make no goes like this. I hope I see you in the course. Thank you. 2. Getting Started with Photoshop CC 2020: Hi there. On in this video, we are going to take a look at the photo shop interface. So just open appear photo shop, just click on it open, and we'll take a look at the interface. So there are many kinds off tools on different kind of options. So if you're a big interview, might get confused. If you're not a big natural, you can skip the next video there. I'll be teaching you some off the basic stuff. So up here in the top or left Carnera Now there are different kinds off option. There is file edit. He made layer type select filter three d View window on the help. So let me create a new what do you say? New document? Just click on, Create new Andi took so different kind off options. Andi, I just click on create so I won't be teaching you. I won't be teaching you in this course. I won't stop. I won't start teaching you OK? I thought it for the English on duh. I thought if there is any kind of background noise eso kind if you met this if you mess photo shop up like this, you can even reset it long. Wait. Let me show you to do something like this. You'll mess around right? If you do something. So there is an option in help That there is an option. Where is it? What? Yep, It should be Here it is Here, it's in chills. You can reset essentials in this way. You can recent essential or or even you can if you mess for the shop like this. So I like to keep it in this way. Just let us move on. Adjustment Tool on. I like to keep it a bit short. My layers panel should be bit long. So sorry if there is any kind of background noise. So I hope you're getting what I'm telling you. Andi, even you can open new documents from file open or just click control O on your keyboard. That is a shortcut. You cannot take a look at the shortcuts here. See? There is control or control and art plus control. Plus or browsing bridge Open as old shift control on open. Plus. Okay, I just clicked. If you need to open a document out of photo, just just control open on digital. Open up Different kind off You can open a different kind off photos and stuff. Okay, If the layer is locked control Z toe, get behind just less Press control. Z onda, Undo Now you have it. You you have it. You see control Z plus and you can take a look at the shortcut in the right side. Off the column are really brushes here. If you draw something about him by mistake, you can goto addict and undo Breast does something like that. So here is the layers panel in the right bottom, right corner where you have background if it's locked so you can't move the background. Okay? Our first you need to convert it into a normal layer. There are many options to convert it into a normal layer. Ah, see, I have already converted it into a normally If you want to get back, you can just press control Z or even you can click the padlock toe, bring it to a normal layer and just are move it into a new document are resize it. Okay, let me play press control Z again. Let me press it. I'm in this document, right? Are to rename it just double flick the layers. If the layers lock that just double click it on, do you name it? Rename it as background on you can even click the padlock on. Do you can play If you double click in the empty column here, you you'll open up the blending options for the email you can mess with. The manager will go through this in a briefer banner very completely. The opacity in inner shadow, radiant, overly Onda much more. Let me cancel that on. Let me lock this layer. Okay, And here are some off the adjustment tool, so But there is brightness and contrast there is carved for images so you can even download the majors from Google. Or you can download images from shattered stock. There are many different. There are different websites, so I have us just start for images. You can download images from here, so go download form so you can download them for different off course. You need to pay if you are using it in our commercial manner, and if you're not using it, you don't need to pay. So there are different kinds off forms which are awesome. You can take it or didn't use? Um Sweet purple. I don't like this one. I have downloaded many forms from Dar Font. Here is the link. I think I'll provide it to you in the project. Resources or libraries are You can take a look at dribble with freebies. Okay. You can download images are vector illustration from here. You can take a look at this site where you can truth colors from here. You can copy this control. See on. Do you can open a photo shop? You can open a photo shop on just pieced it. Arm will be going through this in a briefer manner. Sorry. There is any disturbance. Okay. And you can you know, what is our top stock photos. Right for those off. You don't know Adopt provides for your high quality photos, for you need to pay them. There is a subscription, but I have not paid. I need to. I'm using the current trail version right now. So you can even downloaded the images from our job stock and open up in photo shop. So we'll be going Will be. I'll teach you how to do that. You can see you can take a look at this, you can download them for preview. You need to log in or create an account. Okay. We'll be downloading Forms will be. Don't learning actions on. We'll work with the different kind of filters on image. So this was just a brief overview I wanted to show you. Okay, I'll in the next videos. Will will start editing. Onda will start playing with real images. Okay, I hope you'll see me in the next video. And to resize it, just press control or to fit to the screen. And I'll teach you about the many shortcuts, so hope you'll see me in the next video. Thank you. 3. Working with layers : Hi there on today we are going to take a look at top layers panel. OK, now, in this video, I'll teach you how to work with layer. So I just opened up my photo shop R C C 2020. Now in the help section, you can take a look at top of it. What's your photo shop? Wasn. Okay, Andi, you can take a look. Dis click Add up for the shop. You can take a look at it. Here are there are some names off the I think off the creators. Okay. Apart from that, I teach you about layers on how to mess with them. So just click on, create new, or you can even goto file new control. And Okay, you need to remember the soccer or could just click on create new I bet it would open up. And there are many other documents with 40 shop. Are adam have already provided on? That's good. Let's click on on day 4 to 4 to say photo shop size. Sorry for that 17 toe fight in 300 people on the 37. And the orientation is landscape more Onda. Let's change toe pixels. Okay, I basically tend to work with pixels on debt. The background Be right. I don't in the color morally. Leave it to RGB. The will work with the red, green and blue. Full form off RTB and let and just click on. Create new It should create a document. It will look like this. Just press control for our sorry control zero to resize the mids so that it fits the background. So all right, side is the layer spanning. Okay, you can take a look at this padlock. Icon of it indicates layers, but clearly long. Okay, so if you click the layer icon, it unlocks the layer again. If you want a lock lock the background on Just clicked the lock icon again. The padlock on lock Unlock. Okay, I think you got that. If the layer is locked, you can't You can just move the move the background like this. If the layers unlock, you can move the background on this back thing, which is the checker box of it is a black and white boxes indicates that there is nothing behind this by document on first transferring. So I if you move this legs if you move this apart. Okay? If you want to get back, there is a shortcut for a new of it. I told you in the previous video it is control Z can cozy. I went back again to the orginal state where it waas to the fact blocking you can goto addict our Ivan click here. Undo unlock layer. Yep. You can even do that. You can even rename your layer here called. I'll just rename it light. Okay, I'll unlock the layer so you can just pick up the breast stool. Onda, wait. Let Mary says it. Yeah, let me change. DeSanto a black Hello? Let me unlock book. Yeah, Human. You can draw something or I just rebooted. Okay? And get back. You can just wrest Control Z. It's once in for all if you want. Know if you wanna go forward a step, you can take a look at the shortcut here, Chief Plus Control plus the reed. Oh, unlock the layer, Chief Press control plus Z. It should come if you wanna go back for one thing, for all of you can goto file on there is option called Divert. It's not coming for this, but color document are made, but you can even do that. So here, if you're white, I can't selected here, is there? I can indicates a layer visibility. Yep. This indicates the layer visibility so that you can take a look at the MIT with Noah. Let me open up. Well, this is your layers panel. If you are not able to see, See this goto window. And the here is is that it is confirmed that my layers panel is open. You can take a look at it when I under that the layers panel disappear. Just Hobart about the window. And just like layers. Now, this should come. They should appear. Okey channels and part. This is the adjustment layer. So, for example, let me open up. You made I just press control. Oh, Rhonda, I just opened up this image here. Okay, Okay. It's not the right kind of document. Okay, let me open in the devil. Let me open this one. Okay. This is a maze, right? You can download images from shatters on splash are set of stock or even from Google. You feel like so. Just unlock the layer on renamed layer on green emitters. Background Yep. You can even duplicate the layers as many as you want. Just right. Click on. Just click on duplicate layer. Here. You can see this option. Uh, okay. Background coffee. Or could just like Okay, here is the layer. You can duplicate it as Mina. Thank you. Want or just pressed? Controlled toe. This is a good shot. I'll be working back. Okay. Now you can take a look at different kind off law adjustments like you can just click on with. Let me just a little. Just like now with the layers selector Just click on image in the abode right corner and just click or tone Onda. Yep, to change something there. So just click on now for contrast Here you can take a look at something has changed here below right here. You can take a look it here. Okay, Now open up The document We have been talking previously expressed Control? No, with layer and log. Now here is the he it is to sell rectangle tools. You need to press you for it. Okay. I'll just draw a rectangle like this. Oh, I feel the rectangle with black color. Okay, you can You can pick up whichever color you feel like. There are different kind off color Seem like a great skill. You can even add ingredients to this. I'll pick up a light I'll pick up blue. Blue is good. Are you? Can even you can add no stroke to this. We, uh, see you. You can just hold this for that. The other tools. Open up like you have the move tool. And you have art boto. We'll get back to our mortal now. We were talking about this rectangle, right? You can even look at the rectangle here. Color is not selected so you can't look at it. So let me go to emit it let me leak on direct angle and just click on whichever color you feel like you know this is the rectangle Wait, let me place it in the center on By pressing control T you open up the transform tool. You can even recess the rectangle like this Like you can even resize it Invective away you want If you hold shift and resize it, it'll reset it in whichever way want If you just leave shift and resize it if they saves us in a particular O V. If you just press this up this ah, lock on this chain icon hero. It's called Maintain aspect ratio. You just aspect. No, you don't need shift? Yep. Take a look. I have a whole chief just to conduct our this thing Eyes Ah, link icon. Under you continue your rectangle door. You contain your rectangle with good shape you want just like in Toronto Look here on you can even harder Many different options. You can go to the blending options and that at many different options toe this cell many different styles to this rectangle. You can even add pattern Overly you can add outer bloviate I'll and select that you can even add the water when you feel like you can. Even a drop shadow with you cannot just the distance off the drop shadow You can adjust the angle of drop shadow Let me click it on normal. I can even at the size off the drop shadow and even at the opacity, Andi, even you cannot increase or reduce the noise. Just play with these kind of settings on. You can even play with the angle of the drop shadow. Here we can take a look at it. Yep. I disabled out of love. We get back to that later. Yeah, You can take a look at this. Uneven radios the distance you can increase the spread with. That's not good. Yeah, you can resize it. You can play with the settings on, get to know it. You can even increase the stroke off this under out of stroke. Uh, see. Look at this. Let me You can do You can change it here itself. And even you can. You contains the color off the stroke like let me pick up this blew up blue is good. You can even add patron over land stuff or whatever you feel like doing color overlay. You can even add ingredient here, but you cannot select presets here. I told you a site named Gharbi in you can sell it color from there. Just click OK and true change. Yep, We have our rectangle, So try playing with it. Let me log this layer. So this is the layers menu on duh. You can try playing with it. Eso This is it for the video. And in the next video, we'll start editing with really images. I'll show you how toe are transformed images on and add filters to it. So thank you for watching. 4. Working with Hue & saturation: Hi there. Under today, we're going to take a look at Hue and saturation in photo shop. Okay, now, quickly download something. Majors from on Splash. I've downloaded this one right here on downloaded some other. Sure. Okay. You don't know whatever they want and have download. I don't noted this one by Paul. Yeah, so I just have just opened up the three images here on Duh. In the adjustments are panel. There is hue and saturation right here. Okay. Create a new hue on saturation adjustment layer. Just click on it. It creates a new layers in layer in the layers menu. Okay, Onda, you can just play with that. It's simple and fun. You can crank up the human saturation or a change the color of the shoes. Look at this. How cool is this? Yeah, blue is good. Blue is good for Nike, But if you want only change the color off the shoe now the shoe color waas read, write. Just delete the layer by pressing the delete. Just delete the later. Okay. Now, if you want the only thing the color off the shoe, which is read there is a small panel here called master. Just click on it on it. Only affect the reds in, In in the photo. Even there is a shortcut. All place tree. I don't remember it. So I remember only the main shotgun. So you can take a look at it. Here we have tens were changing only the shoe color and not affecting the background Like the stairs on his pant. Yeah, you can take a look. Purple is good now, abductor, what you want saturation is it is used to change our color skin on image. Okay, there is even saturation here. No, that is not good. But I delete the layer. Yeah, you can take a look at it. See? It was read notes Purple. This this matter did method is used toe upload photos in flip card or online shopping. They don't talk. They'll just change color person for a shop like this. Yeah. Now quickly will practice it with this image also, you can take a look at it here. Yeah, greenest Victor, you can change it. However you want our whoever you feel like. And this is good red, then purple. Well, let me try it for this True. Just practice it play with it. No worries. Let me affect only yellow. No, just Yeah, yeah. Are in this good orange wars Good. Yeah. You can just plate in this way. Let me try it for the blue Green is good. You can take a look at it. We have just changed through colors that this is what saturation that Go pick up some images from and splashed. Just download them and just practice hue and saturation. Yeah, See you in the next video. 5. Working With Vibrance: he guys on. Welcome back in this video. We're going to talk something about vibrance in photo shop. Just downloaded this image from unspool ash. Even you need to open your browser and just downloaded real quick. Just click the download button so I'll open up my photo shop and click on Open. This video is pretty straightforward when I click open it. Yeah, so this sorry mate has been opened up. Now just stop press control. Now let's get back to the adjustments. If it's not open this click on window and adjustments, it would open up. Now here is Yep, Here is vibrant. Okay, just unloved the layer. And here is vibrance. So let me show you what it does. It's It's pretty basic. So let me crank up the vibrance. You can take a look at it here, right? The collapse of propping up the reddish color is popping up from this plant on because the saturation you take a look at the skin tone. Well, this is it. Water vibrance does. This is what vibrant does are nothing much. It's like, ah, filtering photo shop can take a look at the ball behind the shoe on bits turning in tow. Your lowest or in goalless color. Yeah. This is what vibrant does. You can turn into black and white image. Or you can even you can crank up the That just isn't good. You can take a look at it here. Just click the eyeball button. Yeah, this is much better, right? This isn't contradicted. Yeah, that looks like this again. The properties from menu will open up. Yeah, let me read yours saturation a bit. Yeah, This is good. So just select images from on splash. Andi just downloaded on. Duh. Crank up and play with the vibration on the adjustments panel here. Okay, This is it for the video. It's pretty basic. So thank you for Morton it 6. Using adjustments pannel-LEVELS: Hey, guys, today we're going to take a look at the levels in the adjustments panel, so just open up your photo shop on duh. Just install these images from on Splash. I've just installed this on da Yep. Go to go. Just press control o on your keyboard and open up some images. I've downloaded two images when his mountains and one is this, I'll just open a boat. Onda, you get back to the mountain one just press control for So what? We're going to talk something about levels in that adjustments panel. If you're adjustment panel is not showing up. What about here? In the window? On the just click on adjustments here on day. I should appear here. There should be a small tick mark enabled here. Okay. Yeah, you can Let's just like this. So there are different kinds off options here. Vibrance exposure curves levels on brightness. No, I'm gonna show you about level. Just click here, okay? And you can take a look in the layers. May knew that a new layer has been formed. Core levels one and there is a chain link to it, so I have not, um it's something up so that we can take a look at the eye symbol toe. Make the layer visible. Okay. On there are This is the layers, Manu. You can take a look at it in the properties here. Okay. On that there are three darts, right? This is the great This is this is black on. This is great. And this is right. So there is a lot of white here, and there is a lot off gray. And there is not much off black in the email, so you can adjust made using levels like this. You can take a look at it. Feel good, Andi, you can even assign the front kind of value for it. Like I understand it. 20 No. 22. Yeah. This is good. You can know. You can play with it with this mark work, you know, right? Yeah. Yeah. You can play with it in this way with this? I think this is good. Now you can take a look at it. You can even pop up the image, Colliver. Yeah, No, You can go ahead and download images from once class and play with your own image. Okay. Like believing the levels off the mid Great. Let me do this. Just press control. Oh, so that they made fits the screen on unlock the background and just go to levels on. Just are just a bit. It's too dark. You can take a look it in the rocks. This is the black black color. Think the black The blacks are getting more darker. Do it for you. Yeah, This is good. This is good. Yeah. So this is how you play, How you believe it levels in the infant videos. I'll explain you all that adjustment tools here. Onda about fugitive. Okay, dissident for the video and I picking up a new limit under our our level stood. 7. Turn images into black & white: All right, now, in this video, we're gonna take a look at how to change images into black and white. We take a look at this. Cool. Right on. Take a look at this is pretty basic and simple now. Okay, let's do it. Okay. Now you need to download two images from on Splash. I've downloaded this one right here. Onda, Uh, this is already this. You have already downloaded the shoots One. Okay, Now, just go to the adjustments panel, and there is a button card. Black and white. Create a new black and white adjustment layer. Just click on it on the yard images. Steam gets changed into a black and white image. It feet Take a look at this. Yeah. Now even you can play of it a particular color. Now the color off, the shoes are red, right? Selected on. Do you can crank it up? You can crank up the whites in the shoe or decreases decreases it left will decrease the red tow a darker color and right. Pulling it right will increase the white. So take a look at it. This is easy. Easy. Yeah. So play with the image. Let's try it the next image press control or so that they may gets resized. Onda control, Tap toe agent images toe, Get back to the next image. So just click on black and white There is a new layer here Now the leaf is green on. The bottle is green. Now let's crank up the lifting now just select it. Let me turn on the eyeball. Just select this on You can crank it up in this manner. You can even select the bottle, which is blue. Wait, Let me send in the body. Yeah, Here you can decrease the blue. You can take a look at this Distinct right here. The blues are getting affected in the picture. Yeah, This is how you can turn images in tow A black and white thing. Yeah, we see. How cool is it? Just open up images on Try playing with it. Try playing with some images and turned them into black and white car Dissident for the video this is pretty basic andan. The next videos will start anything with real images 8. Using Crop Tool: Hey, guys, today I'm gonna talk something about crop tool. It's pretty basic. OK, just open up your photo shop on open. Any kind off emitted from Photoshopped just like this. Just press control zero. Now you might ask Crop Tool is pretty easy and basic solely. Let me skip this video Known There is a catch, so I'll show you how. Just press. See in your keyboard so that the crop tool enables right here to hold, Hold, hold and click. Just hold it on. There are different kinds of tools are Let me get back to that later. Now, for now, we'll take a look at the crop tool. Yeah, this is used for cropping images just like this. Yeah, this just press enter. See, You can easily cropped images. Now you can take a look at this in the top in about there is Ah think or delete crop the pixels. Now this should be enabled. If you disabled this, let me show you it. Let me see if you're disabled that you are pixels will not be deleted. See, you can just move the photo in this manner. You cannot just the photo if you enable that you cannot move your Let me get back. Control Z to get back, it'll be deleted forever. This part of the photo on the light grey side will be deleted forever. Best we go get back to our move tool. See, you can't so you can move there. This is what crop does of your horse shift. And do that. You can sell it apart off it. You can sell it apart off it on. But you can. Just addicted in this manner. If you hold shift even you can rotate it. Yeah, you can take a look at it if you can even rotate it. Fee? Yeah. Always leave. Delete crop the pixels on. Okay, just press enter. Yeah, you could do so. This is it for the video. In the next video, we'll show you what this content of their Onda perspective crop tool. 9. Content aware cropping: All right, now, let's talk much more about cropping tool. I've just picked up a image from unspool. There's now a couple image this pickup imaginative feel like picking up their downloaded here. Onda, I open up my photo. So horrible your crop tool right here are just received. Okay, So that the crop will enable the star could see No, Let's talk about a plant in a well. Here, hold art and zoom out through a scroll back in your mouth are even. You can do more with this magnifying good right here. Ah, zoom. Cool. Okay. Breath art. So that you can zoom out or this leave art on. Do you can resized to fit you even you can see like that I hold art are just the press control for two reasons the limits. Okay, now Gorder Crop tool right here. Presi Andi, I talk about the content of it. You can even increase the background off the photo. Let me do the magic real quick. Yeah, it just press this stick marquee on you. The content aware of these things would be a smart right here about Yeah, See, magic. You have just invented a new background thought. If there is any background noise, the proceeds controls Easter forward step that work under content, our crop and it really content of crop. You can just increase the bag room. This is what content does. You can select the ratio here. Even you can crop it the different kind of ratio. Just like this. Let me cancel it yet have been written more background. Yeah, you can just play with the stool and you can invent more background. Okay. Always make sure that delete pick self is on when you drop something. Andi, even you can invent more background from this Also, it was elected to race. You let me do that? Yeah. Just click enter or a prosthetic mark here phone. You'll see more background. Has bean made for the shop? Yeah, there is a big here. Yeah. So this is how crop is used. Toe in the background. Onda Just a crop Images steps pretty basic. Onda Simple. You could even straight and you need is Yeah. Look at this. The late excels or not on this. This is what I was trying to tell. It's pretty basic. And in the next video, we'll something more 10. Using Content Aware Fill: Hey, guys, in this video, we are going to take a look our content of airfield on What does it do? So I'll teach you how to use content aware fill tool in this video. So up, open up on splash. Just don't close your brother while taking up my course. Okay? You need to download a lot of images. Just open up a new splash on dive Downloaded these two images right here. This Onda this. Okay, so let me open that for the African Open. It also like this by pressing control on dial. Select back that the doctor One. What? There is the other airports for I'm not get Okay. I'll open up this one for now. Let me search that file. Are you open? Ah, so, yeah, I found it. It's right here about on. I'll open. One more remained. I think I'll open up. Open up this one right here. So I recited by pressing control zero, even this one. This? Yeah, it resized right now. I just like the pair. Look, I'm gonna name her background. Yep. No deaths on my leaving. Unlock this. Okay, Now let me talk about the first image. Goto now just select your raw lasso tool are even. You can do this with the rectangle market will just press him on It has a short cut. Let's say like this Airports in this manner right here know it Die on the subject has been selected. You need to remove that are two airports right there. Ok, now goto a debt on there is option called the content aware Fill. Just click on it. Ok, now look at the magic. No, you need toe. Select some bits here. Made elected Lord Just click on the place second on. But this has not been selected. Just selling this right here on you can take a look at it. You can review the image that the airports have been removed in the right side, off this original image, just like okay, see? Are now the airports has beena removed from the image. No, this election, if you want to remove this rectangle right here, they there is a shortcut for it. Just remember it. Just press control. The de select. What would be select something that you have selected already? Now it's this easy toe. Remove something, just convert it into a smart object. You can even select the scare parts using the lasso tool right here. Let me do that. I just draw a line around it. E Oh, let me right in this man And I also like this boat right here. Okay? On a goto edit on content aware fill No big deal. It's so easy to do. Let me zoom out toward art. Zoom out. Okay. Yeah, This is good. Well, let me say like some bits goto this tool right here. The brush tool Onda click on Plus Icon on and I'll increase the size upto this 800 is good . I said like this so that the image or they're for trump detect spit on and works with even better. See, you can take a look at it. Right Here are the photo has bean. And it did. Yeah, just press controlled. You de select. Yeah, There are many ways to do this. Even you can do this with I undo. Undo lasso. You can do this even with quick selection toe right here. Now, if your caps lock is on, you'll see the cross hair right here. You will see something like this if your caps. Lock is off. You'll see the stool right here. So they just are disabled. Caps lock. So you can take a look at that. Just remember this shortcut. OK? Never enable caps lock on. You can see the circle thing for the select airports. Right here. It let me selector. Yeah, I think it's a pretty good selling Goto edit and content aware Fill. You can do this here, but with this stool right here, it has a problem. You can take a look at it. How is this? Is not that good, right? So lasso tool and lasso tool place. A very important role on rectangular market will place a very important role in the quick selection in content Aware are Phil Okay? So just don't do with that quick selection. It does not work properly limited, it works, but not in a proper manner. And let also breast control have toe shift. Another immense. I hold this. I enable this rectangle and market tool on. I just drag a box around it. I'll go toe end it on content aware. Fill late doing the work. You see how good time sweetie give? Yep. Even it has removed the shut off the airport right here. Yeah, just press controlled you to be selected. Do the same thing for this right here. I'll say, like this phone. Uh, that I look, I do it with the last photo selected. No big deal. Just selected. Yep. When the phone has been selected. Just press control. Oh, shit. Yeah. Goto date and Yeah, Mitt, Look, there is even a shortcut for this. Uh, you're gonna but it's with the lay of selected right here in Ah, right here. You can just press shift backspace. So? So that the shortcut opened the small menu. Get open up now. Go here under contents. Menu aren't just select for content aware right here. OK, just click on, OK, I think it should do its job. Let me try. I think it should work, though. It's lording lording? Yep. You can take a look at it Would have done a pretty good job just de selected or let me under the select edit under Fill it under lasso. Now let me do it with the normal along this layer No last until like this Goto edit Onda Oops. Sorry. Or to edit and content aware fill. It's let it Lord give for the shop sometimes to load. Yeah, this is this is just click. OK, so in this manner controlled toe the select in this manner you cannot remove some objects in a photo without missing the original photo or the background. Okay. I'll just like this andare Click on edit content aware. Fill on just remotest remove this Google pixel phone from the photo. I think you can even remove this whole laptop itself. Okay. What are you doing? Just go sprayed up Sunsplash. And just because it means from here on duh, you can just pick up this image and remove this controller part through content aware fill and I'll see you in the next video. 11. Transformation & Quick Selection: Hi there. Welcome back, everybody. So in this video, we're going to take a look at the transformation tools on different kind off transformation that can be done to our photos. OK, now whip. Now, just open up your photo shop Minus right here. I've just opened it on now. Downloaded some images from unspool ash. When Take a look at it, you can just inspect the Imagine click here. Download free. Large. You can even select the size you want. I've just downloaded the original size. Okay, I'll minimize it for you. Just open and for the shop and click on file Open Are desperate control. Or let me open it quick for you. Ah, yeah, I have a few minutes here. Okay, I'll just open it. We learned about the transformation tools and even we learn about the quick selection tool in this video. Now, here is the image off a car. It just unlock the background layer. Just click on the padlock here on just rename it. Okay, let me rename it us car on. Just click. Enter. Now hear This icon indicates the layer visible to have told you this. This in the other videos also now you need to select. Got all that here. Okay. No, just, uh go to the quick selection tool. Just hold. Hold, hold. Hold on. Our bunch off tools will open up here called Object Selection Tool, quick Selection pool and the Magic one tool. Now all we need is the quick selection tool. I'll just select it Desperate. W onda. You can even resize the safe off the brush. I'll call. This has breast or the circle. Whatever you feel like. You can take a look at this. You can even bree resize it with when this square brackets over here. There are left and right square brackets. There are opening and closing square square brackets, right? Just click and hold the rope. Open square bracket in your keyboard so you cannot resize it. But also with square bracket it is this one this Will this one just hold it toe, including the size. Okay, so I just are take a side of the smart Andi, just click Click, click Onda, select the car, Which is Castro on Martin? Well, let me select it for you. Yep. I just got pressed Art on Duh. Just press your most. That's crawled. Well, button there are to zoom in or even you can use the magnifying tool here. See? Art it in Just two minus or even you can play with it. Here, See about right corner. Okay, let me press part onder who Move it left on, right our up and down to move it left and right We need toe press control and click the left button off the mouth. So apart from that, just click on your quick selection tool on Just select the car like this Let me press control and move a bit left selecting for the shop selecting for me there are different kinds of method toe even select the object in a photo. But I'll try that in the other videos. Faster letters. Look at the simple techniques Here. I'll let me select it for you. E uh, Yeah, booked. It takes time to lure other Absar open in the background. So let me Harvard about this stool here. And just like my understanding, canceling the and wanted object with just click art and you can take a look at it. It changes to the minor symbol. The minor symbol appears here. Okay, this press heart and get back to our original image on just press control. Zero toe. He says the needs or the male gets protect. Okay, It's not selected. Here. Let me selected for you. Oh, shit. Uh, for the sublight. Let me skip this. Wait, let me skip this. Yep, We are back. And this This is a very rough selection. No, just Well, what about we are removed? All just or just press V. Now you can take a look at the selection we have selected and just click on Select on display. Can select and mask. You can take a look at this election, our relatives and rough selection here. Now you can take a look A different kind of option. No, I teach you that later. Now, just like a new earlier with a Place it on a new layer and click. OK? Yeah. This car is played on a new layer. You can take a look at it so you can take a look at it now. I can even move this car right here. Okay? If you want to get back, just press controls. Wait, Let me move for it. And you can goto image aid it transform Onda skill. This opens up the transform tool which you can play with. You can play with whatever size one. If you hold shift, it just distorts the image. If you just leave, shift gets back. Toads. Original ship No, here are some kind off for settings about. You can even play with severe than high minus 100. Sorry of the keyboard. Clicks are too low. And if there is any kind of disturbance? Yep. You can play with the better, Andi. Even with the angle off this you can play with the height. Now, let this be the picture. Wait, Let me get back. Close controls. Let it be this man, okay? It is a rough selection. This click enter now the object has been selected. You can move it wherever you want. If you're ah whole shifter on the move, it it's just moves in particular. They like if you want to move it. They said it just moves it in a particular line. Street manner. If you leave, shift and move it in, move however you want. Okay. Now even you can add a different kind off effects like the you can just right are double click in this empty column here toe open up Blending options or even you can open a blending options in effects on blending options. It let me out a bit out. Globe. Yep, That's already with the noise. You let me on a drop shadow. The Yeah, that's a bit good. Yep. That's a bit good. Onda. You can even play with the different kind off settings. Have already. I told you, let me out of stroke Off light? Yep. Well, this is good. Just click, OK, now you can transform it with the transform tool. Just press our control. T transform it however you want. Okay, I'll just leave it right here. Onder, if you are in the new just Crestor the ski, the star coming, transformation are Click Enter whatever you feel like. No, If you want to place this inside document or a If you want to place that inside another photo let Micheli real quick. Just first control and to open up a new document. These are the basics off photo shop. Let me just car click on Create. Who wanted to put this car over here? Just hold this on. Just drag it on. Leave it here. Okay? Or I even You can let me delete that for you. Or even you can just press this for my phone is ringing. Even you can press this and hold control. See? And control we re pasted for you right here. Okay. Yep. Onda here is the air is a little bit. Where is it? I'm not finding it, though. What? Yep. Here. You can take a look at the areas. It'll just click on the right right square bracket, which is the closing square bracket. And even you can areas the car with Let me do for real. You can areas the part can various tiny bits like this. Maybe you don't like this. Let me clean up for you. This is the areas or tool where you can erase whatever you feel like doing. Okay. Now get back to this document. If you're in this document, just resize it on distress control Tab. It is a quick shocker toe more on documents like this. Like the first photo or the second photo. Just press V on. Bring it back where it waas now. Press art onder, zoom in or zoom out with the most on day. If you want to move around in this photo, if you want to move around just the whole space so that your hand tools get equipped in the photo, you cannot move. It really picked in this way. Take a look at what the higher are. You can just click on this hand tools here, right here, and just move it in this way. We're stuck. You can just move it in this. That is what I was trying to tell you. Our rifle. Let me delete this. Includes that fixed. Just click delete Onda ports or in this unjust place shift. Yep. This is what I'm trying to explain it to you in this video on I I'll see you in the next video. That is it for this video. Talk to you about the transformation on the transform tool on how to use the transform tool and how to use the quick selection toe. You have seen the next video 12. Class Project -Transformation : Hi, guys. Now, in this video, I'm going to give you a home. But it is a class project time. So in the previous video of I've told you how to select object on DCAA, Peter can transform it. So just click on open on the district on Car one, under click on Open. Now, I want you to play with this image Onda just selected with the quick selection tool andare transform it on. Just play with it, Andi, add some vibrance to it from the adjustments panel or play with its brightness over here like this. Okay, now. Yeah. Go do your homework. You can download this from unspool Ash. I already told you this. Click on download free for down Lords and save it in your pictures folder. So Yep. You can just selected in this big press V on just But he moved the selection and just go to select select mosque Onda. Place it on a new layer on. Okay. Now, you you can do your homework in this way. This is a class project, OK? Yep. We can do it now. 13. Using the Quick Selection Tool: Hey, guys, In this video, we are going to take a look at the quick selection tool how to mask on how to remove background off, how to remove background off a picture. Okay, How to select it, How to select object and place it with a different kind of background. So let's do that in 40 shop. Now, quick up. Open your browser and download this photo right here. From Splash on, you need to download four photos for this complete video over about technology and down Lord, whichever four to you. Feel like I've downloaded this one on down and I downloaded it. This one right here, this airport. So I downloaded. Onda, quick up. Open up your photo shop and click. It might be any photo, but topic is the same. Just file open. I select four photos the whole control and selected so that every photo select at the same time. I won this one. Mm. Where is this one, then? Yeah. Yeah, that is it. I Okay. Click open. But I think I made it out. One more for a click. Why is control? Oh, no. Yeah. File open locals D I had downloaded this photo right here. It let me download a photo for you real quick. Yeah, I opened up these four photos and right here from Splash. Now it's timeto select. Andre, remove the background off object. Now drag this photo here we are going a walk with these two photos right here. Okay? Now, in this video, I'm going to talk much more about quick selection. Tool if you wanna, uh, enable quick selection tool, It has a shortcut. The Jesperson w no big deal on day, if you want to resize it just across the square bracket square brackets left and right. Square brackets toe decrease or increase the size off it. Or even you can do that right here. See? Do it right here on and I live. Hardness up. 200%. Let me to the side nor teal study. Yeah, like this. Now we're going to select this photo right here. This won't see how cool is it? It has already selected it for me. For topsy. It has a pretty good selection right here. You can zoom in with pressing or turn your scroll are button right here. No. Enable your move tool and just got it from this for going to see you can just play with it . I place it here in trees like it doesn't drops or no, but the drag, drag, drag. And yeah, it's good to go. You can place it right here. Yeah. So easy. You can even rotate it with the transform to like this. Ah. Yep. You can do this. You could even resize it. Let me make the phone a bit large. Or you even you cannot copy this. You let me delete this. It has, ah, separately, Air enabled for this for right. Click here and you can delete layer in. Just deletes the layer. I even you can copy this selected one. Goto edit Copy Hobart about this files Goto a kind of paced See? How cool is it in? Just pasted There are You can press control your control. This is it for law. This video it's a pretty basic on. Do you know how to read it? Size Onda, Use quick selection tool You can even add a drop shadow to make it a bit. Look really with a drop shadow? No, not this much. Yeah, this is good. He This is good It's pretty easy. No, you are going to take this astronaut right here. Onda place it here. OK, this press control zero to reset the image, even from this. Let me do that. Go to a quick selection tool and start selecting him. This is a bit difficult. It has many wires attached. Let me do that for you. Even you start doing it. If you press art, you can even remove the selection. Just leave or changes to the place Like on our Even you contended right here about Oh, it Let me do that. Let me say like this. Let me read your the size off. This This right here. This is good. This is a pretty good selection. Yeah, you can take a look at it. I've selected the unwanted part. You can. You can do this. I did. Taking forever to Lord. I thought, if there is any background noise Yeah, you can select objects like this under Place it in a different background. This is not a good selection. It takes a violent to selected. So I'm just showing you example on how to select stuff. I mean to do this. Yep. This is good right. You just put a sweet so that your move tool grapes and never see It's okay. This Alex And look Yeah, you can place it right here. No, even you can erase stuff, Toe. Just press ive or two over about the razor tool. Just zoom in like this and elect me. There is some stuff here. Right here. See you take a look at this. He, uh for me, it is this Even you start doing it. Just don't select image Onda. Try removing the limit on the place. It on a different background like this. This is good, but the selection itself is not a bit perfect. I'm just showing you examples for you on how to select and the mosque size here. Yeah. This is good. Yeah. And this is this. What? This desperate control to move around. I'll remove this part. Yeah. This is a pretty off this election. Now you can add a stroke for it. Stroke? I largest stroke off. I'm black. I think black is good. No, no. Why himself is good. Yeah, this is okay. It is this unwanted stuff. No, I can't do that. Yeah, I can do it. Yeah, This is an AK stroke to it already. Even you can are distinct. You can add a drop shadow if I'm explaining to slow. That just includes the speed off the video. Okay? Nobody is there. Let me go through this. Yeah, This is easy. Now go pick up. Are made from a new splash like you can You can place you can You can select this and place it in background in a different background. Yeah, just go do it. Just download some images from once place and start using the quick selection tool right here. And I see you in the next video. 14. Add Text Behind a image: Alright. In the end, off the video you will be making something like this in photo shop. Okay, It's pretty basic. Easy on da Quick. I'll teach you how to do that. Now just follow me, All right? Just open a photo shop just started. Just open up for the shop on duh. Open up your browser and search for a new splash are on. Just downloaded the emails real quick from here. No big deal. I have downloaded this one with our downloaded. This one I select this have opened up this one. Just a press control a Z zero. So skill it thought if there is any background Nice and Nancy from outside, I can't help. It s so just download this image of activity with we like our downloaded that I'm not getting in finance. Plus, I don't noted long back. Okay. Really quick downloader Immense. Now you you'll lose the quick selection toe selected on the copied A layer it tells just on Select your a quick selection tool by pressing the blue order selected right here. I just increase this size off it. Just the whole organs because crawl. But then toe Zuman, I'll selling this guy right here. Okay. Island love the layer by pressing the parodic padlock icon, I'll rename it limited background. Yep. Yeah, This is good to go. I have selected him. It's pretty easy to select the email using the quick selection tool. Photoshopped has made it that easier. Yeah, just go selected that. It need not be a perfect selection. Yeah, this is good. Spoke a Yeah. Headed the main part off this radios the size I speak. His years are not selected. Yeah, This is good on your sweatshirt? Yep. Just selected on the way. I'm showing it to you on go. We'll start adding a text hold or toe Remove some part of the selection like this right here. Or leave or toe the place icon appears I hold or canceled the selection here. The shoe is not selected properly or even you can hold about here. Right. And select the minus icon There. I selling this. Oh, right. You have got a pretty good selection. Are just press. Can there zoom out? Yeah, this is Look OK Now you need to copy this layer right here. Goto edit copy addict pasted right here. It creates a new layer on. You can see this near. Now go open up your text tool. Abdur, This text right here. Okay, on Just type something. I think. Yeah, I like nature and click. You can choose the size off it. I just clicked. Enter or president? Taken right here are over a boy. Your move tool and place it here on now the magic part happened So the size it they're using the transformation to press control T to reserve it. Just drag this layer about right here. See when you take a look at it and Dick located The text has gone behind this fellow right here. You can if I put it about in the layers. You know you can take a look at it. The text is about him. If you drag this below sea magically, the magic happens. The text gets the text goes behind the object Which way have selected Now we can add a stroke All you can You can even add a drop shadow. I'll just add radiant and stroke drop Shadow really doesn't suit this Goto effect on goto Radiant womanly right here. Yeah. Had selected this one you can selected. It's ever normally is not good. My light and now multiple Iwas Good. I lost elected on my deploy itself. Oh, where is my player? What? I'm getting the IVs right here. Andi I select blue Always remember that life tell apps are the best colors. Light colors are good. I like Cliff. This is good. Just like Okay, okay. Yeah. See, It's this easy Don't put text behind a personal of four photo shop on Do you let you can even add a stroke Or in the shadows Color overly out of glory Drop shadow whatever you want . You can even add bevel and and boards to it. I think it's not good. This is not good. I'll cancel it. You can take a look And I fixed layer in the I icon right here. See? Fix? Yeah, I think the radiant overly reigns. No, it is not good. Not blue. Yeah, Blue is good. Yeah. So just play with it. Turned up. Give your best. No, Really Normal itself is good. Joe s o. They started doing it. Start on. Just pick up a four to from a plus. Onda, this, uh make this right here. Okay, So in the next video, we'll take a look at the different subject while you 15. How to blur background PS: Hey, guys, in this video be are going to take a look at motion blur. How to blur the background mainly. Okay, now we cup. I just close this up on now. Just open up on Splash on. You can down Lord, this image right here are of exhibit. You feel like I've downloaded other one. So let me work with this ritual. I left click on open. I will start from a photo right here. I was walking up with this way we can pick up this fellow. First off, let me resize it. I just unlocked the background later named back home? Yep. Yeah. Now you need to duplicate it on. Just drag this to the newly icon on. Do you need to select? If your caps lock is on, you need to disable your caps lock. Otherwise it looks something like something like this. It looks like a prosser in SPS begins and shooter game. So, Lex on awful gaps Law Onda se like this guy right here. Okay. Hopes That is a pretty good selection. He selected the color contrasts between his arm and the roses on the flowers are so close. So for just shop undetected that good? I thought, if there is any kind of background months, Yeah, this is good. That is a pretty good for two months. I need to Kant's need one cell like this. Yeah, I think this election is Would Okay. Uh, no, you need to What was select on the select and mosque Opie, remember? Said the con selected mask. Now you need to know Open up this output to option on. Just, uh, you need you. You can new layer by layer mask and just click on. OK, Now it creates a new layer with tar layer mask right here. Okay. You just creates a new layer with you can even off the i con. It's raining outside. There might be a bit disturbance, so yeah, now I recited by pressing control. So the Oops I'm not in my mouth. Yeah, I resize it. Now you can apply the caution there. Goto free here. I like this background layer. Obviously it Gaussian Yeah, minus Yeah thing This isn't good. You can take a look at it then. Take a look at this. We have blurred blurred up the roses of it on, but we have only given focus to this guy right here. Now let me open up the photo in We open up the portal right here. You can take a look at the roses. Where are you? Sorry. You can take a look at the roses right here where it's not in order. I Yeah, we just blurt out the roses, the sky, the mountains behind, whatever you call it. Yeah. So let me work with a different photo right now. You can even add the watermark goto file place embedded on duh. Just you can add a border one for this Just like this is so cool. Andi, I hope you're getting what I'm trying to explain you. So we'll work with the different images. Now I'll click on file open on Goto Teachers Ondo, let me select, uh, which water? So that's a no. I'm feeling this guy this year right here. I'm just opened up this sermon Splash. I'll go to select subject on selected. So I have just selected the subject right here. Okay, Now I'll unlock the layer and name it and back around real quick. Yeah, Now I've named it. I just go to select wells, remember? Selected must now you need to add it with the new layer with a layer mask Are just vehicle new layer with you Feel like doing it? You come back around and taken filter blood on Gaussian Blur. He Yeah, this might be good. No, this is too much. Yeah. See, we have just blur the background. This is how you Okay, this is damn easy. This serious? You can add a watermark or something like that. You can area or no. Go now, just for a class project. Just a couple inmates from splash and start blurring the background with Russian blood. It's It's just easy to do. Okay, now go ahead on you can You can pick up this image right here. Okay, Go ahead on and start doing your homework right now. And I see you in the next video. 16. Adding Lens Flare PS: Hey, guys, in this video, we are going to make something like this off for two or c You can take a look at this. How cool is adding a lens flare or adding a son in the background using the filter lens flare, they take a look at this right here. Magically the sun disappear. So let's do that in photo shop. No, AL floors. Both the documents on dab just downloaded this photo from one place. You can take a look at the link right here. Yep. You condone or download this under our I just open a boat. I think I just resize it. File open. Andi, I'll select this thing right here. So I just recited controlled upto move toe another photo toe. Just unlock this layer. Just rename it Eileen emitters Be over, boy. I just control J toe Make a new layer on and I'll just click on Convert a smart object, Then goto filter onda select render on the lens flare. You can add four kinds off lens flare so you can take a look at the lengths layer right here. You can add it right here. Here are even honestly if it doesn't look good. Look good. It looks good in the left side. Off the photo are are in the right side, so you can select whichever man flare type you want. This is good. Even this is good. This is like one not fight trying on the movie print. I like this one, though you can say like the brightness by increasing this this line right here or even you can assign a value like 1 50 Yeah, this is just click on. OK? Yep. See, magically the lens flare appears right here. They just click on this lens like lens flare. I've gone. Oh, yeah. This is what I was trying to show you in this video. This pretty small video on death or if there is any kind of background noise, I tryto added the friendly and fled. I double click this lens flare right here on. But I like this one. This one This is good. I am the prism. Brightness Onda. Yeah. See, You can take a look at this andare dude. Andi, even you can add the same thing for this $4 so you can add that for any kind of photo you feel like Goto Field. Just unlock this dragon convert for smart filter or even you can Children filter on? Do you can click here, convert for march filters? Just goto render what is the Minato are under a lens flare. Yeah, you can sell it this on. This is a bit Yeah, this is good. I love this. Yeah, you can take a look at it, right? There is a sun added to the photo. So this is what I was trying to teach you on. Now you can go ahead and select inmates from unspool ash which every man you feel like I'm just add a lens flare to the four door. Andi Yeah, I'll see you in the next video. 17. Blending two images into one: Hey, guys, in this video, we are going to make something like this. Really? Go blend two images into one photo. See, you can take a look at this right here. Okay, quick up. You need to open up on Splash on. Download two images on guy. Just open them in for the shop. AB downloaded this one, Onda. Uh, this one right here can take a look at the link or just type the link in your browser on. Just open up these two photos, file open. Just open it from here. Okay, Hold control and open. So these two photos will open up. Let me do that for you. Select. No, no. I look awful. Yeah. This boat. So we are going to blend two images into one. We can do this using the brush tool, so unlock this layer. First off on block this layer. Also press control. Zero toe resize it. Yeah. We are going to drag this image in tow. This one. Okay, the second image in tow. This one? Yep. Just along with their andare. You can goto a dip copy on the addict based right here, dragging his best. I'll place it right here, E. Yeah, right here. Just press control ity on resize The image like this unjust. The pick mark about are just press and and I know you have two layers. This is not aligned properly. Restated a bit. Yeah, I think this is good. Yeah. So you have to lace layer one on layer zero on layer upon. Okay, you name it I before before Onda after. So here you need toe ag layer must for made first cough. Just click on this icon right here. It says are the new layer must know layer mask is added toe the after lee OK, which is the first player about right here. Okay, layer mask. It's added two distinct. So go press b or select your brush tool right here. Distinct on da. Here are the colors. This is white and this is black. You can change it by pressing this Aramark, or you can press X Also on your keyboard are to change it are pressed d to get back to the color. If if you press d Wait, let me if you press the it changes to the default color, which is black and just press this Adam are just breast X on duh Select your breast stool aren't see Just drag it here. Okay? This dragon tears I see he's before and after the information off room or something like that. I see you can do this No hardness Its sector video here hardness zero If hardness is said 200% I'll show you what happened Goto edit on undue breast or press control Z, let me press control Yeah If you increase the hardness, it looks something like this. This is not good that it doesn't have a fear. See, this is not good at all. Fearing is good than this one. So on decrease your hardness and just do this. Blend two images now for your class project but yet I just opened up slash Download two images and the blend Blend the images into one under. You can even upload it in the discussion section off Skill share. Okay, just do that on. But this is it for the video. This is how easy it is to blend. That means in tow. I'm the one okay on guys. You in the next video 18. Dual tone Effect: you guys. Now, in this video, we are going to make something like this. How cool is this dual tone affect using radiance? It's pretty. It's pretty simple. Let me show you how to do that real quick. And for the sub, just follow me. Hey, guys, no, quick up. Open your A browser and open up unspool Ash photos for everyone on. Just select a mate. Feel free. Whichever you want to insulated. I've George the after the previous paint dripping effect in Made. So you can just download this image. Just click on download here, save it, and just open up in photos off Just press control or so that it opens our goto file and open. So let me do that for, you know, let me open up the image. Open this so to recess. Reset it. Sorry just point. Just press control zero. Look it researchers under Fritz, it the background now unloved layer by clicking on the padlock. I can't just rename it. You can bring a little limited subject. Yep. Now holding above your Grady and tools right here. Yep. This is the radiant tool. Now you can take a look at this, Grady. and Phil. Okay. You can even open this from image are just prints on. Radiant. Where is it? Yeah, Grady and Map. You can open up from where everybody want, OK? No big deal. I'll just open up here real quick. It's handy. Just open it on. Do you can take a look at a radiant style angle scale. Now we'll play with that. Okay? Just double click this double. Click this empty layer here, and this is the angle off it. See, you can take a look at the black dingoes are left side also right. Set and play the dangle. Now give the animal a zero so that the black Grady in States on the left side off the photo or double it like this. Grady and Phil. Now, come here. You can take a look at this right there. Double click it on and move this. This thing with color picker. Okay, move this color picker and it and shows a different kind of car left. Now come here and select Pinker. Yeah, this is good. I'll sell it. Dark pink, darkest desk click. OK, you can take a look at the court. F f 00 e just click, OK? No big deal on. You can play with this. You can take a look at the sea. It's honest. It's on his face. Yeah, for me. This is good. This is good. And you can take a look at the dark here. It straightens up the Grady and fill. It was like a favorite thing, right? See, now there is a straight line and you don't want it like this for dual tone effect. That should be off Fareed region like something. It should be something like this. You can take a look at the right thing. It see? I need what? I need it like this. Okay, it let me just this. You can take a look at the location on opacity. Don't play with capacity. Just leave it as it did it like, OK, this is the first Grady and fill. You can take a look at it here that a new layer has been formed. Just click. Ok, Onda, leave the setting at the world district. Okay, then you can play with the blending color mode right here. Just over about color. See? How cool is it? Boom. That is a effect. No we need one more, Grady and fill. You can just copy this by pressing control. J. I'll just get back and it step backwards are even. You can pull this right here in the place cycle. It forms a new layer. I don't want that to get through this, Adam or create new layer. I don't want that. I'll just make a new Grady in. Yeah, Now, I signed this angular 1 80 degrees. Or you can just type it with Katie. Yeah. So it's to the right side. Off off the photo are no double tap in the radiant DoubleClick in the Grady. And Phil. Now just select a color. I'll select blue. Sorry, I'll select blue. Yeah, blue not light Blue is good. Yeah, Light blues Good darkest color. Andi, I'll select the film off. This with Fared in You can even hopes press control Z to get and measured it up. Yeah, this is good. Yeah, This is good. Yep. Would go Sorry if there is any background. Nice. Yeah. So there, slick. Ok, no big deal. Just click ok and play with the blending More like I'll to sculler. Yeah, this is it. This this is done. Easy. See? Horrid, horrid, horrid dog Do this dragged here. See? Doesn't drag the I. You can take a look at it before after the debate on effective ingredient village. This simple. Yeah, I know. For a class project. Just a couple inmates from unspool s. You can pick up this image, Andi. Just apply great Grady and feel the weight don't affect for this photo. And I'll see you in the next video. 19. Oil Paint Effect: Hey guys, In this video, we are going to take a look at feeders effect on oil, paint effect and much more. Ok, just open up. I'm splashed on. Download this photo right here are this old man photo and open it up in photo shop on before that, I need to show you to websites where you can pick collapsed from Ah, one is color hunter. You can pick up pallets trendy, popular and a random. You can pick up this Scored, which is Hex Hex scored. You can just copy it. It says copy to clip clip board on. You can get this kind off color combination and you can read much more about them and you can even follow them on Instagram. If you feel like you can pick up color combination, you can pick up this hex scored and basted in photo shop while you complete news. Rochester related to this Okayed says today, yesterday, two days ago on three days ago. And even you can give it like you can save it out. It is not like you, but it's like a like button. Yeah, you can save it right here. Okay. On that their second website is colors coolers on Onda. It's partnered up. Colletta is partnered with the skill share on the the super fast color skins generator. You can click on, make a palette or explore scratches. You can create Stratus in photo shop. I'll tell you that later on, do you can create the perfect palette or get inspired by thousands off for beautiful collapse King, You can click on Explore our click on Make a Pallet. I'll just click on Experiential You water. It is even you can know. It seemed at the color hunt on you have, Ah, one more. Call Gabri in so you can copy the heck school right here. And you can create news watchers in four to stop. There are different, kind off us pilot and color palettes watches seat, even has a mobile. You can read much more about this by scrolling down. See, now I partnered with Adobe Extension see all pallets right into your workspace Instagram website and I was up in the APP store itself. So, apart from that, let's start our filter and oil paint affecting Photoshopped. So open up your photo shop on duh. Just click on open. I opened that photo which have downloaded Where is it? Hope. Yeah, right here. I know you just press control. Resize it on. No, no selector. Move. Tool on Goto Feel that you can see a lot of different options Now are we need to click on Filter Galati. We'll focus on that in this video. See, You can take a look A here There are many different kind off filters. Let me zoom out this Why is it taking forever to look? See? You can take a look at it right here You can add different kind off if you cannot. The colored pencil filter Catalytic lord, It takes a while to Lord Api sees a bit slow You cannot spawned effect on you can just click Ok, before that you need to go unlock this layer and name it He limit subject hopes My spelling you? Yeah No, You right Click this May this layer and and check Convert as smart object if you want to remove Converted More smart object No, you can just be contrastingly. Raster is layer now. I don't want you can click on convert to smart object because it becomes a non destructively unjustly can convert a smart object. No big deal on Goto filter and filter gallery. Now you can too different kind off. What? Wait. Let me zoom out right here. Now you can to a different kind off filters like artistic brushstrokes distorts gets stylized and texture. Uh, let me show you many off them. There are many filters The dark strokes. How about this one? Why is it worked? It's not lording now. This is not good. Artistic might be good. Wait, Let me to this. Yeah, I know you. Even you can increase the stroke size here, See? Can increase the stroke size. It takes a bite to Lourdes spawned. See, you cannot just the smooth, smooth Nesa here. Okay, these are This is what I was trying to tell You can go to sketch. You can also look Water. Paper? Yeah. Now one more. I just like you can just click on. Ok, OK. Our toe Make it like that. You can take a look at you. See, we have transformed the photo. Like what it says Renderings. Smart filters. Now let my cancer is not canceling. I don't want this effect. Okay, Alquist, Control Z, I just delete this. I'll delete this. I don't believe this. Delete smart filter. Now on there is one more option right here in, uh, where is the time? Stylized filters, Tyler's and oil been? This is damn easy. Okay, see in just convert the photo in tow. I paint effect. You can even to the cleanliness toe 100% on. You can even review it right here. Okay, you take the review button here so you can even Skillet, um, play with scaling. Andi, can you give it amount? All right, here with this is and this is a good I'll just click. Ok, See, we have just changed this in tow Oil paint effect. See this? You can look at the difference right here. It takes a bit time to lure. Yeah, So you can convert your image in toil pain. Let me open up one more on a show you you likely can card one on. But let me do this for you. Go to feel there. Our stay lays on click on oil pain. Yeah, this is good. E just to industry in oil painting Once in for all. If you don't have the smart object in a bird. You can't play the I I can't write there so always remember that the smart objects would be remembered That this is what I was strangling me. Do that were different image. How about that? And how about this one? These shoes or the filter? Stylized Onda helping Why have they taken forever? Yeah, this is good. I link Chris everything tendency How Look good for stuff. I have to convert this late into a smart object. Unlock it Converts to a smart object on goto Free style lives on oil pain Right here. So I just like Okay, wait, wait. Let it Lord, you give for two shots some time to Lord. Yeah, I think it's a rendering. Yeah, it's affecting the layer. I thought this is what you can do with the oil paint effect. Yeah, so go pick up inmates from unspool Ash. Andi, just try out oil. Paint it up from people. So go do that Now. I kept seeing the next radio 20. Class Project Oil Paint Effect: Yep. So for your class project, you're gonna pick up one image from unspool ash on duh and make convert it into a smart object. And then I played this. I play the oil paint effect. Okay. Now go do it. Just download or emails from an splash You can tools with several topic. You want to control animals? Oh, are you control? Whichever you want. So just open up and splashed on the converted to toe. Let me download this. Are you paint effect? Just at the filter right there. Wait. Let me open this up on my log file. Open this piece. No, not this. Yeah, just convert. Just unlock this background layer there. Go to filter convert for smart filters. Onda Just click filter or the style Eyes on Doyle. Paint effect. Yeah, this is good. Just like Okay, now just go pick up image from on Splash. Onda, start doing this. I'll see you in the next video 21. Neon Light EFFECT using PS: all right. In this video, we are going to make something like this will be adding a neon light effect for this photo so you can take a look at it. So let's do it in photo shop. Let me close this document on dab. Downloaded some images from unspool Ash. You can download this one right here. You can take a look at the link on. You can just look on download here or you can download whichever for to. You feel like you can even download this guy right here with the schools. Spectacles don't. Lord photo on just opened up in fortune. Let me open up. Let me pictures right here and click this I'll click open. So the photo is opened up. Throw first off. Let me unlock the layer and just rename it. Sorry if there is any background knife knife from outside. I can't help it. Let me re naming. I just resize it. I just press control to resize it on. No, you need our triangle. Go for doctor. You need to open up your shipbuilding toe right Here you are. You can click you. Ah, Hold, hold, hold. Hold the menu will open up right here. You have rectangle tool rounded the rectangle tool ellipse stool polygon to lying tool Custom shape, toe. Now we are interested in the polygon tool right here. If your image is colored, you can just click on black and white and just black and white. The whole inmates itself. It looks good with a black and white image. Okay, Now you you need to select in now. You need to select share. You need the know Phil right here Are you know, you should not select any fill color. Just click on this stroke right here was broke. You can click on why you can click on White Stroke Onda for this thing. You can just give it a size. I just give it a side off. Seven letme attended afterwards. Okay, Offer on the most important thing. You don't Selleck star and smooth corners. Okay, just unpick the those. If you're Celek star, you won't get the triangle like this. You'll get something like this You will get a star. Okay? You can increase the size off this in this manner. Okay? We do. We don't want to start. I just delete can believe it if you have smooth corners so you'll get something like this. No, you don't want that. Also, which start? Let me know. Just untech this boat on. I'll get both to the side as three sides. Now you need to draw a triangle. First off, I draw a triangle this big. I'll just press b so that if they left my mood all on duh, let me give it a size off. Yeah, this notices torment. This is toe. Yeah, this is good. Just press control. T toe resize it. It walked. Why is it not re saving? I did not open of my move, Tool. Ellery says it. Yeah. This is good to go. Yep. I think this is This is good. Let it be a big cross. Yeah, this is good. So here is a triangle. OK? Now you need the razor tools to do it toe. Remove some part off the triangle right here. Just press he so that a desert we get equipped. We need to convert. You need to rest. Raise this layer because it's a smart object. You can take a look at this cross, will you? You feel just click toe. It is it right here. It are something. Or don't photo shop on this ship. Player must be rest raised before proceeding. Frustrate the ship. You just click. OK, so that the icon here gets gets removed through this barbarous art and zoom in a bit. You need toe. Remove this part right here. Our raw you can select. Wait, Let me remove this right here. Let me remove this on its head. Mrs Woman. Yeah, Let me remove this. Oh, yeah. Me. Yeah, this is good. You can even can constrict the shape using the pain to let me get back to the print on. Oh, I need a bit I'll get back. Yeah, Yeah, This is good. This is good. This is good. This is good. Yeah. This is good, right? We looked at the strangle. Uh, Clinton. I think I let it this also. No. Yeah. Let me. There's this whole lying here and leave the line about his right arm. Left arm. They're itself. Even you do the same process. I'm showing it. The neon light. Yeah, this is just Yeah. You need toe ad for inner and outer blow toe. Just with the polygon selected. Just like on a fixed Onda in the glow. Now it selects the inner blow for it. First off, let me do the outer glow right here. Now keep it on overly. Okay, Keep it on. Overly on selling the opacity. 50%. Select a color. Right here. The heck scoreless. 0000 60 ff the heck scored. I just pressed. Okay. On day two of the spread US seven to the size 70 degree, 70 pixels. So all this don't change anything here. Just Onda. After this outer blow, you need toe, select the inner blow off this triangle right here. Okay. If you decrease the opacity, you can't see the outer you off the triangle. You can even play with this friend after seven. You can take a look at it right here. Now desk, click on inner glow on. Duh. Said the capacity to 75% right here. You can even give it the size. No, I let it leave it to 70 or 60. Yeah. Uh, now said like the blend more commodity play and just leave it. Now, the color cord is 009 year F b the hex core, just like okay, you can assign it a different color. Also, you can even give it up a pinkish color upping color order or something like that. Just click. OK, see, you have the New York ring effect. This? No. For your class. Yep. You can just look on convert A smart object you can just click on convert a smart object this right click and click on. Can work smart off. Yeah, right here. Yeah. See, Look at this. I think this is school, right? No, you cannot play with this different kind of shape so you can give it the ring also for your class project. Just open up on Splash Under. Do the same thing for this guy right here. No one. Just practice it. This is the homework so are downloaded. And open it up in photo shop on dust Time doing this thing for this picture writing stroke . Go do your homework. See you in the next video 22. Creating a watermark: Hey, guys, in this video, we are going to create a watermark. As you can see, I have already created a watermark like this. And I'll teach you how to create watermarks in this video. Full desk. Follow me. Okay. See, here is a simple watermark. You can see. Feel dizzy. The watermark. Okay. Oh, let me close this document. First armed. I'll teach you how to create it. No. Uh yeah. So, first off, you need to create a new document from Create Nuke. Just create a new document. I'll just li con create new on the It's opening up. It's a bit slow. I've created a custom one. You just give your own name. I watermark. Oops. Why you this small? Yeah. Yeah, I know it is. 3500 height is 3500. Orientation is this resolution is 300 pixels on the pixels on inter in the ad one's options Don't mess with this Live. Leave the color profile as it is. Rgb on the let the background color be white itself. Okay, on just click on Create. Now it should create a new document like this, but he says it just press control plus zero. So that it three sizes itself. Now go to our text tool right here on day. Select text. I've selected this text right here. We have elected this one. Okay. You select whatever text you want. So now you can just type up your rock watermark. Let me type. It'll watermark itself. It is a simple love watermark. Okay, No graphics are your, didn't it? Let me reset this control iti to resize it. Let me recite it to wait a big thought if there is any kind of disturbance. Yeah, no go upto crop tool right here. This thing this we have cropped to locate. Yeah, I just click on your crop tool and you can start dropping your watermark. No, you need toe off this off your background layer behind. I have just off yet. So if there is any value assigned here, just click unclear Onda choose the ratio as a base into height into resolution. Don't tell any off this right here. Just click on this and start dropping it. It's done easy. Just click on enter so that the background so that it gets crop and the background layer is don't afraid. Let me name it. Yeah. Background and Goto file or hoops file open. Yeah. So I'll take up a picture. Mm. Which one should I that? I think I'll I mean this one. This is good. Yeah. Go to your move. Tool on. Just drag this watermark right here. Just like this. Recited by pressing control. D on. Do you have your pretty letting watermark are if you Yeah, let me show you that. Also after this and she Oh, to save it, you can just radio their capacity. See? Right. You can reduce our capacity from here. Right here. Okay. Let me do that. Yeah, this is good. No, If you want to save your watermark goto file export Onda se for Web legacy Right here. Okay, you can go. You can go do that now. Goto export safe for Web legacy now you need to sell it. Ah, something here. Okay. You need to change in tow. PND 24. You don't want epic. You don't want to be in the air. You don't want gift. You don't want WB MP just selectee in the 24 click on this button on track. Make sure the transparency is Ah, it on right here. Okay. This one? Yeah. Just click on it on. Do you can click on Save right here on with water. Mark two. I say Britain. We made us only images only. I'll save it in video session. Yeah, we can save it. Should be saved right now. Got a file you can goto file. I think you can click on play place embedded. I think so. This should work. Yeah. See you have a water monthly. Let me delete the 1st 1 Onda. You can just reduce the opacity right here. Just like this. Yeah, I know you have created a pretty good watermark. It can be used in your professional photography. Or you can just click on file open end of watermark if file if you click on file place is better than this. You need toe. Do the stuff here. You need to drag Dysart fireplaces. Good. We don't want to drag it. Okay. You can just what? You can just place the watermark on the image directly. File place embedded. Just click on this. Yeah, this is would introduce the opacity feed. This is how easy it is to create a watermark in photo shop, you can create even your own not custom logo and renews the opacity. I'll just draw a rectangle. It is drawn. Sides are three. Andre, make sure that these boats are turned off. I'll just create the local like this. Who elected? Yeah, this is good. Elderly? No. Yeah, this is I didn't drawn just selector rectangle Tool on. I'll just do this. No stroke and feel like give it a black Press me. Andi resize it for that. It aligns properly. Yeah. Now this is a logo. I'll just more this whole control and press boat Onda click on merge layers. Okay or yeah. Why do you just not. Morning of march cheats. Okay? These are ships, right? I totally forgot Water. Yeah, you can become march it. Okay? No, I have selected this. You can click on file export the safe for Web. Let me this do this file export the end. The safe of it. Yeah, This Yeah, I think this is what I conceive videos. Let me logo here and we conceive Andi, I should save it. I didn't believe this. This one I goto file place embedded on like this right here. Now it should place money, love. You know, you can create it. You can reduce the opacity and hand for your border. Mark has Bean made no big deal. It's so easy to make this. You can even put your company's logo right here or right here. I need to reduce the opacity and let me do that. Uh, yeah. Good control the to transform it. Never, ever forget that shortcut. It's pretty useful. Yeah, So you can just pick up, limit and add Start adding watermark to it. So this will be a class project. Just go do injured, download image on the create your own watermark and place it and let me see how you have done your job so you can upload it in the discussion. So I'll see you in the next video piece. 23. Make cool text: Hey, guys, In the end off the video, we are going to make something like this. Okay? With text on text documents to you, you can take a look at this. How cool is this text? So come, let's do it in photo shop. So I'll just close the document now. You need to Don't let a font ballpark, okay. Just downloaded. Click download on, but there will be a zip file. Just open the file and install the front. Okay? Just now you need to click on file new or just click on, create new You need to click on create new document that will open up a document. Now go to photo and a default for the shop side. This is an object Click on. Create orientation is landscapes. Seven by fight. Okay. Ah, you contingent toe pixels if you want. Okay, just just click on creator now, just press control zero so that the fire gets resized. Have already told this to just unloved the layer on my limit. Us background double click. Oh, wait. So you can even the name it with the chicken background? Yeah. Now over. About the text tool right here or just pressed just Christie so that the text will get enabled in our search for ballpark or even you can down Lord forms from our job type. Good. Wait, Let me check that. Yep. This is good. Yeah. Adopt forms. Whatever you feel like. I use this taking forever to Lourdes. You can download that for you. You trade with whatever phone you like. See, with your license, you can download formed minus trail version of photo shop. I'll download from their front, which is completely free. 300% free. Yeah, but I think if you want to use a commercially you need to download, you need to be okay. Apart from that, just I'm changed this solid color. Goto this just like here on deadly consulted color and changes to black and click OK with the color coupe. Color coded 00000 I think upstairs exitos. No exchange to work black and just click here and let me type something. Let's Yep. Okay. And let's how Yeah, Let's how if you Yeah, this is good. Yeah. Just like here in the open of the transform tool are you can goto edit, transform skill. Okay. Just recited this. I think this is good. Yeah. This is just press control. T on resize it now. Even you can group them Whether you want just you need toe. Just click on group. These are called groups. If Owen group it just press control Z to get back. Okay. Ah, Now, apart from that, let me group this tree Basically gonna group Andi I think they are Group Let me let me march the layer. Okay, control plea to mud. Let me pull this a big this site. Yeah, This is good. I think so. Yep. This is good. Now you can you need toe ad. You need to add stroke for this display. Construct on. Add this Agnes color right here. Zero a 001 b Just like Okay, Andi, make the potion outside. Onda blend more normal on the opacity in 16. Sorry if there is any background noise on desk click. Okay, on. Duh. Here is the stroke. You can take a look at it here. See? Stroke. Ok, so just now you know you need to cop. Copy this into three different files This stricken group and press control J to copy it Now go to double click stroke here on day. Change the field color. You can give it something like blue color or something like that. Let me give it blue. The blue is good. The blue is good. Make the size at 16 on click. Okay, now Now press the right arrow in your clipboard. See? See that press? The right arrow. Right, Tomoki? Not up. Okay, Express. Right. This is good display and Yeah, OK, this is good. Now you even you can add up stroke. You can add enough shadow, our outer glow, Whatever you feel like you can argue. Let me are the inner shadow for this. Let me do that, Amillia. You can even add up our drop shadow. Hardly even you can add a stroke. So let me at a stroke for this double click it. Ondas selects Broca's right. If the color Cordis 36 efs. Just like okay And I'll, I'll read your the size. Well, let me when it's not Jules, color is the why you let me try to do it again. It's to biology, so yeah, to add stroke, you need to group all the you need toe merge, Lee All the three groups. So hold control. Onda, click hold control and select all these three or shift or to select All at once are controlled toe select all the three separately and the just right click and click on Mars Layer sort Sorry, not more left and group it again. So it looks something like this right here. So this thing is merged, so I think you can add the Let me try to add a stroke out. Yeah, See, you can add a stroke. No goto color picker and pick up light on by saying this. Yeah, this is good. Let me enable it. Now we will need to add radiant for the see. How simple is this? No, just over about here and click on Radiant. Oh, it's not this one. Not this one, Grady. And overly are right. This one? Yeah. This one on duh could even increase or decrease the opacity off this thing. So just open ingredient Woodley and play with it. Let meetings this toe color normal. My replies Good multiplies good. Oh, yeah. Multiplies good. Normal. Let me leave normal. No, it may change this toe or end something like the This is good okay. Oh, change this to multiply. See? Take a look at it. How good they just click. Okay. Andi, I think the video's pretty long. No, you You you can add a drop shadow or something like that. Conard. A drop sort of inner shadow inner glow on our drops at our outer blow. Whatever you feel like adding sort of the reason. And in disturbance, you can see, like the void charred O. C. See that? I see it. I think the spirit this too much, but I don't like to add it. It doesn't make in Victor. So you can, Khobar, about your rock the sting rectangle dolar press you It is right here in the stool bar. Just hold so that this man, you will open up and select your polygon tool. Now for this in the top panel, there are sides, right? Set number offsets. You can just feel the number of sites toe four so we can get something like this. Yeah, this is just press TV on drag this right here. You can act circles. You cannot whatever it's shape, you feel like you can add staff just changes. Site fight. Just click. Enter you cannot start like this. See? Yeah, This is good. Just you can have circles like this. Let me zoom in on by pressing art. Yeah, this is good. Just you can even our duplicate it by you according art and dragging in this. I see. Yeah, I'll hold Artan duplicated. Enter. You can make so many things like this with for the shop. Many, uh, let me have more stops with four sides. Yeah, Okay. This is good. Um, we are separate. Let me duplicate this control t to resize it or to copy Italian press control to resize it . Andi to move, you can use your move toe. Yeah, This is what I was trying to teach you. You can even add a circle around it, so just go do it in photo shop right here. You can group everything like that You can group You can even rename the group hold shift. I'm select all these and click on this group. I can't see ships click Anteria This is easy to do, So I just Ah, start doing it. Wait Let married one Morsi last ship. Yeah, so open appear for the shop and you can even applaud it in the discussion section in skills just uploaded. Let me see warty often. Thank you for watching it. 24. Paint Dripping Effect: Hi, guys. In this video, we are going It emits on duh. Make it the pain dripping effect. Okay, see, we are going to transform this Look. This image in tow this see? How cool is it? They're going to transform this image into this? Sorry. There is any background noise. Yeah, See? Okay, so let's do it to get there. So, first off, we need to open distant. Okay, let me close this document. Open this inmates from unspool s. I can take a look at the link here. Just open it up on day. I just searched for people with a black jacket or something like that. Just searching are you can even convert it into a black and white image. I have already showed you how to convert. Just take images or download images from here and splash. Andi, just open it up in photos up. Then we need one more simple image. Like their search for dripping paint on guy have just downloaded this image right here. Okay. Ah, pain did dot BNG. I'll just open it up for you. File open. Where is it? Let me Yeah, it's right here. So first off, just Prescott control zero so that the picture gets are adjusted. Let me name it. Yeah, I have named background Onda removed the padlock for Just go to a quick selection tool right here. Onda, select the subject here. Okay. It's simple that it's taking a lot of time. See, my brother revoked on I think that is the reason are Roy, even you can go to select on subject right here. Okay, Church, you're missing. This would discard your current selection. Do you want to continue Press OK? Yeah, I know. What is it? Should I hope my Photoshopped does not crash? Yep. I've got a pretty good selection, but you can take a look at this stuff here. It's not selected properly, so just Zuman or hold Art and the scroll. Burton, just hold art on cancer in the selection right here. Onda, click the left square bracket to reduce the safe party. Even you can reduce the size here. It directly hold art so that the minus symbol appears and we have a pretty good selection. Okay, let me remove the selection. Onda. Okay. Sorry. Sorry. We need to create a new document. First goto file new or press control and go toe for toe and select default for the shop. Size and click create no big building. Just press control zero So that it Elaine's properly and just we need to bring this drag, drag, drag, and leave it here. OK? It's too big. You need to open up your transform tool. Just press control tea on day, it'll open up your transform toe. Let me transform it for you. Even you need to do the same thing. It let me do it. Don't hold shift. If this icon is clicked, let me make it a small s possible. Yeah, this is perfect. Now you need to go to our areas. Erkki, I, um to get enabled. Here is your area a razor key reason. Mark Yuki, Just Presti. See? Just you. You'll get your areas are key. Okay? Just it Is this just a business just is it? Yeah. This is good. Now rightly can click on convert A smart object. You can take a look at it here. The layer has been converted as smart off. Let me rename it B boy. Let me rename it as boy and we need to bring this pain dripping effect right here. Just press veto over about your move, tool. Andi, I teach you about crop tool much more. Okay, just this is the crop tool. Just proceed Onda over about a year and just drag this like yeah, this is good. Just press enter on this. Pick Mark, this is good. Go to our move to log in on. Did it ask this on display? Convert to normal layer. Let me bring this right here. Let me cancel this. No, I don't want to save it. Yeah, this is good control, T. Okay, let me crop this a bit. No, not this one. No. Let me close the document. And this is good. Oh, no. Just goto this blending options here. Onda tool screen. Yeah, right here. See, this is this easy. Can take a look at this. Let me do this for you. Okay? There is a line here with I load. I need to crop some Mamontov for Let me delete this layer. I need to grab some amount. Just unlock the layer on. Just drop it. Grab it, drop it. Just make sure that delete pixels is selected. Okay? Good object. Drop it. Just who were more your move tool and just leave it here. Yeah, this is good. No changes to screen. Yeah, this is good. This is good. Perfect. See, you can take a look at this, select everything and drag it to the center on press control T and resize the image. Yeah, This is good, Brooke. Now, if you want to select, you can select it either this way or you can hold your control and click on the layers panel You can take a look at this board are highlighted. It may seem that real quick. All right, if you want to select the three also, you can even selected You can even hold shift and click on paint Onda click on bathroom so that the three layers will get selected. It let me say, Look, don't let in this a bit up. Yeah, it is perfect. Now we can even merged earlier. Let me ax ingredient effect. No. Hold control and selling the three. And you can press control e for Mardi layers are just pressed. Moyes layers Let me get back. Just press control so that the layers get bored. No, you cannot, Grady. And effect You can click on the Circle icon. And here is Grady Int Or even you can selling that from image adjustments on Grady int grading map. Yeah, I can even do that. Okay. Or let me do this. Grady in. Yeah, you can do this. This is perfect. You deal is no good. You cannot grading or you feel like And this is good. Licked. I learned distant A lot of blue. You can know. It is this white thing right here. Okay, you need to rest. Raise the layer. No, that's not working. We can't are. No, we can't. Argh! Radiant for this because we have not selected this properly. Okay, that's the problem for the shop. But let me try. Toe are the circle around him was selecting this properly. File quick selection tool here, this is selected. Do you this Let let me do that screen. No, this is not working. That that was good. Yeah. So you can do this in this manner. No, I don't want You can do this like wise. No, you can add a different kind off effects to this. Let me do that. Like most layers on goto. Radiant. Is it not working Ah, yeah, I got it. I got it. No, this is not Yeah, This is good. Well, I believe it. The blending options. No. Sorry if there is any bad groundnuts. Yeah, this is perfect for trying to our repeated, You know, if you can If there is any background noise, radios the ball. Human. Listen, I can't help it. I'm sorry. Now you can add much more to this Just horrible. Your rectangle tool on da lik will open up a small Manu. Andi will open up. We'll open up. Oh, what it This draw circle, Get back. The circle is not forfeit. Hold shift on and draw something if you wanted. Yeah, this is good. Or Chief 30. Yeah, This is good. I contain I need to change the color. She? Yeah. No, just if you want this circle toe, get behind him. Just drag this down like is dragging down. It is not working. I did not working. What? Okay, we can turn in a circle. There is ingredient map. There is Grady in map so we can't have a circle like this. I thought I could add circling. Place it about him. Let me delete this for? To file new. Let me place it in a new document. It's like this. Why is he not getting selected? I'm selecting the subject, and I just hope Sorry, I I'll just move it to a different lier. Mm. This is good. I need to draw a circle around him. Wait, Let me do that. I too white for Phil. Ah, Lindros. It is not a good circle. Hold shift and drag it. Yeah. Why am I not getting into no property? Okay, I'm not getting it. I'm not able to brought circle around him. I'm not able to draw a circle around him. So this is it for the video. Tried drawing a circle behind him. I am not getting Let me do that. Yeah, This is what I was trying to tell you. Meeting the fill color off this circle, Brooke. Yeah, This No, I did not. Good. Yeah, This is good. Yeah. This is perfect. Yeah. Now let me try toe add radiant Woodley. Let me mark the layer and our ingredient. Grady. Yeah, this is good. Yeah, I know. Just play with the blending option. Well, see, divide is good. Hugh is okay. Okay. Divide is best it This is This is the best thing. Dark color and divide is good. I go for divide color, linear burn, no color burn. Yeah, I think this is good. Yeah. So you can do this in four to shop and I'll teach you different methods and different kind off photo editing technique. So I see you in the next video. This is it for the video. It's pretty long. 25. CLASS PROJECT Paint dripping : Hey, guys. Now it's gas product time, so I want you to open up a new splash and just elected four talk. You can even choose this. Oh, are you can just select random photo. You can do this. Choose whatever 40. You feel like andare transformed Actimates into this ad. The pain dripping effect. So this is our home book. So just go do it. Yep. 26. Paint Brush Effect: Hi there. On the end off the video, you are going to make something like this in photo shop, you are going to transform him into this image. We are using brushes here, and, uh, we I I teach you want braces are on. We'll start using them. Okay, are no Quick up. Let me close this beautiful edit with have done You need to open up this image from unspool ash right here. Okay, I already downloaded this. Okay, you quick up. Just go down, Lordly calm down. You're free. Onda will start anything Goto file new, which is a shocker. Case control and click on custom Onda, select this. Okay, Right here. Where did this? But we are not selecting up this Really goto them on the click on this web Lard 9 22,080 Uncheck art boats on the orientation we let the orientation bill landscape colors rgb Onda rest Let's stop the things Are the four OK? Yeah. So just click on, create Let the options don't mess with the options right here, OK, just concrete show A new document creates like this. Yep. I'm take this on green emitted background Let it be organised. Click on this amended drag it click convert toe convert toe a normal daily so that the padlock I can't disappear on Just drag it here Dragged knowingly Withhold art and zoom out all the big Andi just resize they may hold Just click on control E to resize the image Now it's resized Click on Enter Onda Click on control zero to resize it Andi African again control t to resize the images, not the document control Zero is to resize the whole document so that it fits are made with the background layer selected. Okay, click on Grady and right here. Okay, now I'll zoom out a bit now Click country were So click on radial right here. Radial. Okay, now let me give it around 45 or even you can click on linear itself. Linear uh 50 No do 100. Yeah. Even you can keep a linear. Also your wish left Andre No, 1 50 Or you can just play with it in this manner. I thought if there is any kind of background Nice. Just ready Was the night radio the ball human? Just but listen to it. I'm trying to radio is the background noise, but I'm unable to. Nice is from outside. So yeah, these are the setting. Click on reverse. Okay. Reverser doesn't Does not matter unless and until it is radial A reverse play. A major role here. But I like a linear linear is very tired or you control victory color. Do you want? No, I go with I'll go with this itself. What this black and white is tell you Just click on. OK, now with layer one selected, I'll just win. Emit a subject as you'll be the on and click and no, With this selected, you need toe press. You need to create a new layer. Okay, Right here. This I can indicate creator Newly. Oops. Sorry. Are you need to create a new layer mask? Just click here or that the layer must mask is linked to it. If you click on the link, I can indicate layer mask is linked to the layer Dip Lick. Make sure that the layer mask is Linda are so the original male's itself. So just now, with the layer must selected now just press control. I remember the short cut its control. I read. Let me write it down for you Really quick with the type tool that press E r l What's I just write it down, See? All right. The l bless I Okay, Yeah. Now with the shark Could remember You know what to do. Just select the breast stool. Here are just just like be so that the breast stool gets selected. Now you need to click here. Where? Right here. Toe attends the breast. Now I have selected off vet breast media. Andi, I have selected this one. Kyle's really oils Andi. I just zoom out and I start dressing up here so you can take a look at it. I baby the breast around. Yeah, this is good. Ah, no. Start bracing. Appear ok? Ah, sorry. There is any disturbance. Yeah. See, you can take a look at this now. Even you can play with the angle also. See? See it right here. You're right. You let me play with the angle. Ah, yeah. This is good. Now I have downloaded some other brushes like special effect brushes where you can splatter up paint around. Okay. With the minute I'll show you. So yeah, you can just black it up paint like this. Just click. Click, click. Click it. Uh, this. Click it, I click. Honest face. You can do this. Andi. Yeah. This is what I was trying to teach you. Well, I send you a guest product for homework. Or that you you need to pick up inmates from unspool Ash. You can pick up him or this girl, Laura O r. Who do you wanna pick up? Or you can pick up him right here. Andi, just do that. Now I'll teach you how to install brushes. So for brushes, just sort for free for the shop breast. Cher's onda start installing it from here or even just sort on Google itself. Down Lord Best Photoshopped brushes for free. You can download this from any kind of weapon. Make sure that it is Virus three. Yeah. I didn't downloads some brushes. I think I will give you they How down Lord breast like you. Unit toe click here under intercepting menu right here You can click on important brushes. Oh, yeah, you can do that. Also, you invest if all you need to download the breast. So let just download it on. Start anything It let me get back once. Yes. Yeah. Let me say like this brush. Yeah. This is good. I decided we re saved this. You can. You can select whichever breast you on. This is good faith. Pain breast. This is over. You can start doing this in photo shop. Oh, yeah. I'll see you in the next video. Just practice it. Practice this kind off breast painting effect order, download limit and start practicing and stay creative. I'll see you in the next video. 27. CLASS PROJECT Paint Brush Effect: Yeah, all right. It's class project time. So we are You are going to make this effect for this image or the image. Just select image from unspool ash under animals are Manu Onda. You can just pick up image from here on, apply the pain breast effect. Or you can even say like this leopard right here. Or it may be a Jaguar chief the water. But it is just select image. Or you can even select it from people on the start. Using brushes, Onda make this kind off effect for this image or the image. Or just pick up our image from class project from Sorry from Splash Onda. Start doing the homework or a class product Water were I tell you to do? Yeah. Now just go do your homework and I'll see you in the next video 28. Using SPOT healing brush.: Hey, guys, In this video, we are going to take a look at different some other tools in for the shop. No. Quick up. Download this photo from unspool ash. Not this one. Let me show you. Yeah, this one right here. Go ahead and download this download for free. You can even select a size on downloaded it already. I'll just click on Click here on dial. Resize it. Now you can take a look at the healing breast. I just love the layer on renaming. Yep. Oops. Sorry, huh? Yeah. I just press controlled your toe. Make a copy off it. Oh, sport. Healing brush. You can take a look at it. What it does. You can remove the dark stains card this dark exports from her face in the sporting. This tool automatically samples pixel toe. Correct us part with one step. Okay. Click toe manually, said the source. You can use the spot healing breast. You can just click here on. Just remove the dark stains that you can just click here. E uh you can click on content aware Are even. You can Don't this You can select the moored on. Even you can increase the hardness pacing, angle and size off this breast right here. But leave it as it is, the fort Invest. I removed the line here. I think it's a hair. Yeah. You can do this in photo shop. It's just easy to do it. Yeah, I remove. Yeah, they're through many darks practice on north. I'll remove this or even. You can do this with the clone stamp tool. I'll be teaching back to in a moment. Um, on this click it just Clinton this or even you can drag around. You are dragging is more better than clicking kooks. Just messing it at all. Yeah. I didn't drag it. I think I missed. Yeah, I know. You can take a look credit here in. Well, let me finish everything. Yeah, you can take a look at it before after before. After before. After. Yeah. See, let me zoom in. Or even you can pick up samples by holding or it. Andi. Yeah, You can take a look at it right here. Let's click, click, click. And this is worked up. Sport healing brush does toe. It means now let me get back to clone Stamp Tool. Now what clone stamp tool does. Let me open a new image. I goto file open on. I'll open up. We made Wait, Let me see. Richmond, I'll open up this one right here. Let me zoom in by using the zoom tool are just place press Z resume now. You with the clone stamp tool right here. Let me unlock this and make a copy off it on. Let's start walking now. What clone stamp tool does it wait? I'll show you. Just hold art and select you. Can I even remove this ring? I'll hold Orton selected fee. You can sell examples off limits on the put them somewhere else. Also, Just hold art and I'll remove this hearing. Yeah, yeah, let me do that. I hold all on courts. I think I missed it. I think I messed Did do it. Take a look at this. It's this easy toe. Hold art on. Become the sample right here. No, this is good. Yeah, he obviously good. I just removed during, but it's not perfect. Yeah, you can do this with the clone stamp tool Now. There are many dark spots in the email. You can what you can. It is them spark healing breast. Let me do that for you. He wanted get back wanting for all you can just click on file Revert file Revert Right here after well, short, good kids let you know this. Let me remove all the darks Part Twitter hopes I missed the time in Saudi. I think I shooting through the breast size brush to include the breast size. There is a shortcut. You need to press these square bracket kids in your keyboard. Okay, let me increase the hardness. Let me see what happens. Hopes it's not good. Ah, around 18 years. No. Even that's not would let me use bad story. That's also not walking up a spot. Healing itself is good. Let me try it. Removing you can take a lucrative before after before. After before. After before after. So wait. Let me remove this thing right here. Oops. Not you should never use patch tool to remove something. You need to use the clone stamp tool to remove something. You can select this right here. This sample by holding art on. You can do this. Yeah, Yeah. Slowly. Nice and easy. I have selected this. I like this and because it gets darker a bit. Killing this through the closest selection possible. He? Yep. Yeah, Successfully removed. Some are We have successfully removed some patterns on her forehead on we have removed her north ring on even the despite getting on her north. You can take a look at it that resuming This is what you can do with clone stamp tool export healing breast and patch stool. Right. Okay, Andan the next tool we are going to do some retouching. Onder include the brightness off her eyes. Onda even eat. Okay. There are no seats in this photo. I'll let me pick up another four to using dark born and spawned Stool on. I'll see you in the next video and stay tuned. 29. Using the Patch tool.: you guys in this video, we are going to take a look at some breed retouching on DA will use sport healing brush on . We'll start using the patch stool. Okay? No. Quick up or download some images from unspool ash under the people, Manu or the tab right here on. You can download whatever for you. You feel like doing okay? A close range photo off person is better than one, which is subjected far have downloaded this one right here. Okay, you can take a look at the link on this guy. Okay? No big deal. I just go do it. And ah, and I just opened up. And that in for the shop I list Click on file Open. Onda, I'll open up this guy right here. I'll just press control or to resize it on. I'll unlock the layer on just press control J to make a copy off the layer, or or even you can drag the layer right here on. Do make a copy off it so you can start using the patch tool right here. It's hidden behind this sport healing breast. Hold, hold, hold. So the menu will get open up. No, work you can do with a patch to you can make are duplicates with that. Let me selling this on. Duh countries control. Be okay. Can copy paste. You can make duplicates with c have created or duplicate face right here. Yeah. See, Yeah. You can make this Which patch to let me delete that. And make sure that you have created your own layer. I name this layer on my name. This layer one, It's good to go. So let me ah, do something more with bad stool. If you want to remove his eye, bro from his fears, you can just select the this Onda. You can just drag right here. See? Why not? Why not working sores? Yep. Actually work comfortably. Let me try that again. No. Oh, I've selected other earlier. Yeah, by selecting layer to right here. Okay. Right here. You can just you start using the patch tool if you want to remove it. I bro just make us quick selection under drag it right here. Yeah, just press controlled you to de select. It looks like Mona Lisa without a andro. Yep. And I'm really need to be selective. It looks something like this from far. Yeah, he doesn't have. I brought the one who removed it. I Yeah. This is a big by pressing all. You can remove that. You can move the selection itself. Okay, on this is what I was trying to well teach you. You can make duplicates off him by Selective was selecting his face right here. Let me do that for you. Let me select the entire face. No, no, no. Let me zoom back. Oops. I'm sorry. My selection is pretty bad. I can't do this with the most. Uh, yeah. No, you can remove the face also by doing this gun. Yeah. You can do this in photo shop. I like this part. This part is I would Yeah. So this is what Patch Store does know if you wanna get back once and for all, Goto file and press reword. Yeah, it gets back once. Informant, even the duplicate layer has bean banished from here has been removed from here. The so you start using bad stool on Duh it. Let me remove his I You can just do control the toe de select. It's kind of creepy. The country hoops, huh? You can you can. You can do much more with back stool e. You can duplicate his most control C and control toe copy paste. Feel this. Take a look at this. You can play with the blend more. Yeah, so I get back. I don't want you can do so much so much with that stool. I just along this I'll select him on day 30 much more. I select him and I'll pull him this site. Yeah. No, this one for this photo. It's not proper. It's not properly aligned. Now you have the sport healing breast there. You can, but let me show you. You can do this. Okay, hold art and click. We look at this, you can remove his beer by just clicking it here. Okay? Yeah. You can do this in the next video. We'll take a look at sport healing breast. Okay, Sport healing brush and will take a look at clone stamp tool also. Yeah, So I'll see you in the next video. 30. Skew,Wrap & transform.: Yeah. Hi. There are in this video. We are going are going to make something like this on. And at the end of this video, you will be making something like this. You might ask, What have you done? Oh, Zuman on show you We have added up PS with this photo shop logo on his shirt on. We have blended it with teached his shirt right here. The foretold looks like this. Wait. Let me open it for you of it. I think it's opened up and no. Where is it? Where is it? Yeah, this is the photo. You're being taken. Look at on Have grand from that photo into this. I just added up for the shop logo on his shirt right here. So quick up. I'll close this document right here. Onda. We start doing the stuff. Well, just leave it ended. Transform. We learn about the start skew rotate scale perspective. Okay, I'll show you work. Those are on how to use it in for the shop. Now, quick up. You need to download inmates. Wait. Let me show you. You need to download. Afford to stop logo. Just search for for herself. Logan. Google and just pick up are made hoops. Why is this opening up shit on this is Let me posit. Yep, I'm back. I just kept up the part that you can pick up any made you want right here. OK, you can just click on sale in America. You know that on the click on people on, just scroll down until you get that image I have downloaded. Yeah, this is the one you can take a look at the link about. Okay, let's zoom in. Mbesuma. Yeah, This is the link Have been taken A look at OK. Downloaded. I'm the novel. You need to just open up for the shot. No, Big. Yeah. You need to open that logo in Fort Assault on. Do you need to select it? Okay. With the last four quick selection tool. Sorry. Not last your whole right here. Quick selection story. Yeah. Let me de select the stuff with have already selected on this new selected unlock. Clear Rather Down Lord, this logo Onda Uh yeah, let me set like this. Okay, have selected, uh, sorry. There is any kind of disturbance. Just radioed the volume and listen, I can't help it noises from outside. Uh, that's Alexei Shin. I'll make a big profit books. Yeah, I think this is. This is good. So quick up. Select your move Tool Armed unit to drag it into a different image and weaken file open and selling this image. Click on open. Okay, Now, just resize it. Andi, I'll drop it with the crop tool. Okay? With the crop tool selected, I just grew up it up. Yeah, this is good. And I resize it by pressing control. Oh, or zero. Whatever. Just dragged here, OK? No big deal. This is easy. With can cruelty are you can goto with the layers selected right here. Okay, You will need to go press control T or you can just click on free transform to resize it. If this chain now this this link icon is not clip right here. Okay. He you are You can just be distorted. The height on literature will change if this linked I The chain icon is clicked on your height and will remain the same. So it does not change the whole ship itself. No, I'll place it here. Hold or zoom in. Uh, yeah, this is good. Just click Enter now I'll teach you. What are these? Skewer, Rotate Skill Web rap. Okay, just Lincolnesque. You know, you can take a look at it. See Big. Yeah, You can change this. You can just play with it. You can do this. Skew onda. Click on edit. I just click on Enter directly connected. Go on, transform! Andi Believe it. Rap now Rapid. Very interesting. See, you can't even bend the logo in this way. Yeah, you can just bend the logo in this way with rap. Let me do this. Let me do this. Yeah. Sorry. There is any kind of disturbance. I've been saying this for a while. Just radios the volume and listen to the whole video. I'm sorry for that, E. Yeah. You can do this with rap. Now you can. You need to play with the blending more right here. Ok, I have zoomed in for you. Yeah, just play with the blending. More soft light. It's perfect. Hard light is not good. It it's not good. Just like on overly or soft plate. Whichever you feel like I like soft light and yeah, this is what I was trying to tell you now you can go on editing, you can click on skill. You can just kill this like this. You can just kill this. Okay? Yeah, we can edit, transform, skew. Yeah, this is good. This is what this is perfect. You can click on Distort. You can play with this. Think they start does this. But I don't want I don't like distort Also, the story is not that good. Yeah, but I'm just showing it to you for just an example. Okay. Yeah, Just weaken. Enter Onda resize it. Yeah. This is what we I had told you in the previous video. Just review your video. Just click on Tab three. You will take a look at it if you want to get back to speak on tab again before click on tab. Yeah, so that you can preview your poli video now to make this image look good and better, I just select him. Oops. I go to select subject Let it select Let for two sub do the work that I'm doing with mission learning Why is this not? Oops, I think my photo shop step Ah, so yeah, my Photoshopped just crashed. So where I'll pick up from where we left off go to select Onda subject. I hope it doesn't cross no hoops. I have selected on the wrong layer and story. Um story Um I don't on the selection fit. Select subject. Okay, click on. OK, discard the previous election. Yeah, I'm selecting this whole subject. Yeah, This is a perfect selection by for the shop. It's not good here. I'll just remove this. Yeah, Just, uh no Goto edit got b addict based. It's on a whole new layer here. Now, just like on click this button right here, which creates a new layer. Okay. Just like no, a new layer has been created. Okay. Uh, no. Go to a breast tool. Right here. Right here. Click on a breast stool. Onda, pick up a color from here. I pick up some thing like this is yeah. Now increase the breast brush size of it, the square brackets and just start colorings. Now include the hardness of include darkness up, 200 brush brush sizes 800. Just collect this full just like this. Yeah. Now what you need to do is drag layer. We need the layer toe. Drag it here. Yeah. Now the magic happens right here. Okay. No, you can take a look at that. We have just been informed the normal image in tow a good one, or this is water skew, skewed, distort, and rotate. Does now you can just pick up admits from on splash for your class project that you can just pick up this image on. Do you can just place the logo here. Right here. Let me drag this logo or let me make a copy off This are cold All turned. Drag it right here, you know? Yeah, This blend mode is not good. Yeah, I just select the blend more so just pick up images from and Splash Onder. Select your blend more on gus dot Anything that had a logo are Try your own Design your own way off a ding Your photo. Yeah, I just started this and it's not It's not blending up with white oak. Just you can even add these on books shoes on and you just pick up Remained from one splats on. But they go do your homework now, right? Right now. 31. UPLOADED Using the Burn tool PS: All right. Welcome back on in this video, we will learn about dot Stool bundle under spawned stool Shortcut key is Oh, it's pretty easy. Just fresco on the tool gets equipped. Click on the spawned stool right here on this woman using the zoom told expressed Z or zed . Um, I'm just click around Now click on these saturate We can even saturate the first Let me unloved layer on Just let me create a new bag Eso using the spawn stool you can saturate or the saturate part off a selection. Let me show you how to do that. It let me zoom in a bit. Onda. You can take a look at how you can saturate the color off her. I see we're taking a look under straight. You can even be saturate if it's saturated. Just click, click, click, click, click on guy get saturated. You can click on the saturate and remove the saturation. You Yeah, you can take a look at it Now Let me change the color toe white right here. OK, change this up, foreground color Just prospects in your keyboard or the with my obs living xdb X The brings black on top right here on exchanges. The color. Take a look at this. I just keep it white and try de saturating it Are saturating it under. Take a look at the what happens. Okay, I'll just taken file. But I'll just delete this layer by right clicking and click on the Letelier. I just create a new one. Oops, Sorry for that. I create a newly layer on DA. This is what spun the tool. Does it saturates? Andi saturates the subject on Born till you can even increase the highlights Like, uh, you can increase highlights. Take a look at this. Get up. It reduces the amount off whiteness here and let me include the hardness. Yeah, This is what born told us on the dot stool you can You can increase the whiteness around her ice. Yeah, with the dog's stool. Born Tula, it reduces the whiteness. It throw some be saturation with Let me increase this. Let me increase her eyeball. Oh, right. Yeah, well, let me zoom out. I see. See the amount off the whiteness I'm given to her eyes. You can take a look at it like this. This icing But right here Okay, so that you can take a look at you can take a look at it. Well, it's a bit not good right here. I'll go to Sarah's on the radio. This, uh you? Yep. This is good. I think this is good. Yeah. You can even increase her teeth. Brightness also, ill flick on. Highlights on. Do it. Just keep clicking it. Throw that. Get smaller color food. This is not good. Change the foreground color to black. Who is it? I need to remove this dough. I use the born story. Oh, shadows. Even You can use the patch to fix this. I dragged up a new layer here. I missed the bit. Oh, this is what you can do with, uh, Dodge tool. You can increase the amount off white brightness. You can just include a month off brightness in her face. Or you can make her face glow. I'll just press it here. Yeah, this state needs some white whiteness. Just click. Click, Click on Don. Yeah, I put some addicts and go to her feet on ice right there. Oh, you cannot go pick up a photo from on splash. You can selling this Oreo even you can select him. I'm not. I think this has your class project on just opening for the shop and just start messing around with those kind of tools. You can master it. You can try using me. Tones andare do stuff you can start using shadows on. Do you contend it as well? So I'll see you in the next video. Thank you for watching it. 32. Using the Liquify Tool PS: Hey, guys, in this video, I'm gonna our talk. Something about the liquefy tool on. We learn how to use the liquefy Tolin photo shop. So quick up. Open up Your browser on just installed this photo right here from the people tab. Okay, I've installed this and I'm installed Oldman photo right here. I'll just look on open. Onda, select that pick from my photos folder. Okay? I like this fellow on this. You can open. You can open up whichever photo you feel like it has a face and not a photo which is under related to this subject. Just click control. Oh, no big deal on. Duh. Just writing different control. Oh, no big deal. I just love the background. Now you need to duplicate this earlier. I'll name it. Okay, Uh, the richest are called How to duplicate this layer. There are around three ways to duplicate layer. Just press control, J. Let me get back control jet duplicate a layer on or just drag this layer on. You can take a look at the place icon here and just leave it. There are even You can right click in the empty column on just like a duplicate layer. Click OK and right Click under. You can convert it to a smart object right here. Or you can go to filter and convert for smart filters on and click on. Don't show this again. Are you can uncheck it and click on. OK, now it has been converted into a smart object. So let's take a look at the liquefy tool right here in filter liquefy. Ah, Yep, this thing might open up their IRA or set off tools in the in the left minimum off the column. So let's take a look at this tool. The first tool it is forward walk toe. The shark is w feet. You can enable this. You can increase the size off this. You can increase the cycle. This is we're too big, too high. Reduce it by pressing the left square bracket. Ah, yeah. This is good. Also what this does This is pretty. You can take a look at his face. You convey Galis. See the city status. You can control it. It's ducted Step. My photo shop stuck ship more My fault. Yeah, I'm back. So it got stuck. My photo. Some got stuck real quick so you can do this with this forward walk. You'll see. You can pretty much do this now. If you want to get back, scroll down right here. On the contrary store. All this restores the entire photo with a single click on this button right here. You can click on review often review on our Well, let me show you that How that button works right there. Yeah. You can take a look at sea. I'm just tapping on this preview button. Now, let's take a look at this second to reconstruct all for that to work. When first we need toe, use the farmer warp tool, or just press control Z to get back. So I I do this for the 4 20 country contract. You'll and you can bring back this through the original shape. Like the way he waas and not. Yeah, I see. You can easily bring this foot of back to its original state with the re re contract tool. You can even still the smooth tour. You can take a look for this to work. You need to again you'll forgo what tools It just moved. Just the just smoking up. If I've done this right here. Let me show you in. Just movements up. This saw what that thing right there is. You can use the clock. Why? Stool Onda? It just rotates it clockwise. He He's forehead rotating in clock. This is kind of creepy, huh? Yeah. Take a look at this. We live in a country star review on review off Restore. Well, let me do this. Let me do this. Let me do this. This this? Yeah. We don't want that. You can use this blow tool to this backer. Tool here will reduce the size off. Well, just radio the size off the photo right there. See? I can redo the sale of its north. If I click something, it just reduces the size off. I am that reducing the size off his ice. No. See? See this when I was big gun one. Nice small under. Do it more. Yeah. You have been playing the North between Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson Also. Yeah, that oops. You mean is and these are not visible. Logically, cookie, why is this not walking? This blow tool is not working. Yeah, You need to be con review and start doing it I'll justly country store Onda do this for him . Yeah, on blow tool is the opposite off Parker Tool, See? Or does this just in? Largest the object. Say this. Look at this. Look. Oh, you can get our duty free of friends for Tora. Yeah, you can do this honestly. Country store. I'll just enlarge his forehead on dry ice. Yeah. Then you can even selling this tool right here. Freeze! Must stool. Let me show you how the stool works. Have selected the boat ice right there now distinct works on Duh! This thing doesn't allow to change the shape off the I. Now, for example, I take this forward warp tool. Andi, I'll just do this for his hair, and I just can't do it for his eyes. I can I just contain the shape off his eyes right here because we have frozen the deck selection with frieze mask. Do it. See, I contain everything except the ice C except his eyes. No, If you want it, is it? You can just raise it with the eraser tool, which is right there, Which is right here. It let me. There is a bit slow for the shop my photos off my crash I mean the site. Ah, you can do this. You can even change the density away store. Very thing you contender Density contained the rate on save off this brush right here. Okay, on this is the face stool. We are short cut key is a on You can just play with the face Photoshopped has already detected off. Faith on you can includes the sides off his forehead and just playing with this. I I keep this a bit short. Yeah, This looks funny, though. You see, you can you can do with this are even. You can do this in the right menu right here, Young. The right side of the column. Yeah. See, I will increase this I i Linklater's northward. You can even do this for his eyes. I can make it big Can make it big. I sighs. I hide. I can make it bigger left. I can make it bigger right high. Here you see the chain option, right? You can select up. You can link both. When I push one. The other also gets posted on the boat. Work in the same piece. See this? I left like the chain right here on guy. I know this. This is I think this is good towards inside, not out. I distance I can do that. I You can do whatever you want. I can play with mouth. Yeah, this is good. Yeah, but lip I can bring it a bit in. And this is what you can do with the liquefied? It has some good power. I contended Your line. Yeah. See? Huh? I think we have changed him to a new person. Yeah, See? Addicted to Yeah. So what if we can't restore all? No, I am not able to click that. Oh, we have generated right here. You can just click on OK, on. Do you can take a look at it right here, But looking the i con window liquefy toe Let me do this for him on Just unlock it on goto filter, filter gallery Let no Oops, not filter gallery. I'm sorry. Feel terrible. Liquefy liquefy out of my mind. Yeah. Now you can play with the breast size treasure and density C density. You can take a look. A report Let me Zuman by holding old and describe it in your most are even you can room in in this way. Oops. Yeah, with the handle, you can move around. This is good. I zoom out a bit. Yep. This is good. Now you can take a look. At what density does I see? If I declare density two or 15% it doesn't distort the whole inmates. Okay. On Diaoyu contained even there even pressure off this. I see. If I increase the pressure, it just goes away like this. This is what I was trying to explain. How to use the liquefy tool on arter images. So I think this is an interesting topic. So I'll see you in the next video. Okay. Ah. Yep. So for your class project, you can to this image Onda apply liquefy filter for it. You can use the liquefy tool and change the ship off his off his face. Andi? Yeah. Go. Go do your homework and I'll meet you in the next video by 33. Gradient Map Filter: Ah, hi there. In the end, off this video, you are going to make something like this. You are going to make our A circle around amendment demand. Onda. You're even gonna make this. Okay, so you are gonna make this. See, you're gonna add this kind of fetal use ingredient map on Grady in overlays. Okay, Even this is Grady and Map. You can take a look at this. I'll just press tab until you so quick up. You need to download two images from unspool. Ash, you need to download this on. Do you need to download this image right here? Okay. Oh, just downloaded. Onda, quick up. Open it in photo shop. No big deal. Let me close these two documents right here and close it. So let's start walking with some real world images. I'll flick on open, I'll pick up two images, hold control to pick up I Because this and this just click enter. So that opens up. Just click control zero to resize the image. I do that on the first off will start working with this image right here. Okay. Now go to our crop to locate, just like on the crop tool right here so that the crop tool has been selected. So you need to drop some amount off this photo. I crop it'll here and this click enter. So that the look I can hear has been disappeared. So there's rename it. I'll rename it as background. Nobody believe simple hopes. The B is not capital more after this. You need to just get open up your rectangle marquee tool by pressing for the shortcut key. Who remembers the shortcut keys? M just pressed him. Okay. On that show that you're rectangle market toe tool opens up. Have you need to just draw a triangle over her? Just like this Aren't for this transparent triangle right here. We are going are brilliant. Overly or drug Radiant map right here. Okay, let me zoom in on. Duh. So you I tried here, Grady. In map. Safe. Yeah. So just double click this under in the preset. So I knew you can choose your jewels. Your color, Grady. In map. Andi, just add a radiant map. So this rectangle right here are even. You can double click here right here on day. You can just select whichever calorie want. Okay, so let me start off with selecting or default Preset with is already pre installed in for the shop. So it's I go with this, aren't we? Have to play with the blending. Just click OK on. Let me check If this blend sing, I think colored ours is good. Yeah, Just now the trick is just press we in your keyboard. So no way is it not going on? Just press we so that they are moved to get equipped. Okay, Now you need to hold our it on. Just drag. Duplicate this on. Align it with this. You can you can see here that a new layer has been created for radiant map One copy. Okay. No, no, you can even resize it. Just double click here where? Just double click here so that they are properties they know will open up. Now you can select a different kind off work. This thing grade in math. I'm just slaving the color more. Yep. Soft light is good. Now hold alright and just drag it here. Just aligning properly. Onda, Wait, Let me Yeah. This is good. Yeah. I double click here. I select the populace. You're being kiss pink is good. Yeah. Soft light is good. Pulled art again on Just drag it. Our double click here on double click here. So your radiant editor will open up. This is good. Yeah. The always use light collection because they are very pleasant. They are good. I like light colors. I prefer light colors, Dan Dark colas, other publicly could. No big. Oops. I have not made a copy off this. 30 e. Yeah. This'd is good. It I'll transform it. Who remembers the shortcut? It's controlled. I understand. From this I didn't drag it up a bit. Yeah, which I pulled off my photo dough. Ah, I think this is good. I This is good decision. Let me go with greens. Yeah, this is it. This is so easy to do on that. This is what we were trying to do in for yourself? No, once and for all. If you want Take a look at the original photo on after before after version. You can just hold here and drag the I icon right here. You need to You need to hold on, drag it so that the the thing appears the filter appears in duck Picture. What we were trying to. Okay, just hold on Are are you can click this above layer Onda below layer by holding shift so that all the layers get selected on you can just right click it and click on markedly If on Do you can just go on file Export exporters could PNG Andi, I have already exported He remained Well, let me show you that. So you this is they made would have been walking but this is a bit different Then let me open it up in photos up If you want to review the photo, you can just click on Tab Ok, remember the shortcuts are so that you can review your They did just click on tab Now you can just play with this Onda for your class project You can just pick up image from photo shop you can pick up You can just pick up this guy right here he's school on You can just add a radiant map under practice with this image on learned the radiant tool So I'll see you in the next video on the asked Creative keep grand 34. Gradient Map Circls Effect PS: Hi there. In this video, we are going our circle effect around him. OK, now wake up. Download this photo from unspool Ash. Andi, just open it up in photo shop. Just like on file Open. It should open up. I you need to select it. Yeah, just click. Enter. Yeah, this should go to go. Just resize it. Controls zero to reset it. I'll just unlock the background and name it bagged on it. Yeah, I learned along the foreground here, Background on. And now you need to select shaped. Oh, okay. Now the I'll just zoom in for you so that it looks a bit more clear. I'll say, like this elliptical marquee tool Onda. I'll draw a circle around him. No unit, the hold shift. Okay, get a proper circle around him. It should look something like this. Wait a minute. It's not good. Like me. Draw. This is also not good. Yeah, this is you Just recipe on. Don't know. You need to add a radiant map around him under Zuman on. Just click on Grady in map. Yeah, I double click here on. Just select a grading map victory or you feel like I'll select up. This is good on the nav unit to play with the blending More overly. Yeah, overlays. Good. Now, lastly, you need toe play with the layer cell. Just double click here. Right here. It should open up the layer style. I'm niche in open of blending options. Now, if you check here. Right here, Benny read. Let me dry. Right if you check here, okay. You need toe play with those options and right here. No, you can change it a bit. See? It looks something like this. See, how cool is this right now? You You need to start playing with it. Okay? I like I'm doing I Yeah, this is good. Onda. Yeah, this is it directly blends him with the skin. No, I'll tryto Eric boots. Sorry, I'll right there. Is this part right here with the eraser tool? I think it should work. Could not I just increases the brush size. No, it's not working out. Why is this not to work? Okay, I think this is it for the video. Ah, yeah, you can Arrested with the breast stool. I was trying that it I'll raise this. Make sure your foreground color is black is said black. Okay? Or just press x or d to change it. X d x. I just remove this part. Hmm? Yes. And this image is good to go. It looked up some, um, let me reset. It looks something like this on. We have added just a circular effect around him. It So let me crop it with the crop tool. Just proceed on. I'll drop, but yeah, no, even you can believe it. The levels onda even at, um What? You can even add the lens flare. So render Linds. Yeah, yeah. See the look at this. Just This is our someone i z I'll remove that lens flare. Render lens flare Alarms on like this is good. Yeah, This is good. This is also not that good. I like that lens flare. Yeah, this is length flu already with the brightness. Yeah, this is good. Yeah, Or you can even add filter stylized oil pain effect for him. Wait until this gun works in the oil paint effect. I zoom out of the Yeah, this is good, right? Yeah, this is so you can just export this goto file export and quick export s PNG or even you can export J. Peg. Whatever you feel like doing it. This is what I was trying to teach you. The main motive off this video is to do this for their class project or your homework. Just open up on Splash Onda. Select images right from here. Are you gun selling this already? You can select whichever image you feel like editing it or rye. Even you can sell him. Just dropped this on. Duh. Let me see what you do on. You can post it up in the discussion session off. Yeah, so I'll see you in the next video. 35. Instagram Glow effect.: Hi there. In this video, we are going to transform this image. Author this image into a beautiful one like this We are going to add this right here or this one. Onda. We are gonna give him some pop up lighting on his face. No, quick up for this to work. You need to download or remained from unspool Ash in the people Some you know us else crawl down so you need to download him. Here is the link. You can just type the link in your browser. Okay? Downloaded for free from here. Okay. You can even select the size off the emits. Just open it up in photos update. I'll do that for you. I have already opened it up if you can file open But this to work, you need to create a new document. Okay? We can file a new control and is the short cut key. I have just selected the four photo shop size fight in 17 to fight in 300 pp. Okay, this is the a resolution hype. We're in just rgb onda background color is white. The orientation is art board. You can bring them this instagram just instagram I just click on Create. Okay. Just recited control zero to resize it. You need to remember this. Me? This? Yeah. Just unlocked the layer on Just rename it. Yes, Sweet. Now, just you need to just select him, OK? No big deal. The selective click on select, but with the layer on logged a click on select subject Wait for Photoshopped to do its job up in selecting yard support. Strict selection by 14 Just dragged here. Okay, Only even you can copy paste. Now hold art and zoom out with your scrawl button in your mouth. Upset. I'm sorry. What? Yeah, with this layer of selected right here, Layer one that I named him a boy. Oh, boy. Yeah. Hold on your native transforming control T to transform. That is a shortcut. You need toe. Always remember it. Yeah, Placing right here. Click. Enter now control zero to resize the whole image. Let me make this image a bit. Yeah, this is good. I think this is too big. Yeah, this is good. Now for the background layer selected. You need toe rag. Radiant. Overly right here. Wait, let me zoom in. Oops. Oh, why is this not walking out. Wait a minute. Yeah. So let me zoom in for you really quickly here and click on Grady Int. Okay, let me zoom out. And I close this magnet for year. Yeah, with Grady And feel just double click here on. Do you need to get into basics on assigned this color desk? Click on OK, black and white. Okay. Can the style is radio angle and click on rivers on the angle is around 40 forties. Good. Just pecan. OK, that's it. Is this simple? Now you need a logo off like symbol, which I have picked up from Google images. Give it listed. Yeah, Instagram life logo. You can just pick it up from here. Click on images. Andi, I have selected this one. You can you can just download this Instagram logo PND heads the okay. Just like that's right. Click on click on save image. I'll just open it up from four to stop control or toe open on. I'll just say like this Now from here, you need to select this logo using quick selection. Yeah, or groups use it. E I used this North. Yeah, No dragged here. Drag, drag, drag. Let me close this first off. Yeah. No control, Tito. Transform it. Resize it, Rotated whatever you feel like. Yeah, I think this is better. Now we need toe. Add a glowing effect for this thing right here. Okay. We need to add a glowing effect we need. Wait, let me show it to you. We need to add a blowing effect like this on his face. Like the logo is getting reflected on itself. So quick up. Let's do that with the layer selected name logo. Yeah, just click on effects and click on Click on Outer Glow. Yeah, see capacities 100 blend. Mori's overlay on the technique is softer. Sizes to 50 on the color is this one you take, You can take a look at the court right here where I'll write it down for you on the distinct color cord is F one fight. Do six one. Okay. And the color court is this. Are you even you can pick from the color picker right here. Just click on this. This is the what? Color guard, Slick. Okay. And just look okay. Right here. No, we all more stuck have edited the whole email. Onda, we have less left out. One last thing that is at the reflection, how to add it. You need toe addict from the breast tool right here. Just hold and play congress toe. Remember the shortcut keys be okay with the boy Layers selected from the layers. Manu on guy changed the breast to general brushes. Soft brown brush is perfect. Now you need to sell in the foreground color. Just click here four. Just click here. Yeah, I know. Just pick up the foreground color. Ah, you can just pick it up from you can just pick up this off the color picker tool. The selling this are selling this and click. OK, this tap tap that left click on your mouth. Connect me. Get back on. And this is the last step you need to play with. Blend Hopes for stuff. We need to add a new oh layer from creator. Newly. Now we need to add this this thing from the Bristol we need toe are kind of reflection on his face. Onda his forehead Onda and just play with the blending more right here. Be good. Yeah, I think this is good. See, Mitt? That much I think already off the opacity with play with the opacity on. Do you can even play with? The film can live, Phil. Yeah, This is good. Let me click on a razor And there is this part. Oops. There is gonna be to change the foreground color x and remove this part. Yeah, I think God, this is good. I think this is Yeah, this is This is good. Click on with the local air selected. Just click on out there glow and just click on. OK, Yeah, This is good. Are you? Even you cannot different kind off. What color effect around around this logo. No. Yeah. This is what I was trying toe. This is the main motive off the video there showing how toe things in photo shop How to make the school affecting photo shop. Yeah. Now the last thing is, you need to export Reconcile export quick export as B n g. Yeah, and I'll see you in the next video. All right, on forgot something for your class project. Just select our image from splash. You can select her. Are you can select. Yeah, I think. Yeah. Go selected emails on the important in for the shop under Start creating And I'll see you in the next video. And thanks for watching it, guys. 36. CLASS PROJECT-Instagram Light Logo: Yeah. Hi there on. And this is a strong work time or class project, and whatever it is on, do you need to create images like this? You need to add this icon. I'm at this effect on him off this glowing effect. Oh, just quick up. Open up on splash on the select. Whichever image you feel like from the people's a session, you can go select the red. Let me tell you, you can select whichever means you want. You can select him. You can select him, you can sell it. Uh, you can select her. You can convert this into a black and white image. Onder in place the logo right about our her head right here. Right about our cap in photo shop for just a couple local like this from Google Chrome. You can just download any kind off logo and give it glowing effect with inner glow and outer glow. Yeah, just go do your homework on. Let me see water off. Done. That this image on you can upload it are Send it to me and instagram. Or you can just upload it in the discussion. Opposition or ah, yeah, Let me see water off the night and I'll meet you in the next video piece. 37. RGB & CMYK : so high there in this video, we are going to take a look at the way we're going to take a look at RGB and the CME by K. I'll explain what RGB ease and see him like a in an image on Duh its role. Okay, now this is this image right here. Is RGB okay? What RGB stands for is RGB stands for red, green and blue. Yeah, on the CME. Like a stands for mm seem like a stands for science. See for science M for magenta wife or your Lorne K for key, which is black. Okay, it has four colors. This has three colors. OK, now let's get back to this image. Wait. I have are downloaded from on Google. Click on image Goto more and click on seem like on you are about to convert to see him like a using blah, blah, blah and just take on Okay, Now you can take a look at the email as being converted into sea of Okay. Now I'll explain you were seeing like you is used the CME, like it is used in printing. It is used in ah, printing on paper, printing on magazines, onder in large. Some work in lard. Some are large bore steps and stuff. You can take a look at the color difference between C m. Y que onda rgb. I'm just pressing. I'm undoing it. Click on edit Re Lucy and Mike A and it Ah, you know RGB like that Just the shortcut key for really want and do is control Z and for radio is a shift control Z Yeah See, You can take a look at the difference which is better. I feel seeing my RGB is better in my case, a bit dull by because it's used in renting stuff. I've opened up a bedside where RGB is used with c Well ah, when to use RGB RGB is used in Web app design icon, Spartans graphics branding social media and visual content and see him like is used in branding business cards. Stationery is science door forms advertising billboards, flyers, vehicle wraps, Onda. If you want to bring, make sure your file is converted into our time to see him by K, then RGB Okay, look something like this in our laptop. And while printing it differs Okay. Make sure while printing just converted it into a C m. Like a click on image. More on the seem like a is stick right here. So, yeah, you cannot read this article right here. You see him like a for any project designed that will be physically printed, not viewed on a screen. If you need toe, recreate your rod designed with ink or pain, the CME, like a more color more will give you more accurate results. This website is 99 dissent dot com I just sorts the difference between CME by K. Onda rgb toe. But there are explaining to you Okay, you will have a good image when I open up a Web site on, but there is a definition on it. Otherwise I would only explain it for you, you know. But there is a proper definition here now. Even you can read it now when to use RGB. If the end, the destination off your are designed project is on a digital screen like laptops, mobile phones and stuff you can use RGB color Mordor. This would go for anything that involves computer smart phone, laptop tablet cameras and stuff. Seemed like a is used in printing stuff. You can take a look A sigh in magenta yellow on black K for key Okay, Which is black himself on the best file format for Seem like its beauty of the E p s on stuff on You can read much more in this website So basically this is it This is what seemed like a an RGB is You can just open up in Maidan. Start playing it if you want not send it to our friend digitally Siham are TV's best to you . If you want to print out you can you see him like we'll meet you in the next to go. This is pretty basic. 38. Image resizeing.: Hi there. In this video, we are going to take a look at image resizing or image size. Okay, Uh, there are a pretty There are some options. Like a mid sized dimensions fit toe with tight resolution example and radios north. So I teach you what they are, and I'll teach you how the main motive off this video is. I'll teach you how to increase the clarity off image. Okay, The resolution off image. So if we hold art or reveal pressing Onda, zoom in, even take a look at the clarity is missing a bit. You can take a look at the pixels right here. Now we are going to fix that. Not fully. But I will try our best to fix it. Okay. Okay. Sorry. There is any kind of background. Nice star revealed the wall. Human, listen to it. If I'm teaching to slow it, just increase the speed of the video. No, Big Bill. Are you have a solution for it? I'll zoom out. I'll criticize this. Yeah, Goto image image size on click on preserve details. Look, this option is not is not available on previous previous versions off Photoshopped, This is Photoshopped 2020 you if you want, you need to enable it from file. Okay, it Sorry it go down all the way here. Click on Preferences and click on Technology Previews. Yeah, just click on enable preserved details to point up upscale. Just click on OK and go toe now display image. Image size Onda li con preserve 2.4 d days on day. You can even play with that reduction. Nice rest. So you can take a look at it. You can take a look at it. Something is happening right there. You can play with the original size off the mitt. Uh, yeah, you can take a look at this. Yeah, this is good. Uh, 10 24 into 7 68 big sells, 72 pp. I. Yeah. So the clarity has been increased a bit. You can play with this kind of option. You can play with fit two options just like this, But I like this one. Andi, I'll just click on, OK? Yeah. Zoom out. If I zoom in, you can take a look at the image. It's It's better than the previous image which have been trying to show you. OK, I have increased a bit off clarity in the image. Now you to increase it, the much more you can click on filter camera. Raw filter. Right here. The shortcut keys shift control A. I think it was just control of it. Let me check it for you. Yeah, Yeah. Shift control A So our quicken filter and click on camera off Fator. So let's take a look at this right here. Okay? Now you need to click on detail here. Okay? Details right here where you can take. Great. Let me zoom in for you. Let me with Zoom Tool. Yeah, You need to click on details right here. I let me close. Zoom story. Yeah, I come back now you can play with the amount off sharpening the image you can play with the Lord of Details Here. Ideas The amount. Zero I already the radius. I heard radio. You can now increase the details right here. I can t tell upto 100. You can increase 93 decks and ratio, but it loses its what it loses its our detail and this picture terms in tow. Ah, oil paint effect. So I don't want that. I let the luminant be. I just keep it this. I'll play you start playing with the detail. I already have the detail you can even playing with this one. Yeah. Luminous detail. You can play with contrast. Let me zoom out a bit. You can play with color now, Ammon. You can crave it. Detail no. Even play with radius. I'm asking you. Click on. OK, this is what we have made. We have altered the he means now. I'll just open a pictures on the letters. Compare board the pictures right here. Close this. Look. Oh, you can take a look at this on. You can take a look at this fee. We have so often up, we have soften the image. We have moved in. The inmates not soften. Yeah, maybe this is good. What we have done in photo show for Let me Zuman he so you can take a look at the clarity right here. This is better than this. So this is what I was trying to teach you about. He made criticising and I'll meet you in the next video. Still then stay creative. Yeah, and thanks for watching it 39. Thank You:): Yeah. Hi there. You have reached the end off this whole course. Yeah, So I would like to thank myself. We're all sharing the knowledge with you. Andi. I hope you found some value in this whole course itself. We have learned a lot off things in the score. So we have learned about that Using text tool resizing images, how to add filters. How toe crop, How to use the sparkling breast, How to remove pimples in your fears, retouching on much more. You can ask me what next So you can keep on learning for the shop Cool techniques on the skills. And if you are interested in other photo shop app so you can check out light room from there are official website and start learning light room if you are in if you like a graphic design and if you want to design in a vector image if you walk If you like vectors and stuff, you can go for our job. Illustrator. If you want not edit videos, you can go for a top premier pro if you want to design. Um what if you want to design magazines and stuff, you can go toe in design on day if you want. No, I don't. Do What? If you wanna edit, are If you want to edit it, Let meekly cornered off Premiere Pro if you wanna edit. Videos aren't If you're in tow, some kind of production on the video, anything you can just install this up and start learning from scratch. Andi Yeah, Andare. Not everyone make it at the end. So I would like to thank you a lot. Onda, Thank you for watching my court on. Duh. If you feel like I have missed on some topics and stuff are do let me know. Message me. Are you can come in in Are you cannot just email me s so that I can add something. I want your opinion on this course Onda. Yeah. Lastly, I'll tell you that I'll be adding some. I'll be updating the scores off frequently with our new videos on new editing techniques with new filters. I'll show you how to use them. I'll be adding some new content to discourse to keep it fresh, trendy and cool. So yeah, Thank you for watching it. Peace on the lastly. Stay creative. Okay? Don't forget that. Use your creative mind. Yeah. Thank you all for taking up my course. Andi, I hope I'll meet you in future with are different course which I make on day. I'll see you. I hope I see you in the future. Peace out.