2019 Design Trends! | Lindsay Marsh | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. Design Trend - 3-D

    • 3. 3-D - Where to Start?

    • 4. Design Trends - Color

    • 5. Design Trends - Gradient Meshes

    • 6. Typography Trends for 2019

    • 7. BONUS - Photoshop - Getting Started using 3-D Panel


About This Class


This class takes a look at just some of the upcoming and current design trends and styles that will continue into 2019. Designers roles are expanding and understanding the future skill sets that will be in demand is important to grow.

Not only will we look at stellar examples of those trends in action, but we will dive into some software programs that can help us start to think about learning new skillsets to emulate these trends in 2019 with our own unique style.

I hope to add more trends as this class evolves but enjoy this quick journey that will hopefully inspire new creative ideas for you this year and beyond!

The design world is big, and so is the list of possible trends. I am always looking for new design trend ideas for 2019! If you feel like you have one YOU think will be big in 2019 please feel to post in the community section your ideas, as I will be posting new videos in the coming weeks. 

I will be doing a LIVE video review of all submitted projects Tuesday, December 11 at 2pm (EST) on the student facebook (but will also post it to my youtube channel). Have your project submitted by that time to be included in the video feedback!