2. Are You Wearing The Wrong Size Bra? | Debra S. | Skillshare

2. Are You Wearing The Wrong Size Bra?

Debra S., The Bra Coach

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1 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Are You Wearing The Wrong Size Bra?


About This Class

In Class #1, you were given 9 questions to answer as a homework assignment.  Here are the questions.

1. Does your bra ride up in the back?

2. Does your breast spill out over the top or sides of the cups?

3. Does your bra straps dig into your shoulders causing marks, grooves, and bruises?

4. Does your wire poke into your breast tissue?

5. Do your bra straps slip off your shoulders?

6. Have you recently gained or loss more than 10 pounds?

7. Do your breast sag even with your bra on?

8. Do you have gaps in your cups because your breast do not fill them up?

9. Is your band too tight?

If you aswered YES to just one or all of these questions ...... you are in the wrong size and/or style bra.

In this class I will be discussing what makes a bra "the wrong size" and how you can correct the problem.