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#2 Learn WordPress in Bits – WP Settings

Ricky Wahowa, Teaching Serious Web Technology stuff

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4 Videos (20m)
    • WP settings Intro

    • 1 WordPress Settings

    • 2 Another settings video

    • 3 See you in the next class


About This Class

This is the second part of the Learning WordPress in bits series. In the first part you installed WordPress and did an overview of the WordPress dashboard . If you didn’t watch that class, join it if you are unfamiliar with how to install WordPress and the WP dashboard.

In this class we’ll take a look at all the links under WordPress settings.  By the end of this class you will know what each link under the WordPress settings do.


We’ll go through each  link. And you will know what is under each setting. At any point if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. You may also join the Bizanosa FB group where I provide support for my Courses . Feel free to ask me any of  your questions.


FB support group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/bizanosa/


Learn WordPress in Bits is a series of WP Tutorials that will teach you WordPress in segments. You may decide to start from the first (#1) class and progress your way to the last course in the series. Or you can simply decide to join the class that has the WordPress topic you are interested.


For instance if you are interested in posts and pages go ahead and join that class. Perhaps you ae interested in WordPress Settings, join this class.

WordPress in Bits is flexible enough for you to choose the part that interests you. Or you can go ahead and watch all the classes at your own pace, one after the other.


This is essentially a beginner’s course. New WP users should join this class and all the other related continuation classes. In the end you will be well versed in using Word Press. And you will be able to achieve most tasks on your own.

And even if you experience any hurdles, I will be here to assist you. Just ask for help when you get stuck. I will help guide you.


If you want to learn WordPress, Join this class Now.






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Ricky Wahowa

Teaching Serious Web Technology stuff

Web Developer and Trainer specializing in WordPress and Front End solutions. (HTML, CSS , JS, PHP, WordPess Dev) .

Notable skills in : SEO, Email Marketing (GetResponse, MailChimp etc), Usability.

You will learn step by step.


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