#2 Effective Learning: Stop Being Average and Create Higher Value | Hana Stejskalová | Skillshare

#2 Effective Learning: Stop Being Average and Create Higher Value

Hana Stejskalová, I always look for doing the things better way

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6 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • Information Distraction

    • Attention Residue & Willpower

    • How to Avoid Distraction

    • Create Rituals

    • Conclusion


About This Class

I've always loved learning, but there were subjects, which was really boring for me or absolutely out of my possibility to learn.

It wasn't because of difficulty or enourmous amount of information. What was wrong was my approach.

The Effective Learning series came from my experience when working with my students. I found out that there are repeated problems they all have.

If so many of my students have the same problem, maybe there are more people who need help. So I decided to solve it and share my experience.

These are the topics I think influence your ability to learn:

  • Ability to focus (Deep work)
  • Ability to regenerate (Willpower, ...)
  • Knowing yourselves (Learning Styles, genius)
  • Your mindset (Carol Dweck)
  • Ability to prioritize

Some of those are hard to master, some are easier, but when you succeed, you will:

  • Learn faster
  • Create more value
  • Have deeper understanding of actual problem

I wish you good luck when improving your way you work and learn.





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Hana Stejskalová

I always look for doing the things better way

I'm always looking for doing the things better way and I believe that times, when you had to go to work for 8 hours/day and the only place, where to educate yourself, were schools, are long gone.

Still in our educational system kids are not educated how to earn and manage their money. I'm going to change this reality.

Well like Mark Twain said: "I've never let my school interfere my education."

Since I left college, I've been focusing on alternative sources of income, inv...

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