18-minute tutorial to Windows Movie Maker: tell your story in less than 60 sec | Alina Smolyansky | Skillshare

18-minute tutorial to Windows Movie Maker: tell your story in less than 60 sec

Alina Smolyansky, Egg Tempera Artist & Instructor

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10 Videos (19m)
    • Windows Movie Maker: Introduction

    • 1. Adding videos and photos, creating a rough draft

    • 2. Editing video: trim and split

    • 3. Adding transitions between clips and images

    • 4. Adding the title page

    • 5. Adding and formatting captions

    • 6. Adding music

    • 7. Saving and sharing projects as video files

    • 8. Your project

    • In conclusion


About This Class

If you are anything like me - over-complicate simple tasks, invest hours of research before embarking on any project, and never edited any videos - this class is for you.

Whether you are a jewelry maker, a baker or artist, you follow a creative process that many would like to see and you would like to share on your website or social media networks. The goal of this courses is to use your photos and video clips to demonstrate your creative process from the beginning to end, or part of your creative process, in less than 60 seconds. Why 60 seconds? Video is the most captivating marketing tool, but how do you hold ever-shrinking human attention span? According to recent research data (2018), the ideal video length for Instagram is 30 seconds, between 15 and 30 seconds for Pinterest, under 45 seconds for Twitter, and 60 seconds for Facebook. 
I hope you already have some video clips or photos of your creative process to work on during this course. (This course does not cover how to shoot videos and take photos.)
What you will learn in this course: 

  • how to import videos and images into Windows Movie Maker,
  • how to arrange them in a desired sequence, editing each of them,
  • how to add the title and captions,
  • bonus: how to add music to your movie ( Please note: 85% of videos are viewed with the volume off),
  • how to export your project as movie.

However, this course is not for you if:

  • you use Apple's Mac (please check iMovie),
  • you don't have Windows Movie Maker installed on your PC because it is no longer available on Microsoft's website and is no longer supported,
  • you are a skilled user and looking for something more than a basic video-editing program. 

No previous experience is necessary. I look forward to seeing you in the class! 





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Alina Smolyansky

Egg Tempera Artist & Instructor

Hello! I am Alina, an egg tempera artist and art educator, based in Vancouver, Canada. Traditional egg tempera appeals to me for its simplicity, purity of colours and historic significance. My inspiration stems from various spiritual traditions, illuminated manuscripts and nature. I am also one of the few teachers of egg tempera painting and icon painting in North America.

I hold a BA in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University, as well as diplomas in Professional Wr...

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