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17 Simple Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Andy Machin

17 Simple Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Andy Machin

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8 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

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About This Class

In this short course we are looking at seventeen quick and simple tips which may help you to fall asleep faster and sleep better. If you have trouble sleeping - Isn’t that something you’d be interested in doing?

Each better sleep tip is based on my own experience of searching for ways to help me get over my tendency to take time to fall asleep. I’ve found what works for me and now share the same tips with you here.

Even if you implement just one of the tips and it helps you sleep better – won’t that be worth the few minutes to watch the videos?

Why not take this short course now - and start to sleep better from tonight!

Meet Your Teacher

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Andy Machin


Hello, I'm Andy.

I'm from the UK and have an interest in and knowledge of a wide variety of topics.

Here on Skillshare I hope to share with you my interests and knowlege via the courses I create.

I do hope you find my courses varied and interesting.

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1. Introduction: 17 Simple tips for a better night's sleep. Let me give you a quick introduction in this course, we're gonna look at a number of quick and simple tips which may help you sleep better. I'm for longer now. We all left trouble sleeping from time to time. Don't way some of us more than others, and it's really frustrating to lie in bed and toss and turn waiting for sleep to come Now. I was far from a great sleeping myself, and I have tried any number of things to help me enter the land of nod faster. So in this course, I'll share with you sleep tips I've found, which worked for me in the hope that there may work for you to in your search for some peaceful slumber. So I do sincerely hope that in the time it takes you to watch this course you take from it tips, which you do find effective on that help you to sleep better as a result. So that's the introduction over with. Next, we'll get into the meat of the course and start looking at the first tips 2. Tips 1 3: sleep Better tips. 123 Tip number one. No snacking. I used to be as guilty as this is anybody else. Ah, quick snack before bed. But I would suggest to try cutting out that late night snack before before you go to bed. Because if you jump down a quick sandwich or or two or a few chocolate bars just before you go to bed, your digestion may suffer when you're lying down and keep you awake. There's also the risk of heartburn that that you just get me really bad on that lonely after the discomfort. So if you do get a bit of a snack attack at night, that's a just thinking about riding it out and wait until breakfast time. Tip number two No after dinner. Coffee Now I like a coffee after dinner. A lot of us do. You probably do because it's a good way to relax after eating dinner. A nice cup of coffee. I'll wash it down, although remember that caffeine acts as a stimulant anus, such you may feel more awake than you did before he had the coffee. So if you've eaten a late dinner, then skip in that coffee might help you to drop up to sleep a little bit quicker. Tip number three, Late dinner. Well, eat small. If you've had to eat in a late for any reason, maybe maybe the bosses kept me behind. Put some extra working yet again. Happens all the time again, right? And you get home about the time you normally go to bed or not long before it, I'd suggest Don't make yourself a normal sized dinner. If you do, you may well up trouble sleeping on a full stomach. So if you know you're going to be home late, I'd suggest try to eat earlier, if possible. But if it's not possible to establish small meal before bed and then we're an hour or so, so it's had some chance to settle. I found doing doing all these three things. Help me tremendously. No snacking, no coffee eating small. If I want something like 3. Tips 4 6: better Sleep tips 4 to 6 Number four. A little light reading now reading in bed until you feel drowsy can be a great way to make sleep. Come. So read a book, a magazine or anything that interesting Anything. It's all you'll know when it's time to sleep, because your eyes will be getting heavy now. By the way, as we're in the age of iPads, kindles or the electronic devices, I do suggest not reading from them in bed. As I find the screen hurts my eyes, I find that reading naturally from a book or a magazine is much easier on. Makes me feel drowsy quicker. Tip number five. Create a sleepy atmosphere in your room. Now make make your bedroom a relaxing place to be. You've gone there to sleep. Sleep is relaxing on bats exactly what you want to do, so make it a place you want to fall asleep in the ambience itself. Could be a great eight. Peaceful sleep, I'd suggest, like pastoral, tranquil colors can help me to relax. Whereas if you've got dygalo green and fluorescent pink in there, it might not be a dream ticket, so to speak. Tip number six. A gentle background noise. Now, if you're anything like me, you've got trouble sleeping. If it's too quiet, which sounds a bit wrong, doesn't it? But I'm not find it that way. If it's too quiet, it seems unnatural. Now. Some people like that. I am, as I've already said. So if you are one of them, you might try a little bit of gentle background noise. Ah, quite C d. Perhaps something simple like that. Some relaxing music, my preferences of portable TV in the bedroom. I have it on low on. I watch it until I fall asleep after I've done a bit reading on Work Street for me. Maybe it will for you to write Let's continue and look at some more tips. 4. Tips 7 9: better sleep tips 7 to 9 Number seven Comfortable bedding How good does it feel to get into a freshly made bed with nice soft sheets? Crisp, clean, fresh cotton? Just doing that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, right, ready and in the mood for sleep. So change that bedding often it really feels good to slip into a clean sheets on. Put you in the mood for sleep. Tip number eight. Watching mattress like a good solid mattress will help you sleep easier. There are different kinds of find, one that suits you. Some people prefer a soft mattress, summer hard one or maybe adjustable all sorts of choice out there. Get down to your local bed shop. Try a few out, see what feels right for you because a mattress you're comfortable with in a similar way too comfortable shades. That comfortable mattress will help you find the mood to sleep. Tip number nine. What does your head rest on? Well, a pillow, of course, like the bedding and the mattress. If you don't have a pillow that you're comfortable with, you won't sleep is well as you will. The wise My so different styles off pillows for different people. So go with what makes you feel good. It's not just one. You might need two or three or more to feel right. Personally, I need full pillows. Yeah? Do you need a zoo? Many is that. Anyway, let's move on on. Look at on next set off tips. 5. Tips 10 12: better Sleep tips 10 to 12. Number 10 Relax ation exercises before you sleep. Stress seems to keep getting more and more in today's world were all under increasing pressure. To do more with our lives on a great night's sleep is a great way to reduce stress. But if you're stressed to the maximum already, you're likely not to get that great night's sleep, which turns into a little bit of a paradox. Try to reduce your stress before bedtime by taking some simple relaxation exercises. Even something as simple as some deep breathing for a few minutes can help you slow down until buttes asleep. Tip number 11 exercise but not too late in the day. Exercise helps keep us fit and healthy, but exercising too late at night before bedtime can keep you awake. Your body is still on a bit of a natural high after that strenuous workout at the gym, or that that quick five mile room, the adrenaline's pumping on your way to alert to sleep. So if you do exercise if possible, I'd suggest taking your exercise before dinner and then have some time to relax. So allow that adrenaline rush to wear off on your metabolism will calm down. It will be a bit little bit slower. Tip number 12. Keep your feet up. We'll like to do that right, But before going to bed, try putting your feet up quite literally for a short while. This can help to improve your blood and circulation on aid. A general feeling off. Relax, ation, which again can commit. You feel that that more relaxed when you go to bed and help me to fall asleep that little bit quicker? 6. Tips 13 15: better Sleep tips 13 to 15 Tip number 13. Go to the bathroom. Last thing at night before you hit the hair, Go to the bathroom, use the toilet. Then there's less likelihood of interrupted sleep because you have to get up to go in the night. And while you're in there in bathroom, of course, don't get to clean your teeth that that's a good personal hygiene thing to do anyway. Why no number 14 If you have pets, take care of them. Look after their needs before, before your own bed time. For example, if you have a dog like I do, don't forget to take them out for an evening walk. So there are no accidents in the night, which might cause you Dr Bark and wake you up. That work might help you relax a little too, and help you to sleep so it's a benefit both for you and your pet tip Number 15. It's all routine now. Funnily enough, establishing a bedtime routine can get a good night's sleep. Going to bed at roughly the same time every night and during the same things as far as possible will help to train your mind into knowing it's time to sleep soundly. 7. Tips 16 17: better sleep tips 16 to 17. Number 16 Not too hot, not too cold. Make sure that the temperature in your bedroom is comfortable. If you too hot or too cold, your ability to sleep will be affected. In the winter freeze. You might need to throw on an extra blanket or maybe leave the heat and on low all night, depending on how cold it is. It's a summer heatwave. You don't want to be lying there sweating the night away, so try to keep yourself cool. Maybe no sheets. Or, if you've got air conditioning, keep that running low or perhaps a quiet fan in the room. If the temperatures right, that will help me to sleep. Number 17. Have you got something on your mind if you've got a problem? Something happened today that's worrying you, and you just can't get it out in mind that it was all right. How many times is it happen to you on something like that? Kept you awake at night because it's going round and round in your head and you can't clear it? It's keeping you away. Try right in the troublesome thoughts down on a piece of paper or maybe on your computer. I prefer a piece of paper. Turn the computer off. I know some people leave it running, but I turned mine off because I find that helps better on I use a pen on a priest pecker, but on burden yourself to yourself, so to speak. If I put it that way, try to make your head a little clearer are not as much going on up there because a peaceful mind will help you to sleep better. However, if you do have an active mind and your perm toe flashes of inspiration during the night, keep that paper and pencil at beside your bed so you can capture any thoughts like that and help yourself drop back up to sleep because she minds clear again pen and paper at the side of the bed. I found Work Street to me as well. I couldn't get anything at my mind before I go to bed, and it helps me to sleep much better now that that's the end of the tips. But before we close on the next section, I'll give you Ah, well, a personal thank you and some closing comments 8. SummaryAndThanks: summary on Thanks. I hope you've enjoyed this brief course on that. You implement some of the tips we've looked at toe help you sleep soundly. The tips that we have looked at in this course it's all based on my personal experience of looking for ways to help me sleep better on now. I hope it will be of benefit to you as well. For me, I found the single most effective was tip number 17. Something on your mind lying there with my mind racing about something, turning it over and over on unable to turn it off. Writing down what was bothering may really does Help me clear my head and help me drop up to sleep. Find what works best for you. It will probably be a combination of factors and then go with it. My sincere thanks once again for watching this course. If you have enjoyed it, I'd ask you to please follow me here on skill share on be notified when I publish new courses. I've got many plan for that. So thanks once again, Andi. Peaceful sleep