15K New Subscribers Every Month Part 3

Barry North, Turbo Performance Solutions LLC

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About This Class


Module 1 Secrets For Buying Solo Ads

What is a Solo Ad?

Solo ads are a great way to get new subscribers. We have talked about solo ads in previous trainings. Usually, we use them to sell products. In this case, though, you will use them to get subscribers.

Module 2 Buying Solo Ads

What to Look for When Buying Ads

As we explained in the last module, you pay per click when buying solo ads. With that in mind, you always need to look for people who sell unique clicks. You do not want to pay for the same person to click on your ad ten times. You will not benefit from that. You want to pay per unique click.

Information You Need to Provide

When you buy solo ads, you will need to provide information to the list owner. Most list owners ask for the same information.

Your Email Swipe

Never hand over an email swipe without testing the subject line. You will leave a ton of money on the table if you use untested subject lines. Test your subject lines so you know people want to open them, click on the links, and take action.

Module 3 Long Term Ad Buys

Using the Same Providers

If you get great results from a list owner, you can buy from that same person again. Don't do it right away, though. Wait a month. That way, the person will have time to add more people to his list so your emails will reach some fresh eyes.

Testing Email Swipes

If you are going to do long term ad buys, you need to test your email swipes. You should always look for an email that performs better than the one you are currently using. This is the best way to get results. That way, you can get even more subscribers, which means you can get even more people on that click line.

Wrap Up

We have gone over a lot of information in the last three weeks. This course has explained in detail how to get lots of subscribers in a short period of time. Once you get those subscribers, you can sell them products and make some money.






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