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15 Minutes Watercolor Tulips Flowers

teacher avatar Art by Snehal, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. How to Draw Tulips

    • 4. How to Compose Tulips for Painting

    • 5. How to Paint Tulips and Leaves

    • 6. Adding Background Splash

    • 7. Thank You

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About This Class

Brighten your day with spring tulips! 

In this class I will teach you step by step how to paint tulip flowers using layerings technique. 

This project is not only easy to make but a very refreshing treat to yourself within just 15 minutes. 

You don't need to have any prior experience with watercolors. 

 I will be sharing with you

  • How to draw Tulips
  • How to paint Tulips using layering technique 
  • How to add background splash and splatters

If you are completely new to watercolors, then I would recommend you to try my other classes specially https://skl.sh/36uHtlQ where I had explained various watercolor techniques in detail.

I would love to see your class projects. Don’t forget to upload it in the project section.

If you share your paintings on Instagram, don't forget to tag me @artbysnehal

Get your brush, colors and sheet of paper, you will get a good result -a beautiful painting.

At the end of the class, you will able to create beautiful Watercolor painting to give as a gift.

happy painting!


Stock Images: pexels.com  unsplash.com 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Art by Snehal

Watercolor Artist


Hello, from Art by Snehal. 

Snehal is a Designer and watercolor painting lover with a Fine Arts background, originally from India. 

Her interest in the watercolor arts began when she moved with her husband from India to the U.S. in 2014. Soon after she moved here, being surrounded by countryside and urban wilderness, her love for flowers and birds started growing. 

She find her inspiration comes from being in nature. Most of the birds she painted, were visited her patio.

She found that art always came naturally and allowed her to express the way she felt about the natural beauty around her.

You can see all her paintings on her Instagram @artbysnehal. or Visit her blog on https://artsnehal.wordpress.com

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1. Introduction : Welcome to my class on watercolor tulip spending. Hello. My name is Nail. I'm about a color artist and designer. In this class. You're going to learn how to paint two lives using layering technique. I have also provided a standstill off to lip drawing with your countries and directly start painting after a long winter. The most you knew is color. Tulips are one off the fourth sign. Offspring. They're beautiful colors. Inspires you to paint. I'm sure this will be a quick and refreshing project for you. See you in the class. 2. Art Supplies: for two days class, we will be needing all these art supplies. This is watercolor paper. I am using cans and vertical paper. It's 1 £40 cold press. These are the sketch papers I will be using to give you a day. Move on how to draw your lives. If you don't want to draw, then you can use a stencil provided in the project section. Then we will your pencil for drawing on a medium size brush. We don't need variety off brushes. You can use a single brush to paint entire painting. Then we will need a people double to clean and take off extra water from the fresh. These are the prima watercolors, but you can use any other colors, whichever is available with you and last, we will need a clean glass off water. So grab the supplies and let's get started. In next video, they will see how to draw your lives 3. How to Draw Tulips : you can escape this and next radio. If you don't want to draw and use a stencil provider in the Precheck section, let's start with a pickle. For that draw an oval for the guideline as a step one and step toe spreading petals. As a recent trips for the other two petals, the particular cell ship sort off leg, you're drops, so keep that in mind and draw accordingly. Next, you can make mediations out off two shapes and can are more pretends to them like this. Let's use these tapes and draw couple motor lips. Now I'm drawing couple actually periods, and then I will show you how toe art steam on leaves to them. This is done. Let's move to 2nd 1 This time I'm adding pictures with a different angle and let's draw the last one now that actually bulbs are completed, we will draw the stocks. It has a simple shape, which pretty much goes spread up and down. I have decided to make the stem a little car fear to make it look like it's leaning slightly. Now let's draw the leaves to live. Wings are pointed at the top and bottom the bottom points intersect with those dogs Base Next radio. We will see how to compose your lips to get started if it painting. If you don't want to draw you, can you Stancil? 4. How to Compose Tulips for Painting: you can use this transit provider in the project section to escape the drawing part. Okay, now let's make a composition for painting. Let's row one over here, second floor over here, and thought of what? Here. Don't draw them in a row. It won't look good as a composition. Start off with a pencil sketch. Don't press your pencil too hard. Yours light. Smooth strokes for sketching so it won't leave any dark pencil marks on your people. I am using the same overall form to draw the Jolie Pitts. Now let's wrote a cold one over here. As you are done back to repay its let's draw stocks on Add leaves to them. I am drawing the stocks very lightly as it will overlap with some off the leave part. Okay, so now we are done with trying to lives. So let's that leads to the draw, a line like alphabet s shape, and then add two more lines like this to get a turning leaf effect. How it's looking like it has wrapped around the straw. Let's are a couple more leaves with different angles. Okay, now we're done with drawing Park. Let's use a razor to erase unnecessary lines. In next radio, we will start painting two lives 5. How to Paint Tulips and Leaves : OK, now let's get started with painting. We will paint to leap. Here's first, followed by stalks and leaves. Then we will add some background splashes. This is the pencil drawing. While painting from top to bottom, it might get smudged by our hand. So what I generally do is I used paper trouble and keep it like this so it doesn't so much for this spending. I will be using being Condrey for Tulip Yates than yellow and green for stocks. And then I will be occasionally mixing some dark and light blues to make various greens before start depending. Let's consider a light source. In this case, let's consider light is coming from right side on. Decide the color values accordingly. I usually start with applying freshwater fuller by force. Light color. Here I am using being color, loading my brush with enough pink color on just stopping on that red area. No, clean the brush. Take out extra water from brush and just blend them smoothly. Now let's move to right side Little Lord. A brush with clean water and apply on the right side Britain, leaving some white spaces here and they're tapped. A pink color on that weight suffers on. Blend the colors like Harvey Dude on the left side. Better now, loading my brush with being color toe. Apply in that middle empty part. Let it dry. Then we will add further tones till the time. Let's work on second flower. Follow the same technique and apply base layer. Use clean water to blend the color smoothly. And don't worry if you put too much pigment by mistake than what you can do is clean the brush. Tap on people double and just drag out extra color on people. Okay, now over first. Really paid is right. Let's get back there on our second layer. This time I'm directly going to apply pink color on just blending them with clean water. For the middle part, I am mixing little bit, offered in tow, being and going to applied in the center. We will be working Lor Beller. Solar them dry till the time Let's work to second really hurt. I am using the same technique directly, applying pink pigment and using of water to plan the colors monthly again. Let this colors try till the time. Let's apply. Basically, I don't thought to Lippard now let's move back to forced to repay to add further doctors. For that I'm using read amping, applying in the center and for the petals. I'm considering the light source and applying accordingly. Now clean the brush and gently tap toe plane the color smoothly going to paint the remaining two to lipids using the same technique lettuce colors. Try reveal er final Dr Lecter till the time Let's start painting stocks. For that, I am mixing yellow and green and applying ghetto left hand side because we're considering the light from right side. So I'm leaving it blank and using clean water to blend the colors. Let me try till the time. Let's make sure it's off green. I am using a little bit off brown into green to make a darker green color. Considering the light source, this part will be a light green, so I'm using here light green for the base layer. In this part, let's apply force base layer off the green color, and then gradually we will be RD darker tones. Now I'm using dark green pigment and applying it on the age and using water to take out extra color that spent light part off remaining lose, and then we let. Doctor wants to show the town live effect painting the light green part. Don't forget to keep in mind that the light source is coming from the right side and point accordingly. Okay, now let's apply force later off the green color to the remaining part off. These reveal our doctors layer by layer four second uglier off green. I'm mixing blue in, took green and applying it on the left side off the petals. And then I'm going to use water to blend them smoothly. Human need to work quickly so that you can play in that dark color easily. One thing about watercolor human need to keep in mind that when watercolor paint dries, the color appear lighter and dollar. So in this case, we need to wear for the more doctors to the lives. Accordingly. Now it's timeto final. Doctors treat your loop, it's and stocks. I'm loading my brush with pink and blue color and gently putting the color into specific areas. Use the tip off your brush and put the color wherever needed. Clean the brush. Lower your brush with a little bit off being on Reid and then gently put it over here. Just stop it on. Clean the brush in border. Take out extra water on paper, Tobin and just gently blend the colors. Let's put one last doctor onto the tulip hates this time I'm using more glue than earlier and using tip off my brush and gently touching the specific areas, See how the doctors are helping to repair streets. Turned out OK, now let's start the darkest green that is green plus blue and gently act to the left side and bottom of actually pay aids. Just like this. I'm using the clear it off water tow plane them smoothly, but keep in mind that do not playing them too much now to locates and strokes are turn. So let's move back to our darker tones to the leaves. Here, another important thing to keep in mind aside, When you are further darker tones, you don't have to spread them everywhere. Just replied him on specific areas to create theft. As I mentioned before, when your bladder cartoons you may need to work quickly to blend with quarter. Now, I'm loading my brush with clear it off blue pigment and applying them on the Asia's off leaves. I'm using the same technique to blend these heart strokes. We are almost done. Let's our final dark tones to leave, and then we will are some background splashes this time to make a darkest green. I have added a little bit off purple, so it's blue, purple and green. Clean the brush, take extra water out on paper Darvill and gently plant the dark color. You can notice that hope we have achieved that don't leave effect using learning technique in next Rodeo I went through hold where background splash. 6. Adding Background Splash: Let's quickly air by ground splash like you see on right side. For that, load up the brush with as much water as you want and a player randomly like this. I'm using dark blue loaded my brush wit enough color and just touching the tape off brush on the vid surface and quickly clean the brush in water so that no pigment on the pressure and gently spread it. Lecter's feel free to mix in other blues to create interesting effect. I'm using this civilian blue first letter to make a splatter you gonna do is hold your hand Lecter's and hit or top on the brush. Another trick is just dip tip off brush and voter fuller by big men and simply turns the specific thoughts to make some dot speaker that we go via are done with this beautiful Julie painting. 7. Thank You : I hope you enjoy this class. Don't forget to post your project in the project section and you can take me on Instagram with our vice Nihal, Feel free to check out my other classes as well. Thank you.