15 Minute Self-Care: A Mindful Approach | Laura Stark | Skillshare

15 Minute Self-Care: A Mindful Approach

Laura Stark, Meditation and Mindfulness

15 Minute Self-Care: A Mindful Approach

Laura Stark, Meditation and Mindfulness

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13 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. 15 Minute Self-Care: A Mindful Approach

    • 2. Basics: Drink/Eat/Move

    • 3. Create

    • 4. Meditate

    • 5. 10 Minute Meditation

    • 6. Connect

    • 7. Give

    • 8. Gratitude

    • 9. Music

    • 10. Laugh

    • 11. Dream

    • 12. Rest

    • 13. Sleep Meditation

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About This Class


This is a 10 session class where we will focus on Self-Care. Take just 15 minutes a day to prioritize yourself. Each day has a short, manageable assignment by theme: Basics, Create, Meditate, Connect, Give, Gratitude, Music, Laugh, Dream, and Rest.

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Laura Stark

Meditation and Mindfulness


I am a busy mom with five kids. Meditation and mindfulness help me navigate my life more easily. I want my classes to be a bright spot in your day. Meditation is designed to help you to relax and connect with your body and breath in the present moment. Mindfulness can help you make more conscious decisions and just enjoy where are you are now.

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1. 15 Minute Self-Care: A Mindful Approach: Welcome to 15 minutes off care. This is a 10 day course for each day. I'll give you an assignment that short and manageable and will help you put yourself first . I hope you'll join me. 2. Basics: Drink/Eat/Move: Welcome to 15 minutes self care. I'm so glad you're here. Normally, each day I'll give you one assigned to work today. I'm gonna start with three. These are basics that probably I'm sure you're all you do. But I want you to do them with a little more care. A little more mind on this. The first thing is drink. I mean, drink water. Sometimes when we have low energy, just not feeling well. All we really need is take the time to take the time to drink water. I hope that today you will pour yourself a glass of water with intention and take a few moments to simply be drinking water. And then I hope you pour yourself a few more glasses, entering them as well. Staying hydrated can really help you feel better. That's something I want you to do. Is eat. Of course, everyone has to eat. But I want you to take the time to really nourish yourself and really choose something that you want to eat. Doesn't have to be raw broccoli or lifeless salad or something. That's quote unquote good for you. I just want you to pick something that makes you feel good that you feel good about eating and enjoy it, and you can take the time to just be even if it's just for the first bite. The last thing that we need to do every day is now you can do. You can go for a short walk outside. You can dance in your living room. You can do yoga with YouTube channel whatever works for you, but I want you to take some time to intentionally move your body. Be grateful for your body and use it. I hope youll do these three basic things every day, but a long way to itself. Care. I'll see you back here tomorrow with just a warning sign. Have a great day. 3. Create: Welcome to 15 Minutes south care today. I want to create something. It could be anything you want. You can write a story poem, watercolor, Actually, Just get a color grand and draw whatever feels good to you. If you don't have something that you go to for creating, find it. There's lots of classes you can take online. Lots of different things like that. And just creating something could really open up. Something inside of you. Make you feel good. I hope you'll take the time at minimum, 15 minutes to create something today. Have a great day. 4. Meditate: Welcome to 15 Minutes South care today. We're gonna take the time to meditate, talk for a few minutes, and then there's a 10 minute meditation. That's not a good time for your tomato Tate. Take some time later in the day, you won't be distracted. Creating a daily practice of meditation can bring calm and balanced your life. And I hope that if you haven't already started today, we'll start you on a path of meditation. Have a great day and take care of yourself. 5. 10 Minute Meditation: welcome to 10 minute meditation. Find a comfortable position. You can be relaxed and engaged. That's your hands softly on your thighs, your feet gently on the floor. Your back is straight, but not Richard faces. Saw your tongue resting on the roof of your mouth. Soften your gaze and just let go of any tension and just focus on your breath. Take a slow, intentional breath and for the mouth to when you're ready softly closer that the past is all from your gods breathing. He let the future take care of itself In here eggs. You are here simply sitting and breathing any perfect breathing. Oh, free that. Notice your chest, rise and fall. Your belly fills and really seems, has your thoughts drift by? Let them just be as they float across the sky. Put your attention to the top of your hand, slowly scanned. Your body is your check in with yourself. Focus on your scowl. Relax your face. Release any tension in the job. Scan the back of your head soft in your neck. Relax the show. Lose. Scan your back all the way. Lots of arms, your wrists. Soften your hands. Put your attention on your chest. Notice it. Rise and slow. Notice the abdomen fill and so each inhalation each acceleration. Put your attention on your hips. Scan all the way down hers. Let's your feet. Just relax. You are here in your body. In this keep your attention on your breath. When your thought pull your way, just gently bring your focus by really take some time to just be slowly. Bring your attention back to your body. Dr. Breathing, Breathing Put your focus on your forehead. Let your thoughts be understanding today. Notice your mouth and tongue, not your words. Become okay, Put your hands too. Not your heart show love today. Start with yourself and that that love extend and then ever wider needs Come back to your senses. Just take no of the sounds and smells around. You become aware of your hands and you your feet on the floor. You're back as it touches the chair. Really? And, uh, enjoy this moment when you are ready softly open your eyes. Thank you for joining me today. I'll see you back here tomorrow. Take you 6. Connect: Welcome to 15 minutes self care. Today's goal is to connect. I want you to either through email or phone or in person, find a friend, connected them, maybe make plans, get together for coffee, go out on a date. Connecting with other people feeds ourselves. And it's so important. So I wanted to take time today to connect. Have a great day. 7. Give: Welcome to 15 minutes off care today we're going to give. I want you to find something simple that you could give to yourself. This could just be time to book or take about something you enjoy. I want you also have something to a friend. It could just be a conversation. Doesn't have to be something that costs money. And lastly, I want to find a stranger to give something to. This could be a simple as a smile or just letting someone go in front of you. Sensing our inter connectedness to one another is important when there's a lot of I hope you enjoy your day finding about time to give. 8. Gratitude: Welcome to 15 Minutes South care. Today, we're gonna write a gratitude list. I want you to make a list of 50 things that you are grateful for. Now. The reason I'm going to 50 is that I want to get beyond the big things that you're obviously great. Before you have a question on the list family, friends whom I want you to get to the little things that you're also grateful for. Warm socks, small bread, the sound of rain. Something like that. Anything like that. Just take the time to really be grateful. You do that. You feel so much better. I hope you have a great day. 9. Music: Welcome to 15 minutes self care Did I have wanted to take some time to listen to mutually music? If you're a musician, you can play seeing or play your instrument, but just take some time to enjoy a few someone's that make you feel good. They could be high energy and you're dancing. Teoh it, or they can be calm and relaxing. Whatever you need today, help you take the time to still have a bit of time to enjoy yourself today and have a great day. 10. Laugh: today, I want you to find something that makes you laugh. Laughter is good for us. It makes us feel good. Lower stress boosts the immune system, and I just want you to find either with a friend about yourself, YouTube clips or a book or a funny show. Just take some time to find something that makes you feel happy. If you can laugh out loud, that's one of the best friends in the world. You have a great day. I'll see you back here tomorrow. 11. Dream: Welcome to 15 Minutes south care. Today we're going to dream. I want you to take just 15 minutes or so today to think of your biggest dreams and start planning for them. It could be a fantastic trip. It could be a new career goal. It could be anything. And if you like, I would love for you to share either in the student projects in the discussion boards. How great. 12. Rest: Welcome to 15 Minutes South care. Today is the last day and today it's one of the most important things that you could do. And that's rest and relax. I hope you'll take the time out today to just do nothing or watch a movie or read a book. Whatever really helps you unwind. And then I hope you really take the time to get a good night's sleep. This is so important. Some things that can help us sleep better. It's turning off our screens earlier today, dimming the lights leading our bodies. Now it's time for sleep. Meditation force before going to bed can help us Well, So I hope you had a wonderful experience with self care. And I hope that you sleep well. Rest today and sleep well tonight. Have a great day. 13. Sleep Meditation: welcome to night meditation, settling into a comfortable position. If you're getting ready for bed, you can lay down this your hands softly at her sides. Your feet are generally turned out. Your back is aligned. Your face relaxed, began to just not a super. When you already close your eyes, take a slow, intentional breath into the nose out to the man. Take a moment to reflect under day. Just let yourself feel today whether you were busy or relaxed, if you would call it good or just let yourself feel. Now take a deep cleansing brah. And as you breathe out, breathe the day, not the day go. It just feels comfortable, not out of the relax inside. You are here in this moment, not reliving the past, not planning the future. Just here with no judgment, just breathing in him. Exhale. Notice your belly, Phil. And with these, you're a cage. Expand the contract with each is your thoughts Come up. Don't follow them. Just let them drift by like clouds floating across the night sky of your mind free, then pause. Breathe poetry attention on the soles of her feet. We go your toes and as you scan the back of your body, let go of any tension and just relax. Scan the bottom of your feet up that Hughes the car has behind your knees. Your hand streams glutes your lower back all the way up your spine. Cross your back. Do you shoulders gently move your fingers and let your hands softened. Notice your palms the insides of your risk. You're in your elbow, your biceps that your arms Relax, but you're wearing us in the bag up your skull to the top of your head. Release any tension in your forehead and scan down your face. Soften your eyes. Who cheeks UMA your ears? You choe, your chief, the son of your Now you call a bone. Generally shrug your shoulders. Scan down biceps, elbows Forbes the back of your genes back to your fingers. Put your attention on your chest. Sit, rise and fall with your breath. Miss your me is your breathing unit now, but it's soft skin all the way down the front. Every thighs, kneecaps shand the tops of your feet in back to your toes. Teacher. Whole body. Relax and soft with each inhalation. Breathing calm in peace with each breath. Let your body sink deeper into relaxation. Take this moment to uncover the stillness that is always in you. Stillness does not have to be created. Onley noticed. It is always there in silence and peas, the noise and distraction. It's in the pause between your inhalation and exhalation and in the breath itself. It exists between your thoughts and beneath her thoughts. That's yourself. Melt into this, Thomas is your mind drifts. Just keep your awareness, son. You're reading. Taking the time to acknowledge the perfect stillness in you from yourself. Gently back to your center, senses the vein and you let yourself enjoy this moment. The vein pause Free that the vein. Now, the next step solution dried out just a little more. If you're ready, you can drift after sleep. You have a little more to do with your day. Take some time, get ready and softly open your eyes as you prepare for the end of the day. Keep a sense of calm and gentleness with you. Miss day of his position. As long as you need thank yourself. We're taking the time pause and just sleep well