15 Minute Self-Care: A Mindful Approach

Laura Stark, Meditation and Mindfulness

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13 Videos (28m)
    • 15 Minute Self-Care: A Mindful Approach

    • Basics: Drink/Eat/Move

    • Create

    • Meditate

    • 10 Minute Meditation

    • Connect

    • Give

    • Gratitude

    • Music

    • Laugh

    • Dream

    • Rest

    • Sleep Meditation


About This Class


This is a 10 session class where we will focus on Self-Care. Take just 15 minutes a day to prioritize yourself. Each day has a short, manageable assignment by theme: Basics, Create, Meditate, Connect, Give, Gratitude, Music, Laugh, Dream, and Rest.

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I just saw the title and I knew this will be so yummy :) I'm looking forward to continuing this class so much! It's beautiful and so helpful. I'd recommend it to everyone, because it's a little something we so often forget to give to ourselves, and then here exists a nice, concise and organised little reminder :) also, if someone is suffering from any kind of ailment, I think this can be beneficial to recovery. Like a little medicine plant that just soothes your body and soul, so that you can relax to the gifts of Life. Thank you very much for sharing! <3
I'm new here at Skill Share, so I thought I'd peek around at a few free classes to get an idea what is available here. I began watching your class "15 Minute Self-Care" and I am looking forward to following it through .. thanks Laura. If I can give my 80 yr old mother the gift of lesson one ... she would have a mush better quality of life, with just the first lesson. Donna





Laura Stark

Meditation and Mindfulness

I am a busy mom with five kids. Meditation and mindfulness help me navigate my life more easily. I want my classes to be a bright spot in your day. Meditation is designed to help you to relax and connect with your body and breath in the present moment. Mindfulness can help you make more conscious decisions and just enjoy where are you are now.

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