15 GROWTH HACKS to implement right away (100% Working) | Growth Hacking | Digital Marketing |

Srinidhi Ranganathan, India's Fastest Ai Digital Marketer

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    • 15 GROWTH HACKS to implement right away (100% Working) Growth Hacking Digital Marketing


About This Class

15 GROWTH HACKS to implement right away (100% Working) | Growth Hacking | Digital Marketing |


Connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/srinidhiranganathan/ ✶Viral Content Buzz - Complete Tutorial To Boost Your Blog Traffic by 500% (2K UHD) - Free Course Link - http://skl.sh/2lszT8s

I'm Srinidhi Ranganathan ⭐ Digital Marketing Coach, Growth Hacker, Speaker & Author ⭐ (Trained over 15000+ Students) | LION | Presented by Srinidhi Ranganathan - The King of Digital Marketing All these marketing growth strategies, if executed properly have the power to hack, I mean literally hack your business’s growth. Enjoy this amazing growth hacking ride:

1) THE SIGN-UP PROCESS HACK If you own a software, provide users with an unique way to demo the software without signing up in the first place.Set-up Demo Logins as this technique works wonders as people tend to explore the dashboard and then take a call as to whether the software is worth or not.

2) THE TRENDING CONTENT HACK FIND A UNIQUE PIECE OF CONTENT that is popular through google trends, buzz sumo , Ruzzit or which a competitor company is actually using. All you gotta do is to write, paraphrase and publish similar content taking that as a reference that is much better and longer. promote the content on viralcontentbuzz.com (For more info, you can check out my course on Udemy for the same. It's free by the way..)

3) THE AUTOPLAY Video HACK Landing pages with video background are super popular these days. a video background (not a video but a background) will give a big-league swag to your website. THE VIDEO SHOULD AUTOPLAY the moment the user visits the site. However, this may not count views on your YouTube Channel, but it will immediately strike attention of your audience and reduce bounces.

4) THE SNEAK PEEK HACK FOR APPS Create a video ad that showcases a person using the app and reviewing the same

5) TARGET THE GLOBE with a viral ad HACK Create a video ad that serves to be the sensation of the world. Here's an example idea. "It would be a typical day of a guy who goes on to find the world bizarre as resolve has taken the globe by storm and he is hallucinating that everyone speaks one language and the same sentence he is hearing from the people around him time and again '#YOUR BRAND'. This sets up the room for creating hype."

6) The Google Algorithm SEO HACK Create a master keyword list and focus on only 3 keywords that occur on all pages that are your top keywords you want your site to rank. These keywords are to be higher than the number used by the top and current competitors.

7) The Landing Page CTA HACK Give away a freebie as a user would sign-up. give them two options - 2 CTA buttons that would make the audience definitely click on one. Here's a typical example of how this would work for a SAAS Help Desk Automation Product Example: Do you want to reduce help-desk tickets by 60%? yes (definitely, i would like to know how) and no (i’d rather use my own traditional process).

8) The Thank You page HACK When a user clicks and purchases a pro-subscription. make them sign up for a free webinar or a udemy course, in the thank you page. Customize this so well..

9) The Content Shadow Hack Gate the content on the blog- the important parts that matter to the audience and ask them to share on social media to unlock the content.

10) Facebook insights HACK Targeting locations, engagement time of audience and learn about the type of audiences and their interests to craft interesting posts.

11) Mine Backlinks HACK Figure out all competitors backlinks, note down the sites and leverage them for your site's backlinks. Use AHREF's or

12) The FB $1 HACK Spend a dollar on our FB page to make sure the post reaches all of our existing audiences or your page fans.

13) The POP-UP INTENTS HACK Integrate an exit intent or scroll intent popup on our landing page to boost conversions by 60%

14) The Mascot Creation HACK Create a mascot for and use the mascot in all events and posts.

15) Convert Article to Video HACK Use Lumen5 to convert an article to video in just 10-15 minutes time and earn through monetization through the power of YouTube.







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Srinidhi Ranganathan

India's Fastest Ai Digital Marketer


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