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6 Videos (43m)
    • 15 Essential Blues Guitar Licks Part 1 - Introduction

    • 15 Essential Blues Guitar Licks Part 2 - Blues Rhythm Guitar

    • 15 Essential Blues Guitar Licks Part 3 - About Blues Soloing

    • 15 Essential Blues Guitar Licks Part 4 - Licks 1-7

    • 15 Essential Blues Guitar Licks Part 5 - Licks 8-15

    • 15 Essential Blues Guitar Licks Part 6 - Summary And Further Study

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About This Class


Probably The Most Valuable FREE Blues Guitar Lesson You’ll Ever Take - With TAB!

Bobby Harrison from Absolute Blues Guitar presents an in-depth blues guitar course with tab, standard notation fretboard diagrams two high quality backing tracks.

In this tutorial, we will learn 15 essential blues licks in the context of a 12 bar blues solo over a shuffle groove in the good old-fashioned key of A.

Our solo spans two choruses (twice around the 12 bar progression) and features many classic blues licks and phrases in the styles of B.B. King, Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King and Albert Collins. 

These 15 licks feature classic blues tonality, along with chord tones that really highlight the changes. These are all extremely usable ideas that you can incorporate into your own playing. Each lick breakdown features on-screen tab

In addition to learning the solo, we’re also going to cover a very cool rhythm guitar part that you can try out next time you find yourself at a blues jam.

For a full range of blues guitar lessons, featuring HD video tutorials, high quality backing tracks, tab, standard notation and fretboard diagrams, check out our website at www.absolutebluesguitar.com





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Absolute Blues Guitar

Learn to play blues guitar

If you want to play the blues with all of the feel and emotion of your favourite guitarists, Absolute Blues Guitar has you covered.

In addition to being an accomplished blues musician, Bobby Harrison is one of the UK's top session guitarists. Over the course of his almost 30 year career (so far!), he's privately tutored many guitar students who've gone on to become professional musicians and, as a live performer himself, he's played at some of the world's biggest and most prestigious v...

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