13 Ways To Use The P.S. In Your Social Media Posts, Emails, Blog Posts, And Sales Letters | James Canzanella | Skillshare

13 Ways To Use The P.S. In Your Social Media Posts, Emails, Blog Posts, And Sales Letters

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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2 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 13 Ways To Use The P.S. In Your Social Media Posts, Emails, Blog Posts, And Sales Letters


About This Class

If you've ever written a social media post, email, blog post, or sales letter... then it's important to know that there's always room for a little more in your post script. After completing this video slideshow presentation, you'll be equipped with 13 different ways to use your P.S. so that you can get more clicks, more views, more sales, more engagement, or whatever your goal may be. Pretty cool huh? So be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.


1. Introduction: Hey, it is James, Ken's and Ellen. Welcome to my class to 13 ways to use the postscript in your social media post your emails , your block post and sales letters. If you couldn't tell what this is all about from the title, what I'm going to be doing is walking you through these 13 ways in this video slideshow presentation, along with giving you plenty of examples and high can use them regardless of kind of what you're going to be doing or what your goal is. All right, there's always room for a little bit more when it comes to your social media, post your emails, your block, posting your cells letters and it's going to be a great way to utilize your PS. But if you want to know how to do that, that's what this course is all about. So go ahead and and roll right now, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side 2. 13 Ways To Use The P.S. In Your Social Media Posts, Emails, Blog Posts, And Sales Letters: Hey, what's happening is James Cans and Alan. Welcome to my classroom. I'm going to be showing you 13 ways to use the post script in your social media. Post your emails, your block post and sales letters, and heck, wherever else you want to use them. Maybe it's a letter to a friend. Maybe you're sending a message in a bottle. Hanky could use a PS in that as well. That would be pretty cool. If you do that, let me know that being awesome. Case study. I haven't seen that in a while or ever for the fact of the matter. But either way enough with the introduction, let's continue on to the 1st 1 and I did these in alphabetical order. So Number one is no better than the last one, and the middle one is no better than the other one. That's just the kind of order they go in. And I'll be telling you what they are and explaining them a little bit more in depth. Okay, so number one is going to be bonuses, and this could make all the difference. This is going to be very effective when it comes to an email when it comes to a sales letter when it comes to a block post, maybe a little less when Social Media Obviously, if you're just doing a random social media post, you start talking about bonuses that's not going to make sense on. Social Media probably would be more relevant if you were having any type of all for offer our affiliate offer whatever it's going to be. But bonuses PS is all about kind of rounding up, Ah, the big value of the bonuses, what you're going to be offering and kind of reiterating that in the PS right, because maybe sometimes when you're sending out an email, it might go toe pre sell page. But what you want to do in the PS is just talk about those bonuses and a couple of sentences. Okay, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing launches, promotions. People go crazy over the bonuses that they're gonna get. It's literally the main decision for someone to buy. All right, if you got 10 people promoting the same product, nine of them are giving away one bonus and the other one's giving away like a done for you . Software upgrade mastermind Webinar Life for week coaching. You would be crazy not to go through that person who has that awesome bonus unless you just , like, hated them for some reason. Even then, it still be stupid not to go through. Especially the value is going to be through the roof. It's gonna pertain to the product and you get the idea right? So a post script is great for reiterating those bonuses. That's a way to kind of get an extra click to get more curiosity and a very big driver when it comes to selling anything. Like I said, it could be just forgetting someone on a weapon or Hey, by the way, there's gonna be a bonus for those who attend and stay till the end. But if you want to know what it is is valued at $500 you're gonna have to basically RSVP'd or click here OK, so you could do bonuses for a lot of things. It could be for an incentive to replying to your email. It could be for whatever it is OK, so bonuses use them, use them often they work wonders. Okay, Number two Cliffhanger and I have little lot details. Underwear says. Always leave them wanting more. Which is a quote from one of my favorite movies, the girl next door. But what you want to do here is always leave them wanting more. So I like doing these in welcome emails or, you know, follow up. Emails will say some of my Kate. I've got this amazing free bonus for you tomorrow where I'm gonna walk you over a complete four figure affiliate campaign. Okay, but if you want to get it, you know you're gonna have to open up the email tomorrow. A lot of times will be a little less descriptive, so it's more curiosity. But the fact of the matter is that when use a cliffhanger like that and it really pertains to what they want has big benefits. Maybe it's a bonus. You're gonna get your subscribers to stick around, okay? Or if you're writing a social media post, you put like PS. By the way, I've got an amazing update for you tomorrow. It's gonna really help you when it comes to X y z. Okay, so cliffhangers could be used literally, anywhere. Cliffhangers, air perfect. Not just for selling something. It could be for announcing amazing news. It could be building up, you know, hype, anticipation, excitement, whatever it's going to be never seen with. Like UFC. It's like And tomorrow we're going to be announcing who is going to be replacing the ah fighter in the main event and people like, Oh my God, I can't believe it. I got to know what it is, You know, it builds up high excitement. You can do the same thing with any type of foe social media, blah Gmail, you name it. Clipping is a great if you've ever seen a TV show that's actually goes episode by episode Decks through is great at this at the end and be like Oh my God, how is he gonna not get caught this time? And then the show ends and you got to stick around for next week or, like breaking bad went like, Oh my God, he finally figured out that he's Heisenberg. What's he going to do? He's gonna go to jail. The show ends. You gotta wait next week. Okay, says a cliffhanger. Use them sparingly. Use them often used them whenever you want. It's a great way to to a PS either way the curiosity click. This is all about using curiosity, obviously, to get someone to click a link her to get someone to follow through, to get someone to take action or to get someone to hop on a webinar. Get someone to reply. You can use this for a lot of different things. The idea here is that you want to give as little information as possible so that the curiosity does most of the work. Okay, so you could say something like, Let's say in an email, for example, I got this great new bonus for you. It's valued at $500 it's going to be completely free if you want to click here kind of a curiosity, not the greatest curiosity, because they know that's the bonus, but they don't know what it's about. When you say it's valued at $500 you don't give any real benefits or descriptions, they know that's really nice. They know it's cool. They probably want that, But if they want to know what it is, they gotta click OK, Or you could say something like, by the way, this was my highly recommended, you know, affiliate offer that's allowed me to make $7000. If you want to check it out, click here. OK, they don't know what offer it is. I used to do this a lot when I was doing promotions and kind of the launch game because people were always getting the same emails from the same products and be like, click here to buy, you know, instant Super Cash Machine, or click here to buy the ultimate you know, whatever. They'd actually put the name in the links, so I decided to be different. Get more clicks out of my emails. Whenever I was sending someone to a pre sell page, I would never describe what actual product it waas. So even though the person had seen it before, they wouldn't be like, Oh, I've already looked at that. I don't wanna I'd rather get them to my pre sell page and have them look at my bonuses, look at my review and get them to go from there. If they don't want it, that's fine. They can click out from there, but it's better, in my opinion, to use curiosity. You can always get that person to look at it again, which increases their chances of buying or taking action or following through whatever it's going to be. So I also prefer when you're using the curiosity Click is that the link is also embedded in curiosity. So something like the link would be Have you ever seen this before Or I need your opinion on this, Or is this weird or do you consider to this hype okay, actually making the link? Curiosity. Okay, so that's a lot of curiosity going on Fria. Another way of doing it. Number four C T A. Which is short for call the action these air used everywhere. And I remember when I first started doing copyrighting, I started doing critiques for people and ah, I was going through and I noticed a lot of mistakes. The biggest mistakes from sales letters that you can take away that I got from it was that they lacked structure. OK, it was just like throwing words on a page and like, is this good? Like maybe a well, you got the words down. You guys structure a little bit, and I was a big problem. The next one was the usually lacked called toe actions okay, There was just none there whatsoever. It's like the person who was selling the product. They knew they wanted to sell it, but they never told the person sitting there exactly what to do. And many times you really need to do that because someone could just keep reading and they will never say, like Click. He had the car. But now we'll just keep reading and then exit off the page. That's a very big deal, especially when it comes to email social media posts. What do you want them to do? Do you want to share that social media post Hate P s, By the way, Be sure to share this post with someone who needs it or tag a friend who needs to see this post still, call the action right? Or, if you're in an email, be sure to click here to check out the pre sell page. Be sure to click here to get your bonuses, but sure to click here to do whatever it is you want them to do. Sign up for the webinar, watched the video, read the article, go to the block post. Whatever it is you want them to do. PS is great for a simple reminder. Oh, by the way, be sure to click here because time's running out, whatever it is. OK, CT a. Number four. Let's continue Number five. Guarantee Reminder. This is obviously going to be for something you're selling, whether it's yours or someone else's, but letting them though it's risk free, letting them know that there's a money back guarantee, letting them know that it's 365 day money back guarantee. Whatever it's going to be, this is a great way to kind of recap in case they missed their didn't even know in the first place. For example, if you're doing like a mid or high ticket offer, just reiterating that, okay, I understand it's $500 but it's 100% risk free, so there's no risk whatsoever. If you don't like, if you're unhappy for any reason, another great way of doing in the PS. This probably works the best in an actual sales letter for an email. You're probably not gonna be going in there and reminding them about a guarantee, because that's going to be plastered all over the cells Letter in the first place right, The cells letter is going to be doing its job on selling them and having the guarantee in there. So it's probably not going to be needed as much. So keep that in mind. And this could work with social media posts. A lot of people do like, Hey, I've got this Awesome. Um, you know, products. If you want more info, type and info, please, Down below in the public PS. Yes, it's 1% guaranteed something along the lines of that. So this is going to work the best in the cells that are where, in case the person kind of skim through and missed out on the money back guarantee. Hey, just a simple reminder. No questions asked. 100% money back guarantee that will help get some sells because people understand that if they don't like it, they can just get their money back. Number six, the hook in the angle. This is a very powerful one. Despite the fact that that number six, this probably carries a little bit more weight than the others. Okay, so maybe I lied back then. Beginning I said a lot of these air pretty similar. I forgot about this one. This one's very powerful. This could make or break a promotion. This can make or break and offer. This could make a break an affiliate offer whatever it's going to be. The hook, an angle. I can't stress it enough. I've done a few courses on this now, and I keep bringing it up because it needs to be driven home. And some schools tend to be thicker than others. So, uh, points don't always get across as easily. So what makes it so special, unique and different? What's the unique selling point? What's the unique selling proposition? Whatever it's going to be, you gotta drive that home. So a great PS can actually reiterate that that can really increase excitement, increased wanting for increased the benefits and create the need, the desire that want. So all you're going to be doing is re entering the main like what makes special? What makes you unique? What makes it different? So let's see at a product. And it was, I don't know, the hook of it was kind of how you know, Susie created a six figure for a month. Social media. I don't know. Income. Okay, Something like that so the hood would be, you know, P s. I forgot to tell you that this is based upon Susie and how she created, you know, a six figure per month income off social media. So you're just reiterating the big hook in case you didn't talk about it previously? Because if someone skims through the email, they're talking about going to a pre sell page, and then you go to the PS and you have that hooker angle, and it's position there, obviously, where someone can read it and it targeted audience sees that there's a good chance that it's going to really help drive curiosity, drive clicks drive once, you know one for the product, obviously, and then getting them the click take action so on and so forth. So hooking angle is very powerful. I always try to look for that when it comes to a product. Even if a product has a horrible angle, US and affiliate need to go out there and find one yourself. All right, find how you can be different, and this is something I learned once again and kind of the launch game. Everyone was always promoting the same offers It was really boring, and I got extremely boring, very fast. Same emails, no thought put into them, literally just taking the swipe copies of the emails and is pasting them. And they're So it's like you had, for the most part, to come up with a different angle. Otherwise, you're going to sound like everyone else. And for May, I just could never do that. So what it actually do is I'd go through the product, would use it. I look at the proof they had and look at the testimonials, and I'd find a way to come up with a completely different angle. So if you really want to stand out and actually become better than the quote unquote copywriter writing it, you can look for different angles. Okay, that'll help you stick out in terms of your promotion. So while everyone's talking about how Suzy made six months in social media, you can talk about how a person went from unemployment toe quitting their job in living a laptop lifestyle, different angle. But if no one is going to be using that, you're going to stick out more, right? So there's a little spiel on hoax and angles. It's number six. Number seven. I almost forgot. Okay, is I got a little bit more to it. A little bit extra little extra benefit. Okay? There's another great way of capturing attention. It's like someone's about to walk out the door. You go away. I almost forgot. And they turn around. You have their attention, right? Very similar here. I almost forgot. Whatever you want to put here completely up to you, this is extremely flexible. The magic is in these three words here. I almost forgot. So I almost forgot to remind you that the bonuses air going to be, you know, taken away in a day. The price is gonna be doubling that this is new. Be friendly. Almost forgot to tell you that maybe you wanna smash an objection, maybe want to bring up the guarantee. Maybe you want to let them know that it's gonna be closing in a day. Maybe you want to let them know that there's more testimonials that came in, Whatever it's going to be, you can actually use this one and combine it with a lot of the other ones I'm talking about . But this is just the way of starting it off. Hey, I almost forgot. Don't go yet. Okay. Number seven. Number eight. Limited time Discount. Don't miss out. This is a great way of someone to obviously take action. Get going in the proper direction. Send Social Media once again. You're saying hey, have this great affiliate offer, But keep in mind if you're interested in it, it's on a limited time discount. So the longer you take, the more you're gonna have to pay. Either way, this could be done on the sales that are very easily reminding them that it's on a dime cell. When I used to do a lot of launches, this was a very popular PS because I wanted to really hit home that every time someone purchased the price was going up. So delaying was literally costing them money. So if they really wanted it, they had to jump in because the price was obviously increasing. So not everyone knows what a dime cell is, even when it says there's only one left at this price, someone might not put those together, right? Not everyone who goes to your stuff is going to be a marketing master or marketing Jetta like you might be in all this terminology, so that's why you really need to reiterate it. That's why I need to use multiple calls to actions and so on and so forth. So if there's a discount, if it's limited, let them know again. It's a very big say selling point, especially if the price is going to be going up like double. I have a product that social $500. If they don't buy it within a certain amount of time, it goes up to 1000. That's a pretty big deal. So I hit home on that a lot. Same thing here. It could do an email sales letters block post. If you're doing a pre sell page on a block post once again, pay just to remind her you don't want to miss out on this because when noon comes around, you're gonna have to pay two times more. Okay, has no great number nine the main benefit, okay, tap into their deepest desires what this year target audience want the most, And what can the product help them solve? Okay, Or even if you're not talking about a product, what's the main point of your blood post or what's the main point of your social media post ? Maybe you want to do a motivational story, OK, do this big motivational story or this block post whatever it's going to be, and then the PS once again, you kind of recap it with the main benefit, you say, like PS. Oh, by the way, just to let you know, regardless of where you are right now, you can make this happen. It doesn't matter how big your problems are. It doesn't matter where you are right now. I started off on unemployment, and now here I am. So you can do it too, you know, just kind of reiterating what they want. Maybe the laptop lifestyle are the freedom of the income of the money of the no boss of the no alarm clock or traveling or work whatever it's going to be in the I am space recap the main benefit. Just another great way of ending any type of social media post email, whatever you're going to be doing, even the sales letter to write. Don't forget that. You know, hopping on this is gonna help you build it, Achieve that, you know dream body weight so that when you go on that cruise or the reunion your 25th high school reunion, people are gonna have their jaws on the floor wondering how you got that amazing body. OK, we lost Example. Number 10 personal angle. This is a story related to the main point. I like doing these a lot because these could be very I guess you could say unique. They could be different. They can be spur of the moment. They could be whatever you want them to be. But I like throwing in a mini story that relates to what I'm talking about. So I could talk about how I had a one on one lunch with a millionaire. Okay. Oh, by the way, I had, you know, dinner with a millionaire today and the biggest thing I got from them is that well, they didn't say to me specifically, their main point was, you need to be able to make money while you sleep, and that's a really great point. And this is something that can really allow you to do that. So check this out, then there's a link. OK, so it just kind of angling what you're talking about in the email to a personal story. It's like, Oh, man, I can't believe I slept in late, you know? But it doesn't matter. Because when you're your own boss, you can do whatever you want on your own time. On your own terms. That's something interested in doing. Check out this block post how I went from zero to hero. Okay, see what I did there. That could be a block post. That could be an email that could be a social media post. Either way, it's a personal angle. These air. Extremely flexible. Be creative with them. Have fun with them and enjoy them. Okay, Number 10 Number 11 Smash objections. No, that's wrong. Get out of your own way. A lot of times people just have these weird thoughts, that air, I guess their thoughts. But they're really just objections. And people love sticking to them because they stay in the nice little comfort zone and they don't get to do anything with them. They just stay stuck where they are. And a lot of times you just got to be flat out with them and just smash him all the help because there. It's such crap. They don't realize they can't get out of their own way. They'll see is something like, Oh, but I don't have any money. I can't do this And then here I am thinking about when I started off on unemployment like, Oh, you don't have any money But you can do this. That's clearly wrong. OK, so a lot of times you need to smash objections, especially when it comes to a specific product. They're like, Oh, I don't have any knowledge about using Facebook. I think the whole trading walks you through that. And then you could show testimonial saying about Hey, look, this 18 year old who just started using Facebook is now making $100 a day. That's a great way to smash objections. So multiple ways you can do this so you can use proof. You can just ask a question or answer frequently asked question and then obviously smashed the objection. I talk about this a lot when creating a squeeze page where you say, like, here's how I made you know, X amount of dollars per day and then a little bit after all, say like you don't need to have your own website. So if someone's like, Oh, I don't know how to create websites you could say something like that or you don't need to worry about technology because you know it's going to be a done for you set up whatever it's going to be. PS is great for smashing objections. Okay, 12 testimonials. I just talked about this a little bit before, but let's Social Proof do the selling PS. Did you happen to see one of the amazing testimonials from Susie Q and then you post it there? OK, Social proof sells really well because what other people say about a product is like 10 times more powerful than what you can say about it. Cause if if you have your own product, obviously, you know it's amazing. Obviously, you know, it's it's like the best ever, right? But when other people can go in and say that about it, too, it just makes the role of the difference. That's why you always see so many testimonials on infomercials and products that do a lot of volume in terms of sales is because they know how to go through. They know how to hit those hot points and they know what to look for in testimonials. That'll really increase, you know, someone, the buying. So next time you check out testimonials, maybe you're surfing through the TV looking for those infomercials. It's not like I do that, But in the past, maybe I've seen him on the gym. When they have testimonials, there will be geared towards smashing objections. Like if you've ever heard of testimony before, many of them, Ah, lot of them will be like At first I was skeptical. Okay, if you've noticed that in testimonials because a lot of people will say that when they're first perching purchasing, they're skeptical. They don't know how to get started. But then I gave it a shot, and it ended up being the best investment of my life. You'll notice that a lot of these testimonials will say like I was a busy, um, you know, work at home Mom with five kids. So I barely had any time. They will hit a lot of these objections that people always come up with. So it gives the idea that hey, if this busy woman of five kids who barely had any time and never did this before, can do it then. Of course, that person can too. So keep that in mind. There's a reason why testimonials say specific things. Have you ever come across like like I said, a late night infomercial? Check him out. You'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Last not least, its urgency and scarcity. This is so good. I pay a monthly fee just to use one of these scarcity buyers. Okay, time is running out. One of the best ways to make someone bias side from social prove aside from C T A size from great cells letters is scarcity and urgency when you actually use it, right? Okay, I still get I still have a good feeling that a lot of people don't trust, like, scarcity bars nowadays because they're probably so immune to them, actually hitting zero in the price, not changing our like the offer going down. I feel like it happened so much that they're just, like, desensitized to it. So, like, I make a point that when the timer actually hits in the price doubles, it's going to stay that way. Okay, so if a person sees that once, they're not gonna make that mistake again, where if they want to hop on, they know they're gonna be paying much more. So this is a great way to get someone to buy now, because a lot of times they'll say to themselves, You know, this is awesome, but well, despite another time, or I'll get it later. Oh, I don't feel like getting off the couch to get my wall and put in my credit card number or I'll think about it. Scarcely be an urgency allows them Teoh, get rid of those excuses and actually purchase right now, because if they wait, either it's going to be taken down completely. The price is going to double the bonus. Is there going to be taken away? Ah, the mastermind group is going to be closed or the products going to sell out. Whatever the reason is, if you can actually inject urgency and scarcity in it, it's really gonna help with your sales. Have talked about this a lot. When people do launches the most profitable times with launches the first couple of days in the last couple of days and then the middle, it's kind of like it's up and down. It's in the middle in terms of cells, but the beginning. In the end, it's just a spike of sales because people want that early bird cell, and at the end, before the price like doubles or triples or the offer just completely goes away, it'll leave. And speaking of false urgency and scarcity, I can't tell you how many times I've seen this, where it will be a product selling It will be like this. This product is closing in one hour, and then what will happen is that our will end and then the personal and on two more hours because they want to get more sales. They don't care about the reputation as much as getting in those extra sales because they know how much more they're going to get when people see that two hour clock moving down. But either way, that's a little on urgency and scarcity. Use it right. It will be the most effective. Sometimes there's a defect in, like, scarcely bars and stuff like that. I get that. But for the most part, the majority of people don't know how to use it properly, so that's all. If you have any questions when it comes to using the postscript. Any emails or social media poster block posters, sales letters? Feel free to let me known with all that being said, I am James Kansan. Ella, thank you for watching, and I will talk to you soon.