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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (2h 5m)
    • 1. Productivity: What will you learn?

    • 2. Intro Meike Hohenwarter

    • 3. Preview: 13 Productivity Hacks for Freelancers

    • 4. Hack 1: Inbox Zero - Tidy up your Email Inbox

    • 5. Hack 2: File Structure at your Computer

    • 6. Hack 3: To Dos Under Control

    • 7. Hack 4: Calendar - How to Use it Properly

    • 8. Hack 5: Notetaking Done Properly

    • 9. Hack 6: Sticky Notes on your Computer

    • 10. Hack 7: Checklists - Relieve Your Brains

    • 11. Hack 8: Notepad for Formatting and More

    • 12. Hack 9: Passwords - How to Create and Manage them

    • 13. Hack 10: Shortcuts in MS Office

    • 14. Hack 11: Browser Shortcuts

    • 15. Hack 12: Bookmarks - How to Set and Manage them

    • 16. Hack 13: Google Search - How to get Better Results

    • 17. Skillshare Projekt 13 Hacks

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About This Class

Improve Your Productivity in Everyday Life and Digitally: 13 Hacks to More Effectivity and Better Self-Organization


Reviews from people who have attended the course on Udemy:

"I just finished a course of virtual assistant and all these information will be very helpful for me, thank you so much." Evilene Martins De Souza

"Five stars for a lot of really helpful productivity improvements from a person that seems to have a broad experience with this business. Most of the given advices (except the shortcut and the browser tips) are new. They are so simple and feasible and I am going to practice them immediatly." Felix Grusch



This course helps entrepreneurs to manage their every day workload more efficiently

  • regarding their paperwork
  • as well as their computer based tasks
  • I show you how to get everything in good order
  • and how to keep it in an organized state
  • with my 13 hacks you will be able to work faster
  • in order to save more time for the things that really matter in your life

Note: In my demos I use windows and google chrome as these are the most popular programs but almost everything in this course can also be done using a mac or eg. mozilla firefox

This course is for all entrepreneurs who want to improve their self organization and to work more efficiently in their every day worklife

No special skills needed.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Productivity: What will you learn?: Hello and Korea liberal come toe the short introduction to my video course on 13 productivity hacks. I consider myself being a very productive person. I produced a lot off media courses, eat books. I have coaching clients, and I'm an only moderate to my two Children. So there's lots to do. I create a lot of things and have a lot of projects, and so often people would ask me, How do you manage all that? Is there a certain time management secret that you are using? And the reason why people are asking that it's just because our days are so full with all this clutter with all this stuff and feel just like an in a hamster wheel in our to do lists are very long, and it seems to us that you have to be active and active and often just don't get forward. And some of us really feel as if they would soon half a burnout. And so you can ask yourself, How do you perceive your life? Do you feel like a victim of circumstances? Or wouldn't you rather want to be the director in your whole life and just decide on what to spend your time. And in this free video course, I will show you 13 productivity hacks that will help you toe get organized in your office and also online on your computer and doing this you will find more free time. Who am I to tell you all that My name is Mike Calhoun. Botta and I help entrepreneurs with their own nine business concept and with their self development. And I can tell you, using these hex will allow it to take care off the things that really matter in your life. 2. Intro Meike Hohenwarter: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Michael Home Bata and I'm a business coach, and I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development in this course, you can start a discussion. Or you can ask me questions any time you want to, and according really invite you to do so. Furthermore, I would ask you to review this course because this helps me, and it also helps future participants and now enjoy this course. 3. Preview: 13 Productivity Hacks for Freelancers: okay. And in this short with you, I want to give you an overview about what we are going to discuss about the 13 Hex. I'm going to show you. Actually, it's much more than 30 and it's just 13 different topics and actually a lot of tips and tricks. How toe Be more efficient with your paperwork. Like calendars like to do lists like checklists. And I will give you tons of tips on that and off course. Also on your computer works. So how to be more efficient there? And I will show you everything on Windows with the officer on a PC and with Google Google Chrome because they're the most frequently used software on computers. Um, so. But there are not many tips that are specifically for this software. Most off it you can use just for any computer, any software. So just go for it and you will see how how you can get more efficient, how you can get things more than more easily how you can relieve your brain from lots off. Just juggling information around and just stressing yourself filed, such as the short overview about the topics will be in less number one, we'll talk about inbox zero, which means that there are no emails in your inbox and I will show you how to manage that. Send how toe process your email so that they don't stick to your email box in a big pile. And I will show you how you can install inbox zero immediately so that you can start working with him in books zero just from right now on next is about the filing structure on your computer. So how you can can have a filing structure that really helps you and also the arable show you how you can start immediately to have a new structure. Then I will show you the most easy way. The easiest way on how toe handle your to do is very simple thing. How how you can handle it so that everything is out of your hat and on the paper and is sure to be processed in number four. I talked to you about calendars and how you should used improperly involved actually should be in nickel ended. And what shouldn't number five is about note taking, how to take notes effectively so that they so that you find him again and that they are real help for you. A number six. Several talk about the sticky notes you have in your computer and how you can use those. Number seven is on checklists and how they can relieve your brains. Number eight is how to use text editors. So whether they for number nine is about passwords, So what is in a safe password? How can you create one? And also where do you manage them so that you can be sure that you have time when you need them? Number there. Tennis about shortcuts in your office programs. Socially, a lot of shortcuts that help you to be quicker in the office and 11 is on browsers and the show you more short cuts and all the other things that you can do in your browser. In orderto get become faster and be more efficient. Number 12 is about book marking in your browser and how to set them and also show you another program that can help you with managing all the different websites. And finally, Number 13 is on how to improve your Google so search and I show you some things you might not know what Google can do for you. So this was just a great preview on what you have to expect from this course. And yeah, I hope you will be having fun. And also some learning sent the insides. 4. Hack 1: Inbox Zero - Tidy up your Email Inbox: so. OK, guys, let's get started with our third in productivity hex and tech number one is called Inbox zero. Or sometimes you also see the other way around zero in books. And this means that you should clean up your email in books. For many people, the M boxes off their email account just look like the desks very, very cluttering lots of things on there or in there. So what happens if people have not inbox zero? But inbox, I don't know to count three count for count. And what happens when people do that? And usually it is that you every one of us, get so many emails every day. Of course, there's lots of spam, but also others are important or seem seem a important. So what people often do. They just get overwhelmed by that. They leave a lot of emails, and so they think. OK, I can't do that right now, but I have to keep it in mind because I have to do it later, so I'd rather leave it in my inbox so that I don't forget. But these collect and get more and more and than you just forget because you kept it in your inbox because there is other 397 e mails which are equally important and also were kept in your in box. So this means the way off keeping everything in the inbox just in order not to forget. It is the same as keeping everything at your desk in order not to forget and suddenly of piles of papers. And if you really need something, you won't find it. So the same s we want toe half a clean desk. We also want to have a clean inbox. So and this is by my inbox usually looks like this. Of course, it doesn't stay like that. It's a pity. But, you know, I get the emails all the time as well, but this is the way it looks when I'm leaving it. So I'm checking on my email 3 to 5 times a day, and then I'm leaving my account. It looks like this, and this just gives the same comfort in the same same really relieving feeling as when your desk is empty. So I just can recommend that you do the same. And maybe you see, I also don't have a lot of different files, Toe arc, You've ate my different emails because this is just not necessary. Many people have lots and lots of files, and when they start looking for something to have to look into all these different files and they won't find it. So actually, the file structure is are already a little bit given by your email system. So you will have an inbox in an outboard, and you will have sent messages and you might have a spam file. So several several of these files already given by your email account but further on you would only need three more. And this would be done to occupy ate everything that you have already done, then waiting for things where you come to anything about it right now and 10 projects either just one fine for all your projects. Or maybe you want to have separate files for each of your project. That, of course, depends on the volume off your work. So this is actually all you need toe file your emails, but still I have some more seesaw, and I want to recommend you for more than I have. First of all, that I have one for orders. So all the orders, like when I order printing paper, are when I order any other things. Like with Amazon, for example, I would put all the order confirmations and everything into one file so that I can find him again, that I have a bookkeeping file. Some today, you often get your your invoices. Only Perryman. You don't get temper male. So what I usually do is that I'm printer at the print them and put them to my accounting. And just in order to keep the email invoice half one file bookkeeping as a receiver of my clients, many people don't do that that way. And so often customers asked me, Did I get an invoice from your country member than I can't find it and are needed now for my Texas? Even with my automated systems, people often insist I've never received invoice him. So many people don't take good care after invoices, and I think it's a very easy system. Once you get them, you print them for for your files, your physical files to have time for your bookkeeping, and then you just drag them into your bookkeeping violence. So you have them. If you don't if you need them still, then I have one filed. It's called Print. Usually I work in my home office. In there. I have my printer close by, but today you don't only look at your emails at your computer. You often look at your emails also on your mobile or another time devices, and then you usually don't have a printer with you and eso. I can drag everything into this file, and and then, as soon as I'm back in my office, I can print everything. And so I still touched each of my emails only ones, because what I see what happens to many people, that is, that they just don't have any standard off how to use your emails when they when they look at them at their Mobil's. And these are usually the emails that have been read and then for gotten, because people don't do that much with the mobile devices because because it's harder to answer it because you have to printed pitch, pipe it with your fingers and you can't print your invoices and stuff. So what people really should do is half good habits about how toe take care off their emails on their mobile devices. So this is what I do when I when I'm not close to a printer, I just have to sprint file and that I can print them as soon as I'm back at my office. And then I also have a file called passwords, and that's for all these free accounts and so on that I get did that. Maybe only use once and where you usually get a password and you get an email. This is your password. And then I just direct them into this pass password file. And so I have all the passwords collected, and if I still needed, then it just can go there and just print some. Didn't some some letters off the name off the software. And then I find my password easily. So these are just some finding tips for me, what I use for my email account and then okay, you might say, Okay, sounds really great that I don't have anything in my inbox, but actually really have lots of my inbox, and I don't have time to just clean it up in the next days or weeks, so I can't have inbox zero. So one quick tip how you can immediately establish inbox zero also with your account. What you do is a quick fix. So this is your file. This is your inbox. And actually, you have maybe half to a currency. You maybe have 2735 e mails. I hope it's not that many, but just in case so And what you do is you just created new file and you call this file inbox old. And what you do then is that you drag all the 2735 emails from your inbox in tow inbox old and suddenly all at once, there's nothing in your in box you have inbox zero. And from that moment on, you can work as I said, unless I will tell you more little bit later that you really half your inbox staying at zero. And with Ian books old. What you can do is you can, for example, arrange that you work five for 15 minutes every day and just clean up this bit by bit. And so you can start with inbox zero right now. So and in orderto set new standards And to keep it that way that you have inbox zero. What can you do about all these emails that are coming in all the time? So actually, there are only five different options how you can handle an email. So if an email is there in your inbox, the first thing you can do is delete. And this is always great love deleting. So this is one really great option just deleted. And the most important thing is you look at each email only once you don't keep them. You don't leave them for later. You look at them and and you pick one off the five options. And this is how you can empty your email in box all the time. So the leading is a great way. Second is to delegate. So you decide. This is something someone else can do, or this is that belongs to someone else. And you just delegated redirected that. Then you put it in your our car. You occupy ate it. So this means it's it could be any information that you might need one day, But there's nothing to do. You don't need anything right now. So you're for example, called it into one project file. And then Option four has two different options. Either you do it now or you do it later. So the option for is really doing actually doing something, you have to do something about it. And there David Ellen talks about the two minute rule, which means if it takes less than two minutes to it right now, and if it takes more than two minutes, then you have to put it onto you until your to do list. In order to do it later, I would even prolonged to 3 to 5 minutes. So what could that be? You just don't give a quick answer to an email. You maybe have to phone someone things like that that don't, like, take longer than 2 to 5 minutes. You can do right now and everything else. You have to make sure that you have some reminder somewhere. So it should be some kind of to do list so that it don't forget it. And last but not least, this terminated means everything that belongs to get on a calendar. This has to be put on the candle calendar right away. And if you're handled each of here. Emails. That way you look at it carefully. You decide for one off this five options, then your inbox will be clean again. On this is really relieving. I hope you have fun with your new clean inbox. 5. Hack 2: File Structure at your Computer: Okay, so my tip number two is a little bit and a lock to my tip number one because you don't only have filing structures with your emails, you also have them at your computer, and it's very helpful if you standardize them. What usually happens is that your filing structure just develops over years, and you might even have files that our oldest oldest your asses when you first used a computer, and then there new structures and Justus life goes. Some things turned out to be a big success, and some things didn't develop the way you expected them to be. And so you often you after a while you may be find out that some structures, some some branches off your structure. Ah, very confusing and others are not really necessary anymore. And it even gets worse if you're not the only one who uses the computer. But you have, like a secretary or an assistant or virtual assistant, or you're having a company and have more people working at this structure, then it gets even more complicated. So what you should do time off the time is just have a look over it and just I think it's still the way you want it to be, or if there could be more appropriate ways on how to structure all your documents, because one thing for sure is never only one possibility. There are always at least two possibilities on where to file something. And if there are two persons working on the same computer and one Far Cities way and the other another way that it's confusing. Just one short example. For example. For example, your client sent your video because you want a tender offer and you were celebrating. And this is the video off your celebration when you want it. So what do you do about this video file about this MP four? You could either put it into your file off videos you have, or you could also put it into your tenders file, which you have. So each of those is perfectly right. You just should standardise it, said it so that you always put it into the same folder. So what you can do when you think that your structure isn't really working the way you want it to be, is that you do a little mind happened. I love to do that with Post its. In this case, I just took one picture of Creative Commons, which shows is very clearly, um so you could, for example, take all your branches and your sub branches off your structure on your computer as you have it right now and take each of this verdes onto one mind on Mom posted. And then you do a mind map, for example, on the flip chart or on an on a vital. And if they're more people using the computer, you, of course, should have a discussion, and you should do it together and so you can find new main branches and new sub branches, which fits better. I can't really give you a clear advice on this is the way it has to be, because this really highly depends on how your whole organisation is structured. But for example, for the main branches, you could, for example, the use a project file, and you could like file it by departments or by clients. And then you could use sub branches like, for example, the contact persons or the country's you work with or the years. So these are really just examples you have to find your way. It should be clear for you and everyone else who is using your computer is using your files . But it's really worth it to make it more clear and easier to find things and make one standard. And doing this, you have the same problem, like we already discussed with your email account that you can't do that in just one day. Usually, you don't find time to, like take one week off just to implement this new structure. So we can also have a quick fix here, which is like just the opposite way. You do it with your inbox like you have your main branches, your computer file with your company and you don't like it's The structure is a little bit confusing. You want to reorder it. So what you do, you just open a new file and call it company X icing new. And then you put the new or the structure there, but without any documents in it first. So it's just it's like a skeleton. It's just a man instruction, and now each time you have to file something, you will start finding it in a new structure and the same is with the emails. Any time you find time, quote often our half an hour an hour, you will go through your old files and bits by bits. You can arrange to bring them into the new files off course. As long as there are two possibilities where all your talk humans could be, it's a little bit awkward. It's not an ideal situation, but this way is the quickest fix off, really implementing a completely new structure without taking one week off. 6. Hack 3: To Dos Under Control: Okay, so now we have tip number three for your productivity, and this is about two DUIs to do. This is what we but comes to remind all the time what we have to do. We have to call people. We have to write emails and letters. We have to buy certain things we have toe. We have to check on things, all of that and this often just suddenly pops into a mind often when we I cannot really act upon it. And some people just try to keep it all in their heads, and it's and they're like juggling all these to do's in their hands. And this causes enormous stress because, but from from a brain science found out, this makes us feel as if we have to do it permanently. So very stressed. People are often not the busiest ones, but they're ones who have most in their head, just juggling it around all the time but never really doing it. So it's not a good way to keep everything in your mind. Also, your short term memory can't really have have a lot of content in it, so the best way is always to chop it down in some way, and today you can have. You can only do that on paper, but you can also have like EPS for it. But one very important thing about to do lists is that their infinite many people, I think that one day they will get a head off. Their to do isn't that they will have their check mark in the last bullet bullet point, and that from now on they are free. And this is just like some some fairy tale, some some urban legions or something like that, because people who think like that they think OK, now my life is still chaotic, but one day one day I will have everything check marked in my to do list, and then I will start really leading my life. And this is just something that keeps people from fulfilling their projects for years or even for a whole lifetime. So just be aware your to do's will never end as long as you live. It's like a symptom off living that you always will have to do so just keep that in mind and just really find time for important projects in between. Older two Duce and make them really important. More about that. I'm telling you in my time management course how you can find time for for your really important projects. So there are many different ways on how you can have a to do list. And of course, it can be very complicated if you want to. I want to show you the most simple system, the simplest system that I can think off. And this is the 22 lists principle and this works like that. So first you have one generalised and it can be like that. It can be a clipboard. It can be some note pad. It can, of course, also be an air Ponta MSA mobile device. Today you have lots of possibilities with that, and here you write down everything that crosses your mind as soon as it comes. So this is good about mobile devices because usually you have him mobile with you everywhere. This is 11 great point in having it mobile because you should really find this relief off, getting rid of it in the moment so that you can really can get it out off your brains and onto some list So you collecting everything on there? And then the second list is the daily list. So when you're planning your day, which should be either on the evening before or in the morning the first thing of the day, then you can look at your yellow list in this case at your general list. And you can think, Okay, what do I want to do today? And you just copy it from your generalist into your daily list and you cross it out on your generalist and then you really do it your accomplish all the tasks that he wanted to accomplish on that day? Just be aware if you are not completed. If if there is like Mom, pull it on three bullets that you couldn't complete that day, you have to copy it again to the daily list for the next day. Mobile devices often do that for you, so it just stays in the box. But you just have to be aware of it that you that there are some things that haven't been done yet. You could also use, like a little correction line like that, where you can, for example, mark very important tasks of a can can put some other notes. You can do that with the daily list if a swell if you want, and then some. Some more words about the daily list if you have to. Daily list. It's good to have a system like a four month where you have certain tasks always bundled together like, for example, all your all the years casual. All your schedule things like when you're have appointments to meet somebody or if you have some deadlines. This is very important to have two separately because thes air things that really have to be done at that day. So if your appointment and you can't see it because you have 22 DUIs and they all seem equally important to you, didn't it? It might happen that the person is waiting for you and you're not coming. So it's very important that you have a clear sight on what did but you really have to do today all the appointments you have. And then it's very good that you bundle tasks like, for example, when you have to form people that you don't only phone one person, but when you already have to phone in your hand and off, Obviously some some quiet room. And some time. Then you do all you told phone calls for today. Same with emails. Email all your important emails off one day. So, actually, when you when you copy from your general is to your daily list, you can already bundle it right there. And then there's all the other dark tasks. And like, for example, if you have some exclamation marks or something, you can. Or you can use numbers toe to rank them, which is the most important for you to do, and then second and third and so on. So that sets. This is the very simple system off keeping track of all your to do's getting them out off your brains onto some paper into some mobile device and making sure that you are that you know what you have to do and that you are not not missing anything out. And this is already a great help for you. Day planning 7. Hack 4: Calendar - How to Use it Properly: MCI's next. I want to talk about the use off calendars, calendars of one major productivity tool. But many people don't know how to use them properly. And and I'm sure that also, you have already seen calendars like this. There are sheets and pick trestle over the place, and it's just everything in there. And some people even think that this is a good way, like it's a little bit of a status symbol toe have a full calendar. And so some people think this makes them more important if they have lots off different stuff, all just popping out after calendars. But I think Calendar stood looked that way. Tell a lot about how it is in the people's praying. And, yeah, it's quite confusing. So I think you should lead a current very properly, because it helps a lot to manage your time. So the big first question always is. Do you want to have it like here in a written book in a diary? Or do you prefer to have a digital? I I have a digital for many years. I have it on my on a normal Google calendar, which comes for free with your Gmail account. You can also have to. Same servers are about the same service without look, and there are many other Kevin disease and the advantages. The reasons why I'm I switched to having an and digital calendar is First of all, you have an app, so you can also have it on your mobile and so you can make up appointments, although if you don't have your computer with your with you, then there's no you're raising, because often appointments get changed so you don't have to erase. You just can can put the appointment somewhere else. Then also, if you have regular things like things that are once a week, you there's only one entry, and you don't have to do like 15 entries for old courses or whatever you want to put all appointments you have. And another big advantage is that you can have several calendars. So, for example, you have your like your general calendar, and then you can also have a calendar for your family, for example, about like Children's scheduled your Children's appointments or your co workers, or are things like that? So this is why I chose to have a digital calendar And now I want to give you some some rules about what you should do and shouldn't do on your calendars. So, first of all, if you want to choose the few, I would always recommend to have a weekly few a tale If you would only be appropriate if you like, are some therapist and you you have appointments by by our. So then he would need a book. Very half all your appointments and a monthly for you is just too overwhelming. Of course, you should have some. You leave you somewhere. But that shouldn't be the thing that you're carrying around all the time. So the vehicle, if you in the week many things repeat every week. So you have certain appointments that just come once a week to assure fix. And so the weekly fuse always the best to have a good over few on what to do. And they're important. Many people put their toe dues into their calendars. So, like when they when they like, whether But I was talking about the to do list, they put them into the calendar, a calendar on their certain day. And this is really confusing because you just come tell what is just to do that you are planning to do or might want to do And what is a fixed appointment? And so you might it might happen to you that you, uh, have so many bullet points in your calendar on a certain day that you just oversee that you should be meeting some person at three o'clock and you forget about the person, So that's not a good thing. So I took those go into the Zulu Eastern, not into the calendar, into the calendar. You should only put appointments, and there were only three different kinds of appointments you put into the Kalinda. First, it's something that is at a specific time. So, for example, your meeting a person. So you put that down. The second is it's on a specific name. So that means, for example, on August 24th there has there is some deadline. You have to complete something or you have to phone a person on specifically that day, and then you don't put it at the times in a great but just all the way up there. You have space to put things that are just the relevant but not time relevant and never worry that it's so small. It just grows if you put more in than it's more space there. And the third time specific thing is information regarding a specific day. So, of course, that's birthdays and anniversaries. A special days or maybe also regarding some other person's around you, like your Children have a special sports event or your co overcome won't be another day. So you have to do some things that usually here she does things like that. Special day is regarding your branch, all that you can put here. So these are the only three things that should go into the calendar. And then it's really nice and clean. And you really see the time relevant things in your calendars only and one last point. Many people have problems on being punctually, so what often happens is that people see the appointment in the calendar. But then their subconscious just isn't aware that you also need some time to get somewhere and maybe to find a parking warden and toe. Asked the receptionist and things like that. So if you have problems being punctual him, just make sure that you not only put the entry off the appointment into your calendar, but also the calculated time to and back. So this way you you can make sure that you are not putting your appointments too close to each other and that you can get there on time. Yes, so these very some tips on how to use your calendar properly. 8. Hack 5: Notetaking Done Properly: Okay, so hack number five It's about no taking and some other notes. Actually, notes are like telephone numbers, names, all different kinds of numbers, like, for example, hex code for some color for your webpage you're just working with so notice everything that you just have to chop down in order not to forget. And what many people do they take notes on anything digging can just grab. So for example, 11 day or once didn't take like, a clipboard, and then they would take some index cards and then they would take some post its or some note pad or they're also Epsom mobile app some for your mobile devices to take notes. Or then they would even just grab a napkin and chopped everything. I'm there. And what happens with this is that when you want to find your nodes, you often don't remember where you put it. Also, where you carried in some different pockets of Checketts and everything is just if if it's hard for you to you remember it, Oh, yes, I'm sure I wrote it on the just don't know where this note is. So this is the problem. And so what I recommended to do is that you have one central tool. Only so is can, of course, be a mobile app. But it also can be like a note pad. I, for example, half a spiral notebook a five. And this is always next to my computer and any any working notes I have to write down. As I said, like any numbers that are need, like, for example, hex coat. All these are right down. And when I start a new notebook, I write down the date of the beginning off this notebook and when it's minutes done, when when I'm on the last page, I put down the finishing date and then off I off course, collect them and eso when I want to go back to some old notes because I remember that I had some important telephone number or some passport or whatever there. Then I can go back and can find it, and I could even, like, highlight it with a highlighter or put a little small posted like you used for books for for marking quotes. I can put them there to find it easier, easier and if I need more often information than there are other ways which are better. I will show you one of them in the next video, and this is all about taking notes for business reasons like it's just during your usual working process. I think that you just need because you can't don't want to remember it by heart. But of course, there are other kinds of nodes, which are all the ideas you have. I often have five years of new approach projects and on things that I want to start. And for that I have my ideas book. So this is a special book, an extra book, and mine is a four and there are no lines on it. It's actually a sketching books, or their paper is a little bit thicker. That's very nice. And I usually have felt pens everywhere because I'd like to write to, to draw actually with felt pens. So when I have some some new eight year and something I could do sometimes sometimes it's only the title or some some quick notes on what I could do than a write it down, and that would leave it enough space so that I can add things later on because This is exactly how our brains works. Our subconscious works that once there is something initiated in your brain, it's it develops, so there is no stop when you have a 90 year. This is also not some esoteric things. It's it's really about brain science. Found out that once you set in intention, once you set an idea is subconscious like scans all your memories, skins, everything that could be in Revere ins with it. So actually, it's a creativity process to just write down. Just make it somehow physical just went down your idea, and just in the background, your subconscious continues working on it. So if you have new ideas for that one, then you can just continue. And that's what I do. Usually ever could mind maps. So off my just write down the title and when there are more ideas coming at just at them. And so I don't put any any conscious effort on developing ICT years. But one day they are just reap enough to harvest them and to make a project out of the book or an online course, or maybe a seminar workshop or yeah, lots of other things people Qala mother ever. So this is just my advice on how toe take your notes so that you really have central places in order to find them and to develop your ideas. 9. Hack 6: Sticky Notes on your Computer: the case of ever already talking about no taking in the last lesson. And now in this video, I want to talk about the sticky notes that you can create on your computer. So we were talking about notes and that some are more important than others, or that you have to use the more frequently, like others like that would be, for example, your text number or maybe specific telephone numbers or your account number. Or maybe some links you need more often. Like, for example, I often it certain affiliate Ling's sister to a little bit of affiliate marketing. Also, and other things are off. Needs are, for example, key birds. So I'm building pages on a very regular basis of on YouTube, opened on my block and everywhere. And so I have a set Off Corp Ebert's that I would use for certain pages. And of course you can take all of these and also put them into some birth document. But you off course want to have Tim Digital because you just want to do copy and paste and some very nice and easy way to make it even more easy are the sticky notes, which come with the Windows program and that just want to show you how the work. So I attached him to my task bar. Then you saw the looking with just right mouse click. You can attach them or you can take them away from the task bar. So I have time attached and as soon as a click on them with my left mouth, they show and you see I have all different kinds off off them and easy. It's like account numbers and key Virts and just things like that. And if you want to open a newborn, just go here on the plus and you have a very nice little small, sticky notes. But you can make it bigger, like like you usually do, like under the edges or on the corners, and then you can write something on it. And important thing is that next time you open your your computer, it's all still there. So all these stay. And if you wanted to, when ish, then you just click somewhere else and they're gone. If you need them again, you just click on them again. Nothing. That's very nice. So asset, I'm using this for all different kinds of key vertes. I used for my text numbers for for my account numbers and things like that. So they're always very close, and I can go and copy and paste them very easily. 10. Hack 7: Checklists - Relieve Your Brains: okay, and the next check our checklists. Check number seven or checklists, because checklists really relieve your brains. I'm sure you know how it is when a plane is starting and the pilot and the copilot, they're checking on everything. And not only they are, but also the persons who are who are hearing who are checking on outside off the plane, who are putting in new patrol and screwing some screws and whatever they exactly do, I don't know. But they also have checklists. Same, for example, in hospitals. So everywhere where it's very critical that everything should work. You will always find checklists, but it's not that way that always lives have to depend on a good outcome that you have to use checklists. You can even use checklists, for example, for for easy things, like for holiday planning. So, um, how to get your visa? And if your passport is okay and what, what to put in Derry? All your packing list and everything. It's always great to have a checklist on that. So when should you use checklists? Jack ists are always there to help you that you don't have to think over the same thing again and again and again that don't have toe invent the real every time new. So once you have a good jackets, you just can rely on it. And usually you should use checklists. For example, when you, uh when when there's something new that you're not used to it, or also something that you two very often. So you are kind of pouring yourself and you have to take care that you really do everything and also if something goes over a certain time period so you won't set some standards that you want to meet, But then it takes very long time until it's finished. So you make sure that your meeting, all the things that you want wanted to do. So here's some examples on when to use checklists were really such packing this toe like planning your journey were to go or something like that. Then all kind of periodic events, like, for example, you have this one big event with your company once a year, and you have to make sure that everything is there. So like ordering the catering and some some evening program like a singer and maybe some guest speaker and renting some extra dishes or whatever it is him and the good thing about checklists. If you want to find out you forgot something. You just add it in the next time it won't happen to you again that you forget about the same thing, then all kinds of containers which should have a certain content. Like, for example, if you have some seminar suitcases, something with with all your seminar items in and then you use it having your seminar, your use old index card, so are there some felt pens which just don't come back or richer, which have dried out. And next time you go for a seminar, you have to make sure that everything is in there. Then, for example, like in case of emergency, what do you have to do like a phone list also like, What do you have to do when you leave a building over in the enter building? But do you have to do first or when you turn on your computer? If there is any any complicated things then, for example, was like topics off a workshop. When you have to STIs recurring workshop, would you really know by heart? But you have it on you have it very easy going. So you don't don't plan everything are you? Don't. It's not the same way every time. But there are certain topics that you really want to have have come through at the end of the day. So you just make sure, but by check this that you you have them all checked in the evening procedures, all kinds of procedures. For example, you're loading your advertisement on some webpage once a week, and this is quite complicated and you don't want to think over it each time again. So once you write it down procedures your from also can do in flow charts. But object lists even easier to write down. And, for example, big planning, not filming him pig planning like, for example, and move on with things that can be very urgent in the last minute. So you make sure that you're planning and hats and that you know what would want to do it and like turning off lights and quitting all the contracts and things like that so that you do everything on time. So these are just some examples, and that can really recommend you to do that. For example, me and my family, we have a big family meeting once a year, and, um, what happens there, for example, is that we are renting a place and its its old empty. So it's just a pain in the neck if you don't have sold. And if you don't have sugar or catch upper or anything like that. So it's great having one big packing list. And you can also share this packing this with the other people who have to bring it along. So you just say, OK, this is your part in This is my part. And so in this way you can make sure that everything is packed and you don't have to rack your brain every time. And I said, if you find out that something was for gotten, you just make sure it's on the on the checklist for the future. And of course you can do these checklists on a in a word document. You just start a new word document and you just call it like packing list. And then you say, like for first it's clothed and then you start, and you can, for example, use the old for that that you can put the check rather clean. And then you say, first it's pants and so on. If you if you don't like this round one, you can. You can also take some symbols here when you go for symbols, for example, Here we have to square toe ones White Square then used this and Nyssa T shirts. But it doesn't look too nice, I think. And yours, the country, the jackets. I want to show you one other option, and this is with Evernote. Ever load is a kind of a note taking a software, and it comes in the basic version. It comes for free. I only have two basic version, and but this is paid years. It's not really expensive any version you take and I just want to show you how to do that. So I'm looking into my account, and it has just changed its surface just some some weeks ago. So all that door just take a plus one, you note, and then I can hear. Now I can call it to your packing list, and then it opens like a sort of visit. Vic, Editor, They see you can even change the farm centre farm size as you make it bold and so on. So it's it's almost like invert. So now I called it picking this and now studies close again. And the nice thing is that you have check boxes here, so it just put one check proxy and recent depends First and second, those T shirts just to make you t shirts. And And the good thing about Evernote in comparison to comparison to word is that you now can check it and you can, of course, duplicated so that you have a list for each year. And the very good thing is that you can share it. So, as I said before, if if if there are several people involved, you can just Jared by many means and then people each of them can say I'm bringing this not bringing that Yeah, so that Waas bob checklists or make it easy for your brains don't have don't invented new every time. Just a few checklists and your brain is released 11. Hack 8: Notepad for Formatting and More: sir. Heck, number aids. And now I want to talk about text editors like the Microsoft Windows Note pad, and they have, like three big advantages. First of all, you can make small amendments toe hyperlinks and coats nip. Let's second. You can have more than one item in your clipboard in your between storage. And third, if you If you are bothering with some for mating issues, you can solve them with that, so I will show you one after the other. Okay, so a set that windows note bad comes for free with windows, but there are also other editors that you can get for free. But this is just a normal one from Windows, and so you can open it and it's like a document. But it's only text. It's a text documented, and it's completely on unformed. It'd you can also stories. As you can see, it's in German now, but it's the Samos. You have just just in German descent on with this, and you can store it, but you cannot edit anything, so there's no bold, no italic, no phones or something like that. It's un formative text. So first of all, I'm using it if I need more than one thing on my clipboard. So for the between storage. So, for example, 11 thing where always use it is when I'm uploading YouTube videos because, like with YouTube and you want to upload videos, you cannot kind off copy and paste or the whole information on the video. So what I often do is that I that I have a new course and then I take 3 to 5 sample lessons and upload them so the contents is very similar. This So what I want to do is that the just copy and paste it from the last one. But it's not only warm information, it's not only one box, but there are several places where I have to copy. So I need more than one item in a my between storage. And this is, for example, one way where I always used the editor. So I just go to my my account that I show you what I do. So this is my YouTube channel Mannion, YouTube channel and first of all, what one item are always need is here the general you Earl. So in order that people can subscribe to my channel, so I would need it every time. So it just copied once and put it into my editor. The second item I would need the description off. The videos are just to take any of my videos going there, and I have a description which is fairly long. So I just copy it and I put it into my editors will. So this is already Item number two, and I could go on like, for example, next would be maybe the title and the keyboards and things like that, and then I would would upload one video after the other. And I can always just take that from here, and it's like in between storage. But for more than one items, this is one use off it. Second, I might have just small amendments to make every time like, for example, the little change in the high polling or in the naming off something, or maybe, for example, there were programmers often use it is to overcome cold, sleepless. I'm I'm I'm not good in coding, but like I could change the size off. Often I frame or the size of a picture. Or maybe you want toe. You have a link and you want toe adjusted to be your affiliate links. So you want to put your affiliate, I d with it. It's great for that. So this is the second you. So if you if you want to take something and just make small amendments, you just put it here. You do. You're a man. Men's like, for example, if it would be here now instead off one, it would be 12. I can do that. Then I copied from here again. And it's a mandate the way I wanted to. And the third advantage, which is, I think, quite unique for the editor, because the other things is that you could do somebody else. Maybe, but it s set the editor. It's a known formatted text. So maybe you know the situation when you want to copy and paste something from here to there. And when you when you paste it in into the new box of ever into the new document, it looks funny. Like there's two spaces all the time or there. Yeah, anything other. Are there high buildings you you want don't want to have things like that and then some people start trying How toe how to change that? But often it's breaded to change it in the code, and maybe you don't know how to code. So it's It's just nasty when you have that. So the easiest thing that you can do is that you paste it into the editors. Let's say that was the text that was formatted and you paste it in here. And by pasting it in here, it loses all the former hitting, all the high pulling Zolder bolts and all the taps and everything that's in there. It's only plain text, and now you you just take it again and you copy it by by string. See a control CEO by him by copy here, and then you bring it into the a new document, and now it's completely un formative, and you won't have all these things that were bothering you. So this is also a great use of the editor. Yeah, this waas my video about editors in the hope it's great help for you. It's just a quick thing. And as I said, you can also he can always also safe it, safe your things. So if if you have some something that turned out to be off use for you several times, then just save it into your documents. 12. Hack 9: Passwords - How to Create and Manage them: So tip number nine in this media, We're going to talk about passwords You may be know how very unproductive it is that you can find your passport, that you have to order new ones and how messy this old can be when you just don't have any clue on how to manage your passwords. So in this video, I want to talk a little bit of how to create a secure passwords and how you can manage them properly. So what should a password look like, what to secure passwords? So first of all, I'm sure you already heard that one there should shouldn't be any connection to you, so it shouldn't be you name. It shouldn't be your date of birth and the same with your spouse and your Children shouldn't be a docks name. And, for example, if you have any hobbies like, for example, you like footballs and shouldn't be your most favorite footballer because even though you might think that thes informations, arm or more private, it just isn't the case. Because today you're spreading them on your social profiles and things like that. So it shouldn't be an easy guess. On what's your preferences and put your family's names and birthdates or came from that on . So this is quite obvious. But you always have to think. What would a robot do? It is usually it's not humans which attempt to crack your passwords. It's robots. And what do these robots to these robots just end of one mom thing after the other? So what makes it harder for them? The more complex, the whole thing isn't the longer it is, the more the more time a robot would need to find exactly your past one. So first of all, to start off with you shouldn't just use upper or lower case. You should mix them both next. You should also add numbers. And then you could also add special characters like like exclamation marks like Underscore , like an at sign like question marks, hyphens all different kinds of special characters you have. So these are the four main things upper case, lower case numbers and special characters, and if you mix them all, it makes it much harder. Really, really have will show you in a second much, much harder for robots to really crack your passport. One more thing, your password should also not have a meaning like this. Robots have their whole whole thinks Souris is in them. And so they, if they avert, has a meaning. And the longer it is, the easier it is to guess again, because then they can tell how the But the next letters would be how this world would continue. So what should you do in order to create a secure password and that will go from easiest to harder. So 11 very easy thing that you can still remember is that you use a whole sentence. But you I don't have any spaces in betweens. It's just one. It looks like one birds. And but you also use special characters. It could be just a sentence. Like my case, my name and turn an exclamation mark. So you have you have upper case of lower case. You have one special character, and and this makes it much harder because it doesn't have any meaning doesn't have any sense. And it's long and, uh and it has three out off the four things I mentioned before Upper case, lower case and special characters. And then you could, even at numbers, and you could for example, toe that by using lead speak leads because used for ciphering, and it's often used by gamers also. And what leads picked us. It's just it substitutes letters by numbers or special signs. That was just reading this article on Wikipedia on it. And so this is how Wikipedia would look like in Leeds. Speak so you can sort off still read it. But it looks different. Him or, for example, lead speak is also used for, um, just in order to to sneak around. Ah, spamming safety Softwares of example. This would be Viagra. This is I think it's a little bit harder to read because the ER is actually to science, but you can still read it if you want to offer. Maybe you want to guess this one. I give you some seconds of time, so if you haven't guessed it, it's absolute picking there. So this is leads big, and you can only substitute one letter. You can do all like there is no no specific defiantly speak. Some letters are substituted differently by different persons. Um, and but if you only substitute one single leather, it already makes a huge difference. And then you also have numbers in your password. So this was just Mary. Theoretically, I want to show you because I think this is really eye opening. If you have a lucrative. So I go to a webpage that just shows you how secure your password isn't. It's exactly what the name is, how secure is my passport, and here you can enter your password and just check if it's secure or not. And I prepared some and just to make sure that you can see it, because when I entered, you don't see it. I just wrote it down. And as you can see, I used the note pathum them Microsoft Old Path. So it's just this is just where it's really useful for. So first of all, many people use the positive possible. And now what this month is that paged us. It just checks her longer robot with how long it would take a robot toe. Crack your password and you see it is instantly so password is no good password. We already knew that before, didn't we? So let's take next on the next one. Is my name just in lower case the Internet and it's 300 microseconds. So not even a second. Forget it. And now I have my first letter in upper case. Let's see about that 10 milliseconds a little bit longer, but far below a minute. Now I have upper case, lower case, which is my name and just one number. Edit my kid one. And now it's already one second. It's still, you know, See, it's deeply red. It's still not recommended it all, but it's already one second now I always have an exclamation mark, and this change is it to seven minutes. So now we have all therefore for different varietals. I told you it's upper case, Lower case number and exclamation mark. It's like it's especially character now. I added another special character, one underscore, and this also changes. Thinks, um now we already have nine hours. It's still red. Still not the possibility should use. But now, Now I have a very simple sentence, which is just Mike is my name in the exclamation mark. And this change is it took 29 million years, so I shouldn't really care if a robot cracks my passport up after 29 million years. I guess so. See what the different that makes it's just a short sentence even while I can really remember very easily. And now I also at the lead speak and it's just 11 substitution. It's just e substituted by a number three and then see what this makes from 29 to 204 million years. So you could say almost 10 times even more just that I also added some numbers. So you see this really a huge difference here. So this is just to show you how important it is to have a big variety, big complexity of different characters and also length a good length off your password. But then many people invent one major password once, and then they never switch it. What you shouldn't do. I'm sure you know that. But many people have it that way. So, for example, if I would go with my my case, my name exclamation mark all the time, this is my passport. And now I want to enroll some bearer and I have to invent a new passport, and they say they want to have numbers in it, that I don't have numbers in it. So now I have to create a new password. And so what I would recommend you to do is that you have a passport generator. Generate your passport. All you have to do is just go to Google and say, passports generate Um, and he would go on. There's a password generator right away. So there's lots of I just take this one here. It's not German, but I think that's not a problem. So I killed either take preset possible routes and just say how many signs I want to have. Like for example, I said 10 times and the reason it chosen Germany's just because Because this is what my computers is that I speak German. Even you will have it shown in your language. And now I just interest number of possible It's AIDS, and that's just degenerate. And I generates eight passwords, and I found out if I put them in, how secure is my passport? They are nerds that secure. If I put it here, just take one. They are not even greater. Usually it's even red. You see, it takes at eight month them, usually the showing orange, so this password generator doesn't really generate the best passports. If I use it that way, but you can also customize it. This is this means been also definite means customizable. And now I can say first sign should be like, for example, uppercase letter. Then the next signs I want to have special science included. I want to have numbers included and then I can define the last time. And then I can again say the length. So if I said 10 signs again, that's a suit before. And I have eight generate age passports. Now they're generated and now look to look very different. Look, almost like in a comic when somebody is very angry and I'll just take the 1st 1 and put it into the repechage cam. No, it's still only orange. So you see, my sentences are even better, but I think 53 years states Yeah, okay, I don't know if I care. Somebody cracks my passport in 53 years. We can just have one more try, and we just say it's not 12 times, but it's not 10 but well, for example, and generate new passports now, another two to teach. It's more to science, more lips, and I'll just copy one and Let's see what's the difference and see the difference between 10 and 12 digits. Okay, it's 485,000 years, but it's still orange. So I think Green starts only when it's about millions of years, but I think that's really fine. That's really okay. So this is the way you can create new passwords and you can just test your past. What's here on how security, my password and the last thing I want to show you is how to manage passwords on their For example, we can use last past. This is 11 password manager. You go last past come and you can download it for free to sit in chairman, but you will be shown it in English. It just download it for free. There is a pro version that you can also use on your Mobil's, and if you download it, first of all, it asks you for major password, and you have to be sure that this major pass what is a good one, because with this major past what you will access all the other passports, so just make sure this one is a really good one. So you're enter an email. So you enter your master password twice and then you can open an account and then you are in there, so and then you could have a tour. That's not really very special. So you can just skip it. And now you will see all your passports and you can add new ones. You can just add like new websites and you can enter it like this. This is one way to enter your passports and the other way. Yes, you have. Here this little I come and each time you are entering a new passport last past will now ask you if you want to have it on last process. Well, so this is one big advantage. Another advantage is that you that you can share passwords, But of course, because is who to share, what with? So this is another advantage of last path and then off course. One other advantage is that when you have more than one device is like, for example, you want toe, have to pass what's also on your ipad. Then you can you can just open last pass on your ipad and you will have all your passports as well. Just be careful there to open last past. You shouldn't tweet on public. Computers are devices of people you don't know. So just make sure that this last personal really have all your passports with it. I hope you enjoy this lessons, listening passports and make you more careful and more of air off what passwords are and what a good one is. 13. Hack 10: Shortcuts in MS Office: So we are already at number 10 and in number 10 I want to show you how to use to short cuts off Emma's office. There are, like with many programs, they're usually more than one way to do things. And the short cuts are mainly the shortest way usually, and so it's really efficient. If you know the most common short cuts for your M s office program. Like, for example, birds. So many of the short cards go with the control eso you have tow press, the control key and another letter. There was a more complicated shortcuts, also including three different keys at the same time. But I show you the most common ones and they are only just control plus one extra letter, and I will show you what this does. So three off the most common ones are control C, which is for copy Control X, which is for cut and control. We, which is for paste, and I will show you about this. That's just in case you don't know it. It might might be that you know that all, but maybe you don't use the shortcuts, but I'll just joi Ito half a little where it's document here. I just have to lure him. Ipsum. So it's just dummy text just to show you. So like I could always like. If a mark, those 1st 2 lines, I could always all right, click my mouth and it would say Copy Here it's in German but it says Copy, It's the same with you whatever language you have. And then I could copy it, but I can. The same happens when I use control and see. And you won't see it now because all it does is that it that it clips it to my clipboard that it goes into the between storage. So there's nothing to say they see yet. But now, if ago here with my mouth and they say control, we it goes there. So I actually duplicated it. And now we have these two lines here and then the same that we have him down there. So this is what it does. It's the same, like when you do it with the right mouse click. Just let's go back. Let's undo it. And now I market again. But this time I don't say copy. See a control? See, I say control X and now it capped it out. You see, Now it's gone, and now I can against a control V and pull the tear pasted here. But the difference to whether did before is that now I cut it out. Now it's not there any longer. In the first time I duplicated it. So these are very important shortcuts that you will need very often. Let's go ahead. Let's see what else we got. Very important is also control A which is which sense for market all noble Surely that as well. So when I say control and a it would just mark the whole document And then I can execute whatever warm to the whole document. But sometimes you don't want to mark the whole Documenta. Also want to show you something else I click somewhere else standing. The marking is gone. I want to show you if it just double click on that savored Choose to here then a marked the whole birds. And if I click three times 123 then I mark a whole paragraph. So once again, if a double click here, I'm Mark one over it. And if it triple click triple click. Then I'm Mark a whole paragraph and also one more. Think about marking like when you work with pictures. For example, was when you just want to open your explorer I was showing in the Explorer, but many people don't know. I always see is if I want to open a document If even the to print it or whatever I usually would market like go here ago here. Okay, here. But if I need more than one, what do I do? I just keep this that the control key pressed. So like, for example, I marked this one and not pressed the control key and Norma call. So that's one in the market, that one in the mock turtle. So have my selection Dumb on. If it turns out that one was wrong, they're not just market again and by this idea selected. So this is if you want to pick certain documents than you do it that way. And if you use Chief, it's just like from two. So, for example, a marked this for an hour press shift on the go here on the tomato. Then I say from this office worker up to until the tomato I wanted all marked a Do it once again a click somewhere else. So I click here on this pile. Then I say shift and then click on the last one. And so I have time All marked. So the shift is from to. And if I If I use the control key, then it's a specific collection like this and that and that, for example. So this abouts marking what's the next key saw then we have control P ISS for printing control. O is for opening and control s is for saving. I show you that, sir back. So I say control P and it would go to my printer. I say control. Oh, ended open system means open under Goto Control s and it saves to say safe in German. And then the last one I wanted to show you is control F friend. I like this one. They use it very often And it's not only in in office in the EMAS office buttonhole windows . If if I use control F, it would open a surge, a search field and I could take any any bird like, for example or m if I take Laura and copy it and put it in here. I can search for the word Santorum, and now it tells me I have 14 times. Laura Amanda chose me. Exactly. Verities So, for example, also, if you want to read a documentary, if you want to edit a document and you're looking for a certain bird, it's very easy to use this string F. So these are the most common office shortcuts, their arm. Or but if you use them, it will save a lot of time, because just you don't have to go around with the mouse. That much saves you a lot of ways with the balls, and if you want to, Nome or there are off course more. But if you really apply them all instead off having a right mouse kick, sometimes it's the same time. But if you're not right there, then it just just takes more time to have her mouse right click ins and the control Short cuts adjust faster, and, yeah, once you know them, it's really easy to also apply them. So have fun with that one 14. Hack 11: Browser Shortcuts: Okay, here we go. Now we have productivity. Dehecq number 11. And in this video, I want to talk to you about browsers and how how you can use them mawr efficiently like, for example, having shortcuts and will also show you some other tips and tricks. So that's jumped right into. I'm showing you everything on Google Chrome, but it's about the same. If he was Mattila, Firefox or Internet Explorer or something else, there might be slight differences, but a school chrome is the most common brow. So I decided to show everything there and a sissy left some taps open. My my son always says, Mom, you should close all your tops. I never really do. But now I did it on purpose just to show you a little bit. And first of all, that will show you some little things that you can dio about your tops. So first of all, you can pee in them. So I didn't switch to English because I think that's not not we don't have to add just show you here. If I, for example, want to pin this one here just right, mouse, click it. And here it's thistle pin top. So in in digital SAPIEN top and that just do that. And then you see, there is only this little icon. It's very small now, but you have it all their in front, and so it's pinned there. And if you do that with more than one, it's just more space. And you will have access to the most frequently ones, as you see there only small pins. And if if you're setting, it's like that that that when reopening your browser, all the open tops will be open. Then you can just leave it that way if you want to, just until that the same way. Okay, so this is number one. I wanted to show you. Another thing you can do with your right mouse click is that you can mute it. Yes, sometimes you there's something noise starting from new computer, and you don't know where it comes from. You can allocate the top because on the top that is talking, you will see this little loudspeaker. But sometimes there is some video players all the way down on some on some long webpage, and maybe the situation isn't too nice because you're sitting in some waiting room or in public transport or at the office where you should conserve the nets or something like that . So just to make it quick, you just find out which which of the taps is talking. And then you just right click it and it says, Mute top and you just muted and easy. There's this little loud stick speaker with an excess. So this means that this top is muted. There is no sounds coming from that sense you can deep muted, just the same way you just undo that. So this is one thing. Then I was wanted to show you that you can wander around with your top. Some people don't know that. So you just take it. And if you think it should rather go there than you, just leave it there or if you want to go there, it just goes there. So this is also one tip on what you can do about your tops, and then sometimes you want to open a new window, and you can do that very easily. Also again, just taking it with your mouse and you drag this one out and then it opens in a new window you see here in others, the other tops are not there because we have to windows open. And you can also undo that. You just take it again and you bring it to the edge. And you see so these are just some things that you can do with your tops. And then I want to show you some short cuts again and again. Most of the short cards go with the control. So, for example, control T would mean you open a new top and control W is that you close the tap to most recently opens, actually, and control age means that you showed the history. So the last tops you have opened that start off with this tree. Okay, The first you said control team. And as you see, there's now a new top opens. And when I use control, W I closed the most recently tops and ice come again and control age says that the showed a history and now I see which tops I had opened recently. You can't could do the same when you just go here, which is the which is for chrome and said it looks a little bit different with Firefox or Internet Explorer, but most of the functions are the same, so you can go here and you can do several of these steps as well. Here and here it says History and there You could also show the history, but you can as well just say control H. Let's close it again. Then mixed control end is open. A new window control and chief to empty is reopened. Most recent stop and control shifted. And is that? Open the incognito window, and if you don't know what that is, I will show you in a minute. So let's do these free So control and opens a new window. We already handled before, so navigated a different way. Be opened a new window. You see, we have to mean those open now. So then we had control shift anti and thesis reopens the last. The recently closed tap. So as this recently killed tap was just the Google search. There is not very thrilling, but it's just it's that way, and the next I said this control shift and then and this is for the incognito mode. Just be aware. This is only four chrome in Mattila Firefox, for example, it's control, shift and P. So, as I said, some things just like the different. But most of the off the short cuts are the same. So and now what is staying cocky? The mode, If you don't know it, it's also called to poor moat because, first of all, it doesn't show a history. And so, if you if you want to look at something in the Internet and you don't want anybody toe, be able to investigate on that this is the right window to use because there is no history . So but I'm not using it for that. Actually, what else can you do when you visit a page in the Internet, you load a little bit of information onto your computer. So this is that your computer remembers the cookies and in some more information. So and what? What companies, for example, want with that with leaving something on your page is that they can tell if you have been here before and just watch your whole comes human behavior. So, for example, they would feel pages that when you visit him the second time, they don't look exactly the same as us when you visit them the first time. So I'm sure you you know that for example, Amazon shows, watches your behavior you consumer behavior and shows you specific things according to your former consumer behavior. So if you there always looking for fishing books off on eating books or whatever over cooking books, Emerson knows that you're into that, and they will show you more thes and less off other things on. And when you use the incorporated mode, there is no information off you on it, so you're using it like more neutral. So it's not showing your preferences and your former consumer behavior. But it's just showing a neutral thing that sometimes good, for example, if I want to see. But you do meet would my vote you did me, for example, I would suggest me on courses, not depending on my former behavior and talking a few meters something else when I usually used in company the mold, Um, I'm building a lot of courses, so I'm usually always locked in, and when I'm locked in and looking at my own courses, I can only see them from inside. It looks like the view off someone who has bought it, but I cannot look from the outside like from someone who hasn't voted yet. I would have to look out and then look in again. And so it's often easier to just take this course linked to the incognito mode. And then it looks like somebody who isn't locked in. So this is often the faster way, and it it chose me the more neutral way. So this is mother I used incognito mode for and a set you can. Of course, you can do it like this is, well, women. When I say here, you can say open and incognito window. I could toe like that, but I can also say string shift and then So this is the incognito window, and that's close it again. And one more or two more, actually, three more shortcuts. I want to show you, which I use very often on Windows that's just control and plus, and you see it in largest a few larger and larger and larger. When do we use that? Of course, every every time something is printed too small or like do a lot of coaching on Skype, and I'm often sharing the screen with my clients, and their shared screen has a small a few, So I often a large my my fuel so that they see better send in the opposite. If you go control and minors, you can diminish it. And when do I use that when I have want to see more on one page, Maybe I want to do. Is green shorter? Maybe I just want to have a better over a few, and then I just use control and miners. And then, if I'm not sure, but what the actual size should be, I just go string and Sarah in 10. It's the normal size again. So okay lets at those control. Plus is a large few control miners is decreased. Few and control zero I don't have it here would be just toe the normal few again, then the dumped in the standard size. So this waas some tips on how to use your browser more efficiently, and I hope you enjoyed it. See you again in the next year 15. Hack 12: Bookmarks - How to Set and Manage them: some number 12 off our 13 productivity hacks. It's about bookmarks. You can set bookmarks in your browser, and I will show you how to do that and how to manage them best. So let's go there as said, I'm using Google Chrome, but it won't look much differently if you, for example, use Mattila Fire FEC Fox. It has the same functions. And so, first of all, if you don't have any bookmarks yet, you have to go here. This is for organizing your Google. Chrome said things, and it says bookmarks and I can say show bookmarks. And now I've enabled the system to do that. And, um, brother bookmarks four bookmarks adjust that you can have quick access to your most important pages. You frequent most frequently used pages on all you have to do. Want to set The bookmark is that you used this star here. So, for example, what page do we take? I have some taps open just to show you So, for example, this would be my with your launch. And if if if it would be someone else's video launch, I just go to the star and then you say it asks me how I want to call it to give you the name. Just say video Lounge and I could have a file system were to file it. But I will show you in a different way. So now I just I just save it And you see, now you have this video launch here. Let's do another one. For example, my Topol to my time management and that just put I just like to start here and I just call it talker. This is the brand name and I save it. Now we have talking to Let's make 1/3 1 This is the door of gypsum thesis, Tommy text which I was quite frequently for some for whatever advertisements where I don't have to text yet And I just want to show how it looks having a text in there so star and it's just call it Laura MIPs time without the rest and safe and see now Now I have three different bookmark sets already. But as you can see me the most frequent pages, there is only space this along to spar for maybe 12 or 15 different bookmarks if you use it the way I'm just enjoying it. So I want to show you how to organize that, how to manage it the best. So first of all, you would start off on the left side with your very most frequent. You frequently used ones like your banking, your accounting thing, and you may be your own webpage or where patrons you're just visiting on a daily basis. And then to the right, you would have the less and less frequent ones. So about the most frequent ones you usually know this little this little graphics little sign which is called Febi Calm. It's what you see up there s well, it's like a little I come that this usually the corporate design and so you can if you know these companies, you just know how it looks. So in order to save some space, you can do the following like you write collective and you say it and then you could just erase the name. Just delete it and say, If it again And now you only have to I can hear you only have to favor Come here, nothing else. So this saves a lot of space. Let's do it again and it deletes the title and safe. So you can of course, only do that with pages where you know how the icon looks like. Let's say the third time at it Deletes the title and safe. So, see, now you saved a lot of space and it has still the same function. And so just to show you once, if I go here on my total tool, I just left Click it, then I get right to the page. Let's go back. Left click This'll Orem Ipsum and I just go get to this page. So this is what bookmarks are are for for a very quick access, But something else you can do, you can have holed up humans hell hole files. So, for example, right click and then I could say started file and that can they emit anyway, So it could, for example, name it office in the Save it. And now I have to file called office, and that could put these in there. So I just put them in there, and so you can also organize it that way. So now I only have one document. It's called office, and it has those in there. So this is even. This is also something how to to have more space here and to get more onto your bookmarks. A bar here. So this is one possibility. So, as I said, you would start off with the most frequent ones might be your office, and you could either have it Singley there or you have it in one on file, neatly structured and then to the less and less frequent, go more to the right. So sometimes you just stumble upon interesting webpages. And if you're a committed burger like I am, then you don't just start surfing on you. Page is taking you somewhere, but not never finishing your actual project. You just want to finish, but of course you want to remember it. So let's say, for example, here, my video lounge I showed you before. That's eight someone else's video lounge, and I just stumbled over it, and I don't want to stop my workflow, but I don't want to forget about this page because I think this video's might be interesting. Number might want toe watch them later on. So what you can do, you can just bookmark them. Just put it on the bar melt into the office file, and now it's here. And so this is a fight to make sure that you did. You still have it, and you don't have to watch it right now. So you could, like, have, like, I have this office file here. You could have a file off, Um, interesting things or whatever. I want to show you another way, the way I'm actually doing this. So the book marking power is just for the most frequently used Web sites for me. And like when I the mother just told you when I stumble over an interesting page Rare, I think. Okay, I don't want toe completely forget about it, but I don't know yet. If it will be interesting for me at any point that just want to remember it somehow. Then I usually use Evernote ever noticed Note taking software lovers already talking about it earlier and ever notice a clipping service. And this is quite nice. So this this elephant here is my Evernote clipping. So if it just click on the Evernote, it offers me toe to save this page. And I there have different options. And on what exactly? I want to say, But usually I just saved a whole article, so just stay safe. And when it saved, I can also share it. So I have to possibility to share it in many different ways and all different kinds of social platforms. And I just want to show you how that looks when I'm in my Evernote account, okay? And this is how it looks from the inside of my heaven on account and ever noticed. Mainly Justin Note taking manager A software and s has already said it's for free in the basic version. And you see here now they're meant my latest note. My most recent note is exactly this clipping. As you can see, most of my notes are clippings. I are almost only used evident for my clippings. So these are all pages. That seems interesting to me. I made a quick clipping, and, um and sometimes I sort them a little bit. And of course, I throw some off them away. But this way I can remember things that are important. Or that might be important to me. One day without any interference without any interruption off my usual workflow. I have time here. I have time safe. And I think having this little like this dismayed a description and the pictures is nicer than just having Ah, hyperlinks, which don't tell you a lot after a while. So if I want to go on the page, you can just go here and I just go there and I'm on the page. Same Of course, with any other. Like here, for example, That's an inverse articular like so just go to universe and deceit here. Okay, So this is about bookmarks, as as a scented my my most frequent their pages I store here and for extra clippings, off pages, which I don't know yet if they will ever be of any interest for me, which I just don't want to forget. I usually used Evernote clipping, which is for free. But you could as well, of course, use your pick bookmarks bar for that, This will 16. Hack 13: Google Search - How to get Better Results: Okay, here he goes. And now we arrived at Productivity Hack number 13 and with number 30 Norman, to show you how toe improve your Google search, how to get better results. And I will just tell you some quick tricks and maybe some other things that you don't know about how to search on Google in case let's first start off with some more general tips on how to search on Google. And first of all, phrases or even whole sentences are better than just avert or two because then Google can give you more specific daughter and everything you put in there. It's not case sensitive, so it doesn't matter if its upper lower case and Google just doesn't read any special characters. So you don't have to put any question marks or things like that. And usually the way you can ask is either problem orientated or solution orientated and you phrase good sentence. Always considered that there have been people before asking for the same there. You're never the first on Google. Someone has asked the same question, and always just ask yourself, How would I put the question most Most understandably, what would people say if they would just talk in a normal conversation. What? How would they asked, What would they say? Okay, now here we are. It's Google and it doesn't matter if you put your start in here or if you put it up there, it's the same. So let's say, for example, your washing machine is broken, and if you just ask for washing machines, then you will find more like all first when you once and you won't find that many information on what you could do to fix it. So this is not a very specific search. Better is to say, like, for example, my a washing machine, thus not speeding, for example. It's already there. So if you ask that my washing machine doesn't spin, then you have better results. And you see there are also some YouTube videos. YouTube belongs to Google's. Google always prefers putting some YouTube videos on that. You see, it's all on how to fix. So either you could say I say negative where way, too, like it doesn't work or like that you say how to fix or how to repair or how to do that in dead. So these are the These are the two possibilities, and you see it's all like longer Fraser's or even whole sentences. Of course, it doesn't make any sense to put extroverts in there. They're not necessary, like my washing machine who was given to me by my husband at our 15th wedding anniversary. Nobody cares about that. And then you can improve your your Google search by using operate. So these so called operators are specific characters you put in or even specific words you would put in like. For example, if you paraphrase a whole title or a whole name, then Google only searches for it in just disorder like, for example, often it happens when you're searching for names like You Have a Crease, Thompson. And then the search would not the only show Chris Thompson's. But it will also show, like Chris Peters and Mary Thompson, for example, so it's just rips it apart and only shows you're part of it. And in order to not make that happen, you paraphrase it. And so Google knows that it has to be together the same with title. So if you're searching for titles of movies or books or something like that, it's always been. A soon as you paraphrase it, it knows that it has to stay together. And sometimes you're looking for title. So for quotes or some some other things and you just don't know all the wording and then you can just put in X tricks for which substitutes one birth with several birds that you don't know. So let's just look at this for a second, so let's just look for Chris, Thompson said. I'm sure there are some Chris Thompson's here. All this one is a nice looking guy. Okay, they're awesome. But the Michael would like, for example, on Page seven. Then I have, for example, the Thompson Quartet. There's no crease in it. He is a Christopher Thompson C. P. Thompson's. So you see, it's not the whole phrase. It's not that Chris Thompson I was looking for. So you have to paraphrase it to make sure that Google knows that you're only looking for Chris Thompson. Whoever disease. Okay, so this is the first that I said, OK, if you don't know the whole phrase, then you just can use an Asterix. I come get no. And what were the stone singing? I don't know it's already showing here, so it's only I can't get no satisfaction. There's nothing else I come get. It seems OK, so this is just it substitutes everything that comes after. I can't let's go on. So what else can we do? You can use the operators end and the operator or so like. For example, if I'm looking for recipes and I want to cook something with onions and tomatoes, then I could could just use the operator. And so the onions and tomatoes, just like like a phrase. And if I want to either cook with onions or two main test and I would use the or so this is very obvious. I think I can't and I can. For exclusions, I can take the miners. So, for example, I could say I'm looking for Greek islands but score full and then I just make miners core for and so it excludes. Corporal, it doesn't work with its. I think it's a still shown from, but I but I found out, but still you can exclude things. Then you can ask for a certain file types. So, for example, you can say that you just want to look for a P D EFS. Pdf's concerning a certain page or pdf's concerning a certain search words. Or you can also say you only want to see certain sites like, for example, Facebook. Let's go for those, too. So let's say, for example, e. M 22 2016. And I say filed time Pdf and you see him. It's showing chairman pages as I'm my native language is German, but you see it showing Pdf So me, I could, of course, also say, like J pic. And now you see the initials J Picks. So this is file type of that. I think that you can ask for certain Sipes sites, like when I look for my own home if I just look for my name. There are lots of search results, as I'm very we are writing lots of blocks and have a lot of social profiles. But if I say site facebook dot com, it suddenly only shows things that on Facebook can see. It's only Facebook now, so this is about the sites then you could also see like related related means that they there some home related toe aside bullets, for example, say related Let's just take my side and then it shows, Side said. Or somehow related to mine. From what I see here, it's mostly my clients. So the relation is not that they are like offering the same offers. I do. But most of them are coaching clients, so most of them are related by being my clients and one last one, I want to show you these define 70 fine means that it's like a lexicon. And if estate defying quantum physics, I will find lots off definitions off off quantum physics, I guess. And it's just a rounded up once more so we said whole phrases. It's not case sensitive, different. It doesn't greet any special characters you can search for Problems offer solutions. Just think for the other people. How other people would phrase it toe in orderto find similar phrases. Um, if you want to have exactly that phrase, if it has to be just exactly that verdict because it's a specific name or a specific titled and you paraphrase it if you don't know all the words of a quote, for example, and you use an Asterix, Um, if you want toe have combinations off either both or either or then you use the operators end and or if you want to exclude certain things, like, for example, you're looking for Jaguar, but not the car. You're looking for the real one. Then you could say minors. Then, if you're searching for certain file types, you could just say page X, my sea or surgery X, my C and then file type. They will only be shown certain file types if you only look up at certain sites. So, for example, Facebook Or maybe you just want to see my you Timmy courses of something like that so you can search for certain super sites and you can also work within exclusions. Here you could see like miners file type pdf minor side Facebook. So you could say I want to see everything bad that so also there you can exclude. Then you can find related pages with related and will define. You can find definitions. So this is several things that really help you toe enhance your Google search, and I want to show you some some other things. Some things Googled us and Google nose. And maybe you don't know that Google can do that. So let's go for that. So this is already the Google definition here and go with us much more. You can ask over questions. It's almost like an oracle. It will answer you. So, for example, I could say $100 in euros. And here comes Theon, sir, I could say 17 inches in centimeters and again, the Google answer I could see want is the time right now and it's is 18 35. I could say What is the time in Japan? And it will answer our It's already tomorrow in Japan. It's 1 35 I could ask, um, 17% off eight times of 97 and Google will answer. It's a 17% off. 8897 is 152.49. I could say 45,000 seconds in our senses minutes and it's this. It's 12.5 2.5 hours. So Google is really clever, and that can also ask for words like apple is Millo. So if you want to know my mother tongue for this apple in German up friend. Okay, so you see, Google knows a lot. You can ask almost everything and it answers for you. And one more thing I want to show you is that the U yeah, we're not just using this first top. You have Mawr tops like you can have a more specific surged that you say only within a certain time. Or, um, it's not in English. But in my chairman version, I could also also say what languages I want to pick. And then the images is a great thing to. So if you you can ask for any images. Now we have apple and German sales that just apples and German. But, for example, if ical for cats there are more apple pies than apples here. Okay, so you have all different kinds of cats, some cute, wants some. Oh, danger was one some funny ones. And this one is nice. I don't know if this is still a cat. Okay, so you see all different kinds of cats and you can even select them by. You have more the conservative for size, not the cat size, but but image size. You can pick them by certain color, or you can even say certain type. Like for example, you only want to have animated cats. They are not animated in here, but they are old gifts. So I I think they will somehow move than, of course, when they when they were uploaded and then one mawr. Interesting thing is the usage rights and labored for reuse with modification. So this would mean that you could use thumb. You're allowed to use them, but still, you have to be a little bit careful because it's still not completely free. It's These are called the Creative Commons, and I just want to show you. So, for example, the chairman I didn't find the same in the English Wikipedia in the German Wikipedia. Is he all different kinds off icons for creative comments and only the 1st 1 the CC zero, are really completely free. All the rest you are allowed to use, but only under certain conditions. And this means mainly that you have to name the name off the crater. So Creative Commons doesn't doesn't automatically mean that it's completely free and that you can do whatever you want. So I recommend that you rather if you don't want to have any any law issues, you'd rather take one off these pages where you have the Yeah, they have stock pictures completely for a free, for example, picks up bodies one. So if you look at the picks up A, it's free. So it means you don't have to pay and you don't have toe care for any licenses as it is all complete. His easy. Oh, this means that you really can take it without naming the greater and stuff like that. So to be on the safe side, you should rather take these, but still a laugh looking at the pictures because, you know, I do a lot of thumbnails and things like that, and often this gives me ideas on are on what the picture should look like. So it just often searched just for the word that I need. Like, for example, productivity would be for this course that's do it proved activity. And then I just get a 90 year, Um, okay, but like this, for example, I get an idea on what stock images I could use. What what could be good scenarios to use their They don't really did many, as I hoped for, but still we're still in the Creative Commons. That's the reason why there so little if I'm not feel during them, See there is much more. But most of them you have to buy. It's that there's lots on productivity is nice, for example, and then you can just click on the picture on. And sometimes it's it's already pages that just sell stock images sometimes that they should name it where they have to picture from. Sometimes you you will find it somewhere s So this is the way to get ideas and maybe also to buy some pictures if you want toe. But it's always a great source, I think. And one last thing I want to show you is school maps. And they really like Google Maps. Now, Google Maps is looking for productivity on productivity's home is in. What's this? Indiana? I think United States. Okay, this is their productivity lifts. Okay. No, um, I have my places stores and, like, for example, my home place, which is in Vienna, and I can now plan routes. I can where I want to go. Like, for example, if I want to go from here not to Innsbruck, I just put it in here. And Google tells me that I it on the a bomb highway. It will take me almost five hours in its 507 kilometers, and if I want to take another route, it's longer. I can have two more printed, so this will people car. But I could also switch like if our prefer to walk there, it would be 94 hours. I feel like I want to go on public transport. This is whether off amusement ago toe foreign towns that I just pick up my public rift literally transports than you can find it. That claim I can also fly if I want to. It's always this is very look for 20 when our gold someplace and I want to know how long it takes me and I'm which way to go best And one more thing I want to show. Just go back to my home place. Maybe you heard a lot about Google maps, but maybe you have never seen it, so I just want to show you where I live. So this is just a road map. It's on the supper, Sophie Anna, and now you can see that I live quite in the grains. There's lots of fields around. And actually, this is the whole status 81. So this is not exactly my house. My house is more over there. But let's zoom in there and it's really crazy what you see, some just zooming and, um, trees look a little bit like letters. So and now I see exactly my house and even my car. It's crazy. It's not completely new because this forest isn't there anymore. So this they have removed it in January because to start building something there, So it's not exactly completely new. But I guess it's not to all. And now you see this is we in? Ah, you see the suburbs? Here's the Danube. We could get there. Now we're approaching the moon. Now you see whole Vienna and I think that's really crazy. That's really great. So this was it on Google and what you can do toe search on Google. And this is also the end of my 13 hacks, and I hope you really enjoyed them. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. And if you're interested in more of my programs, you will find other programs as well of me And you will also find the pdf with all the resources. Yeah. So it's time for me to say bye bye, and I hope you enjoyed it. 17. Skillshare Projekt 13 Hacks: congratulations. You have made it to the end off this course, and I hope you have enjoyed it and that there is a lot you can take with you. And, yeah, there's some final information I want to give to you. First of all, at skill, share this rating system with thumbs up and thumbs down. So I want to invite you to review this course in the hope it will be a guess. You find this part just above your video and when you juice when you picked the yes, the following happens, there's a pop up that looks like that, and you see there's three Yes, marked already. You also have the opportunity to give give it, give you rating specifics, like to tell me by exactly you liked it and not only tell me, but it because it's a public review. So you can tell everyone who is in the course of maybe just wants to decide to get into the course. And you also have the opportunity to give me private information if you want, and then you just click submit. So I invite you to do that and further on you have the possibility to share the course. Underneath the video, you find this the share button, and there is the same. You can always leave a review here and there. Some more settings here. And if you click on this share button, there's also pop up and what you can do. You can share it with your friends if you liked your course. And if you think of somebody specific that what maybe half a great advantage of watching my course. Just go for it and inform your people at the same time you're sending a link that to get the premium for just 99 cents for three months, and if the joint the premium program, you will get one month off premium for free. I think this is a great deal, and so you can send them for email. Or you can just take the link and put it wherever you want to. You can share on Facebook or on Twitter, and the last information I want to give you is that skill share is very project orientated to each course. Has a little project toe make you actively do the things that just learned so that you really can adopt them right away. So under your video, you you will find this bar and the communities all the sharing Zolder all the off a book people are saying about the course. The ballot is about the course, all the information and he in the middle. You have your pro checks and old projects. And if you click on your project, you will find the project description and you will find out what exactly assignment for the course is. And underneath you have to possibility toe load up your project if you want to, child. And ah, here, with all projects, you can find old project that half have been sent in so far, so you can see what other people have done. And now I want to invite you to join the project of Discourse. So here we are, in the course area, and you see, here is your project and old projects. And if you click on your project, you see my assignment. But I tell you, and it is that you yourself create an inbox zero as I'm telling you and Hank number one and I've uploaded my own inbox just to show you what I want to have so I would like to see a screen shot off your inbox with having zero contents in it. So this is your assignment, your project for this course. And if you click on all projects, you can see what other people have done. Yeah, and I really invite you to join it, because having a Syrian box is a great thing. So see you again soon.