12 Watercolor Techniques for Texture Design | Sinziana Romanescu | Skillshare

12 Watercolor Techniques for Texture Design

Sinziana Romanescu, Mother, Art teacher, Designer

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8 Videos (1h 4m)
    • Intro

    • 1. Materials

    • 2. Ombre Techniques

    • 3. Monochrome Techniques

    • 4. Multicolor Techniques

    • 5. Mixed media

    • 6. Final results

    • 7. Adding textures to photoshop and illustrator


About This Class

Hello everyone and Welcome to my 1st Class here on Skillshare 12 Easy Watercolor Techniques for Texture Design!

As you know, watercolor textures are very much used in graphic design and texture design, offering a modern, clean and hand crafted look to your project. 

In this easy and fun Class I present you a synthesis of 12 creative and handy techniques that you can use to obtain beautiful watercolor textures that can be used in your digital design projects such as: branding, packaging, card design, digital papers, backgrounds, pattern design. 

Class overview: here is a short overview of what you will get from this Class:

  • knowledge of 12 easy watercolor techniques for texture design
  • PDF file with the Class summary with images
  • PDF file with art suplies you will need for your projects
  • BONUS Class: How to Apply your Textures in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

Thank you for being here and I hope you will enjoy this Class!






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Sinziana Romanescu

Mother, Art teacher, Designer

Hello everyone! I am Sinziana Romanescu,mother, art teacher and passionate designer. I have a Fine Arts degree and a PhD in History and I work as an lecturer at "Ovidius" University from Constanta, Romania. Also, I am a graphic designer passionate about watercolor and mixed media techniques and I love creating hand crafted designs such as: patterns, textures, logos, illustrations. In the same time, I am mother and wife, I enjoy cooking and blogging and I absolutely love my 5 years old son Ale...

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