12 Things All Successful Marketers and Bloggers Do | Kiara Smithee | Skillshare

12 Things All Successful Marketers and Bloggers Do

Kiara Smithee, Instagram: @kiarasmithee

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15 Videos (56m)
    • Introduction

    • Project

    • Niche

    • Planning

    • Staying Inspired

    • Visual Content

    • Written Content

    • Networking

    • SEO

    • Keywords

    • Content Sharing

    • Build Relationships

    • They Invest

    • Learning

    • Closing


About This Class

Many of you creators have awesome skillsets, products, illustrations, and creative work but struggle to get your work noticed! My goal is to help you get your work noticed and turned into profit if thats your ulitimate goal. Lets take creativity to the next level and share your tallents with the world.

Welcome To The Course! 

Tip 1: They Build Relationships

Staying relevant in the digital age can be tough, especially with the countless webpages contributing to the competition; that's why it's important to build  relationships with your fans/customers. Building relationships is crucial; however, only a small part of the road to success. 

In this course students will learn the TWELVE fundamentals to being a successful blogger and content strategist. The course will address the different techniques one can use to build a following as well as address different marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Take Away: Students will gain step-by-step instructions on how to achieve success as well as a list of resources for implementing the twelve strategies discussed. 

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Wow!! Excellent class. Thank you so much. This class provided more useful information and resources than most classes I've attended which lasted hours longer.
This was so informative! Thank you Kiara, for all the resources I never knew about or understood! Excellent job! I look forward to your other classes.





Kiara Smithee

Instagram: @kiarasmithee

Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare! I hope to provide you with lots of knowledge across the media platform that will launch you down a successful career path.

I spent six years studying Psychology and the Digital Age. With a B.A in Journalism and Psychology I have explored all the nuances of the media world. My background in sales and media has helped me coach many students use the power of psychology to market and sell their brand in the digital age.  <...

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