12 Steps Business Case Development | Sorin Dumitrascu | Skillshare

12 Steps Business Case Development

Sorin Dumitrascu, Management trainer

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18 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Course Promo

    • 2. About the Course

    • 3. Course Overview

    • 4. Course Guide

    • 5. Benefits of a Business Case

    • 6. Business Case Functions

    • 7. Business Case Functions

    • 8. Business Case Marketing Components

    • 9. Effective Business Case Writing

    • 10. Business Case Research Topics

    • 11. Business Case Research Methods

    • 12. Aligning with Corporate Strategy

    • 13. Identifying Decision Makers

    • 14. Influencing Decision Makers

    • 15. Business Case Design

    • 16. Benefits of Good Writing and Design

    • 17. The Business Case Writer

    • 18. 12 Steps Business Case Development


About This Class

After completing this course, you will be able to build an effective business case. You will understand what makes a business case, how to prepare one and how to design business cases to persuade decision makers.

Understanding what is a good business case will be followed by a description of the functions and elements of a business case. You will learn how to research and what to research in order to prepare yourself and how to align business case with organizational strategy.

Finding the best angle and making an effort to polish your business case will increase your chances. So, you will learn about the principles of business case design to respond to your identified decision makers.

12 Steps approach will guide your learning and practice:

  1. Choose your business idea,
  2. Define your business objective,
  3. Determine the functions of your business case,
  4. Prepare a generic structure of a business case (marketing components included),
  5. Research your business idea by needed topics and using appropriate research methods,
  6. Analyze and compile results of research,
  7. Align business idea, strategy and processes,
  8. Determine the best angle to sell your business case,
  9. Write your business case content,
  10. Adapt your business case to various decision makers, 
  11. Emphasize high impact elements, and
  12. Prepare to 'sell' your business case.

So, if you want to learn how to develop a business case, for work or in your personal projects this course is for you. It's simple, compact and guides you step by step.Thank you for considering my course! If you are interested, go ahead, and hit that apply button!