12 Simple Steps To Doubling Your Productivity

Brandon Hakim, "Everything Popular Is Wrong"

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14 Videos (49m)
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    • Making Sure Your Time Is Well-Invested

    • Identifying Your Major Purpose

    • Your Goals

    • The Time Management Mindset

    • The Secret To Becoming Way More Productive

    • What You Need To Do Every Morning

    • How To Setup Your Work Time

    • What To Work On (It's Not As Obvious As You Think!)

    • Use These 3 Plans To Achieve Your Goals

    • The Other 80/20 Rule

    • The Fail-Proof Time Management Worksheet

    • The Time Management Worksheet #2

    • Here's What To Do Now


About This Class

If you go through this course today, you'll be at least twice as productive before you go to bed tonight.

Sounds crazy.

But chances are, you'll increase your productivity by even more than that.

Because the truth is, most of us never learned the right way to manage our time. So we're only a fraction as productive as we could be.

And my only goal in this course is to show you the counter-intuitive step by step time management formula we should have learned in school but didn't to reach our time management potential.

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Quite condensed information that would take you hours to get out of the books he mentions.
I have been into personal development for some time now and my mentors have all recommended the books he talks about in this course. The hardest part for me is applying the concepts in the books and this course does a good job of at least giving you ideas on how to apply them. by breaking them down.
This was an awesome course that really helped me visualize and plan out how to manage my time and live more PURPOSE-fully. Great information.





Brandon Hakim

"Everything Popular Is Wrong"

I'm on a quest to reach my human potential. And to share with others what I learn along the way!

In college, I realized school doesn't teach you that much. And that I needed to take my education into my own hands.

So I started reading hundreds of books from everything from personal development to investing to direct marketing (and in the process learning how to go through books really quickly).

I believe we all have incredible potential and can start to achieve our bigges...

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