12 Instagram Marketing Tips! | Neil and Linda Shearing ☑ | Skillshare
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18 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction to "12 Instagram Marketing Tips!"

    • 2. Ig Marketing Tip #1

    • 3. Ig Marketing Tip #2

    • 4. Ig Marketing Tip #3

    • 5. Ig Marketing Tip #4

    • 6. Ig Marketing Tip #5

    • 7. Ig Marketing Tip #6

    • 8. Ig Marketing Tip #7

    • 9. Ig Marketing Tip #8

    • 10. Ig Marketing Tip #9

    • 11. Ig Marketing Tip #10

    • 12. Ig Marketing Tip #11

    • 13. Ig Marketing Tip #12

    • 14. Ig Marketing Bonus Tip #1

    • 15. Ig Marketing Bonus Tip #2

    • 16. Ig Marketing Bonus Tip #3

    • 17. Ig Marketing Bonus Tip #4

    • 18. Thanks For Watching!


About This Class

Students say...

"Best Instagram class I've seen on skillshare- so many good tips here, especially for a beginner but even for quite experienced instagrammers" Hayley Williams

"A great class! I have been very active on instagram for the past 2 years and I still learned a ton of great info. I would recommend for new and experienced instagram users." Dean Sauls

"Good Overview of Instagram and how to make it work for your business!" Jenn J

"This class is PACKED full of tips! Some of them I was aware of but others are now new tools in my Instagram tool box." Kimberly Purcell

"I wanted to learn non-spammy ways to create engagement in my IG account. I like that the focus was how to use IG to find my niches, how to interact with brands, how to post and comment in actively liked content. Tips and suggestions throughout the course were very valuable." Lisa Hallman

"This class is clear and easy to understand." Robin Schmitt


Do you currently promote your brand or business on Ig? Do you have a product or service you'd like to promote?

If so, these dozen Marketing Tips could help you get more followers, more engagement and more return on your Ig marketing efforts.

Whether you're new to Instagram, or have an established presence, we're sure you'll learn something from these dozen tips.

But, just in case, we've thrown in four bonus tips so it's almost certain you'll find something new and helpful! :-)

Enroll now. :-)

Neil and Linda

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