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12 Creative Glitch Projects in Photoshop - secrets revealed

teacher avatar Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

39 Lessons (5h 54m)
    • 1. Why you will love this course

    • 2. How is the course structured?

    • 3. Smudge, Sharpen and Blur tools

    • 4. First Glitch project

    • 5. Using RGB channels and Project

    • 6. How to use Channel Mixer and Project

    • 7. Recommendations for you :)

    • 8. "Glitched Down" project

    • 9. Liquify Filter - Correct Anything on Face

    • 10. Black and White Glitch Project part 1

    • 11. Black and White Glitch Project part 2

    • 12. Thank you for rating new

    • 13. Create and edit custom brush

    • 14. Black and White Glitch Project part 1

    • 15. Black and White Glitch Project part 2

    • 16. Vector Shapes

    • 17. Transform Options

    • 18. Breaking Out project part 1

    • 19. Breaking Out project part 2

    • 20. Pen Tool

    • 21. Mixer Brush Tool

    • 22. Mixer Brush 3D Line

    • 23. 3D Line Project - part 1

    • 24. 3D Line Project - part 2

    • 25. 3D Line Project - part 3

    • 26. "Colored Girl" Project part 1

    • 27. "Colored Girl" Project part 2

    • 28. What are filters

    • 29. "Saturated" project

    • 30. Headinside part 1 - creating the hole

    • 31. Headinside part 2 - creating the lines

    • 32. Headinside part 3 - adjusting the lines

    • 33. Headinside part 4 - making adjustments

    • 34. Text tool

    • 35. How to use Google Fonts

    • 36. Layer styles part 1

    • 37. Layer styles part 2

    • 38. "Hit Me" Part 1

    • 39. "Hit Me" Part 2

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About This Class

You are probably scrolling through Instagram and seeing many amazing artworks and you wonder how the hell did they create that?

In this course you will create 12 projects and learn some secret techniques used to create unique effects. All projects have detailed videos with explanations. We will go through every tool you need to know to create these effects. And if you need help just leave a comment and I will reply the same day.

So why glitch projects?

Glitch artworks have been a trend for a long time and especially this year they became really popular. Brands are working with more and more artists to ask them create artworks with unique styles. Anyone seeing a glitch artwork instantly fells in love with it.

Do you need Photoshop knowledge to follow this course?

Yes you need to be familiar with Photoshop, but if you are not then this is not a big problem because there are many Photoshop courses on Skillshare, just find one of them and learn the basics. After learning some basics in that course you can get back here and start creating amazing projects

These are the projects we are going to create and I encourage you to create similar projects. You can use your on image and apply the techniques we learned.

Get project files here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LQmxB-1mikQbGPjNNaYmoTErAyiMXhRg

Or in the resources are of this class












Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. Why you will love this course: No, no. What's up, guys? For it here and welcome to my class. So in this class, we're going to work on some standing for the show project on. I'm going to show some top secrets that only if you know. So let me just show you the projects quickly on what we're going to learn and create. So, first of four, we're going to start with this project here on day. I see my older this year. Here we have this kind of through the line, which looks really, really cool. And we're going to learn how to create this kind of land. We're going to learn how toe apply different, different color studio, and we're going to create the whole project off course call a great and so on were also going to learn how to create this kind of drops here. As you can see, that looks like small glitches. And as the project is, this one I called rgb color mix. This actually pretty easy. This takes, like, maybe five minutes to create, and I'm gonna show you how to do that on this is actually like only a few people know how toe do this because this is a color mixed technique on Yeah, you will know that after this class Another one is this project here on you will know you will learn how to create this kind of text reserve as you can see it glowing outside. So it's actually cool glow effect on. Then we will do. Is this one? It's all tragic case Ignatiy and hear the part of the body is moving to the left. Here we have this kind of different colors popping up from left and right and then yet he has this kind of rich squares and has won this project here. This was like one of the top hits on my instagram on As you can see, like 157 lacks if this was a when I was just starting out to build my instagram audience and it went pretty well against again we have here is this kind of glitches and again she'll expose um and what is actually this one again be appears is Gleacher squares. Where has this rainbow colors on? Yeah, again. Another one. This one that looks also similar to the previous one that I just showed you again we will be using this energy Be color mixed technique on. We're going to create this toe projects here. That Look, let's I mean, they look really good. Don't you think so? Okay. Yeah, This was one also grich project. As you can see, we just It's just, you know, it's kind of we took the face and just drag it to the right. Maybe have, since this kind of artworks online, they're actually pretty popular. Another one is this one as well, using the same technique dragging this part on. But here, I'm also going to show you something really special. You will learn how to create this kind of rainbow colors which effect? Because this thing is, actually, you know, you might most likely not going to find a tutorial on how to create this, because even I've when I was creating this, I do this by accident, and I was, like, wrote, What is that? Has incited. Okay, Maybe I should create a class on show everybody else how to do that. Yeah, this one, as once you can say intraday line project, but again here, we're going to create this three line. It's a bit different manner on again. It's Coban. I guess if you have this here, this kind of drops on, it's also it's what you see here, this kind of point, a little bit of noise that gives it You're always stick look, and this is the last one again. It's also a glitch product, but upside down and they gave me appears this kind of colorful Richie Squares that I also like them on. It went also pretty good on Instagram anyway. That's it, guys. Andi, I hope you're going to enjoy this project. This was an introduction. So go to the next lessons on to learn the like count to create this kind of project. Learned some really interesting for the ship techniques and to you guys. There's next lesson by 2. How is the course structured?: So let me tell you, house infrastructure, because this were important for you. Toe learn. So every project has a pre project lessons on what I mean by that. So, for example, in order to create this project, first of all, we need to learn a tool called mixer brush tool on. There is a separate lessons that teaches you this talk. Then we're going to learn how to credit Mr Dillon also in a separate listen. And only after that we're going to start creating this project. This is made so you can easily create this project and you have no problems. Is the same oppressed toe applies to everyone is a project for Napa here. First of all, we're going to learn what are RGB colors? Red green boo. How to mix them on. Only later we're going to create this project or, for example, the same a place here. We're going to learn how to use Thanks. Doubters layers test on. Only then we're going to create this project for the same applies to every project. As I said, I also have a pre project lessons. So I made it exists in order to make sure it's all very detailed, and you can understand how to create this stuff. So that's as I said before. I really hope you're going to enjoy this lessons so to you on the first lesson, I guess, but 3. Smudge, Sharpen and Blur tools: What's up, guys? Welcome to the lesson Today. I'm going to show you how to use these tools here. So blue sharpen and smooch toe. Okay, lets just based some image. Here. Let me see. What should be is today. No, no, no, no. Okay. For example, this one here. Legis personal. Keep. So 1st 1 before we start reached, open our last panel on Create a new where on Let's also do this background layer. We don't need it, actually. So why do we need this new layer? Let's select it so everything we're going to do right now let's start with the blue. So press right, young, show the blood. Everything we're going to do is going to be credit on Mueller. So, like this, we don't change our photo on before the stays the same. And you will see what I mean in a minute. First of all, let's so it here. So the sample our wares and now we can start drawing. So when we start growing, as you can see what happens, this type of for this part of photo got boring. If you don't see the I think blurry. That's probably because you're stranded in its incident Enough. So I just go to strength on, make sure it's 100% so I can make blue here as well. Like this on also here on the background. Okay, so now if I go here to the to my lair and turn it off as you can see, I can see the normal picture. And if I turn it on back, I see the blue one. So, like this we can turned off or turned on If we turned over their original photo What you will see A zone is the blue part. So if you want to do some of the blue parts you can just take here air is a tool on start building some blood parts, for example. Yeah, this part. Let's say you don't want it can just read it on if we turned on the fourth again. As you can see, it's not boor boor anymore. We have only blue here. Let's go back to our blow to So this is This was about the book, but through this crate anywhere on now we should go to our sharp into so sharp it'll actually helps us to sharpen starting points off the photo, for example. Here we have strength as well, but don't make it too much because it's usually get decision makings of four divers. If it's too much. Also, make sure you select sample alerts and protect details. If you know, zoom in as start during what happens, our photo starts getting sharper. So if I do that like this oh, to this hand, let's say And if I turn this own corner, you can see the difference that is getting sharper. So why do we actually need this thing? There's actually were important for retouching photos on. Let me show you a different photo. For example, nothing up I am therefore, the where I can see that goes ice properly. Well, let's just take this water here. Make it bigger press. Okay, that's great. And you were a swell again on. Now let's zoom in. So now if we take sharpen two on makes us with small and we start sharpening Zais just drovers and few times yeah, like this Perfect on the same goes here. Now let's zoom out. If we now turn over the photo and turned back on, you can see the difference. Ice Look much more alive and it's actually much more, much more beautiful. Lies is so sharp, it helps us to make some elements stand out. We can also use it on her. Hair's, for example, may seem a little bit sharper. I would say no like this. So now also don't make it to my Don't overuse it because you can see here here. I made it too much and getting worse if we use it too much. But this was going to happen. Let's make this 100. And if I do that, you see is getting worse, so it's almost destroyed. That's why we need to make sure it's on Mueller so we can always turn it off on start a new one. On last night here we got is much toe. Let's selected down. Let's create a new way right now. So here, happy. A different brush. As you can see. Let's go here toe brush settings. Sorry, this one is the first time brush that things. If you don't have it here, you can always go to window and find it here on the brush settings. Let's just choose a normal one around one. What actually smudged us so first of all, it does as strange. It also has sample letters. If I created anywhere on, I start drawing. Look what happens. It starts, Let's say smudging the photos, I would say, and I just take them on, moves them right or left. So it is actually pretty important toe for digital artists, I would say, because it helps a lot in the creating creative stuff on. Okay, this is things don't look actually pretty well, so I'll just do this on creating your one. Let's not try, For example, was the hardness at zero? Okay, when the hardness is a dear, as you can see, it looks like it will be different now, so it's very important. What kind of brush? Your choose or what kind of brush said things you have. Let's make it. For example, if you make this 100 what is going to happen is almost get think like in fainted. If it something like this look stupid. But anyway, let's not choose a different brush so we can go to brush settings unless just this one is the most used one. Let's create anywhere. So there's this, but actually very important because we can create a lot of dope stuff with it. Let's first make this brush bigger. And also we need to make sure it's turned the rows away so we can go here, make this like this and you can see changes here as well. So now we can start drawing and see what happens. Okay, now we need to make sure it's not 100. It's like 50 approximately much better. So I will show. You know what I have done with thanks to this too. So I just You can better understand. Why should we use this tool? And also we're going to create a project with this told during our next lesson, it's going to be actually pretty simple project on this. Is this it? I created this using that bridge toe that is that I mean, not dishing about that's much toe, and you can see a lot of different interesting stuff. Like let me show you, for example. Um, let's have a look. Let's have a look here. Here, for example. I used this to toe makes this brush strokes. Where else did I get here for? Okay. Here, for example. I use this tool to make this kind of brushed access. You can see the court once or here. I used it to make this brush strokes again. So let's see, for affordable for these brush strokes or even here, I used it toe create this kind of effect from the box. So I think it's pretty useful, candid India in different, interesting images to create some cool stuff. That's it for this lesson. Syrian is the next lie. Somewhere we're going actually to create this project. 4. First Glitch project: hi guys. So today we're going to create this project here on at least we will try to create this again because I don't promise that it's going to be the same. Because every time you create a project, this looks a little bit different. Maybe the coastal belt of different. But in general, we're going to use the same tools that I used to create this project on. Let's start So first of all, that's great in your project. So let's call it cheap, I would say. Which is 1000 pixels? Haider's Oneto 50 Orientation like this. Religion 200 Everything. If everything is okay, just press great. Now let's take our image here. You're going to find it in project for awesome basted here. Make sure we make the bigger on personal cape. Also, let's do it this background where we don't need it. So first of all, with me into the being to create anywhere because we're going to work on Mueller, we don't way should make sure that we don't distort our image. Now we should takes much till here. So what we can do now is make sure is it's much too. Is 49%. Make sure you have said the sample our wares. We can actually start working right now. So if you just start dragging here, what is happening? Our image, my guess. Getting already distorted, you know, similar to respond. But it's not exactly the same effect as you can see. So what should we do? Let's go back and it step backwards. Let's try something different. Let's go on use. Let's go here to our general brushes on use. For example. This, like this type of brush one of the first month is hardness at zero. Just round brush makes up for bigger on. Let's start drawing. Let's see what happens this time. Okay, As you can see, we get things there. But it's getting really, really slow because I'm recording this video and working at the same time. That's right. So what you can actually do? We can press here once, and if I hold, shoot em, press here once again, he's going to create this brush that automatically so you can see that it starts going already. Here it starts moving, but it's actually pretty slow. Come on. Yep. Almost Now let's just do this again. So make sure it's getting in further away results against you almost the same. Now we just need to change the color. So how do we change the car? We go here to list on this light here, for example, hue saturation, and that will change the colors. You just have to select the perfect something like this, and that's it we done. It's almost the same, just a little bit difference in colors. But I like this one as well, so you can see that it's pretty that you just have to choose the right brush on. You can go here to brush settings and choose the right birth. Choose different brushed, actually, and see what you can make. Because every brush makes different effect and also pray with strength. I have here like 1949%. You can make it different to see how it works on, for it's probably going to work faster because you're not recording your screen on. I hope you like this tutorial. As you can see, it's pretty easy. So if you have any questions just, you know, message me, ask a comment. I will be happy to help you on Syria during our next project or listen 5. Using RGB channels and Project: What's up, guys? Today I'm going to show you how to create this type of images on, As you can see, we can. We have, like here, like red colors, green colors and other colors. So we will makes few colors on crazy stuff of images. Also, this one, this one, as the gases is they're all similar, Similar in the way. I mean like, we have two images that are combining with each other in different colors. It's actually pretty easy to do. You just have to choose the right images. Okay, First of all, let's go here on creating your project and, as always, will do with 100,000 bound to 50 pixels. Teoh orientation results in 300 you be color eight by eight on. Let's just press great. Always before you create the project, make sure everything is right so you don't get some, you know, like with problems when your work. Now we have to find the pictures on. If I'm not wrong, let's see. Where do I have this image is he has I have a lot of images that I don't know, so they must be your for you as always. It will be to find him. Because you have you. You have them project by project in your project files. Okay, let's start a business to images on legis Praise poised This one first Here on we can make it not be girl It's whole shift on shift again to make it bigger Perfect Let just press Okay now, Now the second image you can place it here as well. And also let's make it bigger. Okay, let's go to listeners. So here we have now to images. Unless there's this background layer, we don't need it now. First thing we should do Let's turn off this image. So we have on this one. So what we should do now? We should not press here twice on the empty place. So not here, not on the taste. But here is empty place. If you don't have here empty place like let's say if you respond is like this so it's more you don't have it. You can always make it bigger press here and drag it on, then can press here twice and you will see here as this thing up here. So now we need to goto blending options and here we will have Philip II's two channels. That's what many channels let's turn off. Now they're a charm. For example, here have to chance er jobe, which means red, green and blue. Let's turn off the A channel that you can see the car start changing. If you turn about march on with signature. The colors have changed the game. Let's turn off now, for example, different channel like blue or green as you can see the course I was changing. We're going to use this function here. So what? We should actually let's press council for now. Let's turn on the layer behind it on Let's price twice again on this layer on the empty place knife returned off one of the one of the channels. Let's turn it breath, as you can see, start mixing with the letter behind it. So as a guest is like this actually were either too, though on what happens now, Now we don't see the red colors on this image. That's why we like because we don't see here is the Red Channel. We can see the image which is behind it, because we have seen it. Now you have here some empty places created. That's why like it's transparent. So because of the image behind it, this how it works, we can also like, turned it on and turn off different channels to get some different effects. We can turn off two channels if you want to, and then we will get different effects so you can just play with it and see what you really want to, though it's not that difficult as you can see. Now let's turn off some Let's go and choose like different images. For example, this one on this one I was pretty desperate place in one by one. Yes, this one on this fun. So the process is the same again. We go to the image that located higher. We press twice on empty place, and now we can turn of one of the channels. And, as you can see, is connecting to the were behind it. Um, this turn of some different. I'm not sure we channels out here. That's how it was. That's personally. As you can see here you have no 22 fathers connected on it. Looks actually pretty good. Okay, that's it for this effect. I hoped you liked it. Next lesson. We're going to explore, find something new 6. How to use Channel Mixer and Project: What's up, guys? I didn't help you. And during this course so far onto them gonna show you how we can actually create which effect from using only one photo. So let just place this father here on make it bigger. Okay, Now what I want you to do. I wanted to create a copy off this image, so I want to create a copy. What? We can't actually, we can hold old or option on Mac. So just hold out. Out on when we hold that we can press on drag. Remember, President, like, we can see this to Eros appear black And what We can do it here. Or we can show Dr President right up or down on when we do that, when we see these toe eros appear, we can realize our bottom, as you can see. Now we have the copy created here. So now we have here two layers. So again, when you hold out on drug 1st 1st you have to release the mouse button on only thing you can do it all button on for markets option came. So what they should do. Not now. Let's press twice here. An empty place again on Let's turn off here. One of the channels. Okay? No, What? We can go. We can go to our move toe and we can press on drugs. Image when we present drags image. As you can see, we have this beautiful good effect appear here. I mean, it's really amazing, don't you think? So why does Why does this happen? This happens because you have. You have to like similar images on like on one of them. We have one channel turned off. That's why when we move them, we can see like this empty places, whereas the Red Channel is turned off. That's why we have this different colors appearing here. So let's rehearse twice again. Here. If you turn of different cars off course, the effect will be different every time, like return of different colors. So, I mean, it's really great here. So one more thing I want to show you. So Okay, you can also say this has probably because I actually did a project like this where I usedto let me just show you a project like this where I used to to play with RGB channels on turned them on and off for example, hopes this is not my main account with me. Show you, he says. My main account. Um, for example. Let's go. Let's go. Down, down, down, down. It was one of my first projects, so it's quite far away. Come on. Yep. As you can see here, I played with different cultural. I really this things last time. Okay. I saw I saw that had this project on us. Well, but maybe I didn't. OK, anyway, now I wanna show you sound singles. So let's say there is a black color and we want to change it to a some different color, for example, for example, here, let's turn it. Let's put it here of this image religious person. Okay, We won't even make it bigger because it's not a project. I'm going. I'm just I just want to show you how to change the black car to some out to some other car . First of all, I want to deliver this to images here. I don't need them. Okay. So, as I showed, you prove it's like looking into during the previous lessons to change colors. We can use your hue saturation, and then we can move it and the colors are changing. But as you can see there, black color is not changing. So remember this. The colors that are fully black awfully white never change. There are two different colors and the issue saturation. We have to use a different tool to do that. So let's villages. Okay, what I'm showing you is this during this lesson because it's also connected toe RGB channels what we need to the way to go here and here. We need to choose Channel mixer. So when we try to change the channels for sample, I make riddles with less or higher This one this one as you can see the Karzai changing on their Oblak tourist. I mean, our black color is also changing its cars, but it doesn't change full it. Why does this happen? So you know, to make it like really change. First of all, we need to make me to make sure Onley this part off the off the 40 selected. So let's turn less religious. First of all, we have to just select our weak selection to make it out to be smaller on, make sure we have only black color salted. Okay, perfect islands after that's like this part. So I go here, I choose miners and make the smaller on. I press here in orderto this selected Okay, perfect night angle here on choose co channel mixer. So if I now start to change the colors, as you can see, they start changing, for example. Yep. Light is its red. Now, if you want a different color, you can go here on you can What's output channel? Green on now? Women start changing it as you can see it getting out with greenish If you make it, call it a white. So we're changing the color. We can go to blue on change it. So you just have to play this in order to get the color that you really want to get. Okay, Yeah, something like this. And as you can see here have few places like here, for example, because my mask wasn't done perfectly. That's why so And I just need to take my brush black color and start painting on the mask in order to make sure the effect appears only on black places. So this is the only way. Not the only way. But this is probably one of the most comfortable ways to change black or white colors to some other cars because, as I said, we can't do that issue saturation. Okay, so this effect is called Channel Mixer. Remember, it is going to be very useful because, for example, let's say let's say this this immature, for example, let me just show it to. So this calling out to changes you will have to call a channel mixer because few saturation what were consistent because it's totally black. Or let's say, Is there something totally white, this one here for them? But as you can see, the teachers certainly white, you won't be able to change it. Issue saturation, maybe will be able to change it a little bit, but it won't make a big effect. So I wanted to change this. You will have to use Channel Mixer effect. Okay, That's so I hope you really like this tutorial. And always, as always, you can message me. Text me. I would be happy to help you 7. Recommendations for you :): my guys right here. The guy will help you, Master Bullish on before you continue have electric a venue some other magical classes that you would absolutely love to see. And also don't forget to pull me as though I will miss all the unique projects and classes I create every single week at your my recommended classes for you Enjoy. This class is dedicated to advanced for the shop animations. I will show you how you can Really Any makes your images on. I will show you I can basically take your still photos and bring them a life is different options and this is just one of the projects They're going to be four really cool and interesting projects that you should take. This is in us animation from that same close as you can see, it looks also really colorful So we're going to animate the course here on after this project, you will be able to animate any colors on your own images as well. This is a really cool poster and during discuss, we're going to transform a normal image into something really magical. And as you can see, every creating this kind of liquid glitch on I will show you I can do that. It's actually a secret technique. On also, here we have this golden light. I also show it will show you that. I don't say we're doing some color grading to give it some really artsy look. I would say so. This just an epic project and is Goto Wydell on instagram? Make sure to check this out. This class is related to for the shop animations. So I will show you I can create this kind of interesting animation off poster on as you can see, here you have the text and the text is gone. Also appears this led the blue light, which is again on and off. It looks just really magical. That's it. I hope you found something interesting for yourself and you doesn't like Blessed by 8. "Glitched Down" project: Hello, guys. So today we're going to create this project on its called Litsch down. But you can call it anything unless you can see it's actually expected. Interesting on Rosa. Going to their GP channels to a craze is so let's go to for the shop on the desperate create press. Great New. Now there if you think me to make sure, All right, so, first of all, let's just call it, um, glitch to down. Also it's on height should be 1000 by 1 to 50 pixels. This where important should be a big source here. Orientation like this are but not selected. Just make sure everything is like this on if you're If everything's fine, just press great. Perfect. Now we need to take our image on you will find it in project files. So just press it, place it in for the shop and also have to make sure there's an empty space left here. So we just hold shift starts dragging XYZ shift on Jack unless there's no background layer because we don't need it. So now we have to create two copies so we just hold out on drug or option on mark on drug. And now we have two copies here. So what we have to do? First of all, we have to press twice here on empty place. Empty space like this on. We have layer styles open. If you don't have, he empties place. You can just press right on here. Have blending options. Perfect. Now we need to go to burning options. And here, if you have channels RGB So first of all, it's turned off RGB channel on press. Okay, I think happens. Yes, but if you start moving it as you can see, we have already different colors appear here. So it already looks like which Let's go back for now. Go ahead it on under. Move. Now let's goto there this layer on press twice again on empty place. This time we should turn off Green Channel. Let's just turn it off, compressor Kate. So now if you go to Apple Air, we take our move toe on. We start moving it. As you can see, what we have here now is almost the same also have different cars. But now we also have this thing here. We didn't have it before when you had only effect on this layer. So now we have both slurs turned off, like some of the cars on. Now, that's why way getting this kind of effect. So we can also move them a little bit left or right. We can't do it by using keyboard iris in order to make sure it doesn't go too far. Yeah, like this is perfect. So similar to this one. Let's continue. No. Now we need to make sure this are one photo, so we should just hold control on. So it both of them now press right and select. Convert to smart object like this is now only one photo. Let's continue now. We have to create a copy of this. Soldiers hold out. So now we're going to create this rectangular shapes here. How are we going to this? First of all, we need to take our rectangular mark. It'll make sure you have this selected here. 2nd 1 multiplied on further. Must be zero enough. You start drawing, for example. I drove exists and then I join us around and husband. So just throw as many as you can on because it is going to be our main. Which effect, like this. Some of them should be big sounds and should be seen on Try to draw mainly on her face. So I was doing when the move, things can see what is moving like a perfect Now we should create our own mask. So just go to this layer on press Great mask. Nothing changed yet, but if it or if we turned off the layer below As you can see, we see on this shapes for external Come back on, take our move toe And now we can so, like this layer breast contra lte or comment? If you're using Mac perfect on that, we can move it. So for example, if I move it as you can see now glitches appear here we can move it like this Kept This should be fine. Just press OK. And I think we have to denies actually change its color. So how do we do that? You can go here, choose hue saturation. Now, if we change you, I sequences. The cars are changing, but the change is a couple of the whole image. We want to change only the colors off this ship that we just create. How do we do that. We need this layer this effect layer to be attached on it to this layer in order to do that . Okay, let's press right on this layer on empty place. And here we have great sleeping must if you press it as you can see now we have this air appear here. It's looking on the layer below knife. You press twice again on this icon. Now we can change the hue as the guy that the cars are changing becomes a play with saturation if you want to make it more or less saturated so you can just play with cars as you want. Um, now, this should be fine. Let's continue real, isn't it? Now to make a second copy of this, so just hold out on quite a second copy. Now, this copy should be higher. Okay, let's select our rectangular marcato again on now. Let's try to select some other points, so we'll have to English effects. Basically. Thank this like this. Now let's go to Musk. Perfect. Now bills have to move this shape. So again, make sure this is selected. I'm press control or common t on. If you start moving it as you can see what they have. This English effect appear here. Allegis Press. Okay, I'm listening to change colors for this. Where? So we go again to hue saturation, and we start changing the colors and make sure this way is attached only to the layer below . So we just hold. We just press right on breast. Now. Great clipping mask. And it's not attached on it to this there. So if you go back to this effect, press twice on it, and now we can change it. Okay. Cool. Right. Those is exactly how I created this poster. The only difference is that the cars are different, but they're also a few things that we can change for the embassy. Cancer here have some black. And by the voices, something is happening to my Roy's story. And you have you have some corn prices. So how do we do that? In order to create that, we need toe select our image below. Because is the main image on what what we need to do. I think we need toe select vibrance here and now we can play this virus, for example. We can make it a little bit down Unless I mean like this. Now we can open our leaders. And here we need to invert this mosque. So right now this effect is affecting our whole image. Safe. I turn it off as you can see my images again. Normal. What we do is going to invert this mosque like this Affect won't affect my image. So press twice on the mosque. Now we have properties. Panel opened up and now you can place invert price, present birth. And now if you go back to mask as you can see, it's black. So the effect is not. I think the any place is not affecting any place. If I turned off our own, nothing happens. So what do we do now? We go to our brush press right here and choose brush toe the first month. Make sure you have white color selected. Also, make sure your hardness is zero on the opacity and flow is 100 like this on when we start drawing right now. What happens? Actually, we start seeing this. They're saying that some places are actually think they're saturated almost like black and white. So we can play with that? Yeah, like this maybe here, you know, you can just play with it as you want. You don't have to. I mean, if you don't like it and just just don't do it. But I did hear because I saw that looks nice. I also don't hunt. So I did it here on the hands. If you want somewhere Toby called again. You can just change the white car. Two black store press here on it. Changes colors are now. We can call here again. As you can see, the colors start coming back. Perfect. That's it for this project. I hope you liked it. If you have any comments, just message me. I would be happy to answer you. You can message me on Instagram or on as a place that you see my videos. 9. Liquify Filter - Correct Anything on Face: Hey, guys. So we're gonna look up. Actually, I think that you can do a lot of useful. So let's just start by putting some rich here on. Don't make sure the images selected has a face on. It. Looks straight for the way we need that for better. So let's talk first of all those rooms, his background there because they filter Jews here. Just wait until you buy loads. I have a new window. First we attempted to do is to select this still here still and make sure you have the latest version of the show. Because if you don't you may not have this face because that is something you can find any resources. So choose it. My mouth over the face. You can see that it starts finding the point. The nose leaves change over the face so we can believe is point number that we can make a change. Bigger or smaller sizes can change face like this. You know you can make smaller, bigger Let's say we want to You want to make no small closer we make. We can make no smaller like down we can make the latest finger. For example, You know, I'm sure girls are going really like this. We can't make her smile. Even that cryptic, actually. But, you know, just I'm gonna make it small. We can make a smaller, bigger, bigger Just because you don't make it too much on everything. You can make size this. So every time you change something here if you go here toe race, every religion I hear the same thing in every time you change something here. Your numbers are changing here so you can change this thing with members to be more precise for you can change the result. So if you want to see what was previously and what happened now here's a preview. But we can present that this original image that you can see that it's actually every difference If you want everything and make sure everything is at your again, you can just press here. Is that and we're starting from zero again. Okay, let's continue. So this automatic tools, let's go back. Now let's start with this, which is forward. So this helps to actually face or no face but the picture. So for them, I can press and driving, and as you can see educated is liking buying. So it makes kind of liquid that can drive like this. I can go different and I'm missing why we're here. But we actually going to create interesting projects. Use exist by toe of other reasons why you should use this. So when you have done this, for example, let's go here to treat the second constructed tool. This isn't supposed to make everything back to zero. We can truly okay before we do, we do that. I want that hearing exactly. Rush toe side. I can't make it smaller to be like this, that this pressure So this are controlling how strong that was going to make a bigger city and pressure even bigger When you can see that it's actually pretty strong, which is the 2nd 1 to construct to make it big. Thank you, baby. When we change structural here also already, it's kind of speed. This story is going to cost to bring everything back to normal. For example, if I start right now because that is getting back to normal on this rate, defined how fast it's going to get back to normal pace. Just drunk chooses toe care forward Let's make it smaller. That is pressure. This will know we can make them no smaller. So there's actually can t v count to make the most more. Was this fun? But it's more longer because a change of others believe president. And this is smaller. Cool, right, that's going to do. Let's make some crazy. It's a game for the lightest. Now we can treat sort of which is useful. This will help us make it smoother, so it's going to make it like only people percent way that is getting so it is not the same as you. 100% smooth chest rose by 2%. Say so. Like this. Just religious. Okay, let's go to They're going to help us toe, you know, twirls things otherwise from that's made bigger. This thing's ready. Bigger. See what happens. You see, it's getting like wrong. If I made ready, bigger, so getting faster, you know, she just going toe get around like this. Yeah, but this will for sure. Okay, Now let's go back in order to make it go back for the way we wanted to make goes that I can just hold out on Windows or Mac can hold ocean, then press get in a different direction. But of course, that won't bring the image back to his normal looks. So I was going to something like this. Oh, my God, this is horrible. So just let's just let phone Let's close this face here, have a record. So just start. So you you're probably thinking why we've been in this toe Qualify. Stow. So this that's what actually makes it more so It stays and noise is not right. So monitor, we want toe, you know, irritate president started. You can see it's getting rotated, but right now I mean right now. Okay. But we just that it's not a case like this way feel no or you can get a little bigger. Let's say the change, not shoulders changes changes Lexus No, we can hold off the ocean and goes hours away. So something like six, but dont know toe permanent. So this makes things more examples of those on. We have the same things here size, so let's think bigger. And then when I pressed, it actually made everything smaller so we can make something like this just make it really small. Um, yeah, tests will make it a little fun. They think they can do that. We can. Let's make also, Clinton next thing that actually can take total We can make the lives weaker, for example. Care of the same things. Really places criticized. So for that, we faster drink that you can see the big lives are getting bigger, like almost like they're stuck with something. So next year, this big he wanted to make even big can makes this big. And this Yeah, it's getting even bigger. So you can you just You just have to control here the right investing in order to make sure you get what you want. Okay? There's no going to be next thing you can do actually big for just to make it look interesting. Just some breast make it look like demonise. Yeah, this looks like caricaturist. It looks nice. Okay, lets you but she's sweet anyway, so let's get you Not the next time we should push left tool. So this upsets toe push image actually left. All right on we can make this bigger again and gave you a density and pressure If I said it actually started pushing everything right if I wanted to go the other side. I just called all or option for my I do as you can see it getting to the other side like this. So this substances that can help us make make wine or body. So all this is that I showed you they don't like or you can use any image to make the three minor or make it go away. I don't know why you would need it. You never know. So the next. So let's go toe Christmas, this sunset, toe free stuff for them If I start running right now, there's no priest Anybody gave my to a whole school? I can't work everything on. It's not going to touch there. That is being you see faces the same. If you wanted to be no back again, we can just take There is a cure. Andres, this must here. If I do throw Coker's again, it's going goes off topic. So let's go back. Back, back, Okay. No, The last thing we actually have here he's reconstructive. So my restaurant so don't even president stole it going back to normal. But by President Striped here, we can actually control how much better you can make it. Zero. It's going to be 100% but I can make those people typically 100%. Just press. Let's personal OK here as well. I can't get interesting image on you can buy, or we can turn it back on its way. But you want to change the way you can just press spice in it like this. So just twice, and wait until the window opens. Yep, I'm thinking of doing anything. Anything I want to show he's here. We never must. So there's actually this much helps is to remove the effect from some pie in some parts of a liver can take. Just make sure you have black, maybe with bigger. Also, make sure you have this my selected and my start drawing You can see that is getting back to normal whenever I draw so I can make normal like says you want to be back, I can just change the court what are working. But the fact is coming back so this whole poorly. If I told I really enjoyed this, listen and if you have any questions just comment on, I will be happy to answer any of your questions on also also police. You can always, you know, message me on my instagram gallery and also see the project that I'm going to release next , sociological like back. 10. Black and White Glitch Project part 1: Hey, guys, how are you doing? So today we're going to create this project here on, actually. Can't see. It's pretty interesting project and thousands of bill itself on. It s actually not that difficult to do. So let's get started. Okay? Let's go to photo shop. Pampers, create new. All right. Having to create in your project. Okay, So the wit has to be 1000 and hide 1 to 50. Orientation likes is it must be pixels selected. Also results in 300 Virginia color mode. And if everything is like this than just press continue, I mean create. Okay, Perfect. Um Yep. So first invented, of course. Tow me to put this image here on you will be able to find all the images in the project files, so let me just makes it bigger. So just hold shift. And, Jack, When you hold shift on drugs, the image is getting bigger. Andre just pressed. Okay, Here. Perfect. Now I just need to Thailand does with better. So I just need toe, take the first move toe on, make those but left because I think it's not total in the center right now. It's more in the center. Let's continue. Let's do it This layer first. The first thing you need to do is we need to create a new copy of that. So we just hold hold on windows or you hold option on Mac, you press on your track, and when you do that, you can see that there is a new copy created. Wasn't as a way to create a copy is to press right on press here, duplicate layer and then just press OK, but we just need toe over. The military soldiers did it. This one. Now let's take Oh, are this two rectangle marcato on what we're going to do with that? You're going to create this glitches here. You can see that So we're going to credit is a rectangle market too. So let's just start drawing right now. Also, make sure you have this selected on. Also, feather is zero on Let's start. So we just throw like this and just try to select on some of the parts of the image. No, it can be seen. It can be sick. It can be vertical can be horizontal. Doesn't really matter. Just try toe. Yeah, do legs This perfect make few selections even more? Yep, And then what you have to do? You have to go to this letter to the upper layer and press here great and press great mosque. If we do that, you can see now wear this must created. And if I turn off the air behind it, you can see that now we have here only this part. That's exactly what we need. So it's not turned on. Bags were here, and what they actually need to do right now is this layer go to aided, chose free, transform Tal or Control tower for Windows or commented for Mark on. Just start moving the nice You can see it already. He has these glitches appear. If you get called up, he says that it's most That's what is getting really interesting. Nice is Yep, on Let's personal care for now. So nothing to change its color on. How do we do that is we go here on she every can choose China makes or here you can't do this, you saturation. Actually, yeah, like this. So let's not change the color, change the Hume, but when we changing, who you can see that it's affect all the wares. We want the effect on his left behind. It's only this layer, that's why. What's press again? Twice here on. We need to go me to presidents I can hear when we do that. It starts affecting on his letter behind him so we could go back to where she can see that there's an arrow here pointing to this layer below that message perfect on this layer on. Let's go back to our effect again. And if I change the car so you can see only this colors are changing. That's exactly what I mean. So let's make it kind of red. Or while it's something that he wants to play with, saturation, that looks nice. Let's continue so nicely me to go. Let's choose this letter here on what actually dove in it to make here this kind off line that goes to the left. You can see that it's makes it brings my this person behind a little bit to the left on how the with that which is this image Here we go to filter and we go to liquefy effect. Now wait way have to wait until it loads perfect knowledge chooses the first still here forward drop toe on. So see what happens. First of all, make sure your pressure and this is about 50 50. So now when I start doing like I take on, I press on a drag, you see what happens. It gets left. It's exactly what I need, actually, So I needed to make lived almost like this one. And if you think it's OK, Gen this personal care, that's it. No, What we need to do is we need to go here and choose here. Radiant map on let you something like this. For example, I came perfect. Not going to make sure there's grated map appears on Lee on this part off the where on if you don't have this great in here like let's press twice here. If you don't have this here or any other ingredients, you can create them yourself. So press here and then you can play with this card because you can press twice here. Choose the color campus twice. Here, choose the second color. Also, make sure when you press on these things are past this 100 here or past this 100 again. So both of them need to be black or passed. It must be 100 in order for us to see them. Nespresso que No, Let's continue. So now what we need to do is to make sure resistance this great appears on their own. This part. So again, let's press on the But here on, let's go here to brush press, right, Because I'm a brush on. Let's take years of black. So just presence meant to Maynard is a call to be black. Or I can just press twice on. So, like the black car, it's gold with further zoom out on, Let's go here. Hardness must be zero size must be bigger, even bigger. I know we can actually start drawing, for example. Okay. For example, I need to make sure that this effect doesn't appear anywhere else. It has. It has to be. Only this K you can see here is a different color White, because I did this effect here, So just drove legs. Is yeah, something like this. Okay, now I can say is is this effect appears only here on this exactly what we need. So let's talk for now and continue during the next lesson. 11. Black and White Glitch Project part 2: So guys, welcome back on. Let's continue. So now what we do is me to choose our radiant map here, goto normal press here and choose dissolved. So when we do that, you can see if I get closer. We can see that now we have ever always stuff like points, points points small dots on this. Exactly what minute For this part, you can see that it's so small dots, but we have to make it a little bit different. So you see, it's going up. Also. I know we need to make sure it's going on there from left to right and not up, so let's make them brush size smaller. Make sure you have dark color selected that climbing the past 204 100 unless drawn off this place over this place to make sure it doesn't appears there. So make sure you have also your must selected. And when you drove, we can't let this things from here is a mask. Also, from his phrase, Yeah, like this should be okay, let's continue them. So let's go here, snow. Let's go here. The Ellipse press right, actually, and choose here Ellipse toe because you have rectangular as a normal. So choose ellipse too. On now. Hold shift. Um, start drawing to create an ellipse. So why do we hold true the whole trip in order to make sure it is a perfect circle notice? No, just ellipse on. By that, I mean that wits and height are the same. So he's a perfect circle right now on. Okay, so now we need to change its color. So let's press here. Andi was radiant. The 2nd 1 on Let's choose this great and here, but going to change it, actually. So first of all, let's press. You see this thing? Listen, controls how the ingredient is like the angle of the grand. If I make If I do it here like change it on, you can see that is going down from left to right. That's actually what we need. Now let's close it on. Going here. We also need to Ally. It'll be better, so we need to put it left, which is the first toll on press on drag. It left perfect. Let's not go here and choose here. So he having to choose darker color. If we do that, you can see that's already getting quite interesting on its home is the same fate, but we just need to change its colors. So here I have orange color on this greenish color. So how do we do that again? Which is a real lips? We go to repress Alex, and then we go to here. It's on the left. Color has to be orange. Let's press device and choose the orange Carter. You can see that it's changing. That's what we need. Purse. OK, so why does actually happen? Why did we lose, have or circle in which is dark in color? Because now it's not showing our circle on darker places. As you can see, it's not showing it on the boys. Where is black members lighter? It shows it's there. So that's actually what's happening on which is the second color and make it kind of greenish. Yeah, something begs. It was personal key. That's actually it, guys. So I think we made okay, So certainly one last thing we didn't do, we need to make the image behind black and white. You can see it's only black and white. You can live it also like it actually looks pretty good But, you know, we'll make sure we make it exactly as making ice. I made it there on press here on this. Choose the last photo. Go here on chose black and white. And when you do that, as you can see, the photo gets back in. But we got exactly the same effect. So that's it for this project. Guys, I really hope you enjoyed this project on if you did, please go follow me at first gallery because everyone putting more projects and tutorials there so you can continue learning on. Also, just see what I create. Because I do quite crazy stuff. At least people nomadic rest. But no, I wish you good luck. And if you have any questions or you can always message May on, I will be happy to reply to 12. Thank you for rating new: nice before. Continue. One more thing. If you really enjoy the course, please created this really, really help me to create more, more and even more amazing glasses for you. 13. Create and edit custom brush: What's up, guys? Fred here on today, I'm gonna show you how to create a custom brush on how to edit it. So let's say, for example, this image. And look at this point here at these nodes here. How do you think it was done? It was done by using a custom brush. So you can see we have here many small dots. So this is that all using a customers. And I'm going to show you how to create a custom Josh brush, I mean, and how to create stuff like that. For example, on Let's start. So, first of all, we have to draw the brush shape on. So if you go here toe brush settings, fresh pressed brush settings. If you don't have it goto window and finding over our settings, you can see they're built of different brush brush styles. For Aleppo like this. Like this. Like a bird I don't know, like a water drop and so on, we're going to draw on her own. So how can we do that? It doesn't really matter how to draw. We can draw with vector figures. So it was a circle square in small. We can draw with a normal brush. Um, sorry I came on. Let's choose the brush tool here on Make sure we have black color selected on Let's Draw Something, for example. Let's see what can be true. Let me think that meeting. Let's try to draw a star. I mean, try Oh, what we can like. We can just draw up. Sorry. Let's go back. I need to make sure mothers normal. Um, let's throw. Yeah, just, you know, doesn't really matter something. Guys, this looks more like Patrick from sponsor, but it's okay on Let's on color this. You have to color it in order to make sure that, um I mean, you don't have to, but if you don't colors and the inside is going to be empty when you drove with his brush blazes now what? Now what? We need to actually is made to go toe. Let's make this small. It's actually pretty big. It's got eight it on free. Transform on. Let's hold Shift on. Drag it. Thanks. Is press OK? Yeah, this is much, but you know those Gotay it is right now on. Choose here and make sure nothing else you have on the screen. So the screens empty on these sinking up here on choose here defined brush preset on. Women really can see here already. This brush on, Let's call it Patrick. Let's just press like it. So now you can see that we already have here this type of brush tape like Look at my brush tip here. What's creating Mueller Now? We can deal. It is somebody in here? So if I start throwing now, I can see throws with Patrick already. What if I start just pressing? You can see that it's grades lots off Patrick's. Let's go back now. So now let's go and see what can What can we do with it? First of all, let's go here to brush the things. The first thing Gap year is spacing, so you think re spacing. You can see. Look here, so I think it is increased. Spacing guesses that the distance between between these brush stocks brushes is increasing . For example, if I start doing right now, you can see the drugs like this. If I have bring it down, it's going to be smooth so you can see that's during laces has continued, though let's make this basic higher so we can see each of them separately. Let's go now to shape the night, express it and he have. You have first of all sizes, jitter. Let's make this 100%. When we do that, you can see that now. Not all of them are the same size sounds of my small son was in a big, and if I drove right now, you can see that they're different sides. That's why that's why it's called size Geter. So now we'll set your minimum damage Her. That means, For example, if I make this 50 that means that the brushes are going to be different size, but the smallest one is going to be 50% from the origin one. So so this controls their smalls bright with smalls brush. Basically, let's make this zero now being angle jitter, we can make it 100. As you can see, all of them are pointing now to different direction. If I drove like you see, all of them are pointing to different directions, and also we have your around those Geter. If I make the sound just well, you can see what happens. So they're getting kind of lies is, it's kind of they're getting smaller. There was in the wit, and if I draw right now, you can see that you know, not all of them are the same shape. You see. The difference here is different shape. And here's different trip on. Let's you have to be able to hear me around us. That controls how much smaller we can make them from their wits. Let's make this year. Actually, we don't need it and also angle jitter. Let's make zero language. It'll make 100 on Let's continue now let's go to a scattering on weight. It's great anywhere and turn over this one. Okay, let's go to sketching. And here we have scattered. So let's increases. When we do that, you can see that all of them are going to the distance. And if I draw right now, you can see that the just on separate place. It is not a straight line, but heroes have have count. If increase count, you can see that it's get they have more and more off Patrick's, and if I start doing right now, you can see it looks like a lot of stars. Let's go back if I make the scattering even bigger. Like 100% I do. Right now. You can see that it looks actually pretty interesting on off course. You can let me go back off course. You can change the color on drove with another car, for example. This one No, not looks like this guy like a night scape. Perfect. Let's create a new one in Turn off this one. Let's continue. So then we have texture on protection helps us to apply a texture on terra brushes. So first of all, let's turn off scattering. So we have just normal legs is on. Let's go to here tomorrow and choose Multiply. So now you can see it's changed a little bit. Gold here on choose like this texture, for example and you can see that has changed already. So what that does You can see that yapias This points now It's almost the same like this texture. So first of all, he have you have scale. We can make it bigger, smaller then we have brightness. We have I mean, when when? When I say we can make bigger small, I means a texture inside, don't have brightness. This makes our sexual brighter or less bright. Let's make it left down so we can see the text. Actually on. We have contras. If you kiss, increase the contrast. You can see the texture pretty well. If you're in credit, you don't see it. That will. So if I draw right now, you can see that he's drawing with this texture. Let's say, for example, I choose another checks around the circles. One. You can see that it's now drawing with the circles, so it's actually pretty useful as well. And then we have also depths. Is this actually kind of capacity for the texture? So if I decrease it, read until it's actually being created, we see the texture. Okay, Now let's continue on and go to do a brush like turn of texture. So do a brush kinda and door brush kind them combines two brushes. So first of all, let's go here tomorrow and choose. Multiply on. Then we can choose one of the brushes here, for example, lectures and dancing legs is on. You can see that it has. It didn't change right now, but that's just something different. Yeah, you can see the change a little bit. Okay, now you can see it changes. So it combines now our brush with this brush, and that's why it has this kind of effect safe. I joined up, he tells a similar to this one, but also it also similar to our Patrick brush. If I chose a bird, you can see that changed the game and you know it is starting is. But this thing is not actually that useful, I would say, because you can never predict how it's going to look. So that's why I don't really use it. But you know, you have also the same thing like size, basing, scatter and count. And this already for the second brush. Not so not for the 1st 1 So let's turn off this fun on Go to co dynamics, because this is pretty interesting. This helps us to draw in a different colors at the same time. How cool is that on? Let's choose here. Apply port deep. Make sure your foreground and background details is 50% because this will help us toe go from foreground. Color the background color, but let's change them for now, so the foreground color has to be boot. It doesn't have to be about making group on. Let's press device on the background color. Make it red. So make sure your huge ITER situation, brightness and pretty is all at the center approximately. And if I start doing right now, also it makes scattering presidents catching sword slices. So let's go back to call dynamics. If I start drawing right now, you can see that it's all different colors. How cool is that? Work looks pretty good, right? Um so now we have you have us here. We can go from foreground to background to the for example. If I make it a little bit left, is going to choose more off the foreground color. You can see not more called colors. It's more bluish if I goto over the right is going to be more off the warm coats over the red. Also have you have you have huge ITER, which means that the cars are going to be pretty different. So if I make this zero, um, now the course alittle bit similar to each other. I mean, they're different, but if I make it 100% now is different to see. Now they're totally different because before we didn't see green color. Now we see green cards as well. Then we have saturation deter here, which meant that some ofttimes the calls are going to be worse saturated sounds that cars are going to be not saturated at all. So it makes this 50 situation should be like this. Let me have brightness safe. I mean 100 for example. And you can see that times the costs are going to be bright and some of the cause I'm not going to be back so he can see that they have built of that calls. This is because we choose brightness Geter, and then we have purity, so approach actually controls the overall color. So let's make brightness again at 50. If I started right now, right now is it? Breathe is pretty colorful. But if I make purity down toe minus 100 really see what happens, it's back invite. Actually, So this was pitted us. It controls. How much color do you want even make it go to it is going to be almost black and white, but you know, as colorful as well, let's turn of this for now and continue to transfer. Yep, Don't worry, guys. We're almost done with this thing. But it is actually pretty important. That's why I have to show you all of them. We go to transfer. Um so here we have a hostage ITER on. This will help us to make our brushes different, so you can see if I turn it off. Look here, look here again. If I turn that on, you see, it changed, Not sounds. The brushes are 100% off pumps. Percent opacity. Sounds that have 50% passed. It sounds and have 0% opacity. If I start drawing, you can see the towns that have passed in sounds and don't have a pastie. And here we have can't we can control the passage itr. You can make it higher. He's going to be high if I make it smaller, you know the jitter is going to be a smaller and they were floored, Determined? We don't need actually right now. So this is going what is actually doing? If you know what flow does, then you understand what flow detergent as well? Because you have floor here. If you don't know what flowed us, then just go look. It up. It's not that it's not that, Um, let me actually show you what? Well, that's what Let me show you what? Well, that's like choose in as a brush. So not Patrick, but just a normal brush on. Let's make flows 1%. Let's make this bigger So he ever have blue collar selected on floors. 1% opacity is 100%. If I drove, see what happens. The more drove, the more color I see. So how does this work? The first time I drove It has only 1% of color. Even if you have 100% selected and the more continue drawing their more colorful it gets. That's actually both followed us every time I drove it. That's 1% to the colors. If it is like night 20% then you can see that is getting 200 pretty fast. So this is the difference between four and passed. If it let's say, a pastis like 50 20 something I can draw on a post, it will always be right now, 28%. It won't go up, but when we have floor at the same, let's say anything like 1%. I drove on getting higher and higher. So is this like almost drawing in real life? The more you draw on the paper like with the colors, the better you see the colors. So I understand what flow does. Okay, let's continue to brush. OK, we don't actually need this one here, so let's just just move to the next time because this you will need if you have a stylist styles. Actually, these things that you can drop this legs up in, we don't need it. So just turns off and then we have noise is also actually not very heated. But let's just see what Oh, by the way. But go back to our Patrick brush shape. I cannot we have here noise. Wait. Go back to brush tip shape and make sure spacing is 100 because we lost. All of our praising is high because we lost all of our parameters that we did before. It's a nice should be on on If I draw right now. What? Oh, Floyd's 1%. That's what nothing happens. So if I got closer, you can see that he gave this kind of jitter. There's actually like I mean here this actually we have noise on that way is getting like jittery, right? Not just budgetary noise. Yeah, sorry for the wrong words. Here we have this kind of notes and we can actually also see it from first. They wait. This is actually what noise? That So it has no parameters. You can just turn it off or turned on. Let's go up, not toe. Let's turn off north and go toe toe. What? I just If we drove So what? What ages does when colors are the places where collapse the colors are crossing each as ABC This color better. So this actually their past is 100%. But still, when they're crossing each other, they just show more courts. So this is one like this? Yeah. So I hope you understand what I mean by that, Like this boys on that we have built up in order to test this thing, let's go toe scattering on. Make this higher on count up. So let's go back to a buildup. So buildup has an apartment is you can just turn it off or turn it on. What this actually does is when I just press and hold just press and hold, don't throw. It starts to build up the shapes by itself. So I just press and hold and self to build a building. But it's almost like creaking many times. You know, it just does this thing. And this morning we have always want to make sure our brushes smooth on protect texture we don't need is right now. If you were using texture so we don't need it because it has no option, you can just turn off or turn it on. That's it for now. Guys, I hope you understand what this thing does on how you can actually use because it's actually pretty powerful to on Let me show, for example, how else you can use this to where can you actually use the still on its own? So what? I want to show you one off my works. Enjoy. Oh, how did I use the Stoke there? Let me see if I can find it. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Here. So here you can see this point. Here's a white point. I created them using things Brush shows It's actually created using the brush. Yes. Make a smaller brush. Make this catching Kyra. So they're separated and start drawing. And here we have also some yellow ones. You don't see that well here. But if we would get cause able T the yellow ones are kind of from fire. I also created it using this brush. So I just a yellow brush and also scattering on maximum so somewhere else. Let me see. So anyway, um, that's it for these guys. I hope you enjoyed this lesson as well. And I hope you learned a lot of time on your stuff. So it's you guys till the next lesson. 14. Black and White Glitch Project part 1: Hello guys on Welcome to the lesson. So today we're going to create this bleach project here. It's actually pretty interesting, Interesting project on you know it's not. It's a it's actually not that difficult to do it. So just follow my steps on. You're able to create the same thing. So let's go to photo shop on creating new project. So make sure you you have a pixel selected, which is 1000 fighters. Want to 50 Orientation like this is ocean 300 RGB color mode on ledges. Press creative. Everything's OK. Perfect. So first thing me to do it, you need toe Take me to bring actually this image insider for the shop, you will be able to find it in their project materials. So now let's hold shift on drag in orderto make this bigger shift 100 make it does a bit exists change the position and then just press OK, Perfect. Now let's also deliver this background layer. We don't actually need it. So we're going to start with this squares here on how are we going to do them So press right here on then chose duplicate layer and press OK, nice to have a copy of over layer. So now we need to go here. Press right on. Choose rectangular. Marcato. Make sure you have this selected further. Zero style is normal on If everything is fine. Let's start drawing. So not going to define the rectangles, for example. I can do like this, you know? So you can sound. I should have to be small. Someone will have to be bigger told. Take on zone exist. No, just make few. Mm. Yep. Okay. I see. You should be fine. So now when you have dances, go to your first layer Press here, create mask. Now they have emasculated here. And if we turn off the where behind it. As you can see, we have only these things here. Perfect. So what we have to do now is now let's go to edit on Chose free transform are now We can drag it healthy but left. As you can see, we're already getting this kind of glitch effect. We can you know You can also drag it like right if you want. You don't have to do it left up or down. You know, you just have to see what fits your image best unless just press OK. Anything we have to do is you have to change the colors. As you can see here I have pink but you can change any cause that you want toe on. How are we going to do that? Is made to go here on choose here. Hue, saturation. Now we can't change the okay, we changing the call. And as you can see, nothing is changing white because our colors are black and right on when you have black and white to be country changed with you saturation effects always go back to layers on religious. I'm sorry. It was my mistake. So let's go back to here now. Minuto choose here makes our channel mixer. So now you have a channel mixer and if you start, you know playing Is this parameters as you can? OK, you can see now it's getting more it. So you just have to take the green and pump it up a little bit. So not when you have done this. When we need to make sure it affects only the only glitch effect, not the face itself. So how do we do that? If you go to layers we can see that challenge mixer is above this layer. And if I turn this off, it affects on this one. But if I turn that phone, it affects both of the left in order to make sure this affects only this layer. What do I do? I press twice here, and I go back to this channel mixer effect on. I can't prison. I was this one. So when I press this, what actually happens? If I go back to wears, we can see that the governor An arrow pointing down to this layer. That means that this effect is connected only through this layer. Right now, let's continue. So Okay, next thing you need to do is we need to make this. You can see here, have her hands, her nose on this hand. It's like it's going every single, everything is going out of it. Left. How do we do that? So we need to choose the first image goto filter on. Chose liquefy a filter. That's where and took opens. Okay, Perfect. Now let's choose the first forward work toe on. Make sure you can change the size Here, for example, is making deals with bigger Yeah, that should be perfect. It's more actually bigger. Yeah. Okay. Perfect. Also make sure then city and pressure is around 50 on and I can start drawing. And as you can see, it's bringing every single to left like this. So we need to make sure it's something similar to this. Yeah, it's kind of similar to religious press. Okay, for not of it and they think we need to do is we need to make this kind off colors here on How are we going to do them? As you can see here we have not only it's not only different cause but it's also points points points on. But let me show you it closer so you can see what I mean. Here you can see the dot in our two credit off dots me to do this for me. We integrate our own brush, which is in this shape. But first of all, let's drove this last here and just like 123 just four different colors. I know to do that. Let's go toe further shop. Let's create anywhere and also see here that this is located behind this glitch thing. So this layer has to be under this image. So it actually, between this on this image perfect, less selected. Let's shows a normal brush on. Now we have to select that normal. Some, like the round brush like this, make hardened zero on. Let's use the car. So this should be okay, So if I start drawing right now, let's make that bigger size. If I start drawing right now, for example, like this, you know something similar because this is too big, actually. What? What happened to my brush story? Let's create one more time. Like it sounds like this. So now we need to make sure this is, um this is like it's not looking. It has to be sent to blend with the image behind it in order to make sure it blends. We can go here to normal and shows multiply, for example. But this is not the same as if it I want maybe screen no overlay. Yeah, much better. And then becomes to change the opacity, make it a little bit less. As you can see, it blends pretty well his image right now. Okay, Perfect. So let's continue unless throughout the last solar, just choose here. Different color on continue drawing things is, um and as a color, for example, Kind of looks like a flag, but I don't I'm not sure this is a real Flike or whatever. Um, one more color stood purple. Let's make this small. Um, you have You have a place for a purple color. Perfect. So what do we do next? Now we need to make this dots here on how do we do them? So I'm going. I'm going to show you how to create these dots in the second part off this project. So just go to the next lesson on you will see how we can actually do that. 15. Black and White Glitch Project part 2: Hey, guys, let's continue with this project on. Okay, So now we need to create our own brush in order to create the dots on How are we going to do it? So let's go to brush settings here on. If you don't have it here, you can just go to wind down from rush settings here. Hopes close it on. So first of all, we need to make this pacing higher. So when because it's facing cancer that we have a space here right now. Perfect. Now let's go to shape Dynamics on also makes a size jitter mature, maximum. So not all of them are different size. Anything you need to do you need to go through scattering on also increases scattering like this. So now they go up or down and thus increase account on. Make this Katherine giving bigger. Yeah, something like this should be perfect. But tonight, let's create anywhere on. So what? Called 1/2 here? It's kind of so it's like blue something like this. So now if I get close and I start drawing, see what happens has is does. But they're actually quite big. We need to make them smaller. So just decrease the size off our brush toe. 15 for example. And see, Not still too big. Let's make them move in a smaller. So no. Yeah. Six. Probably. That's you. Okay. Much better, but still not exactly the same effect. So what do we need to do? His first. We're going to make a seven smaller. It's quite big. So let's make it three. Then We need to go to brush the things again, go to sketching on increase the scattering like this. A knife. I start drawing. Yeah. Night looks much better like this. Okay, Perfect. Now, in order to even make this like the dots more what we can do, we can go here and we chose dissolve. And when we really have even more dots here and that looks much better, but actually too strong. So we need to make a pass that down like this. Yeah, I'll get perfect. So we can't even draw some more because I feel like it's not enough. Let's see. Yep. So if you go back to this image right now, what also we have left here is we need to create this kind of wind effect as you can see. So how do we do that? In order to create this wind effect, we need to choose this image here. We need to goto filter stylized on to win. So when we do that, if you can see here we have this wind effect on we have actually three different options. So 1st 1 is really taking one is bust. It's kind of too strong and the service starts, tiger. But what we actually going to do? We're going to It's like the 1st 1 went and becomes to change the direction from the right or from the left. Let's do it from the right. Let's person keep So as you can see, we have this wind effect, but it's affecting everywhere. On here on the image, for example, I don't have it. I mean, I don't have it on her. I saw on her Abra Rivers or, like owns her nose, for example, acted on their own hands so hard to be control where they wanted to effect in order to control that Here you have this kind off a mask, So this must actually controls the places that this wind effect and liquefy effect are going perfect so liquefy effect. Let's turn it off. It created this hands thing. So it's going left like it's like going left on wind effect is this thing. So the problem is that this one mask is for both off this effects or for bus for wind on liquefy effect. So, for example, if I take my brush on, let's make it black and I start drawing. But before you start drawing, make sure its legs a normal brush. Let's make it bigger. Make sure you go toe brush that things on. You know everything is off except smoothing. So if I start doing right now, make sure you are selected. Who is black here, you can see that is getting back to normal fingers. So the problem is that what if I want to remove only this with the fact, But I don't want these fingers go back to normal. I want them to be like bended. How do we do that? In order to do that, we actually need to create a copy off this image. Solar. Just create a copy like this on what we're doing, actually, to do right now is we're going to create a mask here Legs is. And now we can turn off here. The wind effect. Okay, So how Ring house is going to work? Because we can open this Because, like this mask, we changed. We take the brush, we take black clothes. And if I start coloring drunk, I mean on the mask, you can see that where I drove the wind effect is going getting every And if I draw here, for example, I remember one is a wind effect. But like the band that fingers stay the same. Why does this happen? Because now I kind of have this effect. Separated. Here. Have one is electrifying effect. And here I have this wind effect. So if I remove this here, if I may If I remove this image, I see what work it behind it. That's why when I remove this image, I see the image we saw without the wind. So I hope you understood what I mean. If you didn't just, you know, replace this part few times on. I'm sure you will get it on how this works. So make sure your hardness is zero. Let's make it ultimate bigger. For example, let's I don't want it here. I don't want it on her eyes. Yeah, to make sure I look better. I don't want it here. Um, yeah, that's good. And as you can see here, do we order to have the same thing that I did? By the only difference is that is the cars on my own. The second approach that really are too strong. He has their software in order to make them softly, can just like this layer the color swear. And you can bring up our Stephen a little bit down. Nicest. And now it looks perfect. So I hope you really enjoy this tutorial. And if you did, please go and subscribe to my Instagram Channel Instagram page. I mean Friends Gallery, where I do show like a lot of interesting projects that create on all sorts of interesting animations for examples This brain boating here like it's Tyga's getting on. I will I will also do to Charles on this animations that I created on a lot of other stuff . So you guys doesn't next lesson 16. Vector Shapes: First of all, I want to show you what as director shapes here, we have a victim really depressed. Right on. We can see as a shapes, Espo Zoologists was true. The rectangle toe on When we have it, we can actually draw a rectangle like this because this is our rectangle. If you go to layers, we can say where as against Akira, bills have this kind off icon. That means that it's director where So what does this mean? Director Lair means that we can easily change its shape. All colors on it won't lose equality. So basically, for example, let's say we want to change it colors. First of all, when we have this rectangle selected here, we can go here to feel we can press here and then we can touch to one of the cars that we have here. Or we can just press here on shows any car we want toe on live, then press OK reels that can choose radiant. For example. I persevere and have a great agent, as you can see and also we can choose patterns. For example, if I press here on the sort of on we can choose different patterns as well. That is all for field. But we also can't do the same thing with the stroke. First of all, let just choose here black again. So I just saw it started calling me countries any color on Let's go to stroke right now. So stroke is its border car. If the press And of course, as you can see what we have here aboard the color, we can control the which of this border by increasing this number, for example, as you can see it getting bigger on, we can also do the same for the border. We can make a grade int different radiance. We can make a pattern. Okay, Perfect. And if you want, don't the border tax here here anymore, we can just press here. The 1st 1 on the border is gone. Now let's continue. Let's say you want to change its shape. What can we do? So here we have this shape created here. In order to move it, we have toe select this past election toe we selected on. Then we can press and move the shape. But yes, you can see the heat also has for anchor points in orderto move them. We have to press right here. And so, like the white white arrow direct the selection tool. And then if I press it, I think and this is the only book there's only blue point Right now all those are those are white. That means this is only one selective so I can press it on drug it on. Just press Yes on. I can press on, drag it. As you can see, I can create different shapes from this square. I can't just turn it off for now. So we also have here other shapes, like lifts poorly go online custom shape toe on us for example. If I If I choose around the direct and goto I'm here I can dry rectangle ask You can see it has rounded corners If you want to increase their radios off this corners What? You can actually go? You can go to properties panel here unless you can see here We have almost the same things that we are here. But well, here we have also air radius. So basically here we have 60 put pixel if you make it 100 on press Ok, enter. I mean, unless you can see here you have 100 pixels right now on and surrounded slices. If you make it zero, it's going to be a squares again if you make it 200. It's almost a circle like I'm in the corner surrounded. That's causes for now and continue. Let's turn it off. I think we have Alex on if we draw on Ellipse, so just rose on the lips. But you can also make it a perfect circle in order to make it a perfect circle. You just have to hold shift if you'll cheat andro a circle, as you can see. Not a perfect circle. I'm actually the same applies for square swell, so let's just turn it off if we take square on. If we hold shift and start drawing a square, it's going to be a perfect square. By that, I mean that weeks on height are going to be the same. But if we don't hold shit, we can make a rectangle us feel like it doesn't have to be a perfect square. We can make any rectangular shape. Let's turn this for now. Let's continue next year. We have polygon toe, which just creates a polygon like this, you can actually can actually control how many sites we want for large right Night has six eyes, as you can see here. But if you change it, for example let's say toe 8% on. Start growing, not has eight sides, so you can count them. Let's turn this off. Continue then the appear line. So this just draws a line. Nothing really special line, line, line and so on. Let's turn them over as well. Continue on the last one Here we have custom shape toe which helps us toe create the custom shape that we have here from our library. For example, if I press here, I can't do it all okay. And I have all of the shapes that we have important show right now here So I can choose any off off the shapes for example, this one on Then I can draw. And if I hold shift is going to be perfectly perfect size. I would say so if I don't hold shaped it can't be like this or like this by the whole chip is going to be proportional and I can change its collar ingredients on anything I want. Okay. Perfect. Now let's turn this over as well. Actually, let's do it off them. So in order to select all of them, we can just press 1st 1 as it can hold, shoot and press the last one. I think I can just president it. Yes. Cool. Let's continue. So this was all for rector ships? I just wanted to explain your water. Rector. Shapes on Hauser were off course. There are also some advanced things that I didn't go through, but we will cover them later. 17. Transform Options: What's up, guys for it here on, they were going to learn transformation options on what can we do with them? So first of all, let's, um, just taken image, for example, just, like always redo on, put in further shop. Let's make it a little bit smaller. Um, let's press okay for now. So unless unless this is background layer because we don't really need it. So they're here. Ways to get to transformation options 1st 1 is just to press control plus t or Here's in Mac com Auntie. So just press it also, what you can do. You can go to edit on Jews here free transform and then you will have the same thing up here. Then we can progress, right button off for a mouse on here we will see some options like scale rotates que perspective, distort or work. So it's the same to go. It traded transform. We will see the same stuff here. But like this, if you just pressed right button, it's much faster. So we know we already know what the scale just helps us. To amazes bigger, smaller rotation is just helps us to rotate our image. So we just go to this edges a little bit higher and carry of rotation becomes irritated here like you see your point here to sound like an example right under 34 minutes like this , or you can make it zero. So it's normal, Kate. We're game. But this is just too basic. So let's go to some more interesting. Some advanced of mortar Single. So let's go to skew. So what does this do? For example, I just chose que And if I personal one of the ages and start dragging, see what happens, we can actually skew our image. Put it kind in perspective. Sort them by can President elect like this. So now it looks like it's on the world like this, For example, um, you know, so we can just drag it like left, right up, down and so on so we can do a lot of really interesting stuff. This really helps us to put our work in perfect imperfection. For that, we witnessed the bones, the wall or the floor. We can use that as well. So just press cancel here. So it's back to normal on. We can just press control commentary again, right button on Go Now to perspective. So perspectives help, says Toe, Make our image like you put in some perspective, when we drag well into the point, it starts dragging two points at the same time. For example, if I drag this point down, you can't say that it's also dragging this point. So right now it's like a perspective on the left Imagines, deserves a world like this on our image is going on the world or let's go back control zero Commons E because to make it like it's perspective, so almost like it's on the floor, let's say so. We can do it off different and interesting stuff. Is it as well, So controlled or comity right on again Now is goto this store, so the start works almost like skew, but is different from usual point again. We can drag the points one by one, but it just looks different. Doesn't look the same sq on. Usually I use distorted for if you need toe put something on the ball on I advise you to use distort us well, because this is like the most convenient way to do it, I would say now I can put it here like this so I can change it any way I want. Toe change my image. Okay, lets go back again. Control tea right on. Let's go. Toe warp on war pills helps us to work for image of somewhat some some objects which says there's a bottle on being to work for image so we can what we can do. Um, example you can see here is his round stuff we can person tracks him on also become person Jack here, for example. What is happening? Yeah, perfect. So I imagine we had the rich. We had the bottle, right? Like this It's rounded So the bottle is rounded and they say here, for example and we can put our image on the rounded place as well. So religious personal care for no on. If you go, for example, toe some, that's a just boto Whatever can see like there's bottles, we can make sure that our images also rounded on the bottle. If we use worked all I'm not going to show it right now, but you can try it yourself because in order to make it perfect were you need actually to work a lot on that. It's not just making this world thing or you can just use some more cops. Just don't worry. We will get to that if you don't. If you still don't know what is more cup, we can just go good. And your spirit is But like, technologist, focus on this transformation tools. So on this press control again, right? Okay, let's go back to work. So I say we can also personalize this points and drags him. What happened? Realizes so you can move it Anyway. We want to move it right now. I'm just going to the polls, but we don't really practicing them. Don't worry. We'll practice them later in the future. Projects so present I can make it like this on now it looks like it's Ah, it has been worked like this is just left on So and so it looks quite interesting. We can press enter here who wanted to be normal again. We can just press contra LTE, right? Work on Dhere. We go to non hands back to normal. Okay, so let's just try to dio something, you know, just for us. An example. Um um let me just find an image that we can practice on really? The world. Or it is something like a world, missy. Okay, that would be fine. I guess So. Now, um, let's say, like, you know this much. Let's say we just take him. We just take text, so take fixed. Let's right here. Supermarket. Miss Purcell. K here on. Make sure we go toe character problem. If you don't, you don't have it here. You can go to window on point. Tractor panel here on. Just make sure this is a little bit smaller. Yours may be different because this was the West style I used for my text. So yours, Campbell to be different. I'll say you are smaller as it should be. Okay. And also this, however, make zero. So there is no spacing between letters. Also change the colors to black. I make it not extra light, sister, but bolt close. Just boat. Not talk. I cannot. Let's say we want toe make the supermarkets sign. Appear here on this world. How can we do that? So, first of all, I want to make a little bit smaller because it is too big. We can just press control t and now hold shift. I make the smaller exist. Now let's get closer. So now, um, what do you have to do? Is press right here on now Goto just personal care for now. First, let's go to layers before we do it is English press right here is our techs on. Make sure it's smart address, so it's newcomer to smart object. If you want to put your text in perspective, it's really highly advised. Toe. Put your text, first of all, to a smart object into a smoke converted into Smart object and they work with it. Smart object. And then, as you can see the text and is going out, it's a smart object. So I was pressed. Control tea right on, Go to perspective. And now we can just press here, for example, and drag it. As you can see, it's getting into perspective. We can drag it like this. It's a bit down Persecute tonight looks exactly like it was formed before on let's make it a little bit smaller again. Control committee and just hold shift on, make it smaller. If you want to change the text, you can just press twice. You are a smart object on the image itself On press. Okay. And here we have over text appear. So now we can change it here. And then when we say Vititoe appear I'm sorry to appear here changed So for example, that change somewhere turns Lish takes Ah, thanks, toe. Ah, let's select market makes a color blue unless press okay here again I know it saves. Let's go to file on. Say, I'm going to have done this. But if you go back to rubble project, you can see that it saved. It's ah changed. So everything. We want to make some changes. We have to go to this project. Change the text here, save it on. Go back. So again, how did I open that? You just press twice here on the smart object purse. Okay, on its opened up. Perfect. So yes, this is exactly house. How can use smart objects and transformation options? Let me show you one more thing. For example, let's say you want to put an image on this world. How can you actually do it? So, first of all, it's royal advice to take some rectangle for example, place it here. Onda makes the color white and also goto stroke and ensure there is no stroke. And this is probably spend just in case you didn't see it. You can also see it here the same stuff on No, let's what we should do. No, let's press control. Let's press crowd here and make number two smart object And that is a smart object. So it's press control T on may consult a bit smaller cold shift exist, for example. It doesn't have to be perfect something like this. Now for us, right? And choose perspective again. Another can or game for us here on drugs is tonight's getting into perspective. So right now, if we go inside our rectangle inside of a smart object on place, something very to appear here. So, for example, I can press twice here. Okay, I can put some image here. Uh, you know, just from this one, making bigger I'm press OK. Tonight, we saves this goto file and safe or just post control common safe and go back to our approach. You can see that the images here and it's already in perspective. So now you can change any image to any mature save it and to appear already in perspective like this. Is this how we can use transformation options on smart objects on you can do the same with any other terms from assumption. We just looked at perspective. But of course, there also warp skewed distort on other Prince formacion options on. We're going to use them in our project. So your practice them? Definitely. But of course, you can go and practice them on your own. That's it. Guys, I think this tutorial was a little bit difficult. I Maybe there were some women that you didn't understand. No. Maybe even I must have a little bit sorry for that by the cannabis. Come comment and I will answer your can Just reach me on my instagram at for its gallery. I'll be happy to help you. So you guys still the next lesson bite? 18. Breaking Out project part 1: What's up, guys? Welcome to the lesson. Quiet here. Aren't you ever going to create this amazing project on this project Was actually hit on my instagram account on I know it has, like only like 156 likes about. At that time, I had only like 300 forwards and, like, how holds them like the photos? I was shocked like seriously, Anyway, so we're going to create is because a lot of people really like this and I hope you're gonna enjoy this project as well. So let's start first of what? We have to go to further shop on press. Great. You're just like we do always and then just go toe width and height. 1000 ways. Height. Want to 50? Make sure you have selected pixels orientation. Like this name. You just can You can name it anything you want. So like looking at this, maybe we could name it like, uh, I scream melting ice cream and are melting under the sun. I named it, but you can name it Anything you want. So melting Uh, already melting ups. Nothing. I scream and you see any way resulting 200 color mother Debbie. And if everything is fine religious, press create. Okay on. Of course, you need the project file. And you like this. This water here and you will find it in project file so I can download it on for me. So legis partisans in for the shop. We left weight. And now we have to make sure there is limited space left on the left or right side. So just hold shift on, press here and drag. And again the same thing here. Hold shift bursts here and drag that. This should be perfect. Let's more for a little bit up that exists. So let's just see here, Okay? So you can see that we were stopping here somewhere on the same should be here so we can win with even higher. Yeah, this should be perfect. Legends press OK. Analysis removes his background layer because we don't really need it. Alleges personal. It removes this. Okay, so if you look at this project here, we notice that first of all, the colors different, So we have to adjust the colors. You can see that the course here different and here's the course are different. Secondly, we see that here we have this kind of rectangle on so same perspective. So we have to transform it on. Also, you see these things here We'll use smooch, toe or mixer brush toe to craziest kind off. If is this kind of melting effect and also this song here, this will be the final touch. I will show you how to do this as well. So let's start first of all, by creating this rectangle here, how can we do that? So we need to go here. Press right. Make sure you choose a rectangle to then go here to feel on press here and make sure you choose the first option, which means there won't be any color inside the rectangle, but then go to stroke on press here So that basically say's that will have ah, border when our rectangle is that this is exactly what we need. So we need to have here a white border on Let's go back to stroke on also President white color on Make sure this is 10 pixels, so it's but we can increase their wits later anyway. So just keep it anything you want on, let's now draw the rectangle. Um So it's just draw something like that, that this should be fine. I can. Now let's look first about the wits on its Not that big. Actually. We should make it, uh, seeker, so we can just increases. Not 10 pixels, maybe like 20. Mm. 20. Looks fine, But twenties actually. Fine on. Let's continue. So now we should press here on. The first thing we need to do is let's through. The first told the Moto Now we can press control T if you're using windows or common T if you're using Mac well, we can just go to a Did I appreciate free transform toe on any campus and drag adults a bit higher. Then you press right on here. You have so press again, right button on your mouth. And here you have perspective, too. I chose this one. Who's this will help us to put this rectangle in perspective so we can press here, for example, and drag it, as you can see is getting into perspective on Derrick Kayongo here press and drag. So this actually exactly what I mean if you look here, this is exactly what we need it. But we will change the a little bit as well. So what went to, you know, we need to change the size a little bit on ledges. Press tried and choose here scale. Now we hold shift on, drag it so we can make adult but smaller. Now, let's make it a little bit higher like this. This already looks nice, but you have to does all this stuff. For example, it just press right again. Unless shoes now distort. So what? Which was just thought we can change the direction off every point, like one by one. So for them, by can person that click on that point, as I can press and drag it like this, its allies is we can actually do it usually as you want. So maybe Ah, mathematic Mom. Live like, logically, you front local, right? But we can do that. You want because you know it is our artwork. So it doesn't have to follow logic. We can just do whatever we want with it. Okay? This is to, um, small actually express here and drag it like this. I would like this down. Let's look again here. Okay. You can see after you see that we have to make this wider. This is not a wide enough. Basically religious press here makes this wider and then we can brings that higher like this on. We can also just click here somewhere and then take the whole thing and bring it all to be down. Okay, this actually should be good. Let's purse. OK, now was this is fine. Now what you have to do, we have to make sure here we don't see the rectangle because it it has to be an effect. Like the rectangle is basically the girl is in the middle of the rectangle. That's why we don't have to see this rectangle here. So if you look here again, you can see their clunkers behind her head on her arms and so on. So how do we do that? So we have to create a mask on. Also, you can see that we made it a little bit sick. It should have been a little bit sooner. Like if you look here's rectangle, he's here Pretty soon. So what we can do actually, if it was a rectangle and then we go here, press against its rectangle toe we can see here 20 pixels so we can make it like, let's try 14%. Er, yeah, you may be even less like 12th. Okay, it was fine. Now let's choose a rectangle again on press you on create mask. So we created a mask. So now we have here White mask. There's going to help us to remove some parts of the rectangle. That's why we go here. Press right on. You have to choose the brush toe. Now we have When we have the brush toe off course, you have to understand how masked works. If you understand it, then you'll have no problems creating this project on Let's get out a bit closer. So now let's make this ultimate bigger their brush itself. You can just go here, and because this increases size, I want to make sure hardness is 100%. And also we have to change the black, choose the black color. That's all you have to press here when we press that it changes between black and right. If you have here some other cars, you can just press here. So you get back your default course and press again. Here we can change between black and white on those, there's actually a shortcake called X, which helps you to change between black and white colors. So he's a black car. And if I start drawing right now, you can see the direct angles actually disappearing are never will make it appear on Lee where we want. We want it to appear basically on. So what we have to do Let's go here. Toe pastie on Makes this a little bit less like 71. You should be 60. Should be good. So we have toe decrease the past over the rectangle. So we see what's located behind like this. We can easily delete the parts of the rectangle that have to be behind the face, for example, because we see the face as well gets closer him this on, then Here, for example, her hands on. And, um yeah, this one should go behind us. Well, okay. Here. I went along with too far so that I have to change back toe white car. I could I could also use, like the x Russia. Um X hot key shortcut. Sorry again. I changed the black and now I can't. This is so again. Don't forget to change between black and white when you're to deal it or make something up here back. So now let's go to a past and make this 100. I know we can already see this line here, so this will build. Have the effect. Like it za girls in the middle. So what do we do? Know. Um, now we actually have to go here. Let's see. So now we have to make his melting effect. How do we do that? First of all, you have to create anywhere. Protest press Here on now we appear in your empty where it has to be on the top off everything. Now we go here, press right and we have to choose smooched Smart sto I always mispronounced. Sorry, guys On So now we also have to make sure Here sample wears is checked. So this has to be owned strength. This is too much. Maybe like 50 should be fine. And also we should change the brush tip So we should have something like this. How do we change it? Let's close this. We should go to a brush settings this here on. If you don't have it, you can go to window and find here. Brush said things here you will have. You have the same thing on also. So just scroll down, Make find this this brush tip. You'll have the same like mine. This is actually built in brush Tip in for the shop. So all for the shops should have it. What's closes on If we go closer Now, for example, I can start drawing. You can see what happens. The girl was actually melting. So if you look here is exactly the effect that I wanted to create. Let's just go back a little bits with, um, any time you can go step, step backward or use this shortcut here. So let me go back to your times. Yeah, So I just want to make this drink a little bit more like 70. And let's try again, like here. No, I don't I don't I think it's too much. Let me make this small again. So the difference here is it, um we can't use always the same size. For example. You can see here it's getting like this, but it is getting smaller, smaller. That's because I'm decreasing sites. So how do we do? For example, I start growing like this, for example, And then when I get here, I decrease the side a little bit on. I can make it like this, so make sure you decrease the size of the brush, the lower you go. Basically, we can continue doing that like this. Okay, because there's actually also second tool that you can use. In order to create this effect, I will show you both of them so you can choose between this two tools, I would say. But before we continue what I wanted, I wanted to save this work. Let's goto file and safe on real control during the next listen. So this lesson doesn't get too long to you guys during the next lesson by 19. Breaking Out project part 2: What's up, guys? Welcome back to this project on we stopped when we were during this effect here on, I promised to show you the second tool that can also do the same effect. The second door results with more complex. It's called mixer brush toe. So it's press right here and chose mixer brush toe on what you have to do in order for it to work. So, first of all, we have to go here, press here and choose clean brush. Secondly, make sure this on this. Our boss checked, so it has to look like this witness has to be 100. Mix has to be 100 off. Last abounded load. Basically, everything has to be 100% except smoking. You can make this zero. We don't need it on also. So if I was also make sure your brush tip it is against this step so you can go to brush settings again. I'm find it here. So if everything is fun, let's go to layers. Let's turn on, turn off. Basically this layer that we know. Listen, let us turn it off. I was quite anywhere. Unless they're the same thing with this viz mixer brush tool so we can decide which brush we do. We want to take this Mrs Maysles with bigger enough. You start growing. Okay. You can see that in effect. So to be different. For example, if I drove the difference is that this effect is literally drawing. While this one is like dragging it down mixer brush is drawing. So that's actually a big difference. As you can see, also like, the technique is similar, but still there's a difference. So what, you can actually you can play with these parameters, you know, in order for it to may toh look different. For example, let me go back. Andi. What? We could go. We could just go toe witness, for example, makes it with less. And if I start doing right now, you can see that is actually similar to what we did with smashed. Oh, so now it looks kind of similar, so you can decide which one you want to yours. But I would actually prefer to go with smushed. Also lets did this second layer, um, turned on bags this much tool. And now let's go back to press. Right? True, there was much till and Also, I forgot to tell Here, Sample wears has to be own as I was. It won't work. And also it's president here and choose much toe. Let's continue. So nobody is that here. If you look at the original project, Yeah, you can see that we can be actually reading a lot of places her hands, her jacket, this a rectangle and stone. So let's start doing that. Okay, Um, like it's going from her case actually like this actually, like, it doesn't have to be exactly like, ah, the project, the original project. Because every after you create can be different and even I if I If I do this thing again, it real with different anyway, List of something that exact. Yeah, just like it's dropping, we can go. So some drops here, for example. I just went back. So if you don't like it, you can always go back. Go to it is going to step backward. Legs is, um, get weak. And also the same thing here is her hair. Maybe make this a little bit smaller is a brush. No, Let's go back. This should be legs. Is, um water holes here? Definitely. We can make this here as well. You could you under the seat right now. But let's make it like this. So you can. No, this is about three. Can already see this. Let's look elsewhere. Where do we have here with Is that here? Ah, now we can direction left here. Maybe a little bit on the hair on the hand, on the rectangle. So let's do that on the hand as well. For example, Almost like her hands. Like melting down a little bit. Ah, maybe we can do the same thing with her hair. Basically like the hair is melting down on the hand. We could try this. Okay? And those go to the rectangle so on. So we can just press here on drugs. This as you can see, we get the same effect on the wreck. Tango. So, you know, just feel free to the waterway. Want, like, use your creativity because you don't have to be like my work. You can do something. You can do something different. I don't think that when you do it like from when we have here, is this guy gonna and you do it like this? You can say this is getting this getting also down. If you don't want to get done, what you can do, Um you can just make this press here, um, change the direction of the brush. Like this policy. I can see it's changed on life. I drag it. You can see that is doing better now, Like this also, you can just press right A rope, right bottom basically on your mouth on that. You can do it like this as well. So you can You don't have to go there every time. Let's see here. We have to do this. Well, like this should be fine with me. Normal again. You can still make the smaller so he can make some lives. Be like extra toll, I would say not all but long on. Yeah, we should do more. Probably exists. This is too small. Yeah. This just about dragging, going back, dragging, going back on doing the same thing over and over again. Okay. So if you want to go do something else of course, you can do some other parts off the jacket, for example, A swell. Um because for me, I think that's maybe OK, maybe just toe a little more here. Look about for me. I think that's fine. So it's continue now. We have to change the colors. And how do we do that? So we can, um, press the first ones and we could be held shift hold shift for is the last one. Lenny, campers. Right button here and we can choose here. Convert to smart object. So when we have done this, we can just press go to filter on, then chose camera ro filter. And this actually will help us toe change the colors as we want. So I told together, for example, I can change the temperature here, make it cold or warm like this warmer or colder. Well, this makes this woman I can change the team, for example. Make it greenish or more violet like this, for example. I can change the exposure. Don't be too much contrast. Making more control is contras. Make me let's make it look actually less contras here. But Shane, let's make this temperature to the blue. Make this leg this ultimate to the purple. Um hi. Let's I want to beat up Shadows also appeal to be rights Hire blacks. Yeah, blacks like This should be fine clarity that just made this higher. Because clarity is like it is usually makes the image better if you make it more closely because if you turned off completely, you can see that it's getting boring on the heads. We don't actually need this. So if you just were agreed, you will see what we don't really need this. So they just keep this on zero vibrance yet we can increase Ought to be the vibrance. That would definitely help us. So it's a different look here, but we still can change it if you want to Like you can't make this greenish if you want to . Let's continue now so we can go here to h yourself. Adjustments on, Go to hear Here. So here, for example, we can make the reds be orange or purple. So you can we can We can change this thing here or unjust. We can change them a swell. You definitely see the changes yellows. But Sylvia, we don't will have your lost your greens maybe. Ah, nor like Waas. No blues? Yeah, we have booze here. Unless you can see we can actually change the booze. Yeah, that's kind of like that. You going for purples? Yeah. We also have purples. My genter. Okay, so that's finalist purse. Okay, I'm on. Anything that you want to do is you want to go to filter on, Then we want to go toe render. I'm going to go here to lighting, not sort of to less where, because you help us to create this lighting effect here. As you can see here we have this kind off son. We can put it. There is important black anchors the brightness or decrease it like this. I can change the lens type like this on also, you have to notice that care be of this kind of plants that planets type thing. Because if I change it, you can see it here I can do, like, different type of less. Oh, like something like this move from. And here you have this beautiful lines appear so we can make it like this on press. Okay? And look here. Here you have no this brutalize appear Also, this is like a light. If you turn it off here less where no one's flair with Leslie let definitely better. So that's it for this project guys actually on. OK, the color maybe is a little bit different, but you know, you can't change the Colarossi one. Also in other things that you can do actually is press here on go to your situation and then you can changes like this. And then, you know you can change the cars that you want toe, for example. Maybe maybe something legs is Oh, are you know, that is because this doesn't look like a human already, but it looks more like a water or something like that. But anyway, that's it for this project. Guys, I didn't hope you liked it on to you guys till the next project. By 20. Pen Tool: Hi, guys. So during this listen, I want to show your parental on how it works, So basically less. Listen, we learned square a director shapes and today we're gonna learn mental, which will help us to create our own custom vector shape. So gestures mental on. So first reaction, it'll just create anywhere on dealing this background layer because we don't need it. Okay. And let's start drawing first apologised press once. Remember, press, as you can see here we have a point creative on then which can we can just print anywhere else. We press again. As you can see, it's over their line and then we compress again, again and again. Unless you can see as we continue pressing, it starts creating a shape. In order to finish that shape, we need to goto our first point that we created a member move our mouse onto this point. As you can see, there is a circle appeared near That means we're going to close it. So if I press here again now it's a closed shape. Perfect. Okay, so basically, with that, with this parental, we can create any shape that you want toe. But first of force is not a shape is not a figure. It I would say it's not a shape yet. It just a pass one. Does that mean I can see here? We don't have here. Director Shape appeared is just the usual layer. So if I turned off, turned on as you can see, nothing happens. This is still on the screen because this is a past it just like it's almost like a selection it over station on the screen unless you removed. So if you go here to pass, it's, ah panel that looks like this. If you don't have it, you can go to window and you can have find here. Pass. So this is our pacify press here somewhere, an empty place here, for example. As you can see, it's going if I press again, it's here. So there are few things we can do with this past. Let's go back to Lear's. First of all, wouldn't have mental selected here have make, and then we have selection, mosque or shape so we can create three different things from our past. First of all, let's start with selection, Okay, if I just know. First of all, I just use any picture on, you know, just put it inside for the shop. Yeah. Perfect analyst. Personal key. So here here, have my picture on if I go now to selection, make selection President makes zero on just press. OK, so she had have now selection appeared. So basically, I can create a selection from past, and if I cried a mask right now, there is going to wear my mask. Let's go back. So just aided on step backward out. Press control, plus it. Or if you're using Mark, it's common plus option. Plus set perfect on. Let's get rid of that selection He has go to select on the select Let's draw in as a pass. So let's take a our pencil again and start doing like start just pressing. Press, press, press press on. Don't forget to finish your past, so you have to present the first point again. Nothing we can do here is create a mask. So what is the mass? Actually, if you press mask, what does this happen? What does this to every Yankee here must created? But it's not black and white, like our usual mask is great and white. This because it's vector mask right now. What does it mean for them believe you want to change its shape, we can press right here on choose our direct selection tool and then the campers only over the anchor points for them by press once not selected and I can drive it. And when I started reading, as you can see, I can make my image disappear or appear again. So this is like a normal mosque but its director mask, so you wouldn't have normal must, which is black and white. We can use brush on black and white cars in orderto remove some parts or make some parts at here. But it's not like this here, here, here we just have to their points. Okay, perfect. Let's continue. Just delete this one here. The mosque. OK, let's take our pencil again on Let's throw something again. So this time it's going to be a shape. For example, I have to cause the game, and this time we have here a sort option. Let which is shape. I can press it on if I press it as you can see, a shape appears here, so not you can see that we have a new layer on. If I want to change the scars on its parameters, I can just take this past election toe that can present I have here. Fuel and struck appeared, so I can just press feel and I can choose any of the colors and start changing the color so I can't even make a radiant on so I can make a pattern on other stuff On the same. The same app is also to the stroke so I can choose a stroke. I can make it bigger, smaller and so on. I can remove. Defy President Press here it's getting removed. A little knowledge. Just remove this shape. Now this turn off our picture. So there are also some few other things I want to show you regarding mental. If I take Pento, let's say I drew something. Yeah, let's say something like this so they're actually options that help us to create new points or to delete existing points, for example. Let's say if I want to delete this point, I can just move my mouth onto it on, As you can say, minus appears right now on when I press is getting do it. If I want to create a new point, I can just move my mouth anywhere on the empty place. But as you can see, when I move, my must tow the empty place Plus appeared near my mouth and I press a new points created. If I want to delete it, I can just move, want it and you can see it's a minus. I can press and dilated. So why do actually to create new points for that? Let's say I credit new points here. So now I can move it. I can't take. I can't go here. Press right. I can't take here direct selection tool which helps us to move our points. I press it on, Then I press my point on. Now, As you can see, I can move it. So you're probably wondering what are the things here and why is it surrounded? So these things here help us toe change the direction of our line because our line that would have to be strictly those can be around it. For example, I can press on drug and as you can see, when I do that, it changes the direction off my life like this so I can also press and right at that point on in order to make this point, for example, surrounded like this already has a point. What we can do. We press right here and have convert point. We take it on fertility. What? I want to make this around the past. Well, so I have just to press, press on, drag on when I do it. As you can see, it's getting rounded and he f here this round, things appear. So what are this Round Terkel's basically they help us to make to change the roundness off our line to change the curve, basically, so I can just press on drunk, as you can see, is getting different. So please don't make the square points with this round point because square points actually anchor points that are in our existing past. These things they don't really exist. That just helps us toe curves our past. It's not a point. Let's continue on. Let's general take our pass selection tool again. So, like this and just president, so we don't need it anymore right now. Okay, now, besides, there are parental. We also have here free from parental if I take it, I can start drawing right now. So if I start drawing as you can see for the Adra and I go back to where started, I say a circle I released So I have passed again. But this time I didn't just, you know, like point point. I didn't crazy by point. I just throw something. I automatically became a pass perfect. Let dilated as well. Just press dilate on takeoff. A selection toe on deal it. Nothing back here is a curvature parental. This helps us to create a curved lines. For example, I press once in a press again I defy presser time. There's going to be recovered already so I can continue pressing on a cypress as you can see it getting curved. So basically like this, it's Chris automatically. Smooth lines which helped which help us toe make our actually shape much more beautiful. I would say, Saleh, just finish this, Okay, let's listen to this one as well. But actually is a bad thing about this toe character pencil is that we can't really control how curve is going to be in order to control the Curtis, I would say we have toe take the normal mental and I will show you how we can create carved lines with this. First of all, let villages less president it and we take the normal parental. So I said I showed you before. If I just press, press impressed is getting street lines. But if I press on drag, so just press and don't release your mouse button if you present leg, As you can see, we have cares this Portland appear so again, press your mouse on track. So don't release your mouse button. And as you can see here, he has his card lines appear again. So when you do that, please don't make this circles on the squares because this adjust for make changing the colonel's off our line on this, actually is actual point on our past. So, for example, let me do this one on take parental again. First of all, 1st 1st point. Just press one. Don't present direct 2nd 1 You can press on Jack, and when you do as you can see, it's getting carved again. Okay, so this is where our land ends. Actually, this is not a line. This is just help. Are We trapped us to cover our line again because adult of student and usually makes this curved line. This is round things with the square saying these were our land And if you want to continue , we can just present Dragon as you can see it starting from here. So and then we can press on drag person Jack on like this. We can just, you know, change the corners off our shape as you want unfinished. If you want to change the Curtis, you can always take pride, press right here and change Convert point and then you can press on dragons. You can see you can change it. If you want to make strict, we can just press once on it. It's getting strict. You can press months or drag on them first ones, for example, and getting strict again. So when you press once is getting straight, whether when you drag, it's getting curved on. But on this, I would like to finish our lesson on already during our next lesson. We're going to create this amazing project here, so I see you guys on the next lesson 21. Mixer Brush Tool: What's up, guys on? Welcome to photo shop. So our next project on the list is this one. It's actually pretty cool project, as you can see the other three their line here. But in order to create this project, we need to learn one to first, which is called Mixer Brush on. Let's get started. So first of all, let's press right here where you have brush on Chairman. It took take mixer brush toe. Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. It. How does this work? First of all, let's create anywhere and let's do this background layer because we don't need it. Make sure here you have both of them. Selected legs is what zero load this 100 floors 100 this is the restaurant on. Let's just start creating. So if we start growing, as you can see, it grows like a normal normal brush. So nothing really special. Just a black color, because here we have black are selected. Let's go back. If we take load on, make it for example. 1% See what happens now when we start drawing, it doesn't drove the full colors, so it's it starts like it. It ends like after 1%. So what does this mean? This means that we have only here 1% of color and then we'll start drawing it Scared Lizza color EDS. So if you make it like 20 person, for example, I drove on the color still ends, but it gets a little bit further even make it 50%. I can draw about its talent. If I make it 100% then I can draw interstate. The color will never finish. So this actually difference between she can't say to getting is going as a bit slow. Is it because I'm using mixture brush, not the normal brush on You will get in the while wide. This is drawing out a bit slow because mixer brush candle actually a lot more than just a normal brush. So what's great in your and let's do this one we don't need anymore. Perfect. Now let's continue. So now I want you to press right here on select Ellipse toe. And now, in order to draw a perfect ellipse, you just need to hold shift and job. So if you're Chief Andrew, as you can see, it's perfect circle. So by perfect circle, I mean that with on height are the same. 6161 But you can have it any size you want. Unless press here on. Then let's press here on the sword one on. Let's select one of the great aunt here or just legis Cradle. Raw ingredient. So what can we do? We can press twice here on just select. You know this color, for example. No, let's make it like this on. Let's press here twice. Select a different color capitalizes on. Also make sure your pasties 100%. By that I mean the pipers here. As you can see, a price 200 I press here, prices under the again. By that like this, we can make sure we see both of the course. And let's go now to stroke on the move, the strokes or we just press here on this one. As you can see, the stroke is gone. Now let's create anywhere on. Let's take up a mixer brush tool again. If you go here, press here on this arrow, make sure you have lots of cars not checked, because as it as the fault, it is like this check. We don't check so just press here, make sure both of them are selected on If everything is like this, then on also go here and make sure that this is 100%. Now press on, hold old If you're only knows if you're using Mac present, hold option on. If I just press right now, once I can release the button now you can see that here we have circle instead of color. So mixer brush helps us to call to draw not only with colors, but also with different shapes. If I start drawing now, see what happens I started. Get things is cool to the line. So if yours locally with looks a little bit different this is what you can do press here on here We have brush settings opened its the same like here on. So make sure the spacing thing is at 1% Because what spacing actually does if I increase pacing As you can see, the distance between circles increase. So if I start doing right now, is drawing circle by circle. If I make spacing 1% it's getting smooth. Make sure none of this us like that Expect like except this morning on this shot should be selected. Everything else should not be selected. And if everything is all right, then let's causes. I get perfect knowledge. Turn this often. Create an Euler. Turn off Alex as well. Now let's go to witness. What does witness do? Let's make this 100%. So if I start drink now, as you can see, he's during filled with Weird. So it's not a defined circle is getting like what on is getting a little bit smooth. So if I make it zero like andro, so you can see the difference between this one and this one right on for your computer were left of it may work a little bit slow if you're left. It is not that strong, because this actually requires a lot of power in other to make sure because it's driving circle by circle. That's why it's very powerful. Let's go back and let's turn this off as well. What we can do now is we can go to our folders and just take any picture you want toe, For example, let's take this picture here. Justin example was just Pressel cape. It's actually pretty them good for the I would say. I mean, you can get the auto interesting stuff from this. That's great annular on DSO here. Let's the witness 100% on here we have now makes appealing because when a witness is zero, mixed doesn't work one witnesses 100 or at leas, 1%. Anything mixed upper. So let's make this 100 on. Let's make mix 100% that basic limits that now a brush is going to mix with the image here . And if I start drink now, you can see that it doesn't really drove this colors here, but it grows with photo. So let's go back, back, back. Let's make mix now at 0%. And if I start drawing now was actually happening is drawing with the face on with the colors Boat with this cars as well, even make it 50%. It will makes with the photo, but not as much as if it would be except 100% safe. I start doing as you can see we have a little bit here, this car's and we have the photo as well. So but this that will actually look good. What we can do. We should change the round circle around brush to some other brush. So how did we do that? If you go here to brush settings on, If you don't have this here, you can go to window on, find here, brush settings on, press this one. So this actually the brush that we need. As you can see, it's a little bit different. Now, let's make it desert with bigger. If I start doing now, see what happens. It actually looks like like a real brush. So let's make, for example, makes 100% and start drawing. And if you drove, see what happens. Looks pretty interesting, right? Like we can do, We can do it. A weird stuff visit. We can make this rose go for their way on. So So a lot of pretty interesting stuff I am. I'm actually using this a lot in my works. For example, where do I use this? I will show you just as an example. So you but understand why direction is this mixture brush thing, For example, I created this. Thanks. Toa mixer brush. Okay, this number one always is. You can see they're getting like this is so this also thanks to mixer brush and I think What else? For example, this mixer brush again. Let me show you, for example, this part here where this acquire emerges with his body. Also thanks to mixer brush on. Also, this colorful things here makes her brush again. So that's actually pretty useful. And I will show you how toe create the stuff is mixer brush. Let's start is over for now on what we should do. Actually, next is let's try something there. For example, Let's turn off the picture. And here we had only one ellipse. But if you make fewer ellipses, for example, we can hold old on windows or optional mark on drag. And if you hold on drag, we have a second copy here. But it's just one of the same place. That's I wouldn't say so. We have to take her remove toe on. Move this Ultimate. Yeah, like it's and let's create a sort copy. Let's move it again. Now we can select all of them, so just hold control. Oh, come on. If you're using Mac on press so we can select all of them on now, just go to edit. Andi chose free transform or common control prostate or common plaster for Mike on. Let's make this a little bit smaller. Yeah, like this. I'm present. Okay, Perfect. Not. Let's go to Mueller. Let's take our mixer brush again. What we should actually is we should change to our normal round brush. We'll go to brush settings and which is there's a normal brush. Make sure spacing is one. Hardness is 100%. Now hold old again. Press here. And as you can see here we have no three SoCal selected. And if I start drawing, it's actually droves with three circles at the same time. What? We don't actually see the circles this because our witnesses as hundreds percent. So if you go back and make sure witness is zero on if we start drawing now, you see what happens. Now we can see that her calls on it actually looks out of it like a spaghetti. So why did I show that, for example, if we go to Google and just right here photo shop mixer brush, we can see a lot of things that have been created with for the shop mixer brush, for example, this thing here for the shop mixer brush over this thing here a game for the shop mixer brush. Um, why else? This big, etc. Here actually can see. Now they have, like here, three circles and also created using for the shop mixer brush. That's it. It's also used to create drawings for him. A photo, for example. I can't like this one. No, wait. This not drawing it looks actually like a drink, but it's not a drawing, is that where is the picture that I usually look at? For example, this thing this thing is great and using for the mixer brush it's creating from a photo. And I think we can do actually like, Let's turn on the photo on, Go to a new layer on Let's make sure witnesses 100 makes his 100% we can hold. Hold on. We can't even take some part of the picture like see, I hold out or option on Mac, I press on. I can see here of the picture, and if I start drawing, it started actually growing with the picture with the but itself. Andi doesn't take any colors that we're here, so I don't think any cars that we had previously on our circles on so Let's go to brush settings again. Choose just this one. And if we start doing now, you see what happens we can make actually drawing from this story. If I draw a little bit like this, I can continue driving. So it's actually a pretty long work. Like you have to be really careful in order to make sure it looks perfect on. So in order to make sure you don't make anything, you know, you don't make sense. Go like this because it is horrible. Yeah. Yeah, something like that. It always looks like a painting ultimate. So that's it for this mixer brush tool on next. Listen, you're already going to create this amazing to the line, so see you in the next lesson, guys. 22. Mixer Brush 3D Line: Hello, guys. And welcome to another for the shop. Listen, so this. Listen, we're going to learn how to create this perfectly smooth through the land on already during the next list, Simple creates finally this project because it's project records. A separate lesson. Since you have here, we have actually a lot to do here in order to create this whole project. But we will learn how to do this through the line right now. So last time we learned mixer brush toll on we will use it this time. A swell. Soldiers go here, press right on. Chose mixer brush tool on. First of all, we need toe decide what kind of through the line we're going to have on by that. I mean what shape is going to be because they don't have to be circle. It can be like a squares can be triangle or any singles on what course it it will be because here here, for example, red on yellow cards while you can make any other color on, let's close this. Let's not go toe right. Press right on. Goto ellipse too. Hold shift. You know, to make sure we create a perfect Ellipse Perfect circle. I mean, let's go to feel so ingredient on. Let's just select one of the great is that we have here, or you can create younger agent. Just press twice on the color you want age it on select other color like this and make sure we don't have any borders. So we go to stroke. I'm a press here, so the stock has gone perfect. Now let's go to layers. Let's create a new where. So let's not select repressed right chance later on mix of Rush Tau because there are few things need to change before we start drawing. First of all, let's go. Here are birth settings. Make sure you select this round brush on. Make sure spacing is at one. Also, make sure what zero blow this 104 100 is zero as well, and also make sure both of them are checked. These things here press here on this aero. Make sure lot select colors only is not checked because usually it's like this, but it ended not to be show. So let's press here again. That's closes on. Let's make our brush a little bit smaller, so we go here on decrease the size Ultimate like this should be perfect. Let's hold both. Now, if here isn't windows if using much, just hold option and press. And now you should hear You should see here. Is this a radiant appear around one I had I had here already previously. That's why I didn't really change. But for you, If you had your most of you like hot here, for example Just a bright color like this on when you hold old or option your press on things appear here Perfect. So if he's suffering right now, you can see this treeline appear But it doesn't look as smooth as I have it here. I never to make it looks mostly your reaction is to use our parental solo just to this one and creating your where also turn off looks beyond it. So go now. Here, press right on. Choose here. Kosher Pento. So if you're running all the Russians off for the shop, most of you will not have courage A parental, because it's a really only for your versions. I think like this year and last year by defending a really previous version for the shop. You may not have it. And that's why you can use just normal Pento. So let's just courage your parental on. Let's start drawing. So how do we do that? For example, I already showed you how to use mental and soul. Just keep pressing. Press, press, press on if you can t Impressing as you can see the appears is really curvature lines appear letters will have something like this. Perfect. No, Um when we have this here, let's go to pass on here. You have this past that we created If you don't have it here, you can go toe window on find pass here on it looks like this. So this is it's Aiken. You should press twice here and you can name this one, for example, with just cold test personal kid, What we should do now is gold like to let's make sure you have a new layer selected. I It's empty. Go to your past press right here. Now select stroke past. And here you have to choose mixer brush tool because here you can result of different brushes or the Appalachians makes her Barstow on my purse. OK? And when I do that, you can see that this kind of amazing through the line is over the appearing here. And this is exactly what we need so long. Just goto past emperors here on the empty place somewhere. So our blue line is gone, and this is exactly what we need to do. Now this we have just through the line. So this exactly how extricated might through the line. If you want to change its colors, for example, what you can do, you can go here on choose hue saturation on, start changing the colors like this. As you can see, the problem is that the colors are not really different. It's almost the same color this because we're on our lips. We had almost the same color. So what does anybody that let's go tell here on? Let's delete this one. Let's the Legislature. Let's create in your where So we have our past still here so we can use the game later. But now what? We actually we should select our lips and turn it on as we can see it here. The courts are pretty similar. I mean off course, they're not the same. But, you know, it's just a different shade That's why our land, our through the line, he's not that much different. So what we actually to do? We need to select our lips. And here we have the greatness again. We can press here and let's just select now color Ceta really, really different on By that I mean, for example, Blue one on. Let's like, Let's look here something like a really different something bright. Great. Yeah, exactly. So now we're color, sir, There's a big contrast between them. That's good. Now let's go to our mixer brush toe So eggs annular press old or option, Percy and I ve appear different brush. So if I start drink now, it's green on being perfect. Let's turn of our relatives. Go back to pass selected press right on press here, stroke pass. And now let's shoes here mixer, brush, toe and press, OK? And now you can see this to do appear and legis per summer here, so we don't need just to be selected. As you can see now it looks much better because our colors are really different. So there is a big contrast between them. We go back to us if you want to change the cars that actually a few things we can do. So, first of all, we can go here on press hue, saturation, and now we can't change the color. As you can see, that's that's really amazing. For example, we can do something like this. And if you wanted to be four different cause what can you can go back to your lawyers, make sure you have this mask selected here. Now we can go to radiant Breast, right? And she's going to make sure he had have black inviting great And selectors this one. Make sure you have this selected here and everything else is normal. So what you can actually do now you can drove like this agreement on what if you do actually have. Now you can see here that we have this black and white radiant on mask. That actually means that half of the half the shape is original colors. So how was the shape? Is this cars on? And as 1/2 of the shape is hue, saturation colors that we choose so that we can have held off different cars if you didn't get what I didn't just right now, just do it few times over and over. And you will get because this may build with difficult difficult for you right now on also , remember that this is not a smart object is just in Rome. Object story could take her a brush. Nobody armies can still growing. I was going to be on the same layer in order to make sure this doesn't happen. Let's go back. Press right here and make sure you do it. Come back to smart object like this. As you can see, we cantrow here anymore. So, like this, we make sure this kept on the separate Let because this were important for our future project. And also yeah, I would say that's it for now. The rest. I'm going to explain during the next, Like somewhere, we will credit this amazing project. I hope you like this tutorial guys on if you have any questions, just message mint. I will be really, really, really happy to help you because my my goal is to make sure that you become a follower. Ship broke on starts creating cool stuff on if you're not, subscribe to my Instagram Friends Gallery whose grand subscribe because I pose a relative interesting posts on different, you know, interesting stories and useful materials for artists and also different videos that I'm sure you will like. So I see you guys during the next lesson by 23. 3D Line Project - part 1: Hey, guys. So today we're going to create this project here. I called the spinal, but you can call it anything you want on. I think the project is going to be divided into two lessons because it's quite a large project. But we will see. So let's just get started. Okay? First of all, we need to create an your projects are just goto courtship and create new. Then we need to name it. So I will name its spinal. Nothing we need to make sure it's on heightened. Right. So let's do with one 1000 on hide 1 to 50. So basically, that is a breast instagram size for your artworks. I would say on then is ocean 300. It must be pixels. Make sure speak souls. There d be color mode and everything is all right. Just just press create perfect for this that we're working, Gary, and let's just start, just get started by putting this image inside. So you will find this emissions the project files. So I just put it here. Yep. Like this. Let's make a little bit bigger. So we hold shift on drug it world shift on drag. It again on Let's go back a little bit sore contra or control miners or common minus for Mark in order to go through them out like this. And I want to make sure there is even bigger, so I never to make the Syrian bigger. What I can do is I can't hold shift on out, shoot and altogether, or if you're using makeshift and option together and then we click here on After that, we can just drag. So when we do that, it's getting bigger from each side's. Because when we just hold shift and make it bigger, it's getting big only from one side. But when we hold tripped and out or shift, an option for my contract is getting bigger from the center. So now it's like this on this. Exactly what I mean. So perfect. We can even make it a little bit smaller. Yep, perfect. Soldiers press. Okay, here. Now let's get closer on. The first admitted actually is we need to create this kind of line here. Are we going to creating using mental? So we price right here on I'm going to choose curvature pento. But if you don't have this tool because maybe you have an older version of for the shop. You can also use just normal parental. So I started with this wanker Russia Pento on. Now we have to create the line. So let's just see how was the language here? So I started from here. Then it goes inside his body goes like this, makes around here around his head and goes out. So you're lying can be different because you know, every time you create a new line, it can be different. So I don't have to be exactly like this. But I will try to replicate that. So let me get old with closer on the first of a perfect Now I can start pressing. So the getting here inside getting out of here like this it's getting here, go back and then has to go inside his body. So somewhere here that comes out makes another round. Most legs is unjust most away. So as I said before, it may be different for you, but this is what I created, not what we actually need to do. We have to go to pass on. You have to click if you don't have this here you just go to window on, you can find past here, so and then you have to click. OK, they have two quick device here. And then you just name it sold. Just names. It's all rock line. I would say I'm just personal, Kate. Now we have just here safe. So now we don't want this to appear on our image anymore. So we just hope you just press here on the empty place inside. Past, like this is that we can't We don't see it anymore. We go back to lower snow, okay? Now, is there a few things we actually need to do? So first, we need to create this kind off circle so we can make sure it's going is getting around our line in order to crazies through the line. So how do we do that? We need to go here. Press right here on choose ellipse. Now hold shift on drug in order to make a smaller lips yet, like, this would be perfect. And now you need to make its colors. Gray didn't So we just go here to feel no me to choose the sword option on. Just choose any great great in that for the trip, as you cannot just degraded actually here. So if you press twice here on the color, you can change the colors like this. Yeah, something like this would be good if I get closer. So this is on my colors. Actually, this colors don't really match. So let's just anything else. Yeah, much better. Okay. Anywhere we can change the colors later, so it's not a big problem. Now we opens the layers on. What do we need to do now? So, first of all, let's turn off this image now integrated in your layer. We go. She ever press right on. We need any so called mixer brush tool. We chose it. Now we need toe make. Our brush has a little bit smaller, so we just go here and make it smaller. But we can use the open and close brackets in order to make it smaller or bigger. Lie like a whole turkey. Okay, wait. I need to change my language to English in order to hot kiss to work. Yeah, perfect. Now what I do if I hold old or option. If you're using Mac on press what you can see Now. Now we have this circle appeared here. So basically, that means mixer brush will now drove on Lee with this. Great. And so in order to make sure this happens to you, click here and make sure lots, of course, is not selected. Because if it selected, you won't be able to select the great and you will be able sect on the one color. So make sure this is not checked. And I think you have to make sure. Make sure this both of them are checked. What does a zero lord 100? 400 everything should be like this and sample alerts. Must be for sure. Checked if everything is all right for you, then just hold old or option for Mike and press like this. Not if I start drawing as you can see what happens. My trade airline starts coming, so it doesn't look where it's most right now in order to change it. What? Can we do it to go back? So remove that press here. I remember press here, our brush settings open. So here what you have to do we have to make sure you're spacing is 1%. Because usually It's like 5%. You have to make sure it's one person I know. The hardness should be 100. Let's cause this again. So now let's go back. And now let's turn over lips. Let's turn, Let's go back to pass. Press it now we have to press right here. Stroke pass. I never have to choose mixer brush. We'll hear from the selection on Just press. Okay? And when we do that, our lines starts to appear. So basically, our mix of Russia has automatically drone according to this line. So that is what happened. But just press away. So the lion goes away. Go back two layers. Now, if we turn on the image as we can see the lines already here, this looks pretty nice. What will we have to make sure that the line is toe like today. So by that I mean, like, for example, as you can see here, it's getting behind his legs and inside his body behind his head and so on. So how do we do that? The president, The line. First of all, let's press right here on. Make sure you re press cumber too smart object just to make sure it is a smart object. This were important. Now we need to create a mask. So press here to create the white mask. Now we press right here and choose a brush toe, and now we have to choose black color. So we just press here, bike and black, changing its cause. If you don't have them biting, black challenges press here. So now we have the fourth cause and you can change with them. And also, there's a hockey cold x X in order to change between white and black. So if I hold, Press X is changing between foreground and background colors, the way it's a black car right now. And just to show you as an example, for example, we need to make sure that this line is getting behind his leg. So if I drove with black color here on before you drove, make sure your flow is 100 of past 600 motors. Normal small things like this and also make your hardness around like 70%. If I start during now, what actually happens? This line is getting behind his leg. There's actually what minute, but if I get close, I can see that it's not were accurate. So we actually need to get closer. We need to make our virtual two bit smaller and make sure what we do is actually very accurate. He also in order to make you change your brush smarter, faster, you can just press the right button on. Then you can see this. Thank you. Appear so it the same, like you would go here and press about is much faster if you just press here, I don't change the sites. So, like this on then we need to make sure it's getting behind his body here as well on in order to make that, we actually need toe. Remove it from here. Mom, make it does with vigor so we can remove this whole line here. That is well, a lot of detailed work, something like this. And then it goes behind his hand. So I know to make sure we take his hand. Right. Well, we can do repress twice on the mask and will make sure densities like 50 on wait. Hopes go back. I was wrong. What? We actually activate toe through the outer layer and make sure pasties 50 like yeah, exactly. Now we go back to mask, and now we can colorize black NBC. Where does he hand and his hand. And so you make sure what we do is just on the edge, Okay? It's going like this here. Then it has to go back here again. Casto behind his back. Okay, let's goto our hardness and make it even bigger, like 85%. Okay, So as you can see, it actually takes time in orderto remove that. And also, it has to go away from his face. So, um Yep. Now we can The game will make it 100%. And if it looks OK, then we can continue on because, like, if I'm a closer, of course, there are some things that we need to change. But that's OK for now on, if it's like if you want to spend more time on that, you can't, of course, do that in order to make sure it looks better. So because the details actually were important Madre dressed. I'm just doing a tutorial so it can go out a bit wrong because my main goal is to make sure you understand how this thing is created. Okay, let's stop for now on. We will continue during the next lesson 24. 3D Line Project - part 2: Hey, guys, Welcome back to the second part off this lesson off this project, I mean on we actually gone quite far. So now what we have to do. Actually, first we need to make sure he have have this emptiness, so this line can go inside his body, like, oh, hopes. Okay, they actually removed the line so I wouldn't have to do like it's going through his body. But I will show you how to do it because it is actually project. So I guess some of you want to see how we can do that. So for that, first of all, I need to take my brush, make sure I have white color on Dhere. I have to make sure my line is back. So I need to draw it here like this. So make sure you're on driving on the bike on the mask off this line and make sure it's getting back. Yeah, something like this. Perfect. Now we need to make a hole here so this line can go inside that hope. So how do we do that? Hope, you know, to really have to go back toe. First of all, we have to go back to this image, the last one on going to create a mask you and we need to draw that whole. So if if I change my call to Black on, I start drawing like that, make sure your hardness is 100 by the way, and if I start doing right now, we can see that it's getting empty. So there's something like similar to what we actually need to do next in reaction to do. Let's just call this one. Let's go to our brush settings. This. If you don't have it here, you can go to window on, find brush settings. Here. I need to choose this brush tip here, so this will help us to make it look more realistic. For example, if I change my color toe white now goto layers on, I make sure I have this mosque selected here. I can start drawing, and when I saw you can see that now it doesn't look. That's most because it can't looks most because I want to make a hole in his body on it. Can't look like it's perfect or anything like this. Also, I need to make sure so something like this Yeah, it least look, Looks like like it's turd apart like this. I also compressed right about the Lord can go here on just change the direction of this. So nice looking to other side. Yeah, something like this would be good. Now we need to go back to our spinal where I'm going to choose a mask on. Let's go back here and choose again. Just Ah, normal brush is around one. We need to make sure we remove this. Oops. I have to change my color to black. Haven't we need to make sure we remove this? Here exist now we need to change toe What white color again? Hopes Wait, Let me. Okay. Um, what we actually need to do here is it can be just if you actually can see, like, here it's turned about. But here it's perfect. So it can be like this. It doesn't look realistic. So what you have to do. So we need to go back to our peroxide things to choose this brush again. We go back toe layers, make sure we choose this one here. The spinal on we can call it was black and or to make sure this one is tearing apart as well. Like this? Yeah, Something similar. Now we need to make sure he have this his body. So we go back to this. Where? To? The foot to the photo. And also to the mask we choose white color on women. Start droving, as you can see is growth exists. Okay, if you get closer now, we can go back toe general brush. I know it can be. It can get hold with confusing if it's too fast, just, you know, spouse the video and watch it again to understand how this works because it can get to live it a little bit confusing. So, um, now what I need to do is I need to go to my spinal mask again. I need toe change right to black. I want to make sure I remove this part here. Yeah, Now it's much better. Okay, so, yes, you can see when we dio really detailed, detailed work, we have to go back and forth every time we need to change something. So just get used to this protest that's going to now. Do you need to make sure behind his body, we actually shares this elevator here. How do we do that? So let's create a copy. Oh, this image. So we just hold. Hold on, drag it back. Now we need to make sure we remove this mask. You're so we just take it and put it in the trash bin. And when we don't receive black, sir, why? Because now we see against his body. So because this picture is on the back, so obviously this part again. So they have to choose the move toe on if I start moving the picture on the back. So in order to do that, I have to oppress control t or common TV, everything back. But also, you can go to a did and just press free transform. And if I move it a little bit right, what will actually happen? You can't see that sisters appear? Yeah, team letters is because, for example, right now, I moved the stairs here so I can see them on the back. And if I just make it, let's get closer in order to see what's actually happening there. So I need to make this a little bit higher. I'm just purse, OK? It doesn't have to be perfect knife. It's looks like his aunt's Okay, Because you can't really see much there anything back you actually need to do. We need to create anywhere fun. This new layer has to be up here in front of the spinal white because you actually need to add shouter here. So the child has to be on the spinal on this light. And how do we do that? So we press right here and we just chose a brush tool. Then what faction it do We need to be new to press here. We need to make sure we have black color selected us men color. Go to your brush that things and make sure hardness is zero. Thanks. Brushes out of bigger because, you know, zoom in here. Next thing to do me to goto flow on, make this three person So what is actually flow? And also we need to make capacity like sort. So if you don't remember what fool actually does, let me just show you for now. Um I will just turn off all of them so you don't have to do it. I'm just showing you right now but followed us. For example I have flu at 3% and let's do that 100% for now. Let's make this bigger if I start drawing what happens? It's 100 person, but I don't see my black colorfully because I have floor. 3% basically means every time I will drop it will grow on the super son. So if I continue drawing more, you can see that it's getting darker. So them are drove, the dark it gets. It's like drawing in real life. The more color you put, the more colorful it looks. For example, if I change the color to red, let's say and I start drawing, you know, it's it's builds up the color. So like this. If this is 50 for example, then it will start from zero, and it will go up every time. Three person. But it will reach the maximum 15. It will stop. So as you can see, I continue color drawing. But it doesn't get beyond 51%. That's it. So and we're going to use for an hour to create our shadow. So let's go back to a black power. Let's make this a pass to sortie floor 3% and if I start doing now? She can say I drove and start building up so it looks like a real shadow. Let's just do it. This layer creating your where on I will turn on back off the layers big on his Alex. I will turn it off because I don't need it. Now we go back to the empty where we have to get closer. So what do we actually need to enough need to make sure I was shocked. That appears on Lee on this line here on the spine. How do we do that? We go here, they can press right button here and here. We'll have select picks off. If we do that, he will select only the pixels that we have. OSI will select only the spinal. So like this when we drove, it will do only on the spinal. For example, if I go back to my Lor, let's see if I start during, for example here, just an example. I draw and she can't see. It draws on Lee on the line itself. You can see that it doesn't get owns elevator. But that's because we have this selection here on our droving. Can't go behind the selection. So what did this layer again can create a new one. We actually need to draw here. So if you start drink like this, what will have they will have a little shout that pierce here like this. And if you go back? Yeah, I would say it looks nice. Okay, Just to make sure it looks good, we can actually continue and do more shoulders, For example, the option to do show this year because is going behind his like So, you know, actually, in real life, of course, yeah. You would have to do shout only from one point, so only from left or right. But, I mean, I I do always shadows from both sides because, like, I imagine that the light is going directly on my object. So that's why their shoulders climbing boards from the left from the right side on. I don't know why, but it looks better. So that's the reason why I do it. It just looks better, at least for me. What? You can do it differently if you want to. We actually need to do shares of each other here because it's getting behind his um hand. Okay. Um, well, the problem here now is that you can see that it's unfortunately, it's on his house, so people will have to remove this letter. But for now, let's just continue. Now we go back to Royals here. Yep. And also here. And here is a problem. I smell that it will go on his face like here, but we will remove it later, so it will go on his hair right now. But we are going to remember the later. So don't worry about that like this On also here. Okay, Now let's go to select, um, press that. Select. No. We need to make sure this trial doesn't appear in his hand and also on his hair and face. How do we do that? So here we have a mask that we didn't or spinal on our line on this mask made sure that way . Remove this parts off the line from the hand or be removed, for example, this part off the line from his here so we can actually use this again. So how do we do that? If they just hold old or option? If using Mac on press this mask moving up here on. Just relieve it. Use it as you can see. Now we have this mask, the same mask here. And because we have it here, If I go back like I go closer, you can see that we can't see the shot on his face. Because we actually have removed the shadow from here. From this, we actually have this mask on this layer that removes the shadow. So I hope you understand. How does how that works? If you didn't just replace every Daniel, get it. Or if you don't understand, you know you can go and watch how masks work. Because if you know how mask is working, then you will definitely understand why this happened. Now, we actually need to fix your things for them. But you can see here it's not right. So we need to go back. Actually, what you need to select our mask. We need to make sure about flow is 100 capacities 100 on. Let's go and make her hardness 100 again. Makes it a bit smaller. So, like to your mosque, it's like you're much like white color. Actually on. If you start doing here right as you can see, we get back. The shadow is this year s will. Where else do we have this problem? Not It's good here. I can hear about this problem as well. Okay, so we also left toe. We just have to do some more. Stalling like this lands here. And also we have to change the cars and so on. We will do that during our next lesson. So actually, this project's eso I saw that's going to be quicker. But as you can see, it's actually getting up to ST lessons. So see you guys during the next lesson. 25. 3D Line Project - part 3: Hello, guys. Welcome back to this project and it's already sort lesson dedicated to this project. So toe dough to finish this project right here on. I think we'll finish it during this lesson. So let's keep going. First of all went to credit. You were here, and also the allergist keeps alert here. Okay, let's continue. So not lets up. Take this letter and put it here. So it has to be. It has to be behind our shadow, basically by the house to be on the spinal. So no need to go here. We press right. I mean to choose our heroes much toe. So it's located on the blue panel. So if you don't see, just press right and chose this much toe and you will see. So you have been following my lessons and probably your you know. What is this much toe on? How does it work? So what do we do now? We go closer. Make sure you have to like the sample wears Your strength is like 50 around 50% more than normal. So let's make our brush a little bigger. And also you need toe like this kind of brush. So you go to brush that things I make sure you have this selected here are not around one. If you don't have Russia thinks you can just go to window and find brush settings there, so make sure it is selected. I can not. For example, if I start growing just to show you, you can see that mortared. That's and that's exactly what we need. So let's go back for now and it's the backward. And if I go to this image, you can see that here we have this kind of lines, like an ice cream is dropping. The only problem is that we're not drove that, for example, I do that here you can see that is also affect the image behind. So it also affect the stairs here. So let's go back again in order missions. It doesn't affect the stairs. What we can do. We need toe turn off both of the images on Now we need to work because when I do it like here, right now, you can see that it doesn't fix the stairs anymore. It's affecting on is the letters that are visible. That's exactly what I mean, So just do a few drops here like this, for example, here we can also make this orbit smaller. Do like this think, even though the most smaller like this perfect also is the same we can do here, for example, just just this just makes it look like a witch. So it kind of looks cool like it's melting hopes. Let's go back. I had here Shadow. That's why it go to black. So make sure, you know, coloring our lives in the Shadow place. Yeah, like this must be a castle. Just turn on the image. Perfect. Now let's continue. Nice thing reaction. You do really to make sure this we're here, the ice cream dropping the glitch effect on also the spinal are one. We're together, so we have toe select bosses also just hold control on so like or commonly fears and Mac ancelloti, both of them press right here. And make sure you press cumber too. Smart object Knife I turned is often known as you can see. It's only it's one object. Why do we need to do that? So if you go now here through our effects adjustment Life's panel on select hue saturation . So now if I go back close as I can see that my adjustment, like hue saturation, is located just in front of this spinal. So if I go back toe this, you saturation, just press twice here. From this, I can start changing the cars. You can see that this change is the cause of the spinal. But it also changes the cause of the main image on we will be not one of, you know, we want to make sure it's changed the council and off this line. How do we do that? In order to make sure, Um, this is a case we need to press here. So if you press here nights affect If you go back to last, you can see that here has this arrow now is a row shows on this line spinal. And so now it's affecting only this spinal. On this to the line doesn't affect everything else anymore. So if I start changing the colors, you can see house looks. So now we can just choose the perfect color. You know, just choose the call that you think is the best. Personally here have different colors, but you can choose any other color that you think is the best. Like this, for example. No. Yeah. Maybe something like this could be go so you can play with situation. That would be like this, I think. And I think we can actually do in order to make it four colors. Because if I use a here, here have kind of three colors. So, like white, red on yellow, we can actually make four and more. How do we do that? So we need to go here to this, you saturation being to select the mask. We go here, press right, and so is a Grady into make sure you have your grade. It's like two. Don't black and white. Or is it the fault reagent? Also, make sure you have this selected the system of grading more normal, and everything should be like this. And if I press this mask on, I start drawing regions right now. So I just press and back. What happens now? Now you can see here this type of mass creation which basically means that where is black receives old original colors on where is the white received the effect. So, for example, for example, if I turns it's now off. You can see that there here is the original color, and here is the effect. So, like this, we can make sure we have four different colors or even three different colors on. I can make it look different. For example, I can press and drag it from here. The difference. Or now here's originally and here's the effect. You can make it like this to change their positions so we can play with it. Make let's make it like this. Yeah. Now, for example, they find changes. The colors you can see that is going to change only the course off the layers here. Tonight's has Sorry tonight has actually like 1234 colors. Okay, I m Let's continue. Also, we need to make sure our images brighter on a little bit different color. How do we do that? We need to go to our image. We need to choose your first brightness, makes those with brighter, and also give it out with more contrast. Let's just, you know, let's do that list brings his brightness contrast to the top. So it's affecting everything like this. So yep. Now let's change the colors Office our hue saturation. So, basically, if you go to lawyers and change the course of this hue saturation which affect the color of this line here, press twice there. Let's change the color to make sure it is the image in general. And also we can change the color with for this image. So we go back toe wears repressed on our image again. And now we choose hue saturation. And if we change the call just a little bit. Yep. Situation making ultimate. Okay, um, you have to play with it. Yeah, I think that looks okay. That looks good. I just don't like the color of this line. So again, as I said before, you have to play with it to see if you like the caller or not. You know, it depends on your taste. So just leave it on if you go back to this image here, as you can see, So with all the points that we needed to cover, we did that reliably. Did this ice ice cream drops? We did the this empty place the whole here We did the color tripped, build everything that we needed to dinner to create this project. I don't think you have to do just to play with colors and make sure you got the right cars . And if you don't want it to be four different cars, you can just remove this mask here and now you do it. Masks on now It's only toe color. So you can play with it like this. Yeah, that looks actually nice. Okay, guys, that's it for this project here. I hope you liked it. If you have any questions, just, you know, message me. I'll be happy to help you. And I will be happy to answer all of your questions on off course. If you want to see what projects are coming, let's just go to my Instagram, which is at Frets Gallery on their you're able to find there you will be able to find all the projects that we are goingto be going through. So here they are also not Look, not only is a normal project that the images we also have some cool projects which include video. For example, this one here that I did in combination with father's job and after 50 Mt. Kasi, he actually is 14. So make sure yeah, I said that you follow me. You cannot message Mr and also post a lot of different interesting stuff for digital artist that you don't wanna miss for sure. Okay, guys. So see you during the next lesson by 26. "Colored Girl" Project part 1: What's up, guys? For it here on. So they're going to create this project here on So this actually pretty interesting project on. We're going to learn how to create this glitch effect here, the colored one. So and also we're going to craze this stuff here and also go to change the colors. So it's going to be a lot of fun, So let's get started. So first off, we'll go to photo shop Impress create neuro on just like always leads does Ah, like it should be pixels here on is the way to run toe your run to 50. Sorry on high up story with 1000 height 1 to 50. Yep, that's right. Results in 200 core murders to be unless press creative, everything is right on the first thing we need to do. Of course, we need to take this image. Ah, you will be able to find it in project files. So let me take this image and put it here and now we need to scale. So it's hold shift on drugs image. So it's getting bigger and again hold tripped on drugs. Image exists. Well, it's a bit left on May be even more like hold. Shift on ragged legs is so let's just check it. Resume artwork. Okay, maybe with a little bit too much. This should be fine on Legis press. Okay, for now, unless did it the background. So I mean, the background layers the white one because we don't really need it. So the first thing we need to do is willing to change the colors here. So let's go here. Press here on choose Hue saturation effect on what would happen. Let's go toe where's again on president, Your situation on press here twice. And now we have here properties off your saturation effect are now. We can change this year a little bit and when we have to make it like a little bit Pinky like this. Ah, Now we have to increase the saturation on. Now we get exactly the same colors as we had here, so that's it. Now let's go to the second part, which is actually creating this glitch here. So how do we do that? First of all, we need to create a in your Blair Justin, um, to wear onda. We need to make sure it's located under the hue saturation. I want me to do next is willing to take here this much toe press right here. You probably have here brutal like by this is it slices by standard. But you can press right and find Here it's much toe. And now we need to change the brush tip. So we're going to have brush like that. So in order to have the brush tip like that, we need to open brush settings. I was here, and if you don't have brushed that things, you can always go to window on, find brush settings here and now we need to change toe this brush. So now, if I get closer, makes a brush both with the bigger so you can make it bigger by pressing here on making increasing the size. Or you can just person right about cheon increase aside as well. On also, check, sample wears. Make sure this is checked on put strength on, like 55 60 or something like that tonight if I start coloring um oh, I I turned up sample, So yeah, when I first start calling, you can see that we already get here this interesting colors. So why does this happen? Actually, this happens because we have your superhero saturation. If we turn it off and I start coloring, you see that nothing is tracing actually happens. But if I turn it back on and I started calling now, you said, it starts changing course. So why does this happen? Because Hue saturation is a color layer on when we coloring. It's kind of tryingto mix the colors. That's why we get here different, like a rainbow course. So what we should do now is actually, let's turn this off religious layer on great anywhere on Put it again here. So it's actually two methods that can we can use in order to create this kind of rainbow effect first ones like this on. Then the 2nd 1 easy to use a mixture brushed. Also, just press right here on If you press right here, we can find mixer brush toe. So when we have been, we have mixer brush to hear what we can actually do is, for example, again the same stuff. Make sure you have sample where sample letters checked here, make sure all of this is not 100% 100 100 100 100. Make sure this boss or are checked on so we cannot start calling and you can see that it said so is we're different effect. But it's still we have this kind of interesting colors that we can use in order to create. Um, what we actually need to dio on. Of course, you can change the shape again. You can press here and to the different shaped like this. Ah, Now, if I start doing it is going to look different so on You can't even change the settings here like make it less what may be on its going toe different. So that's it for this lesson right now, because I just wanted to show you how you can create this kind of which affect the reason it's Listen, we are going to create, um, this kind of effect on also this adjustment and so on. So do you. Guys tells a nice lesson by 27. "Colored Girl" Project part 2: What's up, guys? Welcome back on. Let's continue working on this project. So again, we need an empty layer. Should be empty hue saturation here on our water here. So what should we know that? So now we should take this much toe? We're going to work. Or is it? Make sure you open your parameters are the same, like mine. So let's also make sure your brush size is similar to my brush size on. Let's start drawing, Actually. So now we can just start doing like this, you know, Just make sure to keep it. Um insides. Ah t shirt. Not go. I mean, you can't. You can, of course, girls a bit out of the T shirt like he I she can see it's a without of the T shirt. It's not actually a big problem, but, you know, Yeah, we can make it like this. So what you can actually do to make this process faster because this is this would take a sort of time. Let's again let our this on creating your where. So I'm just trying to show how you can do it easier. So let's go here. Press right on Truth. Quick selection took. This will help us to sell, like, the T shirt. So when we drove, we're going to the only inside the T shirt, so this will speed up, speed up our process, make sure sample alerts his check on Also, let's increase the size on. Let's start pressing here. Here. Make sure you have plus, here on press again. So when we have this selected, maybe even here a little bit, let's see if I have Is this him? Yeah, it's a bit. So when we have this selected and I'm, we need toe do this stuff here. So let's take the minus one on press here, so really have it in our selection like this also has good closer here. No. So we don't need to have this stuff here. That's it. Um, perfect on us will be also about me to add this up here. That is between the fingers. Basically. Let's take plus on, press on again here on Dhere. So now we have this soul selected the places between the fingers as well. Ah, let's start drawing. So now let's take hours much to again make sure all the parameters are right. Let's start drunk. So now when we draw, you can see that it's not going. Um, it's not getting out of the desired area so that we can just draw like this and it won't go out. So if you're if this bit off your camp, not even a string of your computer is slow. You will see that the brush doesn't keep up. For example, I can make like this. I see that it just draws like this few seconds after I actually draw it. So I mean, don't worry, that's actually normal because it's pretty powerful toe. That's why it takes a lot of computer power in order to do that on the street like this. So continue drawing. Yeah. I mean, if you want, you can just, you know, just move a little bit further, every dime in. So you get to the part where we actually finished drawings this Well, actually, if you want to create something really good, it takes time. So patients is something that you gotta have. If you may want to make sure your works are interesting, you know, there's on also, they're made carefully. So what's makes a smaller on Now we need to brunch this part as well. So between the thing Oops. You can see that here. We don't have the selection. That's why I can't really draw. Because I forgot to select this. It's OK. I will come toe. I will come back to this place later, okay? And it's a bit here. Years will And also, um so here is a difficult area because there are lots of here. I'm just going to draw. Like says he doesn't have to report it, actually, because we're creating English effect unless you know which is never perfect. So that's how it should be actually destroyed like this. It's fine. Okay, Donna, let's this like this area. So let's go to select on press here, this select. So the selection is going Now Let's get closer. Makes a little bit smaller on draw here when I exist. Yet just do a few more times to make sure there is actually some color. Oh, I forgot to draw here. So what should we know now? How to How do we make this brighter? Because if I look here, it's actually pretty bright. In order to do that, we should press here and choose here. Brightness contrast. So before we proceed, goto layers and make sure your brightness contrast layer is located just a both, um, the layers where you were creating the glitch. So just above this layer again, let's go back to breakfast Contra stolen quick twice here. I'm not here. You have this thing. So if it presses, let's go now back to a lairs. So now you can see here. Is this kind of little aero pointing down toe our glacial er So what does this aero do? This era will help us to make sure that this brightness effect is, um, throwing up on loans. This glitch layer that it won't show up on the goal on the image on the whole image. So, for example, if I not goto brightness and increase the brightness, you can see that it affect only this part of the image. It doesn't affect the image behind. That's because we did this. If I turn this off, you can see the holy which is affected. So I turned it back on. I don't know. This part is affected. That's actually what we need. I also become previous contrast on, maybe, like change it make. Let's make it Mark Sumas. Well, so now it looks actually pretty nice. Yeah, like this should be fine. So what we can actually do else? Um here I did a few more, actually. You can see that the glitches Harry more. So let's just continue. Let's go back to our glacier. Let's actually rename it. So it's press twice here. Uh, let's Damon Glitch. She was our smudge tool. Um, make get closer. Makes is bigger. A little bit on. Let's start, actually. Okay, so why does this happen now? Because our brightness is turned on. Let's go back. Let's turn of brightness. Continue working on then we're when we are finished. Real turn brightness back on. So like this not for example. Yeah, something like this becomes to make here, so we just have to make sure it's like cola drops basically exists things this also we can bring some of them know Here. You see, this white course is actually created by making the this effect a little bit outside. It was ah T shirt, so he doesn't have to be exactly on the border, you know, it can go just a little bit above the border exists on this makes a smaller so to make it more look moralistic, we have to make it smaller, you know, draw a few more lines similar to Is this tonight? If I turned his back on, you can see that you have this white lines. Why? Because we went a little bit above the border. If you want more white lines, what you can actually do You can press twice here on our glitch layer on here. We have layer styles opened. So here we have, um where Style Cold stroke. Just personal it. Make sure it's checked and make sure you're only on this panel. Basically on now. Here. Let's change the color. Make sure fuel type of school person cooler and change it to white press. OK, And also make sure you can, you know, you increase the size or makes a size smaller so you can play with it. Basically, um, as well as you can change the position from inside to outside, for example. So it looks like this we can play with capacity. You can play with blending mode, for example. Make it like overlay. And so it's a bit different now, so Let's press okay on. You have to look, if you really like this because, um, actually, you know, just to compare, we can turn this off here. Personal stroke. This is the original. This was a stroke effect. So just do the ones that you really like. It doesn't, but let's turn itself. Actually, I think it's about two resulted. So it's not continue on. We need to add a few more white places here. As you can see on in order to do that, let me, you know, what we can actually do is we can draw a little bit here, you can see that is actually getting right because he have your brightness turned on. But if I turn it off and now start drawing places, let's make this, you know, like, really, really small because we make it, Really, Is it really smoke? Our brush is going to be less perfect on. That's actually exactly what we need. So realizes. So if I turn back one you see here, we have already more white space is basically so now you can just work with it yourself and see if you won't do the same thing. Melas, continue on Dhere. We also need to do this stuff here. They're coming out from the ice. And to do that we need to go here on creating your where it has to be a book. It has to be located above. Ever think my knife? I start drawing. Let's make this big. I can take against much too, for example, like I started wrong. Let's make it even bigger exists. We can see that is going away on. That's actually exactly what made you can try. Ah, different effect. If I go back, then we go here to brush settings. For example, choose just normal circle. Let's see how it works. Was a circle. Is this how to's? Was the circle? Let's go back, rest press here and make the hardened zero and let's see how it works. Now let's make this a little bit bigger. Yeah, I think this affect that. I used to create that on. I mean, I think, but the by means a brush that I used to create it, you know? Let's okay, wait like makes the hardness 100 entrees this. Now let's go back again, so make sure there's nothing here and let's go Let's try. Get. So this thing was that is that every time you draw, it's going to look different. That's why we have to try a few times in order to make sure it's exactly how we wanted to be. Because, you know, you can repeat the same thing over. I know, like, exactly as it was on that work. So is going to build a bit different anyway. Maybe I should do it from here. No, I don't really like it. Let's make this bigger. We just have to experiment. This actually hired do most of my works. You just have to experiment. Experiment again. Experiment. Okay, let's try a different girl. So let's go back again. Let's go press right here and try mixer brush toe and see if this works actually better. Let's try drawing. Resist one. Okay, that's actually fine. Let's try this one. Yeah, I actually think this this actually works better, So maybe we should just use this So instead of us much toe on if you want. If you want to make it out to be different, you can just go over his back. You can make sure witnesses hunted. For example, you can make this bigger drivers this fun or what else you could actually do. Let's go back again. You could just change the brush tip toe, normal circle on. Try with normal circle. Um, number is wrong. I think you'll agree with me that this is wrong. Just go back. Let's make hardener zero and try again with this one. Okay. Through like this one? No. So we we just right now what would actually was experimenting on? So I think your agrees that the breast bone was actually when we had this brush here when we had witness at 50% approximately. And then we were using mixer brush toe. So let's make this bigger And let's try this mixer brush tool. Um, so here should be something like this. And here should be something like this. No. Yep, something like this. That's actually what we were going for on. Yeah, it looks out with different, because here, of course I did more truck. Basically, I tried more. I mean, um, so right now, here, like we did like, maybe five times. Always this. But actually, if you want to make sure your work is like, really perfect, you have to let it and create every time you're like every time new, and you basically have to repeat it every time until you're satisfied with what you have. But actually, right now here I am satisfied with this one as well. That's it. Was this work guys on. We accomplish all the points on You cannot go toe a splash dot com or any as a free photos . Websites where you can don't report us. Don't know there were some picture and broken it. Create your English effect. I hope you like this. So if you want to see more works just for my own friend's gallery where Post? Not every day, but you know, a few times, like three or four times a week. Some cool projects. So that's it, guys. Two. Why 28. What are filters: What's up, guys, for it here on that, I'm going to explain your filters. What? They're on, what they do. So, first of all, let's start by putting some image inside our photo shop. Just like always. We do. So, for example, let Missy let's they exist. Picture him. Let's just press okay for no. So, first of all, just like always listen to this background layer because we don't really need it on now what we should do, Let's go here to filter. So what are actually filters? Filters are just different effects that we can apply to our layers. So not only images, but any Arcelor's its rector shapes just so it colors reduced on anything else on going, I'm gonna show you the most important filters. But of course I'm not gonna shows and because they're actually like, really, really well told them. And even if we can go to Internet so he have a browse futures online, I also download some filters. So let's start by some basic stuff. For example, if you go to blur on here, we have let's say go symbol. So there's all different blood types. For example, I can press go Sembler him on. Then he have this kind of bloody concede because to see it here in the window as well. But we can associate here. So if you have preview checked on, we will see it appear here on then, for example, if I increase the radios, then my image is getting even blurry. So if she filter is different on issues, which mountain has a different effect? This one is like a blur effect Legis press. Okay for now when we created footprints Credit filter. It's getting applied here and we can see it. Here goes Amber on here We have smart filters on down here. Have the 1st 1 goes symbol Or so when we have lots of them will sell them here one by one. For example, I cannot or knows this one on I can I can continue, go to filter on, Let's say and I goto pixel eight. Let's use here, for example, most like on Let's does something like this. So this will. There actually makes the image pixel pick. So because the controls ah, besides, I was the cells so size making smaller bigun Soon let's make it legs and personal. Keep So he have have now two filters about ghosts and blue is over. That's why we don't see ABC only most like. But if I turned on ghost gamblers, well, then we're going to see both of them. And here you have this kind of received interesting effect because we are playing both of them. If I turn off Mosaic, I saw the go some blood. If I turn it on, I suppose is, um So now eso As I said, we can also turn all the filters at once. If people is here, then just all the smart realizes we returned off. Also, we have here this kind of mask. This mask will help us to defend where want this filters to be. So, for example, I can go here. Purse right on. Take your brush toe. Be for example, nine. You took over his black. It's This works just like a normal mosque. Um, for example, let's go here to size. Makes it says a little bit bigger. Your legs is even bigger. I would say something like this. Now make sure you have here black color selected, so just press here to have the fault colors and empress here. So I have black color and so main wrong, as in many color. Also, make sure you have your normal or price 304 100 smoking zero. So everything should be like this. And if I start drawing right now, we can see that what actually happens. I draw hydro and if I work here, here, have black so everywhere Where's black? I don't see the effect because now Ah, I told my mosque on Lee to be visible on white places. So this affects the only visible on bite places. Where is black? I don't see them. If I change my call toe white again, I press here and I have bright as a main color. And if I start calling, you can see that effect is going back. So this is actually pretty useful because we can control. We want the effect to be applied. But the minds is that there is only 11 mask For all of the effects, let's say have you have 10 effects? There is only one mask, presumably every Afghan effect. If I take black color and start scoring, then normal, the effect is going to be visible here so you can see here that we're removing both mosaic effect on ghost. And we're effect. We can't remove them one by one. Basically, of course, we can turn them off on on. Yeah. Um, so let's change color Black, back, toe, white on color again. Like this. Okay. So, as I said, you can just go through filters on check them yourself. But of course, I'm going to show you the most important ones as well. I don't say we're going to have different projects with filters, so you will get more comfortable. We see him to like, we will get more comfortable with them. Sorry. Sometimes I forget simple words happens. Ah, yeah, that's it for this lesson. I just wanted to explain your heart fritters work on. If you want to do them, you can always just take them. But they want to be the only one You can take it. Just put it here in the trash bin, or we wanted it. All of them. We can take the smart filters, placed them in trash bin. And that's a critters are gone. So you guys, there's the next lesson bite 29. "Saturated" project: What's up, guys, Welcome back. And today we're going to create this project on I called it saturated. But you can call dancing You want on? We're going to use filters. So we're going to some pictures that will help us to make this pixelated her eyes and her lips to make pixelated on. Also, we're going to use a saturation effect to make her face look really, really the color Too strong Colors on, Let's get started. So first of all, be integrating your project off course in for the shop, so just press create new. Now let's make the wits 1000. I want toe 50 are initialize is it must be pixels resolution stranded on If everything is all right, we're just press create. Okay, So first of all, let's start by bringing this image inside our project. So this image here Ah you will find it in project price off course. So it's good here. A nice hold shift on drag it to make it bigger again. I hold shift on, drag it to make it bigger. It's a bit up on religious press. OK, Perfect. So now let's also delete this background layer. We don't need it. Okay. The first agreed to do is me to goto him re enter, choose saturation your situation on now we need to bump up saturation to the marks. And when we do that, you can see that the colors are quite strong. Now we just have to change the car. So if you change the here, here, you see exactly the same. Perfect. Let's continue. So now what we should do. We should go hear Presidents President, this image selected Goto fitter. Now let's goto pixel ate. And you have You have this most like effect, so it shows it on. So here we have two shows how big we want the source to be. Let's make them smaller on police plantation on loan her eyes Because ice our eyes and lives and also this things here are the only ones that we're going to make like mosaics. So let's make the cell size 10. Um yeah, Dennis. Fine. Let's personal cape. So now you have you have this mosque on. We're going to use this mask in order to make sure the most like effect is going to be only on her. I slips on this place is so not on her whole face. How are we going to the first list person this mask on? Let's let's the way we have now. 10 birds. Embarrassing mask. So how do we do that? We have to press control and I are refusing Mac Common and I so a control I on the mask is black, as you can see. Sorry. So that we can take our A brush toe on first of open toe shoes. The white car. So now if you get closer, if I if I'm going to call right anywhere you can see that is getting pixelated. But my brush size is too big, so let's go back aided. Step backward. Let's make the brush. I smaller. So something like this up still too big off? Yep. And I can start scoring as because here I can make this stuff pixelated, just like I wanted it to be. So now if I want to do it, it's from somewhere. Just need to take black polar. So press again here to take the black car on. If I start coloring is black, you can see that the pictures are getting deleted. Yep, that's all we need. Now We just need to cover is black and white and make sure the pixels that he only on the places we want them to appear like this makes a brush smaller. This place is okay. I know someone's the leaps. I mean, you don't have to, but I it on the lips. So I mean, you can do some your own composition. You can make it what's said on the North. But it's not going to work, actually. Good. If you don't the knows about, you know, just a suggestion on Maybe you come up with something else who was doing a hell to here on . Yeah, that's it. So that's basically it for this project. As you can see, it was pretty fast and easy, but we can play. We can present Mosaic on. If you want to make the smaller Of course, you can make it. For example, five smaller or we can make it bigger. Even that's 20 and snow bigger. But this actually too much. So just make it 10 on. That's perfectly fine religious press. OK, that said with this project, guys, so exactly the same. Only my image was bigger on what you can actually do in order to make it is to bring this closer. Just press control T or common thief using Mac. Now, you can just hold shift on, make this whole thing bigger. Um, I can't wait. Okay? So as you can see, the problem is that when we made this bigger, our room was, like, effect left somewheres because the mask war didn't scale with us together. So let's go back. Oops. I didn't think of that. Sorry. Let's go back. Let's just go back again. Again? Yep. So you want to make everything bigger, But you can do just purse right here, Choose comfort, too Smart object. So now it's all together as one big image with the Pacers together. So now the pixels won't move on. If you press control or common T now we can make them bigger. As you can see, everything is perfect because it stays from the place. It's a blessing has changed. Okay, that's it. Guys, for this project, I hoped you liked it on. If you have any questions, just go to my Instagram Preds Gallery on Message me or live comments on. I will be happy to help you. So I see you guys till the next lesson. By 30. Headinside part 1 - creating the hole: Hello, guys. What's up? So today we're going to create this project here on. So it's actually a few new things that we're going to learn on One of them is how toe actually create. For example, this kind of noise on this lines. And of course, I'm gonna show you how to create the Linus. Well, because the one is actually how to create this kind of flight here, which is going like this. And as you can see there, Elise, there is light here. Was there also like this circles here that also there because of this light So they actually tons of new stuff. And also, I'm gonna show you how to create this stuff here like it's dropping, um, anyway, and I'm just gonna sure use the whole project off course. So let's get started. First of we're going to go to file and personal, just like always create in your file on which is 1000 height must be run toe 50. That's ah, perfect size for instagram 1000 wits on high def. Want to 50 big cells the name you can just name it. Anything you want to result in 200 core mortar GB. And if everything is fine, let's just press create. Okay? So first of all, we need to take this image on which you will be able to find in project files on Just place it in for the shop. Now it's whole shift. Press on drag. We'll shift. Press on Jack to make sure it's positioned right. Let's just press OK, so the first thing you probably saw here is that here you have to make this kind of whole. First of all on. Then we will be able to draw this lines and other stuff. So how do we do that? So, in order to create that whole first, let's go to our layers panel. Let's do it this background. We're here because we don't really need it will just take it and put it in a trash bin. Ah, now let's go here, press here and you sold color. So just make some black color here. Now let's purse. OK, so let's took Let's take this color for behind every photo with Is that because when we're going to make a hole here, we want a black color to appear? That's why so let's go back for a photo. Let's press create mask this one. Now we have here White mask. So let's go to brush. Pressed right. Toothbrush on. Let's get a little bit closer. Okay? So first of all, we need to make our brush bigger, so just increases size of or brush. Then we need to make sure we have black cars like this. So here we have two colors, black and white. Make sure your upper color front color is black. Now we can start drawing, actually. So what we need to do is way to make it like there's actually Okay, so the first thing to tell you or black or a piece you're not because we're drawing with black. Because, for example, if I turn this off, this is transparent. You see Black or he only because on the back, on the background of the photo, we have this back car. If I turn it off, you see black if I turn it off, nothing which is starter for now. So we don't her make a mistake. Let's list are drawing, so it has to be something like that. Yep. Okay, so nothing toe mentioned, Sheriff, Look all the edges off course, they they don't have to be perfect because it has to be, like, kind of going inside. Okay, so now we don't Was that on? How can you actually make this kind of stuff that they're just are going inside? So first of all, it's creating your layer press here, and then we have an empty where now we can go here. Purse, Right. We have to take here if it's not here first. Right here on. We have to choose here smart, too, because this actually told that will help us to drag. For example, this part of her face a little bit down like the poor. Don't believe I start dragging. You can see it's working, but also before you drag, I have to tell you one thing is you have to make sure sample letters his own on also strength is about 55%. So whenever you have a problem, just look on my screen and make sure everything is yeah, like your properties are the same. So now what me to do actually is we need to close this. We need to open this panel here, which is called brown settings. If you don't have. You can always go to window and paintbrush settings here. And now. Let's just choose brush here. Yeah, this being this brush tip. So now if I start drawing, you can see there's actually kind of what we needed to be. So not for example, I can make it go inside like this. Yep. Going Sorry. Go inside. Just You just have to draw, you know, has drawer like it's going inside. Yep. Okay. Room was done. Okay. We can make few additional strokes if you want to. If you want to make it perfect. But of course it will. No, be perfect. So, you know, just keep going. But you know, when they have done that, um, let's go here. So the next step would be to create this lines here. I never to create a me first me to draw their structure. So basically, we need toe, take mental. This tool here, so pressed. Right. And make sure you choose the 1st 1 which is mental. Okay, this one. Let's go. Toe wears. So now it's creating. You were so just in case we don't want to miss visitor because it returned off. You see, it's gonna who told on. So the effect is back. That's why we don't want to change it. Let's just leave it like this. That's why we go to anywhere. I know. Let's start drawing this lines. So I have to tell you, in order to draw this lines perfectly, there is actually a tool that can help us do that. But if you're not using the newsperson for the shop, you may not have this toe. So I'm gonna show you how to do that the normal way. But after I'm gonna show actually both weights over them. But if I right click here here, we have courage, your parental and I can choose it presently. If I start pressing now, let's diapers. Once I press twice, I purser time and I see because he's a more press, the more lands beyond. I mean, it's it's adjusting automatically, so we get the curved automatically. Basically, if I press here, it will justify proceeds going tojust so I just have to press and is going toe curve them out dramatically. OK, No, let's just do this here, um, on, for example, for you, it may have been a little bit different because for you. Maybe you just saw this bowling here. I throws this white line because I was actually drawing, not a pass. I was drawing a shape that was actually my mistake. So let's just go back. But just remove the slayer game here. Make sure we have only this layers here. Creating your line. Um, okay, So for you, if you're drawing with the past basically, for example, when you were drawing, you had this kind of pass in order to religious, you have to go to pass on here. You have working for us, so just take it underrated. Okay, so now we're back to the previous place. We're Onda, So Okay, let's just say parental now and again before you drove. Make sure you have here past selected. Don't make my mistake because I had actually shape selected me to draw a pass, not the shape, unless they're drawing. So, um, we first wants. And then when I pressed second time I know to make sure this line is curved. I need to press on hold. Don't release your mouth about this. Very important. I'd introduce it yet, so now you can drag it. And when you dragged. You can see here we have this curvature thing appear to curb appear basically. And now we can press and hold again and then drag again. So when you press on hold and then drag, you can see that this curved lines up here. So this may built a difficult maybe for you right now, because, you know, usually when my students is that it's kind of difficult for them to understand how this works. You have to practice. Is it a little bit? So again, you have to press and drag don't press and release, Otherwise it won't work. This is very important. No 1 may have done that. This is going to be structure for our this line here. So what do we do now? Actually, um, we're going to actually to draw. Only want only one pass me are going to draw, like here, Like 10 of them. I think great we're doing We're not going to draw it. I never explain you. Why? So right now we just need to draw on the, um one basically. And that's what we actually that's perfect. So we have to drag it a little bit, right? So how do we do? We do that press right here. Make sure you have passed to selected. Now you can just press it. I'm drunk. Perfect. So if you made it up up, up to this point, then you problems the right way on. Let's just save this project right now. I really get back to it during our next lesson. So you guys. Bye. 31. Headinside part 2 - creating the lines: Hi, guys on Welcome back. So we're going to continue creating this project here on last time we actually stopped. Um, here. So let's continue. So, first of all, when we drove this, let's go to pass. Um, now the emphasis on in case if you can find this past but we can always go to window on find pass here. So now remember, there was this passport religious purse here anywhere in the empty split space inside this panel. So that, like this, we don't see this pass anymore. If I pressed again, we can see it. If I present you were here, we don't see it anymore. That's actually what I mean. We don't have to see it. Legis it. Be here. We will get back to doing vineyard. Actually, let's go back to wears. So now we need to create this kind of shape here on how do we do that? Actually, so we created already is a structure basically arable line. Now we need to create this kind of circle on this circle, will be automatically drawn over the structure that we just created Reserve off us. Okay, I know it may sound those a bit difficult, but just follow me on. I'm sure you will be fine. So now let's go back to her project on. Make sure you have empty words here on the walls. Go here. Press right. Make sure you select LF stool on before you start drawing, let's make sure we have the right color set up. So let's personal stroke on. Let's press here So we don't have stroke this person feel and choose Grady in. We just need some grading. For example. You can choose this gration or you can, you know, change the colors. You can press twice here, just some different color. Maybe create your own gration. I'm gonna press cancel because I'm actually fine Business region on religious Hold tripped right now. Behold Shift on Mr Drawing in a circle. Nothing but smaller. Yeah, this actually should be fine this size. Now we have you here is the circle with the greedy in s So what do we do next? Let's close this. Let's open our rulers panel again. Be integrating your where So now in order to make sure now this circle is going to be over This past I mean, for example You see this place. Let's just go off to present. President, is this bus here? So what we're going to do is we're going to make sure that this circle will be automatically drone over this past for the show. Billu, automatically, we don't have to do it on How do we do it? Actually, let's go again. Hi. Sports again here on empty place over than to this past. Let's go. Toe wears our number. We have this empty. Where? Let's just turn over singles. Make sure you have won a circle here. So now we need to oppress right on the a brush tool here on the after to choose mixer brush toe when we have chosen or mixer brush. So they're hustings. You have to make sure, all right. First of all, samplers must be selected on. Then witness should be. Zero lord should be 104. Should be hundreds. It should be zero. Also, make sure these things most of them are on on all suppress here. Make sure load sort. Of course on Lee is not checked. So, for example, if it's like this check to make sure percent, so it's not checked anymore. Perfect. Also, let's press here and make sure our hardness is 100%. So we just have a normal circle brush. So now, um, we have to make a commercial to bigger because it's too small. So it's making it bigger. It has to be just after the bigger the circle. Perfect. Now let's hold old orphan If using Mac So we hold Altero option on now compress for example . See, we have already circle here appeared so basically now we're going to call her now We're going to draw not with one color but we're going to draw a circle. For example, If I start during right now, see what happens for you it Milica with different on If you have any problems what you can actually do So let me go back Step backward press here on We have brushed the things opened Make sure you're spacing is 1% So religion makes pacing 1% And make sure nothing except smoothing is on. So therefore everything is lies is that it should be fine. And if I drove right now again, you see the circle Start appearing here. Let's go back tonight for look here. Um actually the cause a little bit different, but we can also change it later. So it's not a big problem on how do we do that? For example, we can just, you know, test it and see how that Lou, how that is going to look soldiers drove on example, for example, is going to be like this. Some hobbled off course is going to be smoother. If you like it, then you contribute. If you don't like it, then you should change it. I don't like it, so I'm going to change it. Let's go back. So how do we do that? His personal It's again and will be available, Selected. Make sure you select the Ellipse stool again. A number of very little selected we have here. Is this feel appear? Press here on that. You can change the grade intercourse. So, for example, like Empress twice here. That's why I don't like it because I actually don't really change the course. I didn't want to do it. Um, muster some red, some dark red legs is, um, press twice here again to change the core on this car should be something like yellow, maybe a purse. Okay, so now we have here is is right and your greed. And and that's actually what we need. Now let's go back to ramp the lair. Let's go back to our mixer brush tool. Make sure everything is fine here. And now you have to hold old or option. If you're using Mac again on press here, not five years is circling piano. If I drove, okay, they thought this already looks much more interesting. Let's go back. So now you have to turn over circle. Let's turn on every singles. Um, actually, let's tones more. Sorry. So now let's go to pass pile on now after personal repress. So Okay, the problem is that we have only one circle right now, so if I pressed right on, make stroke pass. So again cancel. I press right. I chose stroke pass here, and then I press here and I have to choose your mixer brush toe, so make sure everything right like that. Let's just prosecute. So if I do that you see here this line up here, which looks actually pretty nice on our circle, as I said, went automatically on this line on on this past. But the problem is that there is only one we need to have, like, eight at least. So how are we going to do that? Okay, so let's just go aided a step backward so we don't have this. Let's go back to Lear's in order to have few. What went to the way to Corpus is circles. So, for example, if I go in for sure his original project you have 123456788 So, basically, we need to make it circles here on in order to do that, we just chose the first tool here. Let's just hold old orphan. If using McIntee on drug legs is let's get closer again. We hold old press on Jack, old press and drug like this. We can create copies also as a way to credit copies just to press right here. Goto duplicate layer and press OK on a VPN as a corporate so we can just take it. And, Jack, you just and you copy appears on top of the older layer. Want 2345 six, seven, eight. Now we have, like, yeah, eight. Perfect. So what do we What do you want to do now? Actually, is in order to make these things more organized. Let's put all of the ellipse in a group. So we person of the first ellipse here Now we'll shift press on the rust last lips. So it's like everything between them. And now we can just person group here or you cannot suppress control G if using Windows or using Mac Common J in order to create the group. So again, control or comin G, I may have a group you already tonight if I turn it off and on its altogether. Now we go again to the empty layer, which is brushed. Well, let's make this big girl. So we have to make it really, really like really big. So its course also circles a. Now it's hold old or option accusing. Mac, I have to say that every time because some student just forgives it. Um, Nike Impress and I When I did that, you can see here we have many circle, so if I start during right now, see what happens. It drove all the circles at the same time. How crazy is that? Let's go back. So now let's turn off our group. Let's go back to pass. Turn it on. President Butts, Press right. Stroke bus on chose mixer brush to hear what's purse. OK, and see what happens that Ah, how amazing is that? Let's go back to wears. So now we need to turn on everything else except the ellipses exist. Okay? And now we see some problems. Maybe your circle was too big, because mine is actually. Yeah. You see, So we see we get that problem something. But it's not actually a big crime because we can just repeat this. How can we make sure our circles are finding in just in case you go the same problem? What can we do? So let's just tone is off. Great in you learn. Let's just do it actually is because we're going to this again anyway. Oops. I did it in my past accidentally. Has Gotay did a step backward, So I have my past back. Let's choose this layer on. Did it it? Come on, Seriously. Again. Let's go to edit. Step backwards. Okay, let's take this letter and put it here in the trash print. Yeah, now it works, so make sure your pass is still here because we're going Teoh. Let's turn off everything else again. Let's turn on our ellipses. Let's now go to age it on, Choose. No, no, not return, sir. Okay. We need to transform ellipses. But because we have this past selected here is going to transform our past in order to make sure passes not selected. Go to pass. I'm press here on the empty place. Now let's go back to wears. Make sure your group is selected. Goto aided. Press free transform on our household shift. I'm exit a bit smaller. Mm, No, this should be fine. Lets persecute tonight again. We need to go to the new layer. We need to make sure we have Mr Brush selected. Make this a little bit smaller. Yeah. Isis, hold old or option press. Now we have this ellipses again. Here are not for hydro. Okay, so this should be Actually find now in order to check if it's fine. What? We're doing it. What actually we can do was turn off our image on this thing here on If I start doing now, Yes, it's fine, but it can be a little bit smaller. First time for image this as well. It takes a group again. Again, I did returns from on Let's called shift again and makes a little bit smaller. So, as you can see, we have to do the same thing over and over to get it right on. I know it can be, um, a little bit annoying, but, you know, if you want to make a jersey, right, if you want to have a really without Fergie after, do it so it can take time on. Okay, so now we have to go against or New Layer and the game we take our mixer brush toe on. Let's make this a little bit smaller. Big. Okay, hold out. Or option press. I'm not if I start drawing. Yeah, now it's actually perfect. I realize this. Make sure you have the same size. Let's turn off our group. Let's go back toe pass. So lobby takes. It was like the repressed press, right? An interest truck pass. Make sure your mixer brush to was selected person. Okay. Yes, that's what we need. So now make sure you press here somewhere in the empty place. So are passes good. Let's go back to layers. And now we can turn on everything else to see how it looks. Okay, That's actually what I really wanted to do. So now, of course we need to do. Owe me two more work. Moans is because it's not finished yet, But we're getting closer to our ago. So, guys Ah, I think we're going to finish it during the next listen. So to you guys. Bye. 32. Headinside part 3 - adjusting the lines: What's up, guys, welcome back and let's continue with this project when we're going to create this kind of cool artwork. So let's continue. So now, last time. What really is Actually we created this lines here and now we have to work with them a little bit because it was the first thing went to basement to make sure they're getting smaller. Longer worry. So, for example, here you can see they really brought, but they're getting smaller ones getting higher on How do we do that? So let's go to our project. Let's make sure you have selected your lines. What's press contra LTE or comment If using Mac So driller Comity on Now we have this selected Let's press right, unless shoes here. Perspective. So we're going to put them in perspective. Listen, make sure they're getting smaller. Basically, For example, I can press this son drug, see what happens. They're actually getting smaller. That's that. What we need. Yeah, something like that would be fine. Legis purse. OK for now. Other things you can do in order to change their direction and so on is again Let's just go again. Control committee. Let's first right and give. You have this work too. Um, was work, so we can actually, you know, person drag. And when we do that, we can actually change the direction. For example, we can press on drugs. This stuffy and you can see is changing direction. Something like that. Also you have here is this circles we can drag them in order to change in direction as well . For example, this can be like this, you know, we can make it. We can give you those with more on dimension. Yeah, we can just drag the circles. You can drag the point. You can just press and drank in general like this. So you know, you can just play with it and see what we can do. So it's press okay again here because every time we make a transformation, we have to press. Okay. Here. Perfect. So now we need to make sure when they're getting down. Um wasn't getting inside. We don't see is apart of the lions that are inside the face basically on How do we do that ? So the first full issues are first to a vicious move toe. Um um OK, so now let's get closer. um, Andi have Tilly wanting If I if I sound as I just press right And just for somewhere on don't pay attention to that. Um, it's just ah, habit I centers do it. So, you know, just let it go. So what do we need to do now? So, first of all, of course, being to create a mask on the mass is going to help us to make sure that the circles are getting inside the head on How do we solve their actually off course? Or we can just do it monthly. But there actually is some razor, some more comfortable ways that can help us. So what? What we can actually do if you press control more common diffusing my campers here, see what happens now. We have selected all these places that they actually were drawing. So we're going to use them in order toe. Make sure that our lives are inside the head. So let's go to select now and President Select. So, first of all, what's precipice choose? There were buying slurs. Now let's create a mask. Now let's ah, again hold control common and press here on Let's now choose airbrushed. Oh, press right and choose your normal brush. Make sure you're black color selected. Let's not start drawing. So before you draw, make sure your poor was 100 or prices 100. Basically make sure that everything is fun and now we can start drawing. So if I draw here, see what happens, it actually does exactly what we needed. Much easier. So I just throw Unless you can see it's getting rid from these things that we don't need. Actually, um, so let's go to select and make sure we do select on now again. We can just take our brush black over, and now we can read it. Did these things here and make sure your drone mask this very important. Otherwise it won't work. So make sure this is selected. Not this. This is selected. Let's go back now. Yes, that's actually what we need. That's what we're going for nine hours to make it more realistic. We can actually add child over here. You want to make sure like child owns alliance because they're kind of getting out from inside the head. Of course, it has to be dark inside. So how do we had troubles were going to drop shadows mentally, that's creating your while. Um, let's choose our brush tool. Let's go here. Make sure harnesses. Zero Also, apostasy is about 30%. I'm flow is about 3%. So it's one of my readers had is already explained both for Actually does So if you're not family ever did. Just go look it up because Or you can just follow this video and just do it stripped 5% and just do what I do and it is going to be fine because it is going to take a look. Try to explain that, actually. So let's press here twice. Make sure this is black so I can start drawing. So if I draw like this, see what happens? This part is getting darker. Was the problem? Is that darker? The parts of getting darker, always also in the face, for example, if I thought is often you see that the face is also getting darker. We don't need is we need to make sure only the last I getting darker, not the face, because it doesn't make sense. This rather has to be inside. Not, um, it was a face, So how can we actually do that. So first of all, we will just draw the shoulder here and then we will just copy this mask that we have here to this shadow where, like this we won't see the shadows here because we already have masks That helps us toe hide this lines from this place. We just did it to them and we're going to use the same must control goes to hide the shadows from the face as well. So in order to do that less persons, the mask off the lines press old corruption, press the mask on, crank it up So again we hold all corruption presents a mask on dragon up like is we can just copy mask for another. Where then I go back to this shout dolar president and I start drawing like this I actually can see it getting pretty slow but that's totally fine because like this, we make sure our shadow is really good. Then I just pressed on really embarrassing and prison person throw again So release press and draw again Release press andro game So again we made a pasta around 34 5% on That's exactly the reason why we getting this kind of really cool shall the effect. It's not our tour strong. It's not no, too soft, you can still see it on. So that's why I'm saying it's perfect. If you go back, you turn it often when you see the shower here and now it looks much more realistic, actually. And if you want to, you can actually continue making with more shadow. If you want to. You don't have to. No, this is fine. So it's kind of, you know, number. We're finished that Let's go back to our original project. So what do we see actually here. So, first of all the colors, different. Secondly, we see here Oh, this kind of effect on the lines points affected as well in her face. And also we see here is this kind of drops on. Don't worry, we're going to get there, so we're going to do all of them. So first of all, we're going to start with points on the lines. So how do it's actually cold noise? So just, you know, on how do we do that? First of all, let's choose our reliance press right? And make sure we chose Cumber too Smart object. It is very important. So now when we have done this, let's go to filter. So again what? Let me explain. Why did we come? Bert Artur Smart object actually, because we're going to play in noise effect on the lower right now on when they are playing noise effect on the smart object which we just We just made it a smart object. So when we're playing noise effect on a smart object that we can let it any time. But if we would apply a noise effect on just a normal layer like this one, for example, then we couldn't use it later. So if you make it then we're stuck with it. We can under the project. That's why we need to make sure it smart object Sociologist press again Here again. If you don't know the difference between normal layers and smart layers, just go Look at that. My old I also have a video. Is that so? Girls go to feature go to noise on a basic place at noise. So make sure this was selected and weird when you're doing that. So we're playing this at noise effect to this lines. So I figured closer. You see what happens we have. What is this line, this noise here? The point, If I make zero, say it's perfectly can make it higher. Desegregating this point, that's actually what I was going for. Yep, this is exactly what we need. Less personal cape tonight. We need to make sure this is the same. MSM have phrase, so it's press here on, so this image is actually already a smart object. So any time we put on image to further into for the show we just places into for the shop, it becomes a smart, obviously automatically. That's what we don't need to convert it into a smart object. Let's go to filter noise. That noise. Yeah, you can make it her own. This should be fine. It's around 20 and 75 also. Let's make sure we do the same thing for this place, so it's no different. Let's press right here on this. Where on the right layer. So make sure it's a light right, Larry for a torrent often on, because that it's the right lor response right here and choose convert to smart object. Let's go to filter noise aren't noise. Yeah, it should be the same amount off noise like on the fate like this. We can't really tell, um that it's separated. Reese, resume as one thing. Let's first. Okay. Okay. Guys were really getting somewhere. Okay, let me see how long is over. It is this video. 10 minutes. Okay, so, yeah. Unfortunately, we couldn't finish it this time, but we're going to finish it. Lost air Next lesson. I promise. So see you guys during this. Listen by 33. Headinside part 4 - making adjustments: What's up, guys? Welcome back to this project. The on. I hope there's going to be the last Listen on this project and we're going to find it will finish that. So really crazy thing here. Andi, That's what we have done so far. It's looking good. So now we should actually change the colors. First of hope, you can see that we have here. Is this kind of, um, red magenta colors on your going to do the same? In order to do that, let's go back to our project. Lis, choose the where that is looking was the first layer basically press here and let's choose now, Hue saturation. So, like this, we can change the course of the whole project on, for example, I can person dragon. As you can see, the course are changing. So, um, yeah, I didn't like was the color Or is this this looks really nice. So we can change it to something like that. Maybe two is going to be be able to be different for you because you're cause were different. So you have. Do you just have to play with it and see what you're really like? More. But this is This looks also nice. So you know, I just up on you because to change the situation, make it higher law. And I think to do, if you want to change the course of this line on off the image separately what you can actually do, let's go back to our layers panel. So you you have to make sure. Let's let's bring this slur your situation down. You have to make sure the shoes saturation effect is located. Just, um, just in front of this lines. Why is basically so that's personal hue saturation West Press twice here on this Aiken. Ah, now we can choose that option here, which is election. See what happens now? The hue saturation is affecting on this line. So now you can change the color of the lights as you wish. Something like that. Now you go back to layers. What you can actually see here we have here is this kind of a row that shows is that it's connected to this lines. Where here? So now let's say you want to change the call over the image. We can do the same to the image. Let's use our image was go here and shows here. Situation on. If I start now, you can see only the image is changing. But now we have a problem. Here is you can see this part is not changing. See these things the same, You know, to make sure this part is changing us. Well, what? We can actually go? Let's go to layers. We just need to take this you saturation effect on bring it helps a bit higher. So yeah, this is our noses basically are part where we used where we did use this much toe on. Now we have to make sure your situations work it above this part on the bulbs, Amy. Just Well, so nights affect both of the layers. So basically, this effect affect anything that is located below him. What's press again? Twice. He or the cycle? And let's change the colors. Yeah, this looks actually nice. Perfect. So now you know, if you go back to our project, what we have she left here is toe greatest drops here. And how do we do that? Go up so there to create these drops. What? We can actually go. Um, we have to goto the top layer. We have to create a new layer. It has to be in your empty where on Let's now choose again Hue, saturation effect. It is just a little bit like so just to see a saturation effect change the colors is going to affect they were seen by. That's totally fine. I make the saturation 100. Now let's go back to our rulers. So now again, on this empty layer we need to have an empty where on after they empty living you to have this your situation. So this is a structure that we need to have. Now let's go here first Tried and true, there was much too. Make sure you have exactly this brush tips like that. So make sure have this brushed Expected If you don't have it. Goto brush settings on Chose this year If I get calls and now So if I started growing right now anywhere see what happens? It draws in colors so that actually what we need to do. Um, here. Actually, it's not that conference you can see we are on Is this car's here? But it's not that Kaufer in general, in during this project our project. We're going to make a color folk because it's going to look much bettering course. Let's make this a little bit smaller. So now if I start drawing like this, you see the color started appearing. So what can we do in order to make this better? First of what? We can change the direction of farmer brush, so just press right and I can make it like this on your case is actually has changed. Nice is we can make sure it's going like this so you can make just a little adjustment on Let's go back. Actually, So it wasn't quite make you like this here. And then I have to make it smaller friends and do this stuff so it looks like is dropping down. That's actually what I mean. So, um, just to show you how is going to look at ah sent? But then, when we're done, actually, we're going to turn a few situation and what you can actually see. We have the original image. But if you have the same color, so means it's your saturation on, because otherwise let's turn it up as always, to see what happens. It doesn't work But if I turn it on, I like this, you see course. Appear. That's actually why we insist. Your saturation. Larry. Here. It's poison. Let's make this bigger. I was drawers again. Sorry. Smaller. His droz is here. Things is that makes it smaller. Yep. This is nice. Also, we can do, you know, you can just play with it as you want. Toe. This is bigger again. The rule exists smaller, even smaller. So you just up to you where you want to do this drops, for example. Here, same makes it smaller, even smaller laces. Um, let's say again, we're detail. Okay? I did. Here, here, here. So, for example, I can make this bigger as I have to press right as I can make it like this ons and make it just drop like it's dropping. Like this here makes them smaller. Small. So every time you have to make smaller in order to give this, um, drop effect, he says you can make it is even smaller. Draw again. Okay, so let's turn it off now. As you can see, the opposite here is this kind of drops the same FBI actually here. But of course they're not black and white. Um, on behalf, your reaction have to make more. So is turned on again. Let's make some more there to make more here. Each time you have to believe is your brush size. You have to make it bigger, smaller and so on. Likes is Okay, guys. So let's turn. It is home on. You can make more if you want to. I will just show you how to make them black and white, not black and white by like Gracia exists. You know what to do that. What? You can actually go press just here. Then you can go toe vibrance on, then. Okay, Before you do anything, let's go back towards make sure your vibrance is located just above this layer. Here we're record creating this lines. This color effect. Let's go back to robberies. Press twice on Let's president think here, which will make sure that this virus effect is only connected to this color drops. So if I make grabbers, don't see what happens is getting great or if I make saturation Girl is getting going was a black and white. That's exactly how I created this kind of effect. So you can keep it like this if you want to. On the last thing left here is actually this son effect on. How do we do that? So in order to create the sun effect, we need to make sure everything is, um connected into one. A smart object. So did anything that you don't need This group we don't need So did anything that you don't need personal. The upper layer Go down, hold shift on president the layer below. So you have to stay local. Everything press right and chose cumber too Smart object. And that is all together so we can go to filter other off So filters render and then we have to choose here lends where So now when we do that we have here is this kind of less You see a plus You can press it on drug it You can make the brightness higher lower You can also change the fate a little bit We can make it a different effect This type of effect for a movie prime which is total different so you can just play with it and see what you like. Maybe we can just make move Prime personal care. For example. Let's say you don't like this. You can press again twice here in this less fair because it's connected here. I can turn it off. Turn it on or I can press twice and then I can change it. Press okay, on has changed. That's it for this project. Guys, I really hope you liked it on. If you have any questions, just writing comment, you know, message might be happy to help. I'm really sorry that we didn't do this fully like this drops fully. But I did show you how to them. I'm just in a hurry. I have to go. So to you guys does next lesson by 34. Text tool: What's up, guys? Fred here on today, I'm gonna show you how to use text in Polish A because it's actually a very important function on. So let's just jump in. So first of all, being to take this text to here so just personally on De Niro to start typing, we just have to press once. And when we have done that, we'll see this kind of lineup here and now we can start typing. So just any other typing into that you use. Mom, let just right. Hello, people. Okay, so for you, it may look different because I have changed my styles. It will be different for you for sure. On I will show you how to change the size. The color is the point and all the other stuff. So just be patient. So first of when we have done that, let's just go here on personal K and other matter. If it's too big, if it's too small government, they don't care about the just press. OK, now let's go. Let's close this one. Let's go here to attract Apollo on. If you don't see it there, you just have to goto window on you will fight character panel here. Perfect. So no. One we have opened that. What you need to do is so I will show you all of this stuff one by one on. Then you can use it. So, first of Pope. Now let's change the size because maybe for you, it's Toby. Go to smoke. So first of will make sure on your layers panel text is selected. Causes go to attract the panel on Change This. So let's say I do it 12 11. You see changes 11 points the size now or, let's say, sort of six point on bigger. You want to make it smaller. You can just use one of this, or you can just type your own size. So it let's say, make nine enter on the sizes. Smaller, Perfect, right? So let's is actually too small. Let's make it like 14. Enter. Yeah, that's OK, Let's continue. So now when you have done in the size, so let's change the color first I want to make it black, So just to be a normal black color was just press it here On the color on now we can change this rounding here on if you put it here somewhere, you can see the new color is the current color, and this is a new color, so we can, like, put it here. But it's not like total black right now. It's like dark gray. If you want to make it 100% black, you can. You should drag this rounding and you should drag it here. So the corner and when you see here is the coat off the collar 0000 and then you can see it back. But this personal cape, let's continue. So next thing we should do is we should change the phone on. There is a lot of other points, like installed on your laptop already on your computer already, but we can also, of course, download some other great phones on. I will show you how to do that as well. But first of all, it's press here, and here you will see all the points that are installed on your computer, and you can just, you know, navigate through them and see how it changes. You know, just, um, choose any phones that you like. Let's just legis choose area for now, just the standard one that all the laptops other computers have just person on. So you can also type in here. For example, if I want another fun, they can just type the name. Let's say one drop with the phone you want, have it you after the hood. But I'm just showing you how to search here for forms. So don't worry about that. You see all the rubble, the points come up or if I presentable, say area, those aerial phones come. So I just chose area record. And now when you have done that, we can go here and here we can change a lot of different stuff. For example, we can choose the type of aerial forms that we want. For example, here have narrow. You see, it's getting narrow. We have, like, a narrow, bold it's bold. And now, at the same time you have regular um, we have bolt. You have bold italic on. We have black, which is ah, tickets are full of them so you can see that here you just change the style. Opara phone on. Some phones don't have this kind of stuff for samples areas they can't bear phone that has only one stuff or they can before that has 10 or more styles, but it doesn't really matter. Let's continue. So now I showed it This one. Now let's goto this parameter here. What does this, too is actually helps us to control the distance between two lines. But right now we have only here one line. So let's create a second line. How do we do that? Make sure you have chosen your textile on. Let's go here and just press once anywhere on the takes in the middle of say and now will be up. Children's is You can just press enter on. You know, it goes to the next line. Just we have to press okay again. So every time you make changes to text, you have to press enter here. Okay. Basically, also one important thing to consider if you want to choose this text, but they, uh if I want to change some letters or add more stuff here, what can I do so you can just click anywhere? You have to make sure you never get on your text on when you see this Kind of fine. Just look at this. You see, here we have around our line. We ever square on when I ever get to text. I don't have this square anymore. He's just a line. So when you have just the line, that's when you should press. If I press right now, you can see when I choose the stakes. Now I can choose it and I can do it. It add it are at, like other letters and so on. Anything you want to do, which is personal care. For now, a knife would go here. Here we can change the distance between lives, for example. I can press here on I can press, let's say 12 points. You can see the getting smaller. I can't even make it like six point. So it's like, really small or I can make it 30 points. It's like really big distance between them. So you were actually on this? Change is the distance between all the lines. For them believe you have 10 lives. It will change the distance between all between all the till. Then lines here. Sometimes I start sayings in wrong letters. Sorry for that. Okay, let's continue. So now we should choose this matter que on. This helps us toe control the distance between two letters. So how does this work again? We choose our textile on. Then let's say we want to change the distance between E and L. We have to press here So this land has to be between e and l on. When we have it here, we can go to here to this metric. Let's see if I make it 200 you can see that this is getting bigger. If I make it, mine is 100 is getting smaller. So there's this. Controls the distance between them on you can also make it even more. Let's say I want to make a 600. They can see it's really big legis. Make it zero for no. So it's just a normal distance. Now let's press. Okay, Thank you. Now let's go to here. So this controls the distance between all letters, not only two letters. So if I press here and I chose 200 you will see that the distance between all the terms has changed. I can make it us well minus 100. So is getting closer or if we want to choose specific letters, I can just press to truth. The text on that I can present will press and drag. So right now I chose four letters on If I go here and make it 200 you will say that the distance between this four letters has increased. Now let's make this zero religious person okay, here. But now we actually need toe make zero here again. So the letters have zero? No, dear distance but the parameter here zero because it was minus 100 before that. So now we appear like, let's is the wits of cortex, the hide off the height and the roots of cortex but we don't actually need is because if you want to change the size, you can just go and change it here also, What we can do is we can go to edit and we can choose. Where is it? Pretty transform or control? Porosity. If you're using windows, if you're using MCE Candace Press common plus T and I can hold shift on dragon. Make sure you hold ship otherwise your takes won't scale properly. Let's say I hold truth and drag it to make it bigger and just personal Cape here again. Perfect. And here we have, Um this one helps us to make sure some of the letters or every words are hires on as a little words. For example, how does this work? We need to select some letter let size, like this letter here and that I can just change this parameter 20 for example. You can see it getting higher. I mean, I can make it smaller, like 10 is getting a little bit lower so we can cherry can adjust the stellar every single letter separately, for example. This is higher now. I can even make it smaller, like 10. As you can see, it's higher and in smaller as well. So cool, right? Analogue, Just press cancel here so we don't save this. Changes on getting back to normal. So this helps us, for example, Here we can make it both about. This one is already black, so it's extra bold. Actually, we don't need that, but you can't even make even want to make it. Boulder. You can use that. We can make it italic. Well, we can make sure the letters are like capital or their small again on. Then If you persist one, all the letters are going to be capital, but the first ones are going to be even bigger than the other capital letters. So it's just like in a book basically on this one's helps us to create some science for months for months, for example. So how does this work if I press and let's say I choose me here and I press here because it's It's like it's just like an index. So is getting up, or I can also make it down if I press again is back to normal whispers. Okay, here on Rosa have, like, line on the news online in the center for a text because that's it basically for Tex, Um, I guess it was dealt with boring because, you know, we didn't do actually like some kind of project, but it's actually very important, especially if you're planning to be a graphic designer and using quarter shop. Then for sure, you will have to write some text on during next. Lex and I will show you how toe download new phones, how to use them on as a cool stuff that you can use with Thanks 35. How to use Google Fonts: What's up, guys, spread here on before we start. I have to so that I know that it's kind of dark. Yeah, OK, it's not kind of dark. It's like, really dark here. But that's because I'm shooting in tonight. So you know, I'm doing that for your guys shooting the readings that night on. Yeah, I have this heart tone. I don't know why. I just you know it. Let's just dive into the boring stuff, okay? I'm cold. I'm just not according, but drinking. It's not going to be boring. This actually pretty interesting. I'm gonna show you where we can download like some really creates an interesting phones on . Then you can use them in your project, so it's kind of interesting on we have to goto fonts about google dot com. Let's wait until it loads. I can't hear it comes. So here are lots off like free phones that you can download and using your project off course. Also some other websites. But I would say this is the most convenient one on Let's start. So how what can we do here? Actually, so first of all, there few class Igor's off won't Here. We have, like sheriff sensory display handwriting and mono space. And I'm gonna quickly show you on explain you, all of them. So first of all, let's turn off most a man like total non is surely front. So sure, if all the points that have this kind of things going out from the letters like you see, you can see this here the square or like a triangle going out from the edge of the letter. So, like all the ages have kind of the squares like you can see here on the tea or triangles, you can see he owns em. So it's kind of, you know, just stuff just going out of the waters. I don't know how to properly name it in English, but it doesn't really matter because we're learning digital art on you know, you could go. No. If you want to go deeper into text, you can do that. But you can just do that on your own. I'm gonna quickly show you the stuff that you really need in a real world, as in a when you're practicing design or dig a lot. So So this kind of this, all the sheriff fronts that have their Basically, this is a classic phones. Um on. They're not used that much today as they were used before because they're kind of difficult to read on. There are other types of funds for them, But if you go now to some strip and as you can see copes with okay, as you can see you here. So all of this phones, No, first of all knows of haves like triangle or a square. Things going out from this, like from the edges, like s A. You know, they're just as simple letters on Secondly, they're easier to read. That's why two days there are more popular, especially in web design, because you mean you have to make sure people can read what's written on the website eso as this our sensory phones on their not classic. Basically, they're the opposites off the Serie that's going onto this way. So display are usually creative front. And as you can see, they're different from all the other front. Like this one, for example. Oh, let's say this on, for example. So I usually use a za headless. They're not used in ah long paragraphs, paragraphs or for long text because it's kind of difficult to resume. For example, imagine a book written in this front like it's going to be a nightmare to read that book, so I don't do that. Just use them for headland, just like a few words on Sore for title, maybe, and so on. And then we have here handwriting, so I don't think I have to explain that everyone knows was the handwriting so we can see. Like it's a fund set her look that look like they're written by hand. Let's go to mono space Mama Space, our front that have, um, equal distance between the letter says You can see here, for example, that is, between a L. M M. Off. The more equal and the same applies to all other letters. So they're kind of located in the squares that have the same with eso. Every like is located in a square that has the same size. That's why they have the same distance between them. On this is this kind of looks like a computer phone, like according point, I would say, the one that you usually see in movies on If you go back toe Saref course answer. You can see that here's a distance. It's no the same as in model space and basically Mona on space. I think you can can understand what it's trying to say. Like Mona. Like the same space. Yeah, on Let's continue. So now when you have done that, let's turn on all of them. So now, um, first of what we can change the style of the frontier resembles is a robot a phone. If you go to style, you can choose light, for example. We can chose black. We can make it bigger, small and so on so we can make anything. Ah, religious. You know we can also what we can also do. Let's say we want Oh, we want a display. No, we want a handwriting front Western or all of them on. Let's say we have to write and let's traveling toe somewhere, traveling to Paris. Now we have now we can. What we can do is actually we can press you apply to all phones on. When we do that, we'll see the same text in all phones, so now we can choose which one looks better and which one we're going to use. in our digital art or in our design. So yeah, it's going. It's like as I said, this is very cool so you can just scroll through them and see which one you're going to use on. Of course, I will show you how to download them. We'll get to that part soon as well. If you're looking for a specific language, you can go here to languages on. You can do like Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, take on other languages. This were important because not all the letters and not all the phones have all the letters for the pool. Let's say I mean, if I choose Krilic, which is basically kind of issues Russian, most of the phones will disappear because not all phones have Russian language or even choose some other like, say, Greek. No, you see hopes seriously. There are no handwriting. Quonset have Greek language. That's weird. Okay, let's go to sensory. At least they're known on this website. I'm sure there's on other websites, as you can see, if I choose some scrivener, we now see everything written in Greek, and this is the funds that have Greek letters in them. Now let's continue so Let's just, um, Shozo languages on what I want you to do now use we can. We can also search your pro different wants for example. Go to search on right here. Rail way. Make sure you spell it right because you don't try to like a rail. It's like it's spelled differently anyway. So when you write that, you will see here railway, you can just click on it. And now we have the front page open here so and here we can see all the stuff that this phone has, as you can see. Like it's quite a lot because of the usage. So basically, in which countries this phone is used the most, like your say, France. Britain, I guess beer and probably great Britain. Not sure. Game on, Let's continue. So here you have Pablo pairings with railway. So what is that? This helps us to choose to find the best form that shoots real were perfectly because when you creating a design is But if use at least two fronts Ah, in one design, because like this, it looks more interesting. When you use everywhere is the same point. It may look a little bit boring on So what we have here here we have railway as the title. You can see that here on here We have Monserrat as their paragraph, so we can also change them. As you can see, the design changes. Let's say the country is like all swelled. Now we have here this kind of progress, but of course it's kind of difficult to read. So let's change them. Yeah, that's much better because there's not a lot. You can read it and then you can have a perfect phoned and a wink and a comfortable, convenient phone to read the problem. Because this one here s world, it's kind of difficult to it. So it's better not to use that kind of front. And when you if you want to write a long text, so how do we don't load them? The most interesting part. OK, do you know to download and we can choose here so exist Phoned, for example, on when we do that you have you have is wrong time exactly repress Here on now we have to press here, download this selection man is downloading Acer's it on the same grew up the same applies for a Mac, so it's going to indulge it as a zip. Let's just see words. Okay, of course. Like it will go to a downloads folder. Probably like I said before, if you haven't changed it. So now how do we installed the phone which is located here? We have to press right on. First of all, we have to extract everything that's located in this. Are are here our trip like we have to press extract railway for Mark. You just have to press twice in and the it opens a folder off the point. Now we have to find railway where we re away where I could hear press twice Are not we? After all the railway points on again? If he wasn't windows, you can just press on it on press instill and Israel give you would be installed. It's actually the same form. You can just press on it on. Then you can you have to you have to press at two fronts or something like this. Or you can also search for ah ap cold front book. I think it's called phone book on Mac. You open it and then you can just choose all of this phones and, you know, just drop them in this app on dure is ill be installed on your laptop on your computer. We can also do what we can also do in Windows. We can choose all of them. Press right on. Doing still like this always and will also automatically. So is almost the same. I'm sure it's not that difficult. If you have some problems, you can just google it. The county is still phone toe macro windows, whatever you know. I'm sure there are lots of videos showing how to do that. Yeah, and as I said, just so just press twice in the impress Instill that sets it on, of course, is. But if you have lets me just did it is because I have I rode. They have railway phone, he's told on off course. It's better if you create a separate folder. For example, here in downloads, I have assets folder and you have phones folder, because if you're going to work as a professional digital artist, you have lots of different fronts. You can say I feel like lots of funds and still and but if you keep them in one place. So you know, you don't turn your downloads holder into a mess on. Yeah, if you want someone off when you can just go it like the number of the phone on it will find it. But of course, there also some points that are paid, and you have to pay for them. A mother. Of course, there also lots off your pretty phones. So, you know, try to use the refund. Are I mean, unless you really loves a paid one, and then you have to pay. That's it for the Google front side and for instilling and using front onto you during the next listen. 36. Layer styles part 1: What's up, guys? For it Here onto they will assure you layer styles on what are layer styles. And how can we use them to create some amazing stuff? So first, before we need to draw a square so we can change different layer styles on the square. Let just purse right here on. Make sure we should rectangle toe on. Just throw a normal rectangle like this. Okay, Also, make sure you go to feel press here. Ah, just choose some light color. For example This one go to stroke on, make sure stroke is no. So praise this one here on the stroke is going now. So now let's go back to wears on. So now we need to access layer styles for this layer. How can we do that? So they're actually few options to do that. The 1st 1 of the easiest one is just to click twice here on this layer on empty place. So not here, not on the text, but here on empty place You just quick twice here and then you wait. And we have here where stars opened up also for examples. Maybe some of you have your layers like this so there is not enough space. You can just make his bigger. Also, another second way too good is just click right on. Chose here blending options. And when you do that, you have again your layer styles opened up. So let's continue. So now here, if you're styles that we can use on our square on The great thing about this house is that we can use them on anywhere. So here, for example, we have a vector shapewear. But we can use them as well in the image on a video, um on and brush strokes and anything we want. So let's start with the first style, which is bevel and emboss religious press it, remember person it first of all, we checked it so its own. I also repressed. And so all right, window changed. So here we have few different styles. And as you can see already here, you have some effect going on. Maybe for you. You won't see it because you have to take a little bit here, So change the parameters so you can see the effect. You can also look, Here is a preview window. You will see here everything that happens So first of folk, let's start with dips. Let's just make it out to the bigger A member starts when we start making that's higher, we can see. Look here, look here that hours rectangle is getting more depth. Also have here, for example, size. Let's increase size so you can see the effect is getting bigger. So that's exactly what bowling balls dust it does. It does bring light from one side and bring shadow from another side. So it's kind of a light going from this side here. That's why here we have the light, and here we have the shadow on now because you're soft in in order to make our it just softer. For example, if I make it back soon, you can see it's a little bit softer. You can make it. If I make it 20 you can see it's not as soft anymore, and also we can increase the size or decrease. It doesn't really. I mean, just do what you want. So there's also a few Arthur Stiles Resort example here yet in a barrel knowledge shoes out of bubble, which is basically the same affect, but from outside off our there on then we have here in both, so it's kind of the middle. Then they appear. Kill Olimbos. So you see, it's different again. You can also work here to say exactly what happens. Where's where's the light? And where's the shadows? Announces last one is struck on both. Nothing will happen right now because this applies only if you have a stroke around our rectangle. But right now we have no stroke and you may look at this and think, Why do we even need? That's why should we use it? But it's actually a pretty important thing. So just keep watching the video when Well, we'll get to other stuff and you will understand why do actually need this styles on, especially this is very important because we are going to eat it in future projects. Let's just in the river for now. So let's continue the interior of our angle on. We can change it. So we basically change the angle. Where's the light is coming from for them? We put this around here. The light is coming from this side. I can also make it to the left exist. I can also make it to the middle. So right now the light is going up from ups from the center. So are some from here. If I put it left his lightest coming up from the left on then the F here highlight Mort also. Okay, let me show this as well goes counter. There's not very important, but, like resemble. If we click on it, it changes the way light appears on our lair. So let's just make it normal again on behalf, your highlight mode and shadow mode. So this controls the way how our basically highlighted area and shouted area are shown up. For example, let's let's first do highlight more normal. Let's make a pass 200% knife. I press you on the color. I like change the color. What will happen is ah, the highlighted motor. Basically the place where the light is dropping will be read. And also I can play with capacity. I can change two different colors, so it looks like this right now. We can do the same for the shadow moat so we can make this normal press here on change the color of the shadow to some different color like this. Cool, right on. So let's ah, press okay for now. And when we do that, we will see here. Effect appear. So here, have a fate and he have bevel on boats. You can just turn it off if you want to. Or you can press twice here on the effect on the wear style. So it opens up again and you can change and press. OK, Ok, um so let me show you houses will look on a photo, for example. Let me just put any image I find Yeah, let's just cleanses phone person Let me make it smaller for first Let's press okay here on if I press twice it here, for example. On I go and I told him Berlin both see what happens. We have the same effect on our image. So as you can see this liar styles come burke on anywhere on the rector shape on the image and so on. Soldiers personal gift. From now on, if you create a mask here for our image, then we go and take brush to for example We take black color, so make sure you have a black selected Let me make this of the big Anisur drawing. See what happens. So it shows This layer starts on the edges off our turnovers, this on the edges off our layers. So if I feel it there from inside, we can see that it shows also here. Let me turn off that and let's continue. So let's press twice again. Here, let me turn Rizzo and that's only stroke. So basically this at stroke to our layer of sweet. I didn't turned up okay to turn of just press here. So now we have only stroke. So basically this at stroke to our world, where on? So we can just make the stroke more or we can change. Also after told that because it's a vector shape because, of course, we condone such ads stroke to it from the rector panel. But if we will be working in this photo, you can't really at a stroke to afford a from rector pound because 40 is not director object, so we can add it only from here from stroke. So, for example, let's me just press cancel here, turns us off, turn off the image. Let's, um, just press twice here. Let's add, stroked our image. For example, I turn off blend bevel and emboss. I turn on stroke. See what happens. He everybody to some black stroke. We can make the size bigger. We can make the position inside Outside. So is outside those image. We can make it center sorts in them. So it's have outside and help inside in the middle Recounted change blending model positive . Like being inside. Ah, also, we can change the color, for example. I can press and I can put a different core. We can change the fuel type so we can make it. Grady int, for example. We can to some grade ends here or we can make it. For example. Pattern chose some of the patrons is that we have? Yeah, like this. And also we can change the scale makes a pattern bigger, smaller and so So let's just turn yourself press. Okay. Here. Let's go back to a rectangle Turnover the photo Turn on rectangular press twice here on. Let's continue now with our rectangle. So where is that? Okay, now we go through in the shadow. Onda. Let's, um let me show you. How does this work? For example, First of all, let's turn over Berlin in both in the shadow. First of all, let's take bending mode and put it to normal. Make sure prostheses like around 50 on let's make the distance old with higher. So you see what happens now. Nava shadow inside. That's why it's called in the shadow on Charlie's. Coming from this angle, we can change the angle of our shadow from here. We can change the angle because they change the distance so it's getting further or it smaller. We can increase the size. So as you can see it's mother right now, we can also make your play with chalk. Ah, so this also helps us to increase the size or power shouter basic, basically choking size. We have to dispose of them to make sure we make the perfect size on the perfect smoothness . Yeah, I know. I'm not sure if I can say that, But perfectly Smalls shadow basically can we can play with the shoulder. I did show that already right on Dhere. We also have noise. We just makes noise at PR shadow. So it's like points many, many points on basically noises like like when you look on the photo. Sometimes you see this, um, points appearance of photo, especially if the photo was taken during tonight. This is cold noise. It's a photo noise on image noise unless turns us off and continue is in there globe. So in our boys exactly like in the Shadow, the only difference is that it's coming. It's coming from all the sides, not from one angle, but from every side off our where on sheriff again, a positive view of noise. For example, we have a first city because it changed the color. For example. We can also change different techniques, for example, softer, precise, which makes his more precise or softer. We can change the source from center. You can see all fromage also choke and size. We have both of them here as well as in in their shadow. On Let's Continue Other stories off on, Goto said Satan sat in. I'm not sure how to pronounce it right. And anyway, let's continue. So what does that actually do? This helps us to brink light from both sides on child or in the middle. So, like this, there's kind of this kind of metallic effect. We can change the angle. You can see that it starts changing, we can change the distance. We can change the size. So this is actually worry somewhere. You swell when you want to create a gold effect like, uh, glare, I would say like not glitches, but blink like blinks like light, light, light, effect light effect That would say, um, yeah, I think you understood what I mean. So let me just means a smaller make a gold light effect on Let's turn over this 13 and go to color overly. So what does this to this helps us toe color Zeller, for example. Here, let's first of all, makes a blonde moment normal on a pass 100%. Now we can change the course on we will change the color forward shape. But the thing is that we shape because the changes colors from Victor Shapes panel because this is a vector shape and we can change its its colors anyway, even if we don't use your lawyer stuff, so but that is worrying. Political rallies were important. We want to change the color. Oh, for a lair that is not director. So let me explain you that again. In this case, you don't really understand what is rector and how to work with them. In Porter Shop, for example, it's press okay here. Let's turn off color overly so he have our rectangle vector shape. If you press here rectangle toe here, here, feel so I can present feel and change the color to anything I want toe so I can't changes colors even if I don't use layer styles. But let's go now to something different. For example, let's create anywhere. Turn off everything else. Let's continue later. Let's take a row. Brush tool. Um, let's just just some color. Doesn't really matter. Makes the breast big alert with andro. So let's say we want to change the color off this brush stroke. We can't really do this right now because there's no the vector shape. Is this like a photo? We can change the color for photo. So in order to change the scholar what we have to do, we have to press twice here. So basically left open layer styles, you have to go toe color overly and here we have to make sure which was blend Mount normal or 500% on now on. Now. If we change the colors. We can choose any car we want toe, and it will change its cars. Cool, right? For example. Just make sure you understand 100 person how this works. Let's turn of toning the image. So what's turn? Let's do this mosque. First off, let's press twice here on them to place again. Goto color overly on make sure blend Monday's 100 normal. So now you can see it. Just it puts core overly. That just exactly I said, stays on the whole where So now if I change the colors, it's just going to be like this the the way we can use it on image. Well, we can do, for example, we can use blending more, not normal but, for example, multiply. And now we have this kind of cool effect room like this. Oh, this looks nice. You know, something that becomes a place reserved by city or we can also change it to or some other lighten screen. Other words, you know, just play with it. Change the multi. Maybe you find something interesting for you. What Stone? Just off first. Okay. Here. Okay on. I think that's Ah, I think this was already quite long. So let's continue with layer styles during next video during our next lesson so you don't get toe board. 37. Layer styles part 2: What's up, guys? Fred here on today, we're going to continue to learn layer styles. So let's, um the last time we draw a rectangle, we're learning this solo. GIs press twice here so we can continue working your lower like rectangle on Make sure everything is turned off on right now. We should go toe grazed the early because last time we learned collaterally colleges go to great aunt overly. So this helps us to add some grading on travel there. First of all, let's make office 300% now and blending more normal. Now we can choose from Grady INTs that photo shop as, for example, something like this on. Then we can choose the style radio one year and so on. We can change the angle. You can change a scale bigger, smaller, So I'm not going to explain how great it's work because you should have known this already . I mean, you should know this already. Got that? Now I'm just showing you this layer styles. If you don't know grated, Just go back to the Western where we're talking where we're talking about greatness and see how they work. I came perfect on this is. Oh, good. Okay, so we can use this great and not on loan directorships. But of course, on some other where cells was just press OK on Dhere. Prell apply Can turn on this coming off this press twice here. Tone on gradient overlay on turn off color. Overly because we can't use both of them together on make sure prices 100 burning one is normal on now. We can use some other radiant and as you can see, it starts changing the colors became those angle to change the angle on DSO on flights we can bring to our brush strokes. Different colors all Grady INTs espresso. Kay turns us off. Turn his own on Go back to our rectangle totaled radiant on let's go toe pattern over way So this helps us to add some pattern to our layer. So here for them we have different patterns that we can use. Also, make sure blending more These multiply because when it's normal, your pattern doesn't burn. Roeselare on it looks you just is a pattern normally, but if it's like multiply, then start blending roeselare and you can see how it looks on the where Tobin here we can for examples, change the scale. And so, um so this actually will help us to create a paper effect. So how exactly does this work like me? Turns off pres. Okay. Here, for example, is turned off of them. Let's go here, Choose solid color, so we just choose one color. Make sure it's some light color. Let's a light pink. What? They want to create a light pink paper effect press. Okay, now we can press twice here on I will wear on them to place on here. We can choose pattern overly. Make sure you go to your patterns and chose this one from example. Yeah, this one should be fine. And also, I can play with scale making bigger. So now you can see on also apply suit with Done. Now you can see here this kind of paper effect. If I get closer, you can see this effect. So is this Looks kind of like a paper becomes and bring down capacity. So it's not that strong on if I turn this off No paper paper. So you can really see the difference, right? So that's why this this layer styles I were important because they're crucial when you want to create some realistic effect you want at some pattern, for example, to some materials you want to change the colors you want toe at some lighting effects. Um um, like metal metallic effect. And so the stone is off. Let's press OK, turn off the scholar feel, and let's go back to our EC tango on Let's press twice again on empty place. And now we have here Alter Glow left, so this helps is exactly like in ago, but it does the same from outside, so it's like going outside, and we can again make this spread higher or the size bigger so we can see that is getting really big. I'm not going to explain your losses because I did already expecting exactly the same stuff in Inner Glow. It's the same like in their globe, but from outside. And now we have here drop shadow. There's also the same like in the shoulder by the game from outside, so it can be a fair distance. For example, we can make the shot to go further. We can change the cars, for example, past his 100 burning more normal, become person colors and make it back. Because shadows are usually black. Let's make a plus two down a little bit. There's eyes higher, for example, to make it a little bit more blurry, like this becomes increased noise. But, I mean, you don't you shouldn't do it, but just showing you how this works and thats it basically. So right now, I did show you already all of the layer styles that we have here. So I'm sure you still miss on these misuse you miss, and you misunderstood some of them. But that's not a problem, because you have to work like with them on the project. So it can really remember them. Because if you don't work on the project with them, you'll forget them in few days. So, you know, just open semi major or create some square, I would say, and just practice with them, just play around, see, maybe we can create something really interesting. I've tried to apply some patterns on different shapes and brush strokes and so on. So let me just press okay here. Also, I want to show you you can see here that here are all of them layer styles that they I applied to my rectangle, but there are so remember if I turned them on because he its own its own its own. So we can basically turn on a few effects for your layer style that we can. We can also turn them off if you don't want all of them. We can just press on effects here. So all of them off. Well, let's turn back on all of them. If you want to delete some of them, we can just press and drag to a trash bin. So it's going or we can just pressure on drag the whole effect to a trash bin and you will be Go on, let me go back. Um, under clear effect, I just want to show you one last thing. For example, let's say you have my image and I want to play the same layer styles here to this layer. So how can you do that? My press right here on my rectangle. And here I have corporal herself. Press it. Then I can turn off my rectangle. I go back to my four to turn it on on. I pressed right on my photo and here I have based where style and as you can see, it applies the same layer styles to my photo on. We can't releases a photo because we also have your color overly with make sure strewn which make sure that our bar lair is covered with rallied color was just turn off this internal granted early. So we have no only drove shall go left. So, guys, that's actually it for less stuff. If you have any questions, just ask me. I will be happy toe help you You can always message me anywhere You will find this video because I posted on the different places. Or you can also make you know the best way to make sure. And so you is to go to my instagram Ah, Fred's gallery here on message Missouri because that means I will see your message for sure and answer your 100% to you guys. Still, the next lesson by 38. "Hit Me" Part 1: What's up, guys? Fred here? Andre. We're going to create this artwork on. It's like it looks really interesting. It's not that difficult to goes. And we're also going to the town of New Stop while doing this. So let's just get started On First of all, let's go to photo shop Goto file and you wait on Let's name it. So how should we maybe white water? What was written there? Get me? Yeah, hit me or with Grammy. Name it Anything you won't hit me. Which 1000 height Oneto 50 Real ocean 300 eight beat RGB color mode. And if everything is fine Legis press Great. Now let's take this picture. This photo you will find it in project files. Off course. Let's put it here. Yes, now we have to hold shift on, make it bigger. So she hold shift again and make it bigger. Let's bring it. Bring him to the center and again Hold shift on. Make it bigger Like this. I mean, even bigger. Probably. Yeah. This should be fine. Let me check here. Yep. Almost perfect. Let's personal que no. Now let's go. Toe wears on. Forcible. Is this background where because we don't really need it. I mean, it's always hear about nobody uses at this. I don't use it. So on now, what we have to do is first of all, we need to make sure here it's getting back and forth. As you can see, we have colors on his face. Um okay. Sorry, guys. I'm back. Jessica Sirica. How did this even happen? E I think he drunk too much yesterday. But as you can see, he has colors only his face on this, like black and white. So let's go to put the shop on. First of all, we need to go here every it to choose vibrance. Let's make let's bring the vibrance to minus 100. Exactly. That's what we need. Goto wears back not being to make sure we have colors here. So how do we do that? So when we created Vibrance from here, we also got this mask. This mask will help us to define where we want this vibrant Stop here, So make sure you have the mask selected goto brush. So press right and chose Just brushed over here on Make sure you have black color side here and you can general prison. You have some other cars, you can press here and then you go default course, and then you can change to black. Also, make sure you go here makes the hardness zero hardness on her is if everything is fine, that just makes a little bit smaller. The brush sizes too big know something exists and I would just start drawing. So when we do that, as you can see now we have the face colored. It's like here, and everything else is black and white. But if you want to bring black to bring back some black and white cars, you can just change the cold toe white again. Make sure your mask its electors, This is were important on. Now you can start drawing, and I guess it is getting back toe black and white. So just bring some places back to black and white. I mean, it's actually not really black. And write it still has some greenish colors here, as you can see what is, you know, it's it's not that vibrant anymore. Nothing we need to do is wait to create this This square here, the place that we're going to write the text on in order to do that was just go here, press right on chose rectangle cope. So before we start creating him goto feel press on, Let's choose the color. So just press here on first of poor women to choose color. And then the tone was a color. Yeah. Something like exists were afraid. Pressel Cape. I'm able to make sure you go to stroke and press here. So there is no stroke and everything. It's fine. Let's just go and create. Yeah, it should be on his eyes approximately like this. But just check. Yeah. I mean, if you don't have the right side what you can do, you can go to a did, um, press here. Free transform. Pass. Oh, control or common them. Now, you can just make you a little bit longer. Like this. Um, press. OK, let's go back to wears. Not we need to make sure Hey, has this kind off? Just so it's not that straight. So because he's straight here about me to make a little bit like wavy, let's create a mask. You're so we just we make sure we choose the rectangle till empress here. And when we do that we have this must created. Now Let's go to our brush toe again. Choose brush. Let's go here, the other brush settings on Let's choose here. This, too. So not just oh, but this brush tip. It's not at all just type of brush. And when we do that, if you can see now, we don't have this round with Russia anymore. It's a different brush type. We could be close this. We make sure you have black color selected. We make sure we have this mosque selected. Now if you get out a bit closer. So just control or common what's appears in Mac? If he wasn't winners, just control plus closer or now we can start drawing as you can see what happens. Is he a started? The edges are not perfect anymore unless makes us actually bigger. So it makes his bigger the size of the brush. I mean, now we can. You can just use open and close brackets to make the shots off your brush. Bigger or smaller, we can just make it here a swell about this. But if you learned the hard keys so you can burn Quester, something that exists. Okay, wait. Um, let's go back here. I want to change the direction a bit. Night looks totally different so it don't don't serve. Don't drop. Just no press, press, press, press So it doesn't look that perfect. Yeah. Okay. Good. Stop when you like it. I mean, I don't It's not. It's not perfect, but plus continue. Um, so nice thing we need to do is you also need to make some, you know, distances here, like you can see that the rectangle doesn't appear here and here. I never to do that. Let's make this smaller religious maker. It's too big. Go back in order to go back again. Just go to edit on Step backwards. Yes. You didn't know? Ah, now I was told that again on again. Let's see if we did it right. No, I mean, there's no right or wrong. You know, we can't replicate exactly what we did there and do it here. So let's just go again here and just press, press, press, press, press, make sure just different. Okay, so now it's press twice here. Now we need to when we press twice here on the empty place. So make sure your price. So let's cause this. Make sure you press here on them to place not on the takes, not only the image or mosque here. If you don't have it, we can just go here and make this bigger. Nike Empress twice here, from the empty place on the rectangle and I we go to drop Shadow and women, which is drop shadow. So here we can actually create a shadow on how can we do that? So first appropriate to choose the blending boat. Um, make sure you have president and his own. We introduce their blending more normal. Second, they made to go to color presidentials, make it black, and then we have a place to become a capacity bigger or smaller in order to make sure to control how strong is the shadow? Um, they were to change the distance for Trump witnesses. Zero. Um, you're probably not seeing the shoulder that much part. If you increase the distance, you can see that the shoulder is going for their way. Let's make it the report. Their way becomes the controls angle. If I put the angle here, you can see that now it's getting here down left side. Let's make it here like this on perfect. Let's nine. Or to make it a little bit smoother, we can just increase the size on May was decrease the distance being up, But see how it was. We can not count singles with a spread there to make it big in general on. This should be fine. Let's make the size of a bigger Yeah, I know we can Just per so keep. And this should be fine right now. Let's continue. So next thing we need to do is actually I think this is too big bird. I just can't, you know. Okay, Now we're going to the way to choose our text to here on me, too. Right there. But let's go to learn some press here, and we need to write text, actually, but let's stop here. Let's go toe pile. Make sure you say is this project and we will continue during the next. Listen, just to make sure this is not too long 39. "Hit Me" Part 2: What's up, guys, welcome back to this project on Let's continue. So yeah, the educated to choose your our textile on When you start writing text, make sure rectangle is not so little because if rectangle selected, you will see that your around your mouth you'll see this round things like around your textile. You'll see the circle, but we'll actually need it. So make sure this is not selected on now. You can see the square again around their mouth, so that's actually what we need. So let's just press wants. And now let's right now you can write something, girls, but, you know, I will write to me. I don't know why. Just I think I saw it somewhere. This like it me and I wasn't Let's just right you to me. Sounds interesting. Legis purse. OK, here on. So now we need to move. This takes a little bit, so let's go to choose a remove toe, move the text. We also need to make it smaller, so let's go to edit and chose free transform. Now it's hold shift on, make it smaller. Yep, that should be good. Rest Press come in, isn't I think it's too big. Um, hopes. Okay, because we switch tops, You have to do it again. So let's go back. Dated on returns from I mean, I switched stops, not you, but so you don't have to do You don't have to do that again, But I have to. It's just persecute you. So what we need to do now is we need to change the for fun, first of all, So let's call this. Let's go to character. So let me just see what point I had there because I don't really remember, but I think I used railway. Sorry. Hello? Pretty? Um no. My father showbiz near is going crazy. It should be a different while here, but they just close it. No, let me open. It's again. What is wrong with you? Make me? Yeah. Perfect. Um, let me just use it next. Okay, I arrest arised it. So I can't really see the front right now because I turned my text into an image so I can't see. I can't see what the text. But you know, I think it was really with religious. Choose here. Takes Let's go toe character on Choose your railway. So we can just start typing railway. I mean, you don't have this. Actually, you don't have this phone to install, so you have to goto Google phones. Can you sew it? I mean, the website that I showed before fronts dot google dot com, and they can instill it from here on. Let's go to railway seen or maybe externally. If you don't have this one, you can just use any other phone that has, like, seen or extra light or light styles. Because he was Ariel like the most standard phone on other stuff I can Now let's bring this a little bit exist in the center Now. We also need to make sure the distance between letters is bigger. So let's go here. Ah, let's make this 100. Uh huh. That's fine. Basket. Let's change the color. Nor so we need to bring some kind of some new neon colors. Let's make that bitch red light exists with pink. Yeah, this color is OK. If you want exactly that, The same color can just copy this code here, which is F 00 for E. Now, Just press okapi. So let's continue. Actually, I have different fund here It's not your way. Um, work, Missy Moments. Yes, it's this one. Businessman. Sorry, guys, for that. But you know, there are so many fronts. Is this world I mean, you can use just the phone that you already had. It doesn't really matter. It will just look a little bit different. Okay, let's go back to wears. Now we can you to make sure we have this selected. And then we have to press twice. Here was empty place, and then we have a game layer styles on. First of all, we need to choose out or go. Remember, we do that. You can see that it started growing from the text. We need to change the color of the girl. So press here on, make sure it's the same colors. Ah, so you know, we have core picker, so we can just press here. You can see that we have exactly the same color as the text color, but just press okay for now. Now we'll send you to make a drop shadow. And also let's, um let's make something bigger so we can use our pastor to make it. Meyer also, it makes you refer. Makes the burning when normal. Yeah, make sure the burning one is normal. Prices a bit higher. Like this sizes. It's brought zero, but it also depends on the size of your text. So it may be different for you. Just play with this. I mean, if I make it bigger, it's too much. No. Okay. Also go to drop shadow. It's like drop shadows. So I want me to do we First of all, we need to make the distance a little bit smaller. Secondly, we need to make size smaller. So it's not that blurry because I said right now it's blurry, but it makes a size smaller. You can see it's not that blurry anymore. Let's make the distance even smaller exist. And let's not change the color toe. Reddish dread on this maser Presti blow a little bit distance. It should be dark red. Actually, there. That's good. That's just purse. Okay, here. You know, as you can see, really the right past. Just as again, this front is different. But in any way I mean this things here we will do it manually. So this stuff and this stuff and I will show you right now how exactly are we going to do that? So not let's grade anywhere. Uh, let's just I don't actually like the color. Let's go toe that shows the text, go back toe character and make a little bit darker because I feel like it's too working. I was selected Mueller on what we can do. Let's go to brush, select normal brush. Let's get closer. So closer, closer on. Make sure we have to press twice here and also reacted slices is the same color like we take like our text on Make this smaller the brush. And now we can start making these small things here like I go closer because is this stuff like sister? So you know, our text doesn't look perfect like this and this. And how do we do that? We actually have toe growth a bit like here? Yep. Guns And with here. So just drones. I just of your text? A little bit. Not too much. No. Yeah. You see. Looks much better now. We need to do this. Lines here, this line, this line How are we going to do that? And yet we just going to draw them. I mean, I told it like it's a big Mr, but you know, it's not like it's other mystery. So let's go here, make sure colors black. And when we have black color selected, you can just get causal to that. You have to think like how you're going to draw. Because here I have, like it coming from here, up here, connecting them and it just do it like this again. So it just goes from here. No so different. I would I just went but rotated and step backward. If you drove it already could do it already. So let's should go back to brush settings. And if you don't have it here, can just go to window and find brush settings here. Now, let's select just a normal circle. Yeah, we don't need this. We just need a normal circle. Well, just make it smaller, smaller, even smaller. Working still big like this. Let me trite. Yeah, that's good. So around three picks. So I mean, it may be different size for you again because we may have different, um, image size, different text size and so on. So what we're going to do now? We just have to press here like a prison once. I don't dry press once. Then move my mouse here. And if I hold shift and press, see what happens? There's a straight line going between the first point on the last point where it clicked. So again let me go Step backward Just too short again against the backward press once. Then hold, chief. I'm breast anywhere else and you will see a straight line appear cool right when we have to go like this. Yeah, perfect on then. Let's for that. I press here again and press here again. A straight line on this all has to be done on a separate new layer. So not undertakes. Not here. Not here. Just on the new. Where and then I can press here? No, Not sure. Sorry. Just press here. Perfect. Then here is going on from here. It's going cure. And from E Okay, it stops. Only it doesn't go anywhere. But we can make it actually go somewhere. They're just press here and press here. Gain sides. It's moving away now. We need to make sure we take this where Religious press twice it on. We're going to name it. But like parents because that's what Sarah, let's put this black lines under the text. So Nazar behind the text. Perfect. Let's go back here. So now we need to make the same, like video with text. We need toe. Make sure you have. You have this like, some of the places are like more seats in 10,000 places are thicker and so on. So it's not like perfect lies on that. Just draw here on like this. So if you draw here on my left me just more further away and I can draw here again like this on also Okay. Here again here. So, you know, just try to make just zoom out to see if it's good or not, because when you zoom in, you don't really see the whole picture. We're No, that's just logic. Um e mean adverse in the way. Now it's good. Yeah, that's what I wanted to the perfect. Now we're going to make the sure make we need to create the shadow. Um, noted that this place price Yeah, What happened to me too? Religious Press twice here on the black lines and go to drop shadow. Make sure you choose a shouter like black black color on the distances should be a little bit smaller on the size. Should be bigger, the distance even smaller, like four tree Let us press. OK, that's it. Those things that we got wrong was the color of the text, because it's like, really, really bright here and here. It's not. It's being here on I really hate that. So we need to do something. Is that so? What? We're going to the we can just first of all, let's turn off this effect here on. Okay, well, let's go to Cooler. Make sure your Texas selected go to text color on Trump of the Red Pump. Absurd here. So the color code is f f on all zeros. Press enter. Okay, Perfect. Now what we need to do is let's turn on back effect on it looks already better. Now, let's press twice on Arte glow. Now we need to change the color shares Well, so present the color on. Just take your eye. Dropper employs press here and now it has changes a cooler as well. And the drug struggle can just stay like this. The only thing is that if I get closer um, remember the stuff that we drone text that is a drone text like this stuff for them by cantor it off. You can see it. This is a different color. So it's not the same color because the previously takes was different. Car on that takes has changes color. So in order not to droves is again we can just change the colors is during. So let me just turn off texts. You can see this stuff we can just change their course on. How are we going to do that? We have to. First of all, let's name it. We're going to name it on text drawing sounds in isis legis Press twice your own press twice their own empty place. Uh, let's press here. Color overlay. Let's go to blend mode Press Here is the color. Um, let's pump it up. Make it like F m zero is a resource with the same color press OK on. OK, so burning more normal price. 300 color like this. Okay, a no. It's exactly the same colors our takes because now we have filled everything that we drew with the color overlay off red color, and now it's exactly the same project asked I showed you before. Yeah, this again. The colors are different. But you know, you have to play with the cause because even I try to create this project again. I mean, I did try right now, but as you can see is different. So every time you create the same project, even if your zone off the project is going to be different because you can't replicate exactly what he did the last time. Anyway, the wisdom was the most important thing. Is that you Now, now you know how to create this. Hit me poster. Now you can also write like, kill me. Oh, man, why can't I think of something good like kiss me whatever. So let's see you guys till the next lesson. By