12 Books you need to read before you QUIT your job to be an Entrepreneur | Ludwig H. | Skillshare

12 Books you need to read before you QUIT your job to be an Entrepreneur

Ludwig H., Learner

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    • Class Introduction

    • The 12 books

    • BONUS : The 12 Best Quotes


About This Class


So you are all geared up and ready to quit your job to be an entrepreneur. Congratulations! 

This course will guide you through the essential books you need to read to season yourself up for an entrepreneurial life.

These books are  best-selling books by the top notch influencer minds who are self-made entrepreneurs who started from zero.

Learn their art of hustling and model their blueprint for success that they share in these must have books. You'll get to learn

  • the basic principles of business
  • the entrepreneurial mindset
  • how to develop a new product / service
  • how to find your niche
  • how to bring out your creativity
  • and more

This class covers all the facets of life to make you insanely successful -be it personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, financial and social that'll teach you to

  • be independent and your own boss
  • adapt, adopt and grow
  • be more informed when making your decisions
  • flourish and be super Happy and Successful

These books are much more valuable than the knowledge you'll get from a top notch business school.

Come join me in this quick class and take the step in their right direction towards a life of being a successful and thriving entrepreneur. 





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