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12 Animations d'icônes Hamburger

Enzo Ustariz, Formateur en Développement Web

12 Animations d'icônes Hamburger

Enzo Ustariz, Formateur en Développement Web

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16 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Code source

    • 3. Partie HTML

    • 4. Partie CSS

    • 5. Animation 1 : Croix basique

    • 6. Animation 2 : Croix droite

    • 7. Animation 3 : Rapprochement

    • 8. Animation 4 : Caret vers le bas

    • 9. Animation 5 : Multiples anims

    • 10. Animation 6 : Slide

    • 11. Animation 7

    • 12. Animation 8 : Cercle avec pseudo élément

    • 13. Animation 9 : Apparition

    • 14. Animation 10 : Toupie

    • 15. Animation 11 : Pseudo el + multiples anims

    • 16. Animation 12 : Multi barres

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About This Class

Une icône Hamburger, qu'est ce c'est ?

C'est en général ces trois barres les unes au dessus des autres qui signifient que nous sommes en présence d'un menu que l'on peut ouvrir.

Il y en a obligatoirement au moins une par site, et on peut les animer !

Le but n'est pas de collectionner les animations d'icônes, même si c'est assez fun à réaliser, mais bien de devenir meilleur en CSS.

En effet on va utiliser des transitions, des animations, utilisez les axes, effectuer des rotations, créer des pseudos éléments, ou encore utiliser des sélecteur avancés qui sont bien pratiques dans certains cas précis !

Ça vous tente ? Rendez-vous de l'autre côté pour commencer à coder !

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Enzo Ustariz

Formateur en Développement Web


Bonjour à toi !

Je m'appelle Enzo Ustariz, tu me connais peut-être sous le pseudo "Le Designer du Web" sur les réseaux, notamment YouTube.

Je suis aussi le créateur de l'École du Web.

Mon Histoire ?

Je suis développeur Web depuis plus de 6 ans, et je me suis rendu compte du manque de contenu sur le web pour nous, Francophones.
Si tu décides d'apprendre à créer des animations avec JavaScript, fabriquer des sites et des applications web avec React, ou gérer une base de données avec Firebase, c'est un peu la croix et la bannière.

Et vu le nombre de compétences, d'outils, de F... See full profile

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1. Introduction: at Allstate Tuesday. Former strong. Any made is on the garden and economic guessing. You continue on a rocket ship canal. Pull over on the new You don't come. Accredited animals from a sample contributed, but actually, it's median menstrual undergarments. Listening has shown consistently to take it easy. Okay? It was only with the good a pull could it was that simple. 2. Code source: I don't demand for my strong for this. Keeps that from a land except America says Don't. She was arming the swelling to diseases. What believe Croatia? Vic Swasey, Company butthole. Who's that? We never injected any very records. Non politician charges, for example, with stolen goods or other loaded Don't know zip, age of dizzy pay salubrious between takes place in a number of very poor form. A strong it's don't pull fabric, Implicated said Age group. Were welcomes, you see, was a do si was every disease Hegarty like for you to cope equally Text. Good source. Good. So functioning. Converted function talk. You literally could not pass up wasted and bipolar orchestra May services are to serve several. See previous number. Tie up the Rupert Monash in the past, so it is with the problem to sell. Perhaps, you know, don't deliver on Dijon conceded with your ankle monitors with access in what currency? Among complaining. Okay, a posse love among seven. Problem in memory was a visual problem. Lives them all would. I didn't always dealing with a portion we do poke amounted to some 3. Partie HTML: I don't know. Over common Seurat fix plague Armando on Oprah's more responsive content. Basic himself. I see on coolant simply bumper. Complete professional level. I could I could take on Coca Cola and 50 previous. Don't put me on the fair or lettuce position on the kitty. Kelley it take a gun. Pellet gun on campus. I see. Animal. Do see any man strong. I'm not gonna take over the way like this card, which is a visual you could sit for my strong. So sick you don't go in for you. Don't go in Sofia on index html I was to say, sis it was a result of escaped convicts. HTM along considerable. So I'm tipping over parliament. This is somewhat met on the Koran. Stalking the press has come on strong on create tax. When you were little tape prickly a ferry See somebody Animals trump, for example. The mustard in Genesis is up. Links to say, says a valley pond over Val apono inputted presage the creature. Don't confront from Putin's. What? I don't going so well formed groupings tie completely over. Acidic This front on what? What on weeks along with Ryan apart on politic it would have been done. Little head up on the middle, toe headed. See, Jen, you don't thinking what open with like some on here? No Tory Dunnan every year, according to Shane killed because God example cooties to all the repair. You don't proof our rights are vying for world and study. Let it get strong. Analytics don't stroll like severity with deputies for his extensive study. Please don't index html point fracking open with lifesaver. OK, so don't make on that side. You almost feel I'm to poor not hood is pretty strong. Demand most of it. And you must don't. Good. No, I'm gonna go. We don't have a cleaner. Don't go out there in a container. Which is the flick books on warfare? Indirectly. Class books don't also fit in. Deven Ricky Every class container, container, one street on sample. Tell me what do you have a cash for the class? Gilenya, don't prepare. Confront pointing up on a restaurant. It's a new fear. Comes up 12 12 boxes. Symptoms. I'm not gonna put your books on a typical day around. Do for I don't remember it for the stolen on the palm comes up Monster could, you know, for a going out on a wild goose onto the car? News books comes up? Yes, We don't climb a bit. And you see, don't be 10 1 Which is Scott doing pretty OK? Don't you tell me? Enables apologetically. A to jack to Monterey Bay 10 on Poor Felt was still fromage or concordance on a terminal. Took a average last year amid in the prophecy says this Don't pushing you do is talk some us up I don't to treat. 4. Partie CSS: put me right up on the Ukrainian Greek AMSA. We ought to know books do. Don't don't score, but couldn't going to Congress for a great time to be aquatic without that? While you say says your genes from Phil Acidic Tony Blair said in Prague, it after book sizing Bader box You can do longer. The larger home contra petting everybody was replaced with the baton, so just come second dizzily moment for sweets. Buddhist Stack only may imagine betting as they walk out the budget ruins, depending emerging and bitter. Tony Man Background What Watson clear on through so much shit. Cameras on street from family opens a proper sounds. Who also congressional ceremony partition you did not see get defies any Mestrallet gentle . Approach it more trick. Mafia, particularly font size companies sell Blanka CFM I find come down, but text fix that ain't Cento takes the engineer of center margin Gautam Williamette, Catherine's Peak said, and I would imagine top 40 minutes for something. OK, what is your excuse? And don't be on a reform Greek himself angry so more on a twitchy traffic. Lebanon from family usage. Impressive. You don't get we don't or genera are we don't shoot irrational. It's a complete not contain there, not a container. Tech. Tech tech still adjust Young Globe Family route Wants There are no looking narco, no clue containing over a photo come second of around 30 books of Apollo to trip the books for with the departure. Only during the results in context imagines a photo polo something. Well, he's on their mouth display. Flex spoke to visit him on a swell fix. A family for flexi you only two. This is perfect pockets. Metal is on its way. Desert. Don't not continue on street flags were blow up. See Liz Lemon on Smith on Arizona Desert is the demands made because that is a 10 year life and you can, I believe, okay, don't call Street on Sue was pretty Books like plant books, checkbooks are faring Hotel to do something said you know we do something said on background Simone that include graphs Mortem Yeah, a gente grande priest marching left on army sink Except boxer The mere eagle More marching right The sink Excel accredited Guti Imagine good month for the duty on Super Super Sweet. Only on these this prefix they got Mom, don't e books Put some, please your entire valentine 12 to treat the number. Gosh, for just a content center. Some three weeks aligning them center, suing like Okay. And we don't have a position of relative. For example, a protest is happening. Animals show on particulate Guantanamo not see what one worker to tow the boxes on the Valley's I don't Notre continue certain Nazi become. Sorry, it don't have Ah, the sec. So a bedroom in order This is up, up, up comes out. It's exactly confident. Come over for a party of the result, get 20 telling party odyssey on the idea sample some larger, not completely content with a box victories class some pox on society for that improve results and complex our economy. Trinity absolutely exactly told it, except off the books on 30. So what if a larger do not go in there yet? 800 up example. Sometimes radion surveyed responsive. Okay, they works in three simple affair gone up on this song, you see? Okay, it's going from just the books contain our media screen and max wits. If you don't get about granite is gonna pay the magic really study on, don't you? Next week show apart Certain larger part of the recent get romantic sent controls harm so they can capacity meat over there is your wits the sample. So it just fake on 10 center. This is vacant and center. Put some three year some three books that entire we are. They like the moment they come up as well. The larger Latino more concerned about their water. What is called allows for we're gonna waste you don't digs reports here on your side that you passed the on those who do recent get for them upon union Twin engine too. A plot stable last year with some person It just very contents Intestine books are less toe notebooks with something comes up You call me Nazi Responsive up tack tack it on his own. Couldn't in books an entire No. Just put his Jones Flex books exit dickweed Parent can clean you don't Excessive container container. Hashtag for a Chicago. They can clean. Stacy No creo very doing well. So some pick said you know the counter fixer. I don't want to see she contradicted your sexual on the passenger. Okay. And what? I mean in position for its No, I mean with the sample. Some folks on the quad scared, treated off power, complain you don't take several, okay? And, you know, terrible. Pretty clean your nose Economic from civics bother register. Jimmy got the infection. The Indian antiquities on looks so porthole Shop told, Poynter said, You know why bother reduces sing picture busy background while the cool off position absolute at all? Because obvious, I wish you many important sports. Absolute dunk, Soviet politician at some point, a common position or at 70 containing a precision absolute started soldiers through a product. Classy. Fassino made you folks on borrowing position. Relative in the car park is full. What? Our position absolute in our family, in constitutional transition, transition upon people pretty savage, always over sanctions on it has been out along with the view long I found this No matter who you got pregnant with this position up up on early on led several dozen stories that don't do poor child. All these have excited Poor Mia Didn't ah Jon really stop to rest a zero picks in uncle pizza? Simply Do they mean a check for Emma? A lesson he made hot disrepute Sali A young fans and lot transit picks up the cash Crunch it up. Okay, That constitutes a musical embassy. You can t prove from our home the proposed a patriarchal, competent specificity through it. The film you if it is a film, ameliorate. But what? I got ample funding on a couple of stories on notice with its trunk If it of a prominent instruments depend on Concorde over predicted you've been going comes up e push. You do. 5. Animation 1 : Croix basique: at all that they put me on the guest room. No investment, something. It becomes e. When is the budget our basic composure? What's start of only 12 bucks? We don't push it. The ammunition, your points climate, some decision points coming from separate you co founded for me consists bothering you see , despite it live on way on back. You also Waldron. Concerns are on the train. Protest is a family comes down. Says it some process. If I said I wasn't well, I don't class. It really is a professor to produce the stock sacraments Attention Just want fair tweak on perfect deficiencies. Keep Tempus gives the boxes a general 20. It sees. Come on film medals in constant a bit in that to nobody. It's a good document point, Kerry said. Dr. Carey Sector protection for two. No contact Linux comes up. Okay? Don't know. Continue. Say, look, you don't look. Case after case director Olsen, who don't on tableau of act to visit in March. The American clean your sexual component. You go apart. Look concentration off point forage, prosecuting on the stab wound. It's just another off Guantanamo on appeal. Bitter, non productive. Come over we moved on a political Muecke context. Actually, it's a yellow disc. That's point. I think that comes out OK. You dont even personals forage. Don't feel differently. Snow on that he couldn't even don't even own a click. A compact kitchen. They convicted kids. Your kids give especially up valuable Argentine president. Be 10 point classist dignity to shake last least a blonde with alleges admitted Christie's jihad will move to Goodison together like that's active, sexy voice that exist apart. It was walking past any Mr President just zooming forward. Some of Assad's Syria just over a ship without sound console log hit open up. If a kid wants Victor since article, certain historical surgery sort of terminating up f Do you see how concerned you see is a function part that's a function completely. See what continuous sounds ecstasy Don't consider immunise upon millions Continent cells is you go identically irresistible, not even on click function to determine its own party. Don't element. Well, you don't concern that I converted. Don't intimate. I wanted you to get on fitter on extra somebody mantra honeycomb structures that cancer professor you could completely see up at 1000 bucks or click your way except class active God sets that are rooted around it. Don't know Toto Girl function gm on that Tookie function job. Sister on the pony and see the faces up. Get it? Don't you see what they are planning? Bit in active when you the point and China one up? Because every job is a seven day cruise on a like less active history. Bitten now I love konteska active. Astrue orbit in arms and promoted the comeback tickets. Have posited a class activity director Ma plastic for the bitterness like less active in years. Coolly see Duplass seven like Last Street active. See that class active street actor? No, I love up in four. Don't confess Outfit Took destry pizza Transform or date? Sometimes single. Thank no ministers Yukiko the other up over voice Enough for about you, Eva. Depressive. Did you pick? So do Tomba Victorino Hotels from consent. Okay, well, sponsor recording for up to four might just like following about Do off label Do or not? Victory for the shows The countermeasures They are friends from translated, no matter what. What? He meant more authentic service about affair BC My gosh, capacity is ill when? Well, I don't up up to 40 29. Victory story. I'm nearly $1000 media. These Valley girls concepts exactly Moscow even know it's a definite protected scandal. Fair point towards immunity. It's somebody met more and some contact up a scary face. Top this return home, Auntie Common Settlement on the streets of Al Monte Paschi Deuba's Not what was the meaning , a depressive transit peak said. Ripped up No clever elementary school districts, said it. I don't get home until Gallop says your picks it up. I mean, it is We have had this on. No said you're this song said Juba. Home. Want to perform a concert? Unquote, It could introduce you on Oliver. That class active, your crew says approval of Young separates us from simple system. Pacifist. Is there a lot of a poor job like it was? See several shots of approval at that. You could do them any. Mr Cubitt. Sensi over former in Quantum comes on through despite not Belgian media. A fitness on surgery on the fiction with Trump said Qualcomm's like some pagan 6. Animation 2 : Croix droite: and also going to any menstrual list. Don't pretty simple affair, may I say if you get stopped on the complete people feeling but any menstrual? Don't only see that's not Porgy. Don't wanna feel poorly on us. Drone attack may not off this touch and restroom off common land investment in yakuza Headcount over what, like less active eventually contain our ki kits for 10 do Active Uncle Informa's Point to Point and Child and change the one book. Okay, September specific. More like less active clicks. You're about to physical Kukis active. So I'm on Christmas and you can see it's inborn says this foot will translate it to prove specific person priority list. Don't you see? Stop the trip itself. Don't lie about your dishonor, Cropsey Crystal Before Kara attack on lady incapacitates the oil. But despite that was embarrassing over top districts and McCormack place it among about a home Auntie ap in and transform, Rotate, do get romantically seven quasi profit mama drama No, toward in your you know, Clinton do this on your disparity in Juba fell in quadrant because it letting your job Jack Tamang perpendicular monarchs and you don't set. I'm going for us if I should fail my assistant process. I don't know. 100 approachable. They recruit on. They won't sit on transit. So did the transition propped up we met with gov. I could do is keep our contact. Regular transition interrupted. Accepted. That welcomes 20. Ok, you know, you're thank you. Stalker come from creating with any menstrual. If you only do it on the worst has passed control according to symptoms means enormous depression. I'm a prophecy that towards him any mission given secrecy up to simply mind over Yeah, Korean is You know, that was getting about what it shows a complete ei cioppino stone found in first problem that complicate poor fair their own Due to sample I had to treat proportion. 7. Animation 3 : Rapprochement: and it was him in the restroom at all. Three years in Afghanistan was just a basic liberal. And despite telling you, remember Vulcania should two fail to sort of mix? Gonna question, you have to sort of cardinals for over sort of facing commitment. Paulse on critical in the restaurant twice you see a lib. It ended with a control ash dictated to Libby Tender key. Adama toasted every proposal on suppressive tackle crucial on breast Bobbitt and towards the many measurements you fit accomplices several embassy answer a lot. A coating to slam President Benefit too complex is in the process. Did you just pedantic? It was with a woman is sweet Ah, up and rub it into orbit and prepare for Don't last that it's so unless I'm not on a level A hotel in less rapacity up. Civil police Moussa Clean USA Going back. What? I'm detained Imusshow Patrick Complicate Control sample to visit him only on pricey. So I visited deja undetected. Get him an immense circulate or K comes on carrot on English boxes Decide which flesh comes up very about successes on the front portion to do 8. Animation 4 : Caret vers le bas: I don't let me miss from Kathy c up that answer people completely affair said for So don't go back racing pretty flesh of alabaster pugetengy Castro Premonition I mean you to this song on the don't don't don't reported on top or near normal function. Contact Attack on attack Look at him. No converter pc and you don't get the press must get insurance. The planet Petrovicky seven processes Sidani declare called Crown Jack to get your zillion things. He's out the u N Any minute popular kid. Also to see what they're up 20 Didn't get to. Don't come back. He gets here about 10 summer date gets remanded early and you get 20. Gracie concept Tony on a road trip with a alibis. Let what comes it upset. Only available for imagining garlicky onto Litwack. Probably see Tony Vella buses. I can I don't get Promet and get proactive. Linear and child 12 available. Do not Do they mean only me in condition? None but causes Joan and Jack tomorrow. Opacity zero. Don't drag him on Despite what you applied a disparaging. You know of a panel for, like Teoh pointing? You and Jess checked? No, major release in March 1st robust. It was 12. But although the you know it's Tom, think exit and transform Origen right, Transform origin, right? What? I just spoke with William to put where you could see the do Pakistan was run still about it ? What? Here's some precooked girly about the between the cost per second. I mean to transform original right off it, Lou vision of what is said What for? Imaginative the bar. Were you heirloom vision transformation? Whitman On what other? What area? They I don't want to carry Tona concerned that what you see on fat is on I look like you don't go up last chance, for my sake even know what to do during the second transform Alleged original right now. No discoveries. Thanks That this probably not really my c me on the way to seek merely designed it. It sounded water. Gosh, maybe sound called go infested compartment. On the level the more volatile Anselmo agency Menino se come from a Pontiac up. No, not a pony, Alan, you could transform translate showing like on well affair. This song with Oventic said it would dated, gone Singling can't sink up. We'll ask us specifically. Tech. I don't particularly this under a this Sunday onto preschooler. Don't do complexity. See, an entire are rotated accounting degree. A party? Oh, God. What were you doing? Cloud? What subject? You don't accept on that? What is being said about Brexit? Yeah, I've been among creatures. Would be. That was him in Minot Up? No, translated already. Metal more vampy said take it already. Met. Gone single. I don't want counting. Right. One comes out of a see. You don't have an affair. Exactly. Mosque over a few clouds will oppose a B only made some promote level Proposing. Olivia said pretty fresh comes up. Don't only get between on itself on fit about tornado to carry the get ready today on for despite about Amelia answer to see all the Christine o the bath made a transformer region At what? A only or rotate on some. Only on a translator. I'm supposed to look like something up. This is somebody going to tend to get someone comes up. I never get to Yemen. Occupied tech. Tech investments stamp active. Especially on what Uncle Tech, Tech, Tech 9. Animation 5 : Multiples anims: I don't like that he don't sit any Mr Alleged. Let me ask you, will you lie about Junior Seau? Psycho social media card off your normal compartment. The best content based in the which in nausea? Yes, that's the best. Did what? Allah. Gosh that What? Gallagher Rocky Sea up fixed with Kiki comes up somebody margin margin or to do riff entities. Imagine Noto to Catania Factor. Can't Alawites vessel BC unfit limb Algae Negotiate what sexually people tend to remember. Remember it. Don't have a dynasty if you want to sit if you save very mediocre. It was my approach Easy, not true Mizzen plus Deuba's Hoover when he was having the best. The Destry Peak Circumstantial varieties Imagine epic playback. Do political in the community. Don't know. 20 mention Thank you. Realize that everything m calmly new margin up to get it on clock normal, everyone disparity. Assistant Request Best music obviously up any mess you'll sink. Don't found Treasury securities to the exact amount by coaches women on you. It's simple song like using a hotel to see peaks. The robot a Reggie spoke. You're really box want do souvenir way, starting with some sit Griffin Vastra Cizik wonders a mere. We can't pick seven, Ausubel says. Don't sip, I say with some perform. My brother had just think it said Background in welcomes us repair because it's shown also you have to be appropriate. Is enjoys. Oh, you want to go on the easing out crude oil would be What I found was this No madam. You position on its air Family margin acoustic set on number It would to negotiate What up ? Where you come in sort of the carry comes up, lies to Korea. Backed it up with some young decree no more You don't have to rule a methodical off it. Not for me a rdc the lime object up Convert people criticism tomorrow. Then what good is it? Well, when the son of computer Treat point Regina Emma, I don't know. And when we brought him DuPont and their child one easy only olive Some urgent up marched up zero Remember the Tennessee Tech popular kind of John called Arlena Jubilee? When you want to come Thompson five Don't count over Kiki, Don't you hopes? Itwas said what you don't like Teoh point when we put U S M and child Dooku up to a young already met in with zero. Okay. What if it which is the road that goes with water, gushing water? Everything that made you could imagine. Dooku, typically touristy secretary spoke too tight for the Remember the equity. It's a density first example, you know. Okay, I don't continue. It's just people advance cities. Any measurements? Fallon put his unites with dessert rates. If it attack, attack, attack, you don't? Which is that transition? Delay up. Five active cases Engine Volvo in transit. Stronger or savagery? Szilvia Contrasting. Don't positive, did it? Zero Very good research through Cray. Luton to Roisin out. What? Africanized arm injury is out. It will transform of what they do can single up on that Gemini on. Did he said to me, Don't remember. Not of import created this number. Welcome, said Constance. Strong delay your dear issues. Near sit Romeo the craft to Allah. Corsicans. Okay, then we know Possibly bitten sank Active point. Lena. Recognize them? And And it will Muhammad transition Delay. Jack, Tomorrow do Szilvia your sink. Okay. Don't permit prick a quasi did about put up from you that would make it transform. Translate Uh just repeats it This picture. Sophy this on the surfaces on the Did you accept some thermal A Manav upon a lot. Was him back up Ever more monte distribute ho Tate Get going to do it for quasi like Paul Vigna? Quasi notable. Double about them in your ass. Tweeted about up, up. Okay. Volume. You Deborah? Yep. Exact amount coming up, don't you? Soon. I fear what I told the timeline outfit earlier is any measurements that is arrested. Desert on a double on a total body C zero on streets, on on acid due back yet on the condition days over everything. So we don't do bupkis active. The only thing I think the result I could research on this is on the way. On that really broke totality via Tony up up up the Western U. S. One s December own fear toward any menstrual impurity media's united desert energies transition. Daisy, Say pretty good affair with the idea to serve me already. Found someone pushing you 10. Animation 6 : Slide: like animals from CCGs example is your victory and strong. I guess it's like tomorrow. I don't I just really don't beat insistence animals from provocative Continetti too. Point when you do point and train wonder up. I don't think on the NFL on my friend you got if upon bigger model cannot towards them. Lena I don't want depressing, man, except they just bought a director Monica over letting Jews Don't. I'm talking this problem, but it transformed. Translates your ex overshadow what? You don't come on some posts on GC. Okay? Don't you see up according off? Exactly. I'm trust of creative A party A valid what priest samples over the NC. Don't put it up quick. It's all you prefer. Still me on corn forces Samper assiduously 10. You just you don't proof or sell their particular Baka Ali center Viable ship prepared Norte prostitute Grainy mess on the community. They are pushing. Get prison. Got it? You don't want sitting investor on? Imagine, John, when you just don't going for 11. Animation 7: I don't under his own. For hypocrisy on a lick. Cocky on pre literacy Ali Baba and I remember the first time I got really off this Kanye concert. A pre tone, a little moment for come from party Bhutan Prefer once picked it. For example, Were you involved in something you can't Kioken Township for Notre Trouble Akashic for Don't totally boxes. Liu family. But also I can't Let Go equals yourself on the report. Tony Fortuna fears. I don't know Genesee Touch and a master set on that asset. Over. Don't be some 320 things, he said on the I don't, but it does connect. Maybe you could count on are separated in your undoing. It's often a starts on the distance plummet and said, Go online and check the one. Yeah, you convert to Autopsy Opus, your syrup, cornea and a passion distance about to start a conversation Touch Museum. A museum, a over do Spitzer, a road home. Very met event. Get event tactics. Is Van kept a lock? You lizard zone zero Discreet trances. Arizona's. They're old news event. Get cash for you to speak their on a local has on this repeat said Okay. No, no, Don't come, Sam. And you propose a secret. Last example with your time on control fell. I said that I know for sure Permit. In a point active, the doctor gets your India and China one. Okay. Oh, no. Mean the weeds don't clap from hearing with the context. Credit a functionary bit and Accival point in you and just change one. I wish for me but then said it didn't sit Abdulkhaleq valid but the memory Montagny drama check for the week gone concert It's incomplete up on the way over up every morning. Not supporting me a seven point anymore. Astronomy, Tonto Growth They don't put the immunity up. Said point Active transform rotate 100 Little needed under guy You keep text there are always more successful. It's not anymore. Anyone in my kids be inputted Teoh in pretty transitional Prime it and set it up Transit strong All zero VR gets you going easy now come to be treated me on menstrual Don't complete set on an empty stomach. Lacey comes on a new project. Any mystery as the sample at a minimum of all is the 20 message they wanted on your resume John on. I see. I won't give us creado rocks of it a Santa I start to see ups of disparity up 11 year on Qualcomm's you see? Take on Insult the tax direct isolation unit Were the up up? Of course, you could affect very well. Upon the show's down. The attacks over in buckets is about it is that Corbyn comes up. So it seems they access the entire staff. Did you call The studio Took down a portion to you? 12. Animation 8 : Cercle avec pseudo élément: Si Com said. Not to come over for me is who also bet on display Montasser set up, so that way they won't be for that remark. Called herself it live to the rhythm on Polshek Iman Promet due to the rhythm on before or after before, after before it imagine with relating you see up before we have on a leftover operate demonically before right after me decreases the remember probably presage papo lily. Morning them. See only, and for around you call. Papa can replace. See only the Koran on Wamba. You cool off. It's going film. I met on a month before nobody made any money for transforming Petrova. Simoni Metronome bother Reggie's single person in the repressive pockets were the perfect place to propose. Something Do so like tongue with a long tow exactly at all. Only unanimous room animals from Tech on our mission. Short position on something Position or Nativity. Congolese president to really know about are submitted because it's shown or zero point was the wounded he's been out? Does he notes Promet in active army tenure, it and, uh, a young of its and promoted tens form of what eight counts angrily can sink, I said The best counter marquetry. Take it on accounting, you see, except on Doc, you know, quarter creation. Okay. And we can create a really moments Phone comes upon a ball anymore. So get on clean anymore. I'm said, Wait a moment before we after on the clean do for the poor For all of that, That white kid before existence of plants they don't send New Testament to pick It was an emergency Do portable. You do function to know I'm so they really my for the body. Donate your companies have a content. Amen In Syria Computed the full committee met content to come on Pretty medical nouvelle example. Medical Up you go on a subsidiary Mathieu Power around. Remember to do inspector up on move. Alexander took No what can before I see some positive showing worker before correspond to communicate over the composition. Absolute heretics to drove economy personality Decorative eso minimum personally. Mom. Prominent advocate Clay, don't continue pushing trivia. Only Dobson compost lives and compass either With your room. Yeah, technique proof Some three profit more The position Absolute still you have to think of course. On the second for sound transformed translate once I can put some show weeks once again. Personal story Like said, many presidents Obama do some type of fit more on the mound. Ammonia absolute comes up on GLONASS entree profit. More media do not orbit. And it may normally don't Inuits in eight, which the sandy picks there. Eight do for something, he said. The only mean more audio book is not savage in body on a Boris Knows the Bronco instructor . Me bother sank. Pixel suited. The puberty met. There was 00 It started in one banker on site. Zakaria Photo. As a result for you, Gary Profit Motive Some who did not feel better in your it is called a profit. Most traffic I know that sounds for me. Concept. Bother. Read. Use second for some up exit of self repair. Already met entrances showing a movie crew on Valentini Palace Suite. Zofia. Good Cross. The growing season out from Deb set for maternity is Pamela Do is now Teoh Quincy off welfare them away. Arm cooler on the world. Father Maroun Transparent. You didn't need it. Kant. In a previous for a little bit and active depending on the phone, Proactiv deployment condition Delay, delay, delay Report strongly. Zero watts you're going to delete or maybe embarked on books. A septic, it balled out. Cool sank epic sent suited toe. The only large we got to get your up, up, up, up It was something to debate. A seat is available. 21 quasi Norrena A safe only question Valley Jomaa Vidrio, Littlejohn If, despite for that engine media despite what you mean you already have a only few Tony says this impression separate force you to visit for the financial model Elected Kwan. What up? Says the Cretaceous? Because the simple life over again see up point that generates point. I conceive a point in you. It's the concept surgical computer entry point pointing other guys will be. But the point NTS changed. Do you do that? Do Jimmy gets Konami De felt what I felt despite capacity zero is your stuff over In a condition is always been struggling is in the important. Do you despise Obama off capital got hung up too, despite the optional. Okay, we're going to see isn't long with just normal. Okay, the minimum probation Could companions with Trump departed for the speaking perceptive on the poetic May alone there, many voters could Norma over on command under counting the way. Asking what? That's from sampling. Who knows? X even with Tony A sense for amorphous it due to component unfortunate shows on Tony See on various reject amount of activity in your child. When it's it up, you know what you feel. Intense film. Translate. Do your sank pick set So it's distribute, said a condom. Interesting. Translate something exciting like for camp uncle upon your body. Always seeks on streets. Like what? I don't Syria. Don't call me Alan. Keep profit moment. You see a little moment You Kiskeya TV on a dedicated to do the very same. Pick six weeks dunk to gush on what to Ghoshal. What's it This past Last year on Medical. Dedicated to sit this past this Repeat said a dissolution. Amalia, this is me, as they always at least sensible do timber. Okay, this soundtrack, the number we have this canal a fancy on the quad. May, if we imagine it's that quality Rapattoni forest on my see, the quasi youku Ellen Juba of Exit Touch on politics was reminiscent towards him. It's only maybe someone wanted it. I've ever director Monica home auntie more on his wits about of hormones It dude wants to super posing is key for component produce. Reacted. Sank pick sets your weeks off. The Klingons picked it up. I can't tell if it's for some pixelated out. Okay, man. Honoring your communal phone Tell there are pouncing pixel. You see him with other cool concept. Considered a priest do is younger to sank. He said it for Do it gets or something Do's Jaggers and picks it for this. I have been saying this concepts are fast. What some don't do Shock. What did you do? The degree sank pixel sexy profit muscle to prosecute corner concept Excel Selenia when you do it so they could do the same pixel off. It's still a month, Do you understand? It took us three great committees with temperamentally multiple bases in you media it wanted with people motivated in Juba media again my carpets are encouraging Bariatric for distributor reporting after the beam a 77 p Libya A parley Legaspi show also stipulated that repeats it. Okay if Jane walking down after the couple Cool dude into quasi We know what that. So I don't get how many doing? Rotate Get home And it Gracie up in the trading money that to only do cat commanded Okay, Don't kill having you have cause it profit more lead in the industry Infocom did your animals, when they are young, comes up, See quite medical Poor failing me are from Duke Watch our family but Ellen Kwon pull over Oh, no ticket through the pool were arguing about them Forward and interest comes up Don't want general data up mucus ab tak tak a who not a bit and to do counselling Really simple. Second, Yoko Ono on That's it from the economic up ever so Tony Abbott can sing the way comes Carmona Fair set any measuring c avec knighthood, The imam said early Monday for the office put it quite see as a sample. I don't implement citizen 13. Animation 9 : Apparition: I don't put any menstrual nervous seem miraculous example, Despite on their part to form the Qualcomm's easy on key frames in any menstrual, say says, I don't want strong. It's not touch it anymore. I just felt any menstrual enough. Oh, come on, Stay plummeting. Enough active control. I could get you to draw any message setting Mr Omar a small, big past. You're putting joys. Oh, your sister going forwards for what's of executive? I got this one tough tribunal. It's true stuff up. Concert creator Key frames Long, small dig for Bennett also met exactly more men. No, Also don't over plans from Skater. It's what? Yeah, not Ilham. Only symbols on Saturday scale. No well conform skates. That's a harsh Andrea. Some person citation omitted. Only argue saying, for example, says some single also makes italics tell a second pregnancy. Lovelock cleanse firm skate is their holdings about despite yes, on both counts of our junior transform Skate issue five. Film Skate I'm going to replace you have to point out your your you don't know it might sound, while the Journal 20 Metro, where you get somebody get over young, comes I don't clue to all zero degrees system For what? Subjects? If I got the appropriated of fantasy you found any menstrual exercise to transform Scary 1/3 best Tomanovic your again for going if its own on the confit Limone sound Valerie for Donald MacLean Quantity. You could conserve your not so fast from the aton form scales. There would be only the upper says for our content variability might be from the secular felon. If you permit enough activity point, any other guys do point change? Do you re already met some chlorine opacity? Zero take a little bit. So why don't also it's on my panel. 2010 9 I don't particularly like tomorrow. Up upon a little, huh? Nobody found transform. Translate. So you like the district? He said You know what date do gallons and do it between two. Summit Do create Qualcomm Celica. No over. LF were considered fair Basie letting you a pretty tone that dancing the great it don't look home where I found my gun Sanctuary Don't have a case that before Stone said in Europe on Prue. Kapisa locally on soup said phone or iPod ideology was your medina. They don't mind his with a bullet hole monte it More guns in pixel poor cause it up on my feet. It was honest. Attend restroom at six employees. Here you see a on the wrong side of pasta and complete putting when you get transfused. It's number Popeye. CNN Menstrual. She went up to stick inside Turkey P transform me on Qualcomm's. 14. Animation 10 : Toupie: I don't set out to prove that the name Tony on Somalia Look up. Suspects total magical on that, like anonymous from this and this point it in just point activity only me in transition to appropriate takes that you are zero you're watching on the American. Some more date Do some cat wonder Great stocks fs in But don't do that. You don't just affect susceptible restaurants that comes up appointment in district permit And at this point, activity point in you living where I met in transition Szilvia been struggle Answer to permit in this point activity pointing your department child one up already met contents film Translate you, like Did repeat, seldom exact. Among Kobe's gonna feed them all here We'll date dancing. The gun sing Do is oops is located locally said form upon you Cool. Doing what? And when he was just going to convert, creating quite simple model that was reminiscent more the more costly to monitor sport Because Erica, is Rupert still still up? It's gonna be a little sunken under great cases. Upset? I told the option. No, it's It's all real Monticello eBay sales. You would have found a complete up up molested, copied because meeting He goes on the 2nd 1 invested family. We're all permitted to do Santos on this protest. This don't is don't supermodels, do they? Don't on that thing move a capable doing poorly, assertive idea to teach. 15. Animation 11 : Pseudo el + multiples anims: at our school class center. It's not like sand lot off duty on your patrol told Mr Resumed thing you don't want it. Well, that just got not any moster. One decision Would you like it? Added value, but don't give. It has sent. Our scientists are concerned. Unfit? Listed among where you on suits of it The studio way The mountains for after it was this Go on for over a failed transition shading it still young. Shedding the constant strong without from Columbus Promet that constant is You know who did that? So? So what? Don't put on any concerts, okay? I don't want a portrait United See up Uncle Mosse and Mr Portman Unit If you don't like later on which some t o t the rule about the Reggie's I won't jump results dropper. Semper hope. I don't think she said it. I remember growing well, nature position Absolute up. Disrepute said concerning reposition absoluto update. Ok, uh, was that amount better? No, no, I mean position relative to read Note Could don't set to the morning unique sweet or Mohammed bin causes from closets. Don't are zero minister gonna 12 minutes room gets us but see, I don't know any personal condition. No toe to Belgium in your head with this palette. Do twice ominous organ cssc doodily Cecil turned any measure. It's absolute daily. I don't show it all because important what's going on outside of town and 70 via grew twice you want despite if you count early Bob also right about the media. Despite comes sounds which contain Won't say chaotic comes up OK in Quad John Popular. But when you also it only see point a tactical plan. But in activity Portland unique up agents already met by grown and very met actually be on the report. I only do something on sickness, and I don't think that something can thank you only made zero OK, don't count over kick. It's not Halloween. Unique value on my granddaughter Ashley. Beer certainly made sure to zero you Eva, despite Eva. What favor? By this part? No, no, no. Despite Canton dormant on Kilimanjaro, you're despite of Israel in the past, it is the only way. Despite about Oprah citizen, generally onto despite wearing a postage stamp, is that the FBI wanted a nuclear. The only measures that hospital is always exactly I mean, I really don't feel duped, really Moment before, after the point appointed fall and we made the bold blue contents contributed to Siddiqui Foot Atomic Appropriate a content MMV pokery and the limo. So the way the position absolute a position, or on a mere toe to toe the bureau mi bottom district, except for one day Kelly Ready engineer Disrepute sets have a revolution or any other future stuff only me included on the while, uh, check in with some of some of clearing leaning upon some personal are just like family in hotel. This piece on the report about their Reggie use to sing pixel it on the very well, not about your kit. A policy was that in the book where Bhutto Repeat said, it's like it's likely involve the organs like mozzarella schools. Closed ones picked it. No one, including unique when you can have it available to evacuate despite infected, is by price. To implement the new junior it took on a role on the media is strong. I didn't mean to offend Bhutan. Lubutu home, they said to the city. Folks have it. No Tyrolean Jamelia call it pushes, but Destry peaks that don't mean after I got I got absolute Bhutan, Manami Top UK and poorly after tops of media push reader dyspeptic set up with eight bother Reggie's say bone actually have excitement for Listen to me the enemy even street transition changing over Met the transitional Israel arrested desert their occipital sample fellow point on active to wrong for a minute The point of plaster I'm content official Bhutto on these unique after overly made observable poor fella mounted pretends from Ho Tate Gone single brought a theft That's your affair Jacked in that makes us firstly, Zarina unless we do that consistently, don't committee set up a constitutional debarked up towards somebody's gonna have a easiest happy Do they prolong out? I found it on sweet transform I don't from 20 minutes ago. Graduate was a town hall some years ago. I wonder if it decides to rob. It is is a transition chaining the Afghan My father Shanda Consistent. Are they cash in on specific labs on appropriate taken do? Yeah, it's perfectly economic plan. Appears to delist to roll ad slogan value? Absolutely. Did it avoid it? Wasa function? You see up some function function? Yeah, on that double? Not really. Monkey Mount ST Tony is really in trouble when she more like a video. It don't accept who shed the transit. I don't know if you get a fair shake before Bianco Pizza and Cola. Thank you for this. Voice it up before that phone apartment. Transit Top Middle Bottom Limit Has the open or fair pregnant will in this insulin Jr They don't get so much more in counseling. Degree is this Just hop atop. May boot up. I call in the strategy, Monty, forcing. I'm going one on one of our lovely there. Any messed up up up our photo? Or to Yvette? Second becomes a vet. Abrupt weapons confederal toe that function transition Calmest real? Nope. So the rhythm prosecuting for can I feel and you met someone like us active in forgetting, relentless, active on a period condition Cure for all. Imette ST knows dilemma. After after I see a show agency looked upon on you met Meadow and they did it. What? Something is wrong. It's just hard transform us to film premieres Sunday. Okay, you can be a double the cans from poor clearance. What what street wants to do it. It on by pool is before. Up, up, really mandated. But the in one Montek emergency Up, up, up, up, up On the transition Changing on our chef This gender transition comes up. They don't come back. Tickets through sex activity on streets. Lots going quickly. You cannot let don't like less since it tells its own documents Activity. Okay, A pretty medication. She was on a lot. 16. Animation 12 : Multi barres: it's about upon Adonia animatronic exhibits to see Theo Balcomb succulent, separate on Global Dominion. Pound dipped. It is about George. Come on, sit on the world Don't habit and complete wanting you to call it ST Thomas C. We don't up animals strong. Does it welcome hostages in orbit and pointing? You don't tell my mom. What do you call the clarity? Tom would not say. Says consists of a tamale. Do pretend off limits when we do sink in person. Eight. The support of the speaks foreign passports anticipates. Bother Reggie's do sank peaks. Crude oil on the wall somewhat. All Mets win closes shown. I don't all Aziz do. So going out. Is it okay to known insurgents? Or is that, like, in a packet toy and assist me or someone is in my No, no, he didn't get it. Ceremony. You want index of study? Yeah, Well, do get. It's just one object predicated on community poor. Some promoted its selection How I felt a bit and I want to point and child and, you know, moment. Even calling seven. I don't really get it left. Second person, you know Vega tamale transform translates choice translates choice. More am pixel. No clown work. You're totally in your key on index of paso. So me and what happens? Going to see a second? May some potato. What else? One predisposes. Obama says the Basque. You're on one of the job, which is to a needle in a fit on a Japanese from the dating fix on Toncontin. See what sport dries out. Maybe you could you convey a clear policy to clean your position. A member of the baby A be on value. Uh, boys don't like MD. I took cleaning your perfect deliver. And what recording procedures? Second, Just a poor to clean your hard. You Krusee said empire a problem. It left 2nd May just over lahm it transformed. Translate. So each MP excel Several were offensive spoken on planet position generally in years Some cast cobia accused profession burning continuity on your were not true Surely olympics and also ended Boys don't just depressive prettiness Civic Your phone booth trying one Take a look upstairs Intimate it. See if you can Not only a girl, Mondo sexually not do it. They don't say do in your lap Omiya do them or not really met her top zero picks it up. Okay. Up up on Caracol in revenue Plessy at District Excel. He is don't class and cumulus Gemma when I met her once it picks it it up. Okay. In classical, on the nuclear published economically toe debut on space. If some John Norden is so not a big 10 does not. Several new weekly update contact with abusive in your past or tree. And Uncle Sam took Molina on a personal note amounted Known in your path What s exact amounts converted some don't lose any me. See? Plummet and do the point active I don't want Like you point in your child up Get along class of it Not towards them, Lena Only fit Transform Translate your weeks more it opposite Izabal A quick response it cause evening Thank you. See you See the romantic less we sell in your dream. You like medium duty off it I cannot let you go Do you party? Gosh, you cite correspondent hard in your toys Don't go a family party What a party I don't really feel despite honey was on translate being the most And camp accentuates lots second person, for example Invite despite a grocery adulatory others you click. It's a function and suicide bombs instead of the green Autonomous Hong Kong in Syria. Up to see Baba early. Okay, they really do some remember excuses. Psycho Paul demeanor Vicky Tsunami ceiling You don't want you to feel exactly okay. May not far off rotate No nobody Cradock wop activity It's a point in your good point and their child A loophole in computer jargon protection Do you cook a leading your assistance in criminal felon Transform, rotate Gone saying do it letting your not a psycho about gosh there you see your sister Frank is totally don't obviously fair Ho Tate Accounting The way comes brokers Psycho monster created quite exact amounts Come with my doctor for I get Montparnasse letting you do Hey, sank Correspond, Who does that? Go? Did not hook. Do is think up Don't fit it Didn't mind. See for more dancing You very one dancing right up. The jets are suddenly present. May not have Holly appreciate It's like Wow, she put it in a long permit and supportive pointing the poor child. One. He up college is very important to one from showing a larger I would tell its star Paul Vigna. Leaf soared. One don't left Simply said Top said Pixel. They don't wanna live longer. What year? It seems like you manana dio, do you see? Said for left over. You met culture except rhetorical couldnt say says Second Post on a larger, more in sync said books again. Exact tomorrow's one. All right, we have a push mill. I see Former Trump Typical What? Polo Sanctus Nicholas. No second step Compound content centric city. Thanks a sword, Uncle Pizza Very quickly. Do that for poor ukulele. Dillinger bark is so loud in your sank like your sister left over, educated on sank pick said Top on the Galahad vendor. Unsworn less left Singapore. Someone saying picks leading your sissy 11. You're doing, you know, to desert it on somebody met vendor pixel, Giusti excess and junior Qualcomm's. It would have protested in autonomous, strong function. Beyond What about Jimmy? Huge to sip from your country. You know, Qualcomm's up. Okay, Everyone expects it for my strong repetitive That it did you save millions on this stone pulled use on the project. I myself believe in politics. Francis George Fair. Many period is access, transform or date translating step with John Compounds. I'm invaded. Transitional. Changing your sister's school. It is like the child first challenging city lives Taylor. So since it's researcher, it was a little, absolutely moments on set musically to the amount of time I fell. So extending energies was you. Even I don't just backed up with the perfect Morimoto. See, was on a very positive or negative from where you more dim insurgent wants to continue the pretty pose a particle. Come second. Once the sample under all the corporate tours, the portion imparted consensus. And for me, it was done on the group Poroshenko.