11 Proven Formulas To Write Irresistible Headlines | Raj Kumar Reddy | Skillshare

11 Proven Formulas To Write Irresistible Headlines

Raj Kumar Reddy, Founder at ownstartup.com | Digital Marketer

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6 Videos (28m)
    • Why Enroll Now?

    • Why You Need Headlines?

    • One Rule That Makes Every Headline Great

    • 11 Super Irresistible Headline Writing Formulas Part 1

    • 11 Super Irresistible Headline Writing Formulas Part 2

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About This Class


Would you like to learn world’s 11 most converting headline formulas? What if you could write killer headlines to stop your readers in their tracks?

Imagine what would it be like if you can make all your content read and bring tons of traffic to your website

You can make thousands of dollars every month.

It’s really annoying to create content that doesn’t convert or write articles nobody reads

And that’s what this course is all about to make your content convert and all your articles to read

In this course, you will learn:

  •  4 U's rule that will make all your headlines great.
  • .11 headline writing formulas that are tried and tested by many million-dollar copywriters.
  •  How to write with most powerful headlines in minutes.
  •  Examples of headlines that made millions of dollars

So, stop wasting your time on writing headlines which don’t convert.

Learn these simple formulas to write super profitable headlines

Take action now and Enroll





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Raj Kumar Reddy

Founder at ownstartup.com | Digital Marketer

I am Raj Kumar Reddy. I founded Ownstartup to teach budding entrepreneurs all the skills they need to own a startup. It reached more than 7000+ followers within one month of its launch.

I am enthusiastic about startups and entrepreneurship. I am constantly striving to learn everything there is know about building the successful business and create change.I love sharing my knowledge and help future entrepreneurs to reach their goals. I like talking to new people be sure to reach me ...

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