11 "Need to Knows" about Writing Well

Lewis Pulsipher, Game designer, Teacher, Author

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2 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Writing Well Part 1

    • 2. Writing Well Part 2


Project Description

Write a 500 word description - of yourself!

The project in this class is straightforward. Write a minimum 500 word description - of yourself. Now I suppose you know yourself fairly well and consequently can focus on how you write less than on what you write. Though sometimes writing about yourself can be fairly tricky; it may help to decide who you’re writing for. Are you writing a description for some kind of party? Is it a bio to go with the some longer writing that you’re going to have published? Is it an entry for Wikipedia? Is it a description of yourself to be used in some kind of college yearbook? Is it related to a resume (although 500 words would probably be too long to describe yourself in a resume)? Or is it, perhaps, an exercise to help you understand yourself better? The last resorts, write it as though you were going to give it to a teacher to describe yourself.  Or give it to other Skillshare users to describe yourself.

This will make a considerable difference to how you write, but that’s part of the point: the audience is very important.

Start out by making a list of what’s important about yourself. Not the obvious things like when you were born and where you grew up but important to describe who you are and how you’re different from other people, or the same as other people. Try to stick to the concrete, the demonstrable. Asserting that you’re wonderful or a go-getter or “dynamic” won’t impress someone else, as a great many people think that about themselves, but rarely live up to it.

The "deliverable" here is to post your description, along with (preceded by) the purpose for which you wrote it, with this class.

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