#11 How To Use The Shape Builder Tool in Illustrator | Dawid Tuminski | Skillshare

#11 How To Use The Shape Builder Tool in Illustrator

Dawid Tuminski, www.dawidtuminski.com

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. 11How To Use The Shape Builder Tool in Illustrator

    • 2. 1How The Shape Builder Tool Works

    • 3. 2How To Merge And Erase Paths

    • 4. 3Shape Builder Tool Options

    • 5. Class Project


About This Class

Welcome to another episode of the Every Illustrator Tool Explained series.

In this particular class you will learn how to use the Shape Builder Tool in Illustrator

So if you want to know how to

  • Create shapes the easiest way using the shape builder tool
  • How to add colors to the shape when creating them
  • And how to remove parts of shapes with the shape builder tool

Enroll in the class, because it is a concise source of thorough Illustrator knowledge great for newbies and everyone who feels that learning a piece of software like Illustrator can only be efficient when you get to know the tools it offers.

But you don’t have to watch all the videos to gain real-life knowledge.

Each lecture is a standalone project, so you can just select the tool that you want to learn today, watch that particular video and watch your skill set grow.

So enroll in the class now and I will see you inside!