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Garrett Moon, CoSchedule CEO & Co-Founder

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6 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1: Find Your "Competition-Free" Content"

    • 3. Step 2: Prioritizing 10x Opportunities

    • 4. Step 3: Create Your Process

    • 5. Final Thoughts

    • 6. What's Next?

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Project Description

Create your content process!

Using the three steps in the class, create the process to take your content from idea to publish. Take the time to figure out your topic specialty so you can articulate what your competition-free content will look like, then have your first brainstorming session to distinguish between 10x and 10% ideas. When you have a solid plan for the type of content you are going to focus on, move on to defining what "done" means for each step of the way, so your team can focus on getting amazing content out the door. Keep in mind:

1) What type of content are your competitors posting online? Think about topic, length, and media type.

2) What resources do you have to create content? Is it just you, or do you have an entire content team?

3) What tools do you want to use to keep everyone on the same page?


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