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10,000 + Email Marketing & List Building Funnel

Rod Moore, Residual Income Freedom

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9 Videos (45m)
    • Introduction

    • Self Liquidating Funnel

    • Facebook Advertising

    • Squeeze Pages

    • Free Course

    • Sales Conversions

    • You Tube Leads

    • Amazon Kindle Marketing

    • Wrap Up & Thanks


About This Class

10,000 + Email Marketing & List Building Funnel In this course I will share with you a real world case study of how I grew my email marketing list by 10,000 + in the last few months. I share with you my 3 main traffic sources and explain why they each convert at different rates. We start of by looking at the idea of a self funding marketing funnel which is the key to building a large list today. I map out for you my exact funnel and share the insight of how it converts and why. The I show you my exact ads on Facebook which is one of my main traffic sources. I explain why the ad works and how I am achieving such great cost per clicks. Conversions on squeeze pages are a key factor and I share with you the results of split testing PLUS the one big key to conversion rate optimisation almost NO ONE talks about. You will see my actual squeeze pages and the variations tested. I show you the all important free give away I use and the psychology behind getting my audience to bond with me before making them an offer to buy now. Most important is to make them an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER that they can not help but buy it. I show you the sales page and the psychology of why it converts. Use my sales page as a template for your own successful sales template. Finally I show you one source of traffic which I didn't think much of initially but has become my number one highest converting source of traffic. For those serious about getting results like this you may be interested in our 12 week coaching program 'Residual Income Through Digital Information Products'. To find out more about getting into this program visit The Freedom Network website and contact me through the contact us page.





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Rod Moore

Residual Income Freedom

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